25th March 2010 – My fight to be reborn to save the world in utmost distress

Summary of the script today



Dreams of a strong Devil because of the Commune!

First A2B and now I am fighting the Commune too and this is why the Devil again today is strong – or trying to be strong – giving me dreams of a bomb in the basement he would like to ignite, about the risk of losing my apartment, guns, pirates and other symbols of the THREATS he gives. About the slandering and deriding of me and people NOT UNDERSTANDING MY FIGHT FOR FREEDOM

Also dreams of Kim S. giving impossible time limits, “good explanations” not necessarily the truth and not keeping promises and good dreams about the importance of SETTING YOUR SELF FREE FROM TYRANNY, a train leaving without me and Zorro fighting for freedom for people as I do.



The sad POLITICS of Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune You are entitled to receive cash help if you do nothing five hours per day at A2B, but if you are at home working, you are normally not allowed to receive cash help UNLESS the Commune accepts that this is my WORK. This is a SAD system.
I have tried to make a world listen in vain – this is why the world will see the worst disaster ever Through my daily scripts and many people I have tried to make a world listen to and understand me about the judgment coming but my efforts have MOSTLY been in vain, only few understand. This is why a RELUCTANT God and Council are preparing to carry out the worst disaster mankind has ever seen. “What do you do when tears and words are not enough”?
A symbol of my LIBRARY opening The power of the Devil started decreasing somewhat and God gave me the idea to go to the library to borrow music – and it was a symbol of my own library opening to me when I step by step will be lifted up as God in this life.


Dreams of a strong Devil because of the Commune!

My night was really not good so today is close to a new day of being “tired” and this is now because how the Commune is reacting on what happened at A2B – this is what is coming to me this way.

Some dreams:

  • I am told half sleeping that it is not mine in the basement, “it is me who first will release the safety catch and thereafter ignite it”.
    • This is a “dream” of the Devil speaking – nothing less and probably a bomb. And dreaming he is.
  • I see myself as a boy sneaking unnoticed into a house and underneath the bed – I feel that a friendly servant knows I am there – I see other servants who ask for bribes and I see television channels.
    • Probably only a dream saying that I am hiding from the Devil at the moment.
  • It is 8.30 in the morning, Kim S. asks me to bicycle to PFA to hear what a meeting at 9.00 the same morning is about, to come back to him and to return to PFA to hold the meeting for him. It is about economy and I am told to hold a presentation about the financials of Kim’s business – Kim tells me the highlights including a loan of 11.149 million DKK, which has something to do with his former partner Jørgen, and Kim tells me not to get involved with this and he gives me a “good explanation” to tell PFA that the loan is absolutely no problem for his company, and he tells me that I am not going to become a partner of the company anyway, which surprises me because two years ago he promised me to become a partner within three years. I meet Preben shortly and he tells me that the big loan is critical and that it may cost the existence of Kim’s company. I go to PFA and give the presentation and afterwards no one is interested, but I see different actuaries etc. who belongs to a special network and I see that people of this network should deliver work but because they are lazy, they are late.
    • This is a dream about IMPOSSIBLE time limits, which Kim was a MASTER in giving me when I worked for him because he was unstructured about what he agreed with customers and he kept forgetting his agreements and it was normally my job to “save” him when this happened working my best with simply IMPOSSIBLE deadlines – which STRESSED ME and ANNOYED ME INCREDIBLY so that was NOT nice Kim!
    • Kim was also a MASTER giving good explanations when he needed people to “understand” and of course the explanation which suited Kim the best and not always the truth, Kim!
    • In this dream Kim backs down from a promise and yes Kim THIS IS ALSO YOU – one could never be sure if you kept your promises and IT ANNOYED ME INCREDIBLY and we know KIM YOU ARE VERY BRIGHT but these “gifts” of yours were given with one purpose only: TO ANNOY ME and yes TORMENT me and that was really what you did Kim for years and of course HE COULD HAVE DECIDED TO DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY but this is DIFFICULT when the Devil is SO STRONG!
    • The speech which Kim prepared me for is just like in Africa where it is VERY NORMAL that LEADERS will give a speech and we know WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT THEY TALK ABOUT and yes “that’s life” today.
  • I see myself getting off the train at Espergærde and before there is time to stamp my train card, the train leaves without me.
    • The old symbol about the train journey here continuing without me and here I see it as a life without suffering.
  • “A character murder is a reality, Zorro fights for freedom”.
    • Already yesterday when doing Yoga I was shown a pattern which looked like a Z and I thought of Mogens Glistrup and Marzipan bread, which is my symbol of NEVER GIVE UP and I thought of Zorro too and this came back to me here because ZORRO FOUGHT FOR THE PEOPLE AGAINST TYRANNIC RULERS and yes A VERY GOOD SYMBOL and I LIKE TO DO THE SAME and WHAT ABOUT YOU and yes NO MORE TRAINS and yes and yes and yes – I see the Devil working my way even though he is strong – we know STIG THE DEVIL HAS BEEN VERY STRONG THIS MORNING and yes THE WHOLE NIGHT and BECAUSE OF THE COMMUNE and what will they do about somebody like me? Will they accept that I am working at home on welfare, will they decide to take the cash help from me or “force” me to do something else and we know NOT EASY FOR YOU TO FIT ME INTO ONE OF YOUR SYSTEMS and LET US SEE WHAT THEY COME UP WITH.
    • How many of my family, friends, ex-colleagues, the Commune, park, A2B, Pastors, Selvet etc. are slandering and deriding me – or have done that – how many of you have “murdered” me when speaking of me to others and how many of you have read and started to understand my fight for YOUR FEEDOM AND HAPPINESS and how many of you have contacted me directly? YOU ARE SEING THE WORLD GOING UNDER and this is ONE OF THE REASONS WHY THE JUDGMENT IS COMING, because of this BEHAVIOUR!
  • I think of an island and my thoughts go to the island of Endelave and we know Stig – not easy to unite two companies Danke Forsikringsmæglere and Aon in 1995 with two different cultures where I was a COMPETITOR for some people at Aon because of my PROFESIONALISM and the company never became what it could have been because of PERSONAL EGOS – and God played the song “Sæt fri” by Sanne Salomonsen and the words “Sæt fri, sæt dig fri, fri fra dine egne grænsers tyranni” and this is really to say to people DON’T FIGHT FOR POWER, which I saw in this company between Kim and Niels, Kim and Torben and also on the next level, which I was on – but I don’t believe I participated myself in this fight of power, it was not on my agenda.
    • This album by Sanne IS HER MOST FANTASTIC which I ENJOY VERY MUCH and IT IS EQUALLY AS GOOD but different to the best of the albums by Sneakers.
  • I am at Danske Bank Frihavn branch and Heidi wants to declare me homeless, but I tell her that I have been to the national register and received a receipt for my admission but she is about to enter this information into the system, which could give me trouble, and I say that I have the receipt and when I look after it in my wallet, I find a receipt for cleaning Benta’s dress and Heidi tells me that she cannot remember what she has in her wallet and I say that this is no problem to me, but I do have difficulties finding the receipt.
    • This is only the Devil again speculating in what will happen if the Commune should take away my cash help and if I cannot afford to pay my rent.
  • I see Lars Muhl saying ”something is wrong” and I think of the name of his former rock band, which was called “warm guns”
    • Gun is just another symbol of the Devil and THANK YOU LARS FOR FOLLOWING YOUR HEART and YOUR TRUE SPIRITUAL GIFT.
  • I hear the song “Pas på den knaldrøde gummibåd” and we know a threat from the Devil and here it is suffering and the old threat of my mother and I REALLY DON’T CARE – DO YOUR BEST and THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO!
  • I see a romantic movie and the actor is Johnny Depp and I think of his role in Pirates of the Caribbean and we know THE DEVIL SHOWED HIMSELF A LOT THIS NIGHT.
  • I see a red bus winking, and the noise of the winking is giving to me physically by God at the right side of my head (!) – funny he is, and two meanings of this also seeing and thinking of Rikke H here – and again a threat about my mother because red is the colour of the Devil and bus means “love”.
  • I see a nice hotel and Holger Danske and I am told that no one has seen Holger Danske liberated yet and that this is my fight to be born.
    • To those few of you READING and UNDERSTANDING MY SCRIPTS: THANK YOU J. But I would like to ask why have you not spread my word to the world with all of your energy and best efforts? Is it because you don’t want to be made look like a fool? Do you think this is better than to be terminated because MY DEAR FRIENDS: NONE OF YOU HAVE DECIDED TO SUPPORT ME PUBLICLY – AND YOU HAVE REALLY NOT SPREAD MY WORD THE BEST YOU CAN and the consequence is that I HAVE FOUGHT MY BATTLE TO SURVIVE IN PRACTISE ALONE and IT COULD HAVE COST MY LIFE, WHICH WOULD HAVE COST THE EXISTENCE OF MANKIND – PLEASE READ THESE WORDS AGAIN: NONE OF YOU HAVE DONE ANYTHING SERIOUSLY TO HELP ME AND IT COULD HAVE COST THE EXISTENCE OF MANKIND – because “keeping up appearances is more important”. I give my special thank yous to the LTO team in Kenya and to Morten from Selvet, who showed COURAGE.
  • So this is really what I am doing, these battles with the Devil – where people cannot understand and will not accept that they are under the influence of the Devil – are really my battles to get REBORN and this is what I am going through and how many of you my readers are with me when I write this and how many have supported me in this fight and let us see I HAVE THE LTO TEAM IN KENYA and THREE OF THEM AT LEAST and let us see who else and yes my family should be here but no and what about closest friends and KAREN for that matter and NO AND NO AND NO because PERSONAL FEELINGS and EGOCENTRIC NEEDS are more important than giving birth to STIG AS CHRIST and this is really the story of today.

