8th March 2010 – The deadline of seeing the Devil in action has now exceeded – be aware!

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of a meeting with the Council and starting up servants at dahlberg

Dreaming of having a meeting with members of the Council, starting up 3-4 former colleagues from Dahlberg as servants of God, a message to Britain and the Netherlands to release the debts of Iceland, practising golf standing “on the top of the world looking down on creation” and having the key to the prison, which the Commune sets me free from.

I feel somewhat pain because of the sceptical pastors I am more tired today and yesterday the Devil gave me unpleasant contractions all over my body because of the Pastors not believing in me yet, not finding it worthwhile to start reading my testament based on interest and instead they have the feeling of resistance and throw up to be included in the scripts, until they will also start understanding – resistance will be replaced with understanding. This is the name of the game.
A2B course: Working concentrated I worked concentrated almost without interruptions today, receiving an invitation to the cinema on Thursday to watch the movie “Precious” of finding a new path of life and I had to explain a new consultant the same as I did earlier to Barbro, Agnete and Oliver individually because information is not structured and shared.
Small stories of Vivian, Michella, Karen, Angela and Fuggi My feelings shown to Vivian is the feelings I would have shown Karen if you had showed your feelings to me, Michellas name is on a gold plate belonging to the church, Angela is hurting and Fuggi is still following the road of the Devil
The deadline of seeing the Devil in action has now exceeded – be aware! The world has seen my power at big earth quakes the last five days all over the world – your time limit has now exceeded, you did not follow my request to inform the world about me. Be aware of a catastrophic quake to come.


Dreaming of a meeting with the Council and starting up servants at dahlberg

I had “one of those nights” again “almost alright” and it is not normal to me to have so many days without change and variation, which has been a constant part of the game too for years.

Some dreams:

  • I don’t believe I have the full meaning of the beginning of this dream – I cannot remember and only have a few notes: Papers are stolen, a company spokesman, to further destroy me. At 23.30 I have a meeting where I speak to three of my employees. We are late and there is music, which I cannot stop – the music is “sweet child of mine” by Guns N’Roses.
  • The beginning of the dream sounds like some kind of threat but the end of the dream is a meeting with three members of the Council – I know because God told me when I wrote down the notes of the dream during the night (!) – and I wonder if the song is about me?
  • I am starting dahlberg up. I am at a radio station at Iceland and I am asked to have a meeting soon, but not at the end of January I am told because of the birthday of Jesus, where pilots don’t fly. A meeting has not yet been set up because a manager wants to join us. I see 3-4 radio hosts speaking different languages from this radio station.
    • This is about 3-4 former colleagues from dahlberg, who are going through a process of being lifted up too as servants of God, therefore the radio station on an Island, which is speaking to God.
    • This dream is also about the story of an Icelandic Bank called Icesave and irresponsible management from people chasing profit. The bank went bankrupt in 2008 and Iceland have accepted to guarantee the payment of 3.8 billion €’s to foreign depositors from Britain and the Netherlands and because Iceland hopes to be enrolled in the European Union, the country has accepted to repay all money meaning that each Icelandic citizen now owes 11,000 € because of an irresponsible private company and what you witness here is “international politics” where the Icelandic people are taken as hostages and this is an example from God given to the world. YOU CAN START BY LETTING BRITAIN AND THE NETHERLANDS RELEASE ICELAND FROM THIS DEBT – the debt has absolutely nothing to do with the people of Iceland, it has to do with unscrupulous “businessmen” and “politics” – and hereafter you can follow up to release the debts all over the world. The Icelandic people have spoken very clearly as a cry of help to the world in a referendum the other day – what will you do about it?
  • I have now started working at dahlberg’s offices in Tåstrup, which look very old and simple. I am told that they can find something to drink for me. Kim S. arrives and meets me the first day and I feel Martin from Dahlberg around us. I hear the song “sweet child of mine” again and someone says it is not Jesus, but the child is the same.
  • I wake up and God plays “SE BASTASSE UNA CANZONE” by Eros Ramazotti for me – just a symbol of happiness and Eros if you are not on my top 100 list I can only say that when I saw your concert in Copenhagen maybe 10-15 years ago, in that moment you were on my top 10, fantastic it was!
  • I am standing at the top of a hill at the tee box at a golf hole. I am practising my golf strikes and as a variation I throw up the ball like in Round ball and use the golf club as bat – and I notice when I hit the ball this way it does not fly as far as when I strike from the tea. I see balls landing different places down hill at the course and I notice where the balls land so I can find them again.
    • Just saying that we are “on the top of the world looking down on creation”.
  • I see myself inside a prison and I have a key to my handcuffs and my cell door and I am visiting one of the other cells when I hear the guards inserting the key at the door to the prison hall and at the same side I insert the key to my cell opening it at the same time as the guards open the door to the hall – one second later and they would have seen me – and when they insert the key into my cell door, I am at the same time inserting the key into my hand cuffs and when they open the door, I close the hand cuffs and put the key in my pocket, they did not see me having the key – and they come to me and they FREE me by inserting their key in the handcuffs opening them.
    • And here I just get the feeling that this is about the Commune setting me FREE and that they did not notice that I have the key and we know BECAUSE OF MY EMAIL TO THEM and you know OTHERWISE THE DEVIL WOULD HAVE CONTINUED TO DESTROY MY LIFE as he did for example setting up the play at Aon or GEFI many years ago, where God did not stop him as HE DID NOW.

