Thursday 18th February 2010 – God is pulling the whole world forward because of my progress and decision not to give up

Summary of the script today



Sleep and dreams Dreams including old friends Vivian, Lis and Helle W. as part of “my garden”, my mother and John understanding who I am but wishing it was not true and a dream showing that I am pulling the whole world forward because of my decision not to give up with Afghanistan as example.
The reason for communicating through dreams I communicate much trough dreams at the moment, because people know and believe more in dreams than direct speech from HEAVEN – even though the SOURCE is the same, PIA!
Communicating to the world like a “Pyramid game” This book is communicated from me to a group of people and I bear the pain for them not understanding in the beginning. They will communicate to a new group bearing the pain them not understanding etc. – this is the principle of the PYRAMID GAME to spread my word.
The day at A2B: IKEA stand out as a positive example IKEA always prioritise PERSONAL COMPETENCES before professional – they look for ENTUSIASTIC, STRAIGHT FORWARD and HONEST PEOPLE. Swedes give better customer service than Danes because of culture and IKEA IS A WORLD FAMOUS EXAMPLE OF EFFECIENCY GIVEN BY GOD.
MESHACK: “GOD’S PROTECTION TO EVERY ONE WHO BELIEVES IN HIM” Meshack is suffering and like I, he doesn’t know how he has made it so far. Help is still urgently required, please.
The continuing story of Microsoft Skydrive Microsoft confirmed my suspicion. I have published “improper” pictures. I went through all pictures and there is ONE picture of me as a baby without trousers. Will I receive forgiveness by Microsoft?
Receiving an invitation to a “recruitment evening” I received an “invitation” by selling newspapers on the streets – UNSYMPATHETIC WORK – which I turned down.
Finalising the day Finalising the day by writing to Kirsten asking her to read my book, because it will change her life and downloading REALITY by David Bowie, because it is now REALITY that God is part of me on Earth


Sleep and dreams

My sleep tonight was bad and I feel “tired” again, which is enough to make it almost impossible to stand out of bed and to leave the apartment in order to ride my bicycle to A2B, I am tired of being tired, I know it is only because of how other people behave (!) and I know one thing, which is to continue because I have decided never to give up.

And here are dreams of the night:

  • This short dream is rather peculiar because it is dreaming directly about reality without symbols and it may be the first time ever doing this: I am publishing my scripts including stories of my sister and mother, I see POLLE in the dream, nobody believes in me in the beginning.
    • And I received a feeling of Vivian when writing the first line above and the only thing I have to say to you Vivian is that you are not “down under” just for fun or family matters, you are down under to serve as the servant of God IF YOU SHOULD SO DESIRE and my dear dear old friend – I miss you, maybe I will hear from you someday soon?
  • And we know the next dream actually also includes Vivian, and here it is: I have been at a very large church, I have the feeling that the service is for me but I don’t know where to stand inside the church. After church I have a party at the garden where I collect all of my friends for the first time ever in my life – which I have always missed (!) – I see Vivian in the garden, Lis my good friend from Stansted, Helle W. my old good friend from South Africa (I would like to hear from you too, I cannot find you!). Inside the house people ask me for a drink and when I enter I see Hans bringing out ice from the freezer. I see my mother and Vivian speaking together in a room where they look at some of my old ring binders from Bank school in the eighties and my mother asks her of Bank school and Vivian says that bank school was not for her and that I tried to convince her back then. I noticed that Vivian is slim and is keeping a good appearance.
    • Other friends having a special assignment of life included in this dream, which also shows Hans suffering and just maybe Vivian will help SPREADING THE WORD OF NORMAL LIFE TO THE WORLD – therefore BANK as this symbol in the dream.
  • My old colleague and HR manager from Fair, Margit, appears in a dream, where the message is that she does not believe in me and when I write down the note of the dream I hear the well known song by now by U2 “I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight” just giving the purpose of this song because THE SONG IS ABOUT ME and WHAT PEOPLE BELIEVES OF ME at least in the beginning that is.
    • Margit, I would have sent you congratulations on your birthday today through Facebook today if you had shown better behaviour. I told you approx. four years ago that I would “go live” in four years as I have done now and I sent you a personal email maybe one year ago giving more information – as few have received – and you have ignored me because of the strength of your own voice and because you are sceptical. I don’t like behaviour like this, Margit, this is why YOU DON’T RECEIVE CONGRATULATIONS FROM ME TODAY!
  • I am moving from my old apartment in Hørsholm and John – my mother’s husband is helping me. Thursday afternoon John offered to hire me as the new coach of the football team Esbjerg, which I accepted but the football team is almost broke making it difficult to play football. I was spending the night at Niklas house and I forgot my toothbrush. Back at the apartment in Hørsholm there is stress and my mother asks me not to assemble the bookcase. I see myself as John Andersen (Camilla’s father!), he has had deficits for some years, he has been with the football team FCK but now he is with OB, he is 42 years old and he is not only in the process of lifelong improvement, but is for the first time the coach of the football team. I see the media wearing a mask. Steen at Danske Bank Espergærde is sitting at the cash desk, Berit has asked him to write documents on the type writer, but he has not yet learned how to use the type writer – I see fires being extinguished.
    • A dream saying that my mother and John has understood and accepted me as the one I am and when it comes to the toothbrush which I forgot at Niklas house it really only means that I AM NOT THAT WELCOME THERE AT THE MOMENT because STIG YOU HAVE NOT BEEN FOOLED because YOU ASKED US TO TELL THE TRUTH IN THIS PHASE BEFORE YOU PUBLISHED THE BOOK and WE HAVE TRIED TO DO THIS THE BEST WE CAN – EVEN WHEN THE DEVIL IS STRONG – AND WE HAVE THEREFORE USED LIGHT IN ORDER TO MAKE THE FAMILY UNDERSTAND the same way as we used light TO CREATE A ROAD FOR YOU WHICH REALLY WAS NOT THERE and THIS IS WHY YOUR MOTHER AND JOHN now starts believing in who you are. This is the road you asked for – thank you. My mother and the bookcase means that she would like me NOT to carry out my mission and I have the same feeling as you Mother, I am not doing this because I think it is very nice to do but because WE NEED TO DO IT and THIS IS THE ATTITUDE I WILL ASK BOTH YOU AND JOHN TO DECIDE ON AND TO SHOW – which is NOT to be overwhelmed by your own feelings BUT TO BE STRONG – the other side of you do you remember mother – AND TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT, TO HELP ME SAVE THE PLANET. This is more important than both your and my feelings and please understand WE DON’T HAVE ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD. And the dream about football and writing documents are helping people to get a normal life and “putting out fire” (one of the 100 points songs from Bowie you know!) is really to remove the Devil from people and the world.
  • I see the Danish Minister of Justice, who is willing to do anything for the media.
    • And I really don’t understand Brian why you have succeeded to become the Minister of Justice in Denmark because of your lack of morale which should be apparent for all people and the government too but THIS MAY JUST BE THE WAY THAT THE DANISH GOVERNMENT WORK TO – that it reflects how people of Denmark is as a general rule and IT IS A DISGRACE! Sorry Brian, but the truth?
  • I am driving my white Mercedes car – MY OWN CAR (!) – together with my mother and John. There is a very big lorry behind us which needs to be pulled. The chauffeur ties a rope from the lorry to my car and comes to my door. I accept pulling the lorry but I have difficulties closing the front door of my car. Something is stuck and first I find a towel, which I remove but the door will still not shut and then I find a jacket, which I also remove and then the door closes and I see a green light. In the car my mother starts speaking and I scold her, which makes her cry, which in due case makes John cry – which makes me say I AM SORRY. I am told that my father and his wife Kirsten will not join my party. We are on our way back to my home at Slotsherrensvej (the castle lord road!), which is a road in Copenhagen – and attached to the house is a nut including marzipan and nougat which is almost done – it can be eaten now, which is tempting to do but it will continue to mature and soon it will be ready.
    • My own car – before I sold it in 2009 – just symbolises that I HAVE FOUND MY TRUE CAR – myself! – and even though I do it with big difficulties I MANAGE TO PULL THE LORRY and the lorry here is only the symbol of the World. This is what we have decided to do having faith in you Stig never to give up and one example is THAT I GAVE OBAMA THE “ORDER” TO INCREASE FORCES IN AFGHANISTAN and we know TOGETHER WITH ANDERS FOGH IN NATO to once and for all eliminate the threat from the Talibans who are so extreme that we guess it will become difficult EVEN IN MY WILDEST DREAMS TOO to help them come back to God, who they believe they are fighting for but they are really only a SICK ARM OF THE MUSLIM PEOPLE. The Council have given me this information about the importance my actions have for the world now for months – when they briefly have not played the Devil – information, which I have not included before this dream coming through which also have the meaning that THIS BOOK IS A DREAM KICK IN FOOTBALL and that IT WILL BECOME THE WORLD ITSELF WHO WILL DECIDE TO BE SAVED FROM EXTINCTION.
    • And I can only do the same as the Council does in this dream, say that I am sorry to my mother and John for doing what is necessary to do to them through this book in order to do what is necessary to change the world. I AM SORRY THAT THIS IS NEEDED MOTHER – and it goes to all people of the book – BUT PLEASE FOCUSE ON THE POSITIVE EFFECTS and FOR YOU TO HELP GOD BRINGING HIS CHILDREN HOME.
  • I am together with my friend Paul at his office. He has brought cash from Sweden and I am allowed to take a piece of a very large carrot before giving the biggest part to him. One of his colleagues tells me that the head office in Sweden did not tell him to report to the Danish tax authorities that he has a company car which is liable to be taxed.
    • FOOD is a symbol of money so maybe a prediction of what is about to come.
  • I hear the words “didn’t I give you” and “this is no ordinary love” from the song by Sade and also the words “much more” meaning that THE LOVE IS SO BEAUTIFUL – which is what is expecting me when I arrive home and what I will share with the world. This was a personal message to me by the Council – what we have endured too in order for you to come home playing the Devil and knowing that if you did not endure, we would all be eliminated. This is what this is about.

