Tuesday 16th February 2010 – God has approved me, the first family members and friends SHOULD now have a new understanding of me

Summary of the script today



Sleep and dreams Dreams of Søren H. leaving me including his “sickness”, God has decided to continue my journey becoming the manager of my “new business” for people to meet God, and the media as the worst Devils of all!
When will my family see me again? My book is about UNDERSTANDING and ACCEPTANCE. The first of you should by now be ready to contact me. “When will I see you again”?
A surprising day at A2B about retailing The lesson includes messages to the world about producing and consuming quality products, to prioritize families, local shopping, always to have fair trade and to base sales prices on cost prices!
The commune will NOT reimburse my transport expenses The Commune may feel “provoked” by my email – a new “control” meeting the 24th and they will NOT pay my transport expenses!
The feeling of having another existence working inside of me Because of other people, the Devil is still working inside of me – I explain (again) how it feels like to have another existence working inside of you


Sleep and dreams

Tonight I slept somewhat better making the day today between normal and tired, and I woke up with the first dream at 6.00 and all dreams came from this hour until 7.30, where they are normally spread over the night:

  • I am together with Søren H. and I see that his father dies, which makes Søren very sad and he tells me while I hold his hand that “he was professional until the end”. I see that my mother is with us. I now see that Søren is having a dinner-party together with a bank, which is a client of his. I am now at Danske Bank trying to get my laptop into an office, which gives me problems because the outlet is in the hall and the cable is too short to reach into the office, but finally I make it. Inside the office where I see Kristen F-W sitting. The bank has now a new owner, but the work and working conditions are not visibly changed. Søren’s client, another bank, calls me after they were having dinner yesterday and I know that something is wrong with Søren, which I tell the bank. I see Søren lying at the hospital, he has undergone a complicated operation, a part of his brain and intelligence has been taken away from him, and the operation did not go well making Søren lie in coma. There is a machine, which offer to regret the operation step by step but nothing happens when I push the button and Søren dies. Because of this I am announced as the new manager for the business in Denmark, I appoint my organization, but my marketing manager is not referring to me but to a Nordic Manager, which I am sceptical of and we receive a visit by the Nordic Manager, which I am also sceptical of and I tell that he is welcome to take bread from the kitchen.
  • The death of Sørens father is a symbol of no connection between Søren and me TODAY because of how Søren is thinking. The part of his brain and intelligence made him a DICTATOR when working and very LIKEABLE in private almost like Niels de Bang – because it is the same “sickness” both of you suffer from and I might add that Niels, in my experience your “suffering” is even worse than Søren’s and Lars H. from Danske Bank, Frihavn, you are also one of these persons I have met as managers going under the name “psychopath”.
  • And Søren H. – do you remember HOW difficult it was for you to handle all of the legal “stuff” as you handed over to me even though you were the responsible manager and this is only because God took away your intelligence to understand and when you don’t understand and when you cannot separate what is right and wrong and only focus on money, it is easy for you to decide WHAT I REVEALED TO THE MANAGEMENT OF FAIR AND NOW TO THE WORLD. Søren, you CHEATED by not paying vat of 25% for telemarketing invoices of many millions of DKK – and this is only ONE EXAMPLE of how you Søren and also Niels cheated WITHOUT being caught and Niels, you were the one who had me lose a case in court because of your sickness with the assistance of Kim S. as explained earlier when you agreed with your lawyer friend behind my bag to do what is illegal and which he would be expelled by the Danish Law society if they knew, which they know now!
  • Becoming a new manager means that GOD HAS ACCEPTED ME TO BECOME HIM ON EARTH – thank you father or should I say thank you Council because I really don’t know if this is yours decision alone which I guess it is because you said that FIRST YOU WILL COME BACK TO ME and we know POLLE HERE and after that WE WILL SEND YOU AWAY ON A NEW JOURNEY and thank you for singing the new POPE, and we know just an idea of how he was inspired of course BUT THIS IS A TOTALLY DIFFERENT STORY 🙂
  • The story of the marketing manager is about Morten J. in GE Insurance and the Nordic Manager is about the concept as it was when I was trying to manage GE Insurance Denmark under impossible conditions – both ideas to do this DID NOT WORK at all because you gave responsibilities and assignments to people for other countries which they did not know much about do you remember Anders and Erja and taking my ability to decide and manage away from me – THIS WAS THE REASON WHY THINGS ENDED AS THEY DID IN GEFI, otherwise Morten J., I had dismissed you because of disloyal behaviour but you were “saved” by people not knowing how you behaved, which was totally unacceptable. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE IF PEOPLE WILL TELL IT as I recommend you to do.
  • When I write down notes of this dream, again I hear the song “jeg har lagt mine våben for dig – bade skjoldet og mit sværd” (I have layed my weapons for you both the shield and the sword) by Anne Dorte Michelsen giving me the feeling that I am now ready to meet the world. The Sword is COMMUNICATION and the shield is PROTECTION.
  • And this song is followed by “all I ever knew only you” giving me the feeling of my mother and Karen and you know Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalena and this song was followed by “Min engel” by Rasmus Seebach (a beautiful song) and I am told that until further notice the rest of my family is in “the bank”.
  • I see that Kim S. and Søren H. have prepared budgets for the business, which I am going to manage and they tell me that the budget of 600,000 DKK for the first period has already been reached because of old business, which Søren has transferred to the new business, and I think that these budgets are probably wrong, which I will find out when I start the new business. I sit down at my new table next to you ANNE METTE K. (!)
  • I am standing at the end of a hall having a stable of firewood standing to the left of me. New fire – LONG trunks actually – are coming from the other end of the hall and the idea is for these to be put on top of the stable but they miss and they roll down next to me almost hitting me – a very dangerous situation. I see people at the other end of the hall from where the trunks come from and they are also in danger and from the hall I see that there is an exit to an archive room and I shout that they can enter the archive room if they need to seek shelter from the trunks.
  • I see many camping wagons and there is a test to show how quickly they burn down when put on fire. I see one television journalist lying at the end of a camping wagon and the end of the wagon is open. This wagon is the wagon of all burning the quickest and I see both a lot of smoke and fire almost reaching the journalist who is broadcasting this live on television.
    • This only shows what I believe of the Media. You are responsible for the world not helping people in need – IN GENERAL (!) – and you are responsible for NOT spreading the news about me (yet) because of what you yourself believe is the truth and your so called “right” to choose the stories, which you believe CAN SELL – YOU ARE THE WORST DEVIL ON THE PLANET TODAY!
  • I see Rolf from the park is preparing food on a gas light belonging to a camping wagon and I tell him that I cannot live from what he is preparing. Judith ask me to sit next to her at the table.
  • When will my family see me again?