    I feel somewhat pain because of the sceptical pastors

    Even though the feeling when I woke up was “almost alright” I must say that when this is written at 9.35 I am feeling MORE TIRED again today and I can only connect it to the INFLUENCE OTHER PEOPLE HAVE ON ME and at the moment it must be the feelings and concerns of the almost new prison guards – a metaphor of course – at the church. THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO ME MY SERVANTS AT CHURCH – because you don’t believe in me YET and you will develop as other people who really you know start reading and understanding. And maybe not that nice KAREN MARIE to be included in my scripts and to feel FORCED to read my scripts because of this – do you see yourself from the text yesterday? And only thinking I am that servants of God – or what should be servants of God – did not find it worthwhile to carefully start reading my testament voluntarily and based on interest but that the feeling they have, as most other people so far, is a feeling of RESISTANCE and THROW UP based on their own selfish interests. This is the feeling I have had myself now for years – all of my life in fact – and it is with this feeling that the world will start reading and understanding my book and when you understand and accept, you will be rewarded by JOY and HAPINESS coming to you. This is what I will bring to the world through my new kingdom.

    Yesterday evening – and most of the day WHEN I WAS NOT WORKING – the Devil annoyed me by giving me contractions in my neck, my chin, my face and you know EVERYWHERE ON MY BODY including “sights” and “feelings” all over IMPOSSIBLE TO EXPLAIN and you know just to give you an idea of how NORMAL LIFE has been for years when it has been UNNORMAL because of the Devil and CONTRACTIONS all over my body is one of those not very nice things you know – and this was again because of the very nice but not understanding Pastors at the moment.

    My communication with the Pastors is part of the plan, this is what I have decided to do to follow THE MOST IMPOSSIBLE STEEP ROAD UP TO THE TOP OF MOUNT EVEREST – you remember my old saying about fighting all Devils I meet on my way – and you may remember the dream some weeks ago about the marzipan ball maturing at my house and that it was tempting to open it already a few weeks ago, but we decided to go through more pain in order to also bring the stories of the Commune and the Church to the world TO HELP ALL OF YOU TO UNDERSTAND EVEN BETTER because Stig you told us to WORK AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL, so this is what we did together. Thank you and that goes both ways here.

