9th February 2010 – A very strong proof of people being “poor money wise, but rich human wise” for the world to learn from





1.     Sleep and dreams

Dreams of Preben’s wife not believing in me, and dreams symbolising pain with my family and the new road I have introduced for Sanna.

2.     The A2B course

Agnete presented a PLAN for me FORCING me to learn what I don’t need to learn and to find a job, which I don’t need – as ALL KNOW HERE!

3.     The period from publishing has not been easy

The Devil strengthened my fears 1,000 times, what would the media and family do, accepting a new change of life, breaking with all family and friends knowing that some are hurting much, facing the world alone, who believe I have gone mad but now it is me in control of the Devil!

4.     The Commune has not found out who I am yet

Yesterday it was René and today it was Jens Erik from the Commune behaving positively not knowing about who I am yet!

5.     Taking a new picture and adjusting my CV

Today Niels was kind to take my new picture with a better camera, which I used to update my CV and also Facebook and Windows Live.


Meshack and John are both suffering very much, but still they are men of dignity, which is an example for the rich world to follow.


1.   Sleep and dreams

Tonight my sleep became poorer again and at the moment I am given several short dreams especially for “new readers” – so today I am again “tired”, which is not the best feeling I know of in this world but you know life continues and thank you Karen and that is Mary Magdalena and maybe it is not that bad since you have heard of no reactions to my scripts yet we know and maybe Karen you will reconsider when you discover that you will be among the two most well known women of the world! Dreams:


·         I see myself standing at the ground floor at Preben’s house, he is at the 1st floor and I shout at him, I see his wife Lone coming to the stairs and I get the impression that she does not believe in me. I am now at a party and I see many Champagne bottles stored with the bottle neck bent down and Preben asks me if this is not the right way to store the bottles, because it will keep the yeast in the neck because he has read this somewhere and I tell him “No – I have never seen that and I tell you this without God so I don’t know if there is a chemical difference” and I really think that the yeast has been removed so there is no need to store bottles like this. I see that the bottles should averagely be 2.25 litres but Preben has drunk more than 2.5 litres from his bottle.

o    Champagne is the symbol of NEW LIFE and JOY and HAPPINESS and as I have said for years: “Have you ever seen somebody not happy when you open a bottle of Champagne”?

·         I am at a shopping centre, Linje 3 plays music of Dire Straits to the family and I notice the guitar and Jan Glæsel playing the trumpet. Rolf Wesenlund walks through and people say “look it is Fleksneks”.

o    Linje 3 is a symbol of the Trinity, the guitar is MY INSTRUMENT CREATING THE UNIVERSE, shopping centre is also money and normal life and Fleksneks is the symbol of the Devil (“mayday”).

·         When writing down the dream above God plays “You win again” by Bee Gees for me and I hear Virgin Mary saying to me “I am so proud of you”. And later I hear the song “I should have known better” by Jim Diamond.

·         Going back to sleep I hear half awake and half sleeping “are we going to plan a new relation” and of all people I feel Anette from Slangerup and you may remember me too Anette from the beginning of the 1980’s?

·         I hear a new song this time by Gnags and “Jeg kan gå gennem tiden” followed by Kim Larsen’s “Dagen før” and the words “hvem der kunne få fat på dig” whereafter I hear “education is good for all” and this is really only examples of small communication which is happening all day long, and this is just written as a small example from this night.

·         I am in France together with my mother and John and my sister Sanna and Hans. The temperature is -50 degrees Celsius and my old Don is going to be slaughtered by Sanna, but she has not ordered time yet.

o    The frost is PAIN and the dog is EVIL which Sanna during this process is going to eliminate.

