5th February 2010 – Some of the messages I receive are true and some are wrong, which is THE TRUTH my family did not understand for 6 years – which only took hours for four Kenyans to understand!




1.     Sleep and dreams

Dreams of Pope John Paul II fighting Russian Crime, my mother acting as the “goal keeper” trying to prevent God and I from our mission and the Swastika symbol used by Nazi’s to wake up the world

2.     Emails which are not marked as “private” may be published

Your emails to me may be published, unless you ask me to keep them in private, which I will respect.

3.     My private email from the 31st  January to the closest family and friends before publishing

The key message to my family and to the world is:  Some of the messages I receive are true and some are wrong, which my family did not understand for six years and which took four Kenyans hours to do. This is the difference between the Devil NOT LISTENING and God!

4.     Improving the quality of my CV

Today when working at home I updated my CV as the final statement of my experience of the A2B course and uploaded it to Windows Live

5.     Receiving a new “heart attack”

Today the Council gave me a new heart attack for seconds as a new symbol of my father’s death as you have predicted for years now

6.     Déjà Vues for members of the Council

“Experiences” are planted by God with living members of the Council, which will come to you gradually as Déjà Vues during your “wake up”

7.     Yoga and running

The Devil placed a block of Concrete on my foot when running and Bubber was in the same room as Christ

8.     David: Jambo Herr Stig

Finally I heard news from Kenya again, from David, making me happy and the LTO team is also now included in the “wake up process”


1. Sleep and dreams

Tonight was the same as the last nights in fact giving me the impression from the morning that the sleep was almost alright but you know during the days I have felt more and more tired but of course NOTHING COMPARED and almost to you but as how it was before so still on track we are and some of me have reached the final point and some of me are still in the train and STILL HURTING HERE WE ARE WITH ALMOST ALL OF MY SUFFERINGS which you can read from my book, which I summarised one day in a script from Kenya and what has improved and mainly that the Devil is not constantly shouting and cursing at me and stressing me much of the time – at the moment he is stressing me but at a lower level – “have you remembered this .. and that .. and this” – and giving me “updates” of what is happening in the world, people reading my book, which may be the truth or a lie, which I REALLY DON’T KNOW MYSELF (!), and from time to time he still annoys me VERY MUCH INDEED WITH SEXUAL REFERENCES TO DIFFERENT PEOPLE because THIS IS THE NATURE OF THE PAIN I HAVE UNDERGONE IN ALL OF MY LIFE, AND WHICH IS WHAT IS TRULY AT THE MOMENT TORMENTING ME STILL – to be without love and to be tormented directly from the Devil some days less, some days more at the moment.


Some dreams of the night:


·         I am inside a house in Snekkersten. POLLE – for new readers, this is Pope John Paul II – is fighting Russian crime but still I see him in this house and now I also feel him in the presence of my old friend Henning W. and Henning is at the first floor of the house, his wife is at another room and Henning is sleeping with beautiful Russian prostitutes, and I see in the dream that the prostitutes are responsible of the Russian crime and that Henning herewith is breaking his loyalty. I see a hose leading from the sink on 1st floor and that it is bringing water to my bath at the ground floor. I see commercials of three handsome men, they are actors, which Henning W. also is as I am myself as this book shows. I hear the song “you have killed me” by Morrissey. Outside our old row house in Snekkersten I see Camilla walking, she says hello to me, gives me a hug and apologises for not saying hello to me the last time we met, she is surprised that I am in control of all practical things and we say goodbye because I don’t have more time to speak to her.

·         I see members of the Council pouring up Gløgg for Christmas and I hear the song “that’s how people grow up” by Morrissey and I hear the Council saying that neither my mother nor any other goal keeper can save the ball I have put in “or what” as they said and a little bit of teasing we know.

o    The Goal keeper is the Devil trying to prevent God from scoring – which is to let people enter the Kingdom of God. You may have noticed that I shortly before publishing my book on Facebook sent a reply to Nigel and Frank saying that Morrissey is doing some of the best music of the world and that you only need to listen to the song “Dear God, please help me” as one example only, and THIS COMMENT HAS ANOTHER MEANING TOO – this is the strength I asked God to give me before publishing.

