Sunday 14th February 2010 – I am standing in front of God and will come home, when my family will start believing in me

Summary of the script today



Sleep and dreams Two dreams saying that I am in front of God and will come home, when my family will believe me and that I am suffering more than my family
The church service on love Merete spoke of Love of God and love between man today and concluded WE ARE NEVER NOTHING with faith and the love of God
Asking the Commune of reimbursement and total FREEDOM I asked the Commune 1) to reimburse my expenses of 593 DKK and 2) to receive my total FREEDOM by giving me exemption from the A2B course
Wishing my father BON VOYAGE I have nothing else to say to you father than BON VOYAGE
Improving the design of my blog I found a way to improve the design of my blog, but it is still not perfect and I am not happy to use a poorer solution than Microsoft Word


Sleep and dreams

Tonight was more or less as the latest nights including some dreams of the “difficult to remember” kinds:

  • I am borrowing an Alfa Romeo in Sweden, and it will take me half an hour to pick up “something”, but before I go I decide to take a nap. When I drive the car at the motorway, the motor moves very strongly and very uncomfortable. I will bring back the car on Monday at 8.00.
    • Driving an Italian car in Sweden – two countries symbolising JOY and HAPPINESS but the drive is still very difficult.
  • I am on a skiing holiday together with Sanna/Hans and Mother/John in Sweden. I am running the steepest slopes and the family only run at the small slopes. Sanna has brought music, but not everything is recorded for example REM and John Denver is not recorded. I see Hans not being together with Sanna and his sons ask him if he will go to another woman, which he says he will not. I throw two stones over the slopes into the wood and in the dream I see the link to my website which is not truly read.
    • Just to say that I am still suffering more than the family – remember that SNOW is pain – even though we are in Sweden (the same symbol as the previous dream). REM may be a referral to you Sanna to start remembering your dreams, which you are welcome to write down and send to me if YOU WOULD LIKE TO HEAR WHAT THEY MEAN? And when the music is not recorded, it is not beautiful sounds coming from you at the moment. The wood is the symbol of where God is living – at the other side of the slopes which you also showed me yesterday in a vision where I was standing in front of Piccadilly Circus and which you also said to me directly yesterday (not written down), that WHEN MY FAMILY STARTS BELIEVING IN ME, THIS IS WHEN I WILL COME HOME – an almost impossible thing to do – and then our sufferings will stop.
    • And when you start showing me these symbols IT CAN ONLY MEAN THAT MY FAMILY IS NOW IN THE PROCESS OF STARTING TO UNDERSTAND – can you please confirm if this is true? My dear friend and my dear aunt is still there but not every day and Monday not Tuesday a little and so on but now I will tell you this, your mother is not sad, no she is not depressed, no your mother feels that she is close of dying and we know all of us THIS IS THE PROCESS SOME OF US NEED TO GO THROUGH and believe me I HAVE BEEN GOING THROUGH THIS PROCESS FOR FOUR YEARS NOW AND WE KNOW but no one will tell her that SHE IS NOT THE ONE BECAUSE YOU ARE THE ONE AND SHE IS THE ONE TOO – the one I TOLD YOU ABOUT MOTHER – and the idea is really only this FOR YOU TO COME ALIVE BY READING AND UNDERSTANDING ME – this is the true secret of this book for you – before you REALLY will start listening to the voice of God and for ALL OF US TO START TO BE LIFTED UP AT A HIGHER LEVEL to the ones we really are. And thank you my dear Council for giving this answer.
  • When I write down the dream above, I hear “just say yes” by Snow Patrol.
  • I am together with Paul H., we have an agreement to transfer whisky to someone through a telefax machine. Later he tells me that he has cancelled playing golf in Fiji. I am inside Fair Forsikring playing Golf, but Peter A. and others don’t want to play anymore, which makes me go to pee in a big crock for plants standing in the hall and when people start to arrive, I go to the toilet instead and I pee for a very very long time.
    • Playing golf on Fiji are two symbols of God (i.e. beautiful islands) and Paul is an example of a person having difficulties listening to me instead of his own voice, which started in 2006 Paul where you were the only one I told the degree of my suffering back then and now you have decided that I am not telling the truth, but something “special” is coming to you my very good, old friend. And as you can see, it is difficult to find people believing in me in Fair at the moment, exactly as expected to say to the world that people believe more in themselves even though they know nothing of the subject.
  • In DanskeBank-Pension, Bjarne shows me a paper, which he has done and I ask of the purpose of this paper and he tells me that it is a collection of 2.40 DKK which I need to pay. I go around the head office of Danske Bank and I find no one whom I know and I liked the bank much better when I worked there where I knew people at different floors.
    • An example of what was the difference between Bjarne and I when we worked together. He did calculations which no one or only very few of the users at the branches of the bank understood because he did not give an overview of the calculations, which I introduced in order for both colleagues and customers to understand – some people might still remember this.
  • I see people moving into new row houses for rent next to the sea, originally the houses cost 1,000 DKK per square metre but they have all agreed to have guards living together with them to protect them, which make the price rise to 1,400 DKK per square metre – which I find is far too expensive also because they can only use half of the area to live on – and I see palms at the houses too.
    • Only this: Mother, I mentioned PALMS to you the other day, in this dream God decided to include it to say to you. What do you dream at the moment and what do you experience? Do you have special physical experiences, which you can feel on you body – like I have had strongly since 2006 – and it can even be strong CLICKING SOUNDS IN THE EAR?

