28th February 2010 – The “code of love” will come to me to judge people on Earth

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of normal life and the “code of love” to come Dreaming of my old friends Henning W. and Thomas H. together with Tobias working to spread normal life to the world – and the meaning of the “code of love”, which also could be “the meaning of love”, coming to me to judge people on Earth.
The church service on seeing the glory, when you are helpless but have faith Pastor Leif spoke about the importance of taking the right decisions in the hour of feeling helpless, and he was given signs by God on me and the Trinity including signs on starting to use an Action Plan 🙂 – and we will meet on Thursday 🙂

Two articles on the self-satisfied Danish people and Judgment Day in movies etc.

Links to two feature articles about the limitations of the self-satisfied Danish people and about Judgment Day, which is a theme GIVEN BY GOD in movies etc. around the world these years – think of Madonna’s song “4 minutes”, now only 2 minutes!
My “family” is going through their “wolf hour” now My family is going through their “wolf hour” right now, you should take the right decision to support me and this feeling you go through now is to help you teach the world what NOT to do when the world will go through their wolf hour!
People had the desire to kill me as “the messenger” instead of the Devil inside of them In February you have seen examples of people wanting to “kill” me as “the messenger” because of their own wrong behaviour and actions. Judgment Day is INEVITABLE, you cannot “hide” and MANY people will act as servants of God helping you to come through to a happier life.


Dreaming of normal life and the “code of love” to come

It was nice to get a night of sleeping without feeling stressed and thinking about the Commune and what they will do – because even though I am confident, please remember that I always have two sets of feelings when it comes to everything, so I was also “all shook up” by the meeting with the Commune, their ignorance, “better knowing” and desire to control me because of their “good intentions” – and I had a pretty good sleep with these dreams:

  • I have been hired by Danske Bank again – not by the HR department but by the business unit. The work is very boring in the beginning where I am checking codes in journals, my old friend Henning Wind has much experience doing this work and he will teach two others and also me – and I am told that I will receive a code myself, which will make cheating impossible. My old friend Thomas Huusum is also working in the bank – I see him at Bremerholmen 31 and I am told that he is in the city of Thisted, Denmark. I also see Tobias working another place at the head office of the bank and I see that we are on our way up to get lunch together. Later Henning drives me home and he drives around a lake on the way, I see that I have moved into a new house in the city of Rødovre, where Henning can pick me up in the time to come – however this is not on the road from Henning’s home address to work. Later I see in one part of the dream that I use a back entrance and the same symbol continues when I travel directly from one island to the island of Lolland in Denmark, I don’t need to go back to the capital of Copenhagen first, I can go directly and I don’t need to prepare myself in forehand.
  • Working for Danske Bank here means “working to spread normal life to the world”, a work which my old friends Henning and Thomas – who I met when working for Danske Bank in the eighties (!) – and Tobias will also help doing. The code – and thinking here Fuggi of “Code of love” which is the meaning of this your favourite Spandau Ballet song (!) – I will receive is simply KNOWLEDGE, which will continue to increase until the day WHERE I HAVE ALL PEOPLE INSIDE OF ME and know HOW TO JUDGE EACH PERSON, the lake for Henning must be pain – “TRUE” – and the dream about not needing to prepare myself: What I think of here is the original plan I did with LTO in Kenya in May 2009 where we talked about developing a new website, a documentation paper for each person in need about background, present situation, future dreams and financial needs to reach normal life (should be all people in fact including variations to “normal life”) and I have myself been thinking to prepare a paper describing the definition of “normal life” in a greater detail and to take the last first – WITH THIS BOOK THE WORLD HAS RECEIVED MY IDEAS and on basis of the book you should be able to define “normal life” and yes Stig YOU ENCOURAGE THE WORLD and that is LTO TO CONTINUE WORKING ON THE WEBSITE including the database documenting the need of each person BECAUSE THIS IS THE KNOWLEDGE LTO WILL RECEIVE IN THE TIME TO COME and I will continue to work as a consultant giving my advice.
  • I am arriving home from Sanna and Hans with a pamphlet which is belonging to Niklas and Tobias. I think that I should give it back or maybe for Sanna and Hans to come and get it, and when I look at some of the pages I see that it says “Mick Jagger to be inserted here” and “Michael Jackson to be inserted here” and I get the feeling that it is Hans having the task to do this. I am living at home with my mother. I see she is not at home, which annoys me, but when she comes home she starts by washing the floor of my combined shoe cabinet and wardrobe. When I see her doing this I decide that I will show her that I can fly, which I do, I fly directly in front of her eyes and I tell her: “Mother, no man can fly, but I can, isn’t that weird”?
    • I see the dream about the pamphlet belonging to my nephews that they don’t know yet that I am telling the truth about whom I am and my mission and that it is the responsibility of Hans to share this message of “love”, which the music to be inserted is a symbol of. And I know that the shoe is an important symbol and I cannot remember the meaning of it but maybe I will become inspired to write that a shoe is not the same as coffee is it and OK IT IS THE SAME AS COFFEE and we are not that dark anymore and ALSO ELIJAH MY FRIEND IS COMING HOME and WE ARE ALL COMING HOME and WE WILL ALL START THE TASK TO BRING BACK THE CHILDREN TO GOD and THIS WAS INFACT YOUR MOST IMPORTANT TASK STIG which is what I have done by writing and publishing this book – and the shoe is therefore another symbol of LOVE, a symbol I have been missing in fact always as dreams from the past will show, and when my mother helps me to clean my shoe cabinet, it has the important meaning that it is my family who helps me now by not working against me and finally when I fly in my dreams – which I have done many times in the past as you can see from dreams I have written down – it only has the meaning that I AM CHRIST and this is just what I say in this dream to my mother as Stig: ISN’T THAT A WEIRD THOUGHT MOTHER, but true it is and I see and feel Yoda from Starwars when writing this but obviously I don’t need to write this, readers who dig deep enough will find all the places where God showed himself as Yoda to me when writing.

