2nd February 2010 – Have my family decided to start reading my POSITIVE book or will they try to “kill” my voice?





1.     Sleep and dreams

Dreams include light shining on Rikke H. and people from Brede Park starting their journey to meet God!

2.     The Job search course at A2B

I told all about my book. Oliver accepted that I don’t need to analyse my competences because I have the know-how, which less than 1% have

3.  Thinking about how the family is and what they do

Have my family (and friends) started reading my POSITIVE book or is Sanna focusing on hospitalising me to “kill” my voice?

4. Buying wine again J

I decided to buy wine again TO OPPOSE THE DEVIL and yesterday I had a fantastic haircut by an Arabic and fantastic meat from a Halal butcher


This is how MYLLE spoke on radio with the voice of the Council – does this sound CRAZY? Am I indeed crazy, or are you crazy not listening?


1. Sleep and dreams

Tonight I slept better again and I wrote down some dreams:


·         Rikke H. has been waiting again and again – am I going to dance an erotic dance with her or not? I see that there is now cleaned up at her storage, nothing more is left. A new colleague is placed at a table opposite Rikke and they discuss what kind of light they want to shine – he wants white light only, where Rikke wants to have the light with a red glow, which means that he will have to find another table because they are both very stubborn.

·         I wake up hearing the words “let it rain” and “I’m just waiting on your sign” from the song “I wish it would rain down” by Phil Collins.

o    Since there is a chance some people will start reading my book from this point because the scripts are now published daily on Facebook, you might want to know that RAIN is the symbol of PAIN, which is what I still feel, but less today and what my family and friends are now experiencing.

·         I see Vivian going through the names of people from our class from the Commercial school and I tell her that I cannot remember the girls from our class and then she says the name “Holmfort” and I say that I worked together with him in Fair Forsikring where after I hear the words “shit happens” in the dream.

o    Some months ago the Devil often said “shit happens” to me – coming from the movie Predator – and some weeks ago I was explained that the bomb used in this movie after this expression was a symbol of what would happen to me and the world if I was not able to beat the Devil – after three times of defeat this is what would have happened to the world.

·         I am on a bus, which I know is in fact the truck from Brede Park in disguise, it is driving into a workshop in the beginning of Snekkersten from the beach road. My mother is also at the workshop. The truck is going to be washed clean and I think that I will need to walk the rest of the way to the main part of Snekkersten.

o    BUS is a symbol of LOVE – the workshop is here to get a CLEAN CAR driving you away from SNEKKERSTEN which is the symbol of HELL – as easy as that you see J.


2. The Job search course at A2B

What would the day bring today because Oliver had promised an individual analysis of my needs and to advice me on my level by working as an individual coach? This morning started with a meeting where all approx. 25 people of the class above 30 years old – this is what they have a class below and a class above 30 years old because this service is developed to match the law and therefore NO different classes depending on different levels of experience and knowhow of people and just thinking of that I am – and Oliver was very kind to introduce the purpose of this meeting which was for all 25 people to introduce themselves, their backgrounds and what kind of jobs they are looking for BECAUSE AS HE SAID THIS WOULD GIVE US VERY GOOD TRAINING TO SPEAK TO A COMPANY and my dear friend OLIVER do you understand now why I believe it is a good idea that you adjust the services according to the level of people and as entertaining as it was this morning to listen to 25 people presenting themselves all in all it was a waste of time for me – and others – not in need to go through training like this.


I gave a presentation of myself too and told the truth that this book has now been published and I told what it is about and when people don’t know who I really am, they think that my story is very interesting indeed and you know what when you know who I am, then YOUR VOICE will completely change because then you will believe that SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH ME and what sounded very good the day before can completely change the day after because of this information alone and SANNA DO YOU RECOGNISE YOURSELF – just thinking of what I said to you two days ago and when the Mayor and the management of the Commune invite me on meetings, I may be right but NOW I AM NOT RIGHT BECAUSE NOW I AM INSANE AGAIN SANNA AFTER YOU HAVE RECEIVED MY NEW BOOK? HAVE YOU STARTED LOOKING INTO THE MIRROR AND HAVE YOU STARTED THINKING ABOUT WHAT YOU SEE (?) otherwise I MAY HELP YOU BY SHOWING YOU EAR CAPS because this is what you are YOU ARE DEAF, YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO LISTEN TO AND UNDERSTAND OTHER PEOPLE but you know I STILL LOVE YOU J.