    (Here is a picture of Holger Danske in my book, which you can download from Sunday evening, and I have used HOURS to find out how to insert pictures on my blog and the answer is simply that The Devil has made it impossible!)

    Text to the missing picture: Holger Danske on Kronborg Castle in Heslingør, Denmark, is a legendary figure and Son of a King

    The sad POLITICS of Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune

    This morning I was thinking about the POLICY of the commune that it is alright to put people together without their will at a course at A2B, where approx. 8 out of 10 don’t do nothing but if you stay at home WORKING – even though I don’t work full time now for the first time in a long time – you will not be entitled to receive cash help according to this Commune – because then I am not ACTIVATED and then I am UNEMPLOYED according to the OFFICIAL RULES – and I was thinking what are the TRUE COSTS OF SENDING people to A2B as an example WHEN YOU LOOK AT PEOPLE WHO WORK SERIOUSLY HERE and I am thinking about THE PRICE PER EFFECTIVE WORK PER MONTH AND PER HOUR HERE and WILL IT BE SOMETHING LIKE 100,000 DKK PER UNEMPLOYED PER MONTH WORKING SERIOUSLY when you include all costs for all unemployed here also those not working, teachers, premises etc. and when you look at the costs of the commune and I AM WONDERING how can RESPONSIBLE MANAGERS AT THIS COMMUNE – and YES it is like this everywhere – THROW OUT ALL OF THESE RESOURCES AND MONEY GETTING VERY LITTLE OR NOTHING and LETTING THIS HAPPEN WITHOUT IMPROVING THE SYSTEM and I am thinking about THE VALIDITY OF REPORTS A2B GIVE THE COMMUNES and yes I AM ONLY THINKING HERE about THE WORST SYSTEM I HAVE EVER SEEN – and I am thinking of the Government and Civil Servants and yes you think you are a success but in my eyes you are a failure and to ILLUSTRATE ALL OF THIS I HAD THE DIRECTOR OF HILLERØD COMMUNE PETER ZAHLEKJÆR – who received my memo in November 2009 without doing anything – DISMISSED this month and when I say “I” here it is not STIG as a physical person BUT MY OWN SPIRITUAL I – and you know JESUS and GOD IN THIS LIFE.

