4th February 2010 – How do I know that I am the one, the Son of God?





  1. Sleep and dreams

Dreams include annoying communication from Fuggi, my feeling of being introvert these days and "a boy of the family" going through pain

  1. I have not yet heard from the Mayor again

Last week the Mayor and vice director of the Commune was positive inviting me for meetings – I have not heard from them again

  1. Finishing my "NO learning course" at A2B

The class was "inspired" to do the best network list ever, always REVISE systems and finishing the A2B "course" without learning anything!

  1. God will NOT influence the thinking of people in relation to the Judgment

God has the power to give you such strong thoughts that he can make all of you come home but IT WILL BE ENTIRELY UP TO YOU TO DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT TO based on your own free will.

  1. How do I know that I am the son of God?

Answering a question of how do I know that I am the God of Son: Please read my first book including all revelations I have had since 2004

  1. The Council is God on Earth

God is separated into many different units and on Earth, the Council IS God. I will be lifted as the first on Earth to meet God at a higher level


1. Sleep and dreams

Tonight I slept a little bit better than the previous nights making me half way between tired and normal – and some dreams:


  • I am living outside under the trees next to Kings New Square in Copenhagen. My old friend Lars arrives and later Fuggi arrives too. It starts raining but the trees cover for the rain. Fuggi wants to put on his own music, it sounds like a poor copy of Earth Wind & Fire and it annoys me. I see that my own "room" and music collection looks untidy but I know that I can quickly clean up the room and the CD’s, and to throw out the old music cassette tapes from my collection.
    • I will NOT continue for long to write explanations of dreams because the symbols are often the same as in the old dreams, but for "new readers" KINGS new square is a symbol of me, rain is PAIN, trees are GOD, music is communication/speech, which can be positive/negative or difficult as you can see from the dream reflecting things at the moment because during these days I am feeling introvert because of "what might happen".
  • I hear the words "I will be your preacher teacher" from the song "father figure" by George Michael when writing the notes of the dream above.
  • And half sleeping, half awake I hear "we will see which music we will come through by setting up the big speakers" and I hear the words "I am living my life" from a well known song.
  • I see a boy from our family on a ship. He has dirty hands and I find a bag of McDonalds filled with water where he washes his hands.
    • The ship is belonging to the Devil (and this ship will go down at the judgment), PAIN is what you need to go through in order to come out as CLEAN on the other side and you know what AS NEW PERSONS AFTER YOU HAVE BEEN TAUGHT A NECESSARY LESSON J and YOU COULD INCLUDE THIS ON YOUR LIST TO HAVE DIRECT COMMUNICATION ALSO IN DREAMS AND NOT VERY EASY TO UNDERSTAND A SYMBOL LANGUAGE and WE KNOW STIG J.


2. I have not yet heard from the Mayor again

NO I have not yet heard from the Mayor’s office again or from the vice director René, who both of them were so kind and positive last week inviting me for meetings to discuss how the Commune can improve its work politics and now they are maybe not that kind and positive anymore and we know THIS IS ABOUT PERCEPTION because how many people will see my book as POSITIVE in the beginning, but please read it, understand it and you will see that I love all people mentioned in the book and that I only mean the best when I point out what needs to become better – and I ask you to use the same attitude as I did yesterday when Barbro gave me feedback to my CV where I was open and positive listening to all of her suggestions and HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE POSITIVE LISTENING TO ALL OF MY SUGGESTIONS AND BASIC RULES IN THE BEGINNING WHEN READING THE BOOK and "THE MIRROR" – this is what it is and the world will find out gradually until I reach the goal – it is really as simple as that and until then I have decided to accept your criticism and what is worse starting with my own STUBBORN and BETTER KNOWING family!


3. Finishing my "NO learning course" at A2B


More feedback on my CV and what happened to the Control meetings with the Commune?


