Wednesday 17th February 2010 – A teacher: “You speak the music of heaven”

Summary of the script today



Sleep and dreams Dreams of working with freedom, right attitude and without bonus, with friends visiting the home of God, a message that my sufferings will end in March, and the secret of the most important song for four years “secret messages” by ELO.
“The music of heaven” at A2B The importance of preparation when learning, always to do “what is right” without being tempted and the importance of attitude and passion in order to give the best customer service as “music of heaven” as the teacher called my speech.
My Skydrive is temporarily closed by Microsoft Yesterday Microsoft shut down my Skydrive – no access to my documents – without giving notice probably because of “improper” pictures!!
Meeting my old friend Paul A “random” meeting today with my old friend Paul set up by the Council with a special purpose for Paul to understand the importance of my book and that I am still the same.
Finishing the day An email from Kirsten, a message to Karen to focus on your positive feelings and I am still in control of a now weaker Devil.


Sleep and dreams

Tonight I did not sleep as well as I had hoped. I was planning to stand up at 6.30 to continue working from the morning at home to improve the design of the blog contributions still having the old design but because of the bad sleep – still not normal – I decided to use my new weapon once more, which is that I will not accept to be a victim of the Devil because my plan was of course on condition that I was fresh enough to stand up and work – THERE WILL BE NO MORE WORK WHEN SUFFERING LIKE I HAVE DONE FOR YEARS AS YOU CAN SEE AS AN EXAMPLE FROM MY WORK IN KENYA working so hard that it almost killed me.

Dreams this night from the whole of the night – and like the night yesterday you have also started giving me longer dreams as you very often did for example in 2006.

