3rd March 2010 – Informing the Commune of WRONG communication concluding that they cannot stop my writings

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of coming to my safe haven where a better life is waiting Dreaming of coming to the harbour as my safe haven and meeting Jørgen Olsen – a symbol of money coming and a story of a 2 metre man driving a Morris Mascot from the back seat.
A2B Course: Drawings of my arms, God and the white horse and SMILES ALL OVER I bring a picture of drawings from late yesterday about my arms, God and the white horse (!), people were complaining much because the Internet and “passive entertainment” did not work yesterday, Oliver did what he promised – followed up on BOTH people and send a correcting email to the Commune – and Sonja showed SMILES ALL OVER because this is how people normally see me.
Deduction in my cash help because of the 12th February “incident” I received a letter from the Commune saying that they will deduct my cash help because I did not meet at A2B the 12th February and did not give a valid reason – which I believe I did, please read my script of this day as I asked you Maja to do.
Small examples of missing communication I received a phone call from an investment company, which wanted to sell me projects even though I told them I don’t have any money, and I wanted to buy a BIG MAC of 15 DKK, but I found out that this offer was not possible to get.
Email to the Commune: Understand who I am, read my book and you cannot stop my writings I sent my email to all leading civil servants and politicians of the Commune saying that the feedback the Commune has received on me is WRONG, that A2B in fact believes I am POSITVE and RECOGNISING people. I encourage the Commune to start reading my book, which is based on 100% objective and truthful experiences and I tell the system that because I am perfectly alright and don’t threat anyone, it is not possible for the Commune to have me hospitalised IF SOMEONE SHOULD GET THIS THOUGHT and just in case to prevent what the Devil COULD have done.
“Signing off” the Jobcentre because of what they believe is “sickness” I received a letter from Maja from the Commune saying that they have now signed me off from the Jobcentre – because of what they believe is a “sickness”. The letter also says that it MAY have consequences for my cash help, nothing more or less and I therefore had to send an email asking what “MAY” means.
If I did not defeat the Devil, my promises would be postponed If I did not defeat the Devil, I would not be able to deliver on my warning from the 22nd February about seeing the Devil in action and I would not be able to MYSELF wake up the members of the Council on Earth.


Dreaming of coming to my safe haven where a better life is waiting

Another “almost alright” night with this dream:

  • I am at the harbour and I am told that the Brothers Olsen (famous musicians of Denmark) had funny cars before they won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2000. I now see the brothers at the harbour, where they have arrived to buy a television. I meet Jørgen and he has a very big car, which he shows me. He has taken out the front seat and he sits at the back seat driving the car and he says that the seat is no adjustable, but that he has made an expensive adjustable set of pedals, so they come closer to him enabling him to drive the car. Furthermore I see three row of seats in the car. I see myself sitting in a very small car, which I can hardly come out from. Jørgen asks “well, will you come and visit us” and I say “yes, we will”.
  • The Brothers Olsen of Denmark are special not only because of their very fine music but also because of their very unique personality giving people the message of “love”, which is very atypical and easily misunderstood in Denmark (!) and here I meet them in the safe haven buying a symbol from the Devil and is that for themselves and we know it is because this is how money corrupts people and their ideals and this is the reason Jørgen is shown in this dream because Jørgen you decided to spend the money on yourself and fancy cars is an interest of you and my dear friend Jørgen what happened with your ideas to share everything you have with the needy?
  • Furthermore the name “Jørgen” is also a symbol in my dreams, which means money – there are several dreams of this from last 3-4 years – and I can only say that when I come to the harbour, where I am now, I will meet “money” and you know DON’T KNOW HOW, DON’T KNOW WHEN but this is what this dream is saying will come.
  • And this dream about sitting on the back seat of the car makes me think of when Henning W. and I worked for of course DANSKE BANK, FREEPORT BRANCH fraom 1986-88 – and of course to have a reference to the bank here as “normal life” coming and the port as the safe haven AND LEIF THIS IS HOW “GOD” IS OFTEN WORKING YOU KNOW – and Henning do you remember the 2 metre large man from Unicef driving a Morris Mascot where he has taken out the front seat and was sitting at the back seat and we know WHERE WAS HE FROM – was it from the old Yugoslavia, I cannot remember – and what this is is maybe only another servant of mine and we will see.
  • I hear the words “if this is it” from the song by Huey Lewis and the news.
  • When I wake up one of the first things the Council tells me is that “Karen skal med til grisefest” – normally we speak Danish to each other, but not always – and this means in English: “Karen is going to attend the barbecue” – and I am thinking that this means that she will join me when we will bring normal life to ourselves and the world.

