10th March 2010 – The final call for Karen, my family and Elijah: Will you support or oppose me?

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of the network of God expanding Dreaming of the network of God expanding, Bo from dahlberg LOVES travelling abroad, Rikke H. and my two sets of feelings for her, “farting” as a symbol of some women finding me attractive, I don’t find Karen attractive but I SHOW FAITH IN GOD which I ask Karen to do too, the theme of today is TO BE RESOLUTE AND TO TAKE THE RIGHT DECISIONS WITHOUT DELAY – KAREN DO YOU CHOOSE HAPPINESS OR SUFFERING? – MAKE UP YOUR MIND! and a dream about Søren H’s “sickness” making him a dictator/cheater, but still Søren is one of my best friends (!)
The music on Radio P4 stopped playing as a symbol of the Commune losing its voice over me This morning God stopped the music playing on Radio P4 and there was nothing the host could do about it – as a symbol of the management of my Commune: You have lost your voice over me – there is nothing you can do.
Karen, family and Elijah: THIS IS THE FINAL CALL FOR YOU – let me hear your decision before Sunday At A2B this morning God made people confused about which road to take to the cinema tomorrow as a symbol of my message to Karen, my family and also you Elijah: This is my final call to you. Will you decide to support me or will you let me down all of you? The decision is easy to take – don’t be delayed because of your inability to take a decision. I ASK YOU TO GIVE ME KNOW YOUR ANSWER NOT LATER THAN SUNDAY 14th MARCH. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SHOW THE WORLD?
Finalising the email of the coming disaster and uploading information on www.selvet.dk I did corrections to my coming email to the publishing list from the 31st January AFTER the coming disaster, which WE ARE PREPARING AT THE MOMENT. I also uploaded information about myself and the judgment to www.selvet.dk.
Supporting the Muhammad drawings and drawers I bring two Muhammad drawings to support freedom of speech, these drawings are made on the direct wish from God and anyone who threatens the drawers, threatens God.


Dreaming of the network of God expanding

Another of those “almost alright” nights, which God said to me yesterday is feeling like 4-5 hours, WHICH IT IS so this is the level of my sleep at the moment and yes better than for years.

Some dreams:

  • I am at a big office – and this office includes both employees from Fair, Acta and dahlberg and I have been at exactly this office in previous dreams, so it represents my career – and I am going to say goodbye to all of the employees of Fair. I meet Jan, the IT manager, and he gives me a big tape, which I am told includes the information the company has copied from my laptop after being connected to the network and he says that I am welcome to look at it –even though this is normally not information shared with the employees. In the beginning I hesitate because I don’t know how to play the tape, but I decide to look at it, and what I see is a book about employees from Fair, I am the first and it includes my private pictures from my laptop, which have been handed over to the management, and Jan says that I should not have private pictures stored at the laptop. From this point I see the whole network in front of me as branches from my laptop and it also includes train stations in Stockholm, Sweden, where no people have arrived yet. After this I go to church, and on my way I meet Jan again – he is coming from church and he would had liked to see me arrive earlier.
    • The picture is my new self and the network is an example of servants of God which I am waiting on to receive at the end of their journey.
    • I would very much have liked to arrive earlier, but the reason why I am delayed is really you know because of my family not understanding me for years.
    • Stockholm Anna Karin and others as well – your train journey is not over yet and I am looking forward to welcoming you all.
  • I visit the baker in the department store of Illum in Copenhagen and they have many really delicious cakes and I decide to take the “dream cake” because it is on sale.
    • I always like HUMOUR thank you Council for this dream about a dream cake and we know symbol of love.
  • I am visiting the office of Acta – and today there is no one I know there.
  • At the big shared office – another part of the office, I meet Bo from Dahlberg and he smiles and shows me around. At the office we meet his new female manager – and I feel that the manager is in fact Lars G. from Willis. Bo shows me a bed he has bought for his manager at a price of DKK 43.000.
    • And nice to see that Bo is happy – which is one thing I like much about him – and we know Stig YOU REALLY DON’T KNOW WHAT THE BED IS SYMBOLISING and try this not now or later and we know the Devil has been strong in the mornings lately and now it is 9.44 and still following my plan I am to publish on www.selvet.dk today and to do the final part of the second edit of my new email to media etc. all over the world as a preparation for the new quake to come and when this is said I will say that the bed symbolises NOT CONCRETE WALL no it symbolises really only LOVE MAKING SOUNDS in my ear too and what does he say is this the Devil or is it God and we know no matter what I write what he tells me and what he says here is really only a tool for making love and not sleep in this connection.
    • And when buying a bed for money does it have the meaning that if you don’t sleep with your wife, you will just LOVE to go abroad and together with a nice friend and we know to experience the gorgeous women at that place you know and have you also seen those fantastic women there and there and there and BO THIS IS TO WAKE YOU UP MY FRIEND.
  • The office has a nice court yard, I am standing outside as the last person together with a female manager and listen to MP3 music and I am farting.
    • I don’t like MP3 music because of bad quality and we know when I fart it is a symbol of “bad love” and what GOD HAS MADE ME DO FOR YEARS and – yes this is one example only of how he controls my body or the Devil you know and NOT a big problem but you know from time to time and really only to demonstrate the pain he has put me through – and as examples the last three times when coming to Yoga Mondays at Valby, he has made me fart and three and two weeks ago so people heard it and this Monday I had to “hide” my farting and we know BECAUSE THERE ARE WOMEN HERE INTERESTED IN ME, whom I am not interested in and I believe we are 2-3 men at such a class and maybe 15 women and yes I DO MY BEST NOT TO LOOK AT THEM AT ALL and we know EVEN THOUGH THERE MIGHT BE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN JUST IN FRONT OF ME and we know not very easy to do when you can get no “sexual healing” and still have the biggest male hormones given to anyone on Earth and this is you know just one of those decisions and just thinking of Karen and your priorities here. Do you want to help God on his mission to save the Earth or do you prefer to suffer together with the Devil making our mission more difficult?
  • I go to another office where I meet Rikke H. together with two female friends. I see them half stripping and when a man tries his luck she tells him “never but you never know about Stig and another one”.
    • And this dream is really about Rikke and your feelings and the message is that KAREN I AM NOT DREAMING ABOUT MAKING LOVE TO YOU BECAUSE I DON’T FIND YOU ATTRACTIVE and you know this is the very simple explanation but still I SHOW FAITH IN GOD ABOUT WHAT IS TO COME and this is really what I ASK YOU TO DO TOO. SHOW FAITH AND NOT CONCERNS – do you see the difference, you can also call it to take a POSITVE APPROACH INSTEAD OF A NEGATIVE.
  • Finally I say goodbye to everybody I know at Fair and Willis and I see Jan H. from Fair at the court yard.
  • I hear the song I Say A Little Pray For You by Aretha Franklin and the words “Forever, and ever, you’ll stay in my heart and I will love you”
    • Here the feeling and also some words when waking up was that this is the love that Karen feels to me and also somewhat to Denis and Karen THE LESSON TODAY IS TO FOR YOU TO TAKE A DECISION AND NOT TO BE IRRESOLUTE. DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT TO DO – TAKE THE RIGHT DECISION – AND TO BRING IT INTO REALITY.
    • AND THE SAME ADVICE GOES OUT TO ALL PEOPLE and right now I think of family and friends. WHEN YOU ARE IRRESOLUTE YOU WILL NOT ONLY MAKE YOURSELF HURT BUT ALSO YOUR SURROUNDINGS. Base your decision on the best foundation, avoid misunderstandings by communicating and then I only have this for you: JUST DO IT like I have done every single day when writing this book constantly taking very difficult decisions. WE DON’T HAVE THE “LUXURY” TO TAKE TOO LONG ON SOMETHING WHICH DOES NOT TAKE LONG TO DECIDE ON.
  • I am speaking from an office through the window to Søren H., who sits in the court yard and he is very determined when he asks me to hand over the receipt from buying coffee and afterwards he says that he wants me to claim for benefit payments from my Income Protection insurance and I ask him if he wants me to do that even though I was not dismissed by Fair and he says yes because we know managers in Fair, who can help us to produce a false letter of notice and he continues by saying that it is not smart to speak through the window because we are being watched.
    • And just to let you know that Søren has received this “sickness” from God to help me write this book – Søren, this is what it is about and Søren YOU WILL KNOW WHEN YOU THINK that even though I write the truth about you, I STILL CARE FOR YOU AS ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS, this is the feeling I have every time I see you and it is this feeling you also have, which I ask you to focus on at the moment and Søren and others, you will probably recognise Søren from this dream, this is how it is when God has made you this way Søren – and NIELS DE BANG/KNALD – you are one of the Devils too and made with love by God you were to make me suffer too!
  • I hear the song “All around the world” by Lisa Stansfield and the words “Been around the world and I, I, I I can’t find my baby”
  • I am leaving home and there is a woman who is sad that I did not kiss her.
    • Rikke, this is what I decided and you really saw both feelings of me because how can you at the same time feel attraction and the opposite to a woman – and the answer is really that when you are the Son of God having TWO COMPLETE SETS OF FEELINGS this is indeed possible as NO ONE ELSE HAVE EVER TRIED and Rikke I FIND YOU ATTRACTIVE and RIKKE I WOULD NEVER THINK OF DATING YOU and both stories are the truth and what it all came down to was a decision I took which was not to ask you out for a date – before you met the man of your life with the same name and age as me (!) – and really as simple as that!

