3rd February 2010 – Stopping communication with all family and friends until they start READING and UNDERSTANDING my book





  1. Sleep and dreams

Dreams include robbing a bank ("normal life" coming to earth) and a story of Albert Einstein committing crimes against humanity.

  1. The A2B Job Search course including POSITIVE feedback on my CV

Today I finished half of this course without learning anything , I received a declaration of faith and love from Barbro and I am not going to adopt to the world, the world is going to adopt to me, this is my mission J

  1. Facebook friends are carefree not realising the most important event ever for mankind!,

My friends continue sending carefree messages not realising they are witnessing the beginning of the most important event ever for mankind!

  1. To my family and friends: You are NOT welcome until you understand me!

The Council: "This is the only way we can win the world, otherwise we would not do it"

  1. A message from the Devil to the world: You have one month

If the media do not start writing objectively about me within one month from now, you will see the Devil in action with the only aim to teach you

  1. Receiving predictable emails from John and Sanna and my reply

John asks of the purpose of the book and Sanna asks me to cancel the book, which I refuse. Instead I ask them to put all concerns aside and start reading the book with an open mind.


1. Sleep and dreams

Tonight my sleep was less than alright but still ok and some dreams:


  • We are two who have robbed a bank of 1 million – first we were "offered" 500,000 and told that we did not need the rest, but we did. We are now in a car together with two other robbers, who are strangers to us and therefore we decide to run from them. One of the strangers, he is small and fat, wants to knock me out and he shouts at me but I hear his wife saying to him "no you are not dangerous and you cannot do it just like your brothers" and he sinks down realizing that it is the truth.
    • For "new readers", this is about NORMAL LIFE coming to people on Earth.
  • I wake up and the song "moonlight" by Gnags is played to me and I am told that it is the song of quietness.
  • I have been offered work, but I prefer to start working for Søren H., who is going to open business in Denmark. I am together with Søren and he decides to call the Minister, but he is told that the minister is not available and he is asked of his purpose and Søren says that it has something to do with a Norwegian, about who he is and what he has done and he says that it might be important and I tell Søren that maybe we can get an answer to his question from Skattedepartementet and what I am really thinking is that it is sad that Søren does not know what he talks about. We are now with two expensive lawyers and I tell them that I want them to write down REALLY CLEAR CONCLUSIONS and not questions as they often do and I think that Søren is spending far too much money on lawyers without an upper limit – and in the dream I see our old dog Cas when meeting the lawyers – and I ask the lawyers if they know someone at Skattedepartmentet which they do and then the lawyers say that the Norwegian wants to give 6.5 mill. DKK to start a new business, which makes Søren angry because this is classified information – and in the beginning of the dream I felt that I had to prepare my work for Søren now, otherwise he would not hire me to start the business and in the dream I tell Søren that I also need to call Fuggi.
    • Søren H. has received my publishing email too! Calling the MINISTER is Søren calling me, Norwegian is another symbol of the Devil, which is what Søren thinks of me, i.e. that I am lying. Lawyers are leftovers of the Devil, which is why the dog is included in the dream.
    • I am an crime investigator and come to a room, which is both a room and at the same time it is the new issue of a magazine and the room looks strange. There is a flash light hanging down from the wall and to the left of this there is a blue light and this changes so that I now have a strong lamp which lightens up the whole wall and in the light it is possible to see different faces and I see that one of them is Albert Einstein which I tell the other people in the room about and the meaning is that Albert Einstein has done crimes to humanity but the other people cannot see the face even though I light up the wall and they should be able to see his face.


Today I will go back to A2B and I am still amazed that the Commune has not cancelled this course for me but I will continue going there until things will change – and I have decided that when people including my family will start speaking to me about my book that I will offer to speak to people who are positive or objective and that I will not speak to people who are suffering of the disease "we don’t believe in you" and "I know better what is the truth" and this includes my family and closest friends so DESPITE OF THE DIFFICULTIES IN PRINCIPLE TO SAY GOODBYE TO ALL OF MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS and trust me the difficulties dong this are big because I love them all (!) but this is WHAT I DO TODAY UNTIL YOU DECIDE TO COME BACK TO ME WITH A NEW UNDERSTANDING.