The reason for communicating through dreams

These were the dreams of the night which are given to me because I have decided to use dreams as a strong mean of communication at the moment EVEN THOUGH I COULD GIVE THE SAME MESSAGES just by writing or as DAYDREAM VISIONS which is what they are – but people know what dreaming is, people know that dreams have messages, which makes it easier for you to understand so ONLY BECAUSE OF THIS – and because you are not familiar with people like me speaking with the words of the Council – or maybe you are because of President Obama (!) – but you know THIS IS WHY I DO THIS MUCH AT THE MOMENT and why the Council gives me all of these dreams but I also have a feeling my dear Council that you can start decreasing the dreams and start giving me better sleep again, which also has something to do with WHAT THE REST OF THE FAMILY AND FRIENDS decide to do – ONE THING IS TO UNDERSTAND, THE NEXT IS TO DO THE RIGHT THING and the RIGHT THING is for you TO UNDERSTAND and ACCEPT and TO COMMUNICATE WITH ME. Please remember all of you that YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO PUBLISH YOUR OWN SCRIPTS IF YOU HAVE COMMENTS TO MY SCRIPTS – I have only written what I have witnessed and I hope that what I write is accurately observed, but if I have made mistakes, you are welcome to tell the world.

Communicating to the world like a “Pyramid game”

And the idea for this book to be successful is to make groups of people understanding it at a time. As the writer I was the first to pass on the book to the first group and I will take the pain on me which this group causes by not understanding in the beginning and by showing negative feelings and when this group understands, the idea is for this group to pass it on to the next group hereby taking on the pain which this group causes and so on and this is really the same as A PYRAMID GAME and the reason why we invented this for the world to understand – and the reason why you BJARNE O. MY OLD COLLEAGUE FROM DANSKEBANK-PENSION later worked with PYRAMID GAMES because I have a special assignment for you too and pyramid games may be illegal when creating unjust profits hereby cheating people but when it comes to communication, this is the best way we can communicate to the world.

The day at A2B: IKEA stand out as a positive example

Today the lesson on retailing continued by having a VISIT FROM IKEA and we know Stig WE HAVE BEEN CAREFUL SELECTING THE RIGHT PEOPLE ALSO AT THIS COMPANY and it was Lene, a HR-partner being responsible for recruitments of the IKEA warehouse in Taastrup outside Copenhagen.

