23rd March 2010 – My hopefully LAST battle with the Devil receiving freedom from A2B

Summary of the script today



Dreams from both God and the Devil symbolising my fight against the Devil

Today I had strong dreams of both the Devil and God – the fight between good and evil: Jack and his mother without LIGHT, the Devil would like to stamp people like pork meat is stamped, a song of coming home soon, a difficult game where I need to “tank every code”, cleaning a department store before we can share the wealth of the world, David working for Dahlberg in London could not do his work without me, receiving less love from the Council right now but I still get to know God better, I see myself as giant gem glittering when I will be FREE and a dream telling the story that God will terminate life – also in the future after the judgment – if people cannot sustain life themselves as it happens around the Universe – and more.
A2B course: “No answer” or feedback NONE asked me questions or gave me feedback on my email from yesterday, my seat was taken by a new “arrival” symbolizing that I expect A2B will ask me to stop here, Barbro was inspired to ask us to hold an “elevator speech” where a door at the top might open to us, which to me is the door of God, a man did not want to tell how he got a new job, which is inspiration from the Devil and I suggested Agnete for us to visit the beautiful deer park, but she decided to take a “rain check”.
Receiving FREEDOM from A2B I had a nice nap where I dreamt of having dinner with God, and Oliver called me to say that people at A2B feel “insecure” that conversations can be published on the Internet and they have therefore decided to sign me off from the course – and only when you feel you have something to hide, you will take such a decision: A DECISION OF THE DEVIL.
Asking the Commune to receive welfare writing my book Today I received a letter from the Commune for a meeting to “help me return to the job market” and they offer me “special care” because of my “sickness” – but the only thing which is sick here is the system. In order to AVOID MISUNDERSTANDINGS I sent an email to the Commune telling the truth about my sign off from the A2B course and I encouraged the Commune to approve that they continue giving me cash help for writing my book until I start receiving an income.


Dreams from both God and the Devil symbolising my fight against the Devil

I was expecting very poor sleep because of the expected reactions on my email to A2B yesterday and this is exactly what I had: Very poor sleep, where I was first not allowed to fall asleep and later I was woken up many times during the night, so TIRED is what I will say I am today and let us see how people will treat me at A2B – if they will be the same as yesterday because I have not changed.

Late yesterday evening the Devil tried to attack me again by trying to say “I will kill you” – as he has done before when I have been under attack – to shiver my body, to speak negatively about sex and my mother and this reaction by the Devil is exactly as expected and I can only say “COME ON ALL OF YOU” – there is nothing you can do and when I show a strong and confident approach the Devil almost immediately becomes weak again and behind these threats, the same members of the Council who perform as the Devil told me how much they love me so still an act you know – and I could also have chosen a weak approach which would have been equally as natural to me because both feelings are of the same strength BUT THIS WOULD ONLY HAVE INCREASED THE STRENGTH OF THE DEVIL so this is why I did not do that – and here I have decided that I will see what will happen today at A2B when it comes to the reaction of people because “it is always interesting to see” – and this is how I try to keep down my own feelings and resistance of even coming to A2B today!

My dreams were from both the Devil and God this night symbolizing the war and I was very close not to write down several of the dreams, but I believe that I managed to get most of them in here too – and a test it must have been to do this work on what should have been a difficult day BUT EASY WHEN YOU DECIDE TO TAKE THE RIGHT DECISION, WHICH IS THE ONLY THING I CAN DO BECAUSE OF WILL POWER and because this is how I have worked for a long time and you know GOD THEN MAKES IT A HABIT and this is how it is.

Before falling asleep I hear the cong “hopelessly devoted to you” from Grease.

