2nd March 2010 – Fighting and winning my last personal battle against the Devil :-)

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of unnecessary conflicts and warnings Dreaming of my sister and mother not understanding each other, beautiful music in Sweden, which is turned down and people who want me to stop playing Golf and working in Sweden. These are signals of what I hope is my last battle with the Devil.
This battle almost bring me down, but I WILL NEVER EVER GIVE UP! I feel how millions of people feel when family, friends and colleagues HARASS them and they get nervous breakdowns but I have decided NEVER TO GIVE UP – NOT NOW OR LATER – I AM GOING TO WIN THIS ONE TOO!
A2B course: Going from Cold Winds to Victory At the beginning of the day a symbol showed me cold winds blowing against me, it improved when I agreed on a meeting time with Oliver, Greta offered people “voice training” to find their INNER VOICE, which is also a symbol to THE COUNCIL MEMBERS ON EARTH and I had the meeting with
OLIVER: You are positive and acknowledge other people Finally we had this VERY POSITIVE meeting – decisive for winning my last battle against the Devil – and Oliver’s feedback was that I am positive, acknowledge other people, contribute positively in educations and group work, bring forward good proposals and he knows that I have had no intention to threaten other people and that no one has understood this, which he has promised to tell the Commune. But he also believes that people can become “afraid” of me because of my power of penetration, which I will now DELIBERATELY turn down because from now on people will start to understand me – and when speaking to these people I can be my NATURAL self without OVERDOING myself, which I prefer. He now understands the story of my CV and that my work is to write this book. And Oliver himself saw me earlier as a THREAT and not an OPPORTUNITY when I supported him – and what does the word “THREATENING” really mean? The chapter INCLUDES symbols of God inviting all people to come home for his dinner in the land of joy of happiness.
Correcting my post address Yesterday I finally checked my registered post mail address and it was wrong, which first was difficult for me to believe in – but I understood and now it is corrected.
A follow up email from René from the Commune René wrote that he will not read my book of 1,200 pages before taking a meeting and all I could do was to write in the script that he WILL indeed read my book to get through to the other side and that I will write to him tomorrow to explain that he cannot stop my writings no matter what he may decide to do.


Dreaming of unnecessary conflicts and warnings

I slept “almost alright” this night and I had these dreams:

  • My mother is too critical to Sanna of her errors and Sanna is to negative and shouts directly at my mother and says: Don’t you understand, it can cost us our family life until we will see each other again – followed by “they believe in me”.
    • If this dream is literal, I can only encourage my mother and sister to COMMUNICATE, to be open, listen to each other and always TRY TO UNDERSTAND THE OTHER PART, BEFORE YOU MAKE YOURSELF UNDERSTOOD. Please don’t become unfriendly because of me.
  • I have opened a store in Helsingør and my family is afraid that I criticize people of importance to them.
    • My dear family, it is all about understanding and acceptance, which will happen to all people of this book.
  • I hear the words “turn, turn, turn” from the song by Pete Seeger and really only saying that I can win or lose this battle depending on what I decide to do.
  • I see Mauro Scocco jamming together with two others – I am together with a Dane, who interrupts me without listening – and the music sounds fantastic and I ask them when they will start playing concerts. I tell them that “this is my favourite – it is a new song” and then I see Mauro Scocco playing a new song which is called “recreate happiness in mankind”. After the song I ask Mauro if he understands the feeling that when he has put together a special text – for example like “dom ensamma”, it is indeed a very special feeling, and he does. During the dream I see Champagne, but at the end of the dream I hear that the music is turned down because of tiredness.
    • So everything is going fine and we are still close to CELEBRATION but a warning is included at the end of the dream – which is not making me happy.
  • I am playing golf and I have finished the course. I used a total of 127 strikes and Paul, who is one of the persons I played together with, used 123 strikes. When we come inside the house someone asks me if I should not stop playing golf because he has only seen me walking at the course and I say, No, I will continue playing, sometimes I only need to get my golf bag at the beginning of the course. Inside the house Paul tells me that the new people working for the company in Sweden have some difficulties using the new, advanced technology and he says we will have to see if we will continue having ministers in Sweden or if we will take care of the work from here – and I noticed that Paul is now more open to me than before.
    • Paul, there is a reason for you to be included in my dreams and you are still welcome to contact me, when you feel ready to know more.
    • Another dream giving me a warning – I would like to keep playing Golf and be the minister of the country of joy and happiness, to be with God, but the Council has problems making the advanced technology work – to LIFT me up, remember the dream of the joystick – and again another warning making me unhappy because of how people behave around me misunderstanding me instead of understanding me, see my meeting notes with the Commune from Friday last week.

And the dreams today give the theme of today: Unnecessary conflicts because people don’t understand each other.

This battle almost bring me down, but I WILL NEVER EVER GIVE UP!

Again when I woke up this morning immediately I had the same discomfort, constant feeling of nervousness in my stomach and my whole body together with a constant throw up feeling, which I have had since the meeting with the Commune, and it surprises me that I am so affected by this THREAT by the Commune, which it is because of what THE TOP may DECIDE TO believe is an attitude of mine: That I am “threatening” people. This single word “threatening” is what it is about, what people have said behind my back, which is totally untrue, and I have now been put in a situation again with feelings I have tried many times in my life – for example in 2008 when hospitalised and in February 2010 with the first reaction from Sanna and Niklas – and this is the same feeling again and POLLE is strengthening this feeling very much inside of me because it really takes a lot of this feeling before it threatens to do with me as it happens to thousands and millions of people all over the world who suffer because of people not understanding them, working against them or HARASSING them (spouses, best friends, managers and colleagues at work etc.): TO BRING ME DOWN and this is the feeling I “almost” had this morning, a strong desire to stay at home with what people call a “nervous breakdown” – but I can only say that NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS I WILL NEVER EVER GIVE UP – AND I WILL REPEAT IT: NEVER! And POLLE SAID THAT IF THE COMMUNE SHOULD WIN THIS PLAY, THE COUNCIL WOULD CARRY OUT WHAT I HAVE FOUGHT WITH MY LIFE TO AVOID and you know what it is: AND NEVER, POLLE, EVEN IF THE COMMUNE SHOULD SUCCEED IN THEIR MOST VICIOUS PLANS, I WILL NEVER EVER GIVE UP and I WILL SUCCEED TO WIN THIS BATTLE NOW OR EVEN IN A FEW DAYS OR WEEKS because it is only based on a misunderstanding so ONLY IN YOUR DREAMS, mate! – and thank you Vivian for listening to me! And all I wish for, which I have wished for now for years, is really to let the pain go away brought to me by the Devil – this is really what is “motivating” me the most EVERY SINGLE DAY.

