6th March 2010 – “HARMONY OF ANOTHER WORLD” is the potential of Karen and I

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of politicians speaking while the world is melting down Dreaming of the Devil in control of my mother, politicians speak while the world is melting down, is my mother’s husband John leaving my mother and me?, my suffering is disappearing, the Devil is sent to my family with love by God, the Devil will come into action because nobody knows my name and my family is still hurting.

Meshack: “Abraham became a great father of a great nation and this is happening to me”

Meshack and his wife are now having a large family including 15 street children in a garage in Kenya – thank you for showing YOUR ABSOLUTELY BEST – while you my dear reader are thinking about buying a new flat screen television or your next cruise holiday. THIS IS NOT HOW I HAD MANKIND IN MIND!


My “friend” Tøger Seidenfaden from the newspaper Politiken is building up a reputation not only in Denmark but the world, when the world reads this because Tøger YOU DESERTED THE UNION OF DANISH NEWSPAPERS AND GAVE UP THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH for you to STAND OUT and SELL NEWSPAPERS by SETTLING WITH MUSLIMS AND TO APOLOGISE FOR BRINGING THE MUHAMMAD DRAWINGS, WHICH YOU SHOULD NEVER APOLOGISE!
“HARMONY OF ANOTHER WORLD” is the potential of Karen and I I listened to a stereo system of the finest quality and an irresistible song by PERNILLE ROSENDAHL called “YOU AND I”, which to me was HARMONY OF ANOTHER WORLD and this is a symbol of MY FEELINGS FOR YOU KAREN AND OUR POTENTIAL TOGETHER if you decide to use YOUR POSITVE and not NEGATIVE FEELINGS TO ME. WILL YOU DECIDE THE ROAD OF GOD OR THE DEVIL?


Dreaming of politicians speaking while the world is melting down

Yesterday after I finished and published the script, I received a new feeling, which was a very dark spirit starting to leave me and this spirit was THE DEAD IT SELF and this spirit, who has been deep inside of me always has decided to understand that now is the time for him to leave and he did it by talking strongly about the universe and that Earth is melting down right In front of our eyes – and here the sad part I might add is that the people on Earth keep on talking when this is happening, see the Climate Conference in Copenhagen and the health care reform in USA as examples – and he could easily frighten me because of his very strong presence and speech, and this feeling continued during the first part of the night when dreaming these dreams:

  • I am coming to the house of the queen and I start searching for her but the house is empty and I see that the television is on.
  • This is about VIRGIN MARY – or LONA as my mother’s name is in this life – not being the queen yet but being controlled by the Devil, which the TV is a symbol of.
  • I see politicians speak while the world is melting down symbolised by walls being knocked down by angry men to the building where the politicians speak.
  • My mother’s husband John is sleeping and I have asked him to help me by performing in a game. It makes him start driving his car to come to my address but he decides to pick up something on the way and I see him enter a house and when he enters, I see the Devil in the house and I shout at him “look out” but it is too late, John is killed by the Devil. And in this dream I get the feeling that Sanna is giving John these feelings – and I also get the feeling that I risk breaking down because of people losing the battle against the Devil.
    • My thought when waking up was that this must be a dream of the Devil and therefore not the truth, but I really don’t know because if it is the truth, it means that John has decided not to see me anymore because of what Sanna is doing, so I really don’t know, but I do know that the last part of the dream is NOT true – I HAVE SAID IT BEFORE AND WILL REPEAT: I WILL NEVER GIVE UP NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS!
    • Later in the day I was told that the reason why JOHN IS THINKING OF LEAVING THE FAMILY IS BECAUSE HE IS “AFRAID” OF COMMUNICATING WITH ME and MY MOTHER and what will happen and is Stig really the son of God and how do I approach such a man and the answer to you John and everybody else: PLEASE TREAT AS STIG – I AM STILL THE SAME MAN WITH THE SAME NEED TO HAVE FAMILY, A WIFE (!) AND FRIENDS AROUND ME AS I HAVE ALWAYS HAD and the longer you keep away from me, the more pain you will give us and this is an example of doing WHAT IS WRONG FOR YOU TO DO. SIMPLY DECIDE TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT TO DO – IT SHOULD REALLY NOT BE VERY DIFFICULT!
    • And later the Council made me cough and gave me a taste of salt water in my lungs being coughed up and I was told that this is how my mother is struggling at the moment and JOHN THIS IS HERE YOU CAN SHOW THE WORLD IF YOU ARE THE MAN WHOM YOU HAVE BEEN CREATED TO BE – TO HELP “LADY MADONNA” OR TO LEAVE HER. WILL YOU HELP THE WORLD, THEN YOU WILL STAY AND HELP MY MOTHER COME THROUGH SIMPLY BY COMMUNICATING WITH HER BECAUSE YOUR TEST – and that is for both of you – IS TO FIND OUT IF YOUR LOVE FOR EACH OTHER IS STRONG ENOUGH FOR YOU TO STAY. JOHN – THERE ARE ANSWERS GIVEN IN MY BOOK NO. 2 and remember that sometimes messages are given by the Devil and sometimes by God and they may change during the book – and that is very few messages only but ONE for you!
  • I am coming out of the train in London and it is a labyrinth to find out of the station too, which we do and outside a small bus is waiting on us. I am wet all over.
    • The end of the long train journey, water is pain, bus is love and London is the home of God.
  • I have been to an Elton John concert together with my family in Sweden, and Elton John now flies us home in his own private Harrier Jet, which is registered in Sweden. We come to the coast of Denmark – without asking for permission to enter Danish air space – and we talk about bombing the Louisiana museum, but agree not to. We now arrive at Elton John’s private home, which is extravagant beyond description and I see the Harrier Jet we have landed with together with another one standing on the ground covered with green leaves, and it is almost storming here. I have my camera with me, but the memory card is full and before I can take pictures of the family I remove a 97 minutes long BLURED video of the family, where after I start taking pictures of all of the family including Isabelle, who is also with us. When I take a picture of Sanna’s family in doors, Tobias lifts up his hand in front of his face, he does not want to have his picture taken.
    • This is about the plane, which is the Devil, sent by God because of the symbols or Sweden (happiness) and Elton John (music, love) – and it is with this background I allow the Devil to be with my family at the end of their journey too. The camera is to say that I will delete the old blurred personalities before I will take a picture showing your new selves to the world – when you have been accepted to continue your journeys as servants of God. And Tobias is really not very keen to develop as you notice.
  • I hear the title song from the TV series “Cheers” and the words “nobody knew my name – therefore”
    • This it to the world for not publishing my story, and it is really the Media and you know EVERYONE WHO HAS RECEIVED MY STORIES, WHO COULD HAVE DONE A DIFFERENCE: ALL OF YOU HAVE CALLED UPON THE DEVIL, WHO WILL “SOON” WAKE UP AND SHOW HIM SELF IN ACTION “SOMEWHERE” IN THE WORLD, which we will decide on when you come back to us and I see Polle with a light soul here as the Devil not feeling good about this situation.
  • I see the family skiing and Hans says that he will get new skis for the boy for him to use tomorrow. I see a woman changing out skis and gliding down the mountain instead and even though there is much snow she glides through all the way down to the grass.
    • Still hurting they are.

    During the morning God showed me paying the ticket at a indoor parking facility and the gate opened where ALL OF THE BRIGHT LIGHT SHINED THROUGH followed by another vision of being inside a dark ship building hall where the walls are breaking apart WHERE THE BRIGHT LIGHT SHINES THROUGH and the COUNCIL said that THIS IS WHAT WILL INEVITABLE HAPPEN TO THE WORLD BECAUSE OF MY DECISION NO TO GIVE UP AND TO GIVE YOU THIS TOOL, MY BOOKS, TO WORK WITH.

    Meshack: “Abraham became a great father of a great nation and this is happening to me”

    Meshack, my dear friend, you have followed the call from God and I can only say thank you for doing so to you and your wife and WE ARE ALL HERE SENDING YOU AND YOUR WIFE FLOWERS TO SHOW YOUR HEARTS TO THE WORLD in what is indeed difficult times for you and YOU CAN ONLY DO THIS WHEN YOU DO YOUR ABSOLUTELY BEST and I KINDLY ASK YOU TO GIVE ALL OF MY BLESSINGS TO ALL OF THE MEMBERS OF YOUR NOW LARGER FAMILY: GOD AND VIRGIN MARY AND ALL OF THE COUNCIL ARE WITH YOU SHOWING LOVE TO ALL OF YOU AND MESHACK YOU ARE DOING WHAT I COULD ONLY HOPE IN MY BEST DREAMS and when you do this, you see how God is working together with you and Elijah when you don’t follow your heart, but your mind thinking the thoughts of not God, but the Devil, you will have the Devil with you and my dear friend, this is the road you have taken and SORRY ABOUT THAT I AM and sorry to see that you still do not keep the basic rules even though you suffer.

