29th March 2010 – A possible new fight with the Devil starting and hopefully ending today

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of a new fight with the Devil Dreaming of extraterrestrials sending love and a warning of someone who wants to overthrow me, many people on earth don’t know they are half extraterrestrials – it will not take many months before they will report themselves, I am rapidly ending my train journey, big dinners have been prepared in Heaven, a signal from God that now “this is it”, is my family going to fight me again?, I am attending the party of the Devil and is the inner feeling of Sanna that she really wants to see me again?
Visiting the Open Air Museum and receiving reassuring information from God and the Council I visited the beautiful Open Air Museum with old Danish farm houses – a symbol of coming home to God as the farmer – and the Council gave me reassuring thoughts that my family will not succeed removing my writings from the Internet.


Dreaming of a new fight with the Devil

Tonight was a poor night and I am feeling “tired” today and you know every single time the reason of poor sleep is people not understanding or listening to me, which God transfers directly to me as disturbances in my aura, poor sleep and also how strong the Devil is in his direct dialogue with me, so people not understanding me makes it difficult for me to carry out my plan for today and if I don’t do the plan this week, the Devil will become even stronger and you know maybe bring me to my knees, so this is what I am fighting all of the time: People not understanding and not knowing that their ignorance is making this fight difficult for God and me.

Some dreams:

  • I have written an email to extraterrestrials, who now bid me welcome, they serve cookies and they speak of someone who wants to overthrow the leader of the Council.
    • The cookie is a symbol of LOVE and I cannot remember the dream if it was about a present or past threat.
  • I hear the song “live and let die” by Paul McCartney – a James Bond song – but the words I receive are “live and let live” – which is what God and I hope people will choose at the judgment.
  • After the dream with the extraterrestrials I am told that there are 12 million people on earth not knowing they are half extraterrestrials having the codes of extraterrestrials encoded and that it will not take many months before they will report themselves and also speak another language.
    • My feeling when hearing this was NOT good and when comparing this to the dreams of the night “I BELIEVE” – another favourite song and album of mine – that this information is really only given to me as an example of how people opposing me are feeding the Devil directly giving me WRONG information.
    • AS MENTIONED BEFORE, THIS IS REALLY THE CLUE TO UNDERSTAND THIS BOOK: People opposing me, working against me, misunderstanding me, speaking behind my back and doing what is WRONG – as you know MOST people do (!) – are feeding the Devil so please understand this WHEN YOU READ: Some of the information in this book is WRONG and some is RIGHT and today I don’t always know what.
  • I am entering Østerport Station from the train terrain from north. I meet Paul Simon on my way and I ask him “how do you think you have managed Judgement Day” – and I think about the lyrics. I have made big dinners in Heaven, which will now be sent out. I take the stairs up from the train station together with a man wearing a military uniform. We walk rapidly.
    • This dream is telling the story again on the train journey ending – my road to meet God – and that it is ending rapidly.
  • I am told: “This is the third time in three days people have spilled water, one has to accept that my brother has come home” and I get the feeling of my sister.
    • Water is here someone, who is making me suffer.
  • I hear the lyrics from the song by Huey Lewis “If this is it, please let me know” and I get the feeling that God will tell me when we will go to the next level.
  • Directly after this I see people playing a computer game and one person dies in the game – it feels like Niklas – there is a funeral and one person has been promised to come back tomorrow, I sense Niklas, it is raining and I am not sent to school. I am told that another game having millions of players is “world of warcraft” and that the game we are playing don’t have the same number of players, our game is a “cartoon”, that “this is it” and that this game is better. And something about Niklas and a new fight and a symbol, that it is done – and I did not get the last part 100% accurate but I hope it is ok.
    • Dying is a relation suffering, raining is suffering, here was the signal God spoke about “this is it”, a game is normally the same as the school I have been going through to write this book and I don’t know if Niklas is preparing a new fight against me on behalf of the family – if he is, he is welcome, but it would be much better for all of us to understand each other and not fight because of “hurt feelings” – please TRY TO UNDERSTAND THE PURPOSE OF THIS BOOK.
  • I am at a party in USA, the theme is GERMAN and the room and decorations are German, and feel false because they are imitations of the original. People are dancing and I am told that people get drunk here. I see servants dancing and flirting.
    • This party is a WRONG party – it is not my party inviting people to the kingdom of God, so this is the party of the Devil and it comes after the dream of a game and Niklas, so maybe you want me to invite me to the party of the Devil which is NO communication and NO book – I am not sure of this, but these are the symbols as I understand them, and some of the dreams came so rapidly this night that I did not get all of the details right so it is with reservations that I have understood correctly and God and the Council are almost not with me this morning or let me say WE ARE HERE STIG BUT WE ALMOST HAVE NO ENERGY LEFT FOR ANY MORE GAMES AND FIGHTS and this is really the truth but if anyone should want to fight me I can only tell: I WILL WRITE ABOUT THE FIGHT FOR THE WORLD TO READ AND YOU WILL NOT WIN – as easy as that.
  • I see the Devil playing football doing smart combinations.
    • Another symbol of the fight.
  • Finally I hear the song ”got to get you into my life” by Earth Wind and Fire.
    • And you do remember that Sanna introduced this AMAZING band to you in the seventies and my dear friend and yes Stig what do you want to say here and yes really only that I miss my family and I know if you God or the Council don’t want to say anything I can only say that I do hope my family is not planning a new fight and if they are, I will fight you and win again. No one is going to take away this book from the Internet and I say it again: No one.
    • And “got to get you into my life” may also mean good music from Sanna who might want to get me back into her life and her birthday is coming up the 23rd April and maybe Sanna it would be nice to restore normal relations and if this is what you think, then I gave you the recipe the other day: There is no other way out than through this book, start reading it, understand me and believe in me and I will start speaking to you again – this is the only way.