The music on Radio P4 stopped playing as a symbol of the Commune losing its voice over me

This morning before leaving home shortly before and after 8.30 the fine radio host of P4 suddenly received problems because the hard disk music player stopped working – it played some seconds of one song, stopped playing and as they said on the radio the hard disk claimed that it was still playing, but all could hear that the music had stopped (!) and this happened again and Ole kept on pushing different buttons and none of them worked and what this is really about is people thinking that they can decide my future by forcing me and you know thinking of the Commune I am and WHAT HAVE YOU DECIDED TO DO MY DEAR COMMUNE and will you please follow my recommendation and you know JUST TO LET ME WRITE MY BOOK and is that the “easiest” for you “so you don’t run into problems again” when I write about you or do you really want me to start a practise job to “prove to you” that I am not “a pain in the behind” to work together with and we know HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE READ MY SCRIPTS and how many of you have found out that I am indeed a positive man having my full working capacity – it should not be very difficult for you to understand – and that the people having problems are NORMALLY MANAGERS WHEN THEY NEED TO TAKE DECISIONS ON WHAT THEY HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE OF and RENÉ NOT VERY EASY FOR YOU TO DECIDE WHAT TO DO WITH ME WHEN YOU DON’T READ AND DON’T UNDERSTAND WHO I AM and we know really just to say that YOUR VOICE – as the missing music from P4 here is about – IS NOT WORKING, there is really nothing you can do.

Listen to the radio show if you would like to hear just one example of how God is working directly in the physical world – including the story of cassette tapes and “not music” – because EVERYTHING IS GOD AND GOD IS HERE THERE AND EVERYWHERE and VERY MUCH ACTIVE but you know NORMALLY YOU DON’T SEE HIM and thinking of Superman I am here.

And let me write this here in order to calm my mother. I wrote to Maja at the Commune “several days” ago about my cash help and I HAVE NOT HEARD A WORD FROM YOU YET and I have decided that I just want to show this as an example to the world too about how you could make people very nervous by sending a letter where you really cannot tell if I am still entitled to receive cash help or not but I HAVE DECIDED THAT WHEN YOU STILL WANT ME TO GO TO A2B – COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY AS SOME OF YOU ARE BEGINNING TO UNDERSTAND – then I do what you ask me to do in order to continue receiving cash help and THIS MY MOTHER IS THE REASON WHY I AM NOT NERVOUS.

And after 12.00 today I felt POLLE and his BRIGHT LIGHT and you know performing as the Devil and yes he also shows me his DARK LIGHT because it makes him so sad to try and help the nice people at the Commune as he says when he wears the DARK SOUL and at the same time he is happy to announce that the decision was NO WE CANNOT FORCE HIM TO STOP HIS WRITINGS and yes RENÉ NOT VERY EASY FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND that you have met someone wiser than yourself. I TOLD YOU WHAT TO DO FROM THE BEGINNING and YOU COULD REALLY ONLY HAVE STARTED BY LISTENING TO AND UNDERSTANDING ME and I KEEP HEARING ALSO WHEN IT COMES TO THE LEGAL RULES OF WHAT IT TAKES TO GET SOMEONE HOSPITALISED AGAINST HIS WILL. RENÉ YOU HAVE BEEN PUT IN THIS ACKWARD POSITION FOR YOU (thank you JANET FOR FOLLOWING MY RECOMMENDATION TO SPREAD MY WORD) “TO HURT” MODERATELY ONLY BECAUSE YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND with the aim to start helping me as another servant of God and this is how GOD IS WAKING YOU UP THE ABSOLUTELY BEST WAY BY GOING TO THE LIMIT OF WHAT IS POSSIBLE and yes my boys THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO ALL OF US and this will give us the absolutely best results and yes TO START AT THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE LEVEL – this is what we do and no hallelujah here and we know SANNA ARE YOU STILL FEELING UNCOMFORTABLE ABOUT YOU BEING WHAT YOU STILL BELIEVE IS THE MAIN ACTOR OF THE BOOK and ELIJAH ARE YOU STILL FEELING THE SAME and you know THE DEVIL HAS HAD SUCH A STRONG GRIP IN BOTH OF YOU THAT IT IS NORMAL TO FEEL PAIN WHEN YOU TRY TO REMOVE HIM and you know THE DEVIL IS STILL WITH BOTH OF YOU and that is EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU THINK ABOUT “IS THERE A WAY I CAN STOP HIM” and it goes to both you Sanna and Elijah too NO YOU CANNOT STOP ME, so will you please show your support in me?