After this Oliver invited Jytte and Niels – who should have been with us yesterday too, but he started with the young team by a mistake because the reception at A2B is NOT existing which gave me a WRONG impression yesterday and also this fault by Niels! – and myself for a meeting and Oliver did not introduce the agenda and expected time usage of today and even though I like Oliver I can see that the area he has to improve on is to learn about STRUCTURE and TO CARRY OUT PROFESSIONAL MEETINGS but he started by telling us about PROFESSIONAL SKILLS which he wanted us all to prepare and he spoke about doing a TOTAL LIST including details of all work done at all jobs and I thought that it was a fantastic idea to do and you know for other people who don’t have this experience and know how and I am sorry Oliver but you gave me a very bad impression here because you did not do what you promised yesterday to do, which was to carry out an individual analysis of needs and therefore I could only say that I would like to have a meeting of five minutes with you and I noticed that it was very difficult for you to make Niels understand the purpose of doing this exercise because Niels was only thinking that he is going to become a brick layer and then he thought that he did not need to go through everything he has done in the past including being a GAME MASTER FOR THE WAR CRAFT GAME and JUST TASTE THE WORDS “GAME” and “WAR” and yes my friends this is what it is about and I felt at one stage that it was a good idea to help Oliver so I took a blank piece of paper saying to Niels that the purpose today was for him as an exercise to forget everything about becoming a brick layer and to focus on filling out the paper to find out who Niels is because if you do it with care you will yourself be surprised of your findings and you may discover that you can become not only a brick layer but as I told him a BAKER ASSISTANT (meaning LOVE) or a MANAGER or a COMMUNICATOR because the aim is to find your skills and competences and not only what you can today as A2B is only focussing on but also YOUR POTENTIAL COMPETENCES as I have written about earlier because THIS IS WHAT I HAVE PUT FOR YOU TO DISCOVER and we know BECAUSE NIELS IS ALSO A SERVANT OF MINE without knowing it today of course and the resistance was very big from Niels because you could tell that he REALLY DID NOT FEEL GOOD ABOUT DOING THIS and therefore a perfect example of a man not living up to HIS PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY and you can call it LAZYNESS because this is what it is and of course NOT ACCEPTABLE IN MY FUTURE SYSTEM!


So when Jytte and Niels started doing this work I had a short meeting with Oliver where I explained to him that I have done this exercise of finding my competences several times before – inspired by AS/3 maybe 6-7 years ago! – and that if he imagined that he himself was a fine chef working for a 2 or 3 star Michelin Restaurant and he came to me as an unemployed and I started by asking him to learn how to work at a McDonalds restaurant without knowing about his background then this is the picture of what he did today to me because AS/3 you have a very good concept and probably the best there is in Denmark but you know what I CAN IMPROVE THIS CONCEPT FOR YOU and just maybe OLIVER you got that impression too after our meeting with Jytte and Niels and after I told you about the advantages of taking an individual meeting with all people arriving BEFORE YOU START TEACHING to find out their needs ACCORDING TO A TEMPLATE of course and what kind of services you can offer the best to people.


And the most important today was that Oliver accepted that I have so much experience doing this that I did not need to do chapter one and chapter two (professional and PERSONAL competences) of the very fine ring binder because as he said it is below 1% of all people at all levels (!) who have the experience that I have and therefore we agreed that it was much better for me to give him my CV for him to read and if he believes he can improve it, I will be very happy to hear from him in order to bring it up to a new high level – so this is what we agreed upon and then he asked me to focus on chapter three instead which was TO IDENTIFY 10 SUCCESS STORIES of results and what kind of competences you did in order to achieve these results and I started by thinking that this is VERY POSITIVE in order to make people focus and for them to be positive and at the same time I had the personal feeling again that this is truly a waste of my time because I have done this before but I showed a good will and did shortly one example which I bring here:


Situation og vilkår




Fire teammedlemmer i Afrika kommer ikke til tiden og overholder ikke aftaler.