So I don’t like the messages of these dreams and the feeling of being TIRED because of how people are opposing me instead of understanding. IS IT REALLY SO DIFFICULT FOR YOU TO SIT DOWN, READ AND UNDERSTAND instead of focusing on yourselves? Don’t fight me – support me J.

After writing the above I decided to take a nap, because I was really tired indeed and I had this extra dream:

  • I was outside a family house where I noticed that foxes were walking around the house and I decided that I wanted to take a photograph of them because it was a rare sight, I picked up the camera and took my position where the foxes had been before, which was almost making me out of balance. There are five foxes and they are now all hanging to dry on the clothes-line, they are looking good, and I take a picture of all of them, and then I decide to zoom in on the fox closest away, it is completely bored and when I push the button of the camera, a picture is not taken but instead I am shown an old picture of my mother reading a newspaper from Karenvej more than 30 years ago and I get the feeling of Ole, her ex husband.
    • In my mind foxes are normally not to be trusted – like the fox news television – and here we have five of them and all of them are hanging to dry at the moment meaning that YOUR SUFFERING SHOULD DECREASE MY DEAR FAMILY and the symbol that I am not able to take a picture of one of them – meaning that the one is still his old him self – only tells me that SOMETHING IS COMING and we will have to see what it is and I can only guess because I am not told other than these dreams.
    • To my mother and John I would like to say that you might want to search on the name “Ole” at my book no. 2 “design of life” and read ALL stories about Ole including what the book also says and what happened to him. YOU ONLY NEED TO READ TO UNDERSTAND and YOU ONLY NEED TO COMMUNICATE IN ORDER TO UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER – THIS SHOULD NOT BE THE MOST DIFFICULT TASK FOR YOU.

When I woke up again God gave me the song “I don’t really wanna fight no more” by Tina Turner and this is truthfully my feeling. I do wish that people would understand – it should not be very difficult.