These lines are written after arriving at A2B: This morning before leaving my apartment I felt mentally tired and sad because of my family and also a little bit physical tired too but it was the feeling of sadness because of my family and friends and KAREN TOO so I allowed this feeling to be there – which is exactly what I did – and I started bicycling in the snow because this is what I am used to, really you know to JUST DO IT no matter how the circumstances are so this is what I continue doing but the feeling this morning was really also to START GETTING SOME TIME TO RELAX and just thinking of a holiday which you know I have not really had for a very very long time and yes STRESS EVERY SINGLE DAY MORE THAN ANY MAN ON EARTH FROM 2004 and especially since 2006!


2. The A2B Job Search course including POSITIVE feedback on my CV

This morning I was on time as usual – and no one at A2B knows yet about who I am, otherwise I am sure that they would ask me to leave because of their own misbelief but when they don’t know, they are very positive to me (!) – and I started the course in front of the computer at exactly 9.00 and how many had done the same here, only me and a woman which is two of 25 and probably many will have the excuse today that it has been snowing much but you can just start the day earlier you know in order to come on time.


Later the result was that approx. 10 showed up today and the rest have apparently decided to use the "bad weather" as an excuse to stay at home and what do you see here LAZYNESS in its cleanest form and is Niels here today as an example, no he is probably at home playing a game instead of preparing his competences, and you see here a man without personal responsibility at least in this respect!


I have decided to go through "this course", which it is to others and "repetition" as it is to me and at the same time to write my book at the course giving me more time to relax in my spare time, which I am looking forward to!


And this morning I started by reading what is chapter five of 15 of the ring binder – the first is an introduction, no. 2 is professional competences, no. 3 is personal competences, no. 4 is success stories – all of which I did yesterday – and chapter five is to do a PERSONAL competence profile.


Chapter 5 – Competence profile


And again JUST TASTE THE WORDS a PERSONAL COMPETENCE PROFILE meant "for your eyes only" and we know I have two feelings THIS IS VERY VERY GOOD INDEED TO DO as I have written about earlier and at the same time THIS IS NOT PERSONAL INFORMATION ONLY – this is the kind of details you need to have in a CV databank and when I look at all information on this in the ring binder I see that the headlines of professional competences for example is level 2 information and the details are level 3 information and when I think of my own CV today it includes a combination of headlines and details what you might call level 2,5 information so in this respect my CV is NOT perfect and I am thinking that I have done both level 1, 2 and 3 before and I will not start doing this work once more because I already have the experience, but you know for ALL OTHER PEOPLE WHO DON’T HAVE EXPERIENCE DOING THIS I THINK IT IS FANTASTIC TO DO and you know in the future WE WILL DO IT ALL OF US WITH A NEW TEMPLATE AND TOOLS ENSURING THAT YOU WILL GET PERFECT RESULTS instead of what this system is doing today which is for people to decide their own competences without being objective and that is for many people you know.


So my conclusion is really that the competence profile as it is described in the folder is already included in my CV and therefore I have decided that I don’t need to do this work.


Receiving feedback on my CV from Oliver


I am now starting to input new headlines for long chapters including different subjects, which I should have done from the beginning of my book but you know which was difficult to structure after coming to Kenya.


Oliver came to me this morning saying that he is thinking to talk to Agnete – his colleague – who will be back on Monday in order to coordinate their feedback on my CV and I had not made up my mind if I thought this was fine or not but I said to him that he could also alternatively give me his individual feedback and then I could receive the individual feedback of Agnete maybe on Monday or Tuesday and if they give me some of the same feedback without speaking together, it will give me a clearer picture and he said that this indeed was another way of doing it and instead of deciding what to do he said we will have to see and I thought exactly this: Because I had not made up my mind what I thought was a good idea he was allowed to do as he did, but if I had decided for him to give me individual feedback, this is what he would think would be a good idea and accept – this is the power God is giving me.


