11th February 2010 – God will also communicate with my sister and 3G is working again as a symbol of “good old God”





1.     Sleep and dreams

Dreams of Sanna speaking to the radio (God) and a dream leading to a story of Denis and Caroline, which God wants to tell the world

2.     The day at A2B working on my book

Today I had FREEDOM to work on my book making me happier than for a long time!

3.     Continuing the second edit of my scripts

I did the second edit and included a summary of the scripts from 1-5 February and before Sunday I will update all scripts on Windows Live

4.     This book is written with the Voice of Stig

As Stig without God I have been forced to decide what to bring and not to bring in these scripts – the story about smoking pipe not to be prohibited if I had lost the first round to the Devil was originally cut away!

5.     I have been sneezing today

A message to my mother before becoming Virgin Mary. Yes, mother, it is true. Your sneezing is characteristic and made by God every single time!

6.     3G is now working again

A very nice TDC assistant DID EVERYTHING HE COULD TO CONNECT ME with 3G as a symbol of GODE GAMLE GUD* again, which was a success.

7.     Paul Weller – WAKE UP THE NATION!

Paul, the meaning of the title of your new album is simply to WAKE UP THE WORLD to listen to the words of God!




1.   Sleep and dreams

Tonight I slept until 5.00 without being waken up with dreams, but from 5.00 until 7.30 was really one long dream with bad sleep as a result, and I took notes of the following leaving out others:


·         I am at Sanna’s and Hans’ old house on Usserød Kongevej in Hørsholm. I have published who I am, Henning W. is also there and he is focusing on my very tight economy and keeps on asking questions of this and I tell him that this is not what is interesting. I am sitting with my old dog Don on my lap. I see a schedule of the radio and I notice that both I and Sanna are scheduled as radio hosts. I am looking in the newspaper and I see an ad of the greatest hits by Lionel Ritchie, which I show Sanna and I say “finally this is released” (I have been waiting for years for a new REMASTERED greatest hits by Lionel Ritchie) and I say “I will make you a copy” and both of us notice that Lionel has changed his sir name, but there is no doubt that it is Lionel Ritchie.

o    My old dog is on my lap as a symbol of Evil because of how people until now react to my book – this is the direct influence ignorance and no belief has on me, this is how life is working! RADIO is a symbol of CONVERSATION WITH GOD, this is waiting for you, Sanna! And Sanna, music which speaks the most to my feelings, which is what Lionel Ritchie represents, is showing my love to you as a sister, please understand this and please don’t misunderstand this book, which is easy if you listen to your own wrong voice.

·         God plays Blackbird by Beatles and the words “Blackbird singing in the dead of night” and “you were only waiting for this moment to arise”.

·         And the singing continues and the next song was “I love you more than I can say” by Leo Sayer and THE STRONG PRESENCE OF MARY MAGDALENA SAYING THIS TO ME. Hereafter other songs were played too, but I decided not to continue writing these down.

·         In a short dream I see that the neighbour house of Elijah has been removed, and I see myself sleeping in a bed with two women, whom I am not interested in, but I get the feeling that they are interested in me. I see Meshack owing rent for many months back. He has now prepared a budget including his debts and at the end of the paper there is one picture of his smiling wife and another of himself together with a lot of towels.

o    Towels, Meshack, is simply to dry you after the cleaning you have gone through or the bath if you will – remember that WATER is the symbol of pain, which is a part of this journey. This is what is coming to you.

·         I see my self standing in front of a car dealer with a new car and I am told that “It was impossible and it is impossible” (to continue the journey I have gone through and still am going through because of how people react to my book) and I am also told that everything will change for me to be the opposite of today – from extreme pain to the opposite.

·         I am in John’s garden (my mother’s husband), it is an old and very beautiful garden and a very nicely kept lawn. Some foreigners are living at the back of the garden, I get the impression that it is Nordre Strandvej in Helsingør, where I lived from 1986-88, and they have started a fire, I see the police arriving in order to stop the fire and I get the impression that it is Niklas and Tobias who have ordered the police. At the house there is a tank including a very large fish and I hope that it does not die because of all of the stress at the house. Back in John’s quiet garden there is a sale of wine from one of my favourite wine stores, H. J. Hansen, I cannot afford to buy but Sanna buys some bottles and she encourages me to teach her 14 year old daughter of wine.

o    Police is another symbol of the Devil and the FISH is me – and I do hope that I will survive no matter what the family may be up to, if anything (you know dreams can be given by both God and the Devil, so not even with dreams I can tell if they are the truth and this dream may only show what I fear). But the fish can still die, this is still the name of the game – literally if you try to understand this book.

o    Denis, you may know how it is to teach somebody’s 14 years old daughter in not only wine, but also sex and Denis DO YOU WANT TO TELL THE WORLD YOURSELF WHAT YOU AND CAROLINE HAVE BEEN UP TO OR DO YOU WANT ME TO TELL IT – as I may already have done here and ONLY BECAUSE THIS IS A STORY THAT GOD WANTS TO TELL THE WORLD – please remember my dear world that God has accepted what you have done and what Denis has done is part of what the world must accept if you want to accept God.