·         I am driving behind Sanna in a bigger car than hers, we are going to her home but in front of her house on the small road a new island helle is being build, which is making it almost impossible for Sanna to find the drive in. Outside the house there are water puddles all over and I see that there are fish swimming in the puddles, which I say out loud, which makes Cas – our other old dog – jump into the water eating one of the fish, and I noticed that there are many more fish in the same puddle and that one of them is floating through the air to the next puddle and one I find almost dried out outside the water, which I help back into the water.

o    I am setting up new TRAFIC RULES for Sannna making her life almost impossible at the moment. FISH is a symbol of me and EVIL symbolised by the dog and Sanna has eaten some of the FISH but not all because the story is that I survived the attack from Sanna as the Devil, which you can read much more about in my old books.


2.   The A2B course

This morning Agnete held a “morning-meeting” and surprised I was to see that ONCE AGAIN WE SHOULD PRESENT OURSELVES and yes “THIS IS HOW IT IS” and “LIFE IS NOT EASY” as Agnete told the ones who thought this was not a good idea to do AGAIN and this was a short round so I only said that “my name is Stig, I am 43 years old, I have been working within banks and insurance for 25 years and I have published a book through an email 1,5 weeks ago, which I expect will give me some money and until this happens, I will be here” and nobody here think it sounds “strange” when I am just myself without telling them that GOD IS WITH ME and apparently I am now inside a SYSTEM because Agnete invited Niels, Jytte and I to a meeting at 10.00 to receive a plan of what WE NEED TO DELIVER when we are here and you know just a small “throw-up feeling” and the plan gives me four weeks to carry out the “course of the ring binder” – which you know I have already done and thereafter “the system” wants me to search for jobs through applications, network, personal appearances, campaigns, “practice” etc. and before the 15th March I need to have a conversation with them here to find out where I will go to “practice” – which is a period of maybe four weeks working for an employer where the Commune pays my “salary”, which is the same as I have today and all I am thinking is really – WHY THE COMMUNE CANNOT TREAT ME LIKE THEY TREAT GERT AND DAN FROM THE PARK WHO ARE “ALLOWED” TO WORK WITH MUSIC AND ART and still they receive cash help and all I ask of the Commune is for you to give me my cash help when I do the job of writing these scripts – because this IS my job as I have told many of you and I still need to survive – until I will start to receive an income and that is “normal life” from people of the world who think it is a good idea to help me get out of this system.


And when I was writing the above paragraph on basis of the overview Agnete handed out to us, Niels asked me of what is it called when you start an education where you don’t need to do all of the subjects because you already have a higher degree in one of the subjects and I did not know the name but this was not only for Niels, it was also for me because I am already at a higher level on all of the subjects A2B offer and still the Commune and A2B just follow the system and ask me to go through this “nightmare”, which is what it actually is for me and the only good thing about it is that I like the people here J. And I could not tell Niels the word, but another of the people here knew it and he said that it is called MERIT and we know TO JUMP OVER SOMETHING YOU DON’T NEED and CAMILLA just by coincidence THIS IS YOUR MIDDLE NAME and yes we know I COULD HAVE JUMPED OVER OUR 7 YEARS TOGETHER not because I don’t like you, because I do very much, but because I never loved you as you know.


So today I used some of the time to write this script of today and some of the time to have my new picture taken and to upload this to my CV, Facebook and Windows Live Spaces, see below.


3.   Taking a new picture and adjusting my CV

Today I had a new picture taken with my old Lumix camera, which is of better quality than the camera of my phone and WHICH IS NOT INFECTED BY THE DEVIL AT ALL (!) and today Mark was not here, so I asked Niels to take some pictures, which he was very kind to do and also to recommend me how to adjust the pictures on the computer – not that I needed it but it showed a very nice and good side of Niels, which I appreciated. Thank you Niels J.


So I managed to do my new CV including the new picture – and Agnete promised me feedback today on the CV, but apparently she did not have the time to keep her promise because I did not hear from her again and maybe it is a good idea to agree on a meeting and a meeting time Agnete? And I tried to convert the Word document to a PDF document – which is what I have decided to send out – but even though I also here use the CUTE PDF program, the true type fonts are lost when I convert and hmmmm – VIVIAN ARE YOU ALSO THERE? – I tried five different setups of the program but I did not get it to work, so I will wait converting until I come home, so I cannot send my “job applications” from the course today but will do it from home.


