6th February 2010 – Meshack and his family are now living on the streets, help is URGENTLY required for the LTO team, please




1.      Sleep and dreams

Dreams include Denis calling me on the telephone and the football game between God and the Devil, which is not settled!

2.      Meshack is “IN TOTAL HELL” –

Meshack, his wife and young suffering daughter have been thrown out by the land lord – help is urgently required for all members of LTO team

3.      My invitation to speak to “open minded” people

I will do the same as Yvo de Boer did at the climate conference in Copenhagen: Speaking to people NOT behaving negatively

4.      Karen – we will get a child together J


5.      People are reading my scripts online

My live space has been viewed 229 times this week

6.      How EASY is it to produce professional layouts of a blog?

Publishing Microsoft Word documents as blog entries – is impossible. Using ONE system will save the world billions of hours on this alone!

7.      An invitation from Sidsel for me to join the Karma Club

Sidsel invited me today to  a dance party at the KARMA CLUB – does she not read these scripts including stories on her self?

8.      The Danish Eurovision Song Contest and Starwars including symbols

The song contest included a song symbolising Heaven and one Hell – and Luke won over the dark force represented by his family, like me


1.   Sleep and dreams



And some dreams and I am sorry but one of those nights where I had trouble hitting the right keys on the screen keyboard of my mobile phone.


I had a dream including Denis, something about calling me on the telephone and shouting and also “you are welcome” – so I did not get the words right from this dream, sorry.

I am driving in a beautiful open, blue Ferrari (one of the models looking almost like an “ordinary” car) out of the city of Lyngby, a woman in another sport car is overtaking me and she is interested in me and I am told “not that way”.

I am leaving a football game between FCK and AGF, the result was 1-1 and I say that it has been impossible for FCK to beat AGF this season – and this dream is only symbolising the war between God who is FCK and the Devil and yes sorry about that who is AGF but you will understand that I don’t mean any bad when giving these symbols.


2.   Meshack is “IN TOTAL HELL” – WHO WANTS TO HELP?

I KNEW THAT IT WAS COMING TO AN END FOR THE LTO TEAM WHEN IT COMES TO ALL MATERIAL GOODS because what have I seen with these my four best friends today – because they are the only ones believing in me today – is that because of their faith in me and God they have followed me until the end of the line and this is the general idea:


FOUR OF THE BEARING FORCES IN THIS BOOK ARE NOW SUFFERING SO MUCH THAT THEY ARE NOT ABLE TO RESTORE THEIR LIVES WITHOUT THE HELP OF THE WORLD – PLEASE READ THE EMAIL FROM MESHACK HERE AND CONTACT HIM ON itumomitiso@yahoo.com TO OFFER YOUR HELP TO HIM AND HIS FAMILY – and please also remember David, John and Elijah who are also suffering very much all of them – and I am only thinking HOW MANY OF YOU READING THIS – WHEN THIS IS PUBLISHED IN FEBRUARY 2010 – ARE ABLE TO HELP BY SENDING SOME OF THE MONEY YOU HAVE ON YOUR BANK ACCOUNT OR IN “SAVINGS” LIKE STOCKS ETC. WHICH YOU REALLY DON’T NEED – AND I AM ONLY THINKING OF MY MOTHER HERE so maybe Sanna and John you will start giving my mother HER VOICE BACK to DO WHAT SHE FEELS INSIDE OF HER HEART instead of you DECIDING ON HER BEHALF or INFLUENCING HER WITH YOUR VOICE – PLEASE LET MY MOTHER THINK AND DECIDE FOR HERSELF. Mor – vil du hjælpe disse mine bedste venner med at overleve? Eller vil du/I lade dem dø fordi I ikke vil sælge nogle værdipapirer, som er helt uden betydning i fremtiden? Og jeg beder ikke om 1.000 kr. – jeg beder om det 10 eller 100 dobbelte, men jeg lader det være op til jer at vurdere. AND MAYBE THERE ARE ALSO OTHERS WHO WILL START HELPING? Meshack can be contacted at itumomitiso@yahoo.com and you can find the contact details of the others at the folder LTO Emergency Needs May 2009 at http://stigdragholm.spaces.live.com. Thank you.