Karen and family: THIS IS THE FINAL CALL FOR YOU – let me hear your decision before Sunday

At the briefing at A2B this morning God showed me examples of people making life more difficult when you are irresolute and don’t know what decision to take.

At the morning briefing Oliver asked how many will meet tomorrow morning at Lyngby Station – to go to the cinema – and it was only Veronica, the nice lady from Chile, and I and afterwards Oliver handed over a bus card to us asking us to agree on our travel plan and I found the plan through www.rejseplanen.dk and started speaking to Veronica about it but you know thank you Council for giving the very nice man, whom I don’t know the name of but the ALCOHOLIST here A VERY STRONG FEELING to come to us and strongly he told us that the best way to come to this cinema was with another train and bus and he kept on saying this until I decided to tell him that it was very nice of him to help us but that we have decided to follow the plan from the Internet and he was kind saying that he understood and there was no problem and this example is really only given to say that here we had TWO OPTIONS and I COULD HAVE DECIDED TO BE UNSURE OF WHAT TO DO – and here both solutions would have been fine – BUT I THOUGHT OF IT AND I SIMPLY DECIDED ON WHAT WAS THE RIGHT SOLUTION because we had the travel plan printed out and you know THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE and it is really the same principle I ask all people to take: FIND THE RIGHT BALANCE BETWEEN TAKING YOUR DECISION ON THE RIGHT FOUNDATION with the right objective information and then JUST DO IT WITHOUT DELAY – don’t take weeks on something which really is meant to take hours or a few days only and THIS ONE GOES OUT TO YOU KAREN: PLEASE TAKE YOUR DECISION AND LET ME KNOW (!!!), and Denis you too can take the right decision BY SHOWING YOUR FAITH IN ME and it also goes to my family TAKE YOUR DECISION IF YOU WANT TO SEE ME AND SUPPORT ME AND LET ME KNOW (!!!) BEFORE THE END OF SUNDAY THROUGH TELEPHONE, SMS OR EMAIL AND I MIGHT ADD THAT THE SAME GOES TO MY CLOSEST FRIENDS WHO HAVE STARTED TO UNDERSTAND ME AND IT ALSO INLCUDES YOU SANNA AND ALSO YOU ELIJAH: I ASK TO RECEIVE YOUR DECISION BEFORE SUNDAY: WILL YOU SUPPORT ME OR OPPOSE ME – THERE IS NOTHING IN BETWEEN AND YOU CANNOT KEEP HIDING! WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SHOW THE WORLD?

And Meshack and the LTO team, will you please help ONCE MORE to try to make Elijah UNDERSTAND the importance of him to take the RIGHT decision and to COMMUNICATE TO ME BEFORE SUNDAY? THE DEVIL IS STRONG IN YOU, ELIJAH!


The example at A2b continued when Sanja arrived and started speaking nicely to me and we know Lyngby Station was probably too far away from her home, what about Buddinge Station, what about taking the bus and which bus because there are several, what about taking the car and how much does the parking cost in Copenhagen and you know MANY OPTIONS TO CHOOSE FROM and YOU REALLY NEED TO THINK AND TO TAKE THE RIGHT DECISION IN STEAD OF BEING UNSURE OF YOURSELF. IT IS AS EASY AS THAT!

It is really the same as if you feel stuck in traffic and cannot decide if you want to take this or another road. Decide the right road and when you have started to drive out in a busy cross, you should never be unsure of yourself and think of going back. DECIDE WHICH ROAD YOU WILL DRIVE AND THEN DRIVE IT WITHOUT HESITATION – this is what it is about. If you don’t take a decision or if you are unsure about yourself, you will make the whole traffic cross unsure about your intentions and this does not give the best way to get through the traffic – neither for you nor for the other drivers.

And my feeling my dear family and friends: THIS SHOULD BE UNNESSESARY FOR ME TO TELL YOU and I know what I have made you go through, and the very strong feelings I have given you – this is part of the plan. You should be able TO MAKE UP YOUR MIND: DO YOU WANT TO FOLLOW ME FROM THE BEGINNING OF WILL YOU LET ME DOWN ALL OF YOU?


