31st March 2010 – God and the Council: The Devil will NOT win the “game” of the world

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of proper behaviour and communication Dreaming of meeting old class mates in “school”, don’t speak negatively behind the back of other persons – communicate DIRECTLY, Obama went to Afghanistan the other day because communication from his advisors are suffering too – he wanted to receive information from the soldiers directly, don’t let the company pay what is normally “private expenses” and more symbols of FREEDOM, GOD and a PARTY COMING and you know INVITING PEOPLE TO MY FUTURE KINGDOM that is.
Sending money to LTO Kenya The Commune had deducted 455 DKK in my cash help because of the 12th February incident, which I am not happy with, and this morning I sent 4,200 DKK to Kenya.
You can see from art that people have lost faith I went to the National Gallery of Denmark and noticed that many old paintings up until the 16th-17th Century include motives of FAITH – which most paintings don’t today because people have lost faith. I like the FREE museums of the State of Denmark making CULTURE and NATURE accessible to people – THIS IS REALLY MY GENERAL IDEA TOO in my future kingdom. It was a LONG and TIRED day today.
The Council fixing football results – THE DEVIL WILL NOT WIN THE GAME OF THE WORLD The Council fixed the results of the football games of Champions League yesterday and today, Michael Laudrup said that “the captain will leave his ship” with the voice of the Council meaning that the Devil will not win the “football game” of the world because of my attitude never to give up.


Dreaming of proper behaviