4th March 2010 – Obama is fighting a deaf Devil on health care in USA – choose the road of Obama, this is what I do!

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of my books as the result of my win against the Devil in football Dreaming of my suffering going away, a 20 year old secret from DanskeBank-Pension, my old colleague Jacob stabbing me in my back and there will come no more concerts at the Danish National Stadium meaning that this book of love is coming to its end after I won the football game against the Devil.
A2B course: Preparing a business plan LIKE MY BOOK and have teachers bring it into REALITY A new drawing no. 4 has been made by an “anonymous master”, on the board: A life guard – read the script to find out who the “master” is, Carsten told me a story about preparing a business plan and to have teachers bringing it into life LIKE MY BOOK HERE IN FACT, Niels was so negative at “the system” that he used the words “Jesus Christ” when cursing as a symbol of him acting as Judas against me, Sanja to find her INNER VOICE instead of ADAPTING and the story of Anja Andersen and the Olympic final in handball 1996.
Will Obama succeed doing the IMPOSSIBLE to defeat the Devil in USA? Obama has received the strength to fight the Devil in USA as I fight the system here also to show the world how the Devil looks like there. Today, his opponents will accept people to die and the American economy to melt down because battle of power, “capitalism” and “eternal talk” instead of action is more important? I say to people: Choose the road of Obama, this is what I do!
MESHACK: THE CHILDREN OF DADAAB ARE RIGHT AT MY HOME GARAGE Who would think that Meshack could start helping street children in his family’s very difficult situation? You might think that would be impossible? But here you have a proof of what a very high degree of faith and strength can do. AMAZING J
Meeting Pastor Leif as I will also meet people before they have read all of my books I had a positive meeting with Pastor Leif, he has not read much of my books and the message to the world is that I will speak to you about my books even though you have not finalised reading all of the books if you show a positive attitude.


Dreaming of my books as the result of my win against the Devil in football

Again an “almost alright” sleep, which in itself is a witness about how my family is acting because if they opposed me and did not understand, it would destroy my sleeping – this is why I have slept in average three hours per day, sometimes more sometimes less for approx. three years and you know almost killing me in itself.

And the pain and suffering – what to me was almost a nervous breakdown, which would have actually you know broken down many people – is LIFTING because I KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE THAT WHEN I DO MY BEST AS I HAVE DONE HERE, GOD BUILD THE ROAD FOR ME TO CONTINUE AND HERE TO FINISH and THEREFORE I ALSO DID THIS, I WON THE LAST GAME AGAINST THE DEVIL and yes ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO CARRY OUT AND VERY EASY AT THE SAME TIME and this is what you can see from the dreams too:

  • I have been at the office of DanskeBank-Pension and am now going outside together with a colleague, who is exhausted and I feel fine myself. I am surprised that we are sweating, it is not cold anymore and I speak of going the direct way – where my colleague may be to exhausted to find the direct way – to a big an beautiful café located at the Town Hall Square in Copenhagen next to Tivoli to get a cup of chocolate and my colleague is counting his money to see if he can afford going there.
  • This dream is a symbol of my suffering leaving me – “don’t leave me this way” always loved that one too – to be replaced with better times and I am actually both persons in this dream because I have had both feelings inside of me for a long side, to be exhausted to the point of breaking down and at the same time this has never been difficult, it is easy to do – I JUST NEED TO DO IT YOU KNOW – and I have never felt better BECAUSE OF MY WILL POWER and both stories are the truth and what I take with me from here is the last part and I will forget all about my sufferings which I have had absolutely no influence over myself and you know I COULD HAVE BROKEN MYSELF IF I DID THE WRONG THINGS BUT KEPT THE SHIP AWAY FROM THE ICE MOUNTAINS I DID and thinking of TITANIC HERE and you know IT WENT DOWN, IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE IN THEORY AND THIS IS WHAT MANKIND COULD HAVE DONE TO ME AND US TOO – this is really what this dream is about.
  • I am now at DanskeBank-Pension and I ask the colleagues about how coordination is going and one is saying “hush hush” to me and tells me that I should not say this to anyone, but they have hired one employee for Bjarne so he will feel that he is someone and for him to finish his presentations.
    • And we know STIG this is ABOUT YOU and the idea was for Bjarne to become your manager in DanskeBank-Pension, WHICH NO ONE NEVER TOLD YOU ABOUT and why not Kristen? Why were you my “manager” and was it only because of your vanity and yes Kristen you had a lot of knowledge on legal issues but you had absolutely no knowledge about Bjarne’s and my work – we were in fact working together as a team and I still remember may good hours together with you Bjarne.
  • I am at a big room together with what could be 50 or 100 people and my old colleague Jacob from Acta comes to me and start checking me like I am sick, which makes me both angry and sad and I ask him to stop what he is doing because it is al WRONG.
    • Only an example of what was a very loyal and committed and not only colleague of mine – I was the manager – but the feeling of a VERY SPECIAL FRIEND is doing, of what “close” people are willing to do when they are disloyal and stab me in the back without understanding. This is sadly how life is and I ASK ALL PEOPLE, SO CALLED “FRIENDS” and “GOOD EX-COLLEAGUES” TO TELL THE WORLD WHAT YOU TOLD OTHERS ABOUT ME and WHAT YOU BASED YOUR “KNOWLEDGE” ABOUT, GUESSINGS OR FACTS?
  • I am at a cycle-racing track where I am told that the Danish National Stadium “Parken” will not play anymore concerts and I see a draft only of a business plan including rough ideas of many different website-solutions and I see myself writing a note of how much a simple website will cost. I see myself inside a supermarket where I see a Danish pastry bar and it looks pretty nice, but I think that I will not buy it because I will get the best quality from the baker.
    • This is really where my football game ends. I have played at Parken and the “concerts” – nice music meaning love and here communication – is this book, and I have been told by the Council for some days that I will stop writing and I have thought myself that it must be the Devil speaking because writing is communication and OF COURSE I HAVE MY OWN FREE WILL and WE WILL SEE WHAT HAPPENS but the message here is that this book is finished and we know Stig what happened about book no. 3 “ONE GOD ONE PEOPLE” and is my writings from February and March 2010 really belonging to book no. 2 or 3 and you know YOU CAN ALSO LOOK AT MY WRITINGS AS SIMPLY WRITINGS without the need to formalise it into different books, I really don’t mind.
    • SUPERMARKET is normal life and PASTRY IS LOVE and I prefer the best quality and that is the most love and therefore the baker – and still thinking of the BEST BAKERY I HAVE EVER SEEN IN DENMARK – SIMPLY UNIQUE – AT DRONNINGEDAM IN HØRSHOLM OPPOSITE NY OLD APARTMENT AROUND YEAR 2000.
    • And the reason why my business plan of creating a website is NOT done is really only to show you some old thoughts of mine and what I will ask the world and here LTO to do WHEN THEY CAN and SOON THEY CAN.

    A2B course: Preparing a business plan LIKE MY BOOK and have teachers bring it into REALITY

    A new drawing of a life guard made by an ”anonymous master”

    This morning when I arrived – on time you know – at the A2B course I was surprised to see the ”mysterious ways” (one of my favourites from U2’s album “Actung Baby” WHICH IS AMONG THE BEST ALBUMS EVER MADE IN HISTORY and of course only in my mind and EQUALLY AS FANTASTIC AS JOSHUA TREE, this is what I mean about U2 my friends, you are still good but here you made it to the top where I give you 100 points!) of how God is working because the three drawings have now been expanded with a fourth drawing and this time it will be without taking a picture, it is a man standing on a bathing jetty smoking a pipe and to me he is a LIFE GUARD and I spoke to Carsten if he knew who had made these drawings, which he did not but he asked at the morning briefing who did them and other people pointed out the “anonymous master” – and you know that one about “mysterious ways” and how God is gathering servants around me – who was none other than NIELS, who could have brought me down here and of course without knowing it. He was the Judas planted here and a “Master in spe”

