23th February 2010 – Lifting up the members of the Council and “I love my old dogs”, i.e. mankind

Summary of the script today



Sleep and dreams I am flying in my own helicopter and God is flying in his. We fly to Fuggi to start “lifting him up” and the stories of our old dogs Don and Cas, whom I loved more than you can imagine, a symbol of mankind etc.
Searching for work I sent four new applications to satisfy the Commune and the system – NOT ME. This and the first chapter also include messages to Karen about LOVE.
www.jobnet.dk is a failure and the Government believes it is a success Official surveys show that www.jobnet.dk is a success. The responsible think they have the best system in the world, when it is really a total failure as I have shown you in this book. The Devil in action again!
Finalising the day The Devil throwing out more from his pirate ship, a message to Karen that I also have a strong side not interested in her, a message to Tobias about better times and love to come, about Madness and NICE MUSIC 🙂 and about the story of politicians and media WRONGLY bringing down the most popular defence minister in Denmark ever.


Sleep and dreams

Tonight was one of those nights giving me a feeling today in between normal and tired and I have decided to work at home again today because of my cold and actually also because I am more efficient working at home having access to my own computer with all tools and programs and there is work I can do at home, which I cannot do at the office of A2B because of the limitations they offer, you see.

And only a few short dreams:

  • I am together with one who knows all about helicopters and we are going to lift and fly in two different helicopters, which are controlled a little bit different and I have been taught how to fly one of the helicopters and I think if I will be able to fly the helicopter given to me. And there is no cause to worry because we take off and later I land safely next to a high-rise block and I notice the other helicopter coming down and I see that it is now connected to the whole block and it is flying very very close to a corner of the block and I think that he will never make it down without crashing, but I notice that this pilot has much experience because he succeeds landing at this corner – and I get the feeling that the high-rise block is Bellahøj in Copenhagen, where Fuggi lives. Next to me I have brought my old dog Don, which I love very much.
    • Fuggi, I am one of the helicopter pilots lifting you up and my tool is communication and this book and the other pilot is our father THE HIGHEST MAN WHOM WE DON’T KNOW YET – and this is the Council speaking to me and that is right you have told me months ago that you don’t know the inner secret about God so one day I will be the first to know and looking forward to that and maybe he will offer Gevalia coffee but on the other hand I am not unexpected, he knows that I am here he knows that I am still coming to visit him, this is what we are allowed to say today – so Fuggi this is what this dream is about and maybe you will contact me one day to let me know from which point you believe you have started flying and if you are “looking for clues” I have already given some to my mother earlier in the scripts from February but here in the beginning please notice dreams about me for example and what “happens” to you physically, which you may think have other reasons but which is God starting to give you “indications” of what is to come my friend and this goes to all Council members you see?
    • Jack this dream is also given to you to explain the idea of the helicopter – it is really not longer than that as we say in Denmark and you can probably not say this in English but you know what “I AM NOT PERFECT” neither in English and THIS SONG HAS BEEN WITH ME OFTEN WHEN I THINK THIS THOUGHT THAT I HAVE VERY MUCH TO LEARN and there are very many things I don’t know much about you know – ask David from UK about this and that was why David we had these very nice talks when I worked for Dahlberg so you can tell the world about my knowledge of work and of other topics which you know much more about than me because of the interests given to you by God – interests I have not received you see.
  • I am in a house with my old dog Don, he is now 18 years old, he is the original dog and today he has very many puppets – and I love this dog more than you can imagine. At the house I also see Vivian – igen igen and thinking of you Hougaard here and you know why – and I feel that she is very cautious coming to me and that she would like to show me her contact book with the names and telephone numbers of all of her family and friends and I still sense an affection for me as I still feel for her too.
    • And Don and also Cas my two old dogs or I should say our two old dogs from 1975-1988, two beige American cocker spaniels, where Don became “mine” and Cas became “Sannas” and we loved those dogs more than anything almost and they are brought here as symbols of how God and I love man more than anything and maybe we can talk about the full names of the dogs here too and I cannot remember if I did this in my first “book” and Don’s full name was Don Juan and Cas’ was Casanova (thank you mother for receiving this idea and guess from whom? – just one of MILLIONS of experiences from your life having contact to the spiritual world AS ALL PEOPLE HAVE without knowing it!) and the names of two men famous for their ability to seduce women and we know “what’s love got to do with it” and we know DOGS are the symbol of evil even though I love them and the curse which has been put on me AND MY FAMILY TOO I AM TOLD, which is LACK OF LOVE or WRONG LOVE if you will because of what I have told you about earlier: To teach the world to keep away from sexual escapades, to be faithful and also to make our lives suffer because we take on the sins of man and that is that actually.
    • Vivian this dream is only to say that this is here you can start – AS OTHERS CAN DO TOO – to share my book and information with your family and friends because THIS IS THE ONLY THING I ASK OF YOU VIVIAN and we know UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE and we know Stig – IF I WAS NOT TO GET CONNECTED WITH KAREN AGAIN and if you did not have family, Vivian, you would be the woman I would get connected with – if I could trust you and at least as I remember you because the last time we saw each other was in 1987 I believe (!) and you still haven’t send that picture to me, which you promised – hmmmm 🙂 – and we know WHAT HAS BIRGITTE GOT TO DO WITH THIS our old classmate now in Norway and we know NOTHING GOTTA HOLD A PICTURE OF YOU and we know THE DEVIL IS BECOMING MORE INTELIGENT HERE but here he is speaking rubbish and I feel him dark when we speak of you Birgitte because YOU ARE NOT WITH ME and therefore.
    • And here I might add that LOVE IS EVERLASTING LOVE when BOTH PARTIES LOVE EACH OTHER but if one party of a couple does not love the other of course that person can decide to stop a relation and to tell that she does not want the relationship to continue because KAREN YOU HAVE BEEN PUT IN AN ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE DECISION to choose between different men and which “ingredients” do you value the most in life from these men and KAREN I AM THE ONE POSSESING ALL OF THE VALUES YOU TRULY DESIRE WHICH YOU WILL KNOW WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT IT but you know love is not meant the way which you sadly have experienced with Kim – THIS IS NOT LOVE, THIS IS THE DEVIL and THESE FEELINGS OF YOURS KAREN WILL BE TAKEN AWAY FROM YOU GRADUALLY and here I can only say: TRUST ME – I MEAN ONLY THE BEST.