    This morning I was thinking about the fact that the quicker my family – and friends for that matter – read and understand me, the quicker they accept their participation in this book, the quicker they focus on how they are helping the world instead of negatively focusing on feeling hurt, angry, sad or sorry, the quicker we will be able to see each other again and the quicker we will be able to help the world.



    A surprising day at A2B about retailing

    Yesterday in a vision – one of many I receive every day as a “normal” ingredient of my life today – I was shown an old dream in fact of how joyful it is to come to a small and beautiful village and to enter the small grocery to buy what you need – and I did not know before today that this vision and this beautiful dream from years back (!) would be linked together with the program at A2B of today, so maybe I am not yet done with my writings from this course after all as I wrote to the Commune the other day.

    Because Agnete told all of us this morning that we were obliged to attend a teaching – which I have told her earlier that it is fine for me to participate in too – about RETALING and my first thought was that I have absolutely no need of this – which I don’t have at all – but trying to change my focus too on what I need as a private person to what may be the story which the Council wants me to tell the world, which is then what I did even though this came unexpected, was not “planned” and which forced me to change my plan of today!

    Agnete said that the reason of doing teachings like this is for people at the course to get to learn other industries, which they may be motivated to try – often you are not motivated to do things which you don’t know of, but when you have more information and knowledge, you will better understand making you more motivated and THIS IS A GENERAL IDEA in all matters and still thinking of my family and understanding the book I am.

