Monday 15th February 2010 – Bringing my mother to the house of God and “that’s what friends are for”

Summary of the script today



Sleep and dreams Dreams about transforming from my old self to a new me, to bring my mother to the house of God, people having difficulties understanding that I am ME and Karen waking up because of my love to her.
The day at A2B I used two hours writing the first three subjects and the last three hours to do a second edit of 27 pages of scripts from the 6th February.
“That’s what friends are for” In a situation like I am in now, this is where you will see the strength of friendships – and my friends are not here. This shows that the world can improve much in understanding “what friends are for”
Meeting Fuggi again I met Fuggi again “by coincidence” today at the Fitness Centre – and the Devil is stronger than ever but I will make room to come through


Sleep and dreams

Tonight was not a very good night, the sleep was disrupted and poor so today is one of those days where I am “tired” and I am happy that the number of these days have decreased lately. Some dreams:

  • I am at the farm and there is fire on the first floor, I see my old self dying and people become unhappy because of this, but I have the feeling that I can defeat everyone as my new self.
  • And please remember that despite of this dream, my new self is identical with my old self, there is no difference, but the new self has received some “add ons” just like the FIREFOX browser, which I have used for a couple of months and I AM VERY HAPPY TOO with this browser and its fantastic flexibility and add ons – highly recommended my friends.
  • In a dream I hear the song “I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight” by U2 and I tell the band to do the song as it was intended – about a “disease”. I tell a busy Niklas that I will never change what I have done.
    • This dream is coming after I have downloaded and now listened to the latest album by U2 “no line on the horizon” several times the last week and you are still among my favourites U2 even though I like your albums until 1993 better than the new ones, but Bono is maybe the greatest rock star on Earth today, the Edge may be the best guitarist and I LOVE the feeling and rhythm of the bass and drums of U2, which is really very important to the sound of U2 if you ask me, but it is only a “feeling” that your music and songs – with a few exceptions – today are not at the same level as before and when this is said I will pass on the word to Polle because Polle is there a message about this song and we know ALL OF US OR NONE OF US and THAT IS THE PRINCIPLE OF THE MUSKETEERS and therefore also us so you are speaking to all of us and we would like to say that YES you have grown and NO you have not grown because you are not happy that you did not finalise yesterday or at least today on the new design for all scripts of February but you have decided yourself to postpone the deadline because of your programme today and we know a decision to work approx. 5 hours per day sometimes more and sometimes less and that is AT THE MOMENT and I WILL CONTINUE UNTIL I AM FINISHED WITH THIS WORK of the new design which I expect will be tomorrow and that is a fact and if we may say that this is your decision and because of the situation at the moment which is not quite stable this is what you believe is adequate to reach us and we know Stig because THIS IS PART OF YOUR OWN BASIC RULES and because of this WE WILL ACCEPT because NORMALLY YOU FINISH ON TIME so carry on and we know THE SONG IS NOT AS GOOD AS IT COULD BE BY U2 which was the first feeling I had when I heard it but you know this is what they decided to do and this was my comment: U2, PLEASE DO THE SONG AS I YOU WERE INSPIRED TO DO and who is this song about and YOU MAY GUESS ON A PERSON COMING FROM DENMARK WRITING THESE WORDS MAYBE and we know THERE IS NOTHING MORE THAN THIS AT THE MOMENT and we have not said anything else than YES it is and I like the words from the song: “Do you believe me or are you doubtin? We’re gonna make it all the way to the light” because this is in fact what we will do.
  • I see that Tiger Woods did not win in Golf, it was Bent P. and Per H. from Danske Bank, Espergærde, who won, because they followed me to Danske Bank, Frihavn and from this moment on Tiger received a draw.
    • The feeling from the dream was really that THE REASON FOR WINNING was LISTENING and LEARNING as I have tried to do from the “mentors” I have met in my career and I took the lessons from Bent P. and Per H. from Danske Bank 1984-1986 (and you could have included Berit, Steen and Jørgen too – I liked that place much) with me to the next job and from here I learned a lot primarily from Benta but also from others, which I took with me to the next job and so on.