And here is his email:


Hi there, my sincere hope that you are okay.

The reason you have not heard from me is because for the last three days have been spending the night and days camping outside since the land lord came and threw me and my family out and have been camping outside considering that i have a young daughter who is suffering alot because it is raining heavily hear but rest you are assured that you have my total support in everything you are doing and my faith to you is intact.
 Let me stop there because i need to rush back to my family and be near them to uplift them but i would request you to continue sending the scripts as you have been doing as opposed to what you had said.

    Hi to the rest there.


3.   My invitation to speak with “open minded” people

In continuation of what I have written about earlier yesterday I started thinking about Yvo de Boer, who is the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and what he said to people at the Climate Conference in Copenhagen having problems coming into the Bella Centre because these people were furious and negative and he said that he did not want to speak with them when they were behaving negatively and if they started showing a better behaviour, he would be happy to speak to them and yes MY DEAR FRIENDS this is THE SCRIPT TO ME FROM THIS CONFERENCE TO TELL THE WORLD and yes PLEASE DO THE SAME IF YOU WANT TO SPEAK TO ME because I WILL NOT SPEAK TO PEOPLE ACTING NEGATIVELY OR SCEPTICAL BECAUSE OF YOUR OWN DISBELIEF IN ME and THIS IS THE PRINCIPLE I SHOW MY FAMILY TODAY AND THE PRINCIPLE I SHOW THE WORLD AND IT APPLIES FOR ALL and yes YOU ARE GRANTED TO SPEAK and who is speaking now from the Council and yes ok we can take MONTGOMERY and yes my dear friend – and I feel Mary Magdelena’s presence very clearly too – and yes WE ARE ALL IN PAIN BECAUSE OF YOU and yes WE CANNOT UNDERSTAND HOW YOU CAN EXHIBIT US YOUR OWN FAMILY TO THE WORLD and yes WHAT ARE YOU THINKING OF and MY DEAR DEAR FAMILY THERE IS ONLY ONE ANSWER and that is for you to get rid of all of your negative and so called “hurting” feelings and STARTING FOR REAL TO READ MY BOOK and how many of you HAVE STARTED BY READING FROM PAGE 1 AND THEN TAKE ONE PAGE AT A TIME and when you have read one hour, you will feel motivated to read one more hour and yes we know START FOCUSING ON THE STORY and NOT ON YOURSELF AS INDIVIDUALS – this is your challenge too.


And the way that my family and friends and a growing number of people will perceive my book in the beginning WITHOUT READING IT is only exhibiting yourself and your own disbelief and STRONG AND WRONG OPINIONS to the world because this is one of the main messages of this book: START LISTENING, START UNDERSTANDING and yes that is “LISTEN WITHOUT PREJUDICE” another of my favourite songs and you know FROM GOD and yes A GOOD SONG but NOT the best and yes as Stig and so it is still here you know – but because of the message of the title of the song.


And I was just thinking that the first many years when I started working, I very often thought when people and managers were having meetings behind closed doors that they speak of other people and also of me, and these are thoughts I have always had because I really don’t like when people talk negatively about other people behind closed doors without their presence and also as a preparation for what is happening right now, where people are speaking of me and shaking their heads in disbelief and I will see if I can handle this without problems because today it has absolutely no effect on me J.


And yes the first stone has been thrown and the first ring of the water was the approx. 1,500 email addresses and maybe 1,000-1,200 have actually received my email from the 31st January and how many people EXPECT to see God returning to earth like me today and how many people believe that he/I will come as a FULL AND PERFECT MAN starting with the knowledge of God producing miracles and yes is that what you are expecting and my dear friends, this is what you can decide on to develop me into if you start believing in my book and if you continue not to read or listen to me, you will understand that at the Judgment you will all be sentenced to eternal death and yes my dear friend this would make me very sad and yes WITHOUT THE DEVIL YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND THIS STORY so we will see how long it will take for the world to start reading and start understanding my book with and without the Devil “helping” you.