This morning I followed up on two questions I had for Oliver: 1) I told him that I am very positive and happy with the feedback from Barbro yesterday and I asked him if she also covered his feedback, which was unclear both for me and her yesterday (!) and he said that I could start doing the new CV and afterwards he and Agnete would look at it and just thinking if this is the most efficient to do and 2) Is it the Commune or A2B who has the task of evaluating if I am "available for the jobmarket" and he said that it is the Commune and I am just thinking that the Commune told me before starting at A2B that I don’t need to come every second Wednesday for a CONTROL meeting so does this mean that the CONTROL is not existing, who knows and I am also thinking that if there is no control, where is the responsibility of the people at the course because how many of them are actually working on applications etc. and how many are doing everything else on the computers and I am starting to notice that people play games, watch videos etc. on the computers and I do wonder how much of their time here they actually use working to find a job (?) and my message this morning to NOT ROLF but to Oliver was that I just want to have a "CLEAR COMMUNICATION" and he answered that he agreed and that he was also thinking to come to me today with the message above!


Yesterday I heard that Oliver had a very good talk with a person having private difficulties and this person was very very happy indeed to speak to Oliver, so this is something that I really appreciate – his interest in people and willingness to also help on social issues.


Small examples of missing communication


This morning Oliver said to us all that he would like to have a meeting with us at 10.00 and this is the classical situation because he was NOT thinking of telling us what the meeting was about and one of the people here asked "what is it about", so this is obviously also something you need to learn always to do and here I am thinking of my example with Camilla which I mentioned some time ago and finally he told us that he will also ask us to upload our CV and application to the common area or the file system here, which was NEW INFORMATION to me, which I HAD NEVER HEARD ABOUT BEFORE OLIVER so maybe you do need to have a structured check list for you to remember what to say when you introduce new people to the place here because this only confused me and of course it was TOTALLY UNNECESSARY.


Chapter 8 – values


Continuing the work to LEARN something new here and we know TO REPORT FROM WHAT I EXPERIENCE is probably more accurate and I read the chapter of values the second time today and decided to show a good will to put down a few thoughts on paper, which you can see here:


Stig 4.2.2010: Jeg føler intet personligt behov overhovedet for at skrive mine værdier, men for at vise en god vilje har jeg her skrevet nogle få tanker ned, og jeg er sikker på, at for mange andre vil det være en god idé at gøre i sine forberedelser til at finde sig "til rette".


Vigtige forhold i din tilværelse 

Hvad er det, der gør, at det er vigtigt for dig?





Familie, børn



Gode relationer til og forståelse af øvrig familie og venner 

Den gyldne regel – harmoni – forståelse – glæde 


"Normal løn"



Sport, musik m.v.




Vigtige forhold i dit arbejdsliv

Hvad er det, der gør, at det er vigtigt for dig? 


Bruge mine kompetencer rigtigt



Variation i arbejdet



Balance mellem arbejde/fritid



Udvikle systemer og mennesker



Ordentlig kommunikation



Overholde "basis regler"  

Overholde indgåede aftaler m.v. – se min bog



Network teaching


At 10.00 today Oliver gave the teaching to the approx. 20 people here on how to identify your personal network (which is not very difficult to do and I am here thinking of the nice employee from the Jobcentre in Hørsholm!) and he SUCEEDED to receive ideas from the class to do the absolutely best list of network he has ever received in a teaching before (!) and even better than it is described in the ring binder as he said and we know BECAUSE OF THE SPIRITS WORKING THROUGH PEOPLE and BECAUSE OF THIS BOOK and THIS WAS THE REASON WHY OLIVER and here is the list you put down on the board today:


  • Friends and friends of friends
  • The school of your children – other parents, teachers etc.
  • Family
  • Old colleagues, soldier friends and class friends
  • Start work as a temp or similar
  • Neighbours
  • Internet network – Linkedin, Facebook etc.
  • Professional network (my comment afterwards: A2B could produce a total list of all networks in Denmark to give people an overview of what exists and what they can enter)
  • Spare time: Become a member of clubs, associations, fitness clubs, start as a volunteer visiting elders, refugees etc.
  • Enter courses and educations days or evenings
    • "Cold contacts" from newspapers


And there was a LOT of activity during this session and also "creative" suggestions where people were INSPIRED by the voice of the Council, for example one suggested to do a BANK ROBBERY and to go to prison to expand your network (and people will know from my dreams that BANK ROBBERY is the same as what ROBIN HOOD IS DOING which is to take money from the rich to give to the poor that is to BRING NORMAL LIFE TO PEOPLE). I believe it was the same man suggesting to contact the Danish Crown Prince Frederik to listen to his advice because JUST MAYBE HE WOULD LIKE TO HAVE SOMEONE ELSE BECOMING THE KING INSTEAD OF HIM (my words) and people were talking about PYRAMIDS too and just as examples of course as how the Council can talk through people giving other messages than what people think they speak of and I was also told this morning that Karen cannot bear reading my book and Karen, your secret is now REALITY to the world too and sad today you are and happy almost tomorrow which is the meaning of this symbol …. J.


