1.     Sleep and dreams

Dreams of my family planning a CRUISE HOLIDAY – the road of the Devil they follow – and dahlberg’s priority based on greed and money.

2.     Feeling very sad and almost giving up

During these days LIFE IS SAD and I am “almost” giving up, only discipline and “the reflex” keeps me going

3.     Receiving my FREEDOM from A2B

I received “feedback” from Agnete on my CV, but what really happened was that I CONVERTED her to believe in me and my system, and she accepted to let me stay here but to give me EXEMPTION from the teaching and plans! And A2B knows that I am writing on my book here.


4.     Using my budget to repair my bicycle

The chain on my bicycle broke and fixing this and the gear costs me 400 DKK leaving me 350 DKK for the rest of the month. A DIFFICULT DAY ENDED FINE SETTING A NEW ALL TIME RECORD AT FITNESS WORLD.


1.   Sleep and dreams

Tonight I slept somewhat better and I was woken up less times than the last couple of nights. Dreams:


·         My good friend René and his cohabit Dorte has a restaurant at Axeltorv in Helsingør and I visit them a Friday evening, there are not many guests in the restaurant and René tells me that it will take them half an hour to prepare dinner for me if I should decide to wait.

o    Just an example of René and Dorte having more money than they need.

·         I see myself on the most popular and luxurious square in China together with my mother/John and Sanna/Hans. We have been inside a department store, which is one of the most handsome of the world, and afterwards I bring them to what I say is a world famous café, which is called Alexander and when we arrive, Hans says that he has been there before. There is a view to the water from the café.

o    Symbols of the Devil.

·         I am going to Brazil together with my mother/John and Sanna and Hans, but first I will need to finish my work at dahlberg. I am coming into Bo’s office and I see that he is lying down to take a rest and I tell him that I need to speak to him now because I am going to travel. I present a proposal on coffee, which I have made for a customer, where I give them almost all in a profit share agreement and Bo says that this is not the right share and he ask me to see Niels for him to estimate and before I see Niels we go through other folders including a folder of prospective clients, which is empty. I see Niels and he asks me to decrease the profit to the client, which Bo later agrees in.

o    Coffee is a good symbol – I have not yet other words or meanings for it than IT IS A GOOD SYMBOL – and only an example of people deciding on basis of greed and money.

·         I am now leaving dahlberg together with June who is following me on the path to meet my family at 18.00. June says that the Gøta Kanal in Sweden is also beautiful, which I agree in and I say that I have been there. I see that there are crocodiles buried down in the path and they are also walking on the path and outside the path, but they are not dangerous, I don’t have much time and on my way I remember that I have forgotten my luggage and when I think of this I also think that I don’t have a bicycle, which could transport me quicker than walking because the bicycle is already further up the path from when I visited my father. I run back to my hotel, it is cheap and very handsome at the same time but I cannot find my suitcase at my room. I see that my mother is speaking to someone in the restaurant. Finally I pack and I tell the family that I can be there at 18.15, which may be too late. I feel that the family is going on a cruise.

o    Sweden is the symbol of joy and happiness to me, crocodiles are – as my sister will probably remember – not a good symbol, again THE DEVIL. I am not going on this holiday, because the holiday is together with the Devil on his ship, which has one purpose only. TO ELIMINATE PEOPLE, this is where my family are headed right now as examples to the world. And JUNE – please understand this dream, you are a servant of God too!

·         I am given the song “fodgænger” by Gnags and the words “jeg kan gå på mine fødder”.


2. Feeling very sad and almost giving up

Yesterday this feeling started which continued this morning, which is that I AM FEELING VERY SAD INDEED because of how life is at the moment because there is NO life and it may sound easy to continue doing the same job at the same level and to keep the Devil at my control, but I tell you it requires EVERYTHING I HAVE because equally as strong as I am, equally as weak am I because as you know I have both feelings and THIS IS ABOUT ENDURANCE can I keep living and working like this and will this continue for weeks or for months and this is really only because I am waiting on the world to start reading and understanding, so this is the reason, and these days I survive primarily because of “the reflex” of doing what I should be doing and again this morning I had an overwhelming desire just to lean back, not to go to A2B and just to relax but again if I started doing this, the Devil would maybe wait on the next corner if he should decide to attack his own master and yes this is me too and now I see the Devil as Gollum from the Lord of the Rings and the reason is that the Devil may be in conflict if he wants to kill or help his master therefore J.


3. Receiving my FREEDOM from A2B


I was tempted to daydream but I had work to do


Arriving at A2B today the temptation of starting to daydream and do nothing was very big but I have decided to do a second edit of my scripts from the 1st February 2010 and to improve the design of my Blog having a deadline on Sunday and I needed to think of “slave to the rhythm” to start coming into the rhythm and today is one of the most difficult days to do this and at 10.30 Agnete came to me, she was now ready to comment my CV and I was actually in no mood at all to start listening to the same feedback, which is the JANTE LAW, as I hear from all people and to give her my “sales speech” as I did to Barbro the other day but this is what I knew was needed and I thought that I will start listening and when I understand her feedback I will probably need to tell her the same as I told Barbro to win her over on my side.