  • I am the new minister responsible for the Danish Jægerkorps (an elite military unit) as well as the whole defence.
  • I am the assistant manager of the Danish insurance company TRYG – I see a hall surrounding the entire inside of the head office of the company. There is one office and an open office including three desks and I am interested in getting the office but I am removed to the open office repeatedly. The new manager arrives and asks of the rules of freedom at the company and if he is allowed to come and go if he has something to attend outside the company, and I tell him that there are no problems doing this and I am surprised that he had to ask. Employees receive bonus and I say that they receive this bonus only to do their ordinary job, that people are spoiled working here, that they should carry out their work and the production should be 10 times higher also here (those were the words of the dream).
  • My feeling when waking up was that there should be no difference between working in an individual office and an open office including several people because when people don’t talk in private during working hours the open office should give the same opportunity to work concentrated without noise as the individual office.
  • FREEDOM is important and all employees should have flexible working hours according to their need and agreement giving them freedom to take care of private matters as long as they are responsible making sure that private matters are kept private and therefore not recorded as working hours.
  • We don’t believe in bonus – don’t let money change the behaviour of people, let the desire for all people be to help other people (!) – and I don’t know if TRYG can increase its production by 10 times, but I would not be surprised if there is a lot a private talk and people “hiding” at the company with too weak managers and therefore not producing or developing as they could. And this phenomenon is often more widely spread in large companies than in small according to my experience. TO BE ELIMINATED and I know my dear devil you don’t speak of me but of this phenomenon, thank you for learning.
  • I have been in Skagen – which is one of the most popular holiday resorts in Denmark and a very nice place it is too – together with Lars, my old friend. We are coming from London and I get the impression in the dream that we are in Skagen to visit Lotus, but it is only a feeling, because she does not visibly appear in the dream. I notice that other of my friends from Copenhagen should be with us, but they have not arrived this time. We sit at a bench at the furthest point of the harbour looking out over the open sea. My old school friend Lene (from Mørdrupskolen) is also sitting at the bench. I am now with Lars at a discotheque looking like the old Exalon in Copenhagen! I arrive at the bar at the ground floor on my way to the toilet and I see Mauro Scocco standing there and the bartender asks me if I can lend Mauro 500 DKK for him to come home to Sweden but I don’t have any money. Lars arrives and lend him the money and I tell Mauro that you are no. 9 on my top 100 list of favourite music artists – and he asks me if I mean March, and I don’t quite understand why he asks me of this – and I say that songs like Nelly or Rymdraket are truly remarkable songs and that Dr. Space Dagbok may be my favourite album, which makes him happy. After that I see that Lars and Mauro become lovers (two men!) and I see my self as Prince laying on a bed, and a nice lady arrives and he tells her that he is not dating women, but this woman is special and she lies down next to him and they become lovers. At the end of this dream I come back to Copenhagen where I sea friends who could have been together with me in Skagen.
    • I see Skagen as the same symbol as London – because it is explained in the dream – which is the same as the Caribbean Island – the home of God – and people there have a special mission together with me and through this dream I can tell that it includes Lars, my old friend, LOTUS (also you my DEAR friend) and to my surprise Lene, my old school friend and all I can say today is that A DEVELOPMENT WILL COME TO YOU. And having Mauro in this dream WITH SOME OF MY FAVOURITE MUSIC – the symbol of love from the Council here – and they are telling March, which I hope will be the end of my long lasting sufferings and just maybe this will include the arrival of Karen as well to come back to “the prince on the white horse” – sorry I could not stand for this temptation 🙂 – if I am to believe in the messages of this dream.
    • When I write down the dream above I hear the song “back for good” by Take That, which is another favourite song of God, which he has given me many times during recent years and today it was the lyrics “in the corner of my mind – it’s time to wake up” (!) as I heard the lyrics and also COFFEE and again as a symbol of love.
  • I walk on the street where I meet my old colleague from Fair Vang-pigen and normally she likes to say hello to me but this time she disappoints me by not wanting to say hello.
  • I hear the words when sleeping “Dr. space dakbok” and two seconds later the (first) alarm on my mobile phone start ringing, I pick it up and press “OK”, which is the signal to me about this album – LISTEN TO IT, IT IS GOLD TOO!
  • I am playing Golf at the first hole of Passebækgaard, Gilleleje (thinking of you Paul again) and at the second strike (it is a par 5 whole) I see that the ball flies directly into the hole – and the dream is a little bit confusing because I see the ball spinning around inside of the hole and I get the feeling that it will either stay in the hole or jump out laying close to the hole, which means that I will have to do an extra short put to make it roll into the hole.
    • When I write down this dream, I get the very strong feeling that the message of the song “Secret Messages” by ELO, which is THE STRONGEST OF ANY SONG GOD HAS PLAYED FOR ME FOR YEARS NOW, is really only this: I had no idea that I would receive the Devil inside of me in 2006 and that he would completely destroy my life, I had absolutely no idea how to fight him, which weapons to use and only by trying different approaches and to feel when he became stronger or weaker and to constantly change my approach and keep on doing what has been impossible to do for four years now I have come to this point today where I WILL SEND HIM OUT OF THE GOLF LANE FOR GOOD. These are the “secret messages”, which God has put forward for me to find or “the road of God” as I also have called it many times – not the easiest I have done in my life – no it was KILLING ME for four years WITHOUT ANYBODY WANTING TO UNDERSTAND BECAUSE IT “ANNOYED” THEM – this is the truth my dear friends and family.
  • In this dream I tell Peter A. about a dream (!) I have had, where I am in South Africa as the Swedish Prime Minister. I come to the top of a building standing in the open elevator and at this floor I meet the young son of a Danish politician and the boy is so spoiled and shows so annoying behaviour that I go inside the elevator again and I get the feeling that I am pressured to “move on out” of the elevator without the desire to speak to this boy and furthermore we are at the top of a very high building and I am scared of heights, so this is what I will have to endure.
    • This dream is the same symbol as the dream of playing golf – will the ball go directly into the hole – which it will if I keep on doing what I am supposed to do, to choose what is right – to face a spoiled world and to communicate. And to continue communicating through daily scripts after the 1st February was one of those “very difficult” decisions to take and you know I IWILL NOT MEET THE WORLD BEFORE THE WORLD WILL MEET ME this is the mutual relation there is as you can see in my whole development – which is somehow also the story of the egg and the chicken, they were depending on each other to be the first born – and much of what I have done while writing this book also with the example of writing about the Commune here which I could not do without the participation of the Commune etc.
  • In an ultra short dream I see René calling me and he says “du er ikke ked af det” (“you are not sorry”) and in my word book here in Denmark it means something like “don’t hold back”, “you did the impossible” and “you did it without anything holding you back” and this is one of those daily sayings I have had for years with the Council, which I believe is the first time it is put on paper. Another saying when we speak about sayings, is from the last couple of months from me to the Council or to the Devil that is where I maybe 10-100 times per day when seeing a nice lady in a paper, on television or real life have said: “She is certainly nothing for me” and then I turn my head away and that is of course to deny my natural very big desire – the biggest in the world you know – to experience love and tenderness (see also the soul journey from Janet and you too Sanna, you might want to try to understand this too?) and you know the only way to survive!
  • “The music of heaven” at A2B