I did not say much at this teaching, I was happy that Oliver had good contact with people and that he managed to involve people because they like him as I do too, but I spoke about professional network and I suggested that he could split his list of networks between EXISTING NETWORKS and DEVELOPMENT OF NEW NETWORKS and Oliver instead of taking this idea to you, your reaction was to say that I WILL COME TO THAT and the only problem was that at least today YOU DID NOT COME TO THAT so maybe you will come to that when you follow up or you will not come to that at all because maybe it really was a rejection of my idea because you decided to become annoyed instead of being open to work with me on the idea?


Oliver had really not given the class a very good example of what you can say when you contact for example old friends and colleagues from your network in order to find a job and I could tell that this was something which people were in need to receive more information on, so I gave the example when I called Kim S. in 2006/2007 when I was also without work where I asked Kim S.: "Can I ask to receive your advice and what you will recommend me to do" because this would start giving him ideas of either to employ me again or to recommend other employers for me to contact – and he gave me AP Pension and Claus from Deloitte as companies where I could be of value, because you always need to do this OBJECTIVELY as I have written about before – and I believe that the people here could use what I told them but Oliver’s reaction was that "this is something we will look at after you have described your network" and again A COLD WASHING – which is what my mother feel at the moment when the family is NOT supporting her but giving her THEIR VOICES AND WRONG BELIEFS instead of just give in and do what I tell you: READ MY BOOK WITH AN OPEN MINDSET (!) – and Oliver you are working at a higher level than Rolf but you do have the same attitude as Rolf even though you are able to hide it better than him and what is that? IT IS THE DEVIL WORKING INSIDE OF YOU OLIVER – this is how he looks like! – And despite of your good sides too you see?


Oliver asked the team to start preparing their own network and the class don’t have experience doing this work and they could be helped MUCH better by giving them the templates to fill out and I just saw the template which A2B is working with – which the local centre here and therefore all people are not working with (!) and the name of ROLF is coming to me more and more clearly and ANGRY, HE IS FURIOUS WITH YOU (!) – and this template is COMPLETELY USELESS so I can only report from here START BUILDING AND USING MUCH BETTER TEMPLATES and COMMUNICATE MUCH MORE CLEARLY THAN WHAT OLIVER DOES because what did he actually ask people to do and he said for you to work on at home tomorrow and the weekend (!) and how many people understood that we are allowed to work on this at home tomorrow?


And I was just thinking that Oliver started this meeting without giving any paper and pens to people – or asking them to bring – for them to write down notes – which clearly became a need later (!) – so what can I tell, yes Oliver is a very nice person, people like him and get a good contact with him but is he A PROFESSIONAL? NO not at all because of lack of structure, clear communication, templates, openness to improve and because THERE ARE NO ACTION PLANS HERE because when you agree to do a work you will write it down in a binding action plan between parties and you will also talk about what is the next step, what is the goal and how will we follow up together on this and yes ALL OF THAT WAS LACKING and what will this lead to, probably only this: VERY POOR RESULTS and because OF LACK OF QUALITY FROM ONE MAN and is it the whole system here working like this and more or less yes – it depends on the quality of each person working and not the quality of the system, and the concept of A2B is among the best of Denmark but not even the potential of this concept is used BECAUSE OF YOU OLIVER!