Receiving “feedback” from Agnete – defeating the Devil – receiving my FREEDOM


And Agnete told me that she has extensive experience in recruiting people from working many years as a manager and as a HR consultant and again I said the same as to Barbro that I would like her to be very honest and direct, that I would listen to all of her feedback positively and that I would decide myself what to use and what not to use and like Barbro, Agnete agreed totally with me.


First of all she gave me the same feedback as most people have done – and for Agnete it was even more evident because she is an “old woman” as she said – which was that my CV is very difficult to read because of the small font and she suggested that I could leave out some information from page 2 and to increase the size of the font and I could only tell her that I understand her view but that I have decided not to use many hours to do this and instead I explained her of my vision to have electronically CV´s – including all relevant information also on development potential – giving her the opportunity to get level 1, 2 and 3 information (I explained how a newspaper article is build up) from my CV exactly according to her need and there was no doubt, she understood my vision. And I could only tell her that MY CV IS NOT PERFECT because of this – it is neither level 2 nor level 3 information and it should be both!


She also said that she believes the CV is very nice set up but as she said firmly “I am anxious to tell you that you cannot write that you are the best leader etc. – I WILL TELL YOU after interviewing you giving you different questions” (just like you did Sanna!) and this was the start of a new battle between God and the Devil, because Agnete as a victim of the system, you are also the hostage of the Devil today – and I could only start by telling her “YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE TO EVALUATE MY SKILLS AFTER ONE HOUR OF INTERVIEW – YOU HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE OF HOW I AM WORKING” and I said that what is happening is that you Agnete will use the time to ask all of these questions and based solely on the answers of people you will after a very short time LISTEN TO YOUR OWN VOICE deciding if the candidate is right or wrong (which you very often really don’t know!) and this makes you take WRONG decisions and again this was the battle of the JANTELOV starting here and I was allowed to speak (which Sanna and Hans don’t normally do because of lack of interest, this is why you don’t see me the way as many people do!) and I argued as I have done before – see the background paper of my CV – leading to how the system needs to be WITH PERFECT CV’s, not to waste time on the applications as people do today and instead I talked about using 40 hours of a BUSINESS CASE to use the words of Barbro and I spoke of my memo to Arbejdsmarkedsstyrelsen as an example and the reaction I saw from Agnete – having this system in her blood for many years and looking like a lady with her own mind – was only tacit accept because this is what it was, this is how the Devil is defeated – and I spoke of my book which she thought sounded very positive and interesting and as I said to Barbro I also said to Agnete: “please remember that you are very positive today and when you hear about my book and the key messages, solely because of this you will probably become negative” and just to give you a very small example of the Council speaking through people, Agnete asked me if I have thought of holding seminars of my book – exactly like Barbro did (!) – and I said that I AM READY TO SPEAK WHEN PEOPLE WILL START INVITING ME BUT IT IS A CONDITION THAT YOU ARE POSITIVELY INTERESTED before I will speak – I will not go on a “road tour” trying to “convince” people – this is the aim of this book, but I will be happy to speak on some of the subjects, when people invite me – ALL ARE WELCOME, IF YOU DON’T ASK, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE AN ANSWER!


During the process of this battle, one of the things Agnete told me was that “this is how the ground rules are today” and I could only tell her that what I am doing is to change the ground rules (!), that one has to start and that I will succeed! And Agnete did not oppose me at all and she said that the way people work is based on personal competences and she said that she and Barbro as examples are unique and that is totally right Agnete and I told you as examples that you are the only one who can decide when you look in the mirror (!) in the mornings if you are happy or negative and based on this attitude, this is how people will see you the same way as if you decide to work with quality it will automatically give you an image as trustworthy or if you start working without priority of quality soon you will work with three or five things at the same time – and maybe Agnete you really understood what I said here – because this will mean poorer results EXACTLY AS YOUR FEEDBACK TO ME TODAY SHOWED (which I did not tell you) because your feedback was not nearly as good as the feedback of Barbro (and you are the MANAGER here as I understand, Agnete and just maybe BECAUSE of that?) – and then you will start to work without a plan in the mornings as most people do, you will work on “what comes to you” and you will work more based on desire than on discipline and I gave you the example Agnete from yesterday where you promised me feedback on the CV but because you don’t work with a plan and because you allow people to disturb you, you will work without structure not being able to keep your promises and this is also what you can read from my book, Agnete – and everything is based on SIMPLE LOGIC as I told you.


I also told Agnete about my email to René from the Commune asking for exemption from the course and she understood that I really don’t have the need to be here just by looking at my CV and listening to me and we agreed that I will be here on a daily basis as long as the Commune wants me to be here, which means that I HAVE RECEIVED MY FREEDOM: They will not “force” me to follow the “plan” here but I am still welcome to participate in “teachings”, which is on network next (which she also understood that I don’t need to do!) – this is what she accepted today, so we will see if this is also what they will do.