  • I am in Jack’s house where I say good morning and I look out into the garden where Evy, his mother, is sitting. There is a lamp hanging on the wall of the house, which is bent away from me – there is NO light here. Inside the house I see myself trying to fly and it is more difficult than usual. I see a stamp on the top of my back, a stamp which all people have and I see it as the same stamp pigs receive after they are slaughtered.
    • So Jack maybe you have told “your version of the truth” about me to your mother and maybe you don’t quite understand your old friend?
    • And this stamp a threat from the Devil to me and mankind to kill us and not no and yes and we know – I feel them very embarrassed to carry out this game because YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS JAMES BOND ARENT YOU and yes my boys that is right and then they say THEN WE CAN ONLY SAY THAT WE DON’T LIKE TO PERFORM THE ACT OF THE DEVIL ANYMORE AND WE LOOK SO MUCH FORWARD TO CHRISTMAS COMING HERE AGAIN STIG. THANK YOU MY DEAR MEMBERS OF THE COUNCIL.
  • I hear the song “promise me” by Beverly Craven.
    • This is a love song about a promise to wait for me and I will be home soon and yes my boys and this is MY FATHER BEING MAD AT ME TOO speaking here as his spiritual self and we know Stig NOT AN EASY STORY TO UNDERSTAND WHEN YOU DON’T WANT TO USE MAYBE 5-10 MINUTES PER DAY TO READ MY SCRIPTS and really not very long time to read my books and yes I HAVE LOST ALL FAMILY AND FRIENDS FOR THE TIME BEING ON THIS ACCOUNT – sad about that we are.
  • I see a computer software program, which is difficult to understand. I push a button and small ladders appear on the screen – and I am told “do your work properly – tank every code”.
    • This is showing how difficult this “game” is to find and to climb the ladders and I am doing exactly what you suggest so NO PROBLEMS HERE.
  • I meet Michella in the department store of Illum and we start flirting. I see the store is emptied; it is going to be cleaned all over.
    • Just the Devil tempting me only a little bit and we know WE NEED TO CLEAN UP THE WORLD BEFORE WE CAN SHARE THE WEALTH OF THE WORLD and here it is about UNDERSTANDING, ACCEPTING AND IMPLEMENTING THIS BOOK.
  • I am at Christmas lunch, where Toblerone chocolate is served.
    • And just like the other night, first dreams of a “strong “ Devil and later God returns and here a symbol of my birth and my own favourite symbol because I simply LOVE chocolate – BUT NO CHILDREN LABOUR as many chocolate farmers use today!!!
  • I hear the song by Green Day and U2 “how long now”.
    • And we know ANOTHER FANTASTIC SONG – an example of U2 making a fantastic song ALSO AFTER 1993 (!) – and the lyrics I am thinking of here are of course “the saints are coming” – and God told me some weeks ago that he has started preparing this “layer” too.
  • I see David – the British Insurance Broker connected to Dahlberg – and it is a detailed dream where I don’t remember all, but it is about a cheese which he needed to put together with different parts, and the parts consist of Unemployment insurance and other insurance elements. The dream tells that he did not know that he needed to produce a cheese in the first hand and afterwards that he did not know that he needed to put the different insurance parts together in order to have someone at the London Insurance market to offer insurance cover. I see Billy Cook in what feels like a small book shop in London where he is advertising for insurers who want to offer cover on unemployment insurance. I get the feeling of David again and I see that he has started to throw out the raw materials of the insurance program – he has given up to receive cover – and I ask him to stop throwing out more.
    • The only thing I can connect this too is that the first day I believe when I started my work at Dahlberg the three so called experts of Dahlberg Søren, Bo and David could not find out how to produce a presentation of the Unemployment Insurance product to the insurance market of London, so I did it based on a poor template of David’s so just another example of people cashing in and what do they use their time on? Talking, meetings, eating and partying as well and yes also during working hours. How much was your “salary” David and how much did you do to get this program established in London and Bo did you succeed getting new clients?
  • I am at some kind of bording school including diet, but the kitchen is saving on cookies, which makes me sad.
    • Here I am still at school, still together with the Devil to produce this book and you know receiving LESS love from my friends acting as the Devil during this game as the symbol of the missing cookies show.
  • I am in London and I get to know new streets and supermarkets on my way to the train station.
    • So getting to know the home of God better and we know GOING TO THE STATION TO COLLECT SERVANTS ARRIVING.
  • I hear the song “Black velvet” by Alannah Myles and the words “A new religion that’ll bring ya to your knees” – and the song does not give me a good feeling.