    The church service on seeing the glory, when you are helpless but have faith

    This morning when going to church I was not very happy – this is how my life is now, this is how it was yesterday, one month, one year and 10 years ago and this is how my life has always been, never happy one single second (!) – and today I had this feeling because of people not understanding me – thinking of the Commune and you know family and friends even though I know that the sun is rising – which is a natural feeling to get also for me, as easy as that in fact and gradually when I came to church I became more relaxed and more happy because I like the place there, and today it was Leif preaching and what would Leif tell me today – BECAUSE THE COUNCIL HAS NOT TOLD ME – would he invite me or avoid me, I really did not know, but I became happier when I again saw his COMMITMENT and PASSION, which shines through in this church MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE HERE LEIF and at the same time he is also very humorous, which I like very much – and at the end of the service today he presented Justine from Cameroun, who is a regular here – even though she does not understand Danish, which I found fantastic also thinking about my experiences in church in Kenya a few times when they only spoke Swahili – and she was singing two beautiful songs for the church and Leif told us that she has asked the church to support a project of building a church in Cameroun, which the Church would like to support and which I liked very much to hear – always good to have relations with and to help other people all over the world. ALWAYS you know 🙂

    Leif spoke about people who are helpless, that they will see the glory when they are faithful and take the right decisions, when they are not bitter or feeling invulnerable. Faith is like when you run out of money, he said, this is where your courage will begin. And this is what is waiting at all people: When you know that Earth will cease to exist and be replaced with my new world, do you want to show your faith in God or will you continue to feel invulnerable as many do today – this is the point you need to reach in order to change.

    And he also spoke WITH A SMILE about one person noticing another person reading in “the book of Job” and the person asked: “Are you applying for a Job” and this appealed to the humour of Leif and the whole church and when he said it I knew instantly that this was planted by God and as I told you after the service Leif, you can read the full meaning of this in my script of today, because inspiration of people comes from “many places”, because this does not only have one meaning as the Book of Job, it does not only have the second meaning as “are you applying for a job”, it actually has a third meaning too, which is that it is a signal given to you Leif that Stig is indeed the person he “claims” to be, this is the signal for you Leif, because as you know STIG HAS BEEN APPLYING FOR A “JOB” for a long time AND WE JUST LOVE THE USAGE OF WORDS AND DIFFERENT MEANINGS and when you have three meanings here you also have a symbol of the TRINITY, as you preach about TO OUR GREAT JOY TOO LEIF – so this is indeed the TRUE meaning of this symbol given to you and a small taken of our gratitude for your work.