“Searching for work”

Today was one of those days WHICH I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO and we know IRONY YOU KNOW because every 14 days I MUST SEND FOUR APPLICATIONS in order for the Commune not to take away my Cash help and my dear Commune WHAT CAN YOU DO WHEN I FULLFILL YOUR CRAZY RULES and WHEN I AT THE SAME TIME SAY THAT I AM NOT INTERESTED IN GETTING A JOB – because I already have one – AND THAT I AM NOT TO BLAME FOR EMPLOYERS NOT UNDERSTANDING MY CV – BECAUSE WE KNOW YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN AS PROFESSIONAL CV AS MINE have you my dear Commune and we know maybe some people are starting to understand that I indeed have INSERTED messages to the world in my scripts BECAUSE we know THIS IS WHY I WRITE THIS BOOK and we know TRYING TO GET A NEW DISGRESSION YOU ARE MY DEVIL and NO YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED, KAREN and THERE IS NO EXIT FOR YOU and we know KAREN NOT EASY TO BE YOU AT THE MOMENT and we know the Devil is speaking MUCH here and we know I HAVE GROWN and we know SOMEDAY YOU WILL BE AS CLEVER AS GOD BECAUSE THEN YOU ARE GOD and WE CAN TAKE OF THIS “DUM” DRESS MAKING US DUM AND UGLY and we know MANY THINGS COULD BE SAID but now I Stig will take over and come back to the subject because this is about producing four “applications” to satisfy the Commune and the system, which I did today by writing and sending these – and you might find some messages hidden in these and earlier applications too if you can find them:

  • Butikschef til Build-A-Bear Workshop i Tivoli via Target Headhunting
  • Regionsdirektør Til SPAREKASSEN LOLLAND A/S through Flensby & Partners
  • Butikschef for JYSK
  • Regionsdirektør til ISS Cleaning Øst

And I used in total two hours to find, write and send these applications and I had the Devil working together with me giving me the strong feeling to finish as quickly as possible in order to be able to you know JUST FINISH and MAYBE RELAX and he worked together with me because this is the level I have decided to do job applications when I am not motivated and to tell you again that this is how the Devil is working with all people every single time you feel the desire to finish as soon as possible with something because you JUST WANT TO RELAX or TALK TO OTHER PEOPLE INSTEAD and therefore don’t work with the quality or focus as you should and the message is as you know by now DECIDE TO FOCUS ON THE WORK, TO FIND THE INNER BEAUTY AND PLEASURE OF THE WORK and to focus on doing the work as good as possible with ENDURANCE and DON’T JUST FOCUS ON FINISHING THE WORK – you cannot run a marathon if you decide only to run a 100 metres race, it is about ATTITUDE (!) – and you know THIS IS ONLY ABOUT A DECISION – YOU WILL DECIDE and in the process you will chose if you want to receive help from God or the Devil. IT IS TRULY AS SIMPLE AS THAT – YOU DECIDE – and when you do the right thing GOD WILL START HELPING YOU – EVERY SINGLE DESIRE YOU RECEIVE both positively or negatively is coming from God and is BASED ON YOUR DECISION!

And we know Stig WE ARE NOW STARTING TO GIVE TOO MANY REPETIONS OF MESSAGES ALREADY GIVEN EARLIER IN THIS BOOK AND THEREFORE WE REALLY NEED TO START WORKING ON A HIGHER LEVEL – AND THIS IS WHAT WE STILL ARE PLANNING TO DO because you have decided to follow your plan this week to finish the scripts of February with the best quality I am able to do – which is the best relation between quantity and quality and you know THE QUALITY could improve very much but this is the balance I have decided to do when working almost “normal hours” and this is “the best of me”.

www.jobnet.dk is a failure and the Government believes it is a success

Today I was looking for inspiration to find a design for the table of contents to the first issue of my book no. 3 “One God, One people”, which will be the collection of scripts I have done in February, and as usual when I am looking for inspiration, I see how other people before me have done good design and the Council said “Arbejdsmarkedsstyrelsen” to me and I therefore – not surprisingly – decided to go to the website of Arbejdsmarkedsmarkedsstyrelsen with the purpose to find nicely designed reports and the message from the Council to me was really to bring this story:

Arbejdsmarkedsstyrelsen has had the www.jobnet.dk – see my experiences of this FAILURE of a system starting from September 2009 – evaluated and in December 2009 they asked the private users of the system, where 77 percent said that they are satisfied with the system in different degrees, and in November 2008 they did another survey where they asked the companies using the system and here 76 percent said that they are satisfied in different degrees.

So when you work as Civil Servants and when you are the responsible directors in the Ministry or Arbejdsmarkedsstyrelsen you will start painting a picture of self satisfaction because surveys show that “our users are happy” and other surveys show that “we save the Danish community of billions of DKK, so obviously we must already be the best in the world” and my dear Permanent Secretary of the Danish Ministry of Work – YOU DID NOT EVEN CARE TO READ MY REPORT I SENT TO YOU because YOU ALREADY THOUGHT YOU WERE THE BEST and my dear dear friends – ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF WHAT IS VERY COMMON: YOU DO BELIEVE YOU KNOW but you really don’t BECAUSE OF POOR QUALITY AND LACK OF KNOWLEDGE and seen that before, do you remember?