Chapter 9 – Jobgoals


I have also read this chapter twice and included the following paper in the ring binder:


Stig 4.2.2010: Jeg har overvejet, hvordan jeg skal løse denne opgave, om jeg skal sætte eksempler på jobs (ønskejobs – som jeg godt kan lide beskrivelsen af – andre-gode-job og hellere-end-job) eller gøre det, som jeg har valgt at gøre hvilket er at henvise til mit CV – jeg har tidligere overvejet dette – i min beskrivelse af "Karrieremål". Dette er dækkende i min situation, når man også påtænker, at jeg allerede arbejder som forfatter på min bog og ikke har planer om at søge andet arbejde medmindre, at kommunen tvinger mig til at gøre det. For andre, som er jobsøgende, synes jeg, at dette er en god øvelse, og jeg tænker blot på, at alle burde kunne få sit ønskejob. Af disse årsager er nedenstående skema ikke udfyldt – se mit CV.







Faglige kompetencer: 

Personlige kompetencer: 


Virksomhedens størrelse: 



Evt. navne på konkrete virksomheder: 

Andre relevante forhold 





Chapter 10 – The market of jobs


This chapter describes the "visible" and "invisible" market of jobs as it is today concluding that most jobs are never advertised and my only thought when reading this was that in the future everything will be open and visible using the WORK AND PRICE SYSTEM which also will include the BEST DATABASE OF JOBS AND MEDIATION which I have described earlier in different chapters!


Chapter 11 – The application including how to build up and REVISING "systems"


This A2B course is now coming to an end for me, because until now I have really not learned anything other than reporting what I see and experience here and now I have also read the recommendation from A2B in the ring binder on how to produce applications and THIS IS HOW YOU MAKE A "SYSTEM" and WHEN PEOPLE START USING A BOOK LIKE THIS AS FOUNDATION FOR ITS TEACHING THIS IS HOW YOU CREATE LOYALTY TO WHAT THE BOOK SAYS AND NOT ONLY LOYALTY but at the end the book will not only be a book, it will become the truth and what I say here is that YOU ALWAYS NEED TO USE YOUR LOGICAL SENCE OF WHAT IS RIGHT AND WRONG TO DO not only when it comes to the ring binder of A2B and "the book of the Commune" but also when it comes to my book and you know please remember that the basic rules are basic rules and if you should decide to change these, then it will become a matter for a listening and understanding world government of the future (!) and WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE DADAAB NEWSLETTER MY FAMILY and ohh you have not had time to read anything else than where your names are included and VERY VERY NEGATIVE YOU BELIEVE I AM and do you know what THIS IS ONLY WHAT IS INSIDE OF YOUR HEADS because when you start to get this book "under your skin", you will understand the language, the meaning and the POSITIVE SPIRIT IT IS WRITTEN WITH – and maybe you could start by focusing on UNDERSTANDING THE BOOK AND THE GOALS instead of focusing on yourselves, your so called "hurt feelings" and TO LIFT YOURSELF UP TO GET A BROADER OVERVIEW – this is what I ask of you and WHAT I HAVE RECEIVED MYSELF BY COMING TO WHERE I AM NOW and what do I see? NO CLOWNS HERE ONLY THIS "ME MYSELF I" and we know THIS IS THE HOME OF THE TRINITY and yes MY "COUSIN" SO TO SAY IS NOT HERE AT THE MOMENT FOR YOU TO SEE AND WE KNOW THE HOLY SPIRIT and HE IS NOT AS HOLY AS IT HURTS but you know THIS IS WHO I AM TOO WITHOUT KNOWING IT, SEEING HIM OR UNDERSTANDING because HE IS PART OF THE SOUL OF ALL HUMAN BEINGS!


And as a matter of good sake, the way that A2B recommends to produce an application is not the right way. Use 40 hours to write a BUSINESS PROPOSAL as your application instead!


Chapter 12 – Network including the Starwars movies!


