1st March 2010 – As the grail I am (still) the living flame on Earth

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of God installing a “joystick” giving me access to all channels Dreaming of the risk of losing my book to the Devil, about an automatic installation of a joystick controlling all signals – SPEAKING TO GOD ON ALL CHANNELS – and Kim S. not happy about my writings, which will prepare him for his journey.
A2B course: People are sick and throwing up I was feeling nervous today because of the system, which I would like to leave, still feeling nervous because I don’t know how much the Devil is communicating through me, feeling discomfort asking Oliver and Agnete to have a feedback meeting, many people are sick and throwing up as a symbol of the lies being told behind my back and the unnecessary “conflict” created by Oliver, and the Chilean lady sitting next to me unaware that she was the inspiration to the Chilean earth quake.
As the grail I am the living flame on Earth At Yoga today the Council told me that as the grail I am the founder of all life on Earth, the source given by God, and without me, all life would cease to exist. Includes a story about the Devil coming for one week to members of the Council.


Dreaming of God installing a “joystick” giving me access to all channels

This night I had an “almost alright” but NOT normal sleep and again – because I asked to receive this experience a few days ago – I woke up a couple of times during the night briefly thinking that I AM ONLY ME AND NOBODY ELSE and then the understanding of who I am came back to me together with the almost constant feeling and thinking I have that I would much rather just be a normal person living a normal life with a normal work and normal family BUT I AM NOT and trust me THIS SUFFERING OF BEING SOMEONE I DON’T WANT TO BE TODAY IS STILL VERY MUCH WITH ME – like the Danish crown prince who does not want to become the King of Denmark and just maybe his purpose will be to tell the world how such a feeling feels like and I can only say: NOT VERY NICE YOU KNOW – one ingredient, which is enough to make me sick and throw up!

Some dreams:

  • I am sitting in the train and I am about to lose my book on television. Now I am at home playing loud music and I am afraid to wake up my mother sleeping at the room next to mine. I see in my new apartment that a joystick is automatically installed, which includes all electronically devices, which can switch between internet, computer, television etc. and I am impressed with the design and functionality of the joystick.
  • To start with the last part of the dream about the joystick which will be automatically installed is SPEAKING WITH GOD ON ALL CHANNELS which is WHEN HE WILL LIFT ME UP as I have dreamt about before for example with the tomatoes the other day.
  • Before that there is a reason why I will not play loud music (telling the truth LOUD AND CLEAR) to my mother, because there is one thing I could write in these scripts, about my mother, which I have decided not to write because I have first recently understood this information WHICH I HAVE DECIDED IS NOW TOO LATE FOR ME TO BRING HERE (!) – if I had it earlier I might have written about it so I don’t know if this information will ever come out, but it will not come from me and I am afraid that it would have overturned my mother, which is also why I don’t write it. Mother I know about this your secret and don’t worry, this is part of your road too.
  • The first part of the dream about losing my book to the television (symbol of the Devil) is the “LAST TRAIN TO LONDON” by ELO, which is what this is about and BABU BABU BABU (ambulance siren) and we know Stig WHAT WILL YOU DO ABOUT THE COMMUNE and “you are threatening people” and HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE THOUGHT THIS ABOUT STIG IF ANY IN MY LIFE (?) and we know Stig, I WOULD NEVER HAVE IMAGINED ANYONE ON EARTH SAYING THIS ABOUT ME – it makes me sick and sad – and THIS IS THE DREAM FROM SOME TIME AGO WHEN YOU REACHED THE TOP OF THE BUILDING AND HAD DIFFICULTIES COMING OUT OF THE LIFT BECAUSE OF THE SPOILED CHILD STANDING AT THE FLOOR RECEIVING YOU and THIS CHILD IS OLIVER – this is the “child”, which you feel almost sick to approach to ask for a meeting to receive his “feedback” on you.
  • I am at Kim S’s company and a man is coming to wash the floor and I feel confident that he will do a good job. Early next morning I meet Kim and he is not happy with the quality of the wash and I say that I did not overview the man doing the job, and when we speak I think that I still have old work for Kim to do, which I have not done yet and which gives me a bad conscience. Kim says that he knows that he does do much, but that it fits well with his family.
    • When thinking of this dream I think about CLEANING which this is about and that I – with the help of God – is cleaning the house of Kim – which is TO PREPARE HIM for the future – and KIM YOU ARE NOT VERY HAPPY TO BE EXHIBITED TO THE WORLD BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU HAVE DONE and KIM WHEN WILL I HEAR FROM YOU AGAIN saying “sorry” to me – is that what you are thinking and which is difficult for you to say, when YOUR TRICK ON ME, your best employee ever, has been CALLED by me and told to the world? Kim, please understand that you are still THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON I HAVE EVER WORKED TOGETHER WITH and despite of what you have done to me and WHAT YOU BELIEVE I AM DOING TO YOU TO DESTROY YOUR LIFE, we will still get a BRIGHT future together BECAUSE ONLY A “VERY IMPORTANT PERSON” WAS APPOINTED BY GOD TO DEVELOP ME INTO THE EMPLOYEE GOD WANTED ME TO BE. KIM, WITHOUT YOU, I WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO WRITE THESE SCRIPTS! THANK YOU FOR ALL THE GOOD THINGS YOU HAVE DONE and this goes out to ALL FAMILY, FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES I HAVE MET!