    • I see myself embedded in the side of the mountain inside a cave and I see a giant gem glittering and shining very bright.
  • And we know in 2005 I started seeing myself again and again buried in a grave in the woods looking up at the trees and here I am embedded in the mountain side and we know AM I ALIVE or what and YES you are alive and NO YOU ARE NOT ALIVE and we know difficult to receive messages today when we are both God and the Devil.
    • The glittering gem gives me a very positive feeling of FREEDOM and what I believe myself here WITHOUT GOD OR THE COUNCIL will happen WHEN MY LIFE WILL CONTINUE and TO SHINE MORE BRIGHT AGAIN and there might be a story here to be told later again when GOD AND THE COUNCIL WAKE UP FROM THEIR SLEEP THIS MORNING – they are with me but more as a feeling and not with as many words today and as strongly as they normally are.
  • I hear the song “you win again” by Bee Gees and the words “There’s no fight you can’t fight” and “you win again”.
  • I see a very big dome including Earth, an extra terrestrial is coming to the top of the dome where there is a hole and outside the dome is a big jungle and he meets new people outside.
    • I recall a movie of a television show where a man was living a fake life without knowing it in an artificial “world “ inside a dome where everything was set up, where all people he knew were actors and where he was live on television without knowing it. THIS IS HOW WE SEE EARTH BURNING ALL OVER TODAY.
    • In my notes from the night I also wrote down that EARTH IS PUT ON THE LIST OF TERMINATION and it happens to people around the Universe that IF THEY CANNOT SUSTAIN LIFE THEMSELVES, GOD WILL TERMINATE THEIR LIVES AS A “FAILURE” – this is what we are going through on Earth and only by doing this together we will be able to make all or as many as possible come through Judgment Day and only by continuing doing our best in the future without being tempted to do what is wrong, we can continue to develop life WHICH IS WHAT GOD IS HOPING THAT ALL OF US WILL DO and WITH A SMILE, which is what he is showing me here.
  • I cannot remember the details of this dream but it is about hitting with a bat, which breaks a physical object apart, inside of this is a pencil and when the pencil splits, I see a soul which is terminated and I get the feeling of two months.
    • I see this as people trying to stop my writings which could be lethal to life on Earth but you know I have told you I WILL NEVER GIVE UP – and MY WRITINGS WILL ALWAYS BE ONLINE FOR PEOPLE TO READ AND STUDY so I can only see this as another threat of the Devil.
  • I see a female priest preaching and asking people to do this and this and this and outside church she does not do what she is preaching herself and I tell her “your behaviour is disgusting”.
    • And here the feeling of Karen Marie from Lyngby Church was very strong.
  • I am at work and I have received a new manager – where I feel I should have been the manager – and I ask him if he has found the bills to be paid, and he tells me that I don’t need to get involved and I tell him “you are right”. I see on the computer network drive that a colleague from what feels like both Norway and Spain has complained about me. I give the new manager a very long invitation to a party – it is maybe 1-2 metres long – and I see that this invitation includes my first general ideas of a party without being concrete.
    • Here I am thinking of what happened for example in Aon but also in Fair and GE Insurance, where some colleagues encouraged me to become the new manager because of my skills but where other people were appointed and HOW ANNOYING IS IT TO BECOME THE MANAGER OF SOMEONE MORE SKILLED THAN YOURSELF – and yes THIS ALSO CAUSED SOME PROBLEMS.
    • And I don’t know if God or the Council have decided still to be on holiday when this is written because Norway and Spain are symbols of the Devil and a complain is really only a complain and I wonder if anyone at A2B has complained about my email from yesterday – and I was given the thought yesterday that maybe the management of AS3 will be involved and I do know some of the managers of AS3 from when I was working for Fair – so this is only a guess without receiving any words here.
  • I hear a well known song including the words “I will always love you” – and it is not the song by Whitney Houston.
  • I hear the song “People need love” by Abba and the words “People need hope, people need loving”.
    • So two nice songs ending the night and I NEED TO GO THROUGH THIS EXPERIENCE TOO and THIS ACT TO and thank you MONTGOMERY FOR BEING HERE even though I feel him “far away” and the others are there too and we know WE ARE NOT AFRAID TO BE HURT LIKE YOU ARE or what AND THAT IS THE NAME OF THE GAME – WE WILL HURT EQUALLY AS MUCH AS YOU if someone should get the idea to try to bring you down and we know THEY DON’T STAND A CHANCE!
  • A2B course: “No answer” or feedback

