1st February 2010 – I published the book late yesterday and today I started the A2B Job course being mentally exhausted




1.     Sleep and dreams

Dreams include being in Alaska in beautiful weather meeting an “eccentric” and Søren H. being too lazy to work still counting his money.

2.     Status after publishing yesterday

I published the book yesterday to approx. 1,500 email addresses and so far I have received NO feedback at all.

3.     Starting the job search course with A2B

After the mental exhaustion of publishing my book late yesterday I was received positively by A2B today – but NO individual analysis of needs!

4.     Yoga and running

God showed himself inside of me by breathing so much deeper than ever before and again I ran 30 minutes first with God then with the Devil

5.     Elijah will never be able to understand, until he becomes the Prophet Elijah

Elijah sent a new negative email and because of his sufferings and bad memory he believes that I still don’t understand him – this is the name of the game for Elijah until God lift’s him up

6.     Finishing the day

A strange feeling today, I have heard from no one and I think of the pain of my family and now it is them who have nothing to fear


1. Sleep and dreams

I went to bed at approx. 1.00 yesterday and I did not have the best sleep but some dreams:


·         I am in Alaska, where the nature is beautiful and where it is nice summer weather. I am together with an “eccentric” who has been here for many years (a symbol of GOD) and I see that the warden is now sent home. The eccentric has a run-belt, which is impossible to run on because it is manual and you need to put your hands on the belt to keep it running. I am told that there are thousands of kilometres to the nearest neighbour but in real life I see that it is not far, because we visit a nearby city.

·         I see one of the slim B&O stereo systems in aluminium, which was introduced in the beginning of the 1980’s including S45 speakers – I was asking where the factory was and nobody knew.

·         A very “professional” executive search company has recommended me to become the CEO – and I am told that one woman can get maternity compensation and I say that if she gets 12 times 2 children, it can become much money. I am funny together with some women feeling attraction to me. I am at an office where Henning W. has a table next to me which is totally surrounded by clothes, my table including clothes surrounding it is about to be set up.

·         A South African woman would help her son to serve in tennis because they are hungry but they did not succeed.

·         Søren H. is coming to my table where he on my computer screen sees two emails from potential employers which I would rather work for than for Søren, one of them is from Danske Bank, and I don’t know how much he reads of the emails. He tells me that I can become daily responsible for the business, he has made an agreement with a creative man to be finished with some work Tuesday evening where they will meet for dinner at 18.30 at the El Buli Restaurant and Søren asks me to do the work. It is now Monday morning and it makes me annoyed because I will need to work all Monday including the evening and Tuesday evening I will have to cancel my Fitness agreement.

·         I hear the song Celebration by Kool & the Gang.


2. Status after publishing yesterday

The time is now 9.25 in the morning just before I will go to A2B and I am both nervous and not nervous of how people will react to my emails from yesterday and I succeeded to sent to all approx. 1,500 email addresses, however there were maybe 20-30 addresses, which I could not sent to and maybe 10-20% of the addresses are not working anymore because I received error messages, but the rest were sent and I also published all information on Facebook and so far after 9 hours I have not received one single email or telephone call from anyone – neither from family, friends or acquaintances/old colleagues in Denmark, so however amazing it sounds, the day today will start as a completely normal day for me and just thinking how many people out there who has had problems drinking the coffee when they saw my email and message and just how many people think that I am crazy and what will the family react – become sad, ignore me or try to hospitalise me? We will have to see. And the publishing was both THE MOMENT OF TRUTH IN MY LIFE and you know JUST WORK TO DO at the same time!


3. Starting the job search course with A2B

This morning I was not very fresh to start the new job search course – the new activation period – because what I did yesterday is still the most brave thing I have ever done in my life where I used all of my mental capacity to push the button to publish, so this is what I decided to do as a normal person and when coming home from A2B today already at 11.30 – the closing time for us two new beginners was already at 11.00 – I checked my emails and STILLE FØR STORM – I have been thinking about this fantastically beautiful song by Lis Sørensen/Sebastian many times and today THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT IT IS: VERY QUIET BEFORE THE STORM because I have still received NO FEEDBACK FROM ANYBODY YET and we will have to see what happens.


Today Oliver welcomed Jytte and I at A2B warmly and gave us a very positive impression – I had forgot, but A2B is OF COURSE GOD AND THE COUNCIL AN AS/3 COMPANY and of course it could not be otherwise so I also get this experience – as long as the Commune has not decided to give me back my freedom or maybe they will also try to get me hospitalised after receiving my email yesterday, we will have to see and of course NOT A NICE SITUATION TO BE IN TO SAY THE LEAST but you know ONLY a decision also to carry out this phase is the answer – and Oliver had prepared nice breakfast for us and gave us one hour of introduction focusing on DEFINITION OF COMPETENCES OF PEOPLE and yes LIKED THAT VERY MUCH INDEED and today he was only speaking about PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCES and of course A VERY GOOD PLACE TO START and NOT ANYTHING ON PERSONAL COMPETENCES but we will have to see what happens and he was focusing on QUALITY because A2B is the most expensive company of its kind in Denmark as he said and WE ALL AGREED THAT QUALITY IS FANTASTIC and he gave us a page about PRACTICAL ISSUES including meeting times, breakfast, lunch, individual meetings etc. – a fine tool of information you know the kind I missed at the Commune – and really Oliver sounded very positive, very skilled too and I was just thinking that maybe they don’t really offer coaching on different levels according to the experience and background of people and we will have to see how this will be solved – including AN INDIVIDUAL ANALYSIS OF NEEDS as he promised me to do also, but in general a very positive introduction, people feel welcome here and very different to how the COMMUNE SYSTEM IS WORKING and what is the difference is it the people working at A2B compared to the Commune? And NO of course not, the people have the same possibilities to succeed, the difference is only CULTURE and yes “WHAT WE NORMALLY DO” and A2B/AS/3 is just used to work better than the Commune and herewith they better use the potential of the employees – it is as easy as that J.


