11th March 2010 – Choose the road of God: Listen, understand and help people :-)

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of the reason of the Haiti earthquake Dreaming of Jørgen Leth a famous Dane on Haiti causing the recent earth quake of Haiti, WILL RUSSIA AND CHINA SEND MURDERERS AFTER ME KNOWING THAT GOD PROTECTS ME AND HEREBY EXHIBIT THE DEVIL INSIDE OF YOU TO THE WORLD?, voluntarily continuing my suffering to help the world, more focus to come on the world to focus on PRODUCTION to help people getting a normal life, Björn from Abba has carried out his divine mission and 1995 was a special year, helping the world who does not want to receive help or understand that the world is going under and Rikke being “attacked” by two “sharks”, also coming servants of God.
I will still send money to Elijah but I will stop sending emails if he continues to ignore me I have decided that if Elijah does not communicate with him, I will not communicate with him – but I will not let him decide to support or oppose me because of money so no matter what he may decide I will still send money to him.

The story of the murder of a Job Centre employee – see both sides of the story

Today the Danish media focused on the afraid employees of the Job Centre of Holstebro because a murderer escaped – but the story is really for the Media to focus on BOTH SIDES OF THE STORY.
The movie “Precious”: LISTEN, UNDERSTAND and HELP and you will have a NEW BEGINNING 🙂 I was accompanied by Veronica and later Sanja at the cinema. Veronica will start reading my book – she called me later because she has faith in me and needed to speak to a friend – and the movie Precious is about choosing the road of God: LISTEN, UNDERSTAND AND HELP PEOPLE. You know: DO WHAT IS RIGHT and that is to use SIMPLE LOGIC 🙂
The image of God shown through John, but where is your inner voice? John made me happy when he DECIDED to communicate again and here you see another example of a man showing the image of God – but John you did not tell me about your life and thoughts, please remember your INNER VOICE.
MESHACK: “LET THE LITTLE CHILDREN COME TO ME, THUS SAYS THE LORD” Meshack is now having 17 children to support and he teaches them my scripts and action plans. This is given to you my mother: WILL YOU START HELPING THE WORLD BY SHOWING YOUR TRUE INNER SELF or will you choose the road of the Devil? Thank you Meshack for doing what should be “just impossible” to do.
Please help Mary in Ghana and others to receive “normal life” For the first time in a very long time I heard from Mary in Ghana today. Please find her story in my book no. 2 and please start helping her, her family and also others from book no. 2 to start receiving a normal life. Thank you.
Answering a question on UFO’s on www.selvet.dk and finding a new servant of God I have received ONE question to my post from yesterday and it is to TEST me by asking if it is true that UFO’s will be revealed to mankind this year to save us and I could only write that this is totally “TRUE – and I wrote today a post as an answer to Mia dreaming about natural disasters that what she is dreaming is not a coincidence, but she decided to listen to her feelings by saying that she does not like a God “dictating” how to live our lives and finally I wrote to Bhkata – another of God’s servants that his post shortly after mine asking if God is hiding is not the case BECAUSE BHKATA – I HAVE JUST REVEALED MY EXISTENCE TO YOU AND I HOPE YOU WILL START TO UNDERSTAND THAT GOD HAS DECIDED TO FOLLOW ANOTHER PLAN THAN WHAT YOU WOULD EXPECT GOD TO FOLLOW.


Dreaming of the reason of the Haiti earthquake

I was expecting to meet the Devil stronger again after also “challenging” users of www.selvet.dk on their belief – see later – and this is what happened. I slept poorer again so now I am back at what I call “tired”, which is a feeling so strong so that it almost make work impossible but you know WHERE THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A ROAD – THIS IS THE THEME OF TODAY – in continuation from taking the right decisions without delay from yesterday.

And this was both a poor night and at the same time a night of many dreams and yes to make sure that I needed to do my best also today to come through this day.