This was a little way "upside down" for me – first to have a teaching without having read this chapter and therefore without having prepared myself AS FAR TOO MANY PEOPLE DO which only leads to FAR TOO POOR RESULTS because you will start the teaching at a lower level than needed and it is MUCH MORE DIFFICULT TO LIFT UP AN UNPREPARED CLASS THAN IT IS WHEN THE CLASS IS PREPARED and just think HOW MANY THOUSANDS OF HOURS I SHOULD SPEAK FOR THE WORLD TO UNDERSTAND MY BOOK EQUALLY AS GOOD JUST BY LISTENING AS BY READING and IMPOSSIBLE IT WOULD BE and this is how the world very often is working today and PREPARATION WILL MAKE YOU A MASTER – YODA HERE and I SAW MOST OF STARWARS MOVIE NO. 3 YESTERDAY and ANAKIN WAS LOST TO THE DARK SIDE OF THE POWER and DO YOU BELIEVE THAT I COULD HAVE LOST TO THE DARK SIDE OF THE POWER TOO? OF COURSE I COULD BECAUSE I AM BORN IN A WORLD OF DARK POWER AND I HAVE BEEN BORN MYSELF WITH THE WORST DEVIL AT ALL SURROUNDED BY THE WORST ENEMY OF ALL NAMELY MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS and SANNA THERE IS NO WAY OUT – YOU NEED TO DO WHAT I ORDER YOU TO DO which is to read my book and this book will start changing your life and THANK YOU YODA and FEELING THE POWER and of course the son of Anakin in the Starwars movie was LUKE and LUKE I am looking forward to seeing you in the next episode tonight and I JUST LOVE THESE MOVIES TOO but you know I HAVE NEVER SEEN MANY MOVIES because DISTRACTED I HAVE BEEN BY THE DEVIL you know!


And yes of course only a small digression and yes one more for you Karen but not much longer because the time has come to start lifting you up, this is what I have given the Council order to do after giving my family and friends the both very difficult and very easy (!) message yesterday that YOU ARE NOT WELCOME BEFORE YOU START UNDERSTANDING ME and yes THIS IS THE SAME MESSAGE TO ALL OF THE WORLD – I DON’T WANT TO SPEAK TO PEOPLE OR TO BE FRIENDS WITH PEOPLE NOT UNDERSTANDING ME it is truly as simple as this!


And this should be about Network after reading the chapter of the ring binder and yes I like what the chapter says and the idea it gives and if I truly needed a job, this is what I would USE A LOT OF EFFORT DOING and yes you know to work with EXISTING NETWORK and especially to EXPAND YOUR NETWORK which is truly what MANY MANY PEOPLE NEED TO DO – to speak to people instead of watching television! And I can only hope that Oliver will understand the reason why I have decided not to start writing down my network and yes CAN THIS BE DONE IN ONE HOUR as many people probably think, NO it cannot, and maybe this is a 40 hour job to do alone IF YOU WANT TO DO THIS JOB WITH QUALITY!


And as I told Oliver at the teaching earlier today, I would have wished that you focused even more on the 2nd degree network – friends of your friends – which is very often where you will find a job and I also said that an email should really be able to do the same as a personal meeting, because how many people have the time to hold 100 personal meetings with your network and yes I HAVE ALSO BEEN WRITING ABOUT THIS BEFORE and yes MY BOOK IS COMING TO AN END at least when it comes to these subjects and NORMAL LIFE including NORMAL WORK OF 8 HOURS PER DAY FOR 5 DAYS ARE COMING CLOSER TO ME PERSONALLY and yes STARTING WEEKENDS WITHOUT WRTING because you know I HAVE A LIFE TO LIVE TOO and yes APPROACHING WE ARE.


Chapter 13 – the telephone call


When reading this chapter I HAVE NOW SEEN SOME TIMES HERE THAT THIS RING BINDER RECOMMENDS PEOPLE NOT TO TELL OTHER PEOPLE OF WHAT IS TRULY THEIR GOAL WHICH IS TO FIND A NEW JOB, so this is how communication can also be– DON’T ASK YOUR NETWORK AND DON’T CALL ASKING FOR A JOB but ASK QUESTIONS OF COMPETENCES ETC. for other people to answer and my dear dear friends WRITING THIS why are you afraid of DIRECT COMMUNICATION because it is truly very very easy to ask people directly WOULD YOU LIKE TO EMPLOY ME OR DO YOU KNOW ANYONE WHO CAN USE MY COMPETENCES and what is the worst that can happen – and I do still remember this phrase from my days as a telephone sales man for Berlingske Tidende, which was the most unprofessional and worst business culture I have ever seen because of lack of management! – and the worst is that people can say NO (which does not "hurt") and the idea is really you know TO HAVE A VERY GOOD CONVERSATION WITH OTHER PEOPLE BEING OPEN, DIRECT AND POSITIVE and AS/3 it is very clear when reading your book that you don’t have much experience in HOW TO SEEL YOURSELF POSITIVELY OVER THE TELEPHONE and I COULD HAVE DONE THIS CHAPTER BETTER TOO! But I do like the general quality of your book, your choose of font and your way of writing J.


