8th February 2010 – My picture was taken as a symbol of VICTORY coming to the world through this book





1.     Sleep and dreams

I will host and feed seminars and bring photographers – symbols of speaking to the world, to bring normal life and to celebrate Victory

2.     The A2B “course”

I prepared unwillingly four new job applications today and Mark was inspired by me 3 months ago to follow his heart moving abroad

3.     Mark took my picture and spoke of the Victory symbol!

Mark saw how the Council tease with my camera, and he took my picture and spoke of VICTORY, which is what my picture is the symbol of

4.     Writing an email to Fuggi

I sent Fuggi an email informing him of my decision from yesterday – I will not see you until you start READING my book and UNDERSTANDING

5.     Receiving a call from the Vice director of the Commune and sending an email

Has the Vice director read my publishing email at all? I still offer the Commune a meeting – but read and understand my book first!


1.   Sleep and dreams

This night was somewhat better because I was not woken up several times as in recent nights and I wrote down the following dreams before waking up at 7.30 today, which is my rhytm here when meeting at 9.00:


·         I am arranging a seminar between pension consultants from Danica Pension and from DPR (Dansk Pensionsrådgivning – remember the bird of your logo?). DPR will bring photographers to the event and if Danica has a surplus of pension schemes, DPR would like to received them. Danica is interested in doing the seminar because they want to see how others are working, but the problem is that they cannot afford to do the seminar so it is not sure if it will be carried out.

·         I am on my way to a seminar at Willis and I have been inside a store to buy typical Danish Open Sandwiches (“smørrebrød”) for all people attending for 20 DKK per piece and I see myself in front of my bicycle, where I say that the tire is flat, but actually it is not the tire, it is the motor, which is difficult to start – I see myself trying to start the motor of the bicycle (!) and I know that it is difficult but that I will succeed.

o    And the Life & Pension industry of Denmark is included here in my dreams because JUST MAYBE YOU ARE SPEAKING OF ME AT THE MOMENT as God told me and what are my odds right now? How many are on my side?

·         I see how other people from all over Europe are arriving at Willis, for example a lady from one of the Nordic Countries who says that she will drive at the beach road from Helsingør and that Willis is located on the other side of the Louisiana museum and she looks forward to get a rye bread with scrimps. At Willis I see my mother and John together with many people at a big table, I see Lars G. coming and he is dismissing people because of the need of rationalization. The seminar is about to start, and the host is late, which makes people unsatisfied. I see Morten J. arriving in a military uniform and I look at him and I don’t want to say hello to him

o    Starting the motor is really the same as “GIVING YOU THE BEST THAT I GOT” – it is as simple as this (my best personal communication and presentation skills) and for some days I have had two feelings after publishing because one side of me is really NOT AT ALL interested in going public having attention drawn to me, which gives one feeling of aversion of speaking to people about BEING ME because this is truly difficult for me my friends (!) but at the same time I keep on saying that I will follow the road of God and DO EVERYTHING HE SHOWS ME and this is what I have done – which also includes speaking to Fuggi yesterday about my book because I REALLY DON’T LIKE DOING THAT TODAY but this is probably only linked to the fact that I don’t like to speak to people not understanding me and therefore being negative and yes THIS IS WHY I HAVE DECIDED NOT TO BE FRIENDS WITH PEOPLE NOT BELIEVING IN ME. READ MY BOOK and WHEN YOU UNDERSTAND I SHALL BE HAPPY TO SEE YOU J.



2.   The A2B “course”

This morning I was curious to see how not Rolf but Oliver would follow up on the INSTRUCTION for all here to describe their network, because he has NOT introduced any plan at all of HOW and WHEN he will follow up so SORRY I AM TO SAY OLIVER THAT THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO COMMUNICATE and what happened this morning? Well I printed out my CV and handed it over to Agnete – Oliver´s colleague who has just returned from a nice safari in Africa (a tour of luxury while people are starving, dying and livng on the streets of this continent!) – asking her and Oliver to give me feedback, and later Oliver arrived and when this is written at 12.00 today, Oliver has still not followed up on network so if I am to guess here, there will probably be a follow up at a new team meeting during the week where he will give some general advice but I guess that there will be NO individual follow up but we will have to wait and see.