  • I see Jørgen Leth reading and printing out a paper, he explains that he likes jet fuel. I start saying to him that he is a very special man and I start explaining but I sense no reaction or understanding from him and I think if he is really listening at all. I know that I am done with my work and that I have printed it out but when I look through the papers Jørgen has printed out, I cannot find my papers. Suddenly the room becomes dark, the light went out and I become afraid of murderers outside the house. God gives me the chill.
    • There is apparently something special about this man making amazing cult movies and books and a man of God living like a man of the Devil and that is how people perceived him after publishing books about his own personal desire for young ladies of Haiti and we are coming close here because Stig JØRGEN HAS BEEN PUT ON HAITI FOR THIS REASON and yes HE IS A MAN OF THE DEVIL TODAY and the DEVIL RELEASED HIS POWER ON HAITI so this is the story of this dream.
  • Fair Forsikring has an apartment very close to the pedestrian street of Copenhagen called “Strøget”. I see some of my old class mates from commercial school there – among other Jan and Søren D. – they don’t say hello to me but despite of this, it is a very nice place to be. When I am there I think that I don’t have the energy to go through another year at commercial school including home work.
    • This is a special place for future servants of mine and what I experience here is pain given to me from the same people and I HAVE DECIDED VOLUNTARILY to continue my school of pain to spread out my words to more people and just thinking if my family and friends still are more busy thinking about themselves and their hurt feelings than to start helping me doing the same? YOU KNOW THAT THE TIME IS NOT LONG – PLEASE HELP ME and put away your fright, which you can use to absolutely nothing. BE BRAVE AND DO WHAT IS RIGHT TO DO – GOD WILL PROTECT YOU AS HE PROTECTS ME!
  • I see a bridge leading from the head office of Danske Bank to the department store of Magasin in Copenhagen. I see the King and the Queen walking on the bridge towards Magasin. There is a crowd of people everywhere and the media is there too talking “bla bla bla” without knowing that the King is the Lord.
    • The bank is “providing for normal life” and the department store is where you will shop for normal life and this is where we are heading – after we have now delivered the message to the world about SECURING NORMAL LIFE FOR ALL, WE ASK THE WORLD TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT IN THE WOLF HOUR and for GOVERNMENTS TO MAKE SURE THAT PEOPLE ARE EMPLOYED AND PRODUCE FOR THE NEEDS OF ALL PEOPLE – see more in book no. 2 on this.
  • I am playing golf at a Swedish golf course. The grass of the greens is of very poor quality. I am alone and I play well, but every other strike hurts.
    • Still on the right VOLUNTARY track we are to HELP PEOPLE OF THE WORLD.
  • I see Abba playing a live concert and Agneta is playing the drums and is fading out. I am told in the dream that all of this story of Abba is centred around Björn and that 1995 was a special year for Björn and Benny – and later I see Björn setting up the Mamma Mia show all over the world as divine inspiration.
    • Agneta is a symbol of the nice ladies and love I have never had – and temptation you might say, which is fading out. The dream says that Björn has carried out the life plan we have INSPIRED him to do and which continued by spreading the fantastic MAMMA MIA SHOW AND MUSIC TO THE WORLD and the year 1995 is a gift to the world too and a Swedish musical which he and Benny did called “Kristina från Duvemåla”, which had premiere in Malmö, Sweden, very close to mine and Camillas old apartment BUT I HAVE NEVER SEEN THE MUSICAL OR HEARD THE MUSIC and we know DIFFICULT TO FIND ON THE INTERNET even though I can see that someone has uploaded it in February in CD quality BUT no one is SHARING the music so today A PLAY WHICH IS NOT WELL KNOWN and it is probably VERY GOOD MUSIC and maybe a good story too to the world and yes THIS WAS ALSO ON THE PLAN TODAY.
  • I am searching for a car – I am an actor playing the mayor and I see that the car is getting buried at the museum and there is something inside of the car, which I decided to get out before it is totally covered with dirt. I enter the car while dirt is being put on it and I see people lying inside the car and I have to “cheat” them to enter.
    • This dream is to say goodbye to the company of the Devil and what I am doing here is voluntarily to visit the car to help people STILL INSIDE OF THE CAR who really don’t want to accept my help – they cannot see that they are being buried alive. This is what is happening in the world today, but you haven’t really noticed and not very willing to welcome or to accept my help you are – can you see how this looks?
  • I dream about playing football and I see myself dribbling on the football ground.
    • When I wrote down this note, God gave me a physical sound – not only inside of my head which is normally what he does but physical in the room – as when you dribble a ball. This is what I heard for maybe half a minute before he faded out the sound and he said to me at the same time “I am on the top of the world” – the song by Carpenters. First later in the day I understood when I was at my living room that it was the heater he was using to create the sound and I know because he repeated the sound when I had the ear next to the heater and he reminded me three or four times to write it down – therefore. And the heater is of course a symbol of “better times” to come – the opposite of cold/ice/water.
  • I am pouring ice cream for my old friend Lars and another person and I see that I take the most ice cream for myself and these people don’t understand the low work position I have at this company and I tell them that the manager cannot do anything which I cannot do too.
    • The ice cream is pain, and I still take the highest pain myself BUT STILL IN CONTROL OF THE DEVIL I AM SIMPLY BECAUSE OF MY DECISION TO STAY IN CONTROL.
  • I see music playing on the television and I tune in a new channel and when I find Amazon.co.uk it gives a better sound quality, which people notice. One person is sitting on me hurting me.
    • The music is really COMMUNICATION you know and OFTEN I WRITE LOVE which it is when the music is nice so this is only to say that this book is written with love and that I have decided to prolong my stay with the Devil to do my work even better to help people.
  • At work Rikke comes to me, “love is in the air” between us, and I show her a video of herself on the internet, which is not what she expected, where she is attacked by two sharks, but nothing happens to her.
    • We flirted sometimes earlier but you only sometimes and when she is attacked by two sharks I think of our dear old colleagues BO AND SØREN and yes my friends HOW ARE YOU DOING and difficult for you to understand that I JUST MAY BE RIGHT and that you indeed also feel ashamed to be exhibited to the world and you know ONLY SERVANTS OF GOD ARE EXHIBITED TO THE WORLD THROUGH THIS BOOK, just so you know!
  • I hear the song “you might need somebody too” by Randy Crawford.
    • The only thing I can connect this too is that it is a beautiful love song and I ONLY HAVE ONE WOMAN POINTED OUT FOR ME SO MAYBE KAREN YOU WILL DECIDE TO FOLLOW ME AND NOT OPPOSE ME?

