24th March 2010 – The Council: “We have never seen such a satisfied head judge”

Summary of the script today



Dreaming positive dreams from God and the Council Dreaming of servants of God singing beautifully, playing a friendly game of tennis against God, the importance of communicating about sex in a relationship, I am 99% ready, the wicked game of my mother and I in visions NEVER PLAYED and the Council concluded: ““Not one single tooth has been pulled out and we have never seen such a satisfied head judge”
Visiting the Jobcentre, relaxing and Fitness I visited the Jobcentre handing over a print out of my email, I did some shopping, I RELAXED, I tried to improve the design of my website but the Devil prevented me from doing it and I did bodybike today harder than for 1½ years.


Dreaming positive dreams from God and the Council

Tonight I slept from maybe 00.30 to 06.00 without being woken up and this is not very often happening here so it felt really good and from 06.00 to 08.00 when I decided to stand up, God continued to give me small dreams, visions, songs and “one-liners”.

Yesterday evening after speaking to Oliver, I felt the Devil stopping most torments, which had increased in this fight against A2B and I was shown visions of nice cakes and Danish pastry all evening and that was nice of course with the symbol of love, but you know IT ALSO GAVE ME SWEET-HUNGER FOR CAKES, and I don’t have much money left so I had to endure this and EVERY SINGLE TIME PEOPLE GET SWEET-HUNGER as an example YOU ARE IN DIALOGUE WITH GOD or the Devil for that matter.

The last couple of days God has played the amazing song Zombie by Cranberries for me – which totally blew me away in 1994 and still holds today – and I saw the video yesterday on VH1 and let me say I DON’T LIKE VIOLENCE BETWEEN ANY PEOPLE and the video strongly communicates the message of faith and peace. FANTASTIC SONG AND VIDEO.

And some dreams too:

  • I am together with friends who are separated into what looks like four groups, who are divided in four different gardens belonging to private houses – including Sofie’s (my old class mate). I walk together with Thomas H. and we speak as cosy together as we did years ago. The people of the groups sing beautifully in the parks and I ask one of the managers if we can visit some of the other groups in the other gardens, but this is rejected.
    • To me this looks like HARMONY between servants of God, who are still not connected and still not allowed to connect and yes WE ARE ALL HERE and yes ALSO ME and that IS YOU MOTHER BEING SAD about what the Devil wanted her to do and I see her with a white handkerchief crying and behind her I SEE A BIG ORANGE COMING and A CANON BALL WHICH ALMOST TEARED DOWN HER HOUSE – this is the EXTREME PAIN MY MOTHER HAS GONE THROUGH.
  • I am playing tennis against Flemming Bamse Jørgensen – we have a good time together, I play very well. I ask if we can use a tennis ball as a pig crossing all tennis courts and someone from another court says no, but Bamse says that he has experience of doing this from the past and it is alright with him.
    • Tennis is the game I have played against the Devil but here I sense that Bamse is the symbol of God and we now have a nice time together and the pig is MEAT to me which we would like to give all people playing tennis against the Devil.
  • I am together with a very nice lady, we like each other much but we have not slept together yet and we agree that we will make love tomorrow and I say that I sure hope that we will be able to enjoy it – and then we both agree that otherwise we need to talk and come with suggestions what to do.
    • This is an OLD message to Karen – and therefore also to the world. SEX is NOT a taboo subject, it will help you and your relations to understand how you work and what you like. Please also improve communication in this respect.
  • I hear the words “whatta man, whatta man, whatta man” from the song of the same name by Salt N Pepa.
  • I am at a fine and tidy office. I am going to take a meeting with a customer instead of Kim S. and I meet the customer, who is both Erling Erlund and Karin Riis Jørgensen in the same person and I tell them that I am the one who have produced the manual work for them. I notice that the only untidiness at the office are a few pieces of clean clothes laying on the sofa of the office.
    • We had some “important” customers and yes I DID THE WORK and KIM S. did most meetings and IF THIS WAS FAIR and OF COURSE IT WAS NOT – it was KIM BEING LAZY AND EGOCENTRIC.
    • Also a good symbol that the office is now 99% ready and from here I really don’t know what will happen – we only have ONE SHOT left you mean and yes TO BRING IN THE POWER OF THE DEVIL TO DEMONSTRATE TO THE WORLD WHICH A2B also helped increasing, so waiting on that we are.