    Make quality products to be sold “everywhere”

    The teaching was for two hours and John – a teacher for the “young class” here – did the teaching for the first hour and I truly liked the way he was teaching with knowledge, confidence and how he interacted with the people here.

    The very large retail industry needs all people with all kind of different competences as they said, which I agreed with them in maybe opening up the eyes of some of the people here, who were negative to start with. A2B start teachings on new industries every sixth week here and I do like people having the opportunity to come and learn from a VOLUNTARY starting point and still of course always to live up to responsibilities.

    During this lesson I started looking after the key messages giving by the Council and one of them – as I was told directly – was that this course on RETAILING is about PURCHASING and therefore it is in itself a symbol of NORMAL LIFE coming to the world. That was the introduction.

    One of the first subjects which the class was speaking about was chains of retailers where the DANISH – two meanings again we know both the country and the pastry – GULD BAGER (GOLD BAKER) was mentioned as an example of a chain of bakers focusing on QUALITY BREAD instead of prefabricated bread as you see so many places and this really gave the theme today because this lesson was really about GIVING TO PEOPLE WHAT PEOPLE REALLY DESIRE and DO YOU DESIRE CHEAP PREFABRICATED BREAD or do you like the best homemade bread maybe hot together with quality butter and jam and of course when you ask directly 10 of 10 people will reply that they prefer the homemade bread – and my dear world THIS IS WHAT I AM GIVING YOU AS A SYMBOL – “ALL MY LOVING” AND A BETTER LIFE WITH QUALITY PRODUCTS instead of the cheapest you can find because of WRONG priorities of the world! I like quality in everything I do – also when it comes to bread and other food and retail products (!) – and it is a natural feeling of all people. Please follow this feeling and not the feeling of the opposite!

    This led the class to discuss how life is today where Mark (!) was one of the speakers talking about the stress as many families FEEL today where they shop at big discount warehouses outside the city centre or other discount stores, where they hurry home and where they quickly prepare dinner before they will start watching television or maybe prepare work for the next work day, which will continue like the previous day not giving much true quality of life.

    And this is really a message to the world: Instead of STRESSING, instead of prioritizing to finish what you do as quickly as possible so you have time to “relax” in front of the television or computer, I ask of you to ENJOY WHAT YOU ARE DOING TOGETHER WITH OTHER PEOPLE – SPENDING MORE TIME ON FOR EXAMPLE SHOPPING, PREPARING DINNER, BAKING, COMMUNICATING ETC. WITH YOUR FAMILY and LESS TIME ON “PASSIVE ENTERTAINMENT” OR WORKING OVERTIME STRESSING YOU TOO MUCH (!), this is WHY I HAVE PUT YOU ON EARTH – and when it comes to retailing you will make me and yourself much happier when you decide to follow my work and price system WHERE THE PRICE OF ALL GOODS WILL BE BASED ON THE COST OF PRODUCING THE GOODS and where the price will be the same “EVERYWHERE” no matter if you should decide to buy at a large store or at the local grocery because during recent years I have seen a development that has removed trade and small shops from the city or village to BIG SHOPPING CENTRES outside the city and what I encourage you to do is to make sure that you will have your needs covered at the place where you decide to live – that is to have your own local grocery store, flower shop, baker, butcher and other needs like YOUR KINDERGARDEN (Stig!) etc. around you MAKING YOUR LIFE QUALITY SO MUCH BETTER. This is truly the message of the story today and what you will see in my future kingdom.

    And another of the key messages, which soon came to me during the class was that FOCUS IN THE FUTURE SHALL NOT BE ON SELLING GOODS AT EVERY SAKE, FOCUS SHALL BE ON MAKING LIFE BETTER FOR ALL PEOPLE.

    Agnete presented us for the AMPHORA – the “jug of knowledge”

    At the second part of the teaching, which Agnete did, she started by saying that she had bought a product in Portugal, which she would present for us – she said that SHE DID NOT PLAN TO BUY THIS PRODUCT, it was an impulsive action (!) – and the idea was for the class to be divided into teams with the task to calculate what would be the right sales price.