He asked to receive my USB stick in order to give me the templates included in the ring binder and when he came back I asked him again to be sure why they don’t use the templates here, he said that it is indeed difficult to copy only the text without the borders from one template to another and this is the reason why they have decided not to use them – and in the meantime I had made up my mind that I indeed would like to receive his individual feedback on my CV because as I said to him I will start to update my CV ASAP myself because I have identified some places which can be improved and I would be happy to receive his comments before doing this and yes THEN HE AGREED J.


Chapter 6 – Curriculum Vitae CV


And now I have also read this chapter twice and I think what they are doing is very very good. It is easy to understand, it is easy to do and it is the best I have seen around from the system we have today and you know my feedback is the same very good for people to learn, but THE QUALITY CAN BECOME SO MUCH BETTER THAN THIS and of course by using what I have written about before but I like the principle very much of AS/3 but I don’t agree when they encourage people to work with different CV’s and only to include the professional competences which are "relevant" for a specific job.


So "what have I learned in school today" because this course is also "school" to me, which actually has another meaning to me, which is "PAIN" and WRITING THIS BOOK – this course is what the Commune has decided I need to go through and of course only because they believe I need it and of course it is the best there is but you know when thinking almost half through the teachings of the ring binder of "what have I learned in school today", the answer is: NOTHING SO FAR!


The story of the templates


Finally I received the templates and I was very curious to see why they should be so difficult to work with making it "necessary" NOT TO USE THEM AT ALL (!) and my dear dear friend Oliver – these are completely NORMAL Word files and I can only say that this is an example of "amateurs" working (!) and I am sorry to use such strong words but this is what it is and what could be the "problem" here and of course WHEN YOU DON’T KNOW HOW EASY IT IS TO COPY THE CONTENT OF ONE CELL OF A TABLE TO ANOTHER WITHOUT COPYING THE ENTIRE TABLE OF COURSE YOU DO HAVE A "PROBLEM" and my dear Oliver and thinking of Rolf too because it is the same attitude you are using, instead of deciding to "GIVE UP" do the opposite, FIND OUT HOW TO SOLVE THE "PROBLEM" and it is really as easy as that and here it is just to teach people who don’t know of how to do this by giving them 5-10 seconds of instructions – but instead you have decided that all people will not get the help to use these templates leaving them with a blank paper to invent their own "templates" of poorer quality and yes disappointed I am with you.


Another story is that the electronic Word templates are not looking as professional as the ones in the ring binder – THEY DON’T HAVE ROUND CORNERS AS THE ONES IN THE BINDER (!!!) – and they don’t even include automatic hyphenation of words, so A2B you can also improve here.


Sending Mark out of the office


This morning Mark again started speaking, speaking and speaking with one of the others here "right next to me" and I could feel the special sensitiveness I am born with because it really disturbs me much when people do this so I said to them that I did not want to be unkind, but I was focusing on my work and maybe they would continue speaking outside in the hall, which they did without problems and I also helped them to close the door, otherwise they were almost still as noisy. Thank you Mark J.




And since I have now received the templates from Oliver, I have also started using them and you know they did not include the same type of font and with a very small effort you could have made these templates even better but happy I am that I don’t need to invent what they already have invented and this is – in Danish – what I decided to write today AND TO INCLUDE IN THE RING BINDER WHICH I WILL LEAVE AT A2B INCLUDING MY CV FOR YOU TO SEE THE CONTRADICTION OF SENDING ME TO THIS COURSE:


Stig 3. februar 2010 – mine overvejelser/alternativer for dette afsnit.


  1. Jeg har fundet mit fremtidige arbejde – at skrive min bog, holde foredrag m.v. – og forventer at modtage første indkomst om nogle uger eller evt. måneder, hvorfor jeg forventer, at jeg ikke skal udsendes i praktik og hvorfor dette kapitel kun er "teoretisk" for mig!
  2. Jeg kan skrive eksempler på, hvad jeg gerne ville, hvis jeg ikke vidste, hvad jeg skulle arbejde med i fremtiden – kan I se modsætningen (?) – og her er mit synspunkt, at PRAKTIK (efter dette system) er fuldstændigt tidsspilde.
    1. Og endelig er der muligheden for, at kommunen via A2B "tvinger" mig i praktik og hvis vi kommer så langt – hvis ikke jeg er begyndt at tjene penge forinden – så er min DRØMMEPRAKTIK følgende:


Find tre virksomheder, hvor du gerne vil i praktik og begrund hvorfor:



Arbejdsmarkedsstyrelsen – Direktør for



Udvikle verdens bedste beskæftigelsespolitik og system i Danmark 


Hillerød eller Lyngby-Taarbæk Kommune – direktør for Job, Social og Sundhed



Udvikle verdens bedste beskæftigelsespolitik m.v. lokalt  


Willis – direktør for



Udvikle den mest effektive og kvalitetsorienterede virksomhed overhovedet med de mest tilfredse kunder. 


