30th March 2010 – God will open his library and the symbol of the Golden Kingdom of Eldorado

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of God opening his library and the Golden Kingdom of Eldorado Dreams today of unemployment making people lose hope, about Karen being frightened WITHOUT reason, God will open his library to the world, Fuggi eating too much, I suffered years ago when I was put on the street three times, about being RESPONSIBLE when paying bills, attitude and efficiency, the importance of written procedures, Eldorado – the symbol of my future kingdom and my grail with true love, freedom and happiness coming, dahlberg starting to drink the wine of God, Bo who would like to send me to hell but where I arrive at “Strøget” as a symbol of NORMAL LIFE coming to the world. POSITIVE dreams today without threats.
The art and symbols of Leif Sylvester Petersen I visited the BEAUTIFUL museum of Sophienholm with the AMAZING art of Leif Sylvester Petersen – which I like very much – who receives DIVINE INSPIRATION as all artist do and the symbols of the art of Leif simply explain about Judgment Day.
The threat of removing my book is passing over

God showed me that the threat of my family wanting to remove my books from the Internet is passing over because I STAND FIRM: THE BOOKS WILL ALWAYS BE ONLINE REGARDLESS OF WHAT SOME PEOPLE WILL THINK IN THE BEGINNING.



Dreaming of God opening his library and the Golden Kingdom of Eldorado

This night I slept much better than what I have done for what feels like weeks – from approx. 23.00 and I was allowed to continue sleeping until almost 9.00 this morning and giving me a much better feeling today. It really makes a very big difference between being “tired”, “almost alright” and normal and today I would say that I am probably in between the two last categories and solely because of this I feel a motivation to exercise (however my plan is first tomorrow), this is the difference – and it also made me happy that I was not given any threats by the Devil in my dreams so apparently no threats from the family or Commune right now.

The dreams:

  • I am unemployed together with the LTO team. We are making a new plan daily of how to get work, and it is almost impossible, which makes us almost lose hope. We are in a city and as an example I see a Chinese employee at the end of a street where there are so many people looking for work that it feels like millions.
    • This shows how important it is for the world to create new jobs – this is a part of the identity and today survival of people.
  • A camera is following a terrified woman at a Hotel asking if she is not curious about what happens to this man. A voice says “Yes, what is presently known as the archives will be opened”. Everybody watches, believes in and speaks about Obama – and I am told “you aint seen nothing yet” and “it is not thumbs down, it is thumbs up”.
    • I get the feeling that this is about KAREN WHO IS WAITING AT THE HOTEL BEFORE SHE WILL START HER MISSION and frightened she is WITHOUT REASON, KAREN: YOU ARE FOLLOWING THE PLAN OF GOD – and the voice is telling the world that MY LIBRARY WILL BE OPENED TO THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD – and I was happy to receive a positive signal from God with the thumbs up.
  • I see Fuggi eating a giant burger on his way to Tønder in Jutland, Denmark, but still he is losing weight. He tells me that they have moved the street gate at my street and he asks me if I don’t move too often. When he says this I first think of PFA but now I think that I am living in a cheap apartment, I tell Fuggi that I will have to get a look and when I leave to my car it is pouring rain outside.
    • Eating is one of the sufferings of Fuggi’s life and the story of my moving is about the fact that I was thrown out from an apartment on Amager in 1991, at Østerbro (a building belonging to PFA) in 1993 I believe and from Lyngby in 1994 and the story about PFA is that very few people know about this and they may think that it was because the apartment was too expensive for me but my real problem was that GOD HAD CREATED ME TO BE INCAUTIOUS about my own private economy with ONE REASON ONLY: TO SUFFER AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE which the rain shows and I have probably written more about this – I am not sure – in my book no. 1.
  • I am at Willis and they have received an invoice from PFA regarding a client and they have also received five following reminders and the last one is threatening to cancel the co-operation between Willis and PFA if it is not paid. A partner asks me to look at this and I say that I need between 2-5 minutes to read the invoices before I can act and he is very arrogant when he leaves and tell me that he will not be at the office tomorrow. I read the invoices and I find the partner at the hall and ask him to sign together with me to have the invoice paid and afterwards I think that I should have received his signature on all of the reminders too. In PFA I see that their accounts department receive journals and that they manually check payments.
    • This is about being responsible (!) and careful when paying your bills (which I have always been at work!), about ATTITUDE and about creating efficient systems not wasting time and I don’t know if God or the Council will give me any other messages from this dream and they say NO WE ARE NOT ALLOWED BECAUSE WE ARE FAR TOO BUSY SETTING UP THE DEVIL – and you may remember the story of a forthcoming disaster.
  • I am giving the song “When smokey sings” by ABC and the words “When smokey sings – I hear violins”.
    • This is a VERY BEAUTIFUL SONG from ABC who made some FANTASTIC SONGS in the eighties and this is a favourite of mine and VIOLINS give me positive associations to ELO and I think here about ELDORADO – which the Council have mentioned to me a couple of times this morning – which is a symphony by ELO and El Dorado is a GOLDEN kingdom, it is about finding the holy grail with true love, heaven, freedom and happiness – this is the symbol of my future kingdom and I think of the song by ELO and the lyrics “the painted ladies of the Avalon play in the sun”, “I will be free of the world, Eldorado” and “now I found the key to the eternal dream” and do I need to tell you that this is one of my favourite albums and by the way I bought most of the albums by ELO in the end of the seventies in HELSINGBORG, SWEDEN – the symbol of my land of JOY AND HAPINESS – because they were not available in Helsingør – and when it comes to this album and symbol I really “can’t get it out of my head” – one of mine and my mother’s too (!) favourite songs of ELO!
    • And MYLLE you were also inspired to call your music program ELDORADO and yes THIS IS FULL OF LOVE TO THE WORLD TOO.
  • I have bought wine for dahlberg and later I think that I will have to exchange the bottles because of age, but I meet a colleague where I see that one bottle is opened and some of the wine is drunk – and I also think that they should not drink during working hours.
    • God and the Council are almost on holiday so here I will only say that to me this wine represents the wine of God – and myself – and apparently some of it has been taken in by Dahlberg.
    • And you know I don’t like people to drink during working hours.
  • A man, whom I feel is Søren, has written a letter to his mother, where he says that he is not addicted any more – and I see that he loves Bettina.
  • I have been to a party at Dahlberg and Bo and a colleague offer to drive me home in a taxi, and they ask the taxi driver of the price and he tries to ask for a much higher price than what is the right price. They say that I live in Snekkersten and they agree of a price of 25,000 DKK. The taxi drives and I think that I don’t live in Snekkersten, but in Helsingør and despite of this I see that the taxi drives us to the pedestrian street of Copenhagen “Strøget”. It is Saturday night and I see a crowd of people on the street partying and I hear women saying “I wish I could have scored that man with the clothes”.
    • Snekkersten is the symbol of the Devil so apparently Bo and others at Dahlberg don’t think positively at me and instead of going to the city of the Devil – in symbols you know – I think of the city of God, which Helsingør is a symbol of and for a very long time I have tried to enter Strøget in dreams and this is the first time WE SUCCEED ALL OF US and the Council just had a second to wish me good luck with what you decide to do and this is because you have decided to go all the way through without going through what was planned for you – the nightmare of your life – and yes my friends HERE WE ARE BACK AGAIN and only briefly because yes THAT IS RIGHT. STRØGET IS A STREET OF SHOPPING and THIS IS THE SYMBOL OF SHOPPING TO THE WORLD and I MEAN TO SHARE THE WEALTH OF THE WORLD GIVING NORMAL LIFE TO PEOPLE – this is STILL my aim. AND THE PARTY IS REALLY my party – the party of God.
  • I am back at Willis and together with two others I have initiated a process of preparing process descriptions, and I say that I would much rather do this work to start with instead of sales and marketing. The process descriptions are about a bicycle and India. I see that Helle Aa. is trained in archive systems.
    • Just saying that most places where I have worked I have seen ambitious managers focusing on sales and sometimes marketing too without caring for the administrative details and the right answer is to be in control of all processes.
  • I hear the beautiful Danish song “Er du dus med himlens fugle og skovens grønne træer” – a symbol of FREEDOM and GOD. AND AGAIN THANK YOU FOR BEING POSITIVE MY FRIENDS and here I receive the true feeling of balance and kindness of the Council – not very often this has been shown through this game lasting for years so thank you I was very happy with this.
  • I hear that it is mandatory to fill in suggestions of sport for all people including Vivi (from Fair).
  • I see myself running through an impossible obstacle course with obstacles almost impossible to climb – and the reason is that this course is made for sea lions and I see a sea lion in front of me doing the course without problems and it ends in a tub of water – and the sea lion watches me struggling to get through the course too.
  • When finalising writing the above, God played the very good song “ticket to peace” by Søs Fenger to me – because this is where we are heading and I am thinking about the work Obama is doing TO BRING PEACE TO THE WORLD WHICH IS HIS REAL MISSION and thank you for doing this and I WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCK WITH YOUR WORK TO BRING PEACE BETWEEN ISRAEL AND ITS NEIGHBOURS and I kindly ask both sides to listen to the words of Obama because you know OBAMA IS SPEAKING WITH THE SAME VOICE AS I and I would be happy for you TO FIND EACH OTHER IN RECONCILIATION and PIECE and there is NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT THAN THIS – and NOT EVEN BUILDING NEW HOUSES UPSETTING THE OTHER PARTY. THINK OF YOURSELVES AS BROTHERS and FIND THE BEST COMPROMISE WITH ONE PURPOSE ONLY: TO FIND PEACE – not to prolong the suffering of your people because of your own selfish interests!

