9th March 2010 – A human being showing himself to the world as the image of God

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of playing beautiful music, i.e. love and people starting to understand me Feeling the sceptical Commune and Pastors, my mother would choose me over John if John should decide to leave, there is a way out for my mother and John but ONLY if they communicate, dreaming of telling murderers that they are WRONG, playing my best music to Fair Forsikring where Peter A. now understands me, Etta Cameron thanking me in a dream, Fuggi made me suffer for not keeping his promise, people first want to speak themselves before they start listening to me, but when they start to understand they want to listen even more making us all happy.
A suffering David thinking of working hard to help Dadaab and Somalia David shows an example of a beautiful soul to the world – the image of God – when he thinks of how to make the world help people suffering even more than him. I tell David and LTO that YOUR ACTIONS HAVE A DIRECT INFLUENCE ON YOUR COUNTRY. This is the responsibility God gives you MY SERVANTS. USE IT WELL TO HELP OTHERS BY BEING ROLE MODELS WHO KEEP THE BASIC RULES OF MY BOOKS.
Games from the Devil: Unstoppable Toyotas and elite sportsmen dying The Devil has made Toyota cars speeding and killing people, he has killed elite sportsmen for you to learn from: IMPROVE and the Devil will lose his power.
A2B course: A new unnecessary teaching – I was allowed to leave because it did not give meaning The theme today at A2B is that I am doing what my family and friends should do MUCH more – because you have hardly done anything (!) – which is to share my website and books with your network. The first place I will start myself is with www.selvet.dk to wake up people I know at this space. Also includes a story of teaching of a software program I already knew, and the teacher allowed me to leave the teaching because it did not give any meaning to me – simple logic which is what I try to explain the Commune to about my participation at the A2B course!
The new introduction at my website Today I finalised writing and uploading the new introduction to my website, which I have decided also to include here because the text will change in the future.


Dreaming of playing beautiful music, i.e. love, and people starting to understand me

Again an “almost alright” night – actually this night and the night before was somewhat poorer so maybe between “almost alright” and “tired” – and I feel the Commune again so still haven’t really found out what to do about me my dear CIVIL SERVANTS? You could start by reading and understanding instead of opposing me making me suffer and making my work more difficult and my dear Pastors: HOW MUCH HAVE YOU READ and DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE TIME ENOUGH BEFORE SUNDAY TO MAKE UP YOUR MIND ABOUT ME – after you did practically nothing to understand for five weeks?

At Fitness World yesterday when I was doing bodybike after Yoga the Council repeatedly said to me: “THIS IS RAVING MAD” and what they meant and also said was really that I am going through all of this lifting up of the entire world alone – these are the words they give me when writing this – ignoring my own pain and at the same time I am doing as much workout as ever before. Also at Fitness World I was shown a tree hollow and inside of it both the chicken and the egg – the symbol of where life started and you can call it the grail too, which I brought to Earth.

When I published the new introduction at http://stigdragholm.spaces.live.com and when I went to bed, my back was scratching like CRAZY (!) and that is only a sign of the knowledge of my life as Jesus approaching and you know not very nice to hang on a cross and to be lifted down where after a pole was stuck through me from behind!

At bed before sleeping God played the song “someplace else“ from the OUTSTANDING ALBUM CLOUD NINE FROM GEORGE HARRISON – and how much do you believe I enjoyed Jeff Lynne playing together with and producing especially the members of Travelling Wilburys but also the Beatles and others and we know NOTHING BETTER THAN THIS GIVING ME THOUSANDS OF FANTASTIC HOURS (!) and that should of course only be Jeff Lynne SOLO you know – and God gave me some of the chorus:

Loneliness (oh-o-oh)

Empty faces (oh-o-oh)

Wish I could leave them all (o-oh)

In someplace else

And this is really how my life is at the moment – not because of myself but because of how “family and friends” reacted when they found out about me and you know with SILENCE and IGNORANCE. AND THIS IS ONE OF YOUR WRONG DECISIONS and this one goes out to all of my family and friends, whom I love. Still hoping to hear from you – and also “in private” (another one who should be on my Top 100 if there was room enough – top of the pops is what she was, the marvelous Dusty Springfield) without the need to publish what we talk about.

