5th March 2010 – My aim is for mankind to find the beauty and the ideal balance of life – for man to return to the divine source

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of Rikke in love and Mark in disbelief Small dreams of Rikke making love to me despite having another partner, Mark going to the circus (not believing in me) and SMOKED SALMON at the SUPERMARKET.
A2B course: Country selfishness, bureaucracy and politics are the same

I receive good signals from God in dreams, at A2B and from a very weak Devil, the story about country selfishness and bureaucracy and politics being the same, to the Commune I say that “there is nothing you can do” – understand and support me instead of not understand and oppose me, Niels dreamt of -75 degrees to come, not many people are reading my scripts in the beginning, Sanja shows her trust in me as a “teacher” and really as a “friend”, I give my evaluation of the A2B course in a survey: FAILED – not because of the people but because of the system!

And God asked me to find the meaning of the Vitruvian Man: To find the beauty and the ideal balance of life – for man to return to the divine source.

David is keeping up communication The LTO team in Kenya cannot afford to spend time at internet cafés to translate Danish text in my scripts into English.


Dreaming of Rikke in love and Mark in disbelief

Tonight I slept even better and maybe half an hour longer and coming closer to “normal sleep” I am, and I only had these small glimpses of dreams:

  • I am in a city, which feels like Helsingør, where Rikke H. invites me to her home, where we make love twice even though she also has another partner (!)
    • And this is really only to say THANK YOU RIKKE FOR BEING HERE and RIKKE YOU ARE ALSO A SERVANT OF GOD – if you should not have guessed it yet – and THE BEST WAY I CAN LIFT YOU UP IS TO BRING THIS STORY to tell the world that it is indeed important to be faithful to your partner and we know maybe still some feelings for me she has.
  • I see Mark in Russia waving with his red Danish bus card and this makes me tell him about the story of my old friend Henning W., who got access to the Russian state circus in Moscow by showing his red Danish bus card saying that he was a member of the Danish Communist Party many years ago – which made me smile MUCH, Henning and still one of my favourite stories it is.
    • Do you remember my dream maybe a couple of months ago of being in a circus outside London where I was attacked repeatedly by a bull, which was so clear that it showed me that circus and the bull are symbols of the Devil and this is where Mark is heading at the moment BECAUSE HE HAS NOT YET FOLLOWED MY ADVICE TO READ CAREFULLY and you know “because it is SIMPLY impossible to believe in me” and yes THIS IS WHAT I AM DOING – DOING MY BEST TO CONVINCE PEOPLE THAT I AM THE SON OF GOD at this level, which God has started my mission.
  • I am in a super market of fine quality where I see a very big stack of fine smoked salmon.
    • Only showing that THIS IS THE ROAD HOME FOR ME – remember the symbols of normal life and myself here.

A2B course: Selfish countries and politics and bureaucracy are the same

Receiving good signals from God

And you know it is quite easy to tell how things are going because of the signals I receive from God – the atmosphere of my dreams, the direct torment of the Devil, who has almost completely shut up at the moment – he is below 5% of his highest level and almost at zero in fact – and also when I experience the atmosphere God creates around me at A2B, which is equally as visible a signal and this morning Carsten was again very nice to me saying “what’s up, is everything ok” and smiling and I got the feeling and message from the Council immediately, which also made me relax even more when I said “thank you, everything is fine here”.

Bureaucracy and politics are the same, look at WTO as example

And Carsten told me that he is also trying to finish a book he has been writing on for almost 10 years about international trade, which he has also been researching into and he told me that 180 countries have been trying for almost 10 years through the World Trade Organization (WTO) to agree on liberalising the world trade by lifting subsidies, customs etc. but because they are still not finished (!), he cannot finish the book.

And I could only tell him that this is BUREAUCRACY and he called it “POLITICS” and you know for me BUREAUCRACY AND POLITICS ARE THE SAME – I have written about this earlier – and afterwards I was thinking that what you see here is SELFISHNESS ON A COUNTRY LEVEL because what you see in the world today is not only selfishness, on an individual level, you also see people favouring family, friends, company, city and country and you know ALL CIRCLES YOU BELONG TO – and this is also about me and MARION have you seen me materialise yet and yes MARION IT IS ME, THE ONE WHO WROTE AN EMAIL TO YOU APPROX. 4 YEARS AGO but you did not catch the message to invite me to one of your circles – so here you see 180 selfish nations trying to agree on what is the best for the world maybe or what the WTO member believes is the best for his country and you know THIS IS OFTEN WHAT IS MAKING IT ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO AGREE – because you simply put forward your own egocentric needs first and you know DON’T UNDERSTAND THE HIGHER PURPOSE and we know MY FAMILY ARE YOU WAITING FOR A MIRACLE TO HAPPEN BEFORE YOU WILL GIVE ME YOUR SUPPORT and yes just wondering here I am.