And just for you to know my CD player has decided not to work for almost a week now – completely impossible it has been to get nice music out of that player because of PEOPLE OPPOSING ME and so it is.

I will still send money to Elijah but I will stop sending emails if he continues to ignore me

Please let me say here to ELIJAH what I have been thinking for some time. I PUT FORWARD EARLIER A QUESTION TO PROVOKE ELIJAH TO COMMUNICATE TO ME if he still wants my emails and money when he also feels a strong resistance to me and in order NOT to let his decision be influenced by money I have decided that I WILL STILL SEND MONEY TO KENYA THROUGH DAVID and that I STILL ASK YOU TO SHARE THE MONEY WITH ELIJAH EVEN IF HE SHOULD IGNORE ME ONCE AGAIN – BUT I WILL STOP SENDING YOU MY SCRIPTS ELIJAH because if you don’t want to communicate with me, I don’t want to communicate with you AS SIMPLE AS THAT – and you know you can still find my scripts on the Internet and maybe the others will decide themselves to share it with you IF YOU STILL ARE INTERESTED TO RECEIVE MY SCRIPTS???

The story of the murder of a Job Centre employee – see both sides of the story

This morning on P4 radio news I heard that the Somalian man having killed the Job Centre employee in the city of Holstebro a couple of months ago – which I explained about in my scripts – has escaped the closed mental hospital where the SYSTEM put him and the media was now focusing on the very scared employees of the Job Centre and the Commune hiring guards to secure the employees – and this story is really DEEPER than this because this is a story planted by GOD and yes THE COUNCIL and it is about THE ROTTEN DANISH SYSTEM as I have described in my book and how IT KILLS PEOPLE and THIS IS THE STORY FOR THE MEDIA TO FIND OUT AND TO SEE BOTH SIDES OF THE STORY (!!!) BUT NONE OF YOU HAVE FOUND OUT because YOU SIMPLE DON’T WORK WITH THE RIGHT ATTITUDE AND QUALITY.

And you know the mental hospital is not a place to place for such a man and we know Stig MAYBE MORE TO THIS STORY LATER – AND AN ENCOURAGEMENT TO THE MEDIA TO DO YOUR WORK MUCH BETTER THAN TODAY also when it comes to covering the story about me, my servants and the judgment!

The movie “Precious”: LISTEN, UNDERSTAND and HELP and you will have a NEW BEGINNING 🙂

Today was the day when we were to go to the cinema in Copenhagen and already the other day I knew that the theme of the movies was about “choosing a new road of life” but I did not think of this when I encouraged my family, Karen and closest friends TO CHOOSE THE ROAD OF GOD in my script of yesterday and only saying that this is how God wanted to make these stories fit and this is what happened today:

Accompanying Veronica

Veronica and I met as planned at Lyngby Station this morning and we had a nice transport together to the Empire Cinema at Nørrebro of Copenhagen and I knew there was a plan by the Council for this company because the words were put in my mouth when I asked her questions about my book and when I encouraged her to look up my name on the Internet to find the book and we know I AM REALLY NOT VERY HAPPY TO SHARE THIS MESSAGE together with up to 30 people of A2B who does not give an impression that they will start reading for hours to understand but just maybe they will be sceptical of me and maybe even lying at me and you know to go through the same experience as all people think of when they first hear about me: HE MUST BE CRAZY and you know after spending time with me for weeks, this single information will probably change their view totally on me, which is what I told you about in the Commune already before I sent you my publishing email the 31st January but maybe you did not think much about this.

But this is what I did and later when we drove home together she said that she would go home and start reading my story and I gave her the usual introduction that it will be difficult to understand and that she should really forget about who I am and instead focus on the story – which is much much easier for people when you just realise that I am still the same person as I have always been (!) – and let us see what Veronica will say and do tomorrow, if she indeed find my site today.

Even though the next event happened during the evening, when Veronica called me, I will write it here because it best fits here:

She called me because there has been new earth quakes of Chile today – IT IS STILL NOT THE DISASTER COMING I HAVE WARNED THE WORLD ABOUT but a new sign it is – and we had a nice talk where she shared her very difficult period with me, it is not easy when you don’t experience love, when you have no work, don’t know if you have lost your working capacity because she has problems with her arms and because she is afraid of what is happening with the quakes and her family in Chile, and she said to me that NOONE AT A2B except me spoke to her about the big earth quake even though people know she is from Chile and I could only tell her that I was very sorry to hear that and that I am sure that if the opposite had happened, if a Dane was in Chile and a big quake happened in Denmark, Chileans would have asked the Dane of his family is etc. – because this is the warmth I felt in Veronica and her interest also in my family when we spoke earlier in the day, much warmer and more caring than here – and this is also to give you another view of how Danes really are: EGOCENTRIC PEOPLE THINKING OF THEMSELVES and you know MANY OF THEM.