    My “usual” seat was taken by a new “arrival” (thinking of the helicopter on the front of “the album”)

    This morning I was excited what would happen at A2B today – and I have also been thinking that maybe SILENCE and NO FEEDBACK could be options either because people don’t like to ask questions because of the feelings my email and information give or because people will not read and understand my email and website and therefore don’t receive the message of whom I am and the content of my book including stories of my time here with A2B.

    So I arrived this morning and if I had not made up my mind to go through this and to be positive, it would have been difficult for me to even enter the door of the building, but I arrived.

    The first thing I noticed was that a new man had “taken” my usual seat and I could have asked him to find another place, which I of course did not. There are 36 seats, he was the first person arriving and I number two and he decided to take my place (!) and only the symbol of what I am expecting what will happen WHEN A2B FINDS OUT ABOUT WHOM I AM and you know start realizing the nature of my work. Just maybe they will think it is a good idea for me to continue staying here because of their “feelings” and just maybe they will think that it is not nice to have me here including two other people who could “annoy” regimes known for their brutality so my dear friends at A2B and AS3 – will you decide to RUN AWAY like the FOX and we know LIKE THEY ARE DOING TOO (Fox news) after knowing about my books and we know STIG THERE MIGHT BE ANSWERS OUT THERE ALREADY about HOW THE WORLD IS REACTING TO MY “ARRIVAL” – just for your information of course, A2B/AS3.

    From the morning nobody asked me questions or gave feedback to my email from yesterday and I noticed that Sanja, Manouchehr, Jørgen and Elsebeth were not here today and God does not tell me why and Veronica is still not here so maybe they are reacting strongly on my email or else their absence other explanations and when I don’t receive the words to write from God or the Council I can only guess and I don’t want to do that so I can only say: I really don’t know.

    Using the elevator to open a new door at the top floor J

    At the morning briefing Barbro, Agnete and Nanja were present – but NOT Oliver, who should be here according to the plan but whom I did not see all day – and when I looked at their faces, I did not get the impression that anyone of them had started to really read and understand my email and website – and today was the day where we needed to introduce us again and I really did not feel like doing that at all today after sending my email yesterday, and Barbro was INSPIRED to recommend us using an ELEVATOR SPEECH where we go from ground floor to the fourth floor and she said that at the top there are many jobs not advertised and she would like us to present ourselves and our “challenge” and then she said: “Maybe a door will be opened for us” and I could not help smiling because this is really the door I am waiting to open, the same door as in the Matrix movies leading to the creator of the Matrix Universe and it is the same as being liberated from the mountain side and other symbols meaning the same SO STILL ON THE RIGHT TRACK WE ARE.

    I was inspired to think and when it was my turn to present myself to say that I am still writing my book on how to get a better life, work and community, that this is still my work and that I sent an email yesterday to people here about my book, which I hoped they will start reading and understanding, which was really my message – and I was thinking that I could have written more directly in my email yesterday using BIG and RED letters in the beginning of the email for people to see and understand immediately about who I am – but you know I am happy with the email I sent and I do hope that people will read and understand it and I had not thought that laziness or no interest from people could be a challenge to understand my message – so I did my best and I will see if this is good enough FOR GOD TO LIFT ME UP.

    A man who does not want to communicate is inspired by the Devil

    One of the men here – belonging to a corner of three, where Hans was also a member – has received a new job at a school where he will start in fourteen days from now, and this corner including the woman – I cannot remember their names – don’t impress me when it comes to their commitment of finding work and being open to listen because none of them yesterday wanted to receive my email and as the man said “because I will not read it anyway” and yes LAZINESS HAS MANY NAMES here and Agnete and Barbro smiled this morning and encouraged him to tell how he got this job because they said there was a good story to tell but you know this man did not feel like telling us and we know IT IS THE FEELING OF THE DEVIL WHEN YOU DON’T WANT TO COMMUNICATE WITH OTHERS and just another example of one who “was lucky” to get a job without showing much responsibility here – I have not seen it, he was the man FURIOUS the day when the Internet was not working to bring him passive entertainment – even though he is probably a nice man when speaking in private with him.