    I also had a “weak” dream of the Devil showing me a sexual desire of mine for years and the reason is that I HAVE NOT DONE YOGA FOR 10 DAYS NOW and we know Stig THIS WOULD HAVE KILLED YOU IN THE BEGINNING OF FEBRUARY but at the end we say THIS IS WHAT YOU DID ALL ALONE – and still a question mark of the Devil who is in the process of being packed together with the BIGGEST BIRTHDAY CAKE OF ALL TIMES FROM ALL OF US TO YOU simply because of your decision NOT TO GIVE UP – thank you my friends and I felt tears too because of the HURTING we are all going through as the physical persons we are on Earth because “they” are hurting and we have not crossed the bridge yet.

    This morning God played the lyrics “Hvis du forstod hvad jeg forlod for jeg ved det bli’r nok aldrig det samme igen” by Back to Back and my dear friend and we know THERE IS NO OTHER REASON FOR SAYING THIS TO YOU that you will not mind and yes I will mind and IS KAREN WITH ME and yes NOT NO and what is this about and it may be the Devil being sorry to leave me and we know YES YES YE S and this is what it is about.

    A2B course: People are sick and throwing up

    Feeling nervous and would like to leave this system

    This morning again I had the discomfort of being inside this “wonderful” system in Denmak, which in my case is doing absolutely nothing to help me but tries everything it can to destroy me – even though the “nice” people at the Commune of course only do what they believe is in my best interest and just maybe they would still like to get my writings off the Internet – and I was only thinking that it would be WONDERFUL to get out of this system because of the nervousness and pain it gives me at the moment and I was just thinking that this is really something my family and “others” could help me with if they were not busy thinking on themselves in their “wolf hour”.

    How much is the Devil still communicating through me?