Introducerede BASIC RULES, handlingsplaner, teammøder og konstant opfølgning.

Kommunikation, gennemslagskraft, lytte, spørge, reflektere

Involvere og anerkende team

Usædvanlig disciplin og tålmodighed

Ændre en typisk Afrikansk kultur fra ikke at overholde tid og aftaler til fokus på ansvar, pålidelighed og kvalitet


Jeg kunne skrive de ønskede 5-10 øvrige succeshistorier, som jeg synes er godt for alle de, der har brug for det (99-100%), men for mig vil det være spild af tid! Jeg har allerede skrevet 41 RESULTATER i mit CV og jeg kender mine kompetencer i detalje, som jeg har brugt for at nå resultaterne, og hvor situationen ganske enkelt var, at der var et behov for at udføre den INDSATS, som var nødvendig og som jeg besluttede at udføre!


And as I write in Danish above, I HAVE ALREADY DONE THIS WORK which is included in my CV – in fact there are 41 examples included in my CV, so therefore I don’t need to start from scratch again!


And when Oliver asked me to do this work of chapter 3 I started actually by going through all chapters of the ring binder in order to get a total overview of what we will go through and OLIVER THIS IS A VERY GOOD IDEA TO DO WHEN YOU INTRODUCE THIS TO NEW PEOPLE you know just to give people a level 1 overview of the process of work in front of them, which is what people always like to hear.


And at my meeting with Oliver I asked him to get computer templates to do the different kind of work – you know the different tables with the headlines included in the ring binder – and he said that he thought they did not work as he would like them to work because when you copy text from the templates you will also copy the table as I understood him, so instead of using templates helping people, all people are now left with a blank piece of paper when starting to do this work and I was wondering if this really was a good idea and if it is according to the idea of the AS/3 concept or if it is him as an individual breaking from the concept making it weaker because of his own lower level of quality, but he promised to give me the templates which I look forward to see – when he gets the time because I did not receive them today.


And by “accident” I met Jytte when she was working on her competences and she had difficulties thinking that “do I really need to go into detail of all of my jobs and write down what I have done” and yes THAT IS THE GENERAL IDEA as I told her and just to write down YOUR IDEAS AND THOUGHTS and after that you will do exactly as the ring binder said BUT WHICH OLIVER DID NOT TELL AT OUR MEETING namely to STRUCTURE this information afterwards with different logical headlines for example BOOK KEEPING, ADMINISTRATION etc. and I was thinking that I took on the role as TEACHER which Oliver should be doing and I am new here and have never done it before and how many times have you done it Oliver and who do you think is the most professional of you and I within your field of work which you do every single day?


And later I spoke to Niels – and I had noticed that Niels and Mark and yes it is THAT Mark from the Job Workshop 10-12 weeks ago and STILL SPEAKING VERY MUCH YOU ARE MARK (!) because Mark and Niels spoke maybe for one hour about the WAR CRAFT GAME and both of them were very motivated and committed doing this – and then I asked Niels of how he was doing writing down the competences and he said that he had written down a little bit but then he said: “I am the kind of person who will become motivated in what interests me and if it does not interest me then I will not become motivated” and what is this about THIS IS ABOUT SELFISH BEHAVIOUR and LAZYNESS which you will see all over the world WITH EXACTLY THE SAME EXPLANATION and I could only tell you Niels that the way it works is for you to take a decision and for you to start doing the work with discipline and with exactly the same kind of concentration as when you play the war craft game and then you will find out after 1-2-3 hours that you will start enjoying this work equally as much as when you play a computer game and YOU REALLY NEED TO TAKE A DECISION otherwise you will never become motivated and I don’t know if I succeeded to motivate him but I started giving him examples of what to do and the importance of doing the details too and again I was thinking that I was doing the work of Oliver here.