    And already yesterday after the meeting with Oliver and my decision to work concentrated and effecient to do the script of yesterday, I started to feel better and the bad feeling in my stomach and body started leaving me – a feeling which the Council is giving me strongly as the test I go through here – and this morning I still feel better and POLLE you are still giving me a little bit of this feeling UNTIL I write and send the email to the Commune today, which is the most important work I have today.

    A2B Course: Drawings of my arms, God and the white horse and SMILES ALL OVER

    The “innocent” drawings of my arms, God and my white horse

    I did not write this yesterday and I am not going to check the background of this story – maybe other will – but after I finished my meeting with Oliver I noticed that someone made three drawings on the board of what I see as

    1) a coat of arms,

    2) what I see as a King with a white beard and

    3) a white horse

    and you know SYMBOLS only showing that I am on the right road you know and drawing no. 1 is my ARMS identifying the knights fighting in my army, drawing no. 2 is how God also likes to show himself with a white beard and you know the story about the king on the white horse with his sword coming to save the world which is really me in drawing no. 3 – however NOT smoking as on the drawing (!) – and this is what these “innocent” drawings symbolise, but probably the drawer had other intentions and you know GOD LIKES TO WORK WITH SEVERAL MEANINGS of the same as some readers may just have noticed.

    And here is the drawing (in my book, not on the Blog because of technical reasons):

    It was a nightmare for people yesterday when the Internet was not working

    At the morning briefing the man sitting next to Hans started asking negative questions to Agnete about what happened yesterday – and we knew it YES YES YES it was us to write this story – because the Internet was not working all day and it made people almost go “insane” yesterday because THEY HAD NOTHING ELSE TO DO (!) and he asked why are we sitting here, is it to punish us? And he said that only 5-6 people remained for the whole day and that the rest decided to leave earlier because they had nothing to do.

    AND THIS IS THE CLASH BETWEEN THE SYSTEM – protecting the system – and THE CASH RECEIVERS who really don’t want to do what they are supposed to do and when you have such a situation will you have people belonging to two different groups not able to communicate and understand each other and YES this is exactly what you saw here, because Agnete started by saying that this man could write uninvited applications or to work on one of the chapters of the A2B ringbinder and you know she is doing what she is hired to do, trying to help this man come back in work, and this man obviously don’t have a big desire to come back to work – not knowing about his situation I am – and what he was really thinking was that he just wanted to be entertained by the Internet and AGNETE LOOKED SURPRISED WHEN SHE SAID that now she knows more of how things are here and you know AGNETE KNEW THIS ALREADY IN FOREHAND – and what do you want to tell about Agnete and what she knew about me and only this SHE IS NOT A SAINT AGNETE and that is yet because SHE STABBED YOU FROM BEHIND TOO – and a new consultant here said that this man and the others could also START SPEAKING TOGETHER for example in groups trying to discuss jobgoals and to identify if people belonging to the network of people could be used to help people coming back in work but you know HE WAS ONLY THINKING – MY LIFE IS NOT TO BEAR WHEN I CANNOT RECEIVE PASSIVE ENTERTAINMENT and this is why I FELT MY FATHER SO STRONG because my own father you are still alive and to you it is more important to watch television instead of reading and understanding my book and what do you do, you talk about me as unintelligent – I am sorry for that but only writing the truth – as this man did this morning and you are stabbing your own son from behind without knowing that you are the one who does not understand. This is an example of what you closest relatives does and also a reason why I don’t see my father because of his lack of understanding and of course he believes he understands – and you know the root to evil really.

    Oliver gave me feedback on his follow up actions as promised

    During the day Oliver came to me and he made me happy by saying that he has now spoke to “the persons” in question and he said that they understood the message that I have never had intentions to threat positively and he said that they did not see a need to take a meeting with me, which was exactly as expected and THIS IS REALLY WHERE PEOPLE ARE THE LOWEST IN MY POINT OF VIEW – SPOILED PEOPLE NOT UNDERSTANDING AND NOT KNOWING HOW TO SOLVE A CONFLICT, WHICH THEY BOTH STARTED.

    He also said that he has sent an email to the commune with his correction that I am not threatening people and I could feel the good feelings and understanding between Oliver and me and I smiled and said “thank you very much for a positive meeting yesterday and thank you for your quick follow up, which is what you promised. It is very kind of you.”

    And still I think – how can people fall so low to act as badly as I have seen here – it is totally beyond all of my understanding, but sadly how many people behave today because of missing communication, listening skills and understanding.