    Agnete thought it was a good idea to visit the deer park but she gave me a “rain check”

    Finally Agnete and Barbro had the idea that because the weather forecast is looking very good compared to the season – we have gone from freezing temperatures to up to what may become 15-17 degrees in 1-2 weeks – they would like us all to go for a walk outside on Thursday in nice weather and they said that you will normally get fine relations with people when walking and they asked us for ideas of where to go and Gøngemosen was to far away and some green areas around Høje Gladsaxe were suggested and I RECEIVED THE DIRECT INSPIRATION to suggest Agnete that if there are cars enough to transport us WE CAN ALL GO TO THE DEER PARK IN LYNGBY and this was really to say what WE EXPECT WILL HAPPEN because the symbol here is that you invited Agnete to come to the most beautiful park of all and she said she thought it was a good idea but maybe she could get a “rain check” and I said that was perfectly alright – and this is probably what will happen, that Agnete will not follow my suggestion to READ and UNDERSTAND my email and books but to act based on “hurt feelings” – and again WE WILL HAVE TO SEE.

    Agnete, it is perfectly alright not to go to the deer park, it was only an idea I gave for you to consider the same way as I considered your ideas and feedback to my CV, which I decided not to follow too.

    Today I was done with my script already at 12.00 and this is the first day when I am done this early – normally I have used all day to do the script until 14.00 and many times I have had more work to do when coming home.

    So a day where NOTHING happened – the same way as when I published my email to the world the 31st January – not easy to get a reply from people when they don’t believe in my “claim to be Jesus” and when they don’t want to start reading and understanding so I am trying my best to get a world to know me, but the world does not want to know me – so I can really only ask the Devil to ANNOUNCE ME SOON.

    Receiving FREEDOM from A2B

    Dreaming of having dinner with God etc.

    I was very tired when I returned home and I took a nap of 1½ hours where I first dreamt of being at a dinner together with David Bowie and his wife and Bowie was giving his son Danish lessons but kept on saying it was Italian lessons – and of course Bowie is another old well known symbol of God and in my school writing this book I receive Danish lessons giving me pain but they are meant with love, therefore the Italian.

    I also had a short dream of driving in a train together with Jeremy Clarkson from Topgear and others and they left for their cabins, and I arrived shortly thereafter with different cables and mobile phones etc. and Jeremy is so tired so he is already sleeping – and yes ANOTHER GOOD SERVANT OF MINE and I FEEL ONE FROM THE COUNCIL AS A STIFF GERMAN and it is the same feeling as Kirsten’s mother Inge but it is a man and we know IT MUST BE ROMMEL IN DISGUISE and HE IS STARTING TO MELT UP AGAIN and yes I HAVE ALSO BEEN AFTER YOU and now I see him running and playful again and in light, thank you ROMMY and okay this is leading to the Danish singer BAMSE or Flemming Jørgensen and yes heard the interview with you on P3 Radio the other day that you are playing cards – that is why Rommel was called Rommy (!), my nickname for him – and Bamse is mentioned here because after Oliver called me from A2B – see below – YOU PLAYED “TÆNKER ALTID PÅ DIG” for me (“always thinking of you”) by Bamse for me and we know he continues “du er lyset for mig, der altid viser vej” (you are the light for me always showing the way) and we know WE JUST THOUGHT IT WOULD BE A NICE SONG TO GIVE YOU and the Council does still not say much so this is all WE ARE ALLOWED TO SAY RIGHT NOW.

    Receiving FREEDOM from A2B

    When I woke up after the nap Oliver – whom I had not seen all day – called me at 17.15 and he told me that my email from yesterday had caused insecurity for people because they don’t like that conversations may be published on the Internet, and he told me that he himself had not read my writings and that the teachers had used the afternoon to think about what to do and he said that “I need to say that we have to sign you off from the team in order to make it work for the others” and I understood what he said, which I told him and I thanked him for taking the courage to call me – I could here he was nervous, at least in the beginning of the conversation – and to speak directly.