So it is only my task to say this to you, this is ONE EXAMPLE ONLY OF THE EVIL YOU HAVE AROUND YOU – BECAUSE YOU VERY VERY OFTEN DON’T WORK WITH THE REQUIRED QUALITY and because you don’t do what is only SIMPLE LOGIC TO DO, you will think you are the best but instead of really helping – in this case – you only make bad even worse and THE DANISH GOVERNMENT AND THE WHOLE SYSTEM cannot see that today and IT TAKES SOMEBODY LIKE ME, a cash receiver learning the system from the inside (!), who is not a PRO in your industry to show this to you.

And you might say as a defence-weapon of the Devil: How can you be right as an individual and how can all of us be wrong, surely you must be the one who is wrong and all I can say is this: I could have hoped this to be true, but it is not, read my book and you will understand!

And I did not find the design for the table of contents, so I decided to do my own!

Finalising the day

After working seven hours today I decided to take a break and I was shown the Devil throwing his pirate-clothes – because his ship is an old pirate ship – over board and he also jumped off himself with a question mark and yes we did not understand it ourselves SANNA – this is the general concept of this book. YOU BELIEVE YOU DO GOOD THINGS but when your selfishness takes over and YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND PEOPLE OR WORK WITH THE NECESSARY KNOWLEDGE OR QUALITY, YOU WILL DO WRONG INSTEAD OF THE DESIRE GOOD and thank for coming back to REALITY and the DEVIL WILL CONTINUE BEING HERE FOR SOME DAYS FOR ME AND I WILL BE THE FIRST ONE WHO WILL BE TOTALLY LIBERATED FROM THE DEVIL and I ask all of the world to FOLLOW ME 🙂

I also decided to take a short nap this afternoon and I had a short dream where Karen is inside a room in a house and I did not feel like going to her because there was another woman who I would much rather meet and I decided to follow her instead knowing that Karen is the one I am supposed to meet – and by this dream I can only say Karen that ONE SIDE OF ME IS NOT MOTIVATED AT ALL to see you and THAT IS A VERY STRONG FEELING INSIDE OF ME TOO – as you will understand from reading my book – but I HAVE DECIDED TO FOCUS ON THE OTHER SIDE, the positive side and to accept that THIS IS DESTINY, that “we can work it out” and this is what I encourage you to focus on too.

And thank you also for doing this and thank you Mary Magdalena for saying this – and yes ALL PERSONS HAVE A PHYSICAL PERSON ON EARTH AND A SPIRITUAL PERSON IN HEAVEN and AT THE SAME TIME and this is also written in my book and my friends THE ANSWERS ARE IN THE BOOK – and the next one is about Tobias who you have motivated me to write something about because he wrote on Facebook after coming back from Skiing holiday in Norway with the family that he was so unlucky to fall and hurt his foot and we know STIG why did I kick your foot into the door earlier today and we know YOU FELT I MOVED THE FOOT and NO ACCIDENT IT WAS and examples of this are also mentioned earlier in this book and just to say that THERE IS A REASON WHY YOU HAVE BEEN SO UNLUCKY TOBIAS and we could tell you more but the story is really that I thought the Council would give me words to tell you because I had not planned anything but since the Council is now obviously on holiday themselves I will take over myself – and we know DIFFICULT FOR PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND WHEN IT IS US IN THE COUNCIL AND WHEN IT IS YOU STIG WRITING THIS – and now I continue alone and now not alone and we know THIS IS HOW IT IS ALL OF THE TIME SOMETIMES STIG ALONE SOMETIMES US ALONE AND SOMETIMES A LITTLE BIT OF ME AND A LITTLE BIT OF THE COUNCIL and this is how it goes Tobias and I just wanted to say that I saw your post on Facebook and that I am with you in my thoughts and TOBIAS YOUR LIFE IS GOING TO CHANGE TOO and MIGHT BE DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND WHO I AM TOBIAS IF YOU DON’T DO MORE YOURSELF and we know maybe only to tell that this is about me deciding what to write and what the subject should be about and then the Council will help and we could for example talk about LOVE Tobias and Christina and if you were meant for each other because of the pain I felt in you Tobias when you broke up and the very big love you have and has had for this woman and we know NOT THE DEVIL NOW but the COUNCIL and we know OK I WILL TELL IT MONTY HERE and WE KNOW TOBIAS YOU ARE THERE I AM HERE AND ONE DAY WE WILL BE TOGETHER and when we are together I will repair you and you will understand why I have put myself on earth like you and why we have not come further in life because Tobias it is so difficult for you and I and that is for us and soon to be only one and we know TO TAKE A GRIP OF US SELF and you know Tobias when it comes to LOVE I can only say this much which is THAT YOUR SUFFERING WILL STOP TOO and we know this is what I received today and the reason is that Monty is not “allowed” to speak entirely alone, he is interrupted by the Devil who does not have the patience to listen to others and we know Tobias DISCIPLINE and LISTENING TO OTHERS can be difficult for your because this is how you have created me and this is the Devil speaking with a question mark but trying to participate to this story he is too and soon he will get it 100% right because Tobias these are some of your difficulties too and they will also disappear and CHRISTINA IS MEANT FOR YOU ON EARTH IF YOU AND SHE CAN FIND EACH OTHER the same way as if Karen and I can find each other and we can only do that IF BOTH PARTIES DECIDE TO MEET, TO COMMUNICATE and TO DECIDE TO SOLVE THE PROBLEMS WE FACE and that is the basic idea really because then you will experience the true love I have made for you and that is for the two of you.