    And before this Leif said to me on his way out from the church after the service that “we need to find a time to meet” and this made me very happy Leif – the opposite feeling of what I had this morning – because it gave me the feeling WHICH ALL PEOPLE LOVE, which is POSTIVE INTEREST from a person who TRULY wants to understand – instead of what I have seen so many times of selfish people wanting to “help” because they are “concerned”, which really can make people TIRED AND SAD – and SICK in fact – in this community too.

    So I took a cup of coffee and waited for Leif to shake the hands of all people leaving the church, where after we spoke briefly and I told him that he made me very happy today both for inviting me and for his PASSION and HUMOUR and I meant every single word with my heart – never tell people you are happy with them, if this is not a true feeling of yours – and I was happy that Leif smiled and I know Stig, I could not help it because LEIF THE SIMPLE TRUTH IS THAT YOU COULD BENEFIT YOURSELF PERSONALLY BY FOLLOWING ONE OF MY SIMPLE ADVICES FROM THIS BOOK – see from the middle of 2009 – WHICH IS TO PREPARE AND TO FOLLOW A PERSONAL ACTION PLAN CAREFULLY and I was thinking this thought already when you read messages to the congregation, where you noticed that you yourself on Tuesday need to prepare – as you said – a presentation of the DANISH POET TOO as I am told GRUNDTVIG is and I heard your surprise of seeing and reading this message to the church, you smiled and told the church “well, I better prepare myself but on the other hand I have all of the knowledge of Grundtvig I need to do this” and Leif this is INSPIRATION COMING FROM GOD DIRECTLY TO YOU TOO – this is how God is working the same way as when you smile and is joking – because people laughed with a good heart – because Leif, your feeling is that you truly don’t need to prepare yourself for this meeting on Tuesday the same way as I had the dream you can read from the beginning of the script of today that I don’t need to prepare myself for my future tasks because I already have the knowledge I need in order to carry out these – I just need to “get connected” to this knowledge, so Leif a few signs given to you and the church BECAUSE YOU MAKE GOD HAPPY BECAUSE OF YOUR WORK AND GROWING ATTENTION TO WHAT I AM DOING, thank you my friends.

    I would very very much like to come to your presentation on Tuesday 13.30 to hear you speak about Grundtvig – ONE OF THE VERY BIG SOULS SENT BY GOD TO DENMARK BEFORE MY ARRIVAL (!) – but you know the Commune believes it is better for me to continue at the Job Course at A2B until 14.00 on Tuesday even though they believe I have none or only little working capacity left (!) and yes LEIF – THIS IS HOW THE DEVIL IS POISONING THE DANISH COMMUNITY: Lack of COMMUNICATION/UNDERSTANDING and lack of doing what is only SIMPLE LOGIC TO DO – to treat everybody according to the Golden Rule!

    And Leif you were kind to invite me on Thursday instead at 14.30 and NOT BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOT WANTED TOO LEIF – but because of the feeling “we should really do something about this now” and you know Leif – this is about YOUR MISSING ACTION PLAN TOO and nothing else, you see?

    So today I counted THREE SIGNS given to Leif: The sign of Job, the sign of the action plan and the sign of not needing to prepare yourself because GOD LIKES TO SHOW THE SIGN OF THE TRINITY.

    Two articles on the self-satisfied Danish people and Judgment Day in movies etc.

    After church I noticed two feature articles from the Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende on the Internet, which I would like to share with my readers. The first one is telling some things about the self-satisfied Danes and the limitations of this small people WHICH BY FAR IS NOT THE HAPPIEST PEOPLE OF THE WORLD (!) and the other tells about Judgment Day being a pronounced part of movies, books, politics, computer games and religions until the day where THE EARTH WILL GO UNDER as it says and you are totally right THIS IS HOW GOD IS WORKING – these are signs of “the end”, and not only “the end” of a movie, but the end of a civilisation and to be fair here the end of the civilisation of the Devil and when I say FAIR it is also a sign to you ALL OF YOU MY DEAR EX-COLLEAGUES FROM FAIR because HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE CONCENTRATED ON READING MY STORY instead of taking the BITE given to you by the Devil to focus on yourself, your “hurt feelings” and to spread GOSSIP about me, so YOU NEED TO THINK TWICE otherwise you will find yourself belonging to the civilisation which will become “the end” and this is not what you truly want, believe me.