    Sonja SMILED ALL OVER when I offered to speak to her

    Late in the day I noticed Sonja sitting opposite me and I thought “I wonder how she is doing mentally being unemployed” and you know we don’t talk much because I have decided to work concentrated when I am here and at two o’clock I said that I hope she understands that it is not that I don’t want to speak to her but that I work at work and speak private in private and I said that I was thinking about how she is doing without a job, working here concentrated every day and that when you don’t have a job, you miss and important part of life – and the Council gave me strong words and I was about to talk about PRIVATE LIFE too knowing that there is a thought from Sonja about me and family – and I told her that I believe I don’t have as much to do tomorrow and that we can speak during a break of maybe at coffee afterwards and I know there is probably another reason here TO TELL HER ABOUT MY BOOK AS WELL because we are coming to a closure of me coming to the A2B course – this is the “feeling” I get and you know a feeling can say as much and as clearly as many words and this is how it is – and what I noticed was that SHE SMILED ALL OVER HER FACE and SAID THAT SHE WOULD BE HAPPY TO SPEAK TO ME and this example is brought here today in connection with my email to the Commune because THIS IS THE TRUE FEEDBACK FROM MOST PEOPL AT A2B IN GLADSAXE – both employees and attendants – AND OLIVER AND AGNETE, IT SHOULD NOT BE VERY DIFFICULT FOR YOU TO FIND OUT THIS “SECRET” ABOUT ME and OLIVER TODAY NOTICED JUST HOW HAPPY SONJA BECAME WHEN I OFFERED TO SPEAK TO HER and HOPING I AM THAT OLIVER NOW UNDERSTANDS THAT I AM NOT A THREAT TO HIM.

    And this is also to say to the Commune. PLEASE TRY TO UNDERSTAND ME INSTEAD OF MAKING THINGS UP YOURSELF, THINGS WHICH ARE NOT THE TRUTH. The truth is easy to find – I have given you the answers – it is right in front of you and at the same time God is showing me the key directly in front of my nose, the key to the Universe, which will start to open for me and we know “now” and probably in days but I don’t really know you know.

    And Helle G. in the Commune: The smiles from Sonja today REPRESENTS THE HAPPINESS OF PEOPLE WHEN PEOPLE UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER and it was GOD WORKING DIRECTLY WITH YOU MAKING YOU DIZZY, when you decided not to understand me at our meeting and I LOOK FORWARD TO THE DAY WHERE YOU AND I ALSO CAN SMILE TOGETHER and this story of course BECAUSE OF YOUR “SAD” SMILEYS IN YOUR OFFICE. Understanding will spread.

    Deduction in my cash help because of the 12th February “incident”

    I told you Maja that you could read the explanation to why I left for four hours from the A2B course the 12th February from my script of this day and you told me that I NEEDED TO GIVE THE EXPLANATION VERBALLY (!) and today I received a letter from Vibeke from the Commune saying that my cash help will be reduced because I did not show up the 12th February – which you know is NOT the truth, I did show up, but I left – and the letter says that I have not given a valid reason and my dear friends at the Commune WILL YOU PLEASE LOOK AT MY SCRIPT FROM THE 12TH FEBRUARY AND DECIDE ON BASIS OF THIS AS I ASKED YOU IF I CAN BE ALLOWED TO KEEP MY CASH HELP BECAUSE OF WHAT WAS AN EXTREME EMOTIONAL FEELING – almost a BREAKDOWN – because of what my sister did to me before she started understanding later in February and you know EXACTLY THE SAME AS WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO ME FROM THE COMMUNE IN ALL OF YOUR IGNORANCE but you know I AM THE KIND OF MAN WHO NEVER GIVES UP so therefore my friends first my family tried to “help me because of concerns”, which could have killed me and now the Commune did exactly the same which could have “almost killed me” BUT NO I DECIDED TO BUILD THE LAST PART OF THE ROAD FOR YOU and THIS IS A DECISION FROM GOD ABOVE US as the Council says and “feeling him I am” because THIS WAS NOT THE PLAN FOR YOU TO DO but HE HAS ACCEPTED YOU TO DO THE IMPOSSIBLE, WHICH IS TO BEAT ALL OF THE DEVILS YOU HAVE MET ON YOUR IMPOSSIBLE ROAD. Thank you my friends J.

    Small examples of missing communication

    Today I received a phone call from an investment company, which I received a brochure from years ago and they wanted to give me sales information about their investment projects and early in the conversation I told him the truth, that I don’t have any money and therefore he would be better off to call another, but no, this did not stop him because he continued speaking about their fantastic projects and I had to tell him exactly the same once more before he understood that it was simply the truth – and thank you Sidsel for coming back to me and yes YOU ARE ALSO A SPECIAL PERSON and soon more information will come to you too.