And the picture improved somewhat in quality compared to yesterday – but technical and also the motive (!) – but still not satisfied I am but for the moment this is the best I have so I have used this picture also as new profile pictures on Facebook and Windows Live Spaces.


4.   The Commune has not found out who I am yet

On my way home today I shopped in Føtex and Netto, where I met Jens Erik from the Job Council and even though approx. 15-20 politicians and civil servants of the Commune have received my publishing email, René yesterday and Jens Erik – who did not receive the email – today did not know of my book so what can I say other than PEOPLE ARE NOT READING AND UNDERSTANDING THEIR EMAILS and Jens Erik was as normal very very positive so we had a very nice talk inside of Netto and we walked together speaking on the same way home and Jens Erik as I said to you, don’t be surprised when you hear of my book the first time and this is only one more proof of how people behave in front of me WITHOUT knowing who I am – then everything is fine and people are positive – and I am sure that Jens Erik would behave very differently if he had known of whom I am, first because he will not believe in me and afterwards when he finds out that I am indeed the one, he will probably find it difficult to be “brave” enough to speak to me and my dear friends GOD KNOWS YOU INSIDE OF OUT – GOD IS WITH YOU EVERY SINGLE SECOND and you would not be alive IF GOD DID NOT BREATH FOR YOU and you would not think one single thought without God just to take some examples so please don’t be scared of me, there is absolutely nothing to be scared of, I am still the same man as I have ever been.


5.   The period from publishing has not been easy

This is the first time I try to give you an overview of how my life has been since publishing my book the 31st January.


I did not know what to expect when I pushed the publish button, if people and the media would start calling me, if media wanted me to give interviews on the phone or live on television talking about my book – which I have not prepared myself for yet and you know which made me NERVOUS, I still have this feeling from the Devil together with SELF CONFIDENCE in everything I do and I just need to pick the right feeling every single time, which is not as easy as it sounds because often it is “easier” to be tempted by the Devil!  – and the more I thought of this THE MORE THE DEVIL STRENGTHENED THIS THOUGHT and I can only refer you to read my book from the beginning to understand this as just one of many sufferings but if you imagine that your thoughts are strengthened maybe 100 or 1,000 times this is what it is about, this is how strong the Devil is and in my case he speaks directly to me and in the beginning after the publishing, I did not know if God and the Devil had changed “strategy” so to say by talking the truth, not the truth or both the truth and not the truth, so I had to try to find out what was the truth and what was not and you know that is not always very easy for me to find too!


And it was the same with my “fear” of the family with Sanna as the leading power, if they would try to get me hospitalised again because this is truly some of the worst I have ever experienced and again the Devil strengthened my fear very much, but this is about SELF CONTROL and finding the right road so over the last week I have continued to say that I will follow the right road which is DISCIPLINE and to carry out WHAT I DECIDE TO DO because you know now it is NOT the Devil setting the agenda pressuring and stressing me as he has done for years now, NO now it is I who set the agenda for the Devil to follow and just to give you an idea, a couple of months ago I decided to buy some cheap bag in box wine, which was impossible for me to drink because of the torments of the Devil, which was impossible to come through forcing me to pour out the wine in the sink – back then I did not have the power to fight the Devil despite of the decision I had taken – and recently I bought a new bag-in-box wine BECAUSE THIS IS THE RIGHT DECISION, I am helping the team in Kenya as much as possible and I live on a small budget myself where ONE BIG GLASS OF WINE per day IS WHAT I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO AS ONE OF THE FEW THINGS OF HAPPINESS IN MY LIFE AT THE MOMENT and if I don’t feel sure about my own decisions and if I fear the Devil, the Devil receives more power which make him start to torment me again and when I ACT LIKE NEO OF MATRIX AND JUST SAY THAT NOW I AM THE MAN IN CONTROL and my decisions are good enough, then THIS IS WHERE THE DEVIL LIKES ME AS THE MASTER BEING MORE AND MORE LOYAL TO ME including to accept my decision of buying wine on my small budget and directly after finishing the script of yesterday to give you another example THE CD PLAYER STARTED WORKING AGAIN – and yes Sanna you know JUST LIKE A MIRACLE ACTUALLY! – and I had read different and mixed reviews of her album but my dear SADE I AM ONE OF YOUR BIGGEST FANS OUT THERE – I SIMPLY ADORE YOUR VOICE AND MUSIC J and hopefully there will not go 10 years before the next album, but of course you will decide.