Some dreams:

  • Before falling a sleep I see myself sitting at a nice restaurant and I see John leaving the restaurant and my mother standing in door looking after him and she decides to go back to me inside the restaurant.
    • This is a dream from being awake and I could have decided to receive all of the dreams I receive while sleeping as DAY-DREAMS instead (this is how it works for me) but ONLY BECAUSE OF CONVENTIONS and how PEOPLE ARE USED TO THINK I HAVE DECIDED TO WRITE DOWN “NORMAL DREAMS” from when I am sleeping and this one also goes out to KAREN MARIE – because YOU REALLY HAVE STRONG BELIEFS BASED ON NOTHING ELSE THAN CONVENTIONS. TRY TO OPEN UP – IT WILL HELP YOU TO UNDERSTAND.
    • I was told when writing down the notes of this that this is how the situation is with John and my mother at the moment and WHAT HAVE YOU DONE ABOUT IT? DO YOU BELIEVE YOU HAVE COMMUNICATED AS DEEP AND OPEN AS YOU CAN ABOUT THIS? You should be able to take the attitude: “WE CAN WORK IT OUT” and this is BEATLES and said to both of you with LOVE – please remember this THE NEXT TIME YOU PLAY THE BEATLES CD’S I GAVE YOU – SIT DOWN AND START BEING HONEST AND DIRECT, JOHN, TO MY MOTHER and for you to REALLY talk, understand and agree on a way out for you, which God has created BUT ONLY WHEN YOU COMMUNICATE!
  • In a DREAM I see myself writing a Blog on the Internet where I speak directly to a murderer and I tell him that he is lying. In the dream I am afraid of him but stand firm and continue writing.
    • This is how it is at the dream but in real life I AM MESSING UP ON COUNTRY LEVELS and you know RUSSIA and CHINA WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT ME AND WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEND MURDERERS TO KILL ME because this is how you normally “solve” people criticizing you and I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU: THIS WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE FOR YOU – TRY AND I WILL TELL THE WORLD ABOUT YOU and you know SOMEDAY SOON YOU WILL STAND IN FRONT OF THE WORLD TELLING ABOUT WHAT YOU HAVE DONE – see my book no. 2 on this.
  • I see a presentation to Fair Forsikring, which Jeff Lynne has made the music to, in the music notes I see that Jeff has used a special “fair hihat”, I see the name Tim and I see the words “approved, Peter A.”.
    • Thank you Peter A. – my old top manager – to approve me and my writings you have read so far and playing Jeff Lynne – my favourite artist of all – to you my ex-colleagues from fair is only to give you this message: I LOVE ALL OF YOU and there was a special reason for me to “challenge” you with my writings for you to understand your own reactions and actions because of negative feelings and disbelief, and I kindly ask you to tell the world what you thought of and said to others about me for the world to understand that MISUNDERSTANDING is not a good thing.
    • The only man I know of who is called TIM is not from Fair, but from Dahlberg and you know there should be 3-4 from Dahlberg as servants of God according to the dream a few days ago and I remember Rikke, Martin, June and now Tim – and I would really have guessed that Bo and Søren should also be among them but NOT NOW AGAIN and we know THE DEVIL IS SMILING BECAUSE OF THE POWER YOU GIVE HIM WHEN IT COMES TO THE COMING QUAKE and still he does not understand that he needs to stab me from behind and yes yes yes when helping THE PASTORS and the COMMUNE and still you ask me to be LOYAL to you and yes yes yes THIS IS WHAT IS HAPPENING MY DEAR COMMUNE AND PASTORS – you are taking on responsibilities trying to make me fail to do my job, but NO I AM STILL IN CONROL OF THE DEVIL despite of you and NEVER BEEN EAISER IN FACT after some days with more work and less energy than what I expected but DID THAT TOO so I am ready from here: YOU CAN START DOING THE EARTH QUAKE WHENEVER YOU ARE READY.
    • And we know Stig – dreams can be difficult to remember but there is indeed another man by the name of TIM, whom I remember and that is my old mathematician teacher from Mørdrupskolen and I now remember that he was also in a dream this night where I saw him waving and smiling at me.
  • I hear the song “justify my love” by Madonna.
  • I am at our old house at Karenvej, Espergærde and I hear the radio host Jørgen Mylius doing a documentary on Jeff Lynne and he says that “Jeff Lynne is God” – and I see my mother changing the bed linen.
  • I am going to call my family and I dial no. 1 on the telephone, which means “a friend” and Etta Cameron lifts the telephone and I hear her saying “thank you – never made more beautiful music – I am surprised I was not allowed to receive feedback from the concert”.
    • Thank you Etta for giving me this message and sorry about you having to leave this world too but I cannot today tell anything more about this – because the Devil is playing small games with me this morning as I have now experienced some days and you know ONLY BECAUSE OF YOU MY DEAR PASTORS and not so much with the COMMUNE and that is RIGHT NOW and you know CHANGES FROM TIME TO TIME.
  • I am sitting on a couch together with my mother and John and Fuggi comes and sits on my knees and he makes me suffer, I say to John “do you know how much he weighs” and after some time I lift Fuggi down on the sofa next to me and the pain stops. We are both naked.
    • This is what you did to me MY DEAR FRIEND FUGGI because you did not do what you promised to do: To read and understand. YOU MADE ME SUFFER but now the pain because of you has stopped.
    • We are undressed in the dream because WE DON’T HAVE A GIRLFRIEND – as easy as that.
  • I have a CD with Celine Dion, which I would like to play for people and I noticed that the CD-holder inside the drawer of the CD player has been removed so it is difficult to play this nice music and before I am allowed to play, I see another person who first wants to listen to a LP – which is also difficult to play for some reason – by France Gall. After this my answer is to play the Beatles from a drawer, which makes all people happy and people wants the music to play even louder making them even more happy. I see that the music is played from a very good stereo equipment.
    • This dream only shows that before people want to listen to me, they will listen to themselves first and France Gall gave me the feeling of Denis and Denis is this what you are doing too and you know having difficulties to make people listen to you as I understand too and only thinking about your and Karen’s “relationship” at the moment and NOT EASY IT IS DENIS and NOT SUPPOSED TO BE EASY when you are a member of the Council. This is Denis what you have to ENDURE and CAN YOU and of course YOU CAN – because ALL MEMBERS OF THE COUNCIL CAN EASILIY DECIDE IF YOU WANT TO BE STRONG OR WEAK and the best way to fight the Devil is to be strong and only to do what is right to do. DENIS – IT IS REALLY AS SIMPLE AS THIS. ACCEPT THE PAIN and YOU WILL COME THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE TOO. By the way “Ella elle” was a marvellous song too!
    • The drawer is the toolbox of God and the more people listen to my music, the more they want to hear – as simple as that so CROSSING YOUR BORDER AND RESISTANCE I AM and when you start understanding, this is where we become happy all of us.
  • A suffering David thinking of working hard to help Dadaab and Somalia