    And when I bicycle from A2B I pass a McDonalds restaurant and I have you no showed much discipline and taken care of my money by not being tempted by burger restaurants, cafés and all of the nice things this city of shopping has to offer but I thought that today I would celebrate what I have done this week, because I have noticed for a long time that they have a big poster at the restaurant saying that a BIG MAC costs 15 DKK and you know I HAVE NOT HAD ONE OF THOSE for maybe one year, so I entered the restaurant because of this and found out that this offer only applies when buying no. 2 Big Mac and because of this, I simply decided to leave and I thought that this is really also an example of misleading communication and you know as much marketing is.

    Email to the Commune: Understand who I am, read my book and you cannot stop my writings

    Here is the email I prepared today at A2B (!) and sent later today afternoon to “all leading civil servants and politicians” of the Commune hoping that someone there will start to catch the ball and spread it to the others and you know to let them know about their misunderstandings and that they cannot stop or “almost kill” my voice.

    Kære embedsmænd/politikere i Lyngby-Taarbæk Kommune,

    I forlængelse af René’s mail i går og mit møde med Maja og Helle i fredags, har jeg valgt at skrive denne mail for at korrigere nogle misforståelser, som er sket i systemet og for at skabe en bedre forståelse. Denne mail indeholder følgende afsnit:

    1. A2B vil rette sin feedback om mig til kommunen – de oplever mig som positiv og anerkendende!

    2. Læs 100% objektivt, sandfærdige referater fra mine møder med kommunen og A2B

    3. Læs 100% objektivt, sandfærdige beskrivelser af, hvordan ”job-systemet” virker i praksis

    4. Mit formål med at skrive ”udfordrende” i min bog

    5. Jeg er ikke syg, jeg har det godt, truer ingen – og kan ikke tvangsindlægges!

    6. Læs min bog fra februar 2010 som alternativ til en roman – og I vil begynde at forstå J

    1. A2B vil rette sin feedback om mig til kommunen – de oplever mig som positiv og anerkendende!

    Helle og Maja oplyste ved vores møde i fredags, at kommunen har modtaget feedback om mig fra A2B – feedback, som A2B af egen drift IKKE har givet mig – og denne feedback berørte mig meget, fordi den ikke er rigtig. Jeg har derfor afholdt et møde med A2B i går for at finde frem til ”sandheden” og i skemaet nedenfor kan I se både den forkerte og den ”rigtige” feedback efter mit møde i går.

    I alt hvad jeg overhovedet gør, er mit mål er få mennesker til at forstå hinanden, fordi forståelse ganske enkelt skaber glæde og motivation. Når der sker misforståelser, fordi kommunikationen ikke virker, så skaber det frustrationer og mennesker, som bliver kede af det. Derfor denne mail FOR AT SKABE FORSTÅELSE.

    Ved vores møde gav kommunen tre informationer om mig fra A2B, som gjorde mig ked af det, fordi det er et bevis på, hvad der sker, når kommunikationen er ikke eksisterende, når folk taler bag om ryggen på én og når det sker på grund af misforståelser. En sådan misforståelse var, at jeg efter sigende skulle være ”truende”, som overraskede mig meget, fordi hele min grundholdning er positiv og fredelig, og som det fremgår af skemaet efter mit møde med A2B i går, så er det rent faktisk A2B’s opfattelse, at jeg er POSITIV og ANERKENDENDE – som er den opfattelse som STORT SET alle, hvis ikke alle, har af mig, fordi det er min personlighed!

    Oliver fra A2B lovede ”straks” at give kommunen besked om, at han godt ”er klar over, at det ikke er din intention” (at true) og at ”ingen har opfattet trusler fra dig”, og Oliver har i dag venligt bekræftet overfor mig, at han har sendt en mail til kommunen herom, som jeg ikke kender ordlyden af, men dette var altså de ord, som 100% objektivt og sandfærdigt blev nævnt i mit møde med Oliver i går.

    Modtage feedback på CV?

    Overtage rolle som lærer?

    Truende eller positiv adfærd?

    Forkert feedback

    Du modtager og accepterer ikke feedback på dit CV.

    ”Du fylder meget” og ”du overtager næsten min rolle som lærer”

    Du har været ”truende”.