And even though the uncomfortable feelings and dreams have increased in strength, I also have the feeling of disbelief in me because HOW CAN THIS BE TRUE – ABOUT ME – and “it makes me wonder” and I say to my self that I WILL TRY MY BEST TO COMMUNICATE WITH OLIVER AND/OR AGNETE ABOUT WHAT THEY ACTUALLY BELIEVE WHEN IT COMES TO BEING “THREATENING” and to find out if this is ONE BIG MISUNDERSTANDING and SLIP OF THE TONGUE and at the same time I comfort myself by saying that NO I DON’T BELIEVE THE COMMUNE WOULD TRY TO DO ANYTHING TO HURT ME but when I say this, Polle this morning told me that he works at the Devil for people “motivating” them by giving them the “worst thoughts” and that I have probably 3-5 days before they will try to hospitalise me unless I SORT OUT THIS SITUATION BY COMMUNICATING.

So this is as truthful as my feelings and thoughts are right now – and what I receive of messages at the moment. I am fighting a battle with Polle here and he is using “weak people”, who have decided to follow the road of the Devil (the “minus”) and not God (the “plus” – as I told the Commune at the meeting).

A2B course: Going from Cold Winds to Victory

Cold winds blowing against me

This morning when I arrived at A2B Carsten said that he saw me bicycling from the bus and he said that is must be very cold bicycling, that it is too far away for him to bicycle and that his bicycle only has thin tires and I said that no, it is not cold, it is now not freezing anymore, which makes a big difference and that it is very nice bicycling and this was only one OF WHAT HAS BEEN THOUSANDS OF EXAMPLES FOR YEARS how I am speaking to the Council through other people and at this situation Polle also told me directly that this is the difference of people talking from a positive or negative standpoint and it was also a symbol of COLD WINDS BLOWING AGAINST ME AT THE COMMUNE, which will continue unless I have the strength to stop it as I HAVE SAID THAT I WILL.

Agreeing on a meeting time with Oliver

I thought this morning that I would ask for a meeting time with Oliver and/or Agnete so this is what I received help to do – this is how it works too, then the Council helps me by giving me strength and almost put the words in my mouth – and I asked Oliver for a time and he said that 12.30 is fine and that it will be either with him or Agnete because both of them are busy even though I have only asked for 10-15 minutes (!) and I have decided that the most important here is to sort out the misunderstanding with the word “threatening” and I will see if it will be Oliver or Agnete I am going to speak to and if there is a need to follow up on the other person afterwards.

And I cannot tell you HOW MUCH I WOULD LIKE TO AVOID THIS SITUATION and TO AVOID TAKING THIS MEETING – this is one of the most uncomfortable of all situations I have been in on my journey – and thank you Council for continuing to challenge me at the highest level – and this is indeed my final battle with the Devil, Polle tells me WHEN I HAVE THE ATTITUDE which I just thought of WHICH IS TO REALLY TRYING TO UNDERSTAND WHAT WENT WRONG because STIG THIS IS REALLY ALL IT IS – a misunderstanding WHICH I HAVE PUT FOR YOU TO FIND TODAY if you can indeed follow through the PAIN of carrying out this meeting.

Greta offered “voice training” and the LION KING is still here

At the briefing afterwards Greta did a presentation about “voice training”, which is basically A FREE OFFER OF INDIVIDUAL COUNSELLING OF 1-2 HOURS, WHICH SHE IS GIVING TO ALL CASH RECEIVERS HERE – because THE INSPIRATION SHE RECEIVES IS TO HELP OTHER PEOPLE TO FEEL BETTER – and the purpose is PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, find your own self confidence, LISTEN TO YOUR INNER VOICE, do what you feel inspired to do, say and act as your inner voice guides you instead of what you may believe other people want you to do and I WAS VERY HAPPY INDEED TO LISTEN TO GRETA because SHE WAS SO KIND WHEN OFFERING THIS and SHE DID A FANTASTIC PRESENTATION and Hans gave a comment that “it brings out the BRØL” and this was the Council working again – and remember that I only bring very few examples of this in my book – because here it was about LION KING and SUPPORTING ME after I agreed on a meeting time with Oliver, this is how direct the I feel the consequences of people working against me and my own actions to prevent WHAT THEY HAVE NOT DECIDED TO DO YET because yes Stig THERE IS A DIALOGUE BETWEEN THE COMMUNE AND A2B ABOUT YOU and eehh also TO HELP YOU BY FINDING A PRACTISE JOB and yes we know Stig – YOU DON’T KNOW HOW I WORK WITH PEOPLE AT THE TOP OF THE COMMUNE and THAT IS WHY.

And Agnete felt inspired to talk about “setting your own borders”, which she said that she has had difficulties with in relation to her own daughter and here I was only thinking that this is what many parents and children do: “SETTING BORDERS” and you know TASTE THE WORDS, how do they taste and we know NOT GOOD because THIS IS NOT ABOUT SETTING BORDERS, this is about UNDERSTANDING WHO YOU ARE YOURSELF and UNDERSTANDING OTHERS and AGNETE maybe your problem is that YOU WANT TO SET BORDERS YOURSELF and you do believe you understand other people when the truth is that you don’t always do this.

