27th March 2010 – My family and friends suffer, but I am still the one suffering the most

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of family and friends suffering Dreaming of my family and Karen still suffering, about missing communication between my mother and John, love and suffering in relation to Karen, I have never played better golf (writing this book), there is a small break at the moment, colleagues need to communicate open and direct to develop each other, Rikke H. is not feeling good about me, Karen and Sanna likewise and Sanna may have shared a GUESS on why I have not had a girlfriend for five years without knowing of course, and I am still playing music (writing) and going through the worst sufferings of all.
A game of fraud or no fraud by the Council? Yesterday the Council told me about the fraud they carry out disguised with kindness to Filip from Selvet and later they started being kind wishing me congratulations on my fight with A2B and the Commune – is this fraud too and the signals show me that it is not.


Dreaming of family and friends suffering

This night I slept a little bit better but first after I continued having many dreams and many disturbances in the beginning of the night and I decided that I did not want to write all down, and this gave me a break of approx. four hours until the next dream came so I am happy that you still listen to me up there or in there or wherever you are and we know THE FOURTH DIMENSION this is where we are!

Some dreams:

  • I am at a road and I see my family freezing like many other people. I go for help. My family lives in a camp together with Karen. My mother says that all people loves John, that he thinks of them and do good, and I cannot remember the details from the dream but the message is that he is not telling the truth to my mother, he is not to be trusted. It is cold outside with a lot of snow, my mother tells Karen that they have to accept that they don’t lay comfortable when sleeping at tents in the camp. I hear the song, which is VERY special to my mother and John: Somewhere over the rainbow.
    • This is only showing that COMMUNICATION between John and my mother is STILL not working and John: WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO HIDE? The dream also shows coldness as SUFFERING and the tents are a sign of ORIGINAL PEOPLE and yes THE COUNCIL and this is how THE COUNCIL IS COMING HOME and we know the rest of the family too.
  • I see two Danish ice creams: A Champagnebrus and a Filur and they have two meanings CHAMPAGNE is celebration – and Filur is also the name of the band including Pernille Rosendahl playing that song at Hifi Klubben some weeks ago as my love song to Karen and ICE is really only saying that I am still put on ice by Karen and yes SUFFERING and yes KAREN this is what you and I are but you know IF YOU READ MY BOOKS CONCENTRATED YOU WOULD UNDERSTAND and yes THEN I AM SURE THAT WE WOULD BE IN CONTACT AGAIN and this is how it is.
  • I see Camilla’s father John paying a lot of money for somebody’s train journey, I walk with him to the golf course, where we meet Peter A. who is coordinating several teams of managers who are going to play golf together and one of them ask me if it is true that I am no good playing and I say that there is something about it. They start playing and I decide to play alone following them, and I start the first hole by using six strikes and I improve and play the best I have ever played the first 9 holes, where I catch up on the team of managers at the hole in front of me. At hole 10 I meet a Dutch family, who cuts in just before me and it means that I will have to wait a little bit before the game continues. I see that hole 10 is a par three hole of 110 metres and I think that this is perfect for my iron no. 9.
    • You cannot pay to escape the train journey, which all people of the world will go through. My golf playing is really only to say that I am doing my best work also taking the length of the work and my sufferings into account – and that I am now holding a break before God will let the game continue, and the next strike will be with iron no. 9 and MY LUCKY NUMBER IS NO. 9 so thank you for this.
  • I hear the song “who’s gonna ride your wild horses” by U2 and the song continues with the special lyrics here: “You are an accident waiting to happen”.
    • Remember the story of the coming disaster?
  • am a new sales manager at a company and I enter the office of the marketing manager and I say to him that I would like us to challenge each other in order to develop each other and I sense that he is surprised but he understands and accepts and I tell him that when I enter the office he should not continue looking at his computer, but look at me instead and that it is all about attitude.
    • Communication, personal development and you know following my basic rules is also important when working together and of course ALWAYS WITH A POSTIVE/OBJECTIVE AGENDA.
  • I hear the song “ein bisschen frieden” by Nicole with these special words: “Det er en simpel symfoni”.
  • I see a Danish S-train driving sharply to the left.
  • I hear the song “Hey, did you happen to see the most beautiful girl in the world?” by Charlie Rich.
  • I see Rikke H. dressed up and drinking in Helsingør and later she arrives to Copenhagen – she is out partying. I am eating three different kind of ice creams, Rikke H. is eating a little bit of it, I am now at my sister’s house and I would like to save the ice cream in a freezer and when I look at Niklas room I see a refrigerator but the closet next to this is not a freezer, but filled with candy. I get the feeling that Tobias does not have a freezer and I decide to use Sanna’s freezer instead. I hear music at medium volume and I decide to turn it down thinking that it may wake up Sanna at the next room. Later she tells me that I can boil my trousers at 100 degrees but that this may spoil the badge.
    • Rikke H. is partying but inside of her she is not feeling good about this book.
    • I am still the one eating the most ice cream and going through the most difficult sufferings. Just so you know.
    • My sister is suffering because of my music, which is this book and again I wish it could be different but Sanna, the story is the same, this is the way to wake you up to do what you are meant to do in your life.
    • I have learned that trousers have to do with a relationship and when somebody spoil the badge of my trousers it really must mean Sanna that YOU MAY HAVE TOLD FRIENDS AND OTHERS ABOUT YOUR THOUGHTS OF ME and why I don’t have a girlfriend and Sanna NO I HAVE NEVER HAD A DESIRE FOR MEN, never ever but you know God has worked directly against me and when you read this book you will see that I have had an almost magical attraction on some women but despite of this THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING I CAN DO because it was not meant for me to experience happiness and yes SEVERAL EXAMPLES OF THIS IN MY BOOK.

A game of fraud or no fraud by the Council?

Before publishing my email to A2B God gave me an idea that it would take all week until Friday before my sufferings would end and yesterday afternoon he said something to me about Filip from Selvet and how easy it is to be attracted to the nice spiritual and fraudulent voices in his situation without asking questions and when the clock became 16.00 yesterday the Council started being positive and wished me congratulations etc. and all yesterday evening and a little bit today they have planted this doubt inside of me – am I listening to fraudulent voices telling me things are good, when things are no good if people are still working directly against me or are things really good and this is only one example of how God and the Council ALL OF THE TIME have given me SPECULATIONS about what about this or that and what will he and her think and what are they doing or will they do and you know ALL OF THE TIME and yes not the easiest I have gone through and there is really nothing I can do and this is why I have said to myself: I DON’T CARE because I will not find out what is the truth starting to think and speculate and yes this is how it is also today and I can only say that the dreams are pretty ok tonight and when I thought of this, I heard on live radio P4 this morning the host saying “Det er H Y G G E L I G T” like my mother said approx. 30 years ago and yes here it was a GOOD signal and they continued speaking with the voice of the Council saying that they did not want to speak about the weather today because it is raining and this is also how we communicate. Furthermore the Devil is not very strong this morning, but he is there the CD player is still not working (!), Microsoft Word is not breaking down and I have decided that I will take these signals positively that we are going in the right direction and that I am ready before the deadline – and still thinking about what the Commune will do next week I am.

You can see on the length of the scripts at the moment that I am going through a break – today I could have visited the open air museum in Lyngby, which I have been thinking about visiting with old Danish farms, but today I decided not to go again because the weather was not the best and because I have really not made plans – I have never thought it is very interesting to go on museums etc. alone, but I might follow up after the weekend.


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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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