You may remember slogans like “buy British” or “køb dansk” (buy Danish) and you know just example of countries focusing on themselves and their own needs.

To the Commune: There is nothing you can do!

I can see that some of my documents about my hospitalisation in 2008 at www.mediafire.com/stig have been downloaded and at the moment I believe it is only the Commune, who has an “interest” to look at these documents and we know HAVE YOU FOUND OUT THAT I WRITE THE TRUTH ABOUT THE LEGAL RULES ON FORCED HOSPITALISATION, have you found out that I write the truth when I write notes of meetings I have had with you and WHEN YOU UNDERSTAND THAT I AM WRITING THE TRUTH AS STIG AND HAVE THE VOICE OF BOTH GOD AND THE DEVIL WITH ME WHEN WRITING THESE SCRIPTS – OFTEN WITHOUT KNOWING WHO OF THEM ASSISSTS ME – THEN YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT I AM INDEED THE PERSON I TELL YOU I AM – and the more you fight me, the more I feel the Devil and I felt the Devil giving me wrong stories yesterday and I felt him just a few minutes ago through a person here – and right now and only briefly today through pain in my stomach and simply a “bad feeling” of my body – so there are people at the Commune who have not yet understood my messages of GOOD WILL and WHO WOULD LIKE TO SEE ME BURN IN HELL BECAUSE OF YOUR OWN SELFISH NEEEDS and to you I CAN ONLY SAY: PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU DECIDE TO GIVE UP, BECAUSE THERE IS REALLY NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT MY WRITINGS and I encourage you to do the same as I encouraged my family to do in the beginning of February: READ and UNDERSTAND – DON’T OPPOSE ME BUT SUPPORT ME and you know TO BE POSITVE WITH AN OPEN MIND instead of NEGATIVE WITH A CLOSED MIND BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU MAY FEEL AS “HURT FEELINGS” and my dear friends THIS IS WHAT YOU MUST GO THROUGH IN ORDER TO REACH THE OTHER SIDE and THERE ARE FRIENDS OF GOD WORKING AGAINST ME RIGHT NOW AT THE COMMUNE WHO ARE IN FACT SERVANTS OF GOD, which you will soon find out.

Niels dreaming about -75 degrees coming

This morning Niels told some of us that he had a dream last night where he was shown a weather forecast, which said that it will become -5 degrees and because of the chill factor it will feel like -75 degrees and Niels I can tell you that this is the same symbol as I have had for years and as my family knows about too, this is the symbol of suffering and my dear friend, this is what you will do in the beginning when you read this book about yourself until you understand that you are included here with the love of God too.

Updates on traffic on Windows Live Spaces etc.

The 15th February I put a counter on my website at http://stigdragholm.spaces.live.com and since the site has had 348 hits and maybe 40 of them have been from myself and just telling that this is the WELCOME by the world, which I have anticipated and you know THE FIRST SMALL RING AFTER THROWING THE STONE INTO THE WATER and it is from here you will see the circle expanding until the day when the whole world knows that I have landed.

And also just to let you know Tobias, my little toe swelled up when God made me hit the door some time ago and I have since felt the pain of it MAKING ME THINK OFTEN OF YOU BECAUSE OF YOUR HURT FOOT and you know I HOPE THAT YOU WILL GET THROUGH WITH AS LITTLE PAIN TOO.

And also today I SAW THE NEWS OF ETTA CAMEROUN DYING WHICH MADE ME VERY SAD INDEED – she was truly an amazing woman and singer as you will know when reading about her and listen to her MUSIC MADE FROM HER HEART – and my dear mother and family WE SHOULD REALLY HAVE SEEN HER IN CONCERT EALIER as we have talked about for years WITHOUT DOING IT.

I am helping Sanja as a “teacher”

I wrote the other day that I did not want to “help people” at A2B if my actions are misunderstood and yesterday I spoke with Sanja so everybody could hear if they wanted to, and today she came to me with a list of questions, which she received from Kurt yesterday, which a potential employer may ask at a job interview, and she would like my coaching on the questions “tell us why we should hire you” and “tell us about your weak sides” and my input in a few words to her on the first question was “when you have done your best in previous work, which impact have you had both personally in relations to others and also professionally – and think about what impact you will have in the future when you are allowed to show your potential 100%, and this will give you the answers” and for questions no. two I told her that the words “weak sides” are negative words in my book and that “development areas” are better and again I said that she could look at what she would like to improve on first as a person – for example by showing herself and her inner voice as we talked about yesterday or improving her quality by doing her absolutely best – and hereafter professionally and I told her that only by being prepared, writing down the questions and answers, she will be able to receive the highest amount of credibility from people and “one thought will lead to the next” because when she writes down the answers, she may think tomorrow that “maybe I can improve the answer on this or that question” and then she will continue to develop both QUALITY and as a person and.