And Greta said that it is always very uncomfortable to get into a conflict, which you have not seen coming – and this is the connection to what I am going through personally at the moment – and I am sure that everyone here agreed but I am not sure that the teachers represented here this morning – Agnete and Oliver – had thought about what consequences their actions can have to me and to the world, if I will be delayed – it may cost the lives of millions of people, this is what we talk about!

I could tell that people here felt that what Greta did was positive, but no one said it (!), and therefore I decided to tell that I don’t have much to say but I would like to say THANK YOU because of your fantastic and exceptional offer to stand up here and without charges HELP people here to find THEIR INNER VOICE, I don’t feel a personal need myself, but if there are other people feeling a need I can only encourage them to accept your kind offer.

At the end of her presentation I asked her if she wanted to work with this and if this was her background to offer free counseling and we know Stig YES THIS WAS INDEED THE PLAN and I could only wish her the best of luck doing this.

Finally this session about VOICE TRAINING was really also a message to my mother AND MY DEAR MEMBERS OF THE COUNCIL that VOICE TRAINING IS WHAT YOU WILL EXPERIENCE MORE AND MORE and that it is indeed PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT in order for you TO HELP OTHER PEOPLE. This is also the meaning of this symbol today.

Before the meeting with Oliver

During the morning – where the internet was not working – first Carsten and later Niels came to me to hear about my book and what I am writing so I can probably not keep them long from my information and who I am – the interest is still growing here.

Until my meeting started with OLIVER – the KEYMAN HERE is you understand the Matrix movie here, this is what he did, OPENED ME UP TO THE UNIVERSE TODAY – I wrote on the script so far today and because YOU GIVE ME ALMOST TOO MUCH WORK TO DO MY DEAR COUNCIL and we know ANOTHER LONG SCRIPT TO WRITE and WHEN STARTING THE TIME IS 14.51 and I will finish the chapter with Oliver today, but I will wait until tomorrow writing to the COMMUNE TO CALL OFF THE AMBULANCE ALARM AS I HAVE PROMISED YOU MY READER and ALSO THE COMMUNE!

The only way I can write meeting notes where people normally tell me that “this is exactly what happened” is to take exact notes of the meeting and try to be 100% accurate – and if I am not then I have not done my work well enough, but this has always been and is always my aim TO FIND THE TRUTH 100% and I AM SURE THAT OLIVER WILL AGREE THAT WHAT I WRITE IN THE NEXT CHAPTER IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED AT OUR MEETING TODAY and I am sure that the COMMUNE WILL ALSO AGREE THAT MY NOTES OF THE MEETING WE HAD FRIDAY LAST WEEK IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED AT THAT MEETING?

When writing the chapter 2.4 today I used 1 hour and 25 minutes to write down my handwritten notes on my computer and to sort the notes in logical chapters.

Then I used 2 hours to write the chapter and one hour and 40 minutes to do the first editing and at the end of the week I will probably use approx. half an hour to do the second edit of this chapter. This is how I normally work when I work my best – approximately according to the golden working rule as I introduced to David and Elijah in a meeting in Kenya last year.


And it is with this “motivation” and resistance that I write these meeting notes and you know AS I HAVE WRITTEN ALL OF MY BOOKS – WITHOUT ANY MOTIVATION AT ALL. This is how it is when you need to do what is necessary to do to help other people because WE KNOW STIG THIS IS ALSO ABOUT YOUR “SURVIVAL” TOO and thank you BOB MARLEY FANTASTIC ALBUM TOO.

OLIVER: You are positive and acknowledge other people 🙂

Oliver did not show up at 12.30 to start the meeting as agreed – I noticed that his door was shut because of one of those NOT PLANNED MEETINGS OF HIS YOU KNOW but at 12.45 WE STARTED THE MEETING and NORMALLY I WILL ALWAYS HAVE POSITIVE MEETINGS WITH PEOPLE AS I ALSO HAD WITH OLIVER TODAY – and here is my JOURNAL of what we spoke about:

My goals of the meeting

Before the meeting I had the following goals:

· To listen to and understand all of the feedback from Oliver – both plusses and minuses – maybe I could learn something!

· To talk about the SUPPORT I have given Oliver and a few people here – which is exactly what it was – and if Oliver saw this as an OPPORTUNITY or a THREAT.

· For Oliver to understand that I have accepted feedback on my CV and the reason why my CV is as it is.

· For Oliver to understand that I am NEVER THREATENING PEOPLE – my aim is always to be POSITIVE and OBJECTIVE.

· For Oliver to inform the Commune that I am NOT THREATENING PEOPLE, BUT POSITIVE.

The introduction of the meeting

The meeting started and I felt both nervous and confident at the same time – I have both feelings you know – and I noticed that Oliver also felt nervous in the beginning, a nervousness which soon disappeared from both of us BECAUSE WE STARTED TO COMMUNICATE and UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER.

Oliver said that he did not fully understand the purpose of the meeting, which I therefore explained to him in a greater detail saying that for me it is CRUCIAL that you from time to time will HAVE MEETINGS WHERE YOU COMMUNICATE AND UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER in order to get the absolutely best working climate and to remove possible misunderstandings and that I therefore would be happy to receive his 100% honest and direct feedback about what he saw as plusses and minuses about me in our co-operation, and that EVERYTHING HE SAID WOULD BE PERCEIVED BY ME POSITIVELY and that I would add to his feedback in order for us to get a full and mutual understanding.

Oliver understood and agreed and this became the foundation of our meeting.