    And my eyes BECAME BIG when she took the product out of the plastic bag and I SAW THE JUG AS JANET PARKER SPOKE TO ME ABOUT IN THE “SOUL JOURNEY” OF 2006 – OR THE AMPHORA AS IT IS CALLED – and again I knew that THE COUNCIL HAD BEEN WORKING on this story for me to present this symbol to the world, and Mark was kind to explain to the class that an Amphora is an ancient jug which was used for example in Greece and Rome and that people kept wine, olive oil, vinegar or water in them and he ALSO said that they were also used in bars because the amphoras had holes fitting directly into the bars and when he said this I SAW THE CONNECTION – two meanings again, another symbol of my mother this time SOON going to speak to God (!) – TO THE BARTENDER OF A BAR AT AN CARIBEAN ISLAND which you showed me in a dream maybe 3-4 years ago (see the old book) and this bartender is a symbol of GOD and this was what Mark was talking about here.

    And what is the deeper meaning of the symbol of the Amphora? It is as mentioned what Janet Parker spoke about in the soul journey from 2006 as a “message from the spiritual world”, which it is – JANET IS PUTTING WORDS ON IT and the spirits work together with Janet producing this the most beautiful spiritual experience I have had so far – and MY DEAR MOTHER YOU WILL ONLY SEE THE GOOD and NOT THE BAD SIDE OF THE SPIRITUAL WORLD AS I HAVE SEEN, just to relax you and this is also for you Karen, even though you have not reached as far as my mother and you know I WRITE THE WORDS HERE but the words are given to me directly – to fit into how I work which is the same principle as how they blend with how Janet likes to work – and here is again what Janet said about the jugs in her soul journey:

    “it is as if now the place totally changes and here am I, I am OK for the great stone opening of the Pyramid, and there are the many cobber jugs, many, many big jugs, great vases, Papyrus, and they are wrapped around, and here are all the people and they are preparing Papyrus, the knowledge, the knowledge, the knowledge, and they are putting it in the vases. They are sealed with red cork, this is the knowledge, and it has to be stored, it is almost as if we must not let the air in, it must not be destroyed, because one day these words will be taught, these words will be spoken and read to many“.

    And this is ONE symbol shown to me in REALITY – and you can go back in my book also before the 1st February to find MANY other symbols, which God and the Council have made me see in REALITY too.

    Determining the sales price depending on what the cost price or what people are willing to pay?

    And already by the headline you should be able to decide what you believe is the answer based on SIMPLE LOGIC – do you believe the sales price of a product should be based on what you as a consumer are willing to pay or what it cost to produce? I hope that 10 people out of 10 will answer on basis of what it costs – and when I write this I have OBAMA WITH ME AGAIN as I also had the other day again without writing it and here because this is what OBAMA WAS THE FIRST TO TELL THE WORLD: TO BASE THE SYSTEM ON A FAIR PRICE PER WORKING HOUR because this is where this chapter is leading, this is what Obama was inspired by the Council to tell the world because as OLD readers of this book will know, OBAMA IS HAVING A DIRECT LINE TO THE COUNCIL ALREADY TODAY so we are already with you my dear world.

    And in this class we were divided into five groups of approx. five people each and I was happy to see that Mark was in my group and we were giving the task to determine the retail price of the amphora if expenses are 40% of the retail price, if profit is 20% of the retail price and if the transport costs was 8 DKK per amphora.

    Before we started I asked Agnete – FOR ALL TO HEAR – to share the story of the amphora, who made it and how long it had taken to make it, and Agnete answered very briefly that it came from Portugal and that it had taken a tradesman two hours to do and I got the idea that this was really something she just said without knowing it.