  • I am at the farm in Sweden and I arrive together with my mother and I say that this is the first time you are here, but she tells me that she has been here before and that it is me who has been in charge lately. I now see that we are at the Cottage House in Sweden, which today is possessed by Sanna and Hans – WHICH IS MY SYMBOL OF TRUE HAPPINESS AND MY HOME – and which was possessed by Helene, Hans mother, until she died in year 2000. In the dream I am told that there was a bank crisis from 1990-1999 and I see that Helene is still at the farm, that she has a bad knee and that I am taking care of her. I see other elderly people at the house and some are left to their own devises by some of the people looking after them, because they believe this is right, and some of the elderly are active because they receive a responsibility, which I believe is the right to do, and I see a bouquet of flowers, which is almost done and I get the feeling of my mother.
    • This dream should be self explanatory and I can only tell: Yes my mother, I am trying to tell the truth as I have done since 2004 and especially since 2006 but it has not been easy because you have not truly wanted to listen to me and because you decided to listen to Sanna instead who did not understand at all – but please carry on by reading my scripts and also my book from before 1st February and you will see that I ONLY MEAN THE BEST despite of the words I have written also about the family. This is the mountain you are all climbing those of you who are “actors” of this book and when you have climbed the mountain (of difficulties) and reached the top, this is where you will come home – and I can only say as Janet Parker said to me in the soul journey from 2006 because this is the best advice I have given myself too going through exactly the same as you right now: IT IS ALL ABOUT ACCEPTANCE – the sooner you accept your destiny, these scripts and your goal of life, the less pain you will give yourself and me too (!) and the sooner we can start the next chapter TO BRING HOME ALL OF MY CHILDREN – which is to bring back people who have lost faith to God. This is the meaning of what I do and please understand that we don’t have all the time in the world you know.
    • Bank crisis is “lack of money”, which may have been the situation for Helene?
  • I hear the words “I wanna wake up in a city, that doesn’t sleep” from the song New York New York by Frank Sinatra (who is also one of my favourite artists!) and the lyrics continue with: “And find I’m king of the hill – top of the heap”.
  • I am working at a hardware store and the manager of the store is “big” of stature and has dirty hands because he is working like a tradesman. A customer arrives and speaks to the manager without knowing that he is indeed the manager and the customer does not know if he can trust this “employee” and I tell him that he can ask the manager if this employee can be trusted and the customer looks at me believing I am the manager and I say that I am not the manager but I am sure that the manager will answer the question – only because it is asked – by saying that the employee is indeed to be trusted. At the store I see a woman playing some of my old albums and I notice that she did not listen with much concentration to an album by Siouxsie & the Banshees but now I see that she is starting to pay more attention to my music, which is new to her and I arrive and say that because she has decided to use two minutes listening to my music, please let me play some of the best music from this band which is the song “Melt – my lover melt” and I try to locate the album but I cannot find it having only little time.
    • This dream is about RESTORING RELATIONS therefore the hardware store, the manager is God but people don’t believe in the beginning that he in fact is God so essentially this dream is about me restoring relations with family and friends, which this dream says will happen.
    • The woman listening with more attention to my music is Karen and this is my BEST MUSIC KAREN, and therefore a symbol of love, and MELT is about finding the desire inside of you for you to come home and Karen – this is indeed who you are, you are Mary Magdalena even though you may find it difficult to believe in today but Karen your husband Denis is only brought to you for all of us to hurt as a preparation for you and I to finally find each other and Karen, I have the same difficulties seeing us together as you have – this is a key message of my book, which you will understand when you start reading it BECAUSE I HAVE NEVER REALLY DESIRED YOU but you know it is the plan of God and when we come home to the other side both of us, we will understand why this love of ours should be so difficult to reach. This is the truth, Karen – I don’t want you and I do want you, both feelings – how do you REALLY feel? Please “listen to your heart”.