    The story of doing a business plan and for teachers having the responsibility to bring the plan into REALITY

    I also had a very nice and positive talk with Carsten this morning and he was nice asking questions about my book and he was also nice to say that the design of my book looks nice – and by the way nobody has downloaded my book no. 3 yet from www.mediafire.com/stig and trust me IT GIVES YOU A MUCH BETTER OVERVIEW THAN MY BLOG so I can only recommend you to get it and GRAP IT is a technique used by ECHELON and you know WITHOUT LEAVING TRACING MARKS – and I asked about his background and this man is truly an academic at a very high level indeed, he has extensive experience from the Danish University environment where he has been working as a manager and also as a scientist in international politics and not very often you will see someone like him as a cash receiver and we know like myself because this is also his thought about me and he told me briefly his story and he was feeling very stressed working “within his field” and he had a cerebral haemorrhage 3-4 years ago and you know “to cut a long story short” he will now start a production school in the city of Rødovre together with the vice mayor with the aim of helping young people who have interrupted previous education in order to bring them forward to a good life and Carsten will do the business plan and I asked him about who will do the educational and pedagogic concepts and he said that he will write 3-4 lines about this in his business plan and then skilled teachers will be hired, and they will get the responsibility to bring out the business plan in real life and you know my book(s) is really the same – this is why this story was planted for me – I have made the frame or the business plan if you will, and I kindly ask MANKIND TO CARRY IT OUT DOING YOUR BEST J.

    And I asked Carsten if he has made a private plan of his life because of his experience of planning in business and he told me that he has not, and all I know is that he will not go back to the University environment and that he yesterday said that “now I need to get out of here”, but you know what, he will start the before mentioned school but he will not work for the school receiving a salary, so maybe this man has been planted here with a special motive too – and I was very happy to speak to Carsten because we had a very good and positive talk J . And yes ONE OF THE MEN HERE WAISTING HIS TIME PLAYING THE SAME ONLINE WAR- AND STRATEGY GAME EVERY SINGLE DAY.

    At the morning briefing Agnete introduced Knud – a new consultant – who has special knowhow about how to carry out job interviews and I liked the fact that “an expert” was called in – it always gives people TRUST when they meet someone having special knowledge and in my case I have only had the misfortune to have special knowledge but WRONG roles according to people and therefore people have often seen me as a “pain in the behind” and you know because of TRADITIONS and NO ACCEPTANCE and that is really what this is about too – and I thought it was positive what A2B did and I was very happy to hear that Carsten today said in plenum that he supported this initiative much. I always like to hear that and I now see my self in banking school in 1984 and who was a “pain in my behind” – was it already back then I started establishing my name of someone never giving up because I did the impossible to explain the class about the transitionally of the tax reform WHICH NONE OF THE TEACHERS COULD DO and yes it is quite annoying to have somebody like me coming and doing a job, which people cannot do themselves and of course ONLY ONE MORE EXAMPLE GIVEN.

    Sanja to find her INNER VOICE instead of ADAPTING and the story of Anja Andersen and the Olympic final in handball 1996

    Sonja arrived first after the morning briefing and I thought that she could have an interest speaking to Knud and therefore I introduced what was said this morning to her and again she became very happy and she decided to get an interview with Knud – which is how he is working (!) – and you know WOULD AGNETE OR ANYONE ELSE have remembered to follow up on Sonja to tell her about this opportunity and NO I AM NOT CONVINCED ABOUT THAT.