This morning I had the attitude that I will now go to a “course”, which I have completed in order to do nothing else than entertaining myself, so I have brought the book from the book club “Knivens æg” by Abraham Verghese and also three free newspapers “just in case” I will get time to “kill” (a feeling which SOME PEOPLE attending in the book just might get when reading my book the first time), but after handing over my CV, I decided AGAINST MY WILL to do four new applications because this is what the Commune has said earlier that I need to do every fourteen days and on Wednesday it is fourteen days ago I presented the last four – and I HAVE NOT YET HEARD FROM DANSK ERHVERV (!) – and I don’t know if I really need to do these because WHERE IS THE CONTROL NOW (?) but just in case because I don’t want my cash help to be taken away from me, this would have CATASTROPHIC  CONSEQUENCES FOR MY FRIENDS IN KENYA and it was with this “motivation” that I prepared applications for the following four positions, which I expect to send tomorrow after taking a new photograph for my CV today:


·         Sales and Marketing director for Dana through Mercuri (you might find interesting information about Dahlberg and Bo in this application!)

·         Country Manager though Retention A/S

·         Sales oriented Marketing Manager  for PFA Sundhed through Brinch Partners

·         Sales and Marketing director for Cardif through Callesen Consulting – a company which I have thought of years ago to contact myself in order to motivate them coming to Denmark, but which I never got around to! They arrived here in 2008.


Today I had a conversation with Mark and MARK HAS NOW TAKEN HIS DECSION after I inspired him at the Job Workshop approx. 12 weeks ago – as he told me – TO FOLLOW HIS HEART and NOT THE MONEY and he told me that he has an ex-wife and a 10 year old daughter in Estonia and that he will move there before the 1st March – if his health and teeth are alright  after checkups – to stay with a Russian lady friend and that he will start “some kind of business” in a registered company, which he established in Estonia years ago. He also said to me – as Tom did in the park – that his daughter is his first, only and last and when he said this I knew that it was both the sign of the Trinity again and I felt Mary Magdalena with me strongly again and she said THIS IS WHAT I WILL GIVE YOU TOO STIG. I told Mark that I was proud of him to follow his inspiration and I gave him a clap on the shoulder.


And at the end of the day Oliver said to all that we will follow up on Thursday and he asked all people to bring what they have prepared on their network and you know I have not done mine and I don’t need to do mine, on the other hand I have probably nothing to do here Tuesday and Wednesday so we will have to see what I will decide to do.


3. Mark took my picture and spoke of the Victory symbol!

And at 12.15 I was ready to ask Mark to take some photographs for me as my new pictures for my CV and profiles on Facebook and Windows Live and I had brought a jacket, shirt and tie and where was Mark? I found him in the kitchen feeling inspired to tell three others about A VICTORY MONUMENT IN ESTONIA WITH AN IRON CROSS ON TOP OF IT and this is what the picture means, this symbol of taking my picture means VICTORY because this is the process I have started by givin g the book to my world and yes going through the pain also in this phase but still carrying on we are and I showed Mark how my camera is working on my mobile phone and I was excited to see if God and the Council would allow me to take pictures today and what happened? Only the same as I have seen so many times before in Kenya – as Elijah saw some times too – which was that the camera was in “camera mode” and not in “video mode” but despite of this when I showed Mark of how to take a photograph twice, the camera GOT A WILL ON ITS OWN (!) changing from camera to video mode and started recording video instead and later Mark experienced the same once and he also experienced a couple of times that the pictures became blurred with no other reason than the Council making the shutter work late and deliberately making pictures blurred but you know EVEN THOUGH I AM NOT HAPPY WITH THE MOTIVE (!) – as I said to Mark – I was happy to see that I can use some of the pictures at least and thank you Mark for doing this J.


4. Writing an email to Fuggi

In continuation of my conversation with Fuggi yesterday, I sent him the following email this evening and YES it is deliberate to PROVOKE YOU in this book as I provoke Fuggi in order for you to get FEELINGS and for you to decide what you want to do – remember the story of the mirror?