    Thank you to all of the team for meeting and thank you very much Meshack for you to communicate – and Elijah do you feel it is a good idea to receive my scripts, my communication and also my money, when you don’t want to communicate or do you feel a very big discomfort inside of you to take my money and Elijah THIS IS THE MIRROR TOO – YOU ARE LOOKING DIRECTLY INTO HELL LOOKING AT YOURSELF MY FRIEND, follow the advises by the team, these are the people appointed to bring you back to the road of God. Who do you choose – the Devil or God?

    David thank you so much for sharing this dream to the team and for Meshack to write it to me and I DO LOOK VERY MUCH FORWARD TO SEEING YOU AGAIN IN A BETTER LIFE WHEN NORMAL LIFE IS COMING and you know WHAT MY DEAR TEAM MEMBERS WHEN YOU DECIDE TO COMMUNICATE OR NOT IT HAS A DIRECT EFFECT ON THE WORLD and Meshack you are helping me much and David and John too because of your support and the more you communicate the more you help me, yourself and the whole world to change. This is the power I give you by bringing your scripts in my book – and Elijah YOU SHOULD BE MY CROWN PRINCE ALREADY NOW SUPPORTING ME and you know ELIJAH CROWN PRINCE AND FEELING NERVOUS ABOUT ME AND YOURSELF TOO – and that is the strength of the Devil Elijah – for him to play with your mind. YOU ARE WALKING IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE DEVIL AND YOU ARE OPPOSING ME IN STEAD OF HELPING ME AND THE WORLD RIGHT NOW. I AM SORRY ABOUT THAT ELIJAH – BUT STILL I ASK THE COUNCIL TO BE WITH YOU AND YOUR FAMILY TO MAKE SURE THAT YOU WILL COME THROUGH TOO – even though your travel is more difficult than what it could have been because of yourself.

    Say HI to everyone J.

    And here is the email from Meshack:

    Hi there, my sincere hope that all is well with you and the same thing with us here.

    As i had promised the other, yesterday we met all of us in the garden and all your teachings were observed and i told John to write to you which he promised although most of the team members are going through hard times, they are strong in their faith to you although it has been difficult to convince Elijah to start communicating to you because on several ocasion he has promised to write to you and there is nothing we can do to him if he does not heed our call. I was very happy when David told me that he had a dream about you having come back to Kenya where we were in a meeting with you in the same office and i told him that, this is a sign of good times to come when we shall meet together again.

    Concerning my telling the word about my story, i think many things are currently happening and this might be a call by the God because he once promised Abraham that one day he will make him a great father of a great Nation which is today Israel and today with my wife we have decided to stay with the street children who are numbering fifteen and to suffer with them if it is the will of God and today i am spending my time constructing a shade at the garage to accommadate my greater family with me because to that far,His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of Him who called us by his own glory and goodness.

    Through these he has given us his very great and precious promises, so that through them we may participate in the divine nature and escape the corruption in the world caused by evil desires and although i am suffering in many ways, i know my suffering is not in vain.

    Hi to the rest so that i might rush and compete the shade for my fellow mankind.



    I have been very proud that Danish newspapers have stood together to defend the freedom of speech when it comes to the Muhammad drawings which most newspapers have brought several times since JYLLANDS POSTEN VERY BRAVELY BROUGHT THESE DRAWINGS TO THE WORLD to show HOW NEGATIVE FEELINGS CAN MAKE PEOPLE DO WHAT IS TOTALLY WRONG TO DO – and here Muslims became very negative at drawings telling the truth and HOW CAN YOU BELIEVE IN A “RELIGION” TELLING YOU NOT TO BRING THE FACE OF A SO CALLED PROPHET? DO YOU WANT ME TO WEAR A BURQA LIKE YOU OPPRESS WOMEN BECAUSE OF A WISH OF GOD OR BECAUSE YOU HAVE BEEN CHEATED BY A SWINDLER? – and now Tøger Seidenfaden has DONE ANOTHER STUNT and that is to bring forward HIS NEWSPAPER POLITIKEN WITH THE AIM OF MAYBE SELLING NEWSPAPERS TØGER BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOW AGREED TO APPOLOGISE TO THE MUSLIM PEOPLE FOR OFFENDING THEM and by this you have put away what is the right of both the media and all people and which you have always fought for: THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH. So Tøger, you have sold your soul to the Devil, you have broken the union of Danish newspapers standing together and showed no care for anyone other than yourself, this is sadly what this story is about and I CAN ONLY SAY: PLEASE BRING THESE DRAWINGS IN THE MEDIA ALL OVER THE WORLD – because YOU ARE SHOWING THE DEVIL HERE. Tøger – you should be so much WISER than this!