    I asked him if he had informed the Commune and he said that he would call me first and afterwards – maybe tomorrow – he will inform Maya at the Commune about the decision and I now wonder if the Commune will decide to take away my cash help because others have decided they don’t want me present when I use my freedom of speech, when I have fulfilled all the requirements the Commune has given me, when I have learned nothing at this job course and when the Commune has decided that I don’t need to apply for work!

    Oliver and I had a “very positive” conversation – and he was ALMOST TOO POSITIVE OLIVER so I wonder if he told me ALL – and I told him that everything I have written has been with a positive purpose and he said that he was sure about this and that he and the other teachers have nothing personal against me and we wished each other the best of luck in the future and I asked him to give my best to both the teachers and also to all of the others if “he felt like it”. We also spoke briefly of the freedom of speech, which he gave me the understanding that he agreed with me in.

    This is also how COMMUNICATION does not work because NOBODY said anything to me today about my email and NOBODY sent me a reply to my email but instead PEOPLE HAVE BEEN TALKING BEHIND MY BACK – using negative feelings without understanding first (!) – which led to the decision of signing me off from the course, so just an observation and nothing else and I just feel that I would have liked to say goodbye to all of them but as I told Oliver, this is not the last time we see each other and so it is.


    Some people at A2B have asked me about my books and maybe some of them have been thinking if I write about my daily experiences and all they could have done was to ask – just like Veronica – and I would have told them and I believe I have told them that my book is publicly available so people could really only have searched on my name on the Internet and they would have been led directly to my writings – BUT NONE EXCEPT FROM VERONICA ASKED DIRECTLY and apparently none looked at the Internet.

    And today I noticed that Microsoft Word did not break down as it did earlier when people wanted to remove my writings from the Internet. Another good sign.

    And finally I can add that GOD TOLD ME THAT WHAT I DECIDED TO DO WITH A2B HAS THE CONSEQUENCE THAT I HAVE NOW STARTED THE PROCESS OF WAKING UP MORE OF MY SERVANTS – remember that God is using STRONG FEELINGS to do this – and Virgin Mary was kind to start communicating again saying “I cannot tell you how proud I am of you” – and thank you, I was very happy to hear this because I don’t meet much understanding anywhere else EXCEPT FROM LTO IN KENYA of course.

    Asking the Commune to receive welfare writing my book

    Meeting with the Commune 8th April “to return to the jobmarket

    When I arrived home this afternoon I had received a letter from Helle at the Jobcentre “inviting” me to a meeting the 8th April to discuss how my course of events are going at A2B and “how we best possible can help you to return to the job market”.

    The Commune is “very nice indeed” because Helle has invited her colleague Birgitte to attend the meeting to help finding out what kind of help I can be offered, and Birgitte is working with “adult and handicap counseling” so all I can say is that this is the conclusion of this meltdown of a system: They believe I have lost my working capacity and that I now need “special care”.

    Sending an email to the Commune to RECEIVE MY FREEDOM

    In order to AVOID any misunderstandings – because I SEE THEM ALL OF THE TIME – I decided to write this email today to Maya at the Commune and because I don’t have Helle’s email address (she is my “counsellor” today) and because Maya is not answering my emails to her, I will also go to the Commune tomorrow to print out the email and to ask the reception to hand it over to them.

    Here is the email:

    Emne: A2B besluttede i dag at framelde mig kurset for at bruge min ytringsfrihed

    Kære Maya og Helle,

    Jeg blev i dag kl. 17.15 ringet op af Oliver fra A2B – efter at have forladt A2B kl. 14.00 som sædvanlig – fordi A2B har truffet beslutning om, at min mail fra i går til lærere og ledige – se vedlagte, som jeg sendte til Maya i kopi – ifølge Oliver har skabt ”utryghed” for nogle, der ikke ønsker, at samtaler på kurset ”risikerer” at blive nedskrevet og offentliggjort på internettet. Oliver sagde også, at han var sikker på, at jeg havde gjort det med et positivt formål – som jeg har – og han sagde, at der ikke er nogle ”personlige ting fra os til dig” som jeg også bekræftede overfor ham, at der ikke er ”fra mig til dem”.

