24th February 2010 – Russia threatening USA with war and Echelon recordings will make China remember

Summary of the script today



Dreaming about Russia threatening USA and recordings making China remember Dreams about Russia threatening USA with war and the Echelon listening network, which will be used to make China remember what they have said and done.
A2B course: Finalising the design of my book no. 3 A signal which showed that my family is close to take me back into their hearts, and I continued finalising the design of this book no. 3.
A2B DID notice I left the 12th February The Commune did after all receive information that I left A2B the 12th February – I will talk to them on Friday if this means less cash help.
Life is Life and Life is Not Life Life is created in a space of NOTHING, which has been bent and which in fact is theoretical impossible, but where there is a will, there is a road.


Dreaming about Russia threatening USA and recordings making China remember

Tonight I slept not alright for “normal people” but almost alright according to what I am used to and that is better and therefore I am closer to “normal” than “tired” today.

My cold is better however not quite over but I have decided to go back to the course today even though I expect to be limited in my work because I don’t have all necessary tools at the computer at A2B – but still carrying on we are until the end and we know just a symbol given to me for months which I have not written about here before – I am winning the tennis match against the Devil by 6-0 6-0 and right now it is 5-0, my serve and ALMOST MATCH BALL but not quite yet because I STILL MEET SOME RESISTANCE and that is FROM MY SISTER OF COURSE and SANNA WHAT HAVE YOU DECIDED – have you decided to support me or to resist me and first of all TO LISTEN TO YOUR VOICE and that is the LOGICAL VOICE, thus not the SCARED one because Sanna THERE IS NOTHING TO BE SCARED OF – the story of you is NOT the “worst” in the book if you ask me. The stories of me and Karen are the “worst” and that is in my own personal view followed by you and Elijah but you know WHAT DO OTHER PEOPLE SAY?

A few dreams:
  • I see that Russia is threatening USA with war and I am shown walruses on a beach coming closer and closer – they don’t look nice, they are frightening. I did not get the last part of this dream precisely but something like this: The heads of the animals are beaten and we will have to make new ones.
  • Obviously POLITICS AT A HIGH LEVEL not written about in the newspapers and we know PUTIN where are you, are you still the man in charge with a marionette puppet in front of you and why are you so mad on the West and USA especially?
  • I see appliances being set up in the kitchen but they don’t yet include the right cords. I see a special machine recording and playing back messages about China, which will help to make them remember.
    • The kitchen is about normal life coming closer – and maybe the dream is telling the world that the ECHELON LISTENING NETWORK IS REALLY A FACT and we know – who is saying “are you really sure about this” and is it the Council or the Devil and we know Stig I AM THE ONLY ONE ON THE BOAT AND THEREFORE I WILL LEAVE YOU NOW AND YES ALSO LISTENING DEVICES ON BOATS and we know Stig ALL OF US ARE HERE – NOW I HEAR THE COUNCIL – AND WE JUST WANTED TO SAY HI AND YES YES YES ECHELON IS HERE THERE AND EVERYWHERE and we KNOW TO BE USED FOR THE CAUSE OF GOOD FROM NOW ON!
  • Two theatre groups are going to play football and I don’t have my football boots with me – I see the ground filled with water puddles.
    • Apparently this is a friendly game between two teams belonging to the Devil, this is why I don’t have the boots with me.
  • I am together with Tobias in a house close to London – he is using the computer like most men do, but which I have not done for a very long time now! People expect me to put forward a finished new product, but instead I am going to call them in for a brainstorm meeting to collect ideas of how to develop products.
    • And this dream does not tell me much but maybe I will receive inspiration to write that THIS IS HOW LIFE IS, this is how we can share the best together and this is what I will do from now – and still the Devil is learning and he also showed me chocolate (good symbol) and Spain (symbol of himself) when saying this so to me brainstorming is a good idea to do in general and maybe it is about the development of LTO in order to help the world and who knows I AM ONLY GUESSING HERE because this is only Stig writing without the Council.

    A2B course: Finalising the design of my book no. 3

    And the Council do have a very strong power – remember they are God on Earth – and this morning at A2B several people were speaking together and they received the kind of humour and laughing which is our normal kind of humour and laughing in my family and here I first think of Sanna and my mother but also the rest of the family and the Council said to me when I noticed this “we are coming closer” and maybe the family bond is indeed stronger – my dear sister and mother – than anything else because ARE YOU REALLY GOING TO THROW ME OUT IN THE SEA AFTER ALL and we know to get rid of the Devil WHEN SANNA TAKES YOU TO YOUR HEART – THE FAMILY SHOULD BE CLOSE TO INVITE YOU BACK and I WILL LOOK FORWARD TO THAT DAY COMING – BECAUSE I LOVE ALL OF YOU VERY MUCH AND HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO INTENTION TO HURT YOU, I ONLY DO WHAT IS NECESSARY TO DO FOR US TO HELP THE WORLD. Thank you again and this was from someone in the Council to me for writing this and we know feeling other people here as well and maybe Janet will send my information and links to Georgie – I have lost her contact information and sir name. Thank you.