    And later I could not help hearing her speaking about getting a permanent permission of residence for her husband in Denmark and we know FAMILY is the thought I have given you all of the time and I found out what this is about later when we had a very nice conversation because first she started by doing what Helen Hunt did or rather looked at on Mel Gibson in the movie “what women want” and yes MEL THE CHARACTER YOU PLAYED IN THIS MOVIE IS ACTUALLY WHAT I HAVE GONE THROUGH – and you know the basic idea at least – for years now with the only difference that IT HAS BEEN TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO FIND LOVE EVEN THOUGH GOD HAS PUT WOMEN WITH A MUCH DESIRE FOR ME IN MY SURROUNDINGS and you know I believe I have written about this earlier so this is really only saying that Sanja – as her name is and not Sonja and I am sorry about that Sanja – has an attraction for me and when we spoke the COUNCIL GAVE ME VERY VERY STRONGLY THE WORDS for her to be herself – you know to FIND HER INNER VOICE – not only in her applications as I told her some time ago because I could ”not see her” in between the words but also in private and I was told over and over that it is important for her in the relation with her husband – to be equal and not accept him in control – and I said that this is important to her TO BE HERSELF and TO COMMUNICATE and FOR BOTH PARTIES TO UNDERSTAND and God gave me the thought that she is together with the love of her life but that missing communication is causing the problem which made Sanja look at me in an improper way.

    Sanja told me that she noticed when coming to Denmark seven years ago that DANES ARE MORE RESERVED than people from Montenegro and because of this, she has adapted and I told her that I understand and this is what most people do today but that all people really should be themselves and SHOW WHO THEY ARE – and she told me that the reason for her and her husband to come to Denmark was because her husband met Anja Andersen – the best female handball player ever – in Montenegro recruiting handball players where she offered him a job in Denmark and because of crisis in Montenegro and the chance of getting a better economical life in Denmark, they decided to come here, but it is very apparent that she misses her home country and family very much and that she is torn apart almost because her two girls of 7 and 10 years old are now “Danish” in both culture and language – and I must say that I understand her and that IT WOULD NOT HAPPEN IF PEOPLE WERE LIKE GOD HAS INTENDED PEOPLE TO BE ALL OVER THE WORLD and you know TO TAKE AWAY “OUR CULTURE” and just be who you are in a positive manor.

    Sanja also told that Knud – the so called “expert” – recommended her to focus on PROFESSIONAL experiences and Knud you are the expert but maybe you forgot your personality somewhere too in the Danish defence brainwashing you? Because it should be apparent to anyone that what Sanja is missing is only to be herself and to be together with people who are themselves and you know TO SHOW HER PERSONALITY INSTEAD OF HIDING HERSELF.

    And do you know who gave Anja Andersen a dream about coming to the Olympic final in handball and to receive the responsibility to throw the determining penalty throw after the official time ran out? And do you know who found herself in such a situation in 1996 in the Olympic final against Korea? This is also just another small example of how God is working. And by the way she missed the penalty but she was still the reason why Denmark won the tournament – probably the two best teams ever in female handball. She tells the story of the dream in a movie about the Danish dream team of the nineties – BROUGHT TO YOU BY ONE WHO DELIVERED IT HIMSELF and you know MY OWN INNER SELF WHOM I COULD HAVE SPOKEN TO TOO IF I HAD DECIDED TO DO SO IN THIS BOOK but because this sounds TOO CRAZY – EVEN TO MYSELF (!) – I DECICED NOT TO DO THIS which the Council has respected and I WILL NOT START DOING THAT NOW – MY PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL SELF ARE GOING TO BE UNITED, THIS IS WHAT I AM LOOKING FORWARD TOO and that was words guided by my father and of course the spiritual part of him in heaven, you see?