Agnete also asked me what will happen if I don’t receive an income from my “e-mail book” as expected, if there is a plan B (heard that one before Sanna, do you remember) and all I said is that I expect that my book will give me an income the same way as the founder of Wikipedia receives income – THEREFORE (!) – which is when people would like to contribute in order to cover my need of a “normal life” and expenses doing my work, I will receive voluntary contributions and until then I will do exactly what the Commune asks me to in order to still “be available for the job market” which is to send four new applications every fourteen days and to BE IN PRISON HERE FIVE HOURS EVERY DAY – so this is what she accepted, this is how the system fails in my case, this is how the Commune forces me to stay five hours every day at a place, where I learn NOTHING, which A2B knows, this is BUREAUCRACY and WILL YOU DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT LYNGBY-TAARBÆK COMMUNE or will you continue to do nothing in my case?


Message to Barbro – I am working on my book here!


At the end of the day Barbro came to me asking to receive a copy of my latest applications for her to upload to the system of A2B and I had no problems giving her my applications but I asked her of the purpose of doing this, if it is for the use of A2B, for the Commune, for both or if it is for educational usage and first Barbro thought that I did not want to give her my applications before receiving an answer and all I could say is that I have no problems doing that but all I wanted was to understand why, and then I found out that Barbro working here does not know the purpose herself and she mentioned Oliver’s name and I asked her if she wanted me to ask Oliver or if she would do it and come back, and she decided to do the last and I was only thinking that this is probably the system they use to check that people follow the “RULES” here – making me happy that I decided to do four applications even though I was not motivated! – and NO ONE HAS TOLD ME ABOUT THIS so here is another example when communication is not working, which could have a serious impact for me and the team in Kenya! And I gave her a copy of my applications from yesterday and also a copy of my application to Dansk Erhverv including the memo and she asked for my latest CV, which I gave to her and I explained where I have updated my CV because of her positive feedback. 


And as another small example of the power of the Council, Barbro was “inspired” to ask me if I have a “plan B” if I don’t receive an income from my book and I could only tell her that I don’t know if there will go weeks or months before income will come but until that I will follow what the Commune decides to do – or NOT decides if they cannot find out that what they do is WRONG and in this case I will only continue to follow the system here of course with the special rule that I don’t need to follow the course in practise.


Barbro also asked what I use my time on here and I told her that I am doing private things writing my book – which is my work you know – and I told her about the agreement with Agnete not to participate in the “teaching” here because I already have the know how – and I understood that THEY HAD ALREADY TALKED ABOUT ME. So what I have achieved in practise is to use most of my time to follow what the system is doing to others without the need to follow it myself and to still received cash help writing this book to HELP the Commune, but which I am sure that they will not understand like this when they start realising what I have done and SO FAR SO GOOD my friends! VICTORY’s like this ALSO STIMULATES and MOTIVES ME and you know these are included in my difficult battle and calculation to keep the Devil on my side.


Finally she asked what I will do if an employer offers to hire me and I said that if this is what will happen, then this is what I will need to do giving me double work because my work is my book, but so far I have not been offered work because people misunderstand my CV even though it is the truth! So I was just thinking that the whole system here has accepted how my CV looks, they know that I am fighting the Jantelov, that I will change the system and that I will receive no job because people misunderstand the truth. Will the system continue to “allow” me the freedom of speech to write my own CV with this background, will they give me my TOTAL freedom back by letting me off this course or will they try to “force” me to change my CV and the move is really up to you my dear Commune but probably it is difficult for you to find this information and difficult for you to find the time and discipline to read this book?


4. Using my budget to repair my bicycle

On my way home from A2B I hit the pedals so hard uphill that the chain broke, which was really not what I was hoping for so I could only think of one solution, which was to take the bicycle to the nearest bicycle repair to get it fixed BECAUSE I NEED TO HAVE A BICYCLE IN ORDER TO DO THIS FOR ME IMPORTANT COURSE FOR THE COMMUNE, it is too long to walk and I cannot afford to pay the bus – and the Commune does not pay because of the short distance of approx. 5 km – A WONDERFUL SYSTEM DON’T YOU THINK – and I have approx. 750 DKK left for the rest of the month and the repairman first said that the chain and the gear would cost 550 DKK to fix and when I negotiated the price, he was willing to do it for 400 DKK, so this is what I decided to do leaving me approx. 350 DKK for the rest of the month.


At the end of the day I did one hour of Yoga followed by one hour of Bodybike/spinning, which was the first time doing this for 12 months and I ENJOYED DOING THIS AGAIN VERY VERY MUCH and by the way A NEW ALL TIME RECORD FOR THE MOST EXERCISE I HAVE EVER DONE IN A FITNESS CENTRE IN ONE DAY – and what started as a  very very difficult day, because of UNUSUAL physical and mental exhaustion and YOU SHOULD KNOW HOW IT IS TO HAVE THE DEVIL ALMOST ACTING AS GOLLUM WITH YOU ALL DAY, all of this together with an unsure future of what media, family, the Commune etc. will do, actually ended up with a good feeling and a new day I am happy with only because of one thing: I HAVE DECIDED NEVER TO GIVE UP – even though today was one of the most difficult days of all!


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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