    Rigtig feedback

    Jeg har accepteret forslag til ændringer og afvist andre – som Barbro og Agnete accepterede som ”grundregel” for vores møder, se referat af mine positive møder med dem den 3.2. og 10.2. i vedlagte bog fra februar 2010, som giver 100% objektivt, sandfærdige referater.

    Ved mit møde i går med Oliver bekræftede han, at ”han kan se” de ændringer, jeg har foretaget i mit CV efter gode forslag fra Barbro. Agnete gav mig ikke kvalitets feedback og derfor kunne jeg ikke følge hendes forslag, som mere var baseret på ”jantelov” og en forkert forståelse af mit CV.

    Det handler om ”roller” og om at se mine kompetencer som en ”mulighed” eller ”trussel”.

    Oliver og jeg er enige om, at vi begge som grundholdning ønsker at hjælpe mennesker, og han var enig i, at vi kunne have etableret et utraditionelt samarbejde, hvis vi havde set på kompetencer – og ikke formelle roller – alene.

    Jeg har hjulpet tre personer hos A2B i sammenlagt måske 20 minutter på 1 måned – og det gør jeg ikke længere, når mine motiver bliver misforstået, og min hjælp bliver betragtet som en trussel i stedet for en mulighed, som den i virkeligheden er. Er man POSITIV eller NEGATIV i sin attitude, det er indholdet her.

    Feedback fra Oliver i går – som er 100% korrekt citeret ord for ord.

    · ”Det første der falder mig ind er, at jeg har oplevet, at du gerne er positiv.”

    · ”Du byder positivt ind i uddannelser og grupper”

    · ”Jeg selv og andre har oplevet, at du anerkender andre – for eksempel i morges med Greta. Det var fint, og det er altid dejligt”

    · ”Du har mange holdninger at komme med og gode forslag, som jeg oplever, kommer fra et godt hjerte”

    · I stedet for at sige, at her er din mad, kom den ind i munden, så kan du invitere folk indenfor i stedet og sige, her er min buffet, du er velkommen.

    · Skru ned for din gennemslagskraft – folk oplever, at det du siger er sandheden, som ikke er til diskussion.

    Direkte adspurgt om jeg har været ”truende”:

    · ”Jeg er godt klar over, at det ikke er din intention”,

    · ”det er ikke min oplevelse, at nogen har opfattet trusler fra dig, ellers ville du blive bortvist med det samme.

    Og direkte adspurgt om han vil korrigere dette overfor kommunen, svarede Oliver at han straks vil sige dette (100% ordret citat):

    · ”Jeg skal nok formidle, at det ikke er din intention at true”

    I mit manuskript fra i dag, som I kan se af vedlagte foreløbige bog fra marts – hvor denne mail også indgår – vil I kunne se et enkelt eksempel på, hvordan de fleste mennesker oplever og møder mig med store smil og glæde. Sådan er mennesker, når de ser det gode i mig, når de ser den person, jeg er – og I har set virkningen af, hvordan mennesker er, når man ikke vil forstå og når man bruger det negative som vinkel, som det også er sket i kommunen. Min bog viser jer selv i et spejl!

    2. Læs 100% objektivt, sandfærdige referater fra møder med kommune og A2B

    Hvis I skulle ønske det, kan I finde 100% objektivt, sandfærdige referater i mine vedlagte bøger for februar og (foreløbigt for) marts 2010 – hvor jeg bevidst også har beskrevet mine positive eller negative følelser for at folk kan forstå min oplevelse – fra for eksempel følgende møder i februar:

    · Afsnit 3.2. Møde med Barbro, A2B, og modtagelse af hendes feedback på mit CV m.v.

    · Afsnit 10.3. Møde med Agnete, A2B, og modtagelse af hendes feedback på mit CV m.v.

    · Afsnit 26.2 Møde med Helle og Maja fra kommunen, hvor jeg blev flyttet til matchgruppe 4-5 på grund af kommunens misforståelse! Jeg har min FULDE arbejdskraft til rådighed.

    Og fra følgende møde i marts:

    · Afsnit 2.4 Møde med Oliver, A2B, og modtagelse af hans feedback om mig.

    3. Læs 100% objektivt, sandfærdige beskrivelser af, hvordan ”job-systemet” virker i praksis

    http://www.mediafire.com/stig kan I finde alle mine manuskripter i bog nr. 2, hvor I dagligt kan læse omkring mine møder med og oplevelser i systemet i Lyngby-Taarbæk som en del af en større historie, som startede i 2004 (bog nr. 1) og som er fortsat i vedlagte bøger for februar og marts 2010 og hvor I kan læse daglige opdateringer på http://stigdragholm.spaces.live.com.