Again this was a day, which the Council had planned but which I have no forehand information on – the concept is really for me to live out these episodes as what a “normal man” would do and therefore I could only continue trying to find the key messages from the Council and actually feeling a little bit like Sherlock Holmes here and we know BAKER street and LOVE again and A DEAR CHILD HAS MANY NAMES and THAT IS ANOTHER MEANING FROM MY MOTHER ON ME thinking of the names I had in my previous lives and it is also THE NAME OF OUR FUTURE CHILD KAREN – MAYBE YOU HAVE AN IDEA ALREADY for the CHILD YOU HAVE ALWAYS WANTED? And we know THIS WAS ANOTHER DISGRESSION and KAREN THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO COME THROUGH, TO PUT AWAY YOUR TEMPTATION OF OTHER MEN – TO GET TO LEARN ME and for me to get to learn you and it is the same as I did with Yoga – it is the worst in the beginning but the feeling becomes better and better gradually until it will become the best in the world and ONLY WITH THE RIGHT ATTITUDE KAREN WE WILL BE ABLE TO MEET – DON’T FIGHT ME, DON’T USE NEGATIVE FEELINGS, SUPPORT ME AND HELP ME and together we will fight the evil of the world. Will you please try to understand and please try to help instead of focusing on yourself, which I feel here from all of you making this day A NIGHTMARE to come through because of my tiredness and the feeling of being indisposed. Thank you.

And the Council spoke through not only Lene but many of the people attending today and I decided not to write all of this down, this is not what is interesting today but one example only was that she was inspired to say and draw on the white board to catch a fish and bring it up – because this is what we are doing at the moment.

And I took these notes, which I decided to bring forward to the world supporting what I have already written earlier in my book:

Personal competences compared to professional competences

Lene introduced herself by saying that she has been working for IKEA for 2½ years and that she was very surprised that she was hired as a HR Partner because she did not have the professional experience to carry out the work, but she said that she was hired because of her attitude and commitment – SHE LOVED IKEA AND WANTED TO WORK FOR IKEA! And first thereafter she learned how to do the job and she gave a good impression today, but still there is room for improvement also in IKEA as you can see later!

Lene said that IKEA as an employer is looking for people showing personality, commitment, enthusiasm and people who are straight forward and honest. And she said that IKEA is NOT focusing on professional experience and education, first it is personality afterwards they develop the professional experiences required and I LIKED MUCH WHAT I HEARD. And THIS IS WHY BOTH LENE AND IKEA IS POSITIVELY DIFFERENT FROM MANY OTHER COMPANIES often focusing on professional experiences before personal competences.

Lene gave some examples which I believe are good to bring here to GIVE A PICTURE of the idea.

She welcomes candidates for job interviews at the reception of IKEA from where there is a short 50 metres walk to the office and she walks rapidly and if she notices that the candidate cannot follow her page and shows a “lazy” attitude, the candidate will already here fail because you need to be able to walk rapidly when working for IKEA – as simple as that and thank you Obama again for being with me all morning today.

And if people at the job interview look out the window, loll in the chair, don’t show interest and commitment, are tongue-tied not knowing what they want, if they cannot meet for a job interview at 5.00 in the mornings when normal working hours for a particular job is starting at 4.00 – then people are also sorted out. And she said that IKEA actually receives uninvited applications from people writing “just call me regarding a job” and these are only examples given of A PEOPLE IN GENERAL BEING SPOILED, LAZY and SHOWING A WRONG BEHAVIOUR. THIS IS THE DISEASE OF THIS COMMUNITY – it is the opposite golden rule which many people here live by: “You must treat me nicely but I can treat you exactly as I want without caring” and this is not the way forward if you understand.

Lene said very clearly: Show your passion, be prepared, be present, find out what you want instead of saying eehhh when you are asked and find out who you are as a person and you will find your professional competences as well! So always focus on WHO YOU ARE AS A PERSON instead of what I see today where at least some WORK SYSTEMS WILL FORM PEOPLE INTO ANONYMOUS SOLDIERS OF THE DEVIL and you can take for example lawyers and accountants as GENERAL examples of people who become brainwashed – robots if you will – and who speaks more or less the same language also in private because they allow the system to change who they are as persons. NEVER DO THAT – ALWAYS KEEP YOUR PERSONALITY AS I HAVE GIVEN YOU – BUT ALWAYS BEHAVE ACCORDING TO THE TRUE GOLDEN RULE which is to treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. As easy as that in fact and we know thank you Devil because it is really not that easy a day today but you know when you take a decision you just need to show discipline for some hours before you are finished with the work because this is all the energy I can find at the moment!