And at the same time as publishing with all of the thoughts and stress this gave me, I had to start a NEW CHANGE and a new everyday at A2B feeling treated very wrongly by the Commune but I came here, I succeeded doing the course in one week and at the same time to have Barbro agreeing with me that there is another way of doing things than what A2B says. And to do this at the same time as I have been saying goodbye for some time to my family and friends, whom I love, and knowing that people of the world including the family and friends that I love speak behind my back, making me feel very sad for not understanding and for not trying harder to understand and many of them THINKING and SPEAKING OUT LOUD THAT NOW I HAVE GONE COMPLETELY MAD and at the same time knowing that the people I love the most are the people that I at the moment NEED to hurt in order for them to understand that what they are doing has NOTHING to do with their personal hurting and suffering, but they are ACTORS of my book with the noble purpose TO CHANGE THE BEHAVIOUR OF THE WORLD and SANNA THIS IS THE PURPOSE OF YOUR LIFE – the purpose is not for me to destroy your life which is all you can think of right now, no the purpose is that WHEN YOU HAVE GONE THROUGH THIS PERIOD you will start helping me to teach the world on how you need to behave in order to find God and to throw out the Devil and this is the best way I could teach you Sanna – for you to become the Devil in the first part of your life, so one day will come when your view will start changing and you will start understanding and YES YOU CAN SANNA – what you are going through is difficult yes BUT NOTHING COMPARED TO WHAT I HAVE GONE THROUGH and thinking of Prince and Sinead O’connor here again.


So this is some of what has been on my mind lately you know really just trying to ADJUST and to keep my plan and discipline, which has also been difficult in this phase where I am standing alone facing the world without support from anyone, still fighting the Devil trying to find the right road to control him and without love and again having two feelings which is STRENGTH AND WILL POWER and the opposite is weakness, which could easily bring me down in this phase too, but no this is about “don’t bring me down”.



This afternoon I received two more emails from Meshack and John from the LTO team in Kenya, who both of them are suffering VERY much and still you can tell that these men are men of dignity with a totally different way of thinking than most people in the rich world, this is where you can see the difference between being rich on money or rich on humanity and you know what, I will choose people who are rich on humanity every single time instead of people being rich on money many of them being unbearable to be together with in comparison to people like John and Meshack. Read and understand their emails and wise words and you will know what I mean.


First the email I sent yesterday to the team:


Dear all,


Below is the script of today and I can only tell you that I know you are suffering VERY MUCH ALL OF YOU – I realise that – and please let me assure you that this is part of the expectation of God, you are suffering because rich people here NOT yet have decided to send you money and help the same way as 1 billion are starving all over the world and the only encouragement I can give you today is that every single day the ring from the stone thrown in the water expands, but it will take time for a SELFISH world to start understanding me and EVEN to read MY VERY LONG BOOK so my friends PLEASE CARRY ON THE ABSOLUTELY BEST YOU CAN and CONTINUE TO MEET AND SUPPORT EACH OTHER. I will first be able to send you money again Friday the 26th February and this time I expect to send you approx. 20-25% more than last time.