    Og på samme måde giver disse manuskripter 100% objektivt, sandfærdige beskrivelser af, hvad jeg har oplevet i ”systemets forsøg på at hjælpe mig”, som altså bevidst er suppleret med mine både positive og negative følelser FOR AT FÅ FOLK TIL AT FORSTÅ, HVORDAN DET VIRKER AT BLIVE PLACERET I ET SYSTEM, SOM IKKE FUNGERER – og med det ene formål at MOTIVERE TIL AT FORBEDRE SYSTEMET til fordel for os alle. ALTSÅ UDELUKKENDE EN POSITIV TANKE. Formålet er IKKE at udlevere personer men at HJÆLPE ALLE MED AT FÅ ET BEDRE, MERE EFFEKTIVT OG HUMANT SYSTEM BASERET PÅ DEN HELT ENKLE SÆTNING OM: FRIHED UNDER ANSVAR samt naturligvis ALTID at behandle mennesker, som man selv ønsker at blive behandlet.

    4. Mit formål med at skrive ”udfordrende” i min bog

    I min vedlagte bog fra februar 2010 på side 129 kan I se, hvorfor jeg i min SKRIFTLIGE KOMMUNIKAITON (inklusive ansøgninger!) har valgt at skrive i et ”udfordrende sprog” og hvis man kun skimmer bogen, så vil man tro, at det er for at ”genere mennesker”, men den dybere årsag er, at vise hvor lidt der skal til for at folk handler irrationelt og følelsesmæssigt og hermed begår fejl ved ikke at forstå den objektive sandhed – og formålet er nøjagtigt, som I viser i praksis, at når man ikke læser bogen, så forstår man den ikke, og når man læser den, så vil man forstå graden af kærlighed til mennesket og de allerbedste hensigter, som den er skrevet med, og mennesker, som ved dommedag i 2012 stadig ikke har læst bogen – og som ikke har opfyldt ”reglerne for at vise Gud et åbent hjerte”, som også står i bogen – vil ikke blive inviteret ved dommedag, så sproget er med til at skille fårene fra bukkene. Og skilles man fra, så betyder det, at ens livsflamme for evigt slukkes.

    Jeg håber, at I vil forstå, at jeg ikke verbalt bruger det sprog, som jeg anvender i bogen – og som ikke indgår som en del af denne mail – og at det bestemt ikke har glædet mig, at det har været nødvendigt at skrive sådan, men det er det eneste våben, jeg har, for at få en verden til at lytte og at forstå. Formålet med bogen er, at vi alle får et bedre liv og et bedre samfund i en ny og bedre verden.

    Tro mig, bogen er først for nylig blevet offentliggjort og står foran at blive opdaget af en hel verden, som vil læse den.

    5. Jeg er ikke syg, jeg har det godt, truer ingen – og kan ikke tvangsindlægges!

    Kommunen har PÅ GRUND AF EN MISFORSTÅELSE besluttet at rykke mig fra matchgruppe 1 til 4-5, fordi kommunen – uden at forstå – har truffet beslutning om, at jeg må være syg, når jeg fremfører ”de påstande”, som jeg fremfører, fordi jeg kan da ”umuligt være Guds Søn” – eller kan jeg virkelig, når sandheden er, at Gud har bestemt sig for at starte min mission som ”et almindeligt menneske, som taler direkte med Gud” indtil den dag, hvor han yderlige udvikler mig til at blive til ”den Søn, som folk forventer at se”.

    Sandheden er, at det ikke er en påstand, og at det i princippet må være ”ord mod ord”, som gælder, om jeg taler sandt eller usandt. I tror ikke på, at jeg taler sandt og jeg kender sandheden om mig selv. Det svarer til, at jeg ikke ville tro, hvis I sagde, at I havde fået kylling til middag, og at jeg påstod, at I nok i stedet havde fået hakkebøf uden i øvrigt at vide noget om det – og at jeg desuden ville straffe jer for at lyve! Det er den handling, som kommunen foretager mod mig nu, der er ingen forskel.

    Mit svar til jer er, at I kan læse min bog, og I vil komme til at forstå – som andre forstår netop nu ved at læse – at jeg faktisk taler sandheden.

    I gør det samme, som min skeptiske familie gjorde i 2008. Dengang troede de heller ikke på mig, og de fik mig indlagt på psykiatrisk sygehus, fordi de troede, at jeg havde mistet forstanden. Jeg måtte bruge alle mine kræfter mod en hel lægeverden – som ikke kunne stille nogen diagnose, fordi der ikke er nogen diagnose at stille – og finde juridisk dokumentation for, at systemet begik en ulovlig handling ved at indlægge mig uden anden grund end ”irrationale følelser”, og juraen siger meget klart, at handlingen var ulovlig.