    Med denne mail vil jeg informere jer om, at jeg har gjort nøjagtig, hvad jeg har sagt og skrevet til mange medarbejdere i jobcentret, embedsmænd og politikere: At nedskrive mine daglige oplevelser med systemet med dét formål at vise, hvordan man kan etablere et endnu bedre system i fremtiden.

    Jeg har gjort dette med udgangspunkt i den ytringsfrihed, som vi alle er sikret via grundloven, og jeg har således ikke gjort noget ulovligt.

    Jeg har til punkt og prikke opfyldt alle krav, som kommunen har stillet til mig, og jeg kan her repetere:

    · Jeg er hver eneste dag mødt til tiden også hos A2B, jeg har arbejdet koncentreret og deltaget positivt i dialogen med både lærere og ledige.

    · Jeg ville fortsat være kommet dagligt hos A2B, hvis alle havde accepteret min ytringsfrihed og min tilstedeværelse.

    · Jeg har søgt fire jobs hver 14. dag, indtil slutningen af februar, hvor I besluttede at melde mig fra Jobnet. Jeg har ikke søgt flere stillinger siden – jeg går ud fra, at det må være konsekvensen af jeres beslutning, som jeg ikke har haft indflydelse på og som er en forkert beslutning.

    Jeg har således fortsat deltaget i jobsøgningskurset hos A2B, fordi I har krævet det, selvom I ikke kræver, at jeg søger jobs (!) og selvom, at jeg nu har været der dagligt i syv uger uden at lære noget, fordi jeg allerede før jeg kom, kendte til pensum og mere til – som jeg har skrevet om dagligt i mine manuskripter.

    Mit budskab er, at jeg har fulgt alle de krav, I har stillet, selvom de ikke giver mening, og fordi jeg har brugt min ytringsfrihed, har A2B nu sendt mig hjem.

    Vil I nu acceptere, at jeg fortsætter med at skrive min bog, som er dét, der er mit arbejde – som jeg har fortalt jer flere gange – og fortsat modtager kontanthjælp som en ”overlevelseshjælp”, indtil mine bøger begynder at give en indkomst?

    Jeg beder jer venligst forstå, at mit ”problem” ikke er ”ledighed” – mit eneste ”problem” er, at jeg venter på at modtage indkomst fra mine bøger og at der vil gå ”nogle uger eller måneder”, før dette sker.

    Helles brev fra i går med invitation til en samtale den 8. april for at høre om forløbet hos A2B og for at ”hjælpe dig tilbage på arbejdsmarkedet igen” vil reelt være spild af tid, men hvis I fortsat ønsker et sådant møde, kommer jeg gerne.

    Endelig vil jeg sige, at jeg i morgen vil aflevere en fysisk kopi af denne email til jer i jobcentret, fordi jeg ikke har Helles email adresse og fordi Maya hidtil ikke har reageret på mine emails.

    De venligste hilsener fra


    And the FREEDOM I received today was the freedom I dreamt about some time ago when I was in prison and the Commune freed me – so let us see how the Commune will answer my email.

    After this experience I feel RELIEVED but also sad that I will now miss the very nice people at A2B because I LOVE ALL OF YOU but I am sad that NONE of you decided to communicate with me and that you instead spoke behind my back. It seems like direct communication and HONESTY is very difficult to find in the world today and it just makes me happy that these words are included in my basic rule for the world in the future to communicate honest, open and direct. As you can see from my books I HAVE NOT MET OTHERS THAN MESHACK FULLY AND DAVID AND JOHN PARTLY FROM LTO KENYA DOING THIS SINCE I STARTED WRITING MY BOOK NO. 2. THIS IS THE SICKNESS OF THE WORLD, MY FRIENDS – this is what we will change together and thank you Obama for WHAT YOU DID and he is also thanking me for inspiration – so it goes two ways, thank you Obama.


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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