Oliver to Stig: You are positive and acknowledge other people

Oliver started by saying 100% accurate word by word – which I can only be certain of because I took 100% accurate notes when he said these words:

”Det første der falder mig ind er, at jeg har oplevet at du gerne er positiv. Du byder positivt ind i uddannelser og grupper”, which in English will be something like this: ”The first I think of is that you in my experience often are positive. You contribute positively in educations and group work”

And he continued: ”Jeg selv og andre har oplevet, at du anerkender andre – for eksempel i morges med Greta. Det var fint, og det er altid dejligt”, which in English is:”I and other people have noticed that you acknowledge people – for instance this morning with Greta. That was nice, and this is always lovely”.

I said thank you so much for your positive feedback and “I will put this under plusses”.

Oliver to Stig: You bring forward proposals from a good heart with power of penetration

When going to the next feedback it was more difficult for Oliver to start speaking and I gave him maybe 5-10 seconds where he was thinking without speaking – and you know IT CAN OFTEN BE VERY DIFFICULT TO FIND OUT A WAY TO PHRASE YOUR WORDS SO PEOPLE WILL NOT BECOME ANNOYED WITH YOU BECAUSE PEOPLE WILL UNDERSTAND YOU NEGATIVELY AND NOT POSITIVELY – and OLIVER I SAID TO YOU THAT I WOULD TAKE ANYTHING YOU SAID POSITIVELY and therefore all I had to do was to ask you “what do you think of” and this is what it took to get him started and normally IN MY PERFECT and BEAUTIFUL WORLD TO COME FOR YOU MY DEAR PEOPLE THIS IS WHAT YOU WILL DO: TO SPEAK OF WHAT YOU THINK AND TO THINK OF WHAT YOU SPEAK – this is much easier for all people you see.

He said again 100% accurate word by word:

“Du har mange holdninger at komme med og gode forslag, som jeg oplever, kommer fra et godt hjerte” and in English:”You have many good point of views and you bring forward good proposals, which I believe come from a good heart”.

And hereafter he had difficulties putting on words but he started by saying that people can get an understanding of me that what I say is “not to be discussed” and “this is the truth” and furthermore he added that he thought that I do this to underline my power of penetration, which is also stated in my CV and that the risk is that people feel they are rolled through by a steamroller. Furthermore he said that my communication does not “seem disturbing” in plenum – and he continued by giving me an example where he said WITH THE VOICE OF THE COUNCIL because IT WAS WHEN COMING TO THIS POINT THAT THE COUNCIL and THANK YOU POLLE BECAME “LIGHT” AGAIN REALISING THAT HERE YOU, STIG, WILL WIN THIS FINAL BATTLE AGAINST THE DEVIL – and this is not 100% accurate word by word but I am sure that Oliver will recognise what he said:

“I stedet for at sige, at her er din mad, kom den ind i munden, så kan du invitere folk indenfor i stedet og sige, her er min buffet, du er velkommen”, which in English is: ”Instead of saying here is your food, put it in the mouth, you can invite people inside and say here is my buffet, you are welcome” and when you said this Oliver and ALMOST NOT ROLF ANYMORE and that is the change of attitude from this YOUNG MAN OLIVER today and I was instantly thinking about a SWEDISH COOK and what you actually said was that ALL PEOPLE ARE WELCOME INSIDE THE HOUSE OF GOD and that NORMAL LIFE IS COMING and we know this made me happy.

And Oliver continued by recommending me to turn down my volume of power of penetration, he believed it works better for me to invite people in instead of saying “this is how it is” and then he was INSPIRED of course directly to talk about A SWEDISH ACTOR because you know HERE IT IS ALL OF US ACTING FROM THE LAND OF JOY AND HAPPINESS and that is SOON TO BE we mean and Oliver spoke about the Swedish actor at a small intimate stage where he understates his acting and body language and he compared me in physical size with this actor, who is also tall, and he said that I should be more “humble” and actually you know to adjust myself to the place and after I had listened to and understood his feedback I gave the following comments:

Stig to Oliver: Be natural, when people listen and understand

First of all I thanked him by saying that I understand what you tell me and that I was happy for his honest and brave feedback, which he only meant positively when saying it.

And here the meeting was actually very easy to carry forward because the Council helped me by giving me the Swedish actor to work on and therefore I was inspired to say that you can choose your personal way of communication in through one of these three ways:

1. To understate yourself.

2. To be natural.

3. To overdo yourself.

I continued by saying that what I often have DELIBERATELY DECIDED TO DO and also here at A2B is TO OVERDO MY COMMUNICATION by SHOWING MY BIGGEST PASSION AND POWER OF PENETRATION with ONE REASON ONLY which is WHAT I NEED TO DO TO MAKE PEOPLE WHO HAVE THEIR FINGERS INSERTED IN THEIR EARS START LISTENING TO ME even though THIS IS NOT MY NATURAL WAY OF COMMUNICATION and NOT WHAT I FEEL PLEASED TO DO because I would prefer to JUST BE MYSELF which is you know TO BE NATURAL which is as I told Oliver exactly what I was at this meeting with him because HE LISTENED TO ME AND UNDERSTOOD ME and this UNDERLINED MY POINT DIRECTLY because I ASKED HIM IF HE SAW OUR MEETING AS A POSITVE OR NEGATIVE MEETING AND HE SAID CONVINCINGLY THAT IT WAS POSITIVE and I said that I will now start to become “NATURAL” AGAIN without the need to show ALL OF MY POWER OF PENETRATION in order to MAKE PEOPLE LISTEN and what I was really thinking was that NOW I AM READY WITH THIS PART OF THE BOOK and IN THE FUTURE PEOPLE WILL UNDERSTAND THE NEED TO COMMUNICATE AND LISTEN PROPERLY and when they do I can just be my natural self – like today – and in the meantime, when it comes to people who for some time still don’t get it (the ball that is) and therefore continue to be selfish without listening and understanding, I have decided that I WILL NOT SPEAK TO SUCH PEOPLE – including you at the Commune with your present attitude (!) – so therefore THIS IS WHAT I CAME TO, I WILL NOW BE THE ONE I AM and you know YOU CAN NEVER TAKE MY ENERGY AND COMMITMENT AWAY FROM ME so what I will say is that THIS IS A COMBINATION and it really starts BY PEOPLE UNDERSTANDING ME and when they understand me, I don’t need to OVERDO my speaking to them anymore. THIS IS THE ANSWER and GRANTED BY ALL OF US and that is still 8-0 you know AND HEY YOU THE LAST ONE OF US ON EARTH, when will you contact me TO GET YOUR NAME AS POLLE CONFIRMED and I can only say that FOR GOD EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE and EVEN THOUGH YOU WERE ALIVE WHEN POPE JOHN PAUL II WAS ALIVE HE WAS BOTH YOU AND JOHN PAUL II AT THE SAME TIME! –SO WHENEVER YOU ARE READY, you are welcome, otherwise you will find out more and more yourself!