And when Lene spoke of people not knowing what they want in Denmark I could not help thinking about THE MOST WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE together with 75 POOR SCHOOL CHILDREN IN KENYA in the beginning of May 2009 WHO ALL OF THEM WERE ABSOLUTELY SURE THAT THEY WANTED TO BECOME SOMETHING IN LIFE AND GET EDUCATION and where none of them today have the opportunity to do so – so maybe the world will understand coming to this point of the book that I AM IN FAVOUR OF GOAL ORIENTED EDUCATION and you know ONLY THE BEST and THAT MUCH EDUCATION TODAY IS A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME and I do remember how many hours I myself used on learning on commercial letter of credits at the Danish Banking School WHICH WAS A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME because I knew that I would not work with this in the future and I believe I had to learn the same not only once but twice or maybe even three times and already one year after learning the last time I had forgot ONLY PROVING THAT YOU CAN THROW OUT MUCH OF THE EDUCATION OF THE WORLD TODAY!


I asked Lene if IKEA knows the competences of all employees and if they base development programs on basis of these and maybe Lene you were not prepared for this question coming from a cash receiver because HAVE YOU EVEN CONSIDERED THIS AS AN OPPORTUNITY AS A HR MANAGER FOR THIS LARGE COMPANY? And it should be logical for you to do when you focus as much on competences of people and YOU LOVE CV’S INCLUDING COMPETENCES as you say but why don’t you work with competences in a structured and professionally manor and I was just wondering here – SO YOU CAN IMPROVE MUCH IKEA ALSO WITHIN RECRUITMENTS AND THE DEVELOPMENT OF PEOPLE!

IKEA does not use job advertisements

Lene said that for the last three months they have not placed one single job advertisement because when they do they will receive maybe 230 applications and they don’t have the resources to go through all of these applications giving them maybe only 10 seconds per application/CV – but if they received 10 applications only for a job, they would of course go through each application much more thoroughly.

This is just confirming what I have been written about earlier to Arbejdsmarkedsstyrelsen WHO COULD HAVE CHANGED THE NATURE OF THIS COUNTRY together with brave politicians but NO instead you have created a culture to apply AS MANY JOBS WITH LOW QUALITY AS POSSIBLE instead of the opposite WHICH IS OF COURSE SIMPLE LOGIC to apply fewer jobs with much higher quality! And this mistake creates lack of openness and true communication in this community and I WOULD NOT BE SURPRISED TO SEE IF THIS IS MORE OR LESS TRUE ALL OVER THE WORLD.

The importance of personality when it comes to customer service

I also asked Lene if IKEA gives better customer service than Ilva and Idemøbler, which I thought were their competitors, because they focus so much on personality and enthusiasm and I was surprised to hear that SHE DID NOT KNOW and where is the link here between the business and the HR function – yes WONDERING I WAS – and then she said that IKEA is a SELFSERVICE warehouse where people don’t need much service and that IKEA themselves believe that it is BIVA and JYSK (true DISCOUNT furniture chains), which are their competitors and it surprised me much because as I told her in my mind it has always been a choice between IKEA and Ilva, which she agreed with me in personally (!) and I am just wondering about the STRATEGY of this company in Denmark but of course THERE IS SO MUCH I DON’T KNOW OF and thinking of the TV commercial from Danske Spil on WOMEN and FOOTBALL you know 🙂

And I asked the class of the same and nobody was able to answer if they believe IKEA has a better customer service than their competitors – whoever they are – but what people could say as we also spoke on yesterday was that in general people believe you get a better service in Sweden than in Denmark and even by Swedes working in Denmark – as many people from Southern Sweden do and then we are close to the conclusion. IT IS THE SELFISH SOUL OF DENMARK NOT GIVING GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE and the same people who are NOT WELCOMING FOREIGNERS IN DENMARK AS THE WORLD ALREADY KNOWS ABOUT BECAUSE OF YOU PIA KJÆRSGÅRD born with the Devil in your name and you can see the difference by how welcome you feel in Sweden because of people being more open and how Sweden are treating foreigners in their country and just by the simple fact that the word WELCOME is much more used in the Swedish language than in Danish and we know ANNA KARIN DO YOU REMEMBER and by the way HOW ARE YOU AND WHEN WILL I HEAR FROM YOU AGAIN and I ALSO MISS YOU AND YOUR FUNNY SMILE AND NATURE. SAY HI TO ALL I KNOW UP THERE WILL YOU.

So again the Danes have been chosen to the world to show you examples of WHAT NOT TO DO!