So I will be going back tomorrow at 10.00 again more positive after the experience today – but still a little bit sceptical that the teaching, which they also do here for classes is kept on a lower level than what fits me. And I told Oliver that my work is my book and that I am only at the course until I start receiving income because I am still available for the job market as long as the Commune decides me to be.


So after the first introduction I thought that this is the kind of SERVICE you should offer people from the first day of unemployment VOLUNTARILY and of course AFTER STARTING WITH AN INDIVIDUAL ANALYSIS OF NEEDS and of course to tailor fit your services according to the need.


4. Yoga and running

This afternoon before going to Yoga my head was completely wiped out from the psychical exertions from yesterday BECAUSE I AM NOT ENTHUSIASTIC TO SAY THE LEAST TO TELL THE WORLD ABOUT WHO I AM and to make my family and closest friends SAD before they will come to me but this is how it is and therefore I took a nap of 1 hour today thinking that I would get in TOP FORM at Fitness World Valby and yes like that very much and now I know the exercises even better and at the Yoga today GOD SHOWED HIMSELF INSIDE OF ME BY BREATHING SO MUCH DEEPER THAN I HAVE EVER DONE BEFORE and DID NOT THINK THAT WAS POSSIBLE TO DO but A FEELING TO BREATH THE DOUBLE AMOUNT OF AIR AND FOR THE CHEST HAVING THE ABILITY TO EXPAND equally as much and MY RIGHT SIDE OF MY BODY IS STILL SO MUCH MORE STIFF THAN THE LEFT but we are working on it and yes I AM A LITTLE BIT DISTRACTED BECAUSE STAR WARS IS NOW ON TELEVISION ONE OF MY FAVOURITE FILMS and yes R2D2 like him very much too and yes so it is here and immediately after Yoga without taking a break – for the first time after Yoga – I started running and I really did not feel into running you know (!) and thought that maybe I would quit after a few minutes but somehow GRACE JONES was with me and I kept on running and the first 20 minutes the easiest so far and that is actually among the top 3 easiest runs ever and I had the feeling almost that I could just continue running with a lightness in my body which I have never had before (except once) and a very calm breath and after 20 minutes the Devil was allowed to come back giving me the very real and direct physical feeling to lose all lightness and to receive 50 more kg’s to bear and this is truly the physical experience and difference between having God and the worst Devil ever for a man running on Earth (!) and furthermore I started receiving stitch in one of my sides and the last 10 minutes is how I have always run, which is how I thought all people felt when running and I did 30 minutes again today!


After the running I relaxed and for the first time ever I now felt the Devil around me somehow protecting me even though he shows me that my legs are not fully inside and he is still trying to bother me a little but now I am in control of him like the flying lizard in the movie Avatar and God said that it is good that I found home – this is what it is about and now I am only waiting for what will happen over the coming days and weeks.


5. Elijah will never be able to understand, until he becomes the Prophet Elijah

And I was expecting to receive an email from Elijah hoping that he at least had understood some of my explanations to him but Elijah my dear dear friend you only have one thing on your mind and that is that your are suffering. Do you know why you are suffering Elijah? How many times have I told you and written to you that you are suffering and somehow you seem not to remember why other than you believe it is unfair? Elijah would you believe in me if I say that it is God and the Council who remove your memory and that because of this it is nothing to be ashamed of and my dear friend your email today said “YOU HAVE IGNORED AND FAILED TO LISTEN TO ME” and all I can say Elijah is that I am sorry that it is impossible to make you understand and that you continue to fight so much against me and God. And Elijah one day not long from now you will realize what I did “without your consent” – obviously your first consent is not applying anymore? – is the meaning of your life, the only way that I can lift you up and MAKE YOUR LIFE GOAL COME THROUGH. I will write no more today Elijah other than saying to you again that I am deeply sorry for the pain you and your family have needed to go through in order to write this book and Elijah it is possible that you don’t understand my book today and that people of the world will start understanding it enabling help to come to you and your family. And Elijah I will ask yourself to accept your emails to be published later when you have a better understanding.


6. Finishing the day

It is a strange feeling this evening – NOBODY at all has contacted me neither through email or telephone and probably there are many people FEELING that I AM CRAZY and we know A FEW PEOPLE HAVE STARTED READING and yes FUGGI HOW ARE YOU DOING AND YES ONE DAY I MAY HEAR FROM YOU AGAIN? And I am thinking of the pain my family and friends must go through right now and all I can say is that YOU HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR as I wrote to you yesterday and you may be interested to know that the pain which all of you have gone through, you have already given me earlier. I have endured the combined sum of your pains – read this and my old book to understand – so trust me, I do understand how you feel but this is the only way to BRING YOU HOME TO GOD/ME.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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