    Today the lessons on retailing continued and today it was about marketing, consumer behaviour and customer service and it was done by another of the A2B consultants by the name of Svend, whom I have not seen before.

    Svend was nice to present himself before starting his teaching – I always like that – and he has been working many years for a bank, as a social worker and as a coach and I was thinking of his qualifications in giving us this lesson because as I understood him he has never worked with marketing, and it goes without saying that you need to be the best in order to teach other people, so this was the foundation of the lesson of today and of course the lesson started without preparing people here on anything, so we started with the famous lowest denominator instead of a higher level if people had prepared themselves.

    The lesson today was two hours in total where Svend was giving “lessons” of 20 minutes, where we had group work of 25 minutes to talk about target groups for the car brands Volvo and Kia including possible marketing messages and where we had a long discussion in plenum the rest of the time of this and on customer service.

    This was the lesson of today and the message here to the world is of course that this approach without preparation is TOTALLY WRONG – as people who have read my old book will know – because it is as easy as this: Give people FREEDOM to participate in different lessons and demand RESPONSILITY and before a lesson ASK PEOPLE TO PREPARE THEMSELVES by reading about the subject so you can start the lesson at a much higher level and I was thinking that people here could read one of the very good books about marketing, which may take some days and thereafter a very good idea to work in teams with the right tools (brainstorming etc.) and then you would have people benefitting from this course at a much higher level and develop competences to be used with an employer and this is what is possible to do today but because of the ATTITUDE of PEOPLE WORKING HERE and PEOPLE ATTENDING THE COURSE HERE what you get instead is this result: NONE OF THE PEOPLE HERE LEARNED ANYTHING AT ALL TODAY because it was all about TALKING and very little about ACTING and you need to reverse it in order for people to really benefit in order to LIFT UP THE ENTIRE PEOPLE which is you know the purpose of the system, you see! For me it is totally amazing that NOBODY CAN SEE THIS, WHICH SHOULD BE SIMPLE LOGIC FOR ALL PEOPLE TO SEE!

    Again today I had the feeling that it was a complete waste of time for me personally – and I was also sad about the fact of the low level we worked at only because of WRONG decisions of the system – but still carrying on we are to find the messages of the Council and I noticed that there were many today, which I have written about before, and therefore I decided only to take notes of the following:

    We were speaking about ecological vegetables and one of my old favourites in fact and we know TOO EASY FOR ALL OF US TO PLANT INSIDE OF YOUR MIND many years ago and the contradiction that people say, when they are asked, that they want to buy ecological vegetables because they know that this is the right answer but instead of doing what they say and what is right to do, many fall for the temptation to do something else, namely to buy the cheapest, which is what they will then do hereby forgetting their “good intentions”. And this is also about what people do all over the world constantly because you know what is right to do in many situations, but still you are tempted to do what benefits you the most, to cheat, lie or to be lazy to take some examples and it was also this message: Sanna, it hurts me much to see that you finally are beginning to wake up but please understand that this is not only about you and YOUR FEELINGS SANNA, this is about you FINDING YOURSELF and YOUR INNER STRENGHT to do what is right, which is to support me, and not to do what you are tempted to do, which is to try to hide from the world from the DEVIL you have been and you know still are because of your behaviour towards other people and I feel Karen here too and we know this is about Karen also feeling tempted to HIDE from the world from what has been her SECRET for many people but Karen, THERE ARE NO PLACES TO HIDE and the same applies for you Sanna – THERE IS NOWHERE TO HIDE.