Chapter 14 – The Job Interview


When reading the chapter of how to do a good job interview I could not help thinking that what people speak of at an interview is what is – or should be – already included in the CV and therefore essentially a waste of time compared to a perfect system (!) because as the system is today this is here where a company can "find out" its own opinion of the person in front of them, if the "personal chemistry" is working and to find out if what people write in their CV is also the "impression" you get when you see the person in front of you – and just maybe SOME PEOPLE MEETING ME AFTER I DID MY NEW CV IN OCTOBER 2009 WILL ANSWER THE QUESTION IF WHAT YOU READ IN MY CV ALSO WAS WHAT YOU SAW WHEN MEETING ME? – and I am only thinking that this is needed today because of the lack of quality of the system – on both sides – and that job interviews give room for errors, wrong conclusions because you don’t have a detailed, objective and right foundation to decide from and in the future you will totally avoid this because you will have a perfect system with a perfect match, which you will know already before the meeting and then you will of course at the meeting focus on the "business case" which people have prepared because this is in fact what it is, people giving companies good ideas of what they can work with, improve etc. and for companies to find out WHO WOULD THEY LIKE TO GIVE THIS WORK TO and THIS IS REALLY AS SIMPLE AS THAT and THEN YOU WILL CREATE FLEXIBILITY FOR ALL PEOPLE WHO PREFER TO WORK FOR DIFFERENT COMPANIES TO DEVELOP THROUGHOUT LIFE instead of doing the same always!


Chapter 14 – Finishing the "course", which could be so much better if the system was better


And this concludes my day at A2B and I HAVE NOW FINISHED READING THE A2B BINDER and what did I learn here ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and what has the Commune decided to do – to keep me here for 26 weeks and IS THIS A PRISON FOR ME and of course it is and what would I prefer and you know MY FREEDOM PLEASE and when it comes to other people, they can learn from this course and what would I do if I was in charge here, I WOULD MAKE SURE THAT ALL PEOPLE USED ALL HOURS TO WORK CONCENTRATED and TO LIFT UP PEOPLE TO A MUCH HIGHER QUALITY but you know PEOPLE ARE LEFT TO DO MORE OR LESS WHAT THEY WANT TO DO – falling for the temptation of "laziness" – so some good elements of this system, but because of the weaknesses of people working here being "too kind'(!) and the lack of individual responsibility of many cash receivers, you don’t get the results which you could have and this is another important message of this book that PEOPLE ARE TOO LAZY and don’t USE THEIR POTENTIAL INTELLECT!


And when the clock was 13.45 and people started leaving "because it takes 15 minutes to get your jacket on" as one lady was saying and laughing at the same time – seen this behaviour before you have from HANS earlier in this book – and did I see people here confused when other people started saying "have a nice weekend" and this is what I did and what I had expected and why? Only because not ROLF AGAIN yes he is ANGRY TO SAY THE LEAST AS KAREN IS NOW TOO and DENIS TOO but you know because OLIVER AND HIS LACK OF QUALITY IN CLEAR COMMUNICATION! And we will not be forced to come here tomorrow – for people to be bored (!) – and THIS IS ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF THE COMMUNE CASHING IN 65% OF MY CASH HELP FROM THE STATE ILLEGALLY so YOU ARE STILL SOCIAL SWINDLERS!


And instead of doing a description of my network tomorrow, I have decided to update my CV which I have agreed with Oliver to do earlier.