    I have tried to make a world listen in vain – this is why the world will see the worst disaster ever

    Late this morning the Council played the song “Hold me now” by Johnny Logan and he gave me these special lyrics: “What do you do when tears and words are not enough” and I was told that this is why I HAVE TRIED MY ABSOLUTELY BEST TO MAKE THE WORLD FIND ME, LISTEN TO ME AND UNDERSTAND ME but MOST PEOPLE LAUGH AT ME OR SHAKE THEIR HEAD IN DISBELIEF WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING and this is the reason why WE ARE SORRY THAT WE NEED TO ACT AS THE DEVIL ALL OF US AND I SEE POLLE HERE PUSHING A BOAT ALONG THE MØLLEÅEN (the local mill stream in Lyngby) saying that HERE IS MY BOAT and he hands it over to me as the tree in the wood (my symbol) BECAUSE I DON’T WANT TO DO IT as he says and we know NONE OF THE COUNCIL MEMBERS WANTS TO DO IT but YOU MUST DO IT BECAUSE THIS IS TO SAVE THE WORLD and yes TO CARRY OUT THE DISASTER I HAVE BEEN SPEAKING ABOUT FOR SOME TIME and NOW YOU KNOW WHY WE HAVE DECIDED TO POSTPONE IT FOR A LITTLE WHILE HOPING THAT A MIRACLE MADE BY MAN WOULD HAPPEN BUT NO IT DID NOT.

    And I was shown a vision where I saw a family sitting outside on a terrace being swallowed by a great gulf opening and THIS WILL BE THE WORST DISASTER MANKIND HAS EVER SEEN.

    A symbol of my LIBRARY opening

    The Devil was strong this morning – and also because I AM “TIRED”TODAY which would be VERY TIRED for most people – but late this morning God said that THINGS ARE IMPROVING and yes WHAT CAN THE COMMUNE DO and NO DECISION YET and WE WILL HAVE TO SEE IN THE BEGINNING OF NEXT WEEK but he gave me the MOST OBVIOUS IDEA I HAVE NOT THOUGHT ABOUT myself (!) which was to go to the local library because here in Denmark you can borrow music on libraries and yes IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND DANISH MUSIC IN CD QUALITY ON THE INTERNET and MISSED THAT MUCH yes TDC I AM NOT HAPPY WITH MP3 quality and this is why I don’t use your “service” of millions of free songs and probably all or most Danish music included – THIS IS THE IMPORTANCE OF QUALITY TO ME – and when I arrived and opened the door to the fine library GOD SAID TO ME THAT THIS IS LIKE COMING HOME to my own library – this is what this symbol is meaning TO GIVE ACCESS TO MY OWN LIBRARY as God and yes ONE STEP AT A TIME and we will have to see when he believes I have done what I need to do and hopefully it will not take long because I have waited on this to happen for many months and days not knowing what the train journey would include and when it would end.

    At the library I borrowed approx. 10 CD’s and DVD’s and I WAS VERY HAPPY TO SEE THAT THE LAST ALBUM BY ETTA CAMERON WAS THERE TOO and that NO OTHER USERS HAD BORROWED IT – which I was surprised to see – and I AM LOOKING VERY MUCH FORWARD TO LISTENING TO IT but you know THE DEVIL HAS BLOCKED MY CD PLAYER THIS AFTERNOON and we know when the power of the Devil decreases it will start to work again and yes SEEN THAT FOR APPROX. 18-24 months we have here!

    I used the afternoon to watch TALK TALK LIVE FROM MONTREAUX borrowed from the library and JACK I REMEMBER YOU SHOWED ME TALK TALK and I WAS ALMOST CRYING TODAY BECAUSE OF THE BEAUTY of the music and THE ABSOLUTELY ASTONISHING TALENT AND VOICE OF MARK HOLLIS – and Mark WHY DID YOU RETIRE and why did you completely change musical direction and yes I WAS WITH YOU FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE END including all albums and still today and yes I KNOW WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A “LAUGHING STOCK” and it is really “such a shame” you retired and THIS IS MY FAVOURITE OF ALL OF YOURS – and IT IS STILL AS AMAZING AND FRESH AS WHEN I HEARD IT THE FIRST TIME – A SIMPLY AMAZING SONG.

    And even though I could feel that things are improving this afternoon, I was also told that “it is not all over” and I was shown a very big bird just outside the window – and it was physical without being there and yes THIS IS ALSO IN THE POWER OF GOD and this BIRD WAS NOT A NICE BIRD and we know SAW AN EVEN WORSE GIANT BLACK BIRD – thinking of the one from Avatar too – when I had the fight with Selvet and yes more to read about this phenomenon somewhere in my book no. 1.


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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