And it goes without saying that YOU SHOULD NEVER UNDERDO YOUR COMMUNICATION because OLIVER – THIS IS WHERE I KNOW MORE ABOUT PEOPLE AND COMMUNICATION THAN WHAT YOU DO EVEN THOUGH YOU FEEL YOU ARE THE EXPERT ON THIS SUBJECT, see the following chapter “Did Oliver see me as an OPPORTUNITY or a THREAT when I supported him? – you believe that you are HUMBLE when you “adjust” and don’t say much, but listen to what other people say and THIS IS A VERY BIG LIE – as I have written somewhere in 2009 too – because DID YOU NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT GRETA SPOKE ABOUT THIS MORNING OLIVER AND DID YOU NOT AGREE WITH HER IN HOW IMPORTANT IT IS FOR YOU TO FIND YOUR OWN INNER VOICE and OLIVER YOU CANNOT SEE IT TODAY but YOU SUFFER FROM THE DESEASE OF THE DEVIL because YOU FEEL IT IS SO IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO HAVE YOUR INNER VOICE and to be yourself but here you asked me to BE HUMBLE and you meant TO OPPRESS WHO I AM and NOT TO SPEAK MY INNER VOICE SO OLIVER: YOU ARE WRONG and PEOPLE OF THE WORLD: NEVER FOLLOW THIS ADVICE FROM OLIVER. IN THE FUTURE I HAVE ONLY THIS ADVICE: FOLLOW YOUR INNER VOICE, BE NATURAL, be the one who you are, welcome people with true openness and always communicate and understand.

And when it comes to what I have said and also written in my book about the comment of Oliver: “It is not to be discussed” and “this is the truth”, THIS IS THE NATURAL FEELING PEOPLE GET WHEN HEARING ME BECAUSE THIS IS WHO I AM – I TELL YOU THE TRUTH and I ASK ALL PEOPLE TO FOLLOW THE BASIC RULES OF MY BOOKS. THERE IS NOTHING TO BE DISCUSSED but I also say that IF I – as a normal human being without “superpowers” yet – have made mistakes, I am willing to listen and to correct my faults BUT LET ME KNOW OBJECTIVELY WHERE I HAVE MADE ERRORS and I WILL THANK YOU AND MAKE CORRECTIONS IN THE FUTURE TO COME and so far I HAVE RECEIVED NO FEEDBACK so the basic rules are STILL UNCHANGED as they are now.

During our conversation I said several times THANK YOU FOR COMMUNICATING AND UNDERSTANDING because I really felt this very much, it made me happy and I cannot help it when I see people doing a fine job, I tell them!

Oliver: I know your intentions and that no one has understood threats from you

I continued speaking about the importance of communication and I drew two people on a piece of paper and I said that communication is one person speaking to another person including his intention and I drew an arrow from this person to the other and the other part of a two way communication is how the other person understands the words spoken and the intention of the first person and I drew another arrow going from the second to the first person and I said that often it is difficult to find out the intention of another person because – you used the word “filter” yourself Oliver! – you will take the words of another person into your personal filter inside of your head and you will then decide DO I BELIEVE IN THIS PERSON OR DO I BELIEVE THAT THE PERSON MUST HAVE ANOTHER MOTIVE and you know if people say something but have another intention – which many people do – then communication does not work and the same when people don’t trust in you or don’t listen or simply will not listen, then they will make up their own “truth” – as you do in the Commune too but I will “get back” to you tomorrow – and then communication does not work either and what happens when people don’t understand each other? They become sad, they become unfriendly because of this and they can you know get a nervous breakdown AND ALL BECAUSE OF PEOPLE DON’T LIVE THE BASIC RULE WHICH IS TO SIMPLY COMMUNICATE AND UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER and of course always TO SPEAK ACCORDING TO YOUR INTENTION, that is to be honest and direct. THIS SHOULD BE SIMPLE LOGIC FOR ALL TO UNDERSTAND but when you cannot understand this simple rule today, this is where you make people suffer tremendously – so please understand that this example is also in this book AS MY LAST FIGHT WITH THE DEVIL for you to understand and benefit from.

And I told Oliver that MY INTENTION HAS ONLY BEEN TO UNDERSTAND AND BE UNDERSTOOD HERE – nothing more or less – and to give him examples I told him that I understand the concept of A2B and in my meetings with Barbro and Agnete I tried to make it very clear – for them to listen to and understand me – that I understand A2B and I asked them to understand me and Barbro understood me because she communicated to me in a way so that I understood that she understood, but Agnete DID NOT SAY A WORD after I said exactly the same words to her as to Barbro and it is not very often that a stranger from the street on cash help asks her to consider everything she believes in and you know THIS SYSTEM OF A2B so did she really understand me after all or did she not and I really don’t know because SHE MIGHT HAVE UNDERSTOOD THAT I HAVE ANOTHER OPINON THAN HER AND A2B but DID SHE UNDERSTAND THAT IT WAS A PROFESIONAL DIALOGUE we had without any threats at all and we know AGNETE WHAT WERE YOUR TRUE THOUGHTS ABOUT THIS MAN and WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO DO AS YOU DID? And I said to Oliver that this was why I also invited Agnete for this meeting to talk about and I asked him to tell Agnete that I only meant positively and here the Council does not tell me what is the truth and not the truth about her perception of me, the only thing I can add is that Agnete was very positive to me later when we had the group work of her vase as the script of this shows.