    It is with this feeling of tiredness and resistance, which the Pastors bring to me directly – this is how it works as old readers will remember – that I continue my work today for me to be ready to inform the world about the catastrophe, which I have approved the Council to carry out, see chapter 8.5, so what you see here is really members of the Danish church working against God at the moment and because God has decided that this is how I need to carry through the game WHEN I HAVE DECIDED THAT I WILL NEVER GIVE UP AND THAT I WILL NEVER ACCEPT TO EXPERIENCE THE NIGHTMARE OF MY LIFE AS YOU HAVE THREATENED TO CARRY OUT NOW YOU KNOW FOR A VERY LONG TIME and instead I HAVE ACCEPTED TO GO THROUGH EVEN HARDER SUFFERINGS AND PAIN TO AVOID THIS – therefore! But the pain is not very big today, but still annoying it is because it makes me want to stop working every single minute, but THAT IS NOT GOOD so carrying on we are.

    A2B course: Working concentrated

    Again on time this morning – I was almost afraid that I would be two minutes late because of red lights all the way, and this has two meanings too you know about women surrounding me, but I was here 8.59 and it was one of those days where I could do my work without interruption.

    At the briefing we were told that there is a new teaching tomorrow – and probably mandatory even though Carsten suggested it to be voluntary some time ago – and it is on a tool called Webdirect, which should make it easy to find private companies.

    We are all invited to go to the cinema Thursday morning this week to see “Precious” – a movie about a pregnant teen in Harlem, New York, where a teacher helps her to find a new path in her life and maybe SYMBOLISM and we will come back on this story on Thursday.

    At the briefing today too I noticed that Agnete – and the two new presenting them today – are looking much at me simply because I look at them and listen to what they say and you know NOT VERY MANY PEOPLE DOING THAT HERE and I was just thinking that today they are four teachers and I did not notice interest in the teachers from more than one today – a foreign lady who has asked for a meeting so just wondering I am about what the teachers are doing and maybe they will “work” by answering a few emails and speak on the phone but are they helping the people here and NOT MUCH and you know because of the SYSTEM.

    Structure and share information

    One of the new consultants, Susanne, came to me today saying that Oliver asked her approx. one month ago to read my CV and to give me feedback and I could not help thinking WHAT ARE PEOPLE HERE THINKING because ALL OF A2B and ALL OF THE COMMUNE KNOW THAT I AM WRITING MY BOOK but Oliver did probably not think it was necessary to let Susanne know that her help is not longer needed – also because I have received feedback from Barbro and Agnete earlier – so again I had to say some of the same things as I have already explained to first Barbro, then Agnete and then Oliver and does this sound familiar WHEN NOBODY HAS INFORMATION IN STRUCTURE and DON’T SHARE INFORMATION and you know PLEASE STRUCTURE and SHARE INFORMATION IN THE FUTURE so you will avoid the inefficiency I have witnesses also here as this example today shows.

    Breaking down borders creating friends with former enemies

    I don’t believe I have written about this story before – but I am not sure if something slipped into book no. 1. Susanne was also working for Danske Bank in the eighties and the nineties and what happened in 1990 was really the same as what happened in Eastern Europe you know – breaking down borders – and here between the two biggest enemies of the Danish bank industry for many years by merging and they also included Provinsbanken to give you a signal of the Trinity also here – the same as you also saw between Privatbanken, Andelsbanken and SDS creating Unibank – and when Handelsbanken and Danske Bank made a hole through the wall between their two former head offices and neighbours they were it was really the physical evidence on how you break down barriers and create friends of what used to be enemies.

    Finalising my website introduction and preparing an email to the world

    I used the day today to write this script and to finalise the introduction to http://stigdragholm.spaces.live.com, which I uploaded after coming home because I did not have a HTML editor software program at A2B and to prepare the first draft of the email I will send to the world after my warning of seeing the Devil in action have been carried out, see chapter 8.5.