The church service on love

Today at church – which was beautiful because the children chorus was there today and they were dressed out because of the Shrovetide – Merete, who was the priest today decided to preach on the text of Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians – and to you John in Kenya I can say that PAUL is still you and vice versa and the same way as I am not yet connected to my previous lives, you are neither BUT IT WILL COME TO US SOON – and not the last text she read, which they normally do here and which today was Luke 18,31-43.

At the beginning of the service – before the preaching – God gave me the presence of Karen/MM very strongly to me several times and I discovered the reason why when Merete started preaching because as she said this was a service of love today which at the same time was Valentines Day – TRUE LOVE IT WAS but NOT RIGHT NOW you know – and Merete spoke beautifully about LOVE and about the three supports in life: Faith, hope and love and love being the strongest of them saying that love is so strong that you will either be ON THE GREEN BRANCH or DEEP DOWN IN THE COAL CELLAR because of the GOOD and the BAD sides of love and during the service I noticed what I do believe is the motive power of Merete because she said that she herself is AWING WHY GOD HAS DECIDED TO BE PART OF US and she concluded that love is the gift of God, that the love of God to mankind is the same as the love between people and she asked people to “stay alive” always to feel the love of God and she finished by saying twice: YOU ARE NEVER NOTHING when you have faith in God and when you have the love of God with you and after the service I said on my way out to Merete that I liked very much her beautiful words “WE ARE NEVER NOTHING” and I noticed that she smiled.

At the service I also noticed that Leif was not among the congregation, which he is normally when he is not preaching himself at either 9.00 or 10.30 as he was not today and this gives me the opportunity to say that I have not heard from Leif yet on my reply to him and I did not bring our emails here one week ago and since some people may find them interesting, I bring them here:

Here is the nice email he sent me the 7th February:

Kære Stig

Tillykke med dit værk! Uden håb kan vi ikke leve!

Du er med søndag efter søndag.Sådan lever du selv af det,du fortæller om.

Det kan være, at du på et tidspunkt vil komme til Rustenborgvej 5 og fortælle om dit værk?

Glædelig søndag


And here is my reply from the same day:

Kære Leif,

Mange tak for din meget venlige mail, som jeg blev glad for at modtage 🙂

Jeg så på kirkens hjemmeside, at du havde "den tidlige vagt" i dag, og jeg selv havde fornøjelsen lidt senere at lytte til Karens smukke historie om en Astrid Lindgreen historie om et frø, som voksede sig til en dukke, som blev til en ven – som et symbol på Guds Rige, hvilket hun har ganske ret i.

Tak for din venlige invitation, som jeg gerne accepterer og som du er velkommen til at foreslå dag og tidspunkt for. Tirsdag og Torsdag – eftermiddag eller aften – eller weekend er normalt gode tidspunkter for mig, hvor jeg ser frem til en god og uformel snak.

Venlige hilsener fra


So I don’t know what happened, Leif? Did you decide to read the book before coming back to me? I still look forward to hearing from you and your “verdict” from the church if you will believe in me or if you find that I am “crazy” – do you remember the preaching from Karen Marie some weeks ago about the potential meeting between people and Jesus in the Supermarket, where she was convinced that people would think that Jesus would be crazy? This is really the test for all of you my dear priests.