And then I said directly to Oliver – because I was almost sure that he would not tell himself what other people have told him about me, which he has decided to pass on to people at the Commune as the truth without consulting me and you know THIS COULD HAVE CAUSED THE DEATH OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE AT THE JUDGMENT because it could have meant that I would be DELAYES FOR SOME TIME WHEN CAUGHT BY THE DEVIL HERE AT THE FINAL END FOR ME PERSONALLY AND THAT IS MY BATTLE WITH ME AND I SEE POLLE BENDING HERE AND YOU ALMOST KNOW MY FRIEND WHO YOU ARE ON EARTH – that the Commune has told me that A2B has said that I am “threatening” and I told Oliver the truth that I never ever threatens people, that I only want what is the best for all people, that I am a man of peace – and that I have not had a fight with anyone since being together with my old girlfriend many years ago and I think of you Camilla before we split in 2001 I believe – and I told him that this simply made me very very sad indeed.

And here Oliver told me 100% accurate word by word: ”Jeg er godt klar over, at det ikke er din intention”, ”det er ikke min oplevelse, at nogen har opfattet trusler fra dig, ellers ville du blive bortvist med det samme”, which in English is: ”I know that it is not your intention” and ”I don’t believe that anyone has understood threats from you, otherwise you would have been expelled immediately” and then he started what to me was an academic dialogue because he believes there is a difference between “issuing a threat” (“give en trussel”) and to “be threatening” (“være truende”) and in my ears there is no difference at all and all I could say is that I have not leaned forward in any meeting with anyone – I NEVER EVER DO THAT! – issuing a threat by saying for example “I will make you hurt” or to show my fist in a threatening way for example and I therefore asked him if he could put other words on this feeling instead of “threatening” and it was very difficult for him but eventually we talked about “aggressive”, “angry” and “stirred up” and these words also made me very sad indeed because I have certainly not been neither aggressive, angry nor stirred either and Oliver would only say that he recognises the feeling, which people have had and I told him what this is really about:

BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN COMMITTED PEOPLE HAVE MISUNDERSTOOD MY COMMITMENT AND DESIRE TO HELP WITH THE OPPOSITE and I can only see two possible situations here – because I have really not said much here and you know Oliver told me AS A CLUE FOR ME TO FIND THE LAST PIECE OF RAILWAY TRACK WHICH IS NOT THERE AND WHICH IS ONLY MADE BECAUSE YOU ASKED US TO MAKE IT, THAT THERE IS NO PROBLEM WHEN I SPEAK IN PLENUM and I know the few individual talks I have had with people here on WORK, WHICH IS ONLY WITH JYTTE, NIELS AND SONJA and I know for a fact that Sonja was positive with my coaching and then there is only Jytte and Niels left and my dear friends I DON’T KNOW IF IT IS BOTH OF YOU STABBING ME FROM BEHIND and ALSO IF AGNETE PARTICIPATED – I can only guess here but this is the best I got – I ONLY MEANT THE ABSOLUTELY BEST WHEN I TRIED TO HELP YOU but when you decide to see me as a threat instead of a help and an opportunity THEN THIS IS HOW THE DEVIL MAKES THE FEEDBACK OF ME TO THE COMMUNE AS SOMEONE WHO IS “THREATENING” and you can find 10-15 times more people here who have a positive or very positive view of me. AND THIS IS NOW THE TRUTH BECAUSE THIS IS THE TRUTH and NIELS WAS IT TOO MUCH FOR YOU WHEN I STARTED HELPING YOU THE FIRST DAY AT THIS COURSE and for me to give you a few minutes coaching at your computer and also to tell the class one day that people have an attitude problem when they are playing on the computer instead of doing what you should do here?

And I don’t know if A CORRECT UNDERSTANDING OF THE WORD “THREATENING” CAN BE HELPFUL BECAUSE according to ENCARTA the meaning of the word can be:

1. expressing a threat: expressing an intention to cause somebody deliberate harm or pain .

2. making somebody feel anxious or fearful: causing somebody to feel anxious, fearful, and unconfident.

In my mind when I heard the word about me, I thought instantly and only of the first explanation, and maybe Oliver and other people thought of the second explanation without being able to put the exact words on the feeling – and you know when Oliver has difficulties explaining me how the feeling really is – and you know HE WAS NOT THE ONE FEELING IT – how will the Commune then believe it is and if the Commune decides to understand negatively, then you have a system which might conclude that I am threatening people with the aim “to cause deliberately harm”, but since Oliver so clearly to me today has declared that he know this is not my intention and that I have a positive attitude, then there are no problems here!

Then we come to the conclusion of this the most important goal of mine today, which is that I said to Oliver that people should NEVER talk behind the backs of other people and that I would be very happy if he would ask the people to come to me to have an equally as positive meeting with them as this meeting with Oliver and I said that I knew that TODAY THIS IS VERY DIFFICULT FOR MANY PEOPLE TO DO (a shame they should be, thank you POLLE for being converted to one of the good guys now) and if they did not want to do follow this request I asked for an opportunity to give my explanation to all in plenum and what Oliver said was that he promised LOYALLY to give my explanation and encouragement to meet to these people, but he would not allow me to speak for only a few minutes in plenum, which I was sorry to hear – because I am almost certain and sad that these people will not come back to have a meeting with me.