    Niels was using “Jesus Christ” when cursing against the system

    This morning I noticed that Agnete came to Niels and started telling him about some “obligations” of his and Niels is really a very spoiled young man with an attitude – and yes Fuggi I think of you here because this is what you are too when people tell you what you don’t like to hear – and here Niels was incredibly negative and arrogant and he said “You got to have eaten nails” and “what do they think of” and he was in fact so arrogant that he WAS GIVEN THE WORDS: “JESUS CHRIST” which he used as a curse not only once but twice and this is really only a symbol Niels about how you affect people when you are this negative and what you have done to me. You are my true JUDAS at this place and yes PEOPLE AT A2B decided to listen to Niels and his complaints about me and to pass on this as “the truth” to the Commune and we know Stig I ONLY WRITE THE WORDS I HEAR HERE HAVING FAITH THAT THIS IS RIGHT and I HAVE BEEN THINKING THAT I DO HOPE AND I DO THINK THAT JYTTE COULD NOT STAB ME IN MY BACK BUT I DON’T REALLY KNOW and yes THE STORY IS NOT QUITE FINISHED FOR YOU AT THE COMMUNE and we know PLEASE GO AHEAD THE DEVIL because I WILL MEET ALL OF YOU AND COME ON AND ATTACK ME IF THIS IS WHAT YOU WILL DO or RUN AWAY WILL YOU and I see a red dog CONFUSED about STIG and what shall we do about him and we know WE HAVE NOT YET MADE UP OUR MIND if he is or if he is not the one he tells he is and this is the process WHICH WILL START FROM HERE WITH MY EMAIL TO THE COMMUNE FROM YESTERDAY.

    Will Obama succeed doing the IMPOSSIBLE to defeat the Devil in USA?

    This is really also an already ongoing game between God and the Devil and you know Obama is playing on the winning side of God and his opponents are playing for the Devil and what is really at stake when we talk about the health reform? – and the “problems” to get it through is caused by the death of Ted Kennedy, which made the Democrats lose its majority when the Republican Scott Brown was elected instead.

    It is really the lives of millions of Americans not having health care today, most of them poor people and because the Devil is seeing profit everywhere – in the insurance and health sector – he is melting down the economy of USA and this is happening directly in front of the eyes of the world – therefore the televised “political” meeting some days ago to exhibit the Devil to the world – and what does the Devil and you know here the Republicans think is more important than to protect the lives of millions and to prevent the Country from going bankrupt?

    Really only that if they can spoil Obama’s plans, they may be able to bring Obama down and yes TO GAIN POWER and THE BATTLE FOR POWER HERE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN SAVING LIVES – and thank you Polle as the Devil quickly learning here and also feeling Sanna, thank you Sanna J – and politicians have for forty years tried to carry through a reform and you know what IT HAS BEEN IMPOSSIBLE and thank you OBAMA and YES I CAN – and YES YOU CAN and YES GO AND GET IT and that is the ball my friend because THIS IS ALSO TO MAKE THE WORLD BELIEVE IN ME because OBAMA HAS NOW TAKEN THE STEP TO ASK THE CONGRESS TO APPROVE HIS PLAN and hereby he sets in his “political life” as some media says and what he does it really only to CUT THROUGH RED TAPE which is exactly what I did with my email to the Commune yesterday too WHEN SENDING IT TO ALL OF THE LEADING CIVIL SERVANTS AND POLITIICIANS and you know instead of accepting the game of the system I HAVE OPENED UP THE DIALOGUE TO ALL OF THE COMMUNE ONCE AGAIN and you know what INCLUDING THE MAYOR TOO and thank you Søren for still being with me and TRYING to understand my email!

    And when you are an avowed supporter of a SYSTEM called “Capitalism” it is of course completely impossible to listen to what is really only SIMPLE LOGIC and instead you will think and say: NEVER INTERVENE WITH THE PRIVATE SECTOR and if they can make billions of dollars and destroy the American community, this is then what these people will allow and you know as Obama said: “Everything there is to say about health care has been said, and just about everybody has said it,"



    And what Obama is really doing here is to do the same as I do and because of the inspiration he receives from ME – my inner self – IS TO GO UP AGAINST ALL OF THE ESTABLISHED SYSTEM SINGLE HANDILY. This is what this story is also about. THANK YOU FOR SHOWING YOUR FAITH AND STRENGTH, OBAMA.

    And thank you for being an inspiration to me too Obama, because it goes both ways J.