Local shopping and Central shopping

Yesterday I wrote of local shopping, which is important to LIFE QUALITY and I do believe it is important to have variation and the opportunity to choose from where you want to shop (small and big markets etc.) and to preserve local shopping on everyday goods and today I am thinking that warehouses on for example furniture and other non food items, which you don’t need as every day goods, is good in order to be efficient and productive – for example using the WORLD FAMOUS EXAMPLE OF IKEA and yes PLANTED BY ALL OF US TO SHOW EFFECIENCY TO THE WORLD – and my message is really only this:

I encourage you to focus both on shopping at your local village/city/town and other kind of stores as warehouses as alternatives for you to choose from and as I wrote the day before yesterday prices should ideally be the same but EFFECIENCY will still have an importance in the future because you will need to add the expenses of the retailer – if you do have a retailer (!) – to the purchase price and you might have different expenses if you are a local grocery or a big market – but I expect that the price range will be smaller than today and that encourage you to prioritize LOCAL LIFE and LOCAL EVERYDAY SHOPPING, which people value much.

Responsibility and behaviour of individuals

In continuation of the first chapter on people often being SPOILED, LAZY and SHOWING A WRONG BEHAVIOUR when it comes to finding a job I was inspired by speaking to the nice lady from Montenegro – Sonja – after Lene had finished and she said that after coming to Denmark she has learned not to say “good morning”, when she arrives at a work place including here because people really don’t care and they don’t return her greeting – which I have also noticed very clearly here because this morning when arriving on time again I said good morning several times to approx. 10 people, all heard me but only Mark was nice to say good morning and this happens every morning here and more with the people attending the course than the people working here but just another example of bad behaviour – and thinking of London too I am from my time working for GEIF where I noticed that people don’t say hello when they meet in elevators even when they work for the same company!

And I am thinking of the new year’s speech which I INSPIRED THE QUEEN OF DENMARK TO GIVE IN 1984 TO THE PEOPLE OF DENMARK because she spoke of the soul of Danish people giving “DUM SMART COMMENTS” and the COOLNESS which Danes meet foreigners with – PLEASE READ THIS SPEECH – and today I noticed as a few examples that Lene at her teaching told how she had helped an IKEA employee having a spouse who was unfaithful for half a year and instead of listening several of the grown up men attending the class started speaking, laughing and even dreaming of being unfaithful themselves and TASTELESS is the best word I can put on this and after the course, one woman said “I was almost falling a sleep” and another asked her if she would like to work for IKEA and she said “No, never in my life” and you know THESE FEW EXAMPLES OF NEGATIVE COMMENTS show A SPOILED COMMUNITY and the woman whom I just mentioned may ask herself if she believes it is better to be unemployed and if she believes her negative comments help inspiring the few people working concentrated here – for example Sonja.

And at the end of the day I heard briefly from Mark’s computer that he was playing “I am crucified” by the SWEDISH group ARMY OF LOVERS and my dear son and my dear sister and my dear mother and my dear ALL OF THEM because THIS IS WHAT I ASK OF YOU – TO CRUCIFY YOURSELF AS I HAVE DONE BY ACCEPTING TO USE ME EVEN MORE THAN YOU IN THIS BOOK THE SAME WAY AS ELIJAH CRUCIFIED HIMSELF AND ACCEPTED TO BE USED IN THIS BOOK WHICH I STILL HOPE IS THE DOMINANT FEELING OF HIS and we know THIS WAS REALLY IT and thank you my dear Devil you are really starting to behave nicely 🙂


Thank you very much Meshack for again your very kind, open and direct email, which you sent to me today and thank you for your very strong support to teach the world on just how far you are willing to go when meeting what was a stranger for you in the beginning but whom you took inside of your homes and hearts LIKE WHAT MOST PEOPLE IN THE RICH WORLD WOULD NEVER DREAM OF DOING and you are feeling and doing exactly the same as I which is that you cannot believe how you have made it so far and MY DEAR LTO TEAM – YOU HAVE SUFFERED LONG AND YOU HAVE HOPED LONG TOGETHER WITH ME THAT NOW NORMAL LIFE WOULD COME and instead both you and I have been pushed more and more by God and the Council to accept extreme pain as the example give to the world what we have needed to accept in order to meet God our saviour on the other side. This is what I am still doing, this is what you are still doing and the “saviour” will come from other people when they start to prioritise helping other people BOTH YOU ARE ME instead of being selfish and CONTINUE TO FOCUS ON YOURSELF and my dear family and “friends” who are my main readers today WILL YOU PLEASE START HELPING THESE MY MOST SOLID SUPPORTERS OF THE WORLD AND DEAR FRIENDS TO START LIVING A LIFE AGAIN – THIS IS THE TASK I GIVE YOU and OTHER PEOPLE READING THESE SCRIPTS and when you read the words of Meshack, you can see that HELP IS URGENTLY NEEDED as I said and YOU WILL BE MUCH MORE PLEASE TO HELP PEOPLE SURVIVING instead of having “passive investments” in stocks etc. And thank you to all of you for still reading my scripts despite of your worst sufferings – amazing it is and another direct sign of God being with you when he speaks like Yoda – the figure from Starwars as he likes to do.