Visiting the Open Air Museum and receiving reassuring information from God and the Council

Even though I was not feeling very good after a poor night – my body was not “feeling right” – I decided to do my plan today to visit the beautiful Open Air Museum in Lyngby including many original Danish farm houses dating back from the 16th-18th century – I had never been there before and I believe that a visit in a place like this should “almost” be mandatory for all parents and children.



(Pictures are included in my book: Typical old Danish farm houses from the Open Air museum in Lyngby.)

Many of the farm houses were beautiful, the nature was beautiful and I took a long walk where I was thinking that it is truly beautiful to be outside and to enjoy what the nature has to offer and as here FREE culture – all of the houses were open and included old furniture – and I saw many families with small children and yes NOT FOR ME YET.

When I did this walk the Council was with me and gave me some thoughts and ideas and we know I was told that they will correct what may happen and that Niklas hopefully will receive a thought that he will not contact the webmasters of my websites to complain without understanding my book, WHICH A GOOD LAWYER WILL ALWAYS DO NIKLAS – so please be PROFESSIONAL or you know otherwise I will simply write about what you may decide to do in this book for other people to read, which will always be on the Internet.

I was given the song “it’s you” by Talk Talk and we know “there can only be one” and “it’s you” – as simple as that.

The symbol of visiting all of these farm houses is also to say that God has acted as a farmer often in these books too and yes I WAS HERE THERE AND EVERYWHERE OPENING THE DOORS FOR YOU and yes you did not visit all houses but maybe 8-10 houses and we know the big beautiful farm, which is the farm lying the closest to Brede and yes beautiful but you could not get the best picture so this is why it is not included here and yes THIS IS MY SYMBOL – THIS HOUSE – and THE SYMBOL OF COMING HOME and yes so it is.

I was also told that the recent dreams about John and my family were given to me deliberately to show the world how little it takes to get people so emotional that they will try to remove my writings – you know the story of the importance of “hurt feelings” compared to “giving birth to God in this life helping the whole mankind” – and that God wanted me to go through this as part of the IMPOSSIBLE road I have decided to take up to meet him. I was also told that these negative feelings have given even more energy to the Devil to carry out the coming disaster, which I don’t know when will happen – and just maybe this is what the signal “this is it” is referring to – we will have to see. When I was walking I also felt that POLLE was cleaning my aura making me dizzy – it was almost like going to Yoga.

Afterwards I went to the library to get a cup of coffee I had brought myself (no money) and I felt physically exhausted because of the poor sleep and all in all it was a good day, but it was not nice because of people close to me took WRONG decisions making my day and journey more difficult.

This chapter is written by Stig – with God and the Council standing behind me but ALMOST NOT HELPING ME giving me words when writing, which is making this script more difficult.

And finally today, I don’t know what this mean but the last week or so I HAVE BEEN GIVEN TASTING EXPERIENCES OF food I have had since I was a boy which I cannot remember what is today, but food I don’t have today and yes Stig AND I THINK MUCH ABOUT LTO and why I don’t hear from them AND I AM TRULY SAD THAT ABSOLUTELY NO ONE HAS FOLLOWED MY MANY APPEALS TO HELP THESE PEOPLE OF GOD SHOWING THEM SELVES FROM THEIR BEST SIDES and people here know they are suffering and they can make a difference and yes STIG SAVE LIVES OF PEOPLE and yes WE KNOW STIG I AM THINKING MUCH ABOUT THAT AND WHAT DO I SEE: A COMPLETE IGNORANCE also from my closest family, Karen/Denis and so called friends: YOU CAN SAVE THE LIVES OF THE PEOPLE I VALUE THE MOST IN THE WORLD and instead you keep on thinking about your hurt feelings or you ignore me because you don’t have the patience to read and understand my scripts: YOU ARE THE WORLD – THIS IS WHAT THE WORLD IS ABOUT TODAY AND WHAT I WILL SEE NO MORE IN THE FUTURE and yes GOD CAN BE MAD WHEN PEOPLE ARE DRESSED AS THE DEVIL!


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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