Saturday 20th February 2010 – My books and documents are back online at

Summary of the script today



Sleep and dreams One dream only confirming that in March I win the race against the Devil and that Niklas is driving in my car.
Microsoft has shut down my account Microsoft could not understand and because of a irrational decision they have shut down my account. Now I will use MANY hours to get to know a new “universe” – and because there is only one UNIVERSE, I encourage the world to develop only ONE system of its kind, but the BEST!
My book and documents are back online at Google docs were not capable to store my documents and the best file hosting service I found was Mediefire, SO NOW MY BOOKS and documents are back online.
I will continue using WINDOWS LIVE SPACES! Microsoft SHUT me down but forgot to shut down my Blog and Windows Live Spaces – bad service and inconsistence – so I will continue publishing my daily scripts here!


Sleep and dreams

Tonight I slept from approx. 01.45 to 07.30 almost without dreams and I decided to stay in bed until 09.30 – so the sleep is reasonably alright these days but you know not quite normal yet and only these few notes of one dream:

· In March I win a race which is a definite cash and time race, I see a car driving Niklas and me and later I see that I am relaxed when I play table tennis.

So not many dreams according to my wish and also because now I have my new assignment from today and also next week, which is to set up my information at Google instead because of developments with an IGNORANT Microsoft company represented by Christina as you can see below – and obviously this development means that I WILL NOT IMPROVE THE DESIGN on my old blog contributions on Windows Live Spaces and I have postponed finishing the second edit of the latest of my scripts until Sunday the 28th February and NO WORRY HERE.

I thought Microsoft would close my entire Windows Live Spaces Account

After my email to Microsoft yesterday I was hoping that they would try to understand but my dear Christina YOU ARE A SYMBOL OF HOW VERY MANY PEOPLE ARE WORKING because you are using your FEELINGS IRRATIONALLY and instead of reading what my email really says, you became annoyed and decided to SHUT DOWN MY ACCOUNT and CHRISTINA I TOLD YOU THAT YOU WOULD BECOME WORLD FAMOUS because of your decision so this is what will happen to you – and maybe you will tell the world HOW YOU CAN TREAT “CUSTOMERS” like me as you have done ACTING LIKE A JUDGE WHEN YOU ARE NOT QUALIFIED TO DO THAT and maybe you THOUGHT that I was “extreme” without really thinking that WHAT I WRITE IS THE TRUTH?

Here is the essential of what she wrote to me this morning and despite of her email, my account and Blog is still live some hours later so we will see how long it will take them to shut me down and how long it will take me TO START LEARNING A NEW SYSTEM and now I have used MANY MANY hours to get to learn the universe of Microsoft Live Spaces and now I will need to get to learn how I can upload my documents to Google, how I can create a blog with Google and how I can collect all information on a Google website and this is the plan I have and we know A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME FOR ME TO LEARN A NEW UNIVERSE because THERE IS ONLY ONE UNIVERSE and WE WOULD HAVE DIFFICULTIES IF WE SHOULD DEVELOP AND TAKE CARE OF 100 or many thousands of universes so TRY TO AGREE ON ONE SYSTEM AND MAKE THIS SYSTEM THE ABSOLUTELY BEST WHICH IS POSSIBLE USING THIS EXAMPLE OF ONE UNIVERSE ONLY, WILL YOU?

Din konto er blevet lukket på baggrund af vore vilkår, flere af vore punkter i vore vilkår er blevet overtrådt.

Herunder kan du finde det punkt i vores vilkår der foklarer hvordan og hvorfor din konto blot er lukket uden varsel.

15. Ændringer af tjenesten – hvis vi opsiger tjenesten – betaversion.

Vi kan til enhver tid uanset begrundelsen ændre tjenesten eller slette funktioner. Vi kan til enhver tid suspendere eller opsige Deres tjeneste. Vores opsigelse eller suspension kan ske uden begrundelse og/eller uden varsel.

Jeg vil også bede dig læse følgende meget omhyggeligt:

Jeg kan og må ikke udtale mig om hvordan din konto er kommet under mistanke, og dermed lukket, og jeg kan ikke oplyse et telefonnummer, da vi ikke yder telefonisk support.

Mange tak for dit samarbejde og din forståelse.

Med venlig hilsen


Windows Live SkyDrive Support.

The other day she also sent a link to the “rules”, which I cannot see that I have broken.

Du kan læse ordensreglerne for Windows Live her:

My book and documents are back online at

I found out that it was NOT as easy as I thought “just” to start using Google Docs because it has a storage limit of 1 GB – and I need approx. 2 GB – and especially because you need to be a Google-user in order to access my files I DECIDED NOT TO USE YOUR “SERVICE”, so I AM SORRY GOOGLE, I like your “polices” in relation to China but I don’t understand how you could decide to be this protective in relation to private people wanting to share their documents with the world.