Finalising the email of the coming disaster and uploading information on www.selvet.dk

At A2B today I wrote the script of today and did many edits of my email to the media etc., which I will send when the before mentioned disaster will take place and maybe you can see from my actions these days that WE ARE PREPARING FOR THIS DIASTER TO TAKE PLACE IN MARCH, which is what we have planned a long time ago.

Later in the day I decided to upload the following information at the user forum on www.selvet.dk and I am excited how many will start to read and understand me and how many – probably the most – who will not really understand the importance of my post and FILIP and NØNNE YOU ARE TWO WHO ARE GOING TO BE SERVANTS OF GOD:

Kære brugere,

Jeg har den 31. januar offentliggjort min nyhed til ca. 1.200 mail-adresser over hele verden til medier, politikere, ngo’er og private – én nyhed, som ikke kommer hver dag, og som stiller krav til modtageren for at kunne forstå.

Forståelsen kommer ved at læse mine bøger, som jeg har skrevet siden 2004, og som kan findes via min hjemmeside http://stigdragholm.spaces.live.com, som jeg anbefaler alle om at læse. Der er INGEN genvej – kun ved at læse vil du forstå.
Der er to tilgange til min historie. Enten synes man, at man ikke behøver at læse for at kunne konkludere, at jeg taler falsk – DET ER FORKERT. Ellers starter man med at læse min hjemmeside og mine bøger – og for de, der vælger dette, venter en ny forståelse og et nyt liv.

De fleste, som modtog min nævnte mail, har endnu ikke forstået, de første er begyndt at forstå og en hel verden kommer til at forstå. Jeg vælger nu at offentliggøre historien her, fordi der er brugere i dette gode forum, som har en skæbne, de endnu ikke er klar over som tjenere for Gud i forbindelse med at hjælpe menneskeheden igennem dommedag i 2012.


Følgende er introduktionen til min hjemmeside:

My name is Stig, I am 43 years old and from Denmark.

I am the Son of God with the mission to save the world in connection with Judgment Day coming in 2012, to bring all people to my new Kingdom at the planet I/GOD will build in front of your eyes to replace Earth and to give all a better life including joy and happiness.

I encourage you to visit www.mediafire.com/stig from where you can download:

• Book no. 1: “The Book of the Devil” written in 2004-2009

• Book no. 2: “Design of Life” written in 2009-2010 including a separate introduction

• Book no. 3: “One God, One people” written from February 2010 and still ongoing

• Hundreds of recordings including the 10 new commandments from God

• Jesus in Nairobi in 1988, Stig in Nairobi 2009 for you to see if you can identify the same person at the pictures

• “Såkaldte overnaturlige fænomener” including hundreds of miracles performed by God to show you his existence

• My Curriculum Vitae and background paper telling how managers kept me from becoming a top manager

• Newsletters from LTO on “Dadaab – a living hell on Earth” and “Somalia, the roadmap to peace” as outcries to the world to help the people suffering the most in the world

At this site you can read daily updates to my book no. 3, which every Sunday will be uploaded to www.mediafire.com/stig which I recommend you to download.

Supporting the Muhammad drawings and drawers

In Denmark the most famous Muhammad drawer is Kurt Westergaard and Sweden also has a Muhammad drawer and that is Lars Vilks and I bring here the drawings of these two GENTLEMEN (not on the blog – see my book) because of the recent threat to kill the Swedish drawer – as we saw earlier for the Danish drawer too – by Muslim fundamentalists and my reason for bringing the drawings here too is to support FREEDOM OF SPEECH and to say that these gentlemen have worked on direct inspiration from God and that ANYONE WHO THREATENS THESE GENTLEMEN, THREATENS GOD.

Kurt’s drawing show Muslims committing terror for a cause which is belonging to the Devil – not God my friends – and Lars’ drawing shows the so called “prophet” as a dog, and thank you Lars for drawing the symbol I have used for years in my writings: The dog symbolises the Devil and this is what Muhammad was because HE DID NOT TELL THE TRUTH and as simple as that.

Please remember my dear Muslim people that you are also loved by God as all people on Earth. I ask you to rediscover God and to reject the Koran, which you will understand is made by the Devil.

At the end of the day I had difficulties getting Microsoft Live Writer to work and several times it broke down and it was the Council doing it as the Devil because at the same time they showed me the image of Camilla and WELCOME BACK Camilla and DIFFICULT TO BELIEVE THAT YOUR OLD BOYFRIEND IS REALLY THE ONE HE TELLS and YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN HIM and CRAZY HE IS and welcome in the club THIS IS MORE OR LESS WHAT ALL PEOPLE WILL NEED TO GO THROUGH.

About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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