    In our group we started by talking about if the price should be based on what we believe people are ready to pay for a product like this or if we should start by what would be fair to pay the tradesman and soon we ALL AGREED that we would do the last. But before we even begun to do this, CARSTEN from one of the other groups WERE INSPIRED (!) – which is LED DIRECTLY BY THE DEVIL in this case, this is also how he is working (!) – to come to our group and Carsten is an economist and VERY INTELLIGENT and sometimes a “pain in the behind” because of his “better knowing” and he told us that the selling price should be 20 DKK because then the expenses of 8 DKK would be 40%, the profit would be 4 DKK or 20% and the purchase price would be 8 DKK or the remaining 40% and besides from annoying me and the group, he was also WRONG because he thought that the transport costs and the costs of 40% were one and the same, which they were not – which I noticed he also discovered and maybe because of me Carsten (?) – so this is a story about how he as “the expert” was mistaking and misleading us.

    After he left we continued our group task and Mark believed that the typical salary for a tradesman in Spain – near to Portugal – would be DKK 144,000 per year which we calculated to 75 DKK per hour and I believe we did this work too quickly without thinking in a greater detail but we reached an assumption that when ordering 1,000 amphoras, one would take one hour to produce hereby costing 75 DKK (not including prices of materials etc.). And with this purchase price as an assumption – based on an EXAMPLE ONLY of what would be FAIR to pay and just thinking of FAIR FORSIKRING and my dear Stig WE HAVE BEEN HERE THERE AND EVERYWHERE to make this story for you also in the naming of this insurance company (!) – we calculated a retail price of 195,50 DKK based on the given assumptions by Agnete of costs which you obviously need to pay also in my future kingdom and the profit, which you will know after having read my book will NOT be a part of the future.

    After doing this we had a talk in plenum about what the different groups had done and there was a span between 40 and 300 DKK for the five different groups only showing what is happening in real life, when you ask five different people or groups to determine a retail price, you will get five different answers and Agnete had followed our group work and asked us to present our thoughts, which she tried to put down on a flip board but again the Council was with us because she was confused and started asking wrong questions making her to put down wrong figures on the flip board again proving the point that different people will come up with different results and finally we got the principles right and everybody understood what we had done – to base the price on the cost price.

    I asked the other groups in plenum what they had done – to base the retail price on the purchase price or on what they thought would be the right sales price and I got the impression from all groups that they had done the last and maybe with the exception of the group including Carsten because he saw this as a calculation and nothing else, so this was a third approach.

    And Carsten just HAD to come to the board too to show the class how he had approached this as a mathematical calculation including X, Y and Z’s and how he narrowed down this and that and before long he had lost all of the class and this is just what is happening to Sanna at the moment, because Sanna – THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE GOING THROUGH ALREADY NOW and yes my dear sister, YOU HAVE MISTREATED ME and not only this but MUCH MUCH MORE THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE IN YOUR “WILDEST DREAMS” as you will understand when you read my book. Sanna, because of you and your ignorance since 2008, I have been very close losing my life several times and it is true Sanna you have not only jeopardised my life but the life of the entire Globe! BUT WE STILL LOVE YOU ALL OF US AND WE WILL SUPPORT YOU AS WE WILL SUPPORT THE WORLD WITH OUR ABSOLUTELY BEST when the world follow the rules of this book.

    At the end of the teaching Agnete told that us that the retail price in Denmark – because she is actually selling the jug – is actually 275 DKK including 25% vat which was not far from our estimate and she said that she believed the tradesman receives approx. 100 DKK for making it.

