28th March 2010 – Preparing to invite people to my party using the tool of the Devil

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of preparing to invite people to my party using the tool of the Devil Dreaming of Pia Kjærsgaard’s special attitude given to her by God, the riffle as a tool of the Devil given to me from a bus as a symbol of love – this is what the Devil is about: A TOOL OF LOVE TO TEACH PEOPLE TO IMPROVE, I am preparing my party to invite people to my future kingdom and when I am lifted up myself I will CALL Karen and Denis as examples to be lifted up too, my mother has unwillingly kept me suffering because she CANNOT understand me and MY DEAR FAMILY YOU COULD EASILY HAVE UNDERSTOOD ME if you decided to follow my recommendations, saving on my budget eating the cheapest meat is part of the school I am going through to write this book, I still play music from the best stereo equipment at medium volume and that is WRITING THIS BOOK without compromises.
The “FANTASTIC” final of X factor yesterday At the FINAL of the X factor show yesterday the JUDGES AND OTHERS KEPT ON SAYING “FANTASTIC” with the voice of the Council, which was the Council’s feedback to me on the work I have done writing this book showing a SELFISH WORLD of people who don’t UNDERSTAND or HELP other people as they should. The show also included a message of love from Karen to me: LOOK DEEP INSIDE OF YOU KAREN AND YOU WILL FIND IT WHERE I HAVE PLACED IT – and a FAIRY TALE of Caroline too.
A difficult week ending fine What was a very difficult week too ended fine when I did my best exercising despite not feeling physically able and planning next week including FREE cultural events. The Devil was strong yesterday evening but lost strength because of this decision of mine, otherwise the Devil would increase the strength bringing me to my knees – this is the small margin between success and what I call failure despite of the both sadness in my family as I see and smiles too because of what I have done.


Dreaming of preparing to invite people to my party using the tool of the Devil

Tonight was an almost “almost alright” night with the following dreams:

  • I am at a café together with Pia Kjærsgaard and others. She has received an idea of cutting and pasting from two different systems and she comes to me and asks if I can put it together and I say yes and see myself writing and other people think “this is perfect”. In the dream I feel that Pia Kjærsgaard is part of myself and that she is born with a special intelligence.
    • Let me say that there are elements of what Pia Kjærsgaard, the Danish right wing politician, does that I like – her attitude of helping people in need, but the BIG problem is her almost world famous attitude of resistance against immigrants and refugees, which I have written about before and which makes her help Danes on the cost of people suffering much more abroad – and here I get the feeling that GOD HAS MADE A SPECIAL PLAN WITH PIA and we know all of us WE ARE STILL HERE and ALMOST NO TRAIN WHISTLE WHEN YOU DECIDE TO DO EXERCISE TODAY and yes CULTURE NEXT WEEK – just to say that the Council played a STRONG role of the Devil yesterday evening making every minute very difficult FORCING THOUGHTS OF SEX CONSTANTLY ON ME WHICH WERE NOT MINE – this is how it works when you have another soul inside of you (!) and TRUST me I would do everything to avoid it if I could – AND THE OLD “GAME” I HAVE FOUGHT WITH MY LIFE TO AVOID ALMOST STARTED and all of this you know BECAUSE OF A LUSTFUL WORLD and yesterday more because I have not yet followed what God and the Council have set up for me to do when it comes to start enjoying culture and not to relax too much at home – and I will start doing this when I am ready and here it is the old fight on my freedom taken away from me, which I HAVE NEVER ACCEPTED and here TIME and ENERGY is also of importance!
    • So we are doing fine all of us – and yes STILL A PART OF MY SCHOOL it is and yes THE TRAIN JOURNEY.
  • I hear a well known song with the words “when I wake up”.
  • I am driving a bus where I meet my old good friend Martin I. from Commercial school. He is getting off and he has a riffle with him – I tell him to leave the riffle for me at the bus stop, which he does and then I will get off at the next bus stop to get it.
    • The riffle is a tool of the Devil and here it comes from the bus, which is the symbol of love and with this I say that the Devil is a tool of love which is used RELUCTANTLY by God and the Council when it is needed to teach people.
  • I call Karen – Denis picks up the telephone and puts me through to Karen. I ask her what suit she would like to see me wearing, but she cannot remember my suits. I am at a house approx. 50 kilometres away and I am going home. I come to Sanna’s and Hans’ house and they are going to another party together with Tobias. I am going to leave myself for a party and ask if they have two cars, so I can borrow one of them and they say yes. I call Karen again and tell her that I will come by to deliver a film roll and Sanna talks loudly in order for Karen to hear, I cannot remember what she said but it is a message given with love. I think of asking Karen how she is doing knowing that I am her future husband.
    • God CALLS people to wake them up so I guess that this dream is to say that I need to be lifted up first before I can CALL Karen and Denis as examples to lift them up too – or to install the CODE OF LOVE with other words inside of them.
    • I am not sure what the suit is about but if you are going to a party you would like to look your best and yes WHEN THERE ARE ALMOST ONLY FEW VISITORS AT MY WEBSITE IT MEANS THAT I AM PREPARING MY PARTY FOR FUTURE GUESTS and at the moment Sanna, Hans and Tobias are not invited to my party and we know OUR FUTURE KINGDOM.
  • I see my mother at a canal holding me under water.
    • This is what my mother has done – kept me and also herself for that matter under water, which is SUFFERING and MUCH MORE THAN NEEDED (!) – because she CANNOT understand me and JOHN and my dear family HOW MUCH HAVE YOU DONE TO REALLY TRY TO UNDERSTAND ME to first of all help us to restore our relation because just maybe the worst suffering my mother is going through is NOT to see her SON anymore and will she see him again before she dies – this is what I am told she is also thinking and I can hardly keep the tears away and this is the Council giving me the tears of my mother and John I have several times recommended you to read and understand and also to communicate honestly with my mother about your thoughts – BUT HAVE YOU FOLLOWED MY RECOMMENDATIONS or have you taken the WRONG decisions in the WOLF HOUR? Do you remember?
  • I am at Netto in Espergærde shopping centre and I only have very little money left and cannot afford to buy four steaks which is 139 DKK. But a man inside Netto borrows me a little money and I buy the steaks. Outside the centre I cannot find my bicycle. And the meat is also gone and I get the feeling that I have now forgotten it at the refrigerator at the school. I see myself playing football with gloves in freezing temperatures.
    • Just saying that this is part of the plan for me to live on a small budget and except from once since November, I have only bought the cheapest meat (almost without variation) of 30-40 DKK per kilo – and from this dream you see what would happen if I decided to live a “normal life” now, which is that I will not be able to continue my transport to meet God – the steaks are kept away from me at my school, which is the symbol of writing my experiences in this book while going through suffering, which the symbol of coldness is showing.
    • I might in April buy some of the cheapest steaks I can find because I miss it – maybe at a Halal butcher and LET ME HERE SAY THAT I SUPPORT SLAUGTERING OF ANIMALS WITHOUT ANY PAIN AT ALL and God or the Council don’t tell me but I have read that in Denmark ALL animals are drugged before they are slaughtered but I am no expert on this area and WE KNOW WE HAVE NOT TOLD YOU and this is ONLY STIG SAYING THIS.
  • Someone close to me turns on my stereo equipment at middle volume 6 and I think it is fantastic. I cannot remember the details of the dream but it is about giving a cake but not receiving a cake.
    • Still playing music of the finest quality and that is communicating and writing this book with a message of love to people, which the cake symbolises, but I receive no love from other people and yes MAYBE BECAUSE OF MANY MISUNDERSTANDINGS and how difficult is it to see that this book is all about love to mankind?
  • I hear the song “why does it always rain on me” by Travis.
    • An old favourite of mine – again on suffering – and I remember when Travis and Coldplay started another new wave of music in the nineties bringing back my favourite music in new bottling. I like the music of both groups much even though they are not on my top 100.
  • The “FANTASTIC” final of X factor yesterday