Dansk Erhverv – Salgschef



Skabe Danmarks største og eneste virksomhedsorganisation med verdens bedste forsikringssystem m.v.!


Beskriv hvilke opgaver din drømmepraktik skal indeholde:


  • TOPLEDER med anvendelse af følgende kompetencer som eksempel:
    • Ledelse af virksomheder og medarbejdere
    • Salg og salgsledelse på ethvert niveau (BtB og BtC)
    • Effektive telemarketingkoncepter og ledelse af call centre
    • Forretnings-, salgs- og markedsføringsplaner m.v.
    • Mødeledelse, facilitering, planlægning/afholdelse af workshops
    • Account management, undervisning, aktiv salgssupport
    • Projektledelse- og deltagelse
    • HR (rekruttering/opsigelse, medarbejderudvikling m.v.)
    • Jura (kontrakter, lovgivning), finans (budgetansvar og opfølgning)
    • Administrative systemer og processer


Hvilke forventninger har du til virksomheden i forhold til samarbejdet med mentor/ kontaktperson samt forholdet til kolleger m.v.:

Behandle andre, som du gerne selv ønsker at blive behandlet

God og positiv kommunikation med fokus på ægte interesse i andre mennesker 


Hvis du skal sætte krav til praktikken, hvilke krav har du så og med hvilken begrundelse:


Ingen andre krav end hvad der er "rimeligt"


Begrundelse for transport:


Fuld tid


Begrundelse for arbejdstid:


En "almindelig god gennemsnitsløn"


Begrundelse for løn: 


Receiving POSITIVE feedback from Barbro on my CV


I was positively surprised when Barbro came to me offering me to give feedback on my CV. Barbro is a nice lady working here as a coach and she also works for AS/3 as coach on "individual developments", which is coaching on a "higher level" as she said when we introduced each other yesterday and she might remember that she also yesterday WAS INSPIRED to ask me if I would do lectures of my book and yes BARBRO OF COURSE I WILL..


So we went to a meeting room and I decided to tell her very direct before she started speaking that I wanted her to be as honest and direct as possible and that EVERYTHING she said would be taken POSITIVELY but that I might decide not to use all of her feedback and THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT SHE DID and a principle she agreed in and just maybe it helped her to say what normally can be very difficult to say when people DON’T WANT TO LISTEN TO WHAT IS POSITIVE FEEDBACK and instead IN THEIR OWN HEADS DECIDE THAT POSITIVE FEEDBACK IS NEGATIVE CRITISISM and my dear family, friends and world THIS IS WHAT IT IS INSIDE OF YOUR HEADS UNTIL I HAVE TAKEN THE DEVIL AWAY FROM YOU and the only way I can do that is FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND THAT YOUR BEHAVIOUR IS WRONG AND YOU NEED TO CHANGE!


And after a meeting of maybe one hour I thanked Barbro very much indeed for all of her positive feedback – and I am sure that she several times felt that "you took the words right out of my mouth", which was exactly what I did encouraging her several times to say exactly what she thought of when she had difficulties putting words on her thoughts in a way which I am sure that she will remember is not what many people normally do – and I said to her that it can indeed be very difficult to give people positive feedback when they WRONGLY think it is negative as she has probably seen here many times and again BARBRO DID YOU UNDERSTAND AND AGREE WITH ME?


And this lady had absolutely no knowledge of me at all, but after the meeting of one hour you may agree that what I write in the CV is actually the truth Barbro (?) because this is exactly what she thought and what I could tell from looking at her and her body language.