So I had to find another file hosting site and after using some time and checking several sites I decided to use Mediafire, and the first impression is that it is a FANTASTIC program with NO LIMITS and with a FANTASTIC STRUCTURE and features and that is of course the first impression and the only problem is that I cannot afford the pay-alternative without any advertisements for people downloading my files so I have accepted the free alternative with advertisements and I did have a problem to access my files when I tried using my INTERNET EXLORER 8.0 and yes my boys I HAVE MADE THIS VERSION UNSTABLE FOR YOU STIG (it crashes down very often here, which 7.0 did not!) in order to write this: I NOW HAVE THREE BROWSERS, Internet Explorer, Opera and Firefox and I have experience in using all of them and I must say that I like the FLEXIBILITY and the thousands of ADD ONS which Firefox offers and this is of course to say that I prefer ONE system and to have OPEN SOURCE CODE for users to be able to ADD ON TOP OF ONE STANDARD OF THE WORLD and as easy as that.

I will continue using WINDOWS LIVE SPACES!

Today I used several hours to set up a new Blog with another host, see below, because I was expecting that Microsoft would shut down my entire Windows Live Spaces account because Christina this is the impression you gave me in your email this morning but at 18.00 today after looking at new blog hosts most of the day without finding a new satisfactory solution, I thought that JUST MAYBE CHRISTINA you had not only given me a BAD service, but that you also have given a very inconsistent service because I wrote to you that if you decided to shut down my Skydrive, you should also shut down my Blog because the content is really the same you know but suddenly this afternoon I thought that JUST MAYBE Christina is only representing Windows Live Skydrive and NOT Windows Live Spaces including the Blog because in her email her signature is “Christina, Windows Live SkyDrive Support” so this is what happens in a VERY PROFESSIONAL COMPANY because WHAT I DID IS ILLEGAL ACCORDING TO DANISH LAW AND ACCORDING TO YOU OR WHOM IN MICROSOFT, CHRISTINA (?) – this is why Christina you and Microsoft will become a “laugh” to the world as I wrote to you and by this I only mean because of the errors and bad service you have made – CAN YOU SEE THAT YOURSELF? And I could probably just create a new user profile to regain access to your Skydrive but I have decided not to do this because I have already given the link to to many people through my blog posts and emails you know and I will not give a new.

This is what I wrote before I decided NOT to continue looking for a new Blog – at least as long as my Blog at Microsoft still exists:

Time consuming finding a new blog host

Today I used several hours looking at two prospective blog sites for me to use in the future, the first was, which I set up and posted one blog post but which I was not quite happy with, then I looked at WordPress as a standalone program but I decided not to use time learning the technical requirements of this even though I like the idea of this because I saw that they had an easier alternative through which should be almost as good and after having set up my account and a blog post using several hours on this I can only conclude that this did not satisfy me too and every time I use a new system I use many hours and you know THIS IS NOT WHAT I PREFER TO DO and by now you know that I ENCOURAGE YOU TO FIND ONE FLEXIBLE SYSTEM LIKE ONE UNIVERSE so I will keep searching until I find a new Blog site which I will decide to use and we know A WASTE OF TIME IT IS.

So the day did not turn out as I had expected, I did not switch to Google and I am still using Microsoft but now with another Skydrive – I also looked at creating a website with Google – but you know I am now happy that I will not use maybe 50-100 hours to start with to set up new technical and unnecessary solutions because of family acting on negative feelings without understanding in the beginning and Microsoft – one of the world’s largest companies which should have a perfect service (!) – because of Danish laziness and careless attitude, this is what I experienced and of course also to give you an example of “lessons” on retailing from last week – therefore 🙂

And this means that I will now put back to improve the design of my previous blog posts on Windows Live Spaces on my action plan and yes WE HAVE NOT TOLD THAT IT SHOULD NOT BE EASY but it is “EASY” and thinking of Lionel Ritchie here and WE HAVE NO OTHER NEWS FOR YOU STIG OTHER THAN THERE MIGHT BE FAMILY MEMBERS waiting on what will happen so this is our plan. WE WILL ALSO WAIT ON OURSELVES AND SEE WHAT WILL HAPPEN and we know SOMETHING ABOUT YOU IN MARCH and that is the plan as the Devil says and now I see him in orange and that is the colour of God at least the symbol shown to me for years that is.

And finalising the day with less stress from the Devil most of the day – but not all – and the lessons from A2B last week giving more work on scripts than today but you know POLLE ARE WE GOING TO BECOME COLD HERE AS THE CHALLENGE THE NEXT WEEK and maybe we are at least today a cold has started but probably not that difficult and we know my dear family what you are going through is suffering in order to open you, this is how it is and this is why you feel difficulties – remember Karen what you did to me in 2004? This was to open me and maybe not your proudest moment back then?


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