2. The day at A2B working on my book

This morning Oliver was back and together with Agnete he said that there would be the follow up on the assignment of Network and he asked how many had done this task and only 3-4 had actually done it, which is not very much when everybody was told to do it – but it should be said that not all were here this morning and some of them are new, but anyhow this is how it went, a majority of people  here did not do anything at all on their working at home day Friday last week and instead of following up, Oliver decided that a new teaching on network will be given this afternoon, but it will be without me!


And the rest of the day at A2B I was working on my book concentrated WITHOUT being disturbed by A2B FORCING ME ON BEHALF OF THE COMMUNE TO LEARN SOMETHING WHICH I HAVE NO NEED OF “LEARNING” – FREEDOM IS NICE and of course you always need to have RESPONSIBILITY connected!


3. Continuing the second edit of my scripts

Today I continued working concentrated – with less difficulties because of the Devil compared to yesterday because I did Yoga for the first time in four days yesterday (because the train was delayed two days before making me miss Yoga), this is STILL the meaning of it – and I kept on working on my scripts from the 1st-5th February which are the ones needing the most editing in order to edit them for the second time and to include new level two information, which is the summary I have decided to include on all scripts from the 1st February, which is a symbol showing you that I AM COMING CLOSER TO GOD as a natural development of how my first, second and now my third book have progressed and we know NEW INFORMATION FOR ME TOO I am now writing on my third book, which will include the philosophy of ONE GOD, ONE PEOPLE – this is the goal.


Today I finished doing this work of the scripts until the 5th February at 14.00, and I will also do a second edit of the scripts from the 6th February, which will become easier because they already have the level 2 information included and when this is done, I hope that I will be able to improve the design of my Blog despite of the technical challenges I have experienced so far and to publish all revised scripts in better looking versions before Sunday, this is the goal and it may depend if the technical issues will take 1 or 20 hours to solve you know!


4. This book is written with the Voice of Stig

As the world will discover, this book is full of PLUSSES and MINUSES over the same subjects, where the goal has been to find NEW BALANCE often with minimum time or energy to think and one of these BALANCES is that I criticise people of LISTENING TO THEIR OWN SUBJECTIVE VOICE deciding on what is right or wrong for other people very often without knowing the answer making them guess and how is this book made? Very often just writing what comes to me and very often with the words that are given to me, but this book is also written WITH WHAT I SOLELY AS A HUMAN BEING DECIDE WHAT IS RIGHT AND WRONG TO INCLUDE and very often without knowing it – this is the difficult balance I need to find and I have probably made a lot of errors also in the editing phase, maybe I have included far too much irrelevant and excluded other things which may be relevant because it has been impossible to make a 100% objective book, it is on these terms I have written the book and to give you one example only, I did not include a dream from last night about smoking pipe, the qualities of it and the very good taste of it because after my experience in Kenya I have decided that there will be NO SMOKING in the future Kingdom and I have not said this before now, but if I choose to continue smoking, I could have continued smoking pipe, but not cigarettes – and the pipe would have costs me one defeat to the Devil and is what the Council had expected me to do and I do remember a vision written down probably from 2005 in my old book where I am shown a blurred view because I smoked cigarettes, which made me stop smoking cigarettes, so cigarettes would be impossible for me to continue smoking and therefore for the world, but you know if I had not been able to quit smoking for good, I and the world would have been allowed to smoke pipe – which is cleaner – but I DID THE CLEAN CUT TO QUIT ALL SMOKING and because of this, this rule also applies for the world. So this is one example of my personal editing, which after all was brought because of this example.