    Late yesterday evening the Danish final of X factor ended – and THIS IS THE BIGGEST FINAL OF ANY X FACTOR SHOW ON EARTH playing at the NATIONAL STADIUM IN FRONT OF 40,000 PEOPLE and we know Stig JUST A SYMBOL OF FOOTBALL (game between God and the Devil) OF COURSE – and we were here there and everywhere and here are some examples of where the Council spoke to me:

    Remee said about Jesper:

    ”Det som rent faktisk har været den største ÅBENBARING i Jespers udvikling det er den vildskab og fuldstændig FANTASTISKE gennemførte performer, han har vist sig at være”.

    THIS WAS THE THEME OF THE EVENING: FIRST THE WORD “ÅBENBARING” (“REVELATION”) AND THEN THE WORD “FANTASTIC” because the judge Soulshock continued saying FANTASTIC several times and Remee drew EXTRA ATTENTION TO THIS WORD when he said that he would not say “FANTASTIC” himself as Soulshock did but as you can see from the show this meant that PEOPLE CONTINUED SAYING “FANTASTIC” – even when they said they would not because THEY COULD NOT HELP THEMSELVES, THEY WERE “NOT ALLOWED” to say “FANTASTIC” but all of them including Remee repeatedly did and the meaning of this is really the feedback from the Council to me about my PERFORMANCE and thank you my dear friends – it was very nice of you to tell me this way when you have not told me directly except from showing cakes as symbol of love, giving good dreams etc.

    Through Pernille – you know the SPECIAL judge here – I was told that Karen still feels love to me when she said “Det er stadigvæk ubetinget kærlighed jeg har til dig” and here we say LOOK DEEP INSIDE OF YOU KAREN because WE KNOW WHAT THIS MAN MEANS TO YOU and IF YOU CAN CUT THROUGH ALL OF YOUR NEGATIVE EMOTIONS, then what is left IS PURE LOVE FOR THIS MAN – REMEMBER THE PUCINI OPERA, WINE, OUR DIALOGUE AND HOLDING HANDS? You have the memories of me still.

    Later Remee spoke about Caroline when he said: “Med alt hvad hun har været igennem er hun en ren H. C. Andersen historie” and you may remember the fairy tale of “the ugly duck”? This is what this was about. And these are few examples only.

    The reason why the Council said FANTASTIC was simply because my book shows a SELFISH world NOT UNDERSTANDING OR HELPING for example the suffering people in Africa and they said to me “because we have called for help all of the time and no one reacts – this is how the world is today”. THIS IS WHAT THIS BOOK IS SHOWING and WITH THIS I AM GOING TO WIN BACK MY CHILDREN!

    And the Council also gave me lines from a well known song “so where do you belong” and we know all of us you are not doomed because you are the judge and from here to the world we will only say: Congratulations on your survival but it is not because of you, it is because of one man only.

    Because the Devil was tormenting me yesterday – see earlier of the script today – after X factor and before going to bed one of the members of the Council showed himself to me diving and coming up to the surface, where he delivered a fish at the shore at the foot of a mountain, he very quickly drank a glass of Champagne and dived again saying “we are in control of time”.

    So this is the feeling we had yesterday – the Council are suffering when playing the Devil and they are celebrating what we have done but they are still tormenting me because of my decision so far not to be more active when it comes to culture – I decided to use some days building up energy – and we know WE HAVE ALREADY WRITTEN ABOUT THIS so NO I AM NOT FALLING DOWN FROM THE LINE I AM BALANCING ON because we know I HAVE DECIDED THAT I WILL GO ALL THE WAY THROUGH and we know I WILL NOT BE ACTIVE EVERY SINGLE DAY TO WATCH A NEW MUSEUM JUST BECAUSE YOU TELL ME – I WILL DO IT “MY WAY” and I have not decided yet but maybe a couple of times next week and yes THIS IS WHAT I WILL DO and THEN BE IT.