    And just to share an old thought with you, which has been part of my suffering all the way since God started communicating with me in 2006 where he soon changed into the Devil and since then gradually the power of the Devil has decreased and the power of God has increased inside of me because of my actions but how much power does the Devil has here at his end within me, how much of the communication I receive today is really the truth coming from God and how much may still be lies coming from the Devil and we know my policy is still as it has always been TO ONLY WRITE WHAT I HEAR and very often I have no idea if I am communicating with the voice of God or the Devil and therefore not knowing if I am speaking the truth or the opposite – this is the truth and this is still giving me nervousness – and as examples I can say that when I wrote the notes of my meeting with the Commune Friday last week, still I did not know if I wrote it with the voice of God or the voice of the Devil and maybe I wrote some of the things with the voice of God and some of the things with the voice of the Devil and the truth is that I have absolutely no idea and that it would be so much easier if I could be sure that 100% of my writings are accurate – this is THE SINGLE FACTOR GIVING ME MOST ANXIETY FOR YEARS NOW because I don’t know what is the truth and when people don’t know this truth, they may believe that if I have written or told incorrect things that I am indeed crazy where the truth is that I have only been 100% loyal to the voices coming to me but you know you need to take a decision and therefore in my books I have decided to write if not all of the time then nearly all of the time just the voice I hear with the thought that this is the only road I can follow – I CANNOT EDIT BECAUSE I SIMPLY DON’T KNOW WHAT IS TRUE AND WRONG and if I should edit, it would mean that I should omit everything and then there would be no story, as easy as that – and if I do my best, I have had faith in God that he will make sure that this is how I will come home to London so to say and included in doing my best is a long journey where I have been thrown almost daily into situations which are so annoying that I would often prefer to avoid them “if only I could”.

    Asking Oliver and Agnete to receive their feedback on me

    Included in this the last train to London is to speak to Oliver because this is a symbol of what happens when people see each other as threats and not as opportunities and hereby create a conflict which should never have been created in the first place and because people of the world often do not have the courage to speak to each other directly, I need to take this meeting with Oliver to solve a conflict, even though I am the part, who has been treated unjustly!

    Because of this I addressed Oliver and Agnete this morning and asked them to have a meeting where I would like to receive their feedback on me including what they believe is positive and what they may believe are “development areas” and they promised to come back to me on this and we will have to see if they will tell me the same story as Maya told me that they have told her. And if they had come to me asking the same I would as a completely normal thing have agreed on the date and time immediately because this will be the easiest and best to do for all – but not if you are not working with this structure in your mindset, so we will see if I need to follow up on this too.

    And when I left at 14.00 today I had NOT heard anything from them and I might add that I have decided to be POSITIVE despite of the sadness I feel after Maya’s report to me of what Oliver has said and I said goodbye to Oliver focusing on being positive and he said that he and/or Agnete will take a meeting with me tomorrow and NOT easy to know what this means, so we will see what happens and I said that it will be “a short and positive meeting” – this is what I have decided for this meeting.

    Barbro DID follow up as promised 🙂

    This morning Barbro came to me and she was VERY KIND INDEED to follow up on our old agreement about WHY A2B would like to have CV’s and applications uploaded to their systems and she said that it was for usage when speaking to the Job Centre and others and SHE DID NOT FORGET – thank you Barbro – and I said to you “thank you very much – it was very kind of you to come back” and I noticed that she smiled much when I thanked her.

    Many people are sick and throwing up

    This morning Oliver and Agnete had a short briefing with the “class” as they normally do here and Agnete told that Mark had now left for Estonia – which he has not yet, first the 1st April really – and Oliver said that he will start working for a company which is still running giving people the expression that he indeed has a running company in Estonia, where the truth is that the company is registered and that there are no activities in the company today – and neither Agnete nor Oliver had any bad intentions giving this information but as you understand these are just small examples of people creating misunderstandings because of what slips of their tongue or if they have not understood in the first place.

    And what was interesting here was that Oliver informed that “many people are sick today, it seems like they have been speaking together because they are throwing up” and yes Oliver THIS IS THE SYMBOL OF HOW WE ALL FEEL HERE NOT BECAUSE OF THEM OLIVER BUT BECAUSE OF YOU – this is why these people are sick and THROWING UP!