Asking the Commune of reimbursement and total FREEDOM

I can also work on Sundays even though some people believe you must rest, but no YOU HAVE THE FREEDOM TO DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT TO DO ON YOUR DAY OFF, if Sunday is a day off for you as an individual that is, and today I had decided to write the following emails to the Commune in order to hear if they will reimburse my expenses to attend the course they force me to attend – and also to ask them to give me cash help to write this book and give me my full freedom back, and I am really looking forward to hear what they will decide – if they will start thinking they should accept both of my proposals, but we will have to wait and see:

Here is the first email to Maja, which was the woman I spoke to the 27th January:

Hej Maja,

Vi havde et møde den 27. januar, hvor du meddelte, at I havde besluttet, at jeg skulle deltage i A2B’s kursus i Gladsaxe. Jeg spurgte dig om transportomkostninger og du sagde, at når det kun er to zoner, så betaler kommunen ikke – man skal op på tre zoner, for at kommunen betaler som standard – men du sagde også, at jeg var velkommen til at "klage", hvilket gav mig et indtryk af, at reglen ikke er ufravigelig.

Jeg skriver ikke til dig for at "klage", fordi jeg besluttede at cykle, som jeg fortalte dig, men jeg ved ikke, om det er på grund af det hårde vintervejr, men gearet gik i stykker på min cykel efterfulgt af kæden, som sprang og her til sidst et fladt baghjul, som jeg har været nødt til at betale for at få repareret – selvom jeg ikke har råd (!) – og dette udelukkende for at deltage i et kursus, som I "tvinger" mig til at deltage i, et kursus, som jeg ikke lærer noget fra – se venligst min næste mail.

Min situation er, at fordi I har truffet dennne beslutning, så har jeg haft udgifter til reparation af cykel og to dages busbilletter (hvor cyklen var til reparation) på i alt kr. 593, som jeg vil spørge, om I har mulighed for at refundere meget hurtigt, så jeg har noget at leve af resten af måneden? Jeg kommer gerne forbi med kvitteringer f.eks. mandag og jeg ser frem til at høre fra dig.

Venlige hilsener fra


And here is the email to René, who is the vice director of the all Social and Health administrations of the commune including the Jobcenter and Anne – who is the manager of the Jobcenter received a copy of my email including Maja:

Kære René,

Mange tak for din opfølgning.

Jeg besluttede tidligere at tilbyde kommunen et møde, hvis dette kunne ske uden unødvendig forsinkelse på grund af bureaukrati, fordi min plan var i løbet af få uger at udsende min bog, som behandler emnet i detalje og som alle – inklusive Lyngby-Taarbæk kommune – med stor fordel kan læse og drage nytte og lærdom af, men på grund af "systemets" forsinkelse har jeg efter udgivelsen af bogen truffet beslutning om, at jeg synes det er rigtigst, at I forbereder jer til mødet ved at læse bogen – og det kræver sådan set René, at I læser hele bogen på over 1.200 sider, for at I kan forstå baggrund og indhold som grundlag for, at I rent faktisk vil gå i gang med at ændre systemet. Hvis I vælger "blot" at tage et møde – uanset hvor venligt dette end er – så har jeg ikke tillid til, at I vil kunne gennemføre de radikale ændringer, som jeg lægger op til. Så derfor anmoder jeg jer venligst om at læse og at forstå, og hvis I fortsat ønsker et møde derefter, står jeg gerne til rådighed.

Med hensyn min deltagelse i kurset hos A2B er dette et eksempel på et gennemgående tema i jeres "arbejdsmarkedspolitik", som I kan læse om i bogen, fordi "systemet" handler ikke om mennesker og deres individuelle behov og rettigheder, for i systemet er man HELT FORKERT blot et "nummer" uden rettigheder. Jeg er i den situation, at kurset hos A2B – som måske er det bedste i markedet overhovedet – ikke lærer mig noget som helst, fordi jeg er blandt de ganske få (som A2B siger), som har al den viden, som gennemgås på kurset og mere til for den sags skyld, så i praksis er der sket det, at jeg har lært A2B’s medarbejdere og ledelse nogle enkelte ting omkring, hvordan man kan gøre systemet bedre og de har truffet den beslutning, at jeg holdes udenfor kurset, fordi jeg ikke har brug for det – som man kan konstatere ved blot at se indholdet og strukturen af mit CV.