    And here I feel the tears of Meshack and that is FROM HIS TRUE INNER SELF, and this is the first time I meet this man spiritually and yes MECHACK, ISAAC IS TRULY WAITING TO COME HOME TO YOU AS YOU TO HIM and this is also THE FINAL TRACK FOR YOU and you do exactly the same as I TO CARRY OUT A PLAN WHICH WAS NOT TO BE FORESEEN as a consequence of the STRENGHT I HAVE DECIDED TO USE, this is the STRENGHT AS YOU ALSO RECEIVE AND DECIDE TO USE MESHACK and STIG LET US ONLY SAY LIKE “MANY OTHERS”, which will soon stand in front of the world to talk about this and I felt tears with Isaac and STRENGTH and that is really it, he does not tell me words, he is just with me and we know MESHACK ONE DAY YOU WILL TELL THE WORLD ABOUT YOUR LIFE and I MEAN WITHOUT SECRETS and what I will say here is really Meshack that for a very long time you have shown yourself to me as the strongest of the team members because of the strength of your words and because of your decision to communicate and to communicate properly and you know I COULD HAVE HOPED THAT IT WOULD HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE FOR ALL TEAM MEMBERS TO DO THE SAME because DESPITE OF YOUR SUFFERINGS IT IS TRULY ONLY A DECISION and you have seen that I HAVE CARRIED ON and all of you could really have done the same and because you did not do as I encouraged you to do – to communicate with me weekly – you have also contributed to make my last journey more difficult than what it could have been but FIRST AND FOREMOST, MY THINKING IS THIS: THANK YOU ALL OF YOU – I GIVE YOU MY HEART FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE and that goes to all of you, but please will you start communicating all of you as I have also asked you to do in my short daily emails to you (not brought in this book)?

    I am very happy with the level of communication you do Meshack and partly with you David and at the moment not with you John and Elijah even though “I feel for you”.


    NOT IMPOSSIBLE IT IS THE DEVIL SAYS and he thinks of Elijah and WHEN DO YOU WANT ME TO LET HIM GO and that is right Elijah, you have asked for the company of the Devil as opposition to Meshack BECAUSE OF YOUR DECISION TO SOLELY FOCUS ON YOURSELF my friend and these are the words given to me and maybe by God and maybe by the Devil but you know CARRY OUT YOUR PLAN and when IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP ELIJAH TOO, YOU HAVE MY BLESSINGS TO DO SO.

    And again I am thinking of my family and friends in Denmark of your priorities. Can you see how you look today compared to a man showing his heart like Meshack helping street children in his situation where you think of holidays and to continue buying clothes and the newest electronic gadgets etc.?

    Thank you Meshack and this also goes to your wife. YOU TRULY MAKE ME VERY VERY PROUD OF WHAT YOU DO and it is all about attitude, faith and strength, nothing else really. AMAZING.


    And here is his email:

    Hi there, am very sorry for not having written to you for a long time because i had rushed home to attend to family matters and first and foremost much greetings from the old man and he was very happy when i told him how strong you are and the church told me to say hi to you although the pastor has been transfered and we are yet to get another pastor .

    Thanks for your cash help which we received and indeed it came at the right time because the day i got it, i received many street children who were scouring for scrap metals at the garage and to follow on your foot steps, i decided with my wife to share some food with them which we had bought and to trust in God that giving compasionate to the needy is a requirement and more so i saw this as a sign of dadaad children crying for help and actually i did that and to show what God can do to His people, when i went home my mother gave me alot of food to last me for the next three weeks and still we have the other we had bought and this mis how God works when you give cheerfully.

    John went home and Elijah have not seen him of late but tommorow i expect them to attend our meeting and i will inform you about their well being.

    We are with you in whatever you are going through and sorry for those misunderstanding of the commune about you but when they shall be opened they will become wiser and accept your teaching since this is our destination and we have to reach iot it at all cost.

    Hi to the rest there.


    Finalising the day today by saying that the Devil is still improving much but he is NOT 100% loyal because I did today what I have almost not done before, which was to take out a story after I had written it BECAUSE IT WAS TOO UNBELIEVABLE TO BE TRUE (!) and I cannot be sure if all of the stories today are from God and you know AS IT HAS BEEN THE CASE ALL THE WAY WHEN WRITING REALLY.