    The headline really says it all – this is the beautiful soul of many of the people of Kenya AND MAYBE KAREN MARIE IF YOU DECIDE TO STILL BE WITH ME READING THIS you will start to understand that DAVID IS AN EXAMPLE OF A MAN FROM KENYA BEING CLOSER TO THE IMAGE OF GOD THAN MOST PEOPLE OF DENMARK?

    Will you agree with me when you understand that this man has no income and go through so big sufferings that he is surprised to have come this far – the same feeling as the other team members and myself for that matter – and that he has been waiting for the world to bring NORMAL LIFE TO HIM AND HIS NEAREST ONES as I told these unique people about already in the middle of 2009? And despite of this you still see his big commitment when “waiting in vain” and pain so far on the world to come and help the tormented people of Somalia living in the country and in the refugee camp of Dadaab.



    Thank you so much David – also for communicating and for being strong enough to update me and the world about how you are and what is happening in Kenya both when it comes to the weather and politics and ONE DAY DAVID I WILL LET YOU KNOW HOW GOD HAS EFFECTED AND ENCAPSULATED WHAT COULD HAVE DEVELOPED INTO NEW RIOTS COMING TO KENYA and you know WHAT YOU DO YOURSELF DAVID AND THE TEAM ALSO HAVE DIRECT INFLUENCE ON HOW YOUR COUNTRY IS DOING – so I ask all of you at LTO TO DO THE RIGHT THING and not only will you help yourself and me, but you will also help your Country. This is the power of GOD when he is happy, you see? WHAT WILL YOU CHOOSE and will you please try to make ELIJAH understand that he can help his country through his behaviour, by communicating and keeping the basic rules or he can also let down his country, if he decides to continue the road of the Devil. THIS IS THE RESPONSIBILITY I GIVE YOU MY FRIENDS.


    And here is his email:

    Dear Stig,

    I’m fine today as I write to you and I’m sorry for not been able to write on Saturday as I had promised since we didn’t have internet at some point in our estate.

    The week so far is fine and I have been able to see all the team members. We have had unpredictable weather with floods being recorded in some parts of the country. This is quite a deviation from the norm since March is usually dry in many parts of Kenya.