    And I was also thinking about Kim S. here because your old saying about “one thing is what people say, another is what they think” also applies here and we know Stig I don’t know the message other than what you will tell me through your words like this: KIM YOU ARE NOT EVEN WITH ME ANYMORE because KIM YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN ME and YOU HAVE DECIDED NOT TO READ MY SCRIPTS because “I HAVE LOST IT” is what you believe but my dear friend WHEN YOU WAKE UP, YOU WILL HAVE TO FACE THE TRUTH and TELL THE WORLD WHAT YOU HAVE TOLD OTHERS ABOUT ME as one example only.

    And one of the people here – there are 1-2 knowing much about marketing from experience and therefore more clever than the teacher they are (!), which is another message too namely that Kim does not yet believe in me being more clever than him but it will come Kim (!) – said that a survey made in a supermarket when asking people on the way in showed that 70% would buy ecological vegetables and when the same people on the way out were asked of what they actually bought, only 15% had bought the ecological alternative – which in the future is the ONLY variant on the market so to say. So you see this is truly a big problem that people don’t do what they say they will do, it is about your attitude and discipline and you know just doing what is the right thing to do and not to be tempted doing something else.

    And during this lesson I noticed the nature of the discussion between the class and teacher where all people started their contributions by saying “I believe that ….” so instead of listening, reflecting and learning, people were talking and telling what they thought they knew already before the lesson – as people normally do here by mistake – so there was NO LEARNING AT ALL TODAY, only selfish people talking about their own point of views.

    A lot of time were spent talking on Volvo’s and KIA’s and I did not find the need to say anything in plenum on this at the level we were working, but when the teacher started talking about CUSTOMER SERVICE and the responsibilities, which the employer has to teach the employee I started reacting and the example given here was of course again A BAKERY where they spoke about a 16 year old girl working as a sales assistant – which you will very often see here in Denmark – not knowing about the bread she was selling and the point of view which people had was that “you will get what you pay for” as an employer and “you cannot expect more from a young girl” etc. and this really provoked me to speak and I was as passionate as I can be and often have been here for a long time you know when I said to all people that THIS IS ONLY ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL ATTITUDE and NOTHING ELSE – it is a decision if you as an employee want to take on the personal responsibility to know about your work or if you decide simply not to care, which far too many people do in this society, and I said that it should not be that difficult for a 16 year old girl to find out which corns a “three corn” bread is made of – and of course a symbol of the Trinity and love it was as well – and that there is absolutely no difference if you are 16 years old or 50 or 80 working in a bakery. It is about personal attitude and nothing else, and of course training programmes should be established by the employer, but the employer cannot change the PERSON and the PASSION inside the person, this is a personal responsibility and only by changing your personality, which is to show your burning desire and your strongest commitment, you will be able to improve and show your best professionally. This is my own personal competence, this is what I showed today as an example to the class, and only by having this attitude I can do my best professionally – and this is the example I set for you my dear world to follow! It starts with yourself and your own attitude, passion and to always decide doing the “right thing” and thinking of Bryan Ferry and “the right stuff” many times here which is BEAUTIFUL MUSIC TOO 🙂

    I saw some people reflecting on this here talking about the responsibilities of the employer and the importance of money and bonuses etc. to change the behaviour of people and you know TOTALLY WRONG and THE DEVIL IN ACTION is what this is and I was thinking about the GREAT song by the Danish band TV2 called “Det er samfundets skyld” (the community is be blamed) because this is exactly meant for this occasion – thank you Steffen and your name is not Brandt is it (?) – because here you can learn from a text of biting irony how you are when people are the worst as they are here in Denmark (!), which is when they blame everybody else than themselves because “surely” it is not me, who is to blame and yes my dear friends of the rich world primarily this is exactly what it is, it is you who are selfish and spoiled, it is you who need to change your attitude as I also said today to all of the class here today: It is the same as when you attend this course, you will never get a job when your attitude is to play games on the computer and I was thinking of Niels as an example of what most do here and what did Niels to directly after the lesson today? He started playing games. You are the people of Denmark, you who are attending this course, many of you are lazy, don’t care and show a negative behaviour and comments. These are the people not giving good service – it is as simple as this.