    And just one example from music here: Do you remember the song by Madonna from 2008 called “4 minutes”? Did you wonder what it was about when she together with Justin Timberlake sang: Time is waiting, we only got 4 minutes to save the world”? This afternoon God said to me – and you know when writing God I mean the Council and when I write the Council I mean God unless I write anything else – that now we only have two minutes left, so you may understand from this song that something will happen in 2012 and we know Stig – I WONDER WHAT THAT CAN BE?



    My “family” is going through their “wolf hour” now

    And I feel NERVOUSNESS very much in my stomach and I think of my sister feeling nervous and Karen feeling nervous and yes your mother is an old story and my dear family as I am almost about to say to all of you: PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOUR NERVOUSNESS and THAT YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO ACT STRONGLY AND TO TAKE THE RIGHT DECISION IN WHAT IS YOUR WOLF HOUR RIGHT NOW, which is to show your support in me and WHAT YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW IS TO DO WHAT IS WRONG BECAUSE OF CONSIDERATION TO YOURSELF and THIS IS WHAT I WILL ASK YOU TO TELL THE WORLD NOT TO DO – because THIS IS AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE, which you will best be able to tell the world when you know exactly how the feeling is – this is why you are going through this at the moment, you see?

    People had the desire to kill me as “the messenger“ instead of the Devil inside of them

    What you have seen ALSO here in February is the nature of VERY MANY PEOPLE TODAY because I have reported as objectively about the FACTS as I can about how people have behaved – about Elijah, Sanna, Karen, my mother and people from the Commune, the Park and A2B to take examples – and if people had behaved AS GOD LIKES TO BEHAVE you would have absolutely nothing to hide, you would have been proud of yourself and you would have stood up and said THANK YOU STIG FOR WRITING ABOUT ME but when your actions are made AS THE DEVIL LIKES TO BEHAVE and when I IN THE NAME OF THE TRUTH writes this TO TEACH THE WORLD what happened when you were confronted with the unpleasant truth about yourself?

    Did it give you the feeling to thank me because I use you as examples to help the world or did you feel an overwhelming desire and ANGER to SHUT MY MOUTH and did anyone think: I WOULD LIKE TO KILL THAT MAN because of what he has done? And do you know what: YOU HAVE ONLY LOOKED IN THE MIRROR and seen yourself and instead of wanting to “kill yourself” – to stop your unpleasant behaviour – you have wanted to kill me as “the messenger” or at least my VOICE – this is what this book is about and this is why I say: THIS BEHAVIOUR OF YOURS CANNOT CONTINUE. YOU CAN CHOOSE TO FOLLOW ME AND BECOME HAPPY AND SHOULD YOU DECIDE NOT TO FOLLOW ME and this includes TAKING THE WRONG ACTIONS IN THE WOLF HOUR, I WILL CEASE YOUR LIFE. This is the goal of this book – and IT IS INEVITABLE – there is NO ESCAPE FOR ANYONE because you may think that “the judgment is a not good idea” and “I don’t have the time or interest in this” if someone should get this feeling. THE JUDGMENT IS COMING – YOU CAN NOT “POSTPONE” OR AVOID IT – YOU WILL DECIDE HOW YOU WANT TO ACT and I WILL HELP YOU WITH ALL OF MY LOVE AND ADVICE and THERE WILL COME A BIG ARMY OF INFORMATION FROM SERVANTS, who will be available for the people of the world and the first ones are about to wake up when these lines are written.

    Ending the day today after 22.00 after I decided to work part of my Sunday in order to do this script of course and also to do the second edit of the scripts from the 22nd February in order to publish this book today, which was my primary goal – to deliver my best when February came to an end – and I heard God as the Devil telling me that I DON’T THINK IT IS FAIR THAT I AM GOING TO BE POLLE ONLY AND NOT BE MEAN ANYMORE BECAUSE WE KNOW STIG YOU DON’T KNOW FROM WHEN THIS WILL HAPPEN BUT YOU KNOW WAITING ON ME YOU ARE AND WE KNOW IT IS NOT POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO COME CLOSER TO THE TRUTH THAN THIS TODAY.


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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