And during the day I noticed that at least many of the people here were working in order to find a job and that the offices and atmosphere here are nice and that Jørn from Brede Park must have a personal problem to become motivated and positive because I believe he was far too negative when he gave me his judgment of A2B – they can improve much as I have given you examples of but they are probably the best in Denmark today!


When reading the ring binder of AS/3 I noticed that it says that you will need to do different  kind of CV’s for different kind of jobs and this is another example AS/3 where you can improve because as I have talked about earlier in this book you really don’t need to do this and AS/3 talks about two kinds of CV’s: The functional and the chronological CV and they talk about advantages and disadvantages of both and only show the first as an example in the ring binder and they also speak about a combination of both and my dear friends THIS IS WHAT I BELIEVE IS A VERY GOOD IDEA to do and yes JUST DO IT and you really don’t need to do a separate competence profile – make a combination of these J.


And the ring binder also speaks about writing your competences in applications and you know what IN THE FUTURE YOU DON’T NEED TO DO THIS because then you will have an automatic system finding the perfect match and as it is today without such a system it is a combined responsibility in my view for employers and candidates to make sure that there is a match and all I have done when doing most of my “applications” is to show you that employers apparently today don’t have the skills or patience to do this very easy task because you should be able to read and understand my CV easily?


And my thought when reading through the ring binder of AS/3 was that you really do need to have a chapter of DEVELOPMENT AREAS to identify them and to do a plan on how to improve but you know this is of course only an abstract of what I have written earlier.


So in total a very positive course for OTHER PEOPLE and so far there has been nothing here which can help or develop me, on the contrary in fact because if AS/3 wants to listen I can give them ideas of what to improve and you know without the need to go into detail.


3. Thinking about how the family is and what they do

And what will you normally do when you receive an email from a family member or close friend about A VERY POSITIVE BOOK IN ORDER TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE FOR US ALL – would it be NORMAL to be positive and to start reading it like I did with Søren’s book on Yoga, which Sanna/Hans and my mother and John may remember that I did?


Yes this is what I believe would be normal to do, but the problem is here that WHEN YOU HAVE DECIDED THAT YOUR BROTHER IS CRAZY, THEN THIS IS THE TRUTH – THEN YOUR BROTHER REALLY IS CRAZY – and of course without doing anything trying to listen, trying to READ THE BOOK SANNA (!) and trying to understand BECAUSE MY STORY IS THE ULTIMATE STORY MAKING IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU TO BELIEVE IN ME – or just maybe if you try to think objectively and open instead of using your feelings, you would be able to understand – BECAUSE THE KIND OF PROOF YOU THINK YOU NEED IS ONLY WHAT YOU BELIEVE IS THE TRUTH AND YOUR FEELINGS BECAUSE ALL OF YOU FEEL SO “HURT” AND “BETRAYED” BY ME and SANNA ONE DAY SOON you will find out that you are indeed the victim of the Devil NOT BEING STRONG ENOUGH TO SPEAK AGAINST THE FEELINGS AND THOUGHTS I GIVE YOU AS THE DEVIL because Sanna when you really think that it is “uncomfortable” and when you can see how much our mother is hurting and at the same time you also have your work and very very important management education to do, then there is nothing else you can do than to try to hospitalise your brother?


Sanna – is that what you are doing again? Do you remember what happened the last time where I showed you how the system is working? That the system is working entirely on feelings where doctors and police are not keeping the law and that I made the whole system understand of its negligence and misunderstandings? Is this really what you want to do again INSTEAD OF DOING THE LOGICAL THING which is to put away your negative feelings and to start COMMUNICATING OBJECTIVELY and UNDERSTANDING. Sanna, this is one of the key messages of this book and STILL YOU HAVE FAILED TO UNDERSTAND AND DELIVER but you know what – you are a piece in the act of God so I only welcome you to continue doing what you are doing at the moment because you will only help me to improve this story because YOU CAN NEVER KILL MY VOICE – THE WORLD WILL KNOW WHAT YOU DO.