    Sonja was nice to welcome me back today and we started speaking about her applications and CV and I decided to give her some advice for 10 minutes even though it was during “working hours” – but we know WE WILL CATAGORIZE THIS AS “WORK” because it was not SOCIAL TALK and of course I would do this as a friendly advice too after “working hours” – and it was really about telling her to NEVER GIVE UP and TO DO THE BEST QUALITY CV WHICH SHE HAS EVER DONE and to write USING DIRECT COMMUNICATION INSTEAD OF PASSIVE and TO LET PEOPLE SEE WHERE SHE IS UNIQUE also COMPARED TO OTHER PEOPLE – and to FIND THE TRUTH ABOUT HER COMPETENCES by writing them in detail and afterwards to CATAGORIZE them logically and I gave her my CV as inspiration and she was very kind to say that it is the most professional she has ever seen, but you know “I’m not perfect” and she said that by following my advice maybe she will be included in my book and no problem Sonja, you are already in my book, and again I felt my big need of love and tenderness having a nice woman sitting next to me but some day it will probably come when the one I am waiting for will be ready and I KNOW WHAT I AM DOING TO YOU ALL OF MY FAMILY also when it comes to your partners and I know that my book has a deep impact on your lives, I know. This is how it needs to be right now.

    And even though I started yesterday, I used three hours to finalise the details of the design of the table of contents for this, my book no. 3 “One God, One People” and to include the picture of the Vitrivian Man – not Vivian Woman but Vitruvian Man and almost the same and you know not today but to come and that is PERFECT MAN or WOMAN FOR THAT MATTER – as the background picture of the front page of the book, and the last two hours I went through all of the headlines of February in order to improve the information given in the headlines, so people will better understand, and the headlines are what I call level 1 information.

    You may remember that Oliver would come back today and he promised to come to me Wednesday morning regarding the feedback on my CV and when he mentioned this to me Friday last week I did not understand if he would give me feedback Wednesday morning or tell me when he will come back and you know YOU ARE NOT THAT PRECISE IN YOUR COMMUNICATION OLIVER and TIME KEEPING MAY NOT BE THE BEST OF YOUR DISCIPLINES TOO because I did not hear from Oliver at all and yes I COULD HAVE COME BACK TO HIM and thought about that I did BUT NO – I DON’T NEED HIS FEEDBACK, as simple as that so I will wait for him to come back, if he decides to do so.

    I offered Agnete to receive a copy of my four new applications for her to upload to A2B’s system – which I understood from Barbro that they want 14 days ago – but Agnete only said to me: “No, it is not necessary when you say you have done them”.

    At the end of the A2B day the Council said that they had never expected me to be able to do what may be my best work – at least when it comes to the design of the book – because WE COULD HAVE DONE THINGS DIFFERENTLY starting our work with only a few copies of some of my documents circulating but we do believe that you will deliver all of your documents and at the same time doing your best work being in total control over the Devil – not the easiest thing I have done in my life but I DID IT!

    A2B DID notice I left the 12th February

    Today I received a letter from the Commune – and I do wonder why they send slow and expensive letters instead of emails – and they wrote that they have been informed by A2B that I stayed away 6.5 hours the 12th February and the Commune asks for my statement before Friday this week and Jonna, who wrote the letter to me from the Commune, it would have been fine if you had thought to include your email address, so I could easily write to you.

    And I would probably have been in a better situation if I had DECIDED to inform A2B before I left the 12th February about my plan to leave and maybe even if I spoke to them about this when coming back, which I did not because I thought they would probably tell me if they noticed but you know communication is difficult when I decided not to communicate – even if this was an extreme situation for me – and when A2B decided not to communicate too.

    And I am just wondering how they have calculated that I was not present 6.5 hours one day, where I was supposed to come for 5 hours, where I spent 1 hour and therefore missing four hours.

    So I have decided to take the letter with me to the Commune on Friday when meeting Maja and again we will have to see what happens, if they will reduce my cash help because of my “offense” to leave a course where I don’t learn anything – and I should be very surprised to see if the Commune on Friday will take me off the A2B course and all activation projects but you know MAYBE THEY ARE STARTING TO LISTEN AND UNDERSTAND AT THE COMMUNE – HELLO ARE YOU THERE and I FEEL DARK SPIRIT ALL AROUND and we know NO IT DOES NOT SEEM THAT GOD HAS REACHED THAT BUILDING YET.

    Life is Life and Life is Not Life

    As the headline suggests HOW CAN WE BE HERE WHEN WE ARE NOT HERE and you may remember that God and the Universe is nothing and everything at the same time and there is a balance of everything – the plusses and minuses – and when everything goes up you have nothing and when you bent one way you have plusses and when you bent the other way you have minuses and it is in between this space, which is theoretical impossible that I have created an existence which is here but which is not here at all – and FATA MOGANA has been mentioned to me as a symbol of this some time ago – so my friends this is the next piece of the puzzle about God, creation and us and at the same time I can add that I am a living proof of how difficult it is to create life through “the walk” I have done.

    As you notice from the paragraph above sometimes “I” is God when the Council speaks through me and sometimes “I” is Stig without God – this is not meant to be easy, this is how stubborn and determined GOD NEEDS TO BE TO CREATE LIFE as I HAVE BEEN ON MY WALK HERE – CONTINUING ON AN IMPOSSIBLE ROAD DECIDING NOT TO LET DOUBTS COME THROUGH EVEN THOUGH DOUBTS HAVE BEEN ALL AROUND ME AND ALSO INSIDE OF ME ALL OF THE TIME, DOUBTS WHICH COULD HAVE STOPPED ME EASILY and you know TO DECIDE ON THE TARGET, TO STAY FOCUSED AND TO CREATE A ROAD WHICH IS NOT THERE – otherwise LIFE WILL FAIL as we have seen it before.


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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