4. God will NOT influence the thinking of people in relation to the Judgment

Today I thought of the experience yesterday where I gave Oliver a suggestion to give me feedback sooner on my CV where he could do nothing else than to accept because of the power of God and today I gave God and the Council the message that I DON’T WANT YOU TO INFLUENCE THE ANSWERS AND THINKING OF PEOPLE WHEN IT COMES TO ME AND THE JUDGMENT – AND HERE I WANT PEOPLE TO USE THEIR FREE WILL TO THINK FOR THEMSELVES WITHOUT SPIRITUAL INTERVENTION and this rule applies as a general rule for all people. I have the power to give you such strong thoughts that I can make all of you come home to me but I have decided NOT to use this power. IT WILL BE ENTIRELY UP TO YOU TO DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT TO and THE JUDGMENT IS HEREWITH SAVED – this is what it is about.


5. How do I know that I am the Son of God?

Thank you so much to Janne my old, good colleague and friend from Fair, who was BRAVE enough to send me an email today with an open and direct question and DO I MIND TO RECEIVE AND ANSWER QUESTIONS? NO NOT AT ALL – IF I CAN, I WILL ANSWER THE QUESTIONS but I also have the opinion that you really don’t need to ask questions when you have the answers already, because all answers should be in the documents I have published, so I can only encourage you to find the answers with the best effort yourself and if this is impossible for you, I will be happy to help.


And here is her email (in Danish):


Kære Stig,

Nu har jeg flere gange prøvet at læse din mail m.m. igennem. Og jeg er lidt forvirret og kan ikke rigtig finde ud af, hvad det præcis er det her. Jeg håber, at du kan prøve at forklare mig det lidt bedre. Som jeg læser det, så er du Gud søn. Og hvis det er sådan jeg skal forstå det, hvordan er du så kommet frem til den konklusion?


Jeg prøver virkelig at forstå hvad du mener og jeg formoder også at du havde forventet, at du ville få nogle spørgsmål, når du udsendte dette.


Håber du vil fortælle hvad det er der sker Stig.


Venlig hilsen



To show a good will I can answer the email by referring Janne and other people to my first book, which describes the beginning of how God and his cousin the Devil came into my life physically in 2004 and that it took me until the spring of 2006 before I understood what this is about and who I am – RELUCTANTLY JANNE, BECAUSE THIS HAS NOT BEEN WITH MY GOOD WILL AND IT IS STILL NOT, I AM NOT ENJOYING MY ROLE TODAY BUT STILL HURTING as you can read many times in my books – and you can find my first book at the folder called "Stig OLD book" at http://stigdragholm.spaces.live.com  – the document is called "Sanna hovedmanuskript 01122008" where you can read a chronological description of the experiences I had with the first "spiritual" experience from the 12th April 2004 as follows (in Danish):


12.4.2004 – syn

En sen aften hørte jeg, at der blev kaldt på mig. En stemme – hverken en kvinde eller mand – kaldte "Stig", hvorefter jeg så tusindvis af billeder, stærke farver og det skønneste lys. Senere blev der kaldt på mig igen. Denne gang så jeg mig selv stå i en katedral, hvor jeg kiggede op og iagttog, at en kuppel åbnede sig i fire dele, det skønneste lys åbenbarede sig igennem åbningen i kuplen, og i lyset så jeg de stærkeste og venligste øjne, man overhovedet kan forestille sig. Øjnene var så kraftige, at de på ingen måde kan sammenlignes med de øjne, man normalt ser. Samtidig rystede jeg over hele kroppen. En uendelig stærk – og overraskende – oplevelse, som jeg aldrig har haft før. Den varede 20 minutter, hvorefter jeg måtte afbryde den, fordi den var for stærk.


So Janne’s email gives me the opportunity to recommend you also to read my old book from 2004, from which point of time my life started to completely change from being what I thought was merely a "normal" life to what is a life of a person having a special destiny – as you have too Janne and at the moment I cannot tell you more. If you would like to know more please send me a private email which I will then answer privately – that is NOT to include it in the book 🙂