    Meeting Pastor Leif as I will also meet people before they have read all of my books

    This afternoon I was very happy to visit Leif from the church and I was also excited about how he would receive me and how much he has read from my books – and the Council had told me nothing before arriving.

    Leif was very kind as usual and he showed very good listening skills because this is how this meeting developed, mostly I spoke and he listened – because I asked him if he would let me speak or if he preferred another approach and this is what he preferred – WITHOUT ANY PREPARATION and only doing what CAME “NATURALLY” TO ME as God had recommended me.

    I spoke about my 12th April 2004 experience, my first knowledge from 2006 about being the son of God and you know what this is about, the judgment, the importance of communication, my own development, refugees, natural catastrophes, the Devil and the media etc. and during the meeting I found out that LEIF HAS REALLY NOT READ A LOT OF MY BOOKS and the big inspiration I had to start with gradually became lower – by the very simple fact that I started not to be able to remember what I wanted to tell the next and I knew instantly that it was the Council playing games with me, this is how it works – and I received the feeling that the more I talked, the more difficult it became EVEN TO LEIF TO UNDERSTAND despite being a man of faith because as I told him if you are conventional and read word by word in the Bible for example it will be difficult to understand me and therefore I encouraged him to REALLY START READING MY BOOKS CONCENTRATED – and for him especially to start reading the LTO newsletter on Dadaab first because his heart is beating for refugees – and I said that if he does not read my books, he will not understand the same way as you cannot understand Kirkegaard if you don’t read his books (even though mine are not that difficult to understand) and if you only skim my books, there is a risk that you will be fooled by the Devil not to believe in me – and THIS RISK IS ALSO WITH YOU MY DEAR PASTORS OF THE CHURCH as I told Leif.

    When I spoke of Dadaab God inspired me to give me this information: Refugees are dying like flies at this camp and the “authorities” of the camp has decided with the approval “from highest place” to keep it a secret to the world. ASK GOVERNMENTS: HOW MANY PEOPLE DIE AT DADAAB AND HOW MANY ARE YOU WILLING TO CONTINUE DYING BECAUSE OF YOUR IGNORANCE?

    And because of the decreasing inspiration I asked Leif if he would answer me directly if I asked him directly and my question was if he believes in me and he said that he believes in Kirkegaard and dostajevski and their experiences of salvation and he said that he would like us to continue the dialogue, which made me happy – but it is important to tell that I will not be able to communicate my books in a meeting of one hour and that it is essential that you read my books but my conclusion from today is that I will accept to speak about my books for people who would like to listen to me even though they have not read all of the books but that it is a condition that you show a positive attitude – I will not be present in meetings where I am met with people being sceptical or even angry – and I can only encourage you to at least have started reading and understanding my books before you attend a meeting because I WILL NOT HOLD MEETINGS WHERE PEOPLE COME UNPREPARED.

    At the conversation I said to Leif that he has the power to open up the Danish church to God if YOU DECIDE TO DO THIS LEIF – IT IS ALL ABOUT YOUR AND YOUR COLLEAGUE’S ATTITUDE AND FAITH (!) – and I gave you three opportunities for you today to follow up on according to what you may decide to do:

    1. Start reading my books concentrated – and for you personally to start reading newsletter 1 from LTO on Dadaab.

    2. Think of doing a sermon preach on COMMUNICATION – about THE CLEAN FORM OF COMMUNICATION which is “what you think is what you say and what you say is what you think” and not “one thing is what you think, another is what you say”.

    3. To continue our dialogue and also with your colleagues if possible.

    The meeting ended by Leif being very nice to praise my communication and understanding of the preaches of the church, which he has noticed and I thanked him for his very kind gesture to invite me to his private home, for him to being open and listening as very few people will do in Denmark without having read the book and for a very nice conversation.


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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