She started by giving me the following feedback of her first impression when reading the CV and I was so happy that she just said what she thought of, because she meant it POSITIVELY and that is the difference you know – DON’T SAY WHAT YOU THINK OF IF YOU ARE NOT POSITIVE OR OBJECTIVE!


  • "Your CV includes many words – it almost makes me TIRED just to read it" and thank you Barbro I know the feeling of being TIRED and yes ANOTHER SPECIAL LADY HERE receiving INSPIRATION DIRECTLY FROM US TO THIS BOOK.
    • "I am impressed by your CV – you have done a lot with it"


And hereafter she started speaking of the concept of AS/3 to do different CV’s goal oriented for each job and each employer and then I thought OK I will give her my "sales speech", which I then did for maybe 10 minutes with the message that it is A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME to do individual CV’s which I WILL NEVER NEVER DO – why should I use maybe 5-10 hours doing this when an employer today is using maybe 30 seconds or only few minutes reading it – and likewise it is A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME to repeat your competences in your "application", which is you know just a following letter but instead USE 40 HOURS AS YOUR "APPLICATION" TO TELL THE COMPANY WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR THE COMPANY BASED ON YOUR COMPETENCES AND NOT WHAT THE COMPANY CAN DO FOR YOU and yes IT TOOK ME 10 MINUTES FOR HER TO UNDERSTAND THAT THIS PART OF THE CONCEPT OF AS/3 IS WRONG or is that too much to say Barbro (?) because you said that of course when you do a BUSINESS CASE which you called it you don’t need to do a special CV for each job and yes YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, "YOU GOT IT" my dear friend Barbro J – but as I said the STANDARD COMPLETE CV IS STILL AS IMPORTANT AS THE APPLICATION!


And I could only tell her that I have been very positive with the very positive parts of the concept of AS/3, which is what they do right – as Oliver can confirm – and I hoped that she would be as open to understand me as I was understanding the concept of AS/3 and yes THIS WAS WHAT YOU WERE BARBRO. And you said to me that you agreed that ATTITUDE is the most important of all and again YOU WERE INSPIRED TO GIVE ME RICHARD BRANSON AS AN EXAMPLE of a man having the right attitude because as you said he is a man having difficulties to read but despite of this he has made FANTASTIC results and yes SHE HAD READ HIS BOOK and yes THAT IS WHY ELIJAH HAD THE BOOK FOR ME TO READ and yes I WAS INSPIRED TOO WHEN READING THE BOOK and just A GOOD FRIEND OF MINE TOO J.


And hereafter we started speaking about the JANTELOV OF DENMARK as Barbro noticed too BECAUSE OF THE BEGINNING OF MY CV and HOW PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THIS and yes ALL OF DENMARK IS HIT BY THE JANTELOV, NOT ONLY "OTHER PEOPLE THAN MYSELF" as people believe (!) and again Barbro and I could agree on the same as other people think when reading my CV: "You need to put more soft words on what you say", "this is not how we do things in Denmark" and "it is not up to you to decide, other people will decide" etc. and yes Barbro you understood exactly my point YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, this is what you will normally do but WHEN YOU READ MY CV YOU LOOK INTO THE MIRROR AND WHAT DO YOU SEE? You see yourself and your own WRONG VOICE because HOW CAN WE TAKE A MAN LIKE ME SERIOUSLY WHEN I WRITE AS I WRITE and DO I BELIEVE THAT "HE IS THE BEST MANAGER" and that DFM WERE THE "BEST ADVICERS" ETC. OR DO I BELIEVE HE IS A LIAR and then it is as easy as I told you Barbro, then people will decide for themselves that NO THIS IS NOT THE TRUTH and you know what ALL PEOPLE HAVE DONE THAT and only few people understand that MY CV IS ACTUALLY THE TRUTH and yes BARBRO DID YOU UNDERSTAND AFTER OUR MEETING TODAY that it may just be the truth that I don’t have a better intellect than others, but that it is better used solely because of my attitude of working?