·         I am at a very good and popular restaurant and the female servant says that she has made a special dish today which is liver on rye bread, which has become extremely popular.

o    And just for the record: FOOD is a symbol of MONEY and NORMAL LIFE and liver is my old favourite dish.

·         I am working as a garbage man on a wagon and I see another wagon coming and I am surprised that on that wagon Jes, my old school mate from Commercial School, and Per H., my old assistant manager from Danske Bank Espergærde, are working and they are extremely efficient collecting garbage and driving the wagon. I see Dan Rachlin and I tell him “you are my man” and “there are things approaching”.

·         And when I wake up this morning, I am told that “The Swastika symbol used by the Nazi’s was not alright in the version they did, but I needed to do something to wake up the attention of the world”.


And just a short follow up from yesterday, where I briefly saw my old and very good friend Britt N. on TV2 working at the airport and yes Britt, FINALLY YOUR DREAM TO COME ON TELEVISION CAME THROUGH, THE DREAM YOU TOLD ME ABOUT IN THE BEGINNING OF THE 1990’s and when I saw you again and heard you laugh on television I thought that I still miss you and yes Britt, do you miss me too?


And when I yesterday decided to stop doing Yoga every single day it is because it has stressed me in what has also many days been stressing days for me and because I have now felt more and more that I don’t experience the same degree of extreme dizziness as I did in the beginning giving me the idea that YOU THE COUNCIL HAVE CLEANED OUT THE MOST IN THE BEGINNING making it unnecessary to continue at the same level and yes my friend WE AGREE J – but still three times per week here.


2. Emails which are not marked as “private” may be published

And also a catch up from yesterday as I wrote in a private email to Janne. If you decide to write to me I should be happy that you do so without any limitations as whether or not you think it is a good idea for me to publish your email and my answer in my script, but I will respect people writing in private to me who don’t want me to bring their email in this script.


3. My private email from the 31st January to the closest family and friends before publishing

I have a little bit of CATCHING UP to do and one is a decision to publish the private email I sent to my family and closest friends late in the evening of the 31st January before I published my book to the world. I sent the following email to my mother/John, to my sister Sanna and Hans, to their sons Niklas and Tobias, to my father Peer, my father’s sister Inge, Karen, Jack, Fuggi, and to John’s daughters Mette and Bettina with Søren. Others could be on the list too, but I decided to narrow it down.


Kære nærmeste familie og venner,


Jeg har igennem noget tid tænkt på, hvad jeg ville skrive til jer i denne mail og jeg havde forberedt en længere mail med forskelligt input til jer hver især og samlet, men jeg har nu valgt at skrive en kort mail som følger:


I ved alle, at jeg har modtaget spirituelle budskaber siden den 12.4.2004 – næsten 6 år nu – men desværre er der ikke én af jer, der har forstået det følgende enkle budskab, selvom nogle af jer med sikkerhed ved, at jeg har kontakt til "en ånd", fordi I har set det fysisk på mig:


Nogle af de beskeder, jeg modtager, er rigtige og nogle er forkerte!


Dette er den helt korte sandhed og dét jeg forgæves har forsøgt at forklare nogle af jer, men i stedet for virkelig at lytte og forstå har I fulgt jeres egne stemmer og bekymringer, som har medført, at jeg i stigende udstrækning hos nogle er blevet anset for "sindssyg" og min kære familie og venner, hvis der er nogle "sindssyge" her er det de, der ikke har forsøgt at lytte og at forstå!


Budskabet er så enkelt, at jeg kunne tage til Afrika og møde et team på fire mennesker, som tror fuldt og fast på mig, som har læst min bog (!) og som forstår, at jeg som person aldrig taler usandt, når jeg ikke formidler "spirituelle beskeder", som er forkerte – det er faktisk ganske enkelt at finde ud af, hvornår det er "mig" og hvornår det "ikke er mig", som taler eller skriver, som man kunne have gjort, hvis man havde stillet spørgsmål og virkeligt forsøgt at forstå – men det er der som nævnt ikke én, som har gjort. Det skal man til Afrika for at finde som et eksempel på mennesker, som har større menneskelig kapacitet.


Hvad er så sandheden i det "spirituelle"? Såmænd blot dét, som er det mest usandsynlige for jer overhovedet, dét som I synes – de af jer, som har vidst besked – har været "for ubehageligt" at lytte til, nemlig sandheden om, hvem jeg er og også hvem du er, hvis dette er information, som jeg har fortalt dig.