So this is the ULTIMATE story about what a sister and a family will do, when they don’t understand and the name of the game here is that the more you do Sanna, the more evidence you give to the world, the better we will be able to convince the world about the message: DON’T DO AS MY SISTER DOES! Because this is what the world needs and what you help me to show the world and you might want to know that your “sufferings” have been small compared to what you have put me through which you will know when you start reading this book!


4. Buying wine again J

Maybe a couple of months ago it was impossible for me to drink the wine I bought, but today I decided to buy a new 3 litres wine to show the world a symbol of normal life coming and also to say that I can do this on a small budget compared to what people have in Denmark and still thinking that normal life will come to the team in Kenya when THE PLAN OF GOD WILL CONTINUE TO DEVELOP BECAUSE NOTHING CAN STOP ME NOW – THE WORLD HAS RECEIVED MY INFORMATION and the first stone in the water has been thrown and you know SOME DAY PEOPLE OF THE COUNCIL ON EARTH WILL START WAKING UP and you might become surprised the first time WHEN YOU START RECEIVING THE SAME MESSAGES AS I THE SAME WAY AS I DO SPIRITUALLY and then you will have your ultimate proof – and until then I will have to accept that it is impossible for my family to understand me because they have decided that I am WRONG where the truth is that they are the ones who are WRONG!


And by the way yesterday I had a new hair cut at the first saloon next to the baker on Istedgade and it was 119 DKK, they were of course Arabic (!), nice people and one of the most perfect haircuts I have ever had (!) which was the reason why I gave him praise and 20 DKK in tips – and I went to the halal butcher in Nansensgade and bought some very good quality of meat at a very good price.



And when writing this MYLLE is playing “TO CUT A LONG STORY SHORT” on the radio and yes MYLLE do you know what THIS SONG MAY JUST HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH THIS BOOK BECAUSE “TO CUT A LONG STORY SHORT I LOST MY MIND” and yes THIS IS THE SHORT STORY OF SANNA and yes LAZYNESS SANNA WHEN IT COMES TO ME? And I did not plan to write this but since I am writing on MYLLE AGAIN SANNA DO YOU REMEMBER FROM THE FIRST BOOK WHERE YOU DID NOT BELIEVE IN ME TOO (?) you may want to listen to him speaking from a live show on DR4 from approx. 18.05 today where he starts by saying HALLELUJAH and I FEEL LIKE A SMALL CHILD LOOKING FORWARD TO CHRISTMAS EVENING or something like that and you know what Sanna – THIS IS A NEW EXAMPLE FOR YOU AND THIS TIME IT IS THE COUNCIL SPEAKING THROUGH OTHER PEOPLE and HALLELUJAH JUST MEANS “PRAISE TO THE LORD” and is this normally how MYLLE STARTS A RADIO SHOW (?) and we know DOESN’T IT SOUND REALLY VERY VERY CRAZY Sanna? So crazy that I am indeed crazy? Or maybe the story is Sanna that you are exhibiting yourself to the world as the one who is CRAZY (?) and when writing this I see a sad man kicking a stone upwards to the top of a hill WHERE I AM STANDING RECEIVING THE STONE SAYING THAT I LOVE YOU TOO and that is from all of my family because what you are doing is of course only “in my best interest” and of course I know that and I laugh of this today because this is a TRUE STORY OF HOW YOU WOULD THINK THAT A MAN IS CRAZY BECAUSE I AM THE ONLY ONE AT LEAST IN THE FAMILY TODAY UNDERSTANDING and therefore of course I AM THE INSANE ONE because HOW CAN I BE RIGHT AND ALL OTHER WRONG (?) and just maybe my  family feels that it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to go through all documents at my profile at Windows Live? So therefore I HOPE YOU ARE PROUD OF YOURSELVES BECAUSE IT WILL BECOME YOUR RESPONSILITY TO TELL THE WORLD WHY YOU DECIDED TO DO AS YOU DID and you know what HAVE I ALREADY GIVEN YOU THE EXPLANATION and told you what you should have done differently? You will soon learn my dear family J.


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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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