This is of course only given as examples and as I told her: “These are only ideas and you will decide what you want to use” and I was also thinking of the feedback from A2B to the Commune about me “not listening to feedback on my CV” and JUST HOW WRONG IT WAS – and finally I spoke with Sanja here where approx. 15 people could listen to every single word if they wanted too and I don’t know how many of them believed that I was “threatening” or “helping” a person, who trusted in me and was positive and you know THIS IS REALLY WHAT I SAID TO THE COMMUNE IN MY FEEDBACK TO THEM and THERE IS A ROSE COMING YOUR WAY SOON FROM SOMEONE MUCH BIGGER AND LARGER THAN ME and that is from GOD the man and not me because I am this little and I see the Devil walking and becoming smaller and smaller and I cannot remember his name but I see a British comedian from the seventies or maybe eighties who became famous also in Denmark from a television show where he kept on walking while his legs gradually were sinking until he was walking using his feet only while actually squatting (!) and at the same time THIS GIVES ME SMILES ALL OVER because THIS IS THE GENERAL ATTITUDE TODAY as I wrote earlier.

My evaluation of the A2B course

Late yesterday we were asked to answer an evaluation survey with today as deadline of how satisfied we have been with A2B’s work – and you know I ALWAYS LOVE SUCH SURVEYS – and I could have chosen two ways of answering: Either based on my dividend as a private person at my professional level or the dividend, which people POTENTIALLY could receive and I chose the first option, because this is what was the purpose of the evaluation and it is with this in mind, I kindly ask you to read and understand my feedback as follows:



Hvor tilfreds er du samlet set med forløbet indtil videre?

Ikke tilfreds

Hvor tilfreds har du været med kvaliteten af det udleverede materiale?

Meget tilfreds

Hvor tilfreds har du været med lokalefaciliteterne?

Meget tilfreds

Hvor tilfreds har du været med følgende


Din rådgivers faglige niveau

Mindre tilfreds

Din rådgivers engagement

Meget tilfreds

Den rådgivning, du har modtaget?

Mindre tilfreds

Hvor tilfreds har du været med de kompetencer forløbet har givet dig i forhold til:


Faglige kompetencer (Herunder faglig afklaring og branchekendskab)

Ikke tilfreds

Personlige kompetencer (Herunder motivation og personligt engagement)

Mindre tilfreds

Jobsøgningskompetencer (Herunder udarbejdelse af CV og ansøgninger)

Ikke tilfreds

Hvor tilfreds har du været med udbyttet af forløbet hos A2B?

Ikke tilfreds

Afsluttende kommentarer

Denne evaluering er en PERSONLIG evaluering baseret på min egen forhåndsviden om kursets indhold og et system, der ikke virker. A2B’s arbejde er tilfredsstillende – men kan blive endnu bedre – efter omstændighederne med gode koncepter og stort engagement – men systemet er forkert.

And you know my feedback is also really: TO HELP PEOPLE INDIVIDUALLY BASED ON THE INDIVUAL NEED AND LEVEL OF EACH PERSON – and not to treat everybody the same which is what this concept is doing even when teachers do “individual coaching”!

Today at 12.30 – just to give you an idea – there are 12 people “working” at the office besides me, but 9 of these 12 are in fact using “passive entertainment” from the Internet and only three are “working seriously” – this is the effect of this system and do you understand when I tell you: IT DOES NOT WORK! Is this to grouse or do you believe my book is to help? What is your VOICE telling you?

The Vitruvian man: To find the beauty and the ideal balance of life – for man to return to the divine source

God asked me today to find the meaning of the Vitruvian man to include in this book – this is what he did without telling me the meaning himself and I therefore used approx. half an hour to look at some websites and I decided to write the following based of what I normally do “a little bit from here and a little bit from there” – thank you to you anonymous sources:

The drawing of the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci is used as a symbol of “the ideal man” as part of the universe: To find the beauty and the ideal balance of life in correlation between the material and spiritual world with the continuing aim to purify man in order for man to return to the divine source.