Havde jeg mødt større forståelse – og hos nogle af jer har jeg nærmest forsøgt alt for at trænge igennem – så ville I løbende have modtaget opdateringer til min nye bog, som jeg startede med at skrive den 1.5.2009 og som jeg nu offentliggør i dag over hele verden, som I kan se via den efterfølgende email, som indeholder "masser af sprængsstof", som I kan vælge at tro på eller lade være.


I skal vide, at jeg elsker jer alle sammen – eller holder af, hvis I synes, det er et bedre udtryk – og at jeg er ked af, at begrænsninger i kommunikation og forståelse medfører, at I får hele denne information at vide på samme tid som verden. Jeg havde meget gerne gjort det anderledes og I skal vide, at jeg føler meget med jer i tankerne omkring, hvad I nu kommer til at gå igennem hver især – i dag kan jeg kun sige til jer, at udsendelsen af min mail er det eneste rigtige at gøre, som I vil komme til at forstå.


Og som nogle af jer vil vide, så har jeg hundredvis af gange sagt: "Der er intet at bekymre sig om" og dette er den FULDE sandhed og jeg vil blot sige til jer, at I har Gud med jer og at rollerne nu er byttet rundt: I HAR INTET AT BEKYMRE JER OM – GUD ER MED JER! Læs min efterfølgende mail og I vil få mere information og læs min bog, og I vil begynde at forstå mere og mere. I er selv inkluderet i bogen, og hvis ikke I læser, så får verden informationerne at vide om jer hurtigere end jer selv!


Kærlige hilsener til jer alle fra



4. Improving the quality of my CV

From 8.00 this morning until 13.00 – matching a full day of work at A2B and how many of the others did the same when you worked at home? – I have been working concentrated on reading every single word of my CV once more and to adjust and improve it primarily on my personal competences – where especially the description of my communication abilities has been made both better and clearer – but also the descriptions of professional competences, self education and “here and there” in the rest of the CV because you know THE CV IS A LIVING AND DYNAMIC DOCUMENT, which I now felt was natural to update once more. I have also decided NOT to increase the font size of page 2 and it is not because I don’t want to but when I increase the font size all or many of the formulations will need to be rephrased because when I work, I also make sure that the formulations fit as well as possible to the area available and it would therefore take me maybe five or ten hours to do this work including an adjustment of the design of the CV.


And I wrote at page 2 when working for LTO – I miss very much hearing from you and thinking if you are now at your rural village or if you suddenly are “afraid” to have your emails published daily in my script? – that my book is called “DESIGN OF LIFE” because this is what it is J.


And this also concludes my “lessons” from this course after one week, I have not learned anything (!), I have listened to Barbro and included some of her suggestions to improve my CV, but I decided not to adjust my CV because of the Jantelov, most of the updates to my CV are my own ideas and I am just thinking that Oliver probably did not have “time” to give feedback on my CV this week as he easily could have done and OLIVER YOU COULD IMPROVE YOUR EFFICIENCY MUCH BY WORKING WITH AN ACTION PLAN instead of doing what you just feel “motivated” to do as FAR TOO MANY PEOPLE DO ALL OVER THE WORLD and I see Niels from the course in front of me as a symbol when he is “motivated” to play games on the computer at the course instead of doing what he should do and yes THE DEVIL INSPIRING HIM EVERY SINGLE TIME!


And finally I uploaded the CV and an updated text of the background of the CV to a new folder at http://stigdragholm.spaces.live.com/ which is called “Curriculum Vitae”.


5. Receiving a new “heart attack”



6. Déjà Vues for members of the Council

For a very long time actually I have been told that my mother, Karen and also lately the other members of the Council have had DREAMS OF ME, do you remember and HAVE ANY OF YOU SEEN ME WEARING A CROWN IN A DREAM and ONLY ASKING I AM and Karen do you think of me when you play music and OFTEN WHEN YOU DO “SPECIAL THINGS” you know and GUESS WHERE THE THOUGHT OF ME COMES FROM and what I also wanted to write here was that the Council earlier today gave me a little bit of a dream – when I was awake (!) – which I have had MANY times in my life which I first remember a little bit of now – the same way as similar experiences have been PLANTED by ME to all other living members of the Council, which will come to them gradually as Déjà Vues – and my “old dream” has something to do with coming into the hall of a museum, where I enter a special room, and today I cannot remember what is inside this room but I do remember that it is a very special room and also that it has been closed every single time I have been there – so I have waited DECADES for this dream to be revealed and all I can ask the members of the Council in physical life – and not the spiritual members which I speak to (!) – is to be open to all kind of “experiences”, which you will get, because YOUR WAKE UP PROCESS HAVE STARTED and that is for all of you.