Veronica was very nice saying sweet things of me listening and speaking and I said that she MUST DECIDE TO TAKE THE RIGHT DECISION TO BE STRONG – it will NEVER help to be weak and I repeat NEVER (!) – and I asked her to do the same as the movie today – see below – seek good friends like myself who listen, understand and help her to come through and yes THIS IS VERONICA’S SITUATION and the example given to the world and when I spoke to Veronica she also had a bad habit of interrupting me and I had to tell her twice that I cannot help her if she does not listen to me, and this helped and this is my message to the world. I CAN ONLY HELP YOU IF YOU DECIDE TO LISTEN TO ME INSTEAD OF YOURSELF.

And Veronica has NOT YET opened my website and I said that when she shows FAITH IN GOD, it will help her to understand.

The movie “Precious” at Empire cinema

We arrived at this very nice cinema – which I have never seen before (!) – and when I saw the SIGN “EMPIRE” the Council said that this is really a sign about our KINGDOM to come so this was the foundation of today and we met Sanja and I was accompanied by these let me just say SMILING ladies and as Sanja said that I was a lucky man having a nice lady sitting to both sides of me.

I liked the movie much – it was very STRONG in its emotions and message.

It is about an African American 16-year-old young woman of Harlem living together with her dysfunctional mother. She has been impregnated twice by her father, and suffers long term physical, mental and sexual abuse from her unemployed mother.

She gets suspended from school and starts in a new “alternative school” and what happens here is that SOMEONE – the new teacher – IS LISTENING TO HER AS SHE HAS NEVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE AND THE TEACHER HELPS HER OUT FROM HER MISERY OF A LIFE and this is really the message of this film, you know to CHOOSE THE ROAD OF GOD and to leave the road of the Devil and to HELP PEOPLE BY LISTENING AND UNDERSTANDING.

The film includes THE MOST TERRIBLE CRIME OF THE WORLD TODAY – incest – and this is such an extreme pain both because of the crime itself but also because it is a taboo subject to talk about and here in this film you see the SHINE COMING THROUGH a young woman coming from a hopeless situation into a new life giving meaning and hope for her and her children BECAUSE PEOPLE UNDERSTAND AND HELP EACH OTHER.


In the movie I was also very happy to see MARIAH CAREY without all of the glitter in a very good role as a listening and understanding social worker and also LENNY KRAVITZ in a nice role too as a male nurse and it gave me a new understanding of two fantastic musicians and happy to see that you decided to help the world by showing yourselves in this movie. Thank you.

Choosing friends

On our way home Veronica also said that was planning to see a very good friend of hers and she talked so committed and nice about this friend of hers and you know THE FRIEND IS 88 years old and that is MUCH MUCH OLDER than Veronica and after some time I said to Veronica that I really liked very much that she has a friend like that because very many people of this country will decide to have friends LOOKING THE SAME AS ONE SELF and you know same age, “class”, interests etc. and VARIATION is also the what is making value here because when you get to learn people with all of the variations in background, age and origin you learn yourself much much more about life and I was thinking as I did as a child with my fathers mother – only a few times of course because of my father (!) – that you can really learn very much from people having lived a long life and you know without giving the elders a higher position of course and I was also thinking of just how much SAFETY means to people because when I have been together with old colleagues for example who I spend time with every single day in new connections meeting new people, I have always tried to spend time with the new people instead of being together with the same people I already know very well and who I will spend time with again after coming home from a travel. This has always been my thinking and I have always thought that you should find a good balance here as well really.

The image of God shown through John, but where is your inner voice?

Dear John, I have two feelings from reading your very very nice email to me. ONE OF BEING HAPPY AND AGREEING WITH YOU about the attitude world leaders must take and your nice words of comfort and thank yous, which is really very very nice of you John and my OTHER FEELING is that I have not heard from you for a long time, you said to me once that you would make sure to write to me weekly and you don’t tell me anything about your and your family’s life and your thoughts and this would have made me even more happy, John.

But I can only repeat that what you see here is another example of a man going through very difficult sufferings, who is thinking about how we can make the world a better place. CAN YOU SEE THE RESEMBLANCE TO DAVID AND MESHACK – and maybe KAREN MARIE if you will discover my writings again YOU WILL START TO SEE THAT THERE IS INDEED A PATTERN of what I wrote the other day when you here LOOK DIRECTLY INTO A SOUL REPRESENTING THE IMAGE OF GOD.

Thank you very much for COMMUNICATING JOHN – I was very happy to hearing from you again, and I do hope that you will continue and also to write to me about yourself, your family and your own personal thoughts the next time – to show the world your INNER VOICE – do you remember that we spoke about this in Kenya?