Hej Fuggi,


Efter vores snak i går kom jeg til at tænke i større detalje, og selvom jeg er utroligt glad for at have dig tilbage som ven i mit liv, så er jeg af principielle årsager nødt til at behandle dig på samme måde som andre familiemedlemmer og venner, som (endnu) ikke forstår mig og min bog – nemlig at vi må vente med at ses, indtil du forstår mig, og så bestemmer du selv, om du vil gøre en indsats for at forstå mig uden at du bliver ved med selv at sige "det tror jeg ikke på" eller om udviklingen kommer til dig først. Fuggi, min bog er designet til, at folk med helt almindelig intelligens og åbenhed, vil være i stand til at forstå den – tror du, at du vil være i stand til det?


Dette er min beslutning, den er ikke til at omgøre – vi ses senere 🙂


Mange venlige hilsener fra



5. Receiving a call from the Vicedirector of the Commune and sending him an email

Today I was very surprised indeed to receive a voice mail from René from Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune where he was nice to follow up and my first thought René was if you at all had read my publishing email from the 31st January and if you have and still would like a meeting with me, I will accept to take the meeting with you as promised but before doing that I ASK YOU TO READ MY BOOK FROM the 23rd October last year in order to learn first and after that we can have a meeting – if you still think if would be beneficial – starting at a much higher level. And here is my email to him from this evening.


Hej René,


Mange tak for din telefonbesked tidligere i dag.


René, du skulle have fået min email af den 31.1. (evt. 1.2) med min bog og budskaber til verden. Hvis dette er tilfældet anbefaler jeg, at du læser HELE EMAILEN og forstår dens indhold, og derefter vurderer, om du fortsat ønsker et møde med mig. Hvis du gør det, vil jeg bede dig om FØRST at læse min bog, så vi kan holde mødet på et langt højere niveau – som du finder på http://stigdragholm.spaces.live.com under folderen "Stig Book" – fra i hvert fald den 23. oktober 2009 og frem, hvor du vil finde alle de anbefalinger, som også gælder for jer, for at gøre arbejdsmarkedspolitiken BETYDELIGT bedre end i dag. Du vil herunder finde notater til Arbejdsmarkedsstyrelsen og Hillerød Kommune med DETALJEREDE anbefalinger ligesom du fra 1. november 2009 og frem til i dag kan læse en beskrivelse af, hvordan forløbet i jeres "fængselssystem" fungerer. Bemærk, at jeg giver jer mange forslag til, hvordan I her og nu kan gøre indsatsen betydeligt bedre. Bemærk også, at jeg lige nu deltager i et kursus fra A2B, som formentlig er det bedste af sin art i Danmark, men som ikke desto mindre for mig er spild af tid, fordi jeg INTET har lært på dette kursus – ganske enkelt fordi jeg er heldig allerede at have den viden, som kurset tilbyder i modsætning til mere end 99% andre, som en af lederne sagde til mig og derfor vil jeg bede dig om René, at foretage en HURTIG vurdering – som jeg alllerede bad om i min forrige mail – om jeg kan blive fritaget fra dette kursus. Det er spild af kommunens penge og det er spild af min tid og frihed.


Jeg ser frem til at høre fra dig. Du må hilse Tim, Borgmesteren og de andre og sig gerne, at jeg har skrevet vigtige ting om jer i min bog 🙂


Venlige hilsener fra



And finalising the day today – after I have run 35 minutes today and increasing the speed the last 2 ½ minutes making a new record since 2008 with the feeling that I can run one hour if I should decide too WHICH IS NOT THE EASIEST POINT TO REACH WHEN YOU HAVE ALL OF THE DEVIL AGAINST YOU and THIS ONLY SHOWS MY OWN WILL TO FIGHT THE DEVIL AND THE BEGINNING WHERE PEOPLE WILL START TO UNDERSTAND ME and only in the small we know here in the beginning – with a good feeling and also concluding that I need to have new pictures taken for my CV by my “normal” camera instead of the camera in my phone which did not bring the best pictures and WHY HAVENT YOU YET MADE A PERFECT PHONE WITH A PERFECT CAMERA and just thinking I am.


And after waiting for 10 years SADE HAS FINALLY MADE A NEW ALBUM and we know SOLDIER OF LOVE and I liked that one too and downloaded it in CD-flac format, burned a CD and NO my cd-player will still not play so the Devil is very strong around me but inside of me he is starting to become more and more loyal seeing me as his new master, which he is serving and protecting – and THIS IS EXACTLY HOW IT FEELS LIKE AND THE WORDS WE SPEAK!


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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