    Before leaving my apartment this morning I also baked two breads, which I now do normally once a week – it is better and cheaper than the cheapest bread I have bought so far, which was the old white bread from Super Best.

    The art and symbols of Leif Sylvester Petersen

    The other day I introduced the Danish multi artist Leif Sylvester Petersen and today I went to his new exhibition at the beautiful museum of Sophienholm a few kilometers from here with the fantastic view to the lake of Bagsværd.


    See the picture in my book: The large painting: “Visit to a visit-farm” – with dogs in front of the farm

    The exhibition only showed paintings and figures he has worked on for the last two years – and he has indeed been very productive.

    I read an interview with him where he says that he tries to describe the time we are living in on good and bad, the double tone, the sorrow-cheerful and the idyll-horror and he says that he has no idea what motive to paint and which story he will tell when he stands in front of the canvas – he says that PAINTING IS A DIVINE AFFAIR and THIS IS SO TRUE LEIF because what are dogs, cats and birds doing in your pictures as you say and I will tell you the reason: BECAUSE PAINTING IS A DIVINE AFFAIR to use your own words – like it is for all people making music or other art and culture – and here Leif YOUR SYMBOLS ARE SIMPLY GIVEN TO YOU TO TELL THE STORY OF JUDGMENT DAY because of the relation between GOOD/BAD and as readers of my book will know DOG is belonging to the Devil, CAT to God, Bird means freedom, Indians are the original people and here the Council and Leif I DON’T KNOW ALL OF YOUR WORKS as Stig but I especially noticed your fantastic painting called “arranged wedding with a white bride” – which I did not take a picture of because of lack of light – and I don’t know what the painting means and I don’t know if God and the Council are still too busy preparing TO WAKE UP THE DEVIL AS HE HAS NEVER LIVED BEFORE and yes yes yes WE LIKE WEDDINGS and we know Stig you know that when you get married you say YES TO GOD and yes yes yes LET US JUST SAY THAT WE SAY YES TO YOU TOO and yes the Council showed me that they have now raised my coffin up to vertical position and yes Stig you have not yet been freed from your burial chamber because what you decided to do after being killed as Jesus was to START THE “FINAL COUNTDOWN” – which is example of the band Europe receiving divine inspiration – and this is where we are heading and yes YOU ARE THE SYMBOL YOURSELF: IF YOU SURVIVE, MANKIND WILL SURVIVE and we know AT THE MOMENT IT LOOKS GOOD and yes STILL “ALIVE AND KICKING” and yes one more example of divine inspiration and WE COULD GO ON – and thank you all of you for being here and being STRONG again.


    See the picture in my book: The painting: “Climate fellows” with “unsatisfied angel” and “hike bird”

    The threat of removing my book is passing over

    When writing the chapter above God gave me a new example of how he is working with my electronics – which can be difficult to understand for people continuing to say to themselves I DON’T WANT TO UNDERSTAND ANYTHING OTHER THAT MY OWN TRUTH and how are you doing Sanna (?) – because Microsoft Word again came into the mode of “not responding” and I knew that it was God working again – because it does not break down normally – and I thought “OK, people still think of stopping my scripts on the Internet” – which this is a symbol of – but after 10 seconds God stopped the not responding mode, it did not break down and it was to say that it was close but now passing over because it is NOT REALLY A PROBLEM WHEN YOU STAND FIRM as I decided to do BECAUSE I HAVE DECIDED TO KEEP MY BOOKS ON THE INTERNET REGARDLESS OF WHAT PEOPLE IN THE BEGINNING MAY THINK OR DO and yes SO IT IS MY FRIEND and we really don’t know if we will put you and the coffin back into the water or if we will open the lid and bring out the Son I never had and yes this is the feeling I get and we know thinking of Jack’s mother here in relation to me and yes so it is and yes Stig BECAUSE IT WILL DEPEND ON HOW THE WORLD REACTS TO YOUR BOOKS and yes yes yes CONTINUE MY SON.

    At the end of the day when publishing this script FINALLY God gives me the FANTASTIC SONG BY MOBY: “LIFT ME UP – HIGHER AND HIGHER” and yes DO YOU UNDERSTAND IT?


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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