Kind regards from



And here is the email from John today, thank you so much for your very very open, direct and still positive words my friend, which I as usual like very much. I could accentuate every single word of his email, this is how much I like his words but then I will end up doing the same as when I tell you about how much I love music. This is how much I love people and you know what PEOPLE WHO BEHAVE LIKE JOHN BEHAVES IN THIS EMAIL – and this is something for the rich world to think about – please copy the example of John.


Dear Stig,

Am happy to hear from you that we are in your thoughts. Its good to know that even when am suffering, there is somebody somewhere remembering me and praying for me. Thank you so much Stig for your inspirational words since they both comfort and encaurage all of us. The rich will come to their senses and extend a hand of generosity to all those who are suffering in this passing life. No one will carry his/her wealth or poverty to heaven but every one of us will give an account of his/her life before God. So its better to do good while here on earth because God will judge us by our deeds. If all people could emulate you, there will be no poor people arround. I hope and pray that the haves will embrace the spirit of sharing and bring happiness and normal life to the needy.

Am sorry for taking too long to write to you. This is because i went home to attend to issues. Otherwise my family is fine inspite of the hard times we are going through but we have not lost the faith that you have put in us. Thank you for the money you sent to us, at least we  filled in some gaps. I know you love us so much and we too love you too because we have a close fellowship. We are hanging on without becoming impatient and observing the basic rules as you taught us.

Please pass my regards to your family and continue supporting us as much as you can.



And here is the email from Meshack today, which he has given the headline “THIS IS ACTUALLY AN EXAMPLE OF DANIEL IN THE DEN OF LIONS” and you made me very happy indeed Meshack to start your email by saying that you are still carrying on – a feeling I know of to this day (!) – and for you to update me about yours and your family’s situation and what you see here in Meshack is a man who SIMPLY DOES NOT GIVE UP – fantastic Meshack – you are a man of my thinking, you are robust and you are kind, honest and direct even though you are going through big difficulties of your life. Thank you for giving the comparison to Daniel and your thinking is exactly like my thinking, when you face difficulties, you will come out stronger on the other side, this is what we are doing together here at the last part of our suffering journey, where I see God taking our hands saying YOU AND WE SHALL OVERCOME – and yes I will decide to keep that one because I could not help laughing because YOU AND WE SHALL OVERCOME was actually words spoken by the Devil given me his colour of red and followed by a question mark, so even though this is the Council playing the Devil it was very convincing  and only a small symbol that it is possible to convert the Devil from one of the bad guys to the opposite, which is the aim of this book. Thank you to all of you INCLUDING DAVID AND ELIJAH for being there and for supporting each other, I am also thinking of both of you and your families, and thank you so much to both John and Meshack today to do the almost impossible, which is to be the only ones in the world today to support me making my day better J.


Hi there,thanks alot for your concern .

I am not doing that bad with my family at the moment because i have found a deserted garage and i have converted a small old car where i can shelter my family but the challenge is bitings by mosquitos and to add salt to my injury, all my belonging have been auctioned together with cooking utensils and we are now using tins for cooking and this is actually what daniel went through when he was thrown to a den of lions but he came out stronger and this is my belive and i have to trust that God had a purpose for me to go through this to feel how people in Dadaab go through and that is why i cant complain all through.

Remember Job in the bible when he faced challenges, he said he was born with nothing and he will die with nothing and that is my uplifting message to my wife and she has been very much supportive to me.

I talked with other team members and they have been uplifting me despite the challenges they are facing.

Examples will have to be set for the world to know that, having lots of weath does not mean happiness because despite this, iam still happy and strong and have my total faith in God.

     Hi to the rest there.



And finalising the day by uploading my updated CV to my Windows Live Space and by sending the four “job applications” – and thank you for helping me remember the quotation marks as you normally do and ONLY ONE OF MANY EXAMPLES THAT MAYBE 30% sometimes more and sometimes less are written with words given to me by God and the Council.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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