    Today I decided to go for a couple of hours at the shopping centre of Lyngby just looking and relaxing for the first time since I moved here the 1st November – the first time I have felt the energy to do this – and the first shop I visited, which I have thought of doing many times was almost of course HIFI KLUBBEN and my dear friends STILL TODAY I FOUND THIS SPECIAL PASSION OF THE EMPLOYEE WHO HELPED ME because HE LOVES MUSIC AS MUCH AS I and he was very kind to let me listen to the best quality stereo system of the store, which was from CLASSE and a CD and a amplifier set was DKK 110,000 and the speakers was from Dali and was DKK 40,000 and the MUSIC WAS ABSOLUTELY ASTONISHING and I LISTENED TO CD NO. 2 FROM DALI and the next song sounded even more fantastic than the previous and then I LISTENED TO NO. 15 FROM THIS CD and this is here where we say welcome home because this song was OF COURSE WITH THE VOCAL OF THE JUDGE FROM YESTERDAY, PERNILLE ROSENDAHL, and here together with FILUR in a song called YOU AND I and SHE SINGS INCREDIBLE and this is HOUSE MUSIC and normally not what I listen to everyday BUT THIS SONG IS SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE and by far the best of this CD – we talk the absolutely top here – and it was mixed by STIG TRENTEMØLLER and many people will know that you cannot get it any better than this and the MUSIC CARESSED MY EARS SO IT WAS A BLESSING and THE SOUND QUALITY WAS AT SUCH A HIGH LEVEL SO WHEN YOU COMPARE THIS WITH MP3 AND IPODS YOU WOULD WISH THAT YOU HAD NEVER INVENTED IPODS – you would throw them directly in the garbage can even though THE DESIGN IS FANTASTIC and LOT OF PRAISE FOR THAT APPLE, VERY MUCH 🙂 – and HARMONY OF ANOTHER WORLD it was to me and you know I COULD CONTINUE – but this is simply to say to KAREN: THESE ARE MY FEELINGS FOR YOU BECAUSE I DECIDE TO FOCUS ON MY POSITIVE FEELINGS AND TO CAST AWAY MY NEGATIVE FEELINGS. WHAT DO YOU DECIDE TO DO? THE TIME IS TICKING AND I WILL NOT GIVE YOU MANY WEEKS TO DECIDE. DO YOU DECIDE TO FOLLOW THE ROAD OF GOD OR WILL YOU CHOSE THE DEVIL?

    And when listening to this stereo equipment I could tell that IT IS EVEN BETTER THAN MINE (!) – but my speakers are better than the Dali speakers. FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE IT WAS.

    And afterwards I also decided to get my first cup of CAPPUCCINO SINCE OCTOBER 2009 and do you believe I enjoyed it? And yes very much – but I had to resist buying a cake or food because of the very nice smelling of food at the café, this has to come later when normal life returns.

    And finalising the day with these comments:

    I have had blisters on my back for maybe a couple of weeks and my back has scratched and we know Stig this has something to do with Jesus and what we are telling you is that THIS IS WHAT IS COMING TO YOU TOO and we know THE MEMORY OF WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU AT THE ENDING OF YOUR LAST LIFE.

    And today the Devil has also been with me and tormented me moderately and MOST OFTEN HE HAS HURT ME WITH TORMENTS OF SEXUAL NATURE and we know Stig DIFFICULT TO LOOK AT APPROX. half of the channels on television because of nice ladies or the internet or the newspaper and this kind of suffering and yes just looking at one lady for 1/10 of a second and just thinking a little bit about what I miss very much and you know not very easy to control when you STILL have the most male hormones of the world and you know WHAT WOULD HAPPEN JUST STARTING TO THINK WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO DO WITH A WOMAN and this is what I have endured for a very long time now and the reason for this suffering is today because of my father’s wife KIRSTEN BEING VERY ANNOYED AT ME and YELLING AT MY FATHER BECAUSE OF THIS and also because I have decided to live March having approx. 2,000 DKK for myself and yes my dear friends I COULD SETTLE FOR LESS and this is what HEAVEN is doing to me and THIS IS WHAT STIG HAS DECIDED and we know TO HAVE THIS MONEY AT THE SAME TIME AS THE TEAM IS SUFFERING IN AFRICA and yes STIG BECAUSE I HAVE DECIDED THAT THIS IS WHAT IS RIGHT TO DO THIS MONTH THINKING OF HOW MY OWN LIFE IS TOO and NO DEVIL SHALL CHANGE THAT!


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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