    And the most competent person here on marketing and retailing is a young man having experience and education and he was kind by backing me up when he gave the example of people working for McDonalds in Denmark and other countries where he mentioned Indonesia as an example and he said that if you as a customer asks a McDonalds restaurant in Denmark for a special burger – to add or extract something – it is very difficult to do and it takes a long time and when you do the same in Indonesia you are met by a smile and “no problems” and this is an example of a restaurant having the same concept where the only difference is THE PEOPLE working inside of the restaurant and the ATTITUDE of people around the the world and Denmark is CHOSEN TO SHOW THE WORLD THE WORST SIDE OF THE BEHAVIOUR OF SPOILED AND LAZY PEOPLE (and please understand me, NOT all of you but many you know) and it is even more clear when you see other people around the world so MUCH more open and disciplined than people of Denmark – so are you still sure that Denmark is the most happy nation of the world? This is the culture of Denmark, this is the soul of Denmark and I am looking straight into Hell here – this is the Devil in person – and it has only deteriorated generation by generation as one person said today and I might add because of the increasing self satisfaction that is!

    After my contribution I was happy to hear that the Council decided to speak through the mouth of the teacher Svend – and the difference is that he does not know of this without direct spiritual communication and because of mine I know directly when the Council does this – because his feedback to me was: “Det du siger, er himlens musik” (“you speak of the music of heaven”) and this is exactly what it is and was in fact because Svend, this WAS HEAVEN speaking through me and also shortly through you as an example. And you know MUSIC is LOVE and WHAT I TELL THE WORLD and also my sister is LOVE and nothing else. This is my message to you.

    And I was working together in a team including a nice young man and a nice young woman, she is from Montenegro, and I spoke to her afterwards – she had the same expression as you Henriette, and I look forward for you to come back and read more – she has been in Denmark for seven years working as a teacher for children and what she would like to do is to use her education as an engineer but she does not only have the difficult work market to fight at the moment, she also has to fight the Danish employers having preconceived opinions about people having a “different name” and this is where you also see race discrimination when it is the worst – as mentioned earlier in this book I DON’T WANT YOU TO TREAT PEOPLE DIFFERENTLY BECAUSE of age, gender, “class”, race etc. – so all I could tell her was that she needs to do her absolutely best work ever because in order for her to find a job in Denmark, she needs to prove that she is more skilled than Danish people and this is not always easy to do as you will understand from the results of my job applications and SHE DID THINK OF ME and FAMILY and we know one of those ladies, which I might or might not be interested in if I was not meant to go through this suffering too.

    My Skydrive is temporarily closed by Microsoft

    Yesterday after finishing my script I was surprised to see that my Windows Live Spaces did not show the content of all of my files at the Skydrive and when I tried to open Skydrive, I was very surprised to receive the message that the account has been shut down, because MICROSOFT HAD GIVEN NO WARNING OR INFORMATION IN FOREHAND ABOUT WHAT MIGHT BE THE PROBLEM.

    So I was thinking what could be the problem and I did not think that the family would be able to convince Microsoft to close it so there had to be another explanation and first my challenge was to follow the recommendation from Microsoft to contact them to resolve the problem, but now the problem was to find out HOW because I could not find any email address! But when I searched the internet for information I first found the address to contact Microsoft which I did as you can see above and afterwards I found a page where other people were talking about publishing pictures – as I did too on my Skydrive – thinking that they are perfectly fine but because of very strict rules Microsoft protect these pictures from being found by people interested in children in an improper way so now I am waiting on Microsoft and I will look at all of my own pictures, which I myself have decided to share with the world to see if there should be any “improper” pictures of myself or my family as children in order to remove these!