    For at blive tvangsindlagt skal man enten udgøre en overhængende fare for sig selv eller for andre, og jeg kan kort sige, at jeg aldrig har haft det bedre selv, end jeg har nu – som man kan læse om i min bog – og at hele mit grundsyn er at hjælpe mennesker, at jeg er en fredens mand, at jeg aldrig har truet nogen, at jeg aldrig kunne drømme om at gøre nogen fortræd – faktisk den feedback, som Oliver fra A2B gav mig i går, og som jeg har videregivet NØJAGTIGT til jer via denne mail.

    Hvis der er nogen i kommunen, som skulle få en tanke om, at det er ”meget ubehageligt”, at jeg ”udleverer” kommunen i mine skrifter, og om man kan tvangsindlægge mig, kan jeg kun sige: Nej, det er ikke muligt – det er ulovligt, og hvis I ønsker at lære mere om juraen og om mit forløb i dette system i 2008, kan I læse følgende dokumenter fra mit bibliotek, under folderen Bog 1 via dette link http://www.mediafire.com/stig

    · Stig Dragholm til Psykiatrisk Center 021208

    · Kommentarer til journal 110309

    Dette er min venlige anbefaling til jer om at forstå – og samtidig også en meddelelse om, at jeg vil vedblive med at skrive om mine oplevelser, og kommunens og andres handlinger vil fortsat blive beskrevet objektivt i min bog, som IKKE kan stoppes. Dette handler også om den grundlovssikrede ytringsfrihed.

    Ved mit møde med Helle og Maja i fredags blev jeg bedt om at give mit samtykke til kommunen om at kontakte læger omkring min indlæggelse i 2008. Det har jeg sagt nej til, fordi jeg ønsker ikke at opleve mennesker, som arbejder direkte imod mig – men I vil kunne se i dokumentet ”Kommentarer til journal 110309” de væsentligste synspunkter fra både læger og jeg selv. Det er den åbenhed, som jeg viser jer. Jeg er sikker på, at hele min journal senere vil komme frem.

    6. Læs min bog fra februar 2010 som alternativ til en roman – og I vil begynde at forstå J

    Bemærk venligst, at jeres ”skeptiske” reaktion er identisk med min families i 2008 og forskellen er, at min familie nu læser mine bøger og dermed forstår, at jeg er den person, jeg er. I vil komme til at gennemgå samme proces på samme måde, når I starter med at læse og forstå.

    Og hvor skal man så starte, fordi min bog nr. 2 på mere end 1.200 sider måske synes ”uoverkommelig” at starte med – selvom den af de fleste kan læses på måske 2-4 uger?

    Det vil for alle være en fordel at starte med at læse og forstå AF ET ÅBENT HJERTE min introduktion til bog nr. 2 ”design of life”, som jeg også har vedlagt denne mail, og både bogen og introduktionen kan også findes på http://www.mediafire.com/stig.

    Når man har læst introduktionen, så vil jeg i den allerbedste mening anbefale jer, at læse vedlagte bog på 139 sider fra februar 2010 og de 22 sider foreløbigt fra marts 2010 – som sikkert kun vil tage få dage at læse for eksempel som alternativ til en god roman.

    Og når I har læst i denne bog nogle få timer, så vil I forstå bogens opbygning, sprog og POSITIVE FORMÅL, og så vil i langsomt men sikkert begynde at tro– i stedet for den store misforståelse, som stadig huserer hos jer og som altså er baseret på jeres ulyst og misforståelser. Formålet med bogen er også at give jer et spejl, så I kan se jeres egen adfærd, som vil medføre, at folk kommer til at forstå, hvad man skal gøre for at ”forbedre sig”. Kommunens medarbejdere er ikke ”ofre” i min bog – I vil, når forståelsen spreder sig, blive stolte af, at I har deltaget i bogen for at hjælpe os alle mod en ny og bedre verden.

    René, jeg forstår din holdning, at det synes ”uoverkommeligt” at skulle gå i gang med at læse min bog nr. 2 på mere end 1.200 sider, men tro mig, der kommer en dag, hvor du og kommunens øvrige medarbejdere og politikere vil glæde sig til at læse den næste side også fordi tanken er, at hjælpe jer i systemet til at forstå, hvordan I kan etablere et langt bedre system end i dag. Det er det udbytte, som venter på jer i bogen og derfor, at I alene af denne årsag burde være motiveret til at starte med at læse.