Because this is how the meeting developed, she understood and became more and more inspired of my speech and strength and yes both PROFESSIONALLY and also PERSONALLY because how often do you have a cash receiver coming here with a strong charisma telling you how to improve the system and the AS/3 concept at the same time making her fall in love with me, yes this is what happened and Barbro this was why you at the end of the meeting told me that you are alone with your children and don’t have a man today and this was the reason why I could see in your eyes and feel through your behaviour that your interest in me was growing to a point when people fall in love – I have seen "the look" before.


And Barbro was very very positive when she said SUPER(!) to the chapter of my Career goals – she liked that very much making me happy for her to also give this kind of feedback J.


And she gave me much good feedback and I will use SOME OF HER IDEAS when I start updating my CV one of these days BUT NOT ALL and again BARBRO WAS INSPIRED to say that she could see some "short employments" in my CV and she "happened to" think of PROJECT EMPLOYMENTS which she suggested me to write instead even if it is not the truth as she said and yes Barbro I had to tell you that I will NOT write what is NOT the truth and I encouraged her to NEVER tell people to write anything else than the truth – and this gave me the opportunity to tell her that PROJECT EMPLOYMENTS are EXACTLY what my last three employments are in my mind and you can see my last three short employments as either positive where I have learned many new things improving my competences instead of doing the same for 25 years without developing or you can be negative as most people are saying to yourself that because of these short employments how can we be sure that you will not leave us in one year from now for example and the answer is really only SIMPLE LOGIC again and just in front of you – and this is a message for me personally too saying that GOD IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU and yes YOU HAVE ALMOST FLOWN THE GOLF BALL DIRECTLY INTO THE HOLE, see the dream from 1-2 months ago, thank you friends – which is THEN YOU CAN EASILY AGREE ON AN EMPLOYMENT OF MAYBE 3 OR 5 YEARS if that is what both parties think is a good idea and yes YOU CAN ALSO READ FROM MY CV that I am a man who keeps his agreements so INSTEAD OF BEING NEGATIVE AND SCEPTICAL OF MY SHORT EMPLOYMENTS START FROM THE OTHER POINT WHICH IS TO BE POSITIVE AND SEE THE OPPORTUNITIES – and this is what I will conclude about the feedback from Barbro today because of her inspiration and the way she thinks, which is to find right and positive words describing the truth which I totally agreed with her in and instead of using two negative words trying to write positive/objective like "NOT SELF-ASSERTING" which I do today in my CV, which is only needed because of how the world is today. I also think that it is much easier to write THE PLUS WORD – which Barbro suggested and thinking of BIG BROTHER AND EURYTHMICS HERE because this is really "doubleplusgood" (which is NOT remastered yet!!!) – of HUMBLE instead so this is one example of her inspiration to me which I will include in my CV and AM I REALLY HUMBLE WHEN I HAVE A CV LIKE I DO and the answer is OF COURSE I AM which not many people will understand in the beginning but please understand that I AM NOT COMFORTABLE WRITING MY CV AS I DO and the only reason why I have done it as I said to Barbro is because THIS IS WHAT OTHER PEOPLE AND OTHER MANAGERS SHOULD HAVE FOUND OUT but when they did not this is what I need to write myself TO EXHIBIT HOW THE SYSTEM IS WORKING TODAY and yes I TOLD BARBRO my message which is that it is very very difficult and that is almost impossible for me to find a job because of how my CV looks today but this is not because of me, but because of people looking into the mirror not believing in me, thinking that I am bragging – which I am not, I am only objective – people who are victims of the JANTE LOV and this is not about me going to adopt to the world, this is about the world going to adopt to me – this is my mission, you see – and therefore I will not change the very clear messages and the "mirror" which my CV is too.


And yes Barbro became truly VERY INSPIRED and SHE WAS VERY VERY POSITIVE and SHE UNDERSTOOD ME FULLY and I told her what will happen when she hears about me the first time, about my book and who I am, which is that she will not believe that this is the truth, instead she will start thinking that I am a LIAR – and what will you say to the world of our meeting today Barbro? Will you tell that it was "complete rubbish" or will you be brave enough to tell the truth about your positive thoughts and will some of my old employers IF PRESSED also tell the truth, as I told you Barbra, that my CV is actually the truth?