I do hope to be seeing you soon – all of you.

And here is his email:

Dear Stig,

How are you my friend Stig. Its long time since I wrote to you but am sure Meshack informed you that I went home to attend to important matters and I could not access internet facilities there. Thank you for all the good work you have done particularly updating us on your life and the efforts you are making to reach the rich people so that they can share part of their wealth to the poor.

The world leaders must provide direction and guide people to do the right things and give the poor hope and livelihood. If all people in authority can have a sense of purpose and vision, this world will be a better place to live in. People must learn to confront challenges and to hang on even when life becomes unbearable.

I know you have gone through very difficult times but your strong faith has kept you going. I hope that some day your family will understand who you are and what you belief. I can only advice you to forget what you have lost and hold on to what you have. God will do the war for you and surely victory will come along the way. You must be ready to pay the price and to suffer for the sake of many.

Thank you very much Stig for all the support you have given to us, we appreciate your concern. You are our father because you have our welfare at heart. We will never forget you for being part of our lives. Just remember that you have people in Africa who value you. Please feel free to come back and live with us.



Dear Meshack, you are simply doing what should be impossible to do J.


And I am thinking here Meshack – I don’t know if you can upload photographs from your mobile phone and send them to me, or if David can, but I WOULD BE VERY HAPPY TO RECEIVE PHOTOGRAPHS of your BIG FAMILY because it is always easier for people to understand when there a picture is put on you and the children – and maybe you will write a little bit about the children to me next time, who they are, their background and future dreams – you know WHAT WE WILL DO AT LTO? And if you cannot write about all in the first email, maybe you can spread the stories over several emails?

Thank you for what you are doing – you are already showing the world what is your true inner self and you have decided to do the same as I am doing: STARTING TO SHOW YOURSELF TO THE WORLD BEFORE WE ACTUALLY ARE IN A POSITION TO DO SO. PLEASE GIVE MY WARMEST REGARDS AND BLESSINGS TO ALL – NORMAL LIFE IS STILL APPROACHING.

And here is his email:

My sincere hope that you are doing well with the rest over there as we are doing here

Today we met the four of us and i insisted the importance of communication with the rest of the team members because through communication, we understand each other very well and the kind of misunderstanding we commonly see is avoided and i was very happy when John told me he will write to you.

On my part and my larger family, we are doing okay and yesterday we were blessed to receive two more children which brings to total seventeen children excluding my daughter and i was indeed very happy because as Jesus was preaching while he was here on earth and his disciple tried to prevent the little children who wanted to touch him, Jesus rebuked his own disciple and told them, ‘verily i say to you, let the little children come to me for heavens sake, for the kingdom of God belongs to those who humble themselves as these little children’.

I am very happy to say that in a desertd place like this, i have been able to find my comfort with the Lord and share the little i have with these young angels and i will be ready to rehabilitate them according to the teachings of your book and have been giving them the scripts and i have introduced action plans to them and the whole of next week we shall be looking keenly at time management although i am facing alot of difficulties since these children have got no clothes to change and have tried to find people who can donate any non-food items but in vain but it is my trust that i will find the face of God in my new work station as i am now calling it.

May the almighty God be with you in your endevours.


Please help Mary in Ghana and others to receive “normal life”

Some time ago I sent my old friend Mary from Ghana birthday greetings on Facebook and today she sent me this email:

Long time Stig

"Thank you very much Stig for your kind of caring my brother not here anyone now in malaysia which is asia looking for job please can you try and get intouch with him piuspaavola@yahoo.com maybe if you can find him to come to Denmark and work there thank you and i hoping to hear from you soon Mary".

I also received a call from Malaysia – however by accident I turned off the phone instead of answering it, so I did not get to speak to her brother. Instead I wrote the following short email to her and THIS IS ALSO A REMINDER TO THE READERS OF MY BOOK TO PLEASE START HELPING THE PEOPLE MENTIONED IN MY BOOK NO. 2 TO GET A NORMAL LIFE – they have been chosen by God and I believe there are more included in my stolen scripts from the beginning of May 2009 for you to find. Thank you.

Dear Mary, thank you for your email. I could only hope I would be able to help you and your brother personally, but the only way I can help is to remind the world – who has started reading my books including messages from God and Virgin Mary – to help giving you and your family a "normal life". This is what I promised you earlier Mary – and this is what is approaching every single day. Have a little bit more patience, weeks or months, and it will come to you together with BLESSINGS FROM GOD AND VIRGIN MARY 🙂

Answering a question on UFO’s on www.selvet.dk and finding a new servant of God

From my script yesterday you will remember that I posted the truth about myself and today there was the following follow up:

Jesus genkomst er virkelighed – Dommedag i 2012

So far 65 have read my post and there have been ONE answer – I wonder what the others have thought about my post.