    Small stories of Vivian, Michella, Karen, Angela and Fuggi

    And we know VIVIAN was a game in this book because I spoke with my best feelings to Vivian instead of Karen – and Karen this is what happen WHEN YOU DON’T SHOW YOUR FEELINGS FOR ME and remember TIME IS STILL TICKING and WHAT DO YOU DECIDE TO DO – and we know the Devil has mentioned you MICHELLA to me many times AS A TEMPTATION ALL ALONG and you are hurting too and again because of me and Michella YOUR NAME IS PUT IN GOLD ON A PLATE BELONGING TO THE CHURCH and you will discover yourself unless that is you would like to know by sending me an email and I will let you know answering in private if you should so prefer and that was that and ANGELA and WHERE ARE YOU MY FRIEND and HAVE YOU DESERTED ME TOO and NOT EASY ANGELA TO FIND TIME TO READ MY SCRIPTS when you EAT ICE CREAM as you said on Facebook yesterday and we know ANGELA YOU ARE HURTING TOO and you will also know – and this brings me to Fuggi and Fuggi how are you and what will you do about me and we know WE HAVE NOT WALKED DOWN ONE SINGLE METRE FROM THE MOUNTAIN because IT TOOK YOUR ABSOLUTELY BEST TO CLIMB THE MOUNTAIN and it takes the best of you to stay here and we know Stig EASIER WHEN PEOPLE START BELIEVING and that is the name of the game and Fuggi you are an example of another Council member who will go over in history as one PROMISING TO READ and you know FUGGI HOW MUCH HAVE YOU READ FROM MY BOOKS and HOW MUCH HAVE YOU UNDERSTOOD and Fuggi when you don’t do what you promise to do, you will not understand and when you will not understand, then you choose the road of the Devil and it was the Devil making you BIG in life and it is the DEVIL right now giving you a very strong desire to eat as unhealthy as you have done most of your life and Fuggi NOT EASY FOR YOU TO KEEP YOUR WEIGHT AT THE MOMENT is it and only because of your decision, my friend.

    Several hours after this chapter was written, I met Fuggi at Fitness World in Valby and he has now succeeded to lose the weight he has gained since Christmas and this was the second time today he visited Fitness World – so what the above is showing is only how the Devil is working when I have people opposing me and I wonder how long the priests of the church will last until they start to understand and believe in me?

    I asked Fuggi if he has downloaded the new album by Spandau Ballet, which he has not, he did not know that they have released an album, which only proves that Fuggi is not a regular reader of my scripts because he has apparently not read the chapter on Spandau Ballet and this album some time ago – I did not ask him because we don’t speak of my book (!) – and I promised to send him the music and I will probably just send him the links.

    And when it comes to the rest of the chapter about Michella and Angela, this is in line with earlier messages and dreams from several years back so here I have no reason to believe that the messages are wrong – so my best guess is that what you saw here was mostly God and a little bit from the Devil too.

    The deadline of seeing the Devil in action has now exceeded – be aware!

    All morning God has played the title song from the TV series “Cheers” – as a symbol of the Devil – to me with the words “Nobody knew my name” to follow up on my warning to the world 14 days ago today.

    Within the last five days you have seen examples of my power all over the world – you have seen big earth quakes in Turkey, Sumatra, Taiwan and Chile and THIS IS THE DEVIL SPEAKING – I COULD CHOOSE ANYWHERE TO PLACE THE CATASTROPHIC QUAKE AS I HAVE WARNED THE WORLD ABOUT 14 DAYS AGO TODAY IF YOU DID NOT INFORM THE WORLD ABOUT MY ARRIVAL.


    MY DEAR READERS who by now know who I am – will you please DO YOUR ABSOLUTELY BEST TO INCREASE THE CIRCLE OF PEOPL KNOWING ABOUT ME BY TELLING YOUR NETWORK, this is really the idea you know.

    And please let me say that I for a long time have been thinking about the marvellous album “Sandinista” by the Clash and the song “Spanish bombs” – even though this is from another album. THIS IS DONE WITH LOVE TO MAKE A DEAF WORLD START WRITING ABOUT ME AND LISTENING TO ME.


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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