And I asked Oliver if he would also contact the Commune Wednesday or Thursday this week because as I said it is not nice to have the predicate of being “threatening” and he promised to do this “straight away” and again 100% accurate word by word he said that he would tell the Commune: ”Jeg skal nok formidle, at det ikke er din intention at true”, which in English is “I will tell that it is not your intention to threaten” and THIS IS THE BEST RESULT I COULD GET TODAY and I AM ONLY SORRY THAT THESE PEOPLE COULD NOT UNDERSTAND ME AND COULD NOT CONTROL THEIR FEELINGS – and that A MISUNDERSTANDING WAS CLOSE TO MAKE THE DEVIL FINISH ME OFF AS HE SAYS and that is NOT TO KILL ME because this is NOW too late – it was only my family who could do this – but you know to send me away, to lock me up and maybe to start doing what I have fought with my life to avoid BUT NO – I HAVE DECIDED NOT TO DO THAT!

And finally on recommendation from the Council THIS STORY IS A STORY ABOUT PHARISEES – people who believe they know better, who don’t know and who harm people by their actions. And these people don’t know my book today – OLIVER DOES NOT KNOW MY BOOK AS HE SAID WHEN I ASKED HIM AND THEFORE HE DOES NOT KNOW WHO I AM YET – and you know IT MAKES PEOPLE UNDERSTAND ME MUCH EASIER TODAY WHEN I AM STIG and NOT THE SON OF GOD and I don’t know why, but it seems that this tiny difference has some importance to some people and yes VIVIAN I AM STILL THE SAME and I WOULD HAVE LOVED TO PUT MORE JOKES IN THIS BOOK AS IN MY LETTERS TO YOU – but the pain was high you know – AND I CANNOT WAIT TO HEAR FROM YOU AGAIN and should I say “Miss Australia” to you and PLEASE GIVE MY BEST TO YOUR FAMILY WILL YOU?

Did Oliver see me as an OPPORTUNITY or a THREAT when I supported him?

And Oliver did NOT himself tell me that he believed I take up a lot of room and that I am almost taking over his job as a consultant” as the Commune told me that he told them – so maybe it was too difficult for you to tell me directly today, Oliver?

Therefore I decided to ask him directly what he thought and felt when I the second day of my time here SUPPORTED Oliver trying to make Niels understand the importance of working on his competences, because Niels did not understand Oliver – if he saw me as an opportunity or a threat – and I referred to a SWOT ANALYSIS, which Oliver understood, and yes my friends THIS IS HOW PEOPLE ALSO WORK ON BUSINESS ANALYSIS, OFTEN THEY TRULY DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT IS A THREAT AND WHAT IS AN OPPORTUNITY because of PERSONAL FEELINGS and the “personal filter” keeping out the sun and then Oliver said the following to me, and OLIVER I AM SURE YOU ARE STILL WITH ME BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT YOU SAID:

“I know the process of when people start opening up – it is better to accept people resisting in the beginning – it will come to them later – I am the expert here, you don’t have the same knowledge as I have – it is not the concept of A2B to accept help from people coming here as cash receivers”.

And this was really THE DEVIL SPEAKING and HOW DO YOU KNOW IT IS THE DEVIL SPEAKING and only because I KNOW THE DEVIL and because HE IS WITH ME and SOON I AM HIM AND HE IS ME – and I will decide EXACTLY WHERE AND HOW TO PRODUCE THE NATURAL DISASTER I HAVE WARNED ABOUT TO TEACH THE WORLD AS THE DEVIL, this will be my first task WHEN COMING HOME IN A FEW DAYS, which makes me nervous too you know BUT THIS IS STILL THE ONLY ROAD I CAN FOLLOW, therefore – so I could only tell Oliver this:

I understand what you tell me and I agree that most people would do what you decided to do, but I would like to tell you that I know what I do, I know how I influence people (normally) and that people who know me, know that I only want to help them develop (unless you work directly against me or are lazy, and this remark goes to some people but not all of my old GEFI colleagues in Denmark), but it is not every day you receive someone like me here at A2B and that you could have invited me for a meeting where we could have talked openly – which he said that he indeed could have – because we only have “different strategy” here, our goal is the same AND THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU WILL SEE IN MANY COMPANIES where people fight each other because they don’t communicate, don’t understand and don’t agree on a “strategy” and I said that I did not agree that it was a good idea for Niels, who was already in a hole, to fall further down in the hole as I said, because the best thing is to lift out people from the hole immediately instead of the opposite, which is what you did Oliver, and this is also what I noticed when I asked Niels and Jytte how they were doing when they later worked on competences and again “IT IS ALL COMING BACK TO ME NOW” – this is about ROLES and you know WHAT PEOPLE EXPECT PEOPLE TO DO because Oliver sees himself as the teacher, this is his role, Niels and Jytte did not accept me as a teacher because this is not my FORMAL role here and I said to Oliver that if he was UNCONVENTIONAL and only looked at MY COMPETENCES, he could have seen me as an opportunity and as much of the meeting I was inspired to say that my ambition was NOT to start working for A2B and my intention was NOT to fight you Oliver AS YOU WRONGLY HAVE BELIEVED I DID and yes HE UNDERSTOOD TODAY that I WAS REALLY ONLY TRYING TO HELP PEOPLE and OLIVER YOU MIGHT NOT SEE YOURSELF AS THE DEVIL and THE SAME WITH JYTTE AND NIELS but THIS IS HOW THE DEVIL IS WORKING INSIDE OF PEOPLE – DO YOU SEE – this is the beast you need to remove.

And I can only say that I UNDERSTAND WHY OLIVER DID AS HE DID but I STAND AT MY GROUND WHEN SAYING THAT I BELIEVE YOU SHOULD HELP PEOPLE IMMEDIATELY and THAT YOU SHOULD NEVER BECOME SO FORMAL, BUREAUCRATIC AND SELFISH that you will not accept help and support from “someone who is qualified” as I was in this example.