Below you find a question from Verner and further below my answer:

Kære Stig Dragholm.Jeg har skimmet din hj-side.Det var en ordentlig omgang.Jeg vil ikke nedgøre dig,for hvad nu hvis du har ret??? Men hvis jeg var gået inde til mine naboer eller venner og sagt det samme som dig,så ville den blå vognindfinde sig ret hurtigt.Misforstå mig ikke,menvil du ikke være sød og fortælle os det på en måde vi kan fatte.Jeg tror der er andre end mig her på nettet,som er ligeså forvirret som mig.Nu er jeg en mand af få ord,men vil gerne have svar på dette ???:Er det rigtigt at der i år vil komme en offentliggørelse offentlig om at vi får besøg fra andre planeter,og vil gå igang med at samarbejde med dem,fordi de kan redde vores planet.Hvis du ikke ved dette,så er der ingen der ved det,men tag det som en test.Ja undskyld mig, men der verserer i øjeblikket et hav af konspirations-teorier,Men jeg tror og håber på, at du er helt normal:jeg (vi) håber i stor spænding på dit svar.Kære Stig.Jeg hilser Kristus i dig

m.k.h Verner Christiansen

Kære Verner,

Det er meget venligt af dig som den første – og foreløbigt den eneste – at besvare mit indlæg. Tak for det

Lad mig sige, at manglende kommunikation og forståelse sammen med illoyal opførsel er én af de største lidelser på jorden i dag, som skaber ulykke og sorg for millioner af mennesker. Dette er årsagen til, at Gud igennem mig har valgt denne måde at starte min mission på, og du har helt ret:

Den første tanke, som langt de fleste mennesker får, når de hører om mig første gang, er, at jeg taler usandt og at jeg må være sindssyg. Det troede min familie i lang tid uden at lytte og forstå, og der er andre eksempler, som du kan læse om i mine bøger. Min familie forstår nu, at jeg taler sandheden og at ”problemet” var dem selv, da de ikke forstod. Tro mig: Dette er en særdeles effektiv måde at få mennesker til at forstå på – ved at lære af deres fejltagelser!

Budskabet fra Gud er, at det er umuligt at forstå mig, hvis man gør som de fleste mennesker gør i dag: BESLUTTER SIG FOR, HVAD DER ER SANDT ELLER FALSK UDEN AT HAVE NØDVENDIG VIDEN ELLER FORUDSÆTNINGER HERFOR – dette er i givet fald djævelen, som arbejder direkte hos hver enkelt menneske og forstærker den skepsis og mistro, som det enkelte menneske beslutter sig for – altså en negativ attitude, hvor den rigtige vinkel altid er at tale sandt og at have en positiv attitude ved i udgangspunktet at lytte til og tro på mennesker – og i dag kan jeg desværre tilføje ”indtil det modsatte er bevist”.

Ved at ”udfordre” mennesker på deres kommunikation og forståelse af mit ord – vil de konkludere at jeg er sindssyg uden at lytte eller vil de læse og forstå sandheden? – vil menneskeheden komme til at forstå, at det er nødvendigt at forbedre kommunikationen og forståelsen som blot ét ud af mange budskaber i mine bøger. Du kender det sikkert selv, Verner – det er en dejlig følelse, når man mødes af mennesker, som spørger og forstår i stedet for mennesker, som taler om sig selv og som misforstår. Du møder Gud i den første situation og du møder djævlen i den anden – sådan fungerer det, som du vil kunne læse i mine bøger. GUD ELLER DJÆVLEN ER MED ETHVERT MENNESKE I ENHVER TANKE OG HANDLING – det har jeg skrevet en del om.

Hvis du vælger at starte med at læse mine bøger, vil du forstå, at svaret er JA til dit spørgsmål. UFO’erne er her allerede – de omkredser vores planet i tusindvis, de er GIGANTISKE transportskibe til at transportere menneskeheden til mit nye kongerige, de kommer med fred, de har været tilsvarende igennem som jorden nu står overfor med dommedag (udrydde alt ondt) og de vil også komme til at fungere som Guds tjenere til at oplyse menneskeheden.

Verdens ledere kender sandheden om både UFO’erne, dommedag og min ankomst, men de har valgt ikke at informere menneskeheden på samme måde som de fleste, når de læser om mig i starten reagerer med tavshed, hvilket også sker i dette forum, hvor der indtil nu er 62, der har læst mit indlæg og hvor mange af jer GÆTTER, at jeg er sindssyg og hvor mange af jer er startet med at læse? Dette er blot et lille eksempel på manglende forståelse. Download min bog nr. 2, søg på UFO’er og du vil kunne se mine oplevelser med UFO’er og beskeder fra Gud herom. Tak for dit spørgsmål og åbenhed.

Og ja – jeg er en helt normal mand, som ikke har kendt til min ”skæbne” på jorden før i 2006 og først nu har det været muligt at offentliggøre min historie. Jeg håber, at du og andre i dette forum vil følge min opfordring til at læse. Det kræver ikke mange timers læsning, før I vil begynde at forstå – og når I forstår, skulle det glæde mig meget, om I vil dele forståelsen både i dette fine forum og med jeres netværk i øvrigt.