And at the end of the day at A2B after writing the above I noticed that I was the absolutely last man here at the closing time at 14.00 and Mark arrived one hour late today without any consequences and yes A DIFFICULT SYSTEM THIS IS and we know I HAVE WRITTEN ABOUT THIS EARLIER IN THE BOOK.


And you might be interested to know that there is still virus on my USB – which the computer at A2B tells me and that I still have NO antivirus programs installed at my laptop and yes MY LAPTOP WORKS PERFECTLY, there are absolutely no problems when you have faith in God protecting your computer from viruses!


3. Facebook friends are carefree not realising the most important event ever for mankind!

Today I also had a short thought that NO ONE ON FACEBOOK HAVE REALLY DISCOVERED THE IMPORTANCE OF MY PUBLISHING, obviously "they don’t really care about us" but instead I still see people writing all kind of carefree messages without realising that they are witnessing the beginning of what will become the most important event ever for mankind!


4. To my family and friends: You are NOT welcome until you understand me!

During the day today at A2B I was thinking of my family and being really sorry having to do what I do – which they today believe is negative and destroying their lives but which is in fact the opposite – and it really takes very much mental energy to tell my family and friends that YOU ARE NOT WANTED HERE until you start understanding me and JUST MAYBE I AM NOT WELCOME AT MY FAMILY TOO BECAUSE OF THE BOOK but you know this is the price of the game until they start understanding and this is the only way we can win the world, otherwise we would not do it and thank you for saying that and being here to all members of the COUNCIL J.


5. A message from the Devil to the world: You have one month

The Council continues to play the Devil and still showing the flying lizard they are saying that IF I CANNOT BEAT HIM I MIGHT AS WELL JOIN HIM and this was inspired by UFFE’s speech to the world wearing the Danish football scarf in 1992 and yes STILL THINKING ABOUT THAT I AM and yes LOVED TO SEE THAT VERY MUCH UFFE-MAND so now the Devil is protecting me and helping me instead of fighting me and it still requires that I keep my action plan and go through this very difficult phase too publishing a story to the family and the world, which will take some time before they will understand – and this afternoon when coming home the Devil asked me if I want to give the media 1, 2 or 3 months to start writing about who I am – and of course OBJECTIVELY and not NEGATIVELY you know ! – and first I thought of 2 months but then I decided on one month because if you have not written about me in one month from now, you will probably not write about me within two months and what does this mean, only that the Devil is allowed to show the world that he means business this time and remember YOU WILL NOT LIKE TO SEE THE DEVIL IN ACTION and remember HE IS THE WEAPON I AIM AT YOU BECAUSE I LOVE YOU AND THIS IS THE ONLY WAY I CAN TEACH YOU!


6. Receiving predictable emails from John and Sanna and my reply

TODAY I HAD THE "PLEASURE" TO RECEIVE SHORT EMAILS FROM SANNA AND JOHN showing the world that they are indeed positive or what my dear family because is it difficult to find out what to say when the world is watching and all I can recommend you is to be HONEST, DIRECT and ALWAYS POSITIVE AND OBJECTIVE and yes TO PUT AWAY YOUR ANGER, SADNESS and "hurt feelings" because my friends YOU CAN ONLY BLAME YOURSELF FOR THE SITUATION YOU FACE TODAY because you have had almost six years to understand me but because of your own selfishness you were not able to understand in 6 years what four people in Kenya understood in a few hours or days – does this say anything about you, me or the Kenyan people or all of us and yes all of us and what is the aim of this, first of all TO BRING MY FAMILY BACK HOME and HOME IS GOD and this is now the ROAD I HAVE PROMISED YOU TO TAKE and the road YOU HAVE NOW BEGUN ON and of course NOT USING YOUR FREE WILL because if you did that, you would never come home and yes family START READING MY BOOK AND YOU WILL UNDERSTAND and yes SANNA IN THE PROCESS YOU WILL UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH THAT YOU ARE THE SYMBOL OF THE DEVIL TO THE WORLD BECAUSE YOU HAVE BEEN MY MAIN OPPONENT WITHOUT KNOWING IT because of the undesired development you have been going through WHICH ALL PEOPLE AROUND YOU HAVE NOTICED SANNA and yes YOU WILL UNDERSTAND SOON J.