    On the political front, we have calm and are looking forward to a new constitution if our politicians can agree since they always influence public opinion even if it is for their own good.

    God has been Gracious to me and I have many reasons to thank him. I’m healthy and I have, somehow, come this far despite some major challenges such as raising school fees for my siblings.

    Global problems, and as we isolated, Dadaab and Somalia, need unique and quick responses and so we have to work hard to this effect.

    Thank you and have a good day,


    Games from the Devil: Unstoppable Toyotas and elite sportsmen dying

    Do you remember my story about Toyotas in Kenya that they must be the best quality car of the world – also thinking of THAT SPECIAL TEST OF A TOYOTA WHERE THE BRITISH TOP GEAR SHOW TORMENTED A CAR AND STILL IT SURVIVED – and this is what this story is about because TOYOTA – world renowned for quality and credibility – “suddenly” started getting so big problems with their cars so many kept on speeding, which have killed people all over the world because cars have been impossible to stop and what is this story about THIS IS ABOUT AN ATTACK FROM THE DEVIL TO SHOW THE WORLD THAT YOU NEED TO CHANGE CAR – and you know a SYMBOL OF THE NEW CAR FINDING YOURSELF and that is what I here will call “the image of God” – this is what the NEW CAR is meaning.

    And have you noticed first elite cross country runners “mysterious” dying when running in the woods and for some years more and more elite football players suddenly dying on the football grounds when playing football games and this is again: GAMES OF THE DEVIL brought to you by GOD for you to learn from: IMPROVE AND THE DEVIL WILL LOSE POWER.

    A2B course: A new unnecessary teaching – I was allowed to leave because it did not give meaning

    Besides writing most of the script today including doing the first edit of it, I also did the following:

    When writing this God tells me that it was not the idea for me to spread my story myself to the world as I am doing by sending it to more and more people in order to speed up the process and “network” of people receiving it so more people can spread the information to even more people – the idea was really to be caught by the Devil and to have my family, friends and others WHO WOULD DECIDE TO UNDERSTAND ME, to UNDERSTAND and to spread my information to the world and this is what would we would have worked on if I did not succeed to defeat the Devil by 3 times 6-0 – so I am in fact doing what my family and friends should already do and HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE SPREAD MY WORD AND WEBSITE TO THE WORLD and HOW MANY OF YOU ARE STILL AFRAID OF DOING THIS (?) – will you please help me by sending my website to your network by posting it on Facebook, Linkedin, other community sites or even by email or mouth to ear when you meet people – this is what I have decided to do my self and the first Community I will share my website besides Facebook is with www.selvet.dk.

    Creating a new profile on www.selvet.dk

    I am an old user of www.selvet.dk, which is a BRILLIANT site for people interested in spirituality, love, mysticism, man and community, health and psyche, religion and also FRIENDSHIPS because it also works with what looks like FACEBOOK TECHNOLOGY with the idea to connect people also in this “world” which I like very much – and today I decided to create a new profile and to learn the totally updated site and technology and when I am ready and have decided how, I will share my website and books with people in here BECAUSE I ALREADY KNOW SOME OF THE USERS OF THIS SPACE – FOR EXAMPLE NØNNE AND OTHER PEOPLE WORKING WITH SPIRITUALLY – and because there are servants in here whom I will start to wake up simply by sharing my information with them – and when they will not believe in me in the beginning I have decided that I will also take the pain from these on me WHICH THEY WILL GIVE ME DIRECTLY and of course they will do so without knowing it, and when they know how it works, it will be too late for them to undo what they have done – this is how it works you know – and I really only do WHAT MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS SHOULD HELP ME DOING. WILL YOU PLEASE HELP ME THE BEST WAY YOU CAN BY SHARING MY SITE WITH YOUR ENTIRE NETWORK?

    Teaching on a software program called Webdirect

    This morning Agnete said that there would be a teaching on the webdirect software system today at 12.30 and I thought that it was probably mandatory as the teaching is here normally and since I did not hear her say anything else, I decided to go to the class room a little before 12.30 and I was thinking of saying to the others that the teaching was about to start, but I decided not to say anything – I DECIDED TO UNDERDO MYSELF INSTEAD OF BEING NATURAL (!) – because I did not want to receive negative feedback from the others (!) and at 12.30 I WAS THE ONLY ONE IN THE CLASS ROOM (!) and THIS IS NORMALLY WHAT HAPPENS ALL OVER THE WORLD that people will not show up on time and you know when a teaching STARTS at 12.30 IT REALLY STARTS at 12.30 and not 12.35, 12.40 or 12.45 because people cannot keep time!