And here is his email:

Hi there, my sincere hope that you are okay and doing well.
On my side and my family, we are doing well and God’s protection is upon us due to my strong faith in him because i could not believe how i have made it to that far with all my suffering but i can say its only my saviour in whom i have trust in Him.
We are still camping at the garege with my family but my trust is that one day we shall overcome all these suffering and no complaining much.
We had a meeting with the rest of the team and i was very happy to hear that they continue reading the daily scripts as i have been doing and i can tell you that the team is still believing in you although we are suffering but we have known how to uplift each other during this difficult times.
May the Almighty God be with you and much hi to the rest there.

The continuing story of Microsoft Skydrive

This story is almost starting to look like the story I had last year with Microsoft regarding the Outlook program including several emails and a long waiting time where nothing happened. Is that what will happen here too, that I am now BLACK LISTED because I PUBLISHED ONE PICTURE OF MY SELF OUT OF 80 where I am a baby and not wearing trouses. Is that what it takes for SYSTEMS to throw you out or will Christina understand the email I sent to her today replying to her STANDARD email – and again this thing about SYSTEMS is really WE TREAT EVERYBODY THE SAME, WE DON’T MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE and that is of course WRONG when it comes to individual needs and often it is just an expression of LAZYNESS and BAD THINKING.

Here is the important from her email today to me:

Vi har fundet at dit SkyDrive overtræder ordensreglerne for Windows Live.

Da overtrædelsen er alvorlig, har vi været nødt til at lukke dit SkyDrive.

Bemærk venligst at der ikke er nogen aldersbegrænsning for Windows Live. Opsætning af ulovligt materiale ( f.eks. anstødelige beskeder; pornografiske eller provokerende billeder og billeder med seksuelle overtoner.) er ikke tilladt på vores service også selvom dine SkyDrive indstillinger er sat til Privat eller Messenger.

And here is my email to her:

Hej Christina,

Tak for din mail.

Jeg blev meget overrasket over jeres beslutning om at lukke mit Skydrive på grund af en "alvorlig overtrædelse", som du skriver og jeg håber, at du kan hjælpe mig, fordi jeg har kun handlet i god tro og jeg har behov for at dele mine dokumenter.

Jeg skriver dagligt et Blog indlæg og deler ca. 200 dokumenter af seriøs karakter – som du hurtigt kan danne dig et indtryk af – med mennesker over hele verden, og det er det HELT væsentlige for mig. Og så har jeg valgt at uploade ca. 80 af mine egne, personlige billeder for at give folk, som læser min Blog og dokumenter, et indtryk af mig og jeg har ikke skænket en tanke, at nogle af disse billeder kunne være anstødelige, men jeg har nu gennemgået dem alle sammen og kan konstatere, at der er ET eneste billede af mig selv som spæd uden tøj på, som jeg gerne fjerner og ikke uploader igen – og der er tre andre billeder, som jeg også gerne fjerner for en sikkerheds skyld selvom de ikke indeholder nøgenhed, men kun for at vise min gode vilje.

Christina, man får følelsen af at blive betragtet som en pædofil – som ikke er rart – ved blot at gøre det, som er helt naturligt at gøre med familie og venner – at dele sine dokumenter og billeder – og jeg håber, at du med mit løfte her vil hjælpe mig med at åbne mit Skydrive igen – og meget gerne med at gendanne alle mine dokumenter SOM ER DET HELT VÆSENTLIGE, som det tog mig mange timer at uploade?