6. The Council is God on Earth

People who have read my book from 2009 until 1st February 2010 know that there are many SYMBOLS FROM REAL LIFE TOO included and you may remember that the 3G on my phone stopped working approx. one week ago – and 3G is my abbreviation of GODE GAMLE GUD as I have called him now for years – and today I opened a letter from TDC which confirmed that I the 29th January had my subscription changed so the so called "TDC to TDC" is included – and I remember I thanked the assistant much of his very nice recommendation – and today in the letter I could see that at the same time my 3G connection had been disabled and then I thought that it was this assistant doing an error and therefore I went to the TDC store again today and met the same employee asking him how this could have happened and he was surprised too and when I looked at his monitor I noticed that he could IMPOSSIBLY have unchecked the 3G box so this is just to show you that I HAVE WORKED AS STIG ALL ALONG WITHOUT GOD STIG BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT WE TELL YOU NOW YES YOU KNOW THAT WE ARE WORKING AS THE DEVIL – this is the responsibility we have received and WE ARE ALSO WORKING ON BEHALF OF GOD SO TO SAY ON EARTH BECAUSE WE ARE GOD and A PART OF GOD and THIS IS LINKED TO THE QUESTION WHO IS GOD and ME AND YOU AND US ALL and what he has done is to separate himself into many different units and WE ARE THE UNIT OF THE EARTH and NOT MUCH LONGER because WHAT YOU WILL NOW START TO UNDERSTAND FOR THE FIRST TIME IS HOW IT IS TO BE UNLINKED FROM THE EARTH TO START COMING TO A NEW AND HIGHER DIMENSION and my friends DENIS TOO WOULD LIKE TO HURT YOU and WE KNOW BUT WE HAVE DECIDED TO INFLUENCE PEOPLE SO MUCH SO THEY WILL DECIDE NOT TO HURT YOU and TO BE THE SON OF GOD HAS CHANGED because YOU WILL NOW START TO BECOME GOD AT A HIGHER LEVEL THAN WHAT WE ARE TODAY and YOU HAVE DECIDED THAT you did not want to write again about the "hundreds" of times the last couple of weeks where I have given your heart pain Stig because this is how little your father REALLY means to you because of his SELFISHNESS and IF YOU WANT TO TAKE HIM AWAY FROM ME, I WILL NOT SHED A TEAR AND I WISH I WOULD HAVE THE SAME FEELINGS FOR MY FATHER AS I DO FOR MY MOTHER and IN A SMALLER DEGREE THE SAME APPLIES FOR SANNA AND MOST PEOPLE ACTUALLY J.




Finalising the day with a couple of stories: I met Torben from the park at the Shopping centre today and HOW WOULD HE REACT TO ME and VERY NICE HE WAS and ASKING IF MY BICYCLE GEAR is still working and NO IT IS NOT WORKING – it stopped working some days ago and it is stuck in the fifth of five gears and yes it will cost approx. 150 DKK at a bicycle repairer I was told and I have decided that I will wait to pay for this expense because I am not very rich you know – and Torben was very kind indeed to say that I am welcome to come back to the park where he offers to fix it again and TORBEN THANK YOU SO MUCH and you know A PART OF ME WAS AFRAID OF YOUR "STRONG" REACTIONS TO THIS BOOK – and another part is not at all (!) – and I was very glad to receive your positive message and just showing you some examples of my DOUBLE FEELINGS, which I ALWAYS HAVE WITH EVERYTHING and that is THE DEVIL AND GOD and ACTUALLY THE COUNCIL IN BOTH SITUATIONS and thank you for LEARNING ME SOMETHING NEW TODAY J.


And finally I have decided to give myself FREEDOM to do the Five Tibetan Rites or OTHER YOGA EXERCISES AT HOME WHEN I FEEL THE GOOD MIND TO DO IT because I am doing three times one hour of Yoga per week at Fitness World and also running too and this is the schedule, which fits me at the moment and therefore a schedule I have decided to continue doing BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT FEELS NATURAL FOR ME TO DO TODAY and PEOPLE WILL FIND THEIR OWN SCHEDULES and we know it feels like YEARS since I have heard KID CREOLE & THE COCUNUTS BECAUSE THE ALBUMS HAVE NOT BEEN REMASTERED and ANNIE I’M NOT YOUR DADDY and Do I REMEMBER THIS SONG? YES IT IS SOME OF THE "BEST MUSIC" TOO and I remember it from Rockpalast I believe in the beginning of the 1980’s and FANTASTIC MUSIC IT IS!


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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One Response to 4th February 2010 – How do I know that I am the one, the Son of God?

  1. Pascal says:

    It is not possible that you are the son of god, since I have no children.

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