    Jeg ønsker jer alle alt det bedste og glæder mig til at se ”smileys” overalt i kommunen, når forståelsen begynder at sprede sig. Et smil er altid rarere end at være ked af det og her får I tre, som er et symbol, som har en særlig betydning, og hvis kærlighed ikke overgås – og som I kan læse betydningen af i bog nr. 2 JJJ.

    De varmeste hilsener fra


    “Signing off” the Jobcentre because of what they believe is “sickness”

    Yesterday I received a letter from Maja from the Commune and you know what, the system may know what this letter means, but I don’t understand it fully. WHY DON’T YOU WRITE SO PEOPLE WILL UNDERSTAND and this is probably a STANDARD LETTER and I don’t understand it my friends.

    The letter says that I have been signed off from the Jobcentre the 26th February because I belong to match 4-5 (see the description in my script from the 26th February) and then it says:

    “Vær opmærksom på, at afmeldingen kan have betydning for din ret til kontanthjælp eller starthjælp. Hvis du ønsker at tilmelde dig igen, skal du møde op i dit lokale jobcenter”

    And what does this mean? Does it mean that I will now no longer receive cash help because the sign off “can have consequences for your right to receive cash help”, or does it mean that it only MAY have consequences but that it HAS NOT in my case or does it mean that I am now “sick” and “not available” for the job market and that the Commune will start giving me incapacity benefit instead?

    And you know WHEN THE LETTER DOES NOT TELL I can only guess based on my meeting with the Commune and my best guess is that my cash help will continue at least for some time.

    The letter says that my sign off is decided with a reference to “Bekendtgørelse om en aktiv beskæftigelsesindsats nr. 1676 af 19. December 2006, § 22, stk. 2” as follows:

    Afmelding, generelt

    § 22. Stk. 2. Påbegynder en arbejdssøgende – bortset fra registrerede uden ydelse – fuld beskæftigelse af mindst 14 dages varighed, eller har personen været syg i en periode af mindst 14 dages varighed, skal vedkommende afmelde sig hos staten i jobcenteret.

    So this is what some CIVIL SERVANTS have done in the Commune WHO DOES NOT WANT TO UNDERSTAND: They believe I am sick and therefore they have decided that I am now NOT available for the Job market. You have here seen the PURE DEVIL IN ACTION!

    And because I don’t know what consequences this MAY have on my cash help, I decided to write the following email to Maja and also Helle today:

    Kære Maja og Helle,

    Jeg har modtaget Maya’s brev af den 1. marts, hvoraf fremgår, at jeg er blevet afmeldt af jobcentret på grund af jeres beslutning. I brevet står der, at afmeldingen KAN have betydning for min ret til kontanthjælp.

    Jeg beder jer venligst oplyse, hvad KAN betyder? Om det betyder, at det får eller ikke får betydning for min kontanthjælp eller om jeg vil få en anden ydelse i stedet?

    Tak for hjælpen.

    Venlige hilsener fra


    In the headline of this chapter I included the title of the album “Signing off” from UB40 and you know their first album “signing off” and “UB40”, which is the UK form to receive unemployment benefit and we know FANTASTIC SONGS OF THIS GROUP and especially the first two albums and we know KING from this album and TYLER TOO fantastic songs and we know WHAT A “COINCIDENCE” to receive this signal already in 1980 – and we know I WAS ALSO “INSPIRED” TO DOWNLOAD SOME MUSIC BY UB40 14 days ago, that’s why!

    If I did not defeat the Devil, my promises would be postponed

    The Council told me today that if I did not defeat the Devil, they would not continue with the development of the Council members on Earth and you may believe that things take TOO long time, but THINGS TAKE EXACTLY THE RIGHT TIME FOR YOU and NOT LONGER because IF I HAD LOST THIS LAST BATTLE AGAINST THE DEVIL, IT WOULD HAVE POSTPONED YOUR DEVELOPMENT and trust me YOU HAVE SEEN NOTHING YET – the same way as I believe I wrote yesterday that my warning to the world from the 22nd February about seeing the Devil in action also would have been postponed – and you know GOD HAS TOLD ME THAT WHEN HE LIFTS ME UP IT WILL BE LIKE COMING HOME TO ME and I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW NERVOUS THIS MAKES ME – thinking of you mother, because these words were said with your voice to me because of your feeling too – and God has told me that it will be MYSELF, WHO WILL WAKE UP THE MEMBERS OF THE COUNCIL – so this is how it is.

    And ending my work day at 18.00 today after doing “my best” also today.


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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