    “Small” stories of “coincidences” of people sitting next to me

    Because I am working most of the time here – it is working hours you know – I don’t use much time speaking in private to people and we don’t meet before or after working hours or in breaks, where we can speak in private, but today I heard Greta, who is a nice lady sitting opposite me – she is sitting next to Sonja – that she told another lady of a dream where she would come back to work for Danske Bank and God said to me many days ago if I remember seeing her face before, which I do not, but I asked her and she has worked briefly for Danske Bank recently and I was only thinking, ok God has put people, who are going to work as servants to God/me next to me all of my life because she was dreaming about “normal life” coming.

    And two places to the left of me is sitting another nice lady and we know Stig FROM ALL PLACES SHE IS COMING FROM CHILE and she told me that her family is living eight hours by bus from the city of Concepcion and ALL OF HER FAMLY IS ALL RIGHT after the quake and their house “survived” too because THIS IS OUR FIRST THOUGHT TOO – we HATE playing the Devil hurting and tormenting people and we know JUST MAYBE THERE IS A CONNECTION HERE to the nice lady from Chile BECAUSE WE NEED TO GET INSPIRATION FROM SOMEWHERE so this is the connection we created.

    And this nice lady showed me a couple of videos on Youtube from the quake of Chile and I was surprised to see the ENORMOUS MAGNITUDE OF POWER SHOWN HERE and she also asked me to watch the “view from a bridge” – I liked that song AS THE LAST MUSIC BY KIM WILDE WHICH I TRULY LIKED before you went MAIN STREAM KIM and we know STREAM and yes a symbol because this bridge was swinging so much that I feared it would fall down in the stream (the water and you know WATER is the symbol of pain) but I looked at it knowing that this was the symbol shown to me because it was “STRONG ENOUGH” – and thinking of Karen here, because it is a song by Cher as a symbol of you and because KAREN YOU ARE STRONG ENOUGH TO COME OVER TO THE OTHER SIDE TOO – AND I HAVE NOW CROSSED THIS “BRIDGE OVER TROUBLE WATER” for years now and yes STIG IT DID NOT BREAK and YOU SURVIVED – this is what this story is about.

    And we know Stig, there are also a couple of Muslim women at this “course” and if I had devoted my time to speak in private with people maybe I would discover more stories here but this is how it is when I focus on my work during working hours.

    Updating the book and writing a website introduction

    Today I also remembered that I needed to insert headlines to chapter 17.2 in my book of February which I did – and therefore it is from today a new version I have uploaded to the folder of book no. 3 at my library at www.medieafire.com/stig.

    I also wrote emails to Mark and Leif from the church as promised and finally I did the first draft of an introduction I will insert at my website at http://stigdragholm.spaces.live.com, when I am completely finished with it.

    And when I wrote this I was actually now at home distracted by listening to David Bowie and you know the REALITY LIVE TOUR and the song “never get old” – the best of the REALITY album – starting with the words “you better take care …” and the music is giving me the same feeling as when you see the most beautiful lady on the street, which I know must be a feeling that YOU WILL TAKE AWAY FROM ME GOD because it is still very very strong inside of me and not very easy to continue to oppress – and by this I can also say that my CD worked the first time loading it today and the last days it has not worked at all BECAUSE OF THE COMMUNE and today it worked again because of my plan to finally defeat the Devil of the Commune by going to communicate with Agnete and Oliver – and you know ONLY WRITING THE WORDS I RECEIVE WHICH IS MIXED HERE WITH MY OWN WORDS, this is how it is!

    And I am running out of tasks because IT MAY BE PLANNED EXACTLY LIKE THIS, THAT I WILL FINISH EVERYTHING ON MY ACTION PLAN THE BEST I CAN and THEN THE HELICOPTER WILL LIFT ME THE VERY LITTLE REST WHICH IS REMAINING – because I may decide to find out how I insert pictures at my Blog Post, it has not worked for me yet, and I also have technical issues with a new signature which I have developed to use with my email / not the standard ones you find, but a fancy HTML with links and pictures, and this is really what I will prioritize to look at during the week – even though they don’t have highest priorities you know – so unless anything else happens, this is what I will look at.