And by the way my Denon CD player is NOT working at all at the moment and yes the reason is as simple as this. The Devil around me is stronger than ever only because of the reaction of family and friends and yes you will know someday so please start believing in me, so I can start listening to music again J.


4.   Karen – we will get a child together J

And thank you Dennis Johannesen at DR4 today at 11.48 after saying “tell her about it” by Billy Joel and yes God and yes my son and yes A BROADER MEANING OF GOD THAN WHAT PEOPLE THINK and yes WHO AND WHAT IS GOD and yes FOR YOURSELF TO FIND OUT this is the journey you have started on and yes DENNIS told me and not DENIS but the idea is good enough because KAREN YOU CANNOT BECOME PREGNANT TODAY IS YOUR BELIEF and yes MY DEAR FRIEND TODAY and MY LOVER MAYBE NOT TOMORROW but KAREN YOU AND I WILL GET A CHILD TOGETHER and yes IT IS IN THE BOOK OF GOD and yes FOR YOU TO BECOME YOUNGER AGAIN and yes I DON’T UNDERSTAND YOU and yes NOT ONLY KIRSTEN – as I feel now – and yes INGE’S DAUGHTER IS THINKING LIKE THIS because how difficult is it to understand me when you start reading and we know NOT VERY DIFFICULT and how difficult is it to understand me when you don’t FEEL LIKE READING because THIS MAY NOT BE IMPORTANT ENOUGH or I DON’T WANT TO and yes THEN IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO UNDERSTAND and yes JUST FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND and yes DENNIS IS PLAYING MUSE NOW and again UNDISCLOSED DESIRES and we know I DON’T HAVE MANY OF THESE BACK MYSELF you might now call it DISCLOSED DESIRES and yes MUSE ON TOP 10 NOW – yes will come to that when I prioritise to update my list on Facebook!


5.   People are reading my scripts online

According to the statistical information on http://stigdragholm.spaces.live.com, my space has been viewed 229 times this week and 341 times in total, so some people have started reading my scripts and other documents included at my SKYDRIVE J.


And this weekend I am using some time to get to know and improve the quality of my SPACE at Windows Live and I will see if I can get Microsoft Word to work with my blog, so I can also improve the quality of the design of my blogs – instead of using the Windows Live Writer, which does not give the quality I am looking for.


6.   How EASY is it to produce professional layouts of a blog?

Before starting the work today “just” to use the layout features of Microsoft Word to improve the design of my Blog, I thought that it would become easy but NO THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE EASY – so I found out how to connect Microsoft Word to Windows Live Spaces in order to publish a document to my Blog and happy I was until I started finding out how it works because when I started doing the layout in two columns as I like and wanted to publish this as a test I found out that Microsoft Word converts it  to a website document and during this process apparently it is not possible to keep the two columns, it automatically shows one column only, and yes WHAT WILL YOU THEN DO and yes USED SEVERAL HOURS trying to find other software which could do this and yes when you have never done blogs before I did what millions of people have done which is TO WASTE TIME surfing on the Internet trying different online and offline editors and yes trying to find the best and yes billions of hours people of the world are using only doing this and did I find a solution to my need NO I did not and I have decided not to use more time on it – at the moment I will improve the quality of my Blogs by using Microsoft Word as my offline editor instead of Microsoft Live Writer and if I spent several more hours I am sure that I would probably be able to find some kind of solution to my challenge of keeping two columns – how many of you my dear readers have spent MANY HOURS like I many times finding solutions to what should be very small “challenges”? – but NO NOT TODAY and yes THE CONCLUSION IS TO BUILD ONE SYSTEM FOR THE WORLD TO USE and yes WITH THE ABSOLUTELY BEST QUALITY POSSIBLE and yes GIVING YOU BOTH AN OVERVIEW AND THE ADVANCED DETAILS AT THE SAME TIME and NO MORE AND YES’es please and only used of course because of the strength of the Devil AROUND me and the message here is that this is another key message from this book to BUILD ONE PROFESSIONAL TEMPLATE instead of MANY DIFFERENT.