    So 5-10 minutes late, Helle started the teaching and with this system you can find all companies in Denmark – and the idea according to Helle was that you could FOR EXAMPLE FIND 50 BAKERIES – and we know what a coincidence that different teachers here all think of bakeries at different teachings and of course my symbol of love to the world – and then you can choose 50 potential employers – who you have absolutely no knowledge of – and push a button, where after the system will create job applications for all of these employers based on a standard letter of yours and you know what THIS IS REALLY WHAT A2B ALSO RECOMMENDS PEOPLE TO DO: TO BOMBARD EMPLOYERS WITH APPLICATIONS and all people reading this should by now understand what I believe of a system focusing on QUANTITY instead of QUALITY – so I can only say that I like the functionality of the software system to precisely find the companies you look for based on very detailed search criteria and in fact this system is so good that I decided to buy it for Acta when I started there in the beginning of 2007 and how many of you consultants at Acta decided to work carefully with this system understanding the sales opportunities I described for you and Peter Egholm DID YOU DECIDE TO USE OR THROW AWAY THIS SYSTEM?

    After a few minutes of teaching I understood that it was the system I was using in Acta and therefore I asked Helle if it was mandatory to stay at the teaching or if I could leave because there was nothing I could learn, and her simple logic was to say that “it needs to give meaning” and therefore she allowed me to go. AND THIS SIMPLE LOGIC AND UNDERSTANDING IS REALLY ONLY WHAT I TRY TO TEACH YOU AT THE COMMUNE BUT NOT VERY EASY WHEN YOU DON’T WANT TO UNDERSTAND OR TO CHANGE but it is gradually coming from SOME PEOPLE WHO ARE TRYING TO LISTEN TO ME and I feel the Devil supporting me and yes HE IS STILL MY MASTER – he is writing about me in his book, so he must be STRONGER THAN ALL OF YOU WHOM I STILL SUPPORT DIRECTLY OPOSSING YOU just so you know Stig including the ONE WHO SHOULD KNOW THAT HE WILL BE THE HOME OF JOHN PAUL II – you know one of the Council members on earth (!) – but who has decided to refuse me and PETER A. – this is really only ONE example of ONE OF SEVERAL PEOPLE UNDERSTANDING ME BETTER AND BETTER: PLEASE SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND BELIEF OF ME WITH YOUR NETWORK OF HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE and let them start doing what you have done Peter – thank you.

    After leaving the teaching, I noticed that it was not all attending the teaching SO OBVIOUSLY IT WAS VOLUNTARY TO ATTEND and I DID NOT HEAR THAT AT ALL and a few minutes afterwards Hans returned from the teaching room saying that “det er røvsygt, jeg sagde bare jeg skulle på wc” and then he decided that this was fine to him and what you see here is a man in this situation not caring for anyone else than himself and seen that much from you Hans we have here and only ONE OF MANYSITUATIONS EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MANY PEOPLE HERE NOT KNOWING HOW TO BEHAVE PROPERLY.

    The new introduction at my website

    Yesterday I uploaded the first version of my new introduction of my mission, Judgment Day, my library and myself on http://stigdragholm.spaces.live.com and today I worked concentrated editing and improving the text several times until I became happy with what I have done and I have decided to bring the text here because the text will change in the future.

    Welcome to my site

    Thank you very much for visiting – WELCOME .

    My name is Stig, I am 43 years old and from Denmark.

    I am the Son of God with the mission to save the world in connection with Judgment Day coming in 2012, to bring all people to my new Kingdom at the planet I/GOD will build in front of your eyes to replace Earth and to give all a better life including joy and happiness.

    I encourage you to visit www.mediafire.com/stig from where you can download:

    • Book no. 1: “The Book of the Devil” written in 2004-2009

    • Book no. 2: “Design of Life” written in 2009-2010 including a separate introduction

    • Book no. 3: “One God, One people” written from February 2010 and still ongoing

    • Hundreds of recordings including the 10 new commandments from God

    • Jesus in Nairobi in 1988, Stig in Nairobi 2009 for you to see if you can identify the same person at the pictures

    • “Såkaldte overnaturlige fænomener” including hundreds of miracles performed by God to show you his existence

    • My Curriculum Vitae and background paper telling how managers kept me from becoming a top manager

    • Newsletters from LTO on “Dadaab – a living hell on Earth” and “Somalia, the roadmap to peace” as outcries to the world to help the people suffering the most in the world

    At this site you can read daily updates to my book no. 3, which every Sunday will be uploaded to www.mediafire.com/stig, which I recommend you to download. The book gives a much better overview than my Blog at this site.