    After the teaching I spoke to Agnete and she told me that her interest in jars started already in the 1980’s when she started importing strawberry jars from Portugal and she said that this particular amphora is not coming from Portugal as she had told the class by mistake, it is actually from Italy and STIG I WILL ONLY TELL YOU THIS I AM NOT PREPARED TO WORK MUCH LONGER THAN FIVE HOURS or that is in fact normally 6-7 hours per day and we know not for five days but for 7 days per week and at the moment it is PROVING THE GOLDEN RULE OF WORKING (see previously in my book) so maybe I will and maybe I will not finalise the work today on improving the design of my scripts at the blog from the 1st-13th February because I had not planned to use my day at A2B like this and we know THIS IS WHAT I AS STIG DECIDE AND BOTH VERSIONS – TO IMPROVE THE DESIGN AS PLANNED OR TO POSTPONE IT AGAIN – WILL BE ACCEPTED BECAUSE BOTH VERSIONS ARE INSIDE OF MY BASIC RULES and we know BUT I WOULD LIKE TO FINALISE IT TODAY but I MIGHT POSTPONE IT and we will see later and so it is and Agnete and her interest in jugs and from the eighties and a part of this, my story too you ask and NOT NO but yes and AGNETE we know thank you for your interest also for asking me at the end of the day when we did a debriefing of the day of my evaluation of the lesson and I was thinking what NIELS and others had said about just how BORRING they thought the lesson had been (making the teachers sad!), and I said what I thought which was that I had nothing to use the teaching for personally but I found it very exciting , I liked it much and I told the class what Agnete wanted me to say which again was to FOCUS ON THE PURCHASE PRICE WHEN DETERMINING SALES PRICES – WHICH IS WHAT THE WORLD IS SUFFERING OF TOO! – and I asked the class if they had heard about FAIR TRADING and I mentioned the MAX HAVELAAR LABEL AS AN EXAMPLE of sustainable production – which the class had heard of – because they make sure that the coffee farmer will get a fair price of his work and then I said that if you don’t have fair trade, you will end up in a situation where you only focus on what you are willing to pay for and then respectable companies like for example Ikea and Netto as I gave as examples sell for example textile products, which are made by children in Thailand or China using life threatening chemicals and that this is what a class like this can lead to.

    This is what the world has developed into and even “respectable” companies having “policies” of fair trade are being misled by producers offering very low prices and LOW PURCHASE PRICES IS THE NAME OF THE GAME FOR THE WORLD TODAY making the rich consumer pressure poor countries and poor workers to work as “second class” people rotting in factories in China (!) and elsewhere WHO DON’T CARE ABOUT PEOPLE OR POLUTION (even though they tell the world differently!) and this is what I WANT YOU TO STOP – so this was the story of today my friends 🙂

    At the end of the day at A2B I said goodbye to the some of the employees here and I said thank you to Agnete for her good performance teaching today, asked her to say this to her colleague John too and I also said that I understand the difficult working conditions they have here sometimes meaning the negative and spoiled attitude of the cash helpers here which I did not have to tell because she knew what I meant!

    The commune will NOT reimburse my transport expenses

    Maybe I was hoping too much when it comes to the ability of my Commune to judge and to take the right decisions after sending my email the other day because today I received a letter from Maja and YOU MAY JUST REACT BECAUSE OF NEGATIVE EMOTIONS instead of looking at my positive messages because Maja has now “invited” me for a “mandatory” meeting the 24th February and maybe I “provoked” you too much in my email but you know the email is just telling the truth and is therefore a mirror too – and further more she wrote in the letter that the Commune will not reimburse my transport expenses – the bicycle repair expenses, which I have only had because of the demands of the Commune (!) – and she says that the decision is based on the law. But if people should be interested you can look at the law (lab §83, stk. 2) and you will find that this is indeed something the Commune can decide on, so here I have again witnessed BUREACRACY and PEOPLE NOT BEING ABLE TO THINK – and don’t worry mother, I have food until the end of the month, so no problems here – and what will Maya decide to do at the scheduled meeting, to send me back at the park for a new activation project, and just maybe Rolf, Tom, Bjørn and others are not yet that friendly to me because of misunderstandings of my book – or will she decide to listen and understand? Or will my family or others start helping me to receive a “normal life” instead of receiving cash help? We will have to wait and see.