Oliver understood I have accepted some feedback on my CV and that I will not change my CV, but use it in my book

We talked briefly about my CV too and Oliver could easily tell me that he agrees with Barbro and Agnete that I will not get a job as my CV is written and I told him that I will not change my CV because of the Jantelaw – and because I use it in this book to tell a story, he only received short information on this – and that I know that some people will think there is a conflict when I say that I am both modest and “the most clever”, but what I write is only the truth and that I was not happy to take these words in my mouth, which other people and managers should have understood if they were not too selfish to misuse my professional competences for many years because of their own selfishness and laziness.

And he started saying that instead of only writing that I am the most clever salesman, I could give details of what kind of sales work I have professional experience in, and here I took the liberty to interrupt you Oliver because this was not the agenda today – we could easily talk 1-2 hours about this alone as I told you – and I explained you the three levels of information included in a newspaper article and that my CV today is really only level 2.5 and that my vision is to have both level 1,2 and 3 in an electronic CV for people to use according to their need of information – and I also thought that it was not to be unfriendly that I wrote earlier that Oliver cannot coach me on my CV because this is the truth, and maybe there will be some details for him to suggest but “this is it” – and instead I told him that my message is as I have told Barbro and Agnete, which they apparently not have told Oliver, that I am writing on my book, this is my job and I am only inside of this system to write about it and as long as it is necessary. So hopefully they will soon start to understand here too.

And finally I asked him if the Commune has said that they have plans for me to start a practise job, which he confirmed that the Commune has told him.

My feedback to Oliver on communication and structure

At the meeting I also managed to give a little bit of feedback to Oliver, but since this is not the most important, I will only say here that I told him BECAUSE I WANTED TO HELP HIM that he should be aware that he does not “please” people by giving information, which is not the truth or will not become the truth and I told him that he may have noticed in my CV that I can help people and businesses to improve structure, discipline and quality and that A2B are welcome if they would like to hear more, and he was very nice and smiling when he said thank you and he told me that the reason why he was not precise at the meeting today was that he at the moment is the coordinator of A2B Gladsaxe – a task which changes between the employees here so I was wrong when I earlier got the impression from Agnete that she is the manager – and this was the reason why he was late because there were other important things to take care of, and again Oliver: THIS IS WHERE YOU ARE WRONG – BECAUSE IT IS ONLY ABOUT PERSONAL ATTITUDE AND DISCIPLINE AND NOTHING ELSE. And why have you not yet given me feedback on my CV as you promised to – because you changed your mind without telling me?

Finalising this positive meeting

And I was very happy indeed to have a VERY POSITIVE MEETING with Oliver – I ALWAYS APPRECIATE THAT – and I thanked him again and I also felt that he was happy and I said that I was sorry when I told him that the meeting would only take 10-15 minutes because it took 75 minutes BECAUSE WE WERE INSPIRED and because WE LIKED SPEAKING TOGETHER. And because I AM NOT PERFECT YOU KNOW – and it was perfectly alright for Oliver J.

Correcting my post address

Yesterday FINALLY I called the customer service of the Danish Mail service because my neighbour a long time ago suggested that maybe my mail address is registered at the second floor to the right instead of to the left, where I live – and I did want to check it a long time ago, which I partly did and where I found out that my official address with the authorities is registered correct and when I went to the Post office THEY COULD NOT ANSWER MY QUESTION, which I was very surprised of and they said that I could call customer service, which I never came around to do before yesterday and you know I COULD EASILY HAVE DONE THIS 1-2 MONTHS AGO but I kept on postponing it because it had a low priority and because I was “almost” certain that there was no mistake, but when I called them they said that I am indeed registered with the POST at the second floor to the right and there can be two reasons for this: 1) I made a mistake on the form I originally filled out or 2) they made a mistake when keying in the form and INSTEAD OF CORRECTING THIS MISTAKE IMMEDIATELY he said that THE DEPARTMENT OF REMOVALS NEEDED TO DO THIS and TO CHECK THE FORM I HAVE DONE IN NOVEMBER and you know WHAT YOU SEE HERE IS WHAT YOU GET and the sickness here is called BUREAUCRACY, which you will see everywhere all over the world.

And today I received an email from the post office who said that the mistake is now corrected – and I don’t know it I or they made it – but now it is corrected and yes my dear neighbour, you were right and I had difficulties believing that it could be true, but I found out – and just an example that you should not guess, when you don’t really know!

A follow up email from René from the Commune

And you know ONLY FOR THE SAKE OF GOOD ORDER, I also bring René’s follow up email in my book here with this ONLY comment today: RENÉ – YOU MAY BE THINKING IT IS A JOKE OR INSANITY TODAY that I ask you to read all of my book and you know book 2 is more than 1,200 pages and when you put book 1 on top of this you have more than 1,500 pages – and René you are going to do read that also TO GET THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE AND TO UNDERSTAND THE KIND OF SUFFERING PEOPLE LIKE YOU HAVE GIVEN ME BECAUSE YOU HAVE BEEN AN ACTOR USED BY THE DEVIL TRYING TO BRING ME DOWN – and by the way: I WILL SEND YOU AN EMAIL TOMORROW to tell you that YOU CANNOT STOP MY WRITINGS, just so you know.

Kære Stig

Tak for din mail. Beklager at jeg først får meldt tilbage nu, efter min ferie.

For så vidt angår dine kommentarer til deltagelsen på A2B, henviser jeg til min tidligere mail – herunder de nævnte klagemuligheder til jobcenteret (såfremt du ikke allerede er gået videre hermed).

Hvad angår et evt. møde om dine tidligere bemærkninger om beskæftigelsesindsatsen forstår jeg, at du ikke er interesseret i et møde, med mindre vi læser hele din bog på 1200 sider. Som jeg har skrevet i min mail finder jeg ikke grundlag for at gå nærmere herind i.

Skulle du senere alligvel være interesseret i et møde er du selvfølgelig velkommen til at kontakte mig

Venlig hilsen

René Rasmussen



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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