Jeg takker mange gange for hjælpen – og jeg har naturligvis nu læst jeres regler. Det er første gang, at jeg selv er aktiv i cyberspace, og jeg håber, at I vil tilgive, at jeg begik en begynder-fejl og at I forstår, at det blot er billeder af mig selv sammen med min familie fra min fødsel i 1966 og frem, hvorfor albummet da også hed "pictures from 1966 and forward"? Det er ikke billederne, men dokumenterne som er det helt centrale. Og én ting er sikkert – jeg vil ikke begå denne fejl igen!

Mange venlige hilsener fra


So will I be able to recreate Skydrive one of the next days or do I need to upload all of my documents to a new service provided and to link to them from Windows Live Spaces? We will have to wait and see but I am not very happy that Microsoft decided to shut down my Skydrive without giving any information or help because they are afraid of paedophiles – it seems like they have lost their common sense too in my situation.

The Council have told me several times this afternoon that this is also a planned event and an attack from the Devil and here in the presence of the world searching for child pornography and the policies of Microsoft – are you strong enough to keep me from publishing my book and the story is also about my suffering during these days, which nobody can see on me and what would happen if I would not be able to bear this pain preventing me to re-publish the documents.

Receiving an invitation to a “recruitment evening”

After my “CV” now has been online at for almost five months TODAY the first employer has read it – showing the inefficiency of this system – and the employer is which is doing the most unsympathetic sales I have ever seen (excluding illegal sales!) and that is selling newspapers on the streets using ONE FREE NEWSPAPER as BAIT to get in contact with people TRYING TO PRESSURE THEM TO MAKE A SUBSCRIPTION and what happens, many people will become offended by this pressure as I have done ONCE myself and since then I HAVE KEPT AWAY FROM THESE SALESMEN and other people and you know THE SOUL OF DANES is the people WHO DON’T CARE and who just want to have a free newspaper KNOWING that they will receive sales questions but you know the same attitude as Hans and many THEY SMILE because THEY KNOW THEY CHEAT and THEY CAN SAVE SOME MONEY so this is the kind of “recruitment evening” I am invited to and how long will salesmen doing this work last and very short time is my expectation so here I say stop – also of the script today, which I did not have energy to do – I WILL NOT ACCEPT SUCH AN INVITATION and SHOULD THE COMMUNE READ THIS and DECIDE THAT THIS WILL HAVE CONSEQUENCES FOR MY CASH HELP then I can only invite you to take it away from me and I WILL TELL THE WORLD ABOUT YOUR DECISION. As easy as that.

Finalising the day

And at the end of the day I also answered Kirsten email by asking her to start READING and UNDERSTANDING my book because it will change her future too – so again we will have to wait and see what happens and if Kirsten will find out anything herself before others will tell her.

And finally ending a beautiful day finding energy which was not there, but which was there anyhow you know, and after I have not been able to find David Bowie’s CD release of his REALITY tour from 2003 in CD quality I finally found it today not as a torrent but through the email program and you know I WAS HAPPY THAT YOU REALEASED THE DVD soon after the concert tour but in something which was closer to MP3 quality than CD quality – how could the record company even think of doing such a sacrilege! – which has annoyed me for 6-7 years but FINALLY I MADE IT, I GOT IT, YES MY DEAR FRIEND THIS IS MY WELCOME GIFT TO YOU – THIS IS THE SYMBOL OF MY SELF and FROM THIS MOMENT ON – EVEN THOUGH YOU DON’T HAVE MY POWER YET – I AM YOU ON EARTH, THIS IS NOW REALITY – HENCE THE MANY HEADLINES SINCE THE 1ST FEBRUARY 2010 – AND THINKING OF PAUL AND I SEEING THIS SHOW IN COPENHAGEN IN 2003 and we know THE KING IS NOT BORN YET is he and who is speaking now and we know A VERY SAD EX KING and we know Stig because WE HATE TO ADMIT IT BUT AS YOU NORMALLY SAY THE GOOD ALWAYS WIN AT THE END and therefore it is not entirely BYE BYE to the mean side Sanna as yet but you know YOU HAVE STARTED YOUR TOUR and THIS TOUR IS TO BE ENDED WITH YOU CONVERTING TO SUPPORT YOUR BROTHER IN STEAD OF FIGHTING HIM and we know HAVE BEEN THERE, HAS WRITTEN THIS BEFORE and my dear friend GOOD NIGHT and we know this is the symbol I received today and this evening is now better than most day because I GOT MY SELF TOGETHER DOING MUCH WORK TODAY and I will probably meet the Devil again tomorrow but hopefully less and less and this is how it goes.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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