And I decided also to improve the design of my daily scripts and I have now included a summary of the script, which is what I call level 2, so you now have level 1 as the headline, level 2 giving you a short overview of the script today and the detailed description is what I call level 3 information, which I have described earlier when I was in Kenya, but this is the first time I have had time to think and to improve the design and user friendliness of my scripts!


And just a short personal remark to the “nice” sales assistant at TDC in Lyngby who recommended me to accept the TDC to TDC subscription of 49 DKK per month because I would save some money as you said and yes you confirmed that I could call both TDC mobile and landline phones for free, but now I checked it on the internet, because my 3G is still not working (!) but apparently you have registered it – which I can see at your fine self service module – and I can see that the TDC to TDC only covers calls for mobile phones and NOT landline phones and yes YOU JUST CONFIRMED THE THOUGHT I HAD IN THE SHOP TO CHECK FOR MYSELF but I trusted in you but NO YOU WERE NOT TO BE TRUSTED and maybe there was a sales competition making you forget about what was the important for me to accept your offer – you cheated me and this happens all over the world every single day and yes IT IS UNACCEPTABLE! And if it was only because you did not knew, yes then it is equally as unacceptable – you should know!


7.   An invitation from Sidsel for me to join the Karma Club

I don’t know if Sidsel is too tired or too busy or both to notice what I write on Facebook and in these scripts – including on her self – but today she invited me on Facebook for a PARTY IN THE KARMA CLUB and yes dancing at the LAKE PAVILLION and we know thinking the KARMA CLUB with the picture of Dalai Lama on your website (!) and also of Papillon the movie and the impossible escape from the devil island and you know somebody had to do it – see the following chapter – and when it comes to Sidsel and yes STILL HOT Sidsel? And yes IF I WAS NOT ME I WOULD BE HAPPY TO ACCEPT YOUR KIND INVITATION but you know NOT A GOOD IDEA TO DO RIGHT NOW so no thank you.


8.   The Danish Eurovision Song Contest and Starwars including symbols

Tonight was the BIG TIME OF YEAR and yes THIS IS WHAT IT HAS DEVELOPED INTO during recent years and yes since Denmark with the help of God won the contest with the Brothers Olsen in 2000 and tonight at the Danish contest I noticed song no. 4 – written by one of the Launbjerg brothers and yes from our YOUTH SCHOOL do you remember Fuggi – and yes GOD TOLD ME IT REPRESENTED HEAVEN and song no. 5 – with the video wall and the drums covered in fire – represented Hell and maybe you noticed Fuggi a man being interviewed speaking about the old and “NEW WAVE” of songs for this contest and NEW WAVE was just a signal of GOOD MUSIC TO YOU TOO because I received your message this evening and I will give you a call tomorrow and thank you so much for that.


And I was zapping between this program and no. 6 movie of Starwars “return of the Jedi Knight” and yes please notice that Luke is almost turned over to the dark force and yes BY WHOM and of course by his father and just a symbol that his family is his opponent and without Luke, the dark side would have won and yes at the end the father turned away from the dark side, because he still had parts of the good side in him and yes my friends this is about me and my family almost turning me to the dark side and there would have been no way out for Earth if they had succeeded Sanna and yes DO YOU STILL BELIEVE IN YOURSELF MORE THAN ME RIGHT NOW or have you started reading – or maybe you are still too busy with work and education and yes ANNOYING IT IS TO HAVE A LITTLE BROTHER BEING PREPARED FOR YOUR ATTACKS?


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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