    A difficult week ending fine

    Today it is Sunday and like last Sunday I am thinking of the nice Pastors of Lyngby Church and yes I MISS ALL OF YOU and you are indeed very nice people like all people I have met BUT DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT PEOPLE CAN BE NICE AND STILL HAVE THE DEVIL WORKING INSIDE OF THEM WHEN THEY DECIDE THAT THEY DON’T NEED TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT WHICH IS TO LISTEN AND UNDERSTAND OTHERS – and I am also thinking that for more than four months I have listened to and understood the words of the Pastors every Sunday – which LEIF TOLD AND SHOWED ME THAT HE APPRECIATED – and IT WOULD BE VERY NICE IF THEY STARTED SHOWING THE SAME ATTITUDE TO ME and I WOULD SAY THAT I WOULD ACTUALLY APPRECIATE IT TOO – this is how people feel when others LISTEN and UNDERSTAND and yes NOT VERY OFTEN THAT PEOPLE AT CHURCH SERMONS HERE ACTUALLY LISTEN TO YOU LEIF?

    And finally I was told by a STRONG GOD/DEVIL that if I did not exercise today, the Devil would start doing my nightmare with my mother – and the realistic warnings alone almost brought me to my knees – and I was really not feeling motivated to exercise because I was feeling “strange” all over my body and sweating and yes Stig BECAUSE OF THE IMBALANCE PEOPLE ARE GIVING YOU and therefore the less Yoga you do the worse it will get and I went to Fitness World Gentofte and even though I thought it would be difficult to run I ran half an hour because of will power having the Devil more with me giving me resistance and again I was told IMMEDIATELY WHEN I STARTED RUNNING THAT I STARTED GIVING ENERGY to the people in my family and “friends” suffering the worst – and yes THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE SITUATION OF WHAT WE HAD PLANNED FOR YOU AND THE COUNCIL TO DO – and afterwards I did my own Yoga and I became very dizzy so just showing that it is strong forces I am up against at the moment – and also saying here that if I decided not to do this exercise today and not to carry out a plan including cultural events next week, I would not be able to continue at this level which I have decided I will continue and to finalise – and to some it may seem like an easy game for me to finalise but the truth is that THE HOLE FOR ME TO ENTER THE WORLD OF GOD THIS WAY IS NOT EXISTING AND WILL ONLY OPEN BECAUSE I HAVE DECIDED TO OPEN IT MYSELF and from all of my life I have often been fighting a fight where the margins between success and failure have been almost not existing – promotion or dismissal etc. – and this is what I am going through here on a completely different level and as long as I am doing what I am doing THE WORLD IS DOING FINE TOO – and some people may think this will be interesting to read and maybe not at the time of publishing because of ignorance but when you read it again someday and to take you SOFIE my old class mate as ONLY ONE OF MANY EXAMPLES of people I know and we are COUNTING HUNDREDS and yes speaking behind my back.

    After coming home from exercise, finalising the script of today, the second edit of both yesterday and today in order to upload the book to my library and doing my week plan for next week the Devil lost his strength – this is the game I am going through – and next week I have now planned visits to the open air museum in Lyngby and to the very beautiful museum of Sophienholm WHERE GOD HELPED ME TO REMEMBER THAT THE COMMUNE GAVE ME A FREE TICKET TO ENTER and LEIF SYLVESTER PETERSEN, who is very well known from movies and music as a clown/entertainer, is exhibiting HIS VERY INTERESTING PAINTINGS and we know JUST MAYBE THERE IS A STORY THERE TOO. And also a special day going to Copenhagen is included.


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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