Endelig vil jeg her blot tilføje, at jeg havde indlagt min post i kategorien ”Gud, religion og tro” og uden at jeg er blevet spurgt, er mit indlæg blevet overført til ”Myter eller virkelighed” – og det er vel dét, der bliver spørgsmålet herinde. Hvordan vil I se mig – som en myte eller virkelighed? Du bestemmer i starten – det er den fri vilje, som Gud har givet dig, men er du sikker på, om du finder sandheden eller det, du selv tror er sandheden?

You can read the thread from this link:


Drømme om naturkatastrofer

The above headline is another title of a thread of DREAMS OF NATURAL DISASTERS where I wrote an answer to Mia as you can see below:

Sikke dog fint her er blevet

Den sidste uge har jeg oplevet to gange at drømme om naturkatastrofer, og jeg kan ikke rigtig finde ud af hvad det lige går ud på.
Første gang var det jordskælv og tsunami der var temaet og jeg slog det hen med at der jo kører rigtig meget om den slags i medierne i øjeblikket, så det var nok dagsrester. Der var dog mange detaljer som chokerede mig og drømmen blev ved med at køre i hovedet på mig resten af dagen.

Igår drømte jeg så at jeg stod sammen med min søn og kiggede på solen som var ved at gå ned. Pludselig så det ud som om solen var en ufo fordi den bevægede sig. Sønnik gik ind for at lege og jeg blev så ved med at stå og kigge på solen. Den så ud som om den nærmst faldt ned og pludselig eksploderede den så sammen med månen

Det var i forvejen mørkt så det kunne ikke ses men jeg blev meget bekymret for hvordan det nu skulle gå i morgen tidlig når solen skulle have stået op. Jeg tænkte at man måske kunne dyrke grøntsager og sådan noget i nogle drivhuse med lamper, men var nok godt klar over at i det lange løb ville det ikke holde… SÅ gik jeg ellers i panik – og vågnede

Kan nogen hjælpe mig lidt til at finde ud af hva det her nu handler om??

Venlig hilsen Mia Lykke

Kære Mia,

Måske vil du læse mine manuskripter for marts måned og du vil forstå, at jordskælvet på Haiti og i Chile ikke var tilfældigheder – men at det var djævelen, som står bag i det allerede verserende opgør mellem Gud og Djævelen, som er det dommedag handler om – og at der er en forestående naturkatastrofe på vej, som vil få mennesker til at forstå, hvordan dommedag vil føles over hele jorden, hvis ikke menneskeheden starter med at lytte og forstå mine budskaber: At redde sig selv fra djævelen, før djævelen udrydder alt levende – det er den opgave, som djævelen allerede er startet med, jorden er ved at gå under og som menneskeheden kun kan undgå ved at følge Guds vej, som fremgår af min hjemmeside og bøger.

HUSK VENLIGST DENNE BESKED – den er beregnet for at også dette forum kommer til at tro, og JA, det kan man godt drømme direkte om.

Jeg håber også, at du Mia vil starte med at læse og forstå mine bøger – se stigdragholm.spaces.live.com.


And here is her answer from today and EMOTIONAL because my answer to her is not what she is “looking” for:

Kære Stig

Jeg er ked af det, men jeg tror altså ikke på en Gud som dikterer hvordan mennesket skal leve sit liv. Jeg tror på en Gud som har skabt os og livet for at vi skal få mest muligt ud af LIVET – på godt og ondt. En Gud som vil have at vi skal bruge de erfaringer vi får i livet, og at vi reflekterer over de oplevelser vi får – ikke en Gud som forbyder og straffer, og ej heller en Gud som mener vi skal leve livet for at få noget ud af døden…

Men tak for dit link :o)

Venlig hilsen Mia Lykke

And to Bhkata – see more from him later, she wrote the following because she “liked” his answer better and here is an example of how many people in a forum like this decides – solely based on feelings and nothing else:

Hold da op… Nu blev jeg da en hel del klogere. Og nu er jeg slet ikke i tvivl om hvad det hele handler om.
Tusind tak for din tolkning – du har lige sat hele mit øjeblikkelige liv (og særligt mit parforhold!) i perspektiv

Venlig hilsen Mia Lykke

You can see the whole thread here:


Har mennesker tabt troen på den ene Gud ?

Another servant of God was inspired directly yesterday from my post TO POST HIS OWN POST, which you can see from here and my answer too:

Hare Krishna

Kære herinde

Har menneskerne tabt troen på den ene Gud ?

Siden 2003 har jeg været herinde og er altid glad for at er her igen.

Der var mange tråde som omhandler Guds energi, Guds skabelse, Guds religioner, Guds hjælper engle m.m.,Der er meget skrivelse om dæmoner satan djævle m.m.. Det okkulte, universet, magi m.m.

Men direkte skrivelser om Gud personlig den ene er der ikke meget af. Jeg savner en udveksling af forskellige trosretninger omkring denne ene Gud.Hvordan de beskriver ham.