Dette betyder, at jeg nu er på dette "kursus" – som er godt for de fleste (!) – uden at lære noget, at jeg er fritaget for forpligtelser og at jeg har "fået lov til" at komme hver dag og at gøre mit eget arbejde, som er at skrive den bog, som I har set introduktionen til i min email af den 1. februar og som jeg stadig skriver på. Og jeg har meddelt A2B, at jeg vil blive ved med at gøre det, som kommunen stiller krav om, og hvis det er, at I fortsat ønsker, at jeg kommer til Gladsaxe hver dag, så gør jeg det – det er også meget rart med lidt selskab – og hvis I stadig ønsker, at jeg skriver fire ansøgninger hver 14. dag, så fortsætter jeg med at gøre dette, selvom jeg har meddelt jer og A2B – og også Maja i Jobcentret, som får en kopi af denne email – at mit virkelige arbejde er at skrive den bog, som jeg skriver og at jeg forventer, at den i løbet af nogle uger eller måneder vil give mig en indkomst, men indtil da har jeg brug for hjælp til at betale mine regninger og at få mad på bordet – altså ren og skær overlevelseshjælp. Jeg har IKKE brug for at blive aktiveret eller at lære at skrive ansøgninger. Det er blot det, at jeg nu efterhånden flere gange har forsøgt at forklare jer – og indtil videre er der ikke en eneste i systemet ELLER I BUREAUKRATIET, som er dét, det er, som har fundet ud af, hvad man skal gøre med sådan en som mig andet end at lade mig følge det almindelige forløb, som altså samtidig er det, jeg beskriver i min bog, for at I kan se, hvor dårligt det fungerer og hvordan det kan forbedres til glæde for alle. Og dette arbejde er jeg nu færdigt med – tak for hjælpen 🙂 – og det vil kun forårsage logistiske udfordringer for mig at skulle komme fysisk til Gladsaxe hver dag og bruge en anden computer end min egen, hvor man ikke må "få lov til noget" på grund af systemmæssige begrænsninger, stort set lige som jeres "system" fungerer.

Så dette er min helt ærlige udmelding. Vil I fortsat tvinge mig til at deltage i et kursus, jeg ikke har brug for, som A2B ved, at jeg ikke har brug for, som I selv burde kunne se, at jeg ikke har brug for og som samtidig er spild af både jeres og statens (!) penge eller vil I gøre det, som er det eneste rigtige: At give mig min fulde frihed uden at tvinge mig til at deltage i helt og aldeles unødvendige aktiviteter, og at jeg får "midlertidig hjælp" til at skrive min bog på samme måde som en person i Brede Park får hjælp til at male billeder og en anden får hjælp til at spille musik formentlig på grund af "særlige årsager"?

Jeg glæder mig til at høre fra jer – og tro mig, det bedste I kan gøre, er at starte på at læse min bog uden forudfattede holdninger om, hvad der er rigtigt og forkert. Og dette er kun ment POSITIVT i forhold til både medarbejdere hos kommunen samt modtagere af kommunens ydelser.

De venligste hilsener fra


And I just thought how René from the Commune was thinking when he wrote his email to me Friday and if the only reason why I heard from him was mainly because Tim – the Commune Director – had asked him to follow up, and not because he wanted to himself (?), and after sending the email above I received an automatic reply from René saying that he will not be back at the office before the 22nd February so we will have to see if the manager of the Jobcentre will act on my email without René or if the Commune will be “paralysed”.

Wishing my father BON VOYAGE

Today I started to receive what I know will develop into haemorrhoidectomy unless you the Council decide to stop it again and only for you to give me something strong enough to write about my father, otherwise I would not mention him with a word, and the same way as you twice within the last 10 years I believe have given me haemorrhoidectomy a short time, which are not nice and which my father has been “suffering” of and I don’t have any other messages to you father than I know you are almost throwing up – I know that feeling – and because you have decided not to ask me of everything and because you don’t believe in me because of what has been the highest selfishness I have seen in any man (!), I have nothing else to say to you than please remember the emails I sent to you last year about a meeting to come and a question you will be asked. I wish you BON VOYAGE.

Improving the design of my blog

Today I also used three hours to find ways to improve the design of my blog and I truly feel it is a waste of time to start learning how new programmes work when they cannot perform the same advanced formatting as the existing Microsoft Word and I am very aware that HTML is another standard than Word and that is why my dear friends I have told you that ONE STANDARD is preferable and I found a better solution using the Microsoft Live Writer with a special additional program feature to build special designed tables and still it does not work perfect but this is what I have settled for now because it is the best of the solutions I have looked at, because I have decided to stay with Microsoft Live Spaces and because I have decided that I don’t want to use maybe hundreds of hours to become an expert on how to improve further – which I can see that some people have, but NO not for me – the next time the design will improve is when a natural opportunity will occur.

And tomorrow at A2B I will do what I had planned to do Friday last week – to do the second edit of my scripts from the 6th February and I will also do Yoga and running tomorrow so I might not finish uploading all scripts from February with the new design – which will take some time to do for every single day – and therefore I have decided that I am happy to finish this on Tuesday, also because at the moment I really don’t have much to do other than to write these scripts some hours every day WAITING FOR MY SURROUNDINGS to accept that what I write is indeed with the direct speech of the Council and God and not what some people may believe is “just my imagination” and you can learn from my first book in order to take this “imagination” away from you in case you should suffer from this “disease”.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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