And the final thing I did today was to start the second edit of my scripts from the 1st March – and you know I KNOW THAT I DON’T FIND ALL ERRORS EVEN AT MY SECOND EDIT but this is what I have had the energy to do – and I did the first 12 pages before the time became 14.00 and we know before my new best friend here Sanja and I had a nice talk about her youngest daughter performing ballet on a big stage tomorrow for the first time and wished each other a very good weekend.

And I have not yet finalised my introduction at my windows live spaces site because I did not plan to use so much time fighting the Devil this week and this in itself is taking up much of the productivity of the world – people fighting each other instead of working together – and I will soon be finished with this work also.

David is keeping up communication

Yesterday I asked in my email to Kenya – I still email my scripts on a daily basis to LTO – if they translate Danish text from my scripts into English for example using Google Translator, as I have recommended them to do earlier TO GET AN IDEA OF THE TEXT because I DON’T BELIEVE IN SYSTEMS LIKE THIS WITH ITS VERY POOR QUALITY (!) and David was kind today to answer that they do not because they only use the internet cafés as little as possible OF COURSE. Thank you David J.


And here is the email:

Dear Stig,

Thanks for your continued updates. I am fine here in Nairobi. The temperatures are low often, Kenyan low! with rains falling often and without much warning and busfares escalating.

I do not use the google translation option, mainly because I spend little time in the net because of the costs involved.

Thank you Stig and have a good day.

I hope to write more tomorrow.


Finalising the day after I did yoga today for the second time this week – because of my fight against I CANNOT FIND HIM AND CAN HARDLY REMEMBER HIS NAME you know – and Cecilie you are my favourite teacher so far in Yoga but maybe you could consider more variation (!) and directly after Yoga I started running again for the first time in maybe 14 days because of the could too and you know my toe I still hurting but no problem and him without a name annoyed me when I was running and a little bit more disturbing than 14 days ago but not more than I could only tell him “please go away” – I will climb this little mountain too HERE AT THE TOP OF MOUNT EVEREST WHERE WE ARE STILL STANDING.

A symbol: I was “inspired” – without knowing it – to buy Italian wine and Italian pizzas today and of course STILL ON SALE, this is a must for a man in my situation and just of course the symbol of HAPPINESS – this is how the day started and this is how it ended.



And I MUST WRITE THIS TOO – did you hear MAD WORLD sung by THOMAS at X-FACTOR on DR1 this evening and chosen by the new judge Pernille Rosendahl and we know MANY THINGS TO BE SAID OF THE JUDGES – SOUL CHOCK IS NOT LISTENING TO ANYBODY ELSE THAN HIMSELF and the Devil he is and REMEE listen to his joy and happiness and a servant of God – and KAREN WHEN I SEE PERNILLE ROSENDAHL I THINK OF YOU BECAUSE YOU HAVE THE MOST FEELINGS IN THE WORLD AND THIS WAS WHAT I REACTED ON IN YOU AND ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE and KAREN DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU REACTED ON IN ME and yes THE SAME and this is what will bring us over to the other side and WE KNOW WHEN PERNILLE WAS PLAYING IN THE BAND SWANLEE I SEE KAREN SINGING THAT HIT SONG BEFORE ME – this is how strong Karen the image OF THAT EVENING AT YOUR PLACE YEARS AGO WAS TO ME and coming back to MAD WORLD and THE FIRST MAJOR HIT BY TEARS FOR FEARS – a true favourite group of mine – and WHEN I HEARD GARY JULES VERSION OF THIS SOME YEARS AGO and we know THIS SONG GIVES ME EVEN MORE FEELINGS and yes THAN LIONEL RITCHIE and I cannot recall any other song of the world giving me more feelings and that is exactly why Pernille – who gave me the strongest feelings in the world through Karen that evening listening, singing and dancing to your song – chose this song and this is why I spoke with Sanja today about X factor coming this evening and VERY NICE MUSIC. KAREN THIS SONG IS TO YOU, THIS IS THE SONG OF ALL GIVING YOU ALL OF MY FEELINGS. THIS IS WHAT I ASK YOU TO CHOOSE FROM. WILL YOU ACCEPT ME BECAUSE OF YOUR FEELINGS and WILL YOU DECIDE WHEN HAVING THE DEVIL IN YOU TO CAST AWAY THE DEVIL AND THE LUST IN YOUR LIFE AS I HAVE DONE FIGHTING THE SAME FOR YEARS? KAREN IT IS UP TO YOU – I WILL NOT WAIT FOR YOU FOR AN ETERNITY. And what song came later: BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER and we know I COULD WRITE MUCH FROM THIS SHOW TONIGHT and also about Pernille talking to God and you know see for yourself.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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