For mig heder Han Krishna, den Alttiltrækknede. Hvad heder han for dig? Hvor meget ved du om den ene Gud.Lad denne tråd blive en oplysnings kilde til hvordan Gud ser ud hvordan han er hvor han bor, hvem der er hans tjenere m.m.Lad tråden blive en for at menneskeheden ikke har tabt troen på den ene Gud.
Enhver barn som ikke kender sin fader her på jorden spøger efter ham på et tidspunkt, spørger om hvordan han ser ud, hvad han fortager sig m.m. det er ganske enkelt kærlig interesse at børn gør det. Så, hvorfor spørger vi som er alle sammen den ene Guds, hans børn, ikke om det. Vor for jeg sådan noget at vide.Jeg skal da ikke skamme mig ved den Fader som er vores alle sammen? Tværtimod er jeg umådelig glad ved ham.
Hvorfor læser jeg på spirituelle fora så lidt om hans personlighed selv om han er det ultimative, er han også min og jeres Fader.

Er det fordi vi ikke ved noget om ham eller er det fordi nogen prøver at gemme eller skjule oplysninger om ham.Er det mere moderne at tro på hans skabelse hans energier kræfter end Ham selv?

Er det fordi vi skammer os at vi ikke ved noget om ham mere? er det derfor?

Hari Bol

kærlig hilsen

Bhakta Ulrich

And here is my answer today:

Kære Bhkata,

Vil du tro på mig, hvis jeg siger, at dine indlæg er skabt med inspiration direkte fra Gud selv og at inspirationen kommer fra en ikke overraskende kilde? "Min gode ven, du har måske mistet forstanden siger han men på den anden side siger han noget fornuftigt og ja, jeg tror at jeg vil følge op og spørge omkring Gud" og læg mærke til de spørgsmål, du stiller – her ét af dem: ”Er det fordi vi ikke ved noget om ham eller er det fordi nogen prøver at gemme eller skjule oplysninger om ham”?

11th March 2010 – Choose the road of God: Listen, understand and help people 🙂

Og Bhakata. NEJ – GUD GEMMER SIG IKKE FOR DIG, faktisk har han netop tilkendegivet sin direkte eksistens i dette liv. Men hvordan skal Gud se ud, før du bestemmer dig for, at du vil lytte til ham? Skal Gud svare til den forestilling du har udfra egne og andres skriverier? Og hvis Gud beslutter sig for at vise sig på en anden måde end du forestiller sig, så vil du ikke tro på ham?

Bhakta – du er selv en Guds tjener og sandheden skal komme til dig, og du bestemmer selv, om du vil hjælpe til ved at starte med at læse og forstå allerede nu – eller om du vil vente noget tid, før sandheden selv kommer til dig. Se min hjemmeside stigdragholm.spaces.live.com
og start med at læse nogle timer, og du vil forstå mere om Guds budskaber til menneskeheden – og du har nu allerede set, hvordan Gud ser ud fordi I dette liv er det GUD PÅ JORD, som du og verden kommer til at se.

Det skulle glæde mig, om du vælge at tilhøre den gruppe, som jeg vil kalde for den ”oplyste” gruppe og ikke den gruppe, som snarere kan kaldes for den ”konventionelle”.

Til Filip vil jeg sige følgende: Hvis mennesket på jorden ikke er i den rigtige kontakt med sit inderste selv, sin sjæl om du vil, så er risikoen, at det enkelte menneske ikke vil overleve dommedag – så vil dette menneske blive tilintetgjort, men jeg og guds tjenere vil gøre alt vi kan for at sikre, at alle mennesker bliver oplyste og påbegynder et nyt og glædeligt liv i Guds nye kongerige, hvor djævlen er tilintetgjort og som vil afløse det nuværende liv på jorden. Læs gerne mine bøger og du vil forstå mere og mere. Filip, jeg kender dig ikke personligt, men måske husker du en historie om en veninde til dig som fik en healing af en mand hun ikke kendte – dengang i Hørsholm – og som havde et bemærkelsesværdigt resultat for hendes nakke? Det var Gud, der arbejdede direkte, og hun fortalte mig engageret om dig – så jeg kan fortælle dig denne historie i dag, sådan arbejder Gud også. I mit manuskript fra i går er dit navn også nævnt – en kommende tjener for Gud.

Til Mickey vil jeg sige. GUD ER ALT inklusive dig selv og de livsformer, du omtaler. Intet er for småt eller ubetydeligt for Gud, fordi NÅR GUD ER ALT, SÅ TÆNKER HAN ALLE TANKER PÅ JORD på grundlag af det valg, som det enkelte menneske gør sig. Tak til Bhakta for dit engagerede indlæg om Gud som master, der hjælper mennesket som ”maskine”, som du fortæller. Livet og evolutionen er ikke "kommet af sig selv" og udvikles ikke på grund af en tilfældighed – Gud står bag alt.


You can see the whole thread here:



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