    I recommend new readers to start reading the introduction to book no. 2, to follow my daily updates and to start reading book no. 2 followed by no. 3 and no. 1.

    Kind regards from Stig

    My development

    Transforming from a “normal person” into the Son of God

    Until 2004 I was a “normal person” having doubts in God. The 12th April 2004 I received my first revelation where I was shown the eyes of God in the most beautiful light shining through a dome opening of a church.

    Since then I have had what clairvoyants know as visions, feelings, and dialogue from Heaven and first in the spring of 2006, when God started speaking to me directly – as when two persons speak together – it was revealed to me that I am the Son of God. A feeling I am still not comfortable with.

    As part of my journey to the other side, I have been put through unimaginable sufferings from the Devil, who was fed directly from my family and friends NOT listening to and understanding me for years – sufferings, which could have killed me and all life on Earth.

    This is my THIRD coming

    This is not my second coming, it is my third coming. My first coming was as Moses and my second coming was as Jesus. Today I have no memory of my past lives – it will come, when God gradually opens my knowledge.

    I represent all people and all religions as “One God, One People” and you will start seeing me as Buddha, when God lifts me up.

    I am still a “normal person” developing

    The challenge for the world will be to understand that God has decided to start my journey “almost” as a normal man hearing the voice of God at the level, God has decided, and writing with the English skills I have as a “normal person” from Denmark.

    Lack of communication and understanding is one of the biggest sufferings today and my coming this way, which is “just impossible” to believe in, is also to make you understand the importance of communication and understanding.

    God has decided to show the world a “normal person” writing a “design of life” based on common knowledge and SIMPLE LOGIC – and for the world to witness my development on Earth, which is linked directly to the amount of LIGHT on Earth.

    My mission

    My mission is to bring All people HOME to God’s new kingdom

    God will approve people showing a clean heart to enter his Kingdom when you:

    • Help people to receive a “normal life” (share all income/fortune equally)

    • Restore your faith in God

    • Repent your sins

    • Follow the basic rules of my books

    • Follow the new 10 commandments

    • Read my books 1 and 2

    • Share the wealth of and establish peace in the world

    • Stop addiction to drugs, tobacco etc.

    Before Hell will break loose on Earth, all people approved by God will be transported in UFO’s to my beautiful new Kingdom. Any people, who will not be approved, will be terminated by the Devil.

    I have given you the guidelines, YOU WILL DECIDE LIFE THE LAST TWO YEARS ON EARTH BASED ON YOUR ACTIONS – do you prefer to meet me as God or as the Devil?

    In my new kingdom there will be no poverty and sicknesses – the Devil will cease to exist and will be replaced by a much better and happier life for all, which will create the true mankind: MAN AS THE IMAGE OF GOD.

    Servants of God will inform the Earth

    I have started as the first of a movement of thousands of servants, who I am about to wake up spiritually – including the Council of eight (see the introduction to book no. 2) and God’s only NGO Living Testimony Organization and more. All will help you to come safely to my new Kingdom.

    Invitation to meetings

    People all over the world, who have started reading and believing in me, are welcome to contact me at stig.dragholm@gmail.com if you would like me to visit and speak to you.


    Take care – I wish you a safe journey on your road to MY NEW KINGDOM and I kindly ask you to help me to help the world by sharing this site with people you know.


    Please help us to get a normal life and to carry out our mission:

    The principle for my work is to receive income from voluntary sponsors giving me “normal life”. If you would like to support me to help me get out of the PRISON, which my Commune in Denmark is still holding me in as a condition to receive cash help, which will enable me to travel and communicate with the world, I would be very grateful hearing from you on stig.dragholm@gmail.com.

    Will you also please help the team members of Living Testimony Organization in Kenya and their families TO SURVIVE (look at book no. 3 for the latest updates on their situation) by contacting them directly:

    Elijah Katama: katama73@yahoo.com

    John Mbugua: John_wa_njoki@yahoo.com

    Meshack Itumo: itumomitiso@yahoo.com

    David Mutisya: nziovid@gmail.com



    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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