    I will be back when I have more information and an answer from Microsoft on this and when all of my documents including the books, recordings etc. again will be online because Microsoft, you decided to shut down ALL ACCESS to all of my documents too and we know JUST WONDERING ABOUT THIS DECISION OF YOURS WITHOUT RECEIVING ANY HELP TO CORRECT ACCORDING TO YOUR RULES I AM.

    Meeting my old friend Paul

    Sometimes the Council likes to plan events and such an event happened today when I met Paul, my old colleague in Fair and back then very good friend – by chance it may seem and LOTUS you and CLAUS was not by chance I am told now (!) – on my way back in the train from the Fitness Centre in Valby, where he entered the train on Nørreport Station.

    This is the first time I have seen him for maybe 2-3 years as you said Paul and first we talked politely and you were coming directly from Stockholm after a visit to Søren H. as you work for today and you had been together with Finkenstein – all originally from Fair Forsikring – and just maybe Paul ALL OF YOU FOUND IT INTERESTING TODAY TO SPEAK ABOUT ME and how many of you have taken the time to sit down and do exactly what I told you which is to start reading my book from page 1 from when I arrived in Kenya in may 2009 where you will understand Paul as you understood today that THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH ME – that I am as committed today as ever before and have the same personality – and just maybe you understood some of my messages to you that it is indeed a serious book to SHARE THE BEST OF WHAT THE WORLD HAS when it comes to human behaviour, work and production and for all people to get a “normal life” when it comes to income and as I said to you, Paul, you have been following me from the beginning and I mentioned to you our meeting at the café close to Fair Forsikring at the corner in Nyboder where I told you in 2006 exactly how the Devil tormented me and this made you run away, this is how we lost our friendship because of you, but you know Paul you might remember that I told you back then that I have a special mission on Earth and this is the mission I have now started, and this mission is what you can understand when ALSO YOU decide to start reading my book and you will be drawn into it when you first get used to it, its language and you know get the rhythm of it, so this is what I have encouraged you to do today and Paul you asked me of the response to my book so far and I said that it goes exactly as planned because people don’t believe in me, because they believe more in their own voice, their own guessing instead of just reading and understanding and this is the message that you can help me to spread, Paul: That I am perfectly alright and that you may start to read my book instead of judging me in forehand – as I asked all of you to do in my publishing email which very few or that is let me see O and I say ZERO have done, this is how the world is today.

    And Paul also a “personal remark” here – there is also another purpose of you and I meeting today, which I will not publish in this book, but you are welcome to contact me by phone or email if you would like to receive this special information. I know things of your future, which you may find interesting.

    And just a remark here, Paul knew that it was Peter A. actually who had invited the old Fair colleagues out some time ago and Peter, I am sorry that you don’t understand me – and that you did not understand my competences at all in Fair, you are one of my old managers being the most wrong of me and my communication skills because of your own hunger to speak – and I am sorry that you have decided to exclude me from the Fair network without telling me.

    Finishing the day

    Today I also received an email from my good friend Kirsten asking if I have received good response on my book and saying that she will not get time to read it for the time being and I was so amazed because obviously she has not even read my publishing email but NOT surprised about you Kirsten not doing this, not at all and I will have to come back to you tomorrow.

    And for Karen I can say this: Please understand, I have exactly the same resistance and throw up feeling inside of me as you have, but please focus on your positive feelings in the beginning and nothing else, which is exactly what I do.

    Today I decided to work for approx. 7 hours and we know for a whole week of seven days I work approximately according to the golden rule at the moment – and I have still not forgotten about the improvement of the design of my old blog contributions, but today I also used five hours on exercise including transport! IF NOTHING DISTURBS MY PLANS FROM OUTSIDE, I WILL DO THIS WORK SATURDAY OR SUNDAY!

    All day today the Devil has been active but at a lower level than yesterday and the lowest since the 1st February and maybe even since the beginning of 2006 so still in control and the family starting to understand and yes total control we are and some of you out there maybe got this one, which made me smile 🙂


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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