7. Yoga and running

Today I went to Yoga in Gentofte again and I like this place and also the teacher and if I had not promised God to keep away from women, she would be one to date if she would see me, which I have an idea that she would. And after the yoga I ran again 30 minutes and this time especially the first 10 minutes were very very difficult where my right foot for example felt like it had a block of concrete on it – this is exactly the physical feeling I had and you know other things from the Devil annoying me and the running too BECAUSE OF MY FAMILY AND OTHERS THINKING NEGATIVE THOUGHTS because YOU STILL FOCUS ON YOURSELF AND YOUR OWN DISCOMFORT. And from today I will not write anymore on yoga, running and hopefully also other kind of training unless something should happen. And BUBBER –famous from Danish television with a VERY SPECIAL PERSONALITY – you have now been in the same room as CHRIST because I was sitting in the chair when you entered today and BUBBER YOU ARE A DEAR FRIEND OF MINE TOO and YOU ARE WELCOME TO CONTACT ME PERSONALLY AND I WILL GIVE YOU AN ANSWER PERSONALLY WITHOUT PUBLISHING IT IN THIS BOOK and that is unless you decide that you would like me to.


8. David: Jambo Herr Stig

And finally I heard from Kenya again, which I was very happy with indeed and THANK YOU SO MUCH DAVID because when you are used to hearing from people regularly and when you suddenly don’t hear from people, you will start thinking “WHY” and VERY NICE TO SEE THAT YOUR GERMAN SKILLS ARE INTACT J and I am also happy writing to you and “jambo, habari yako” means “hi, how are you” and thank you NEVER BEEN BETTER despite of the Devil still around me which is the most right word to use RIGHT NOW when he is protecting me and one hour ago he was inside of me trying to torment me and of course only a little bit because this is the first part of being lifted up, which is to liberate myself from the tormenting of the Devil and EACH SOUL COMING BACK HOME TO ME will give me more of the energy of God and THE COUNCIL you know so this is what we are doing at the moment and looking forward to getting some more spare time and relaxation and especially mentally which I have not had because of the Devil you know SHOUTING etc. at me for years so who should have known that this period after publishing would become a more relaxing period but you know I AM VERY HAPPY WITH THIS and thank you so much for your nice words David on the publications and I am very happy that we were able to agree on what I believe turned out to be fine documents, which the world will also discover. Thank you also for giving me an update on Kenya and the constitution and I DO REMEMBER THAT YOU HAD ABSOLUTELY NO TRUST IN YOUR POLITICIANS DOING THIS DOCUMENT so I can only say that apparently you have at least some politicians taking their jobs seriously and my dear friend LIFE IS ABOUT TO START FOR ALL OF US and THAT IS ALSO YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE INCLUDED IN THE WAKE UP PROCESS AS I DESCRIBED BEFORE ON THE MEMBERS OF THE COUNCIL and my friends DO YOU REMEMBER and OUR WORK, JOY AND HAPPINESS IS IN FRONT OF US and WE ARE APPROACHING J. Please say hi to all in Kenya including your girlfriend and dear ones – I hope they are doing fine? Have a very nice weekend.


And here is his email:


Ich freut mich zu dir schreiben! jambo, habari yako?


I’m fine here in Kenya where for the last two days we have seen rain mostly at the afternoons. Thank you so much for your continued updates. Your work on the publications and your applications has been tireless and are greatly commendable.


On my part I’m fine and as I face February, I do hope that a lot shall be achieved within the spheres of LTO and of the team. As a country Kenya anticipates a new constitution and most of the debates are often on what to include from this vital document and vice versa.


I have been able to meet atleast twice with the team members and all are fine. We shall hopefully do more as the LTO family as we anticipate for normal life.

Have a good friday and God bless you.




About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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