So here is the email from first John and notice his language compared to his last email where he was very negative because of negative feelings he could not control and because of a misunderstanding of course:


Hej Stig


Tillykke med at du er færdig med din bog.


Jeg har skimmet den og har følgende åbne spørgsmål:


  1. Hvad er formålet med bogen?
  2. Hvorfor er private familie samtaler refereret i bogen?


Kh. John


And here is the PREDICTABLE email from Sanna trying to dominate still she is, but NO Sanna your old way of doing things have stopped working from today:


Hej Stig
Jeg må bede dig om at fjerne de private forhold og ting i forhold til familien du offentligører på facebook og på nettet og de link du har lagt ud.


And here is the email I sent to John with a copy to Sanna answering her email at the same time:


Kære John,


Mange tak for din email. Jeg er oprigtigt talt ked af at måtte gøre jer ondt til at starte med, men John dette er den eneste måde, hvorpå I kan lære at lytte og at forstå. Det er ganske enkelt sådan, at den eneste beslutning I kan træffe, er at starte med at læse bogen og når i starter på det, så vil I langsomt men sikkert begynde at forstå mere og mere og når denne forståelse kommer, vil I samtidig indse, at al den modstand og misforståelser, som I har vist mig på grund af jeres egne følelser, ubehag og manglende lyst og interesse, har været forkert.


Formålet er som nævnt i introduktionen til bogen at forberede verden på Dommedag – at få en bedre verden med udgangspunkt i et nyt DESIGN OF LIFE, som er det bogen indeholder og som jeg kun har kunnet skrive ved at tage udgangspunkt i min hverdag for at få verden til at forstå, hvad det er, der skal ændres, for at vi sammen kan få et bedre liv. Dette er såmænd formålet John – tak for at du spurgte.


John, dette er en ny start for os alle. Når I starter med virkeligt at forstå, vil jeg glæde mig til at høre fra jer med denne nye forståelse. Indtil da ønsker jeg jer alt det bedste – jeg ønsker ikke at se jer eller andre i familien eller venner uden jeres forståelse og support og måske har I samme ulyst til at se mig i dag. Jeg beder dig hilse mor mange gange og sige, at "dette er kun ment i den bedste interesse for jer alle og helt særligt for hende" – og forskellen fra det, som I har budt mig med indlæggelse og manglende forståelse, som har medført uendelige lidelser for mig, som I vil forstå, når I læser, det er, at det er rigtigt, hvad jeg siger, hvor jeres "ønsker om det bedste" var baseret på bekymringer og misforståelser – og DER ER INTET AT BEKYMRE SIG OM, husker I – I var gidsler af jeres egne følelser, som I ikke kunne styre – og HUSK, AT NU ER DET JER, SOM IKKE HAR NOGET AT BEKYMRE SIG OM!


Sanna får en kopi af denne mail, så er hendes mail til mig samtidigt besvaret. Internettet fungerer på den dejlige måde, at når man først har sluppet en nyhed løs, så er den umulig at stoppe igen. Sanna, dette er starten på en ny karriere for dig – indtil videre reagerer du helt forudsigeligt ved at forsøge at dominere dig igennem, men denne her kan du ikke slippe ud af. Du har kun én mulighed og det er at starte med at læse bogen med et ÅBENT sind og UDEN fordomme! Sanna, dette er starten på dit nye liv og tro mig dit nuværende arbejde og uddannelse er i denne sammenhæng fuldstændig uden betydning. Jo hurtigere, I starter med at læse og forstå, desto mindre bliver de lidelser, I kommer til at gennemgå, og tro mig, det har været en LANGT større lidelse at skrive bogen end den lidelse som I alle gennemgår nu TILSAMMEN.


Dette er en del af den vej, som I alle skal igennem. Mor, dette er din drøm om motorvejen, som du fortalte mig om, som også står i bogen. Husker du, at jeg fortalte dig, at IS STÅR FOR SMERTE, som er det, du gennemgår nu, hunde betyder ganske enkelt DET ONDE og for enden af denne vej af lidelser, kommer du til paradis. Du er dén, jeg har fortalt dig, og det vil du snart vide – og jer andre med.


Kærlige hilsener til jer alle fra



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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