And today I DOWNLOADED THE LATEST ALBUM FROM LAST YEAR and we know of all bands by MADNESS of course and my dear friends the reviews say that you have done your finest work ever and I have now listened to it 4-5 times and I can hear the QUALITY of many of the songs and it is like receiving a good old friend whom I have not really known for 25 years and we know “OUR HOUSE” of course a fantastic song but you know what I liked very very much in your music from the eighties was ALSO the humour which was very apparent back then and which I can hear in some of the new songs too but NOT AS MUCH as in the songs from the eighties and I HAVE MANY FAVOURITES FROM YOU and “Michael Caine” is certainly one of them AND I CAN STILL SMILE WHEN LISTENING TO THIS SONG MORE THAN 25 YEARS AFTER and you know THIS I MISS in most of your songs today BUT DESPITE OF THIS there are many many good things to say of your album, it is beautifully and carefully made and I enjoy it more and more for each listening. THANK YOU FOR STILL BEING THERE.

And finally today DO YOU REMEMBER HOW LONG WE HAVE HAD THE STORY IN DENMARK ABOUT THE BOOK OF THE ELITE CORPS “JÆGERKORPSET” AND THE POLITICIANS AND MEDIA TALKING ABOUT THIS and today FINALLY after we planted the seed the DEFENCE MINISTER DECIDED TO DO what we have asked him to do WHICH IS I DON’T WANT TO CONTINUE when the opposition and the media only have one thought: WE WANT TO BRING YOU DOWN instead of believing that he is doing the best he can and today the same people who hunted him say that he has been the best defence minister maybe forever in Denmark and THIS IS HOW POLITICS are AND THIS IS HOW THE MEDIA ARE and this story is only about this: YOU TALK FAR TOO MUCH, YOU ACT TOO LITTLE and you don’t help people, you fight them because you want to gain yourself and THIS IS NOT WHAT I HAVE ANTICIPATED FOR YOU and we know two meanings here which is also about you and Karen and thank you for a nice day ALSO FROM THE DEVIL and now back in light and we know as he has been most of the day and the degree of torment is almost not existing and that is maybe 5-10 percent of what I have experienced now for year and a RELIEF? YES – YOU BET! And now we only need to get rid of the cold and to finalising the work on improving the design of the book and the blog before the end of the week and we know GOOD TIME TO DO THIS.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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