    The feeling of having the Devil working inside of me

    And finalizing the day where I have promised myself to be 100% honest and not to fear anything or anybody even though there might be people out there trying to find “something on me” to follow their own agenda so let me just say that I would feel better than ever right now if other people would understand this book and decide not to have negative feelings – it is as easy as that – but because this is a symptom of what the world cannot do today – and therefore I go through these sufferings too – God has decided that all of your negative reactions are coming directly back to me in a way you can only try to imagine how it feels like, but if you try to imagine that you are not alone inside of your body, if you imagine that you are the host of another existence – and actual several you know – and this existence has the ability to think your thoughts, to make you happy or depressed, to speak to you, to make your back scratch or any other physical thing imaginable and UN-imaginable and since the 1st February with a constant physical feeling of throwing up and a nervous feeling right now in my stomach because of how my mother and may we say your mother and yes Karen too is feeling and if you think that God is on holiday and that your company is the Devil 24 hours a day also giving your poor sleeping, take away your energy, ability to concentrate (!), to run, to relax, and by tempting you constantly with sex ALMOST ALWAYS AND VERY VERY DIRECT (!) and of course I cannot even look at a nice woman, even less start flirting with her or to think the thought of how nice it would be to love a woman again for the first time in five years (!) because then the nightmare of my life will start (see previously in this book about just what nightmare I am talking of!) and furthermore a constant negative feeling inside all around me and my body because of the Devil, this is how it is to host the Devil and trust me he is the worst opponent of all, it can be completely impossible to “control” him – but after getting to know him for four years around the clock I now know how he reacts and how I need to react, this is the school I have gone through, so when I decide to go through un-imaginable sufferings because of you my dear family and friends, this is how I control the Devil and all I really ask is for you to READ and UNDERSTAND my book and to follow my recommendations instead of guessing and instead of being sceptical – because this will ease the pain for you and the much larger pain for me you see making me feel BETTER THAN NEVER BEFORE – which is still the STRONG feeling I have because this is what I have trained myself up to reach even though I have the worst suffering inside of me than any man has ever had on Earth before, but the suffering is NOT me if you understand? I am only the victim and STILL stronger I am!

    And the phase after publishing has as mentioned before also been difficult, it has been different than my previous sufferings, it is still impossible to get through, but I find the way which is not there (!) and at the same time I need to do my best in everything I do including conversations with A2B, the Commune, my writings and to show the world my development, which is what I am actually doing for example by improving the design of my Windows Live Spaces together with now almost 100 pages of scripts from February to improve, which at the same time is making my suffering increase because this task in itself would be “impossible” to do for many “lazy” people and I am just thinking of certain people from dahlberg here and you know all of you that I love you much and now you also know that I am not excited about how you work and do you feel that I am on some kind of personal vendetta or something like this when all I am doing is to help the world with your kind help on how to improve, because this is what I will ask of all of you.

    Please don’t think that I believe it is nice from time to time to write to you about my “sufferings” – because I have written about it from time to time before in my book, but the reason why I have included some of it from the 1st February is because there might be people reading or at least skimming my new scripts, who have still not read anything or much of my book from before 1st February, which I have encouraged ALL OF MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS TO READ – and that is actually ALL PEOPLE you know – and that INCLUDES YOU METTE, the daughter of John as an example and OTHERS COULD BE MENTIONED TOO.

    Today I worked five hours at A2B and three hours at home and a total work day of eight hours is what I have decided to do today to make this script and today was a difficult day taking longer than normal because of what people and therefore the Devil is doing to me – and not because of any other reasons! So the improvement of scripts from 1st February will be postponed until I get approx. four hours during a “normal work day” to be able to finalise this work.

    AND MAY I SAY TO ALL OF YOU IN THIS BOOK and TO MY MOTHER AND KAREN AS EXAMPLES and TO ALL COUNCIL MEMBERS. PLEASE UNDERSTAND – THERE IS NOTHING TO BE WORRIED OR AFRAID ABOUT. You will soon start to feel better and you will NOT experience the Devil inside of you as I have for four years!


    Take care all of you my family members and friends – and to Karen, whom I “invented” using this expression to: Take Care 🙂 – this expression shows everything inside of me to you.

    And just before publishing the script of today I have had approx. two hours where the Council decreased the level of the Devil showing me only a tiny fraction of what they are really about and the ease to be relieved was fantastic to feel for only a couple of hours and this is just telling me that things are happening at the moment with my family.


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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