    The day at A2B

    Arriving on time again this morning and hopefully staying here all day without any interruptions as I experienced Friday last week and I was thinking if they noticed I left early or not and I have decided of course to tell the truth if they will ask me why I left early which is because of a “sudden family crisis”, which made me do what I will normally NEVER do, which is just to leave without saying anything. This is how I felt last Friday, this was the stress coming to me to do something which I would never do and which normally is bad behaviour if there was not a very good reason for it like this one for example.

    So continuing writing my book at the course starting by writing the first subjects of the script today using two hours on this including ONE edit of it, which is what I have decided to do before it is published at my blog and later I will do a second edit before you will have the final script, and I have decided that I will collect all scripts of one month at a time in a Word document – with a different design than my blog because of two different systems and you know A WASTE OF TIME – and that I will save the scripts of one month at my Skydrive the first time after the end of February – making the scripts easier to access later.

    Today I also started doing the second edit of my scripts from the 6th February 2010 and normally it would be impossible to do this work for most people feeling like I do today because of the tiredness but for me it is about JUST DO IT and it is both very difficult and very easy to do at the same time when feeling like this and today I finished 27 pages during approx. 3 hours at A2B leaving approx. 20 pages for tomorrow and the work to do another design too before publishing the updated scripts at my blog.

    “That’s what friends are for”

    I have been thinking about “what friends are for” because I may not have ONE SINGLE FRIEND here in Denmark – as I believe friends should be like – when the truth is to be said because what do I see among both family and friends after I have published my scripts?

    I see people NOT BELIEVING IN ME, people believing I AM CRAZY, people NOT ASKING OPEN QUESTIONS trying to understand (with one exception of Janne, which tells very much good about you Janne, thank you), people being SO STRONG IN THEIR OWN “VOICE” that it makes me sick (!), people being AFRAID , people thinking of themselves instead of the purpose of the book or people simply being lazy not reading the scripts. These are the FEELINGS of all of you WHO SHOULD BE MY FRIENDS and be there in a situation like this trying to understand and support you when a friend needs this. Is what you do also what you think is the right way to act all of you? To keep quiet and for some of you to speak behind my back without having the courage to tell me in face what you say to others about me? Is that what friends are for or can you see that this really also shows that YOU CAN IMPROVE MUCH IN FRIENDSHIPS by being there when you are needed as a friend and to support the people you really care for. This is sadly how the world is today, this is why I go through this experience too.

    And when it comes to Jack – who could be my best friend still today if he had decided to understand and trust in me instead of deserting me – because Jack this is what you really do, when you start speaking to my sister trying to find out how you can “help” me of course without understanding and of course with a hidden agenda. Jack, if you see me flying in a helicopter, what you are doing is to try shooting down the helicopter to make it crash into the sea and these are symbols, which you could easily understand if you decided to read my book instead of being scared (helicopter is being LIFTED UP BY GOD – this is why you work with helicopters in real life, this is where God has put you, and the sea is “pain”) and instead of speaking to my sister – which is not very normal that a friend will do without speaking to his friend – and Jack you are hurting me without knowing it BECAUSE IT IS THE DEVIL GIVING YOU THE THOUGHT THAT STIG IS NOT ALRIGHT and the truth Jack is that YOU ARE NOT ALRIGHT BECAUSE YOU DON’T TRY TO REALLY and I MEAN REALLY UNDERSTAND and it demands BEING TOTALLY OPEN TO SEE A NEW WORLD and that is right Jack – you are also in the process of coming home to me because now I am told that in this process you will be negative and sceptical in the beginning but when you read and the more you read, the better you will understand these scripts and me and you will start seeing something new, which is that THERE IS REALLY A GENERAL IDEA IN THIS BOOK and it is as simple as this: TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE for all of us and Jack please continue reading and we will all be there and I am thinking of the song “ I’ll be there” by Jackson 5 and the words “You and I must make a pact” because Jack, this is what it is about. YOU CANNOT UNDERSTAND IF YOU DON’T READ MY BOOK and the more you read, the more you will understand enabling us to make this “pact” :-).

    Meeting Fuggi again

    Monday is the day where I go to Fitness World Valby at 17.00 and today after Yoga I met Fuggi starting training in this centre too and of course we are still friends and I am sad that he does not understand my book yet but when I meet him here of course I will speak to him so this is what we did and what we will do next Monday too because he has also planned on coming at this centre this week day at this time and we know WE ARE ALL HERE TO MAKE SURE THE TWO OF YOU ARE STILL IN CONTACT and we know THERE IS A SPECIAL REASON BECAUSE OF WHOM FUGGI IS but at the moment NO DANGER FOR YOU FUGGI and LET US LOOK INTO THE FUTURE and say NO REASON FOR ANY CONCERN FUGGI because of whom you are and that is were in your past life.

    And today and yesterday I have seen the other side of Gollum or the Devil if you will wanting to kill me and just saying that the Devil is again stronger than ever and that here I have absolutely no way out because I am shown in visions that I am put back on the ship with the pirates because of the resistance I meet from people included in the book because ALL OF YOUR NEGATIVE FEELINGS are reflected back on me WHICH I MUST ENDURE FROM ALL OF YOU – that is the pain I am going through now so if you were able to control your feelings better if would be easier for all of us – and that is ALL ACTORS appearing in the book and not only family and friends but also former colleagues and all I can say to the Devil is that I really don’t care – I have made up my decision and that is to enter without any help from anyone – except for a few emails from my dear friends in Kenya BUT UNFORTUNATELY NOT FROM YOU ANYMORE ELIJAH (?) – and I know that there is a way through and this is really only to do my best at the level I have decided – despite of the pain – and if there is no room for me to enter I can only say that then I need to make you move and we know Stig, THIS IS WHAT WE ARE DOING AT THE MOMENT and ok WE WILL MAKE ROOM yes my boys :-).


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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