And the last hour God kept on giving me visions and “one liners” and I wrote down some notes of this:

  • I am shown the square between Klampenborgvej and Lyngby Hovedgade and a big Christmas Tree from where the most beautiful patterns spread out – and he gives me the feeling that He/I am the Christmas Tree and that all life on Earth come from the source.
  • I listen to the song “Du kan gøre hvad du vil” by Christian and these special words: ”Du kan gøre hvad du vil, alt kan forandre sig, men du kom igennem”.
    • This song is NICE but the ORIGNAL SONG AND ALBUM BY PATRIK ISAKSSON is among the absolutely best Swedish music I have ever heard – on this album we are at the same level as Mauro Scocco in general. A TOTALLY FANTASTIC ALBUM.
  • God plays the song ”stuck with you” by Huey Lewis and gives me these special words: I can see that you are happy till the end of time”.
  • Please notice the dreams/visions today compared to yesterday – it is all about piece and goodness today and I was happy to received this one too.
  • The Council tells me that “not one single tooth has been pulled out and we have never seen such a satisfied head judge”
  • When it comes to my mother I was shown a very big can of milk, which was shaking and spilling over, but only a few centiliters of what looks like hundreds of liters were poured and this is about the wicked game, which God had planned using me and my mother in VISIONS doing the worst crime of all as real as reality and I FOUGHT IT AND I SAID: I WILL NOT ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN and this is what I did!
  • I hear the song “Don’t stop” by Fleetwood Mac and the words “Don’t stop, thinking about tomorrow” and “Yesterday’s gone, yesterday’s gone”.
  • God showed me the Football World Cup Trophy on top of the Earth – and later a forest with oranges and something about being Buddha first WHICH WILL THEN OPEN THE INNER SOUL OF THE PYRAMIDS.

And I have had much “problems” getting my CD player to work but you know when the power of the Devil decreases GOOD MUSIC PLAYS EASIER HERE AGAIN and this morning it was the greatest hits of the Clash and we know A TOTALLY FAVOURITE ORCHESTRA OF MINE and yes after 90 minutes of work I am done with my work today and now I have almost no money and no family, girlfriend or friends – and people don’t react on my writings so my dear friends GOD IS TOTALLY ALONE IN THE WORLD – and we know then it is good that I have extensive experience in being alone from most of my life!

Visiting the Jobcentre, relaxing and Fitness

This morning I went to the Jobcentre as planned yesterday to print out and to ask the receptionist to give my email to Maja from yesterday both to Maja and Helle to be sure that they had received it (!) – and it included a copy of my email to A2B from the day before yesterday. I also met Jens Erik briefly and again LOTS OF SMILES and Torben was there from the park and we also said hello.

I did some shopping using some of my last money this month, and it would have been nice to take a cup of coffee and a cake somewhere but I cannot afford it and therefore I went home again and yes sat by myself with no more work to do and no people around me – this is how life is when people don’t understand – so I downloaded some more music and relaxed, did nothing and vacuum cleaned and relaxed some more and no I did not hear from the Commune today so probably not an easy decision to find out in what system they can place me instead of using their simple logic and yes LISTEN and UNDERSTAND.

I also tried to improve the design of my homepage with a fancy counter, which can show all visitors on my website divided by country and it works on other websites, in works in my HTML editor but it does not work on my website because the Devil is also working here CUTTING the HTML Code when I save the website and yes my friends THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING I CAN DO, I have tried several times and NO it is not because I don’t know how to do it and yes I AM 100% absolutely sure and yes there is no special problem with Microsoft Live spaces and yes checked that one too on another site and yes THE DEVIL CUTS THE HTML CODE (!) and just telling you that this is one of many examples of how the Devil is working here – and yes HE IS WORKING ELECTRONICALLY ALL OVER THE WORLD TOO as God is too but that is another story.

Later in the day I went to Fitness World Valby and I was not very motivated to do Yoga and Bodybike – but you know I have both God and the Devil inside of me SPIRITUALLY and even when I am in control of the Devil and he is “nice” he is still “there” giving me a physical not nice feeling – almost like everything is done against the wind, this is the physical feeling and the best way I can describe it – but I started the Yoga and I like this teacher and her classes and often God tells me that now I have cleaned my aura from this and that and after 40 minutes he told me that my aura was now cleaned from “the attacks” from people at A2B being negative and not able to control their feelings – this is how it works, this negativity comes as direct attacks on me by the Devil, see earlier descriptions of this. And after Yoga I had really no motivation to do bodybike but I started doing it and after 10 minutes I was told that I now started giving energy again TO MY FAMILY/”friends” WHO HAS THIS NEED – and my friends and I believe I have written before that you should really focus on the content of this book and not on your hurt feelings.

I was also told today that if I did not continue doing Yoga the Devil would be so powerful right now because of my surrounding that the old threat with my spiritual mother and I would be carried out now.

Today I did the hardest bodybike I believe I have done for 1½ years and it was a FANTASTIC feeling and we know ALMOST TO THE EDGE OF FAINTING and this is the level I like when I do my best – and of course never above the limit.

This evening when writing these lines Microsoft Word broke down again and it only shows that some people don’t like what I write – and have not yet understood the importance of the purpose of the book – and let me say here that I have decided to write both on professional and private matters in this book BECAUSE IT IS OF IMPORTANCE TO TEACH THE WORLD. I have written about private matters too as I would not write about normally if it was not because of this purpose and as I have written earlier in this book I ask people not to do the same as I have done.


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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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