    As the grail I am the living flame on Earth

    Finally today I started doing Yoga again in Valby – and I did not meet you there today, Fuggi (?) – and the teacher did not show up, so I did my own training and I BECAME VERY VERY DIZZY INDEED BECAUSE OF THE CLEANING OF MY AURA WHICH TOOK PLACE for the first time now for 10 days I believe after people HAVE NOT BEEN NICE TO ME TO SAY THE LEAST and what Oliver has done talking behind my back should be nothing compared to what former colleagues and friends are doing WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE but in the future I WILL KNOW EVERY SINGLE WORD YOU HAVE EVER SAID, if I decide to PLAY BACK THAT INFORMATION and this is said as an example of what was coming to me when I did Yoga because when I lay there on the floor the Council told me that the GRAIL INSIDE OF ME IS SIMPLY THE LIVING FLAME WHICH ALL LIFE IS MADE OF ON EARTH INCLUDING THE MEMBERS OF THE COUNCIL THEMSELVES and the logic is really only that if the life I HAVE CREATED would be more powerful than me, they would not only kill me, they would kill themselves and all life and again my friends I AM ONLY TELLING WHAT I RECEIVE OF INFORMATION and nothing has been changed – this has always been my principle and THIS IS THE PRINCIPLE WHICH EVERY SINGLE WORD OF THIS BOOK HAS BEEN MADE with kind contributions by both God and the Devil you know.

    I was also told a different message compared to what I have told my mother in February in this book because earlier I have said THE WORDS I RECEIVED which was that she would never experience the Devil herself INFLICTING HER MIND 24 HOURS PER DAY WHERE THE MOST DIFFICULT BATTLE IS THE CONSTANT BATTLE TO WIN THE THOUGHTS – can you imagine fighting with the Devil to win the right to think your own thoughts and if you lose, the Devil will start thinking THE ABSOLUTELY WORST YOU CAN EVER IMAGINE and multiply it many times and you will know how he will torment you and this is the best way I can put it and it is THIS BATTLE which has kept me alert every single second for years because one second of mental relaxation and the Devil would take over my mind and torment me even worse, which is hard to believe but still the truth (one thing is that he is speaking directly, which is bad enough, another thing has been to keep him from using my brain to think the WORST thoughts) and this is the first time I believe I write it this way just to add information – and today I was told that the members of the Council on Earth will receive the Devil inside of them for one week and I don’t really know which version is the right one – and this is also what the detailed reader will notice many places that there variations in stories given because one day it may be God talking and the next the Devil and you know not very easy always to find out, but if this story today is the right one, I can tell you my dearest family and friends that what you will experience for one week is a nightmare worse than you can ever imagine, which I have had every single day for four year now and if you should receive it, it will be part of the pain you will need to go through in order to meet God at the end.

    At the end of the day God reminded me of the vision he gave me some weeks ago that I was going through the firing of the Caribbean Island and today he showed me that he is now ALMOST about to pick me up as a fish arriving at the island – but still he says that IF I DON’T DO MY BEST I MIGHT BE DELAYED A COUPLE OF MONTHS IF PEOPLE WORKING AGAINST ME SUCCEED BY THE HELP OF THE DEVIL – and please notice my dear Commune and please notice earlier my dear family and nearest friends I AM COMPLETELY HONEST AND OPEN TO YOU and you have the “chance” to pick from my scripts what you want IN ORDER TO WORK AGAINST ME and you don’t tell me about your evil plans DO YOU REALLY THINK THIS IS FAIR – YOU ARE SHOWING THE DEVIL IN ACTION and EVEN WHEN I AM COMPLETELY OPEN WITH YOU I CAN ONLY SAY: YOU ARE NO MATCH TO ME – GO HOME AND TRY ONCE MORE IF YOU WANT TO PLAY AT MY LEAGUE!


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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