5. I have been sneezing today

From the morning GOD has made me sneeze several times today and from the beginning he said to me that it is because of my mother and the story I have told her earlier that when she sneezes, which she does quite often, she always sneeze approx. 8 times in a row and YES MOTHER, it is not you deciding to sneeze eight times every single time, it is not your body deciding to do this without your awareness, it is THE COUNCIL DECIDING TO DO THIS FOR YOU to give you a clear symbol to understand right now, something which has always been with you – the same way as your very characteristic yawning, all of the times you and others in the family “by accident” have said WRONG names and the “small” miracles, which you and Sanna experienced together with me in 2008-2009 including the creaking noises from many different places and electronic devises being distorted by the Devil (my CD, cd-burner, espresso coffee machine etc.). These are ONLY VERY VERY SMALL SYMBOLS and yes MOTHER – YOU ARE THE ONE I HAVE TOLD YOU which you soon will experience. Please LISTEN and please try to UNDERSTAND – please don’t run away from me because you are scared or reject to listen because of others GUESSING that I am wrong, the truth is very simple for you to discover IF YOU ONLY READ THIS BOOK, this is all I ask you to do and when you do that, you will find out for yourself.


6.  3G is now working again

On my way home today I visited the TDC store trying to find out what happened to the 3G data connection on my mobile phone and he tried everything without finding any errors, 3G on my sim card did not work in my phone, it did not work in HIS phone (!), but his 3G on his sim card worked in my phone, so there was nothing wrong with the phone, and he tried to send an sms with an authorisation code to my phone, which worked and the code was to be used for a new setup including an automatic setup of the 3G on my phone, but even though he tried to send this sms twice THESE MESSAGES WERE BLOCKED, THEY WERE NEVER RECEIVED BY MY PHONE (!) so he called a technical expert because he wanted to hear if anything was wrong with the Central and the first time the answer was no and later he called again and the Central succeeded doing something, which made the 3G work again and I don’t know if it was only a technical problem or if it was God making this happen but I will connect you to God and you know which is the Council here on Earth and yes WHO WILL ANSWER MY CALL and yes CAROLINE HERE and we know JEANNE D’ARC and my message to you on the phone is only this YES STIG WE DID EXACTLY DO WHAT WE EXPECTED YOU WOULD DO TO CUT US MORE AND MORE AWAY and yes WE ARE STILL HERE and yes WE KNOW WE ARE NOT ALLOWED FROM YOU TO WRITE “AND YES” ANYMORE BECAUSE THIS IS YOUR DECISION AS GOD and therefore I will only say that you have decided to let us speak too and I can only tell – the voice becomes lower and is fading out and only because THIS IS NOT THE IDEA TO DO ANYMORE and therefore I will say with the voice I hear when writing this THAT THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE CENTRAL THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH ME WHEN I WAS BORN THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH MY EAR DEVICE WHEN I LISTENED TO WHAT GOD WAS SPEAKING TO ME WHICH WAS THAT I AM HERE AND I AM THERE AND I AM EVERYWHERE and I am  still here and yes I AM CONNECTED TO GOD AGAIN and also because I HAVE NOT CUT GOD AWAY ONLY WRITING MY OWN WORDS AS STIG WITHOUT GOD, because STIG I AM GOD I AM YOU YOU ARE ME AND THEREFORE WE ARE WE AND WITHOUT ME THERE WOULD BE NO YOU and this is how I can continue and we know NO “AND YES’ES” ANYMORE because THESE ARE SYMBOLS OF THE DEVIL and even though he is working together with God this is what I will not write anymore in these scripts and so long bye bye see you soon all of my readers and I see a dark soul taking up a shoe in his hand saying that I WILL NOT SEE PEOPLE THROWING SHOES AT ME – THIS WILL ALSO BE SEEN AS AN INSULT BY ME – JUST FOR YOU TO KNOW.


And the visit to the TDC store took one hour and the assistant DID NOT GIVE UP but continued trying to find a solution. Thank you my friend, you will probably not forget my visit also because of this book.


7.    Paul Weller – WAKE UP THE NATION!

And just a short story here when finalising the day about PAUL WELLER – one of the TRULY BIG MUSICIANS OF ALL TIME and I LIKED THE JAM THE BEST PAUL – because I just read on Facebook that your new album will be called WAKE UP THE NATION and I can help you with your understanding of what this song is about because THE NATION is THE WORLD and WAKE UP THE WORLD is TO SAY LISTEN TO GOD my dear friend and I liked very very much to see that you are doing a very brave co-operation with Bev Bevan, the drum player from ELO and Bev I SIMPLY LOVE THE WAY YOU DRUM THE DRUMS J. And Paul, how was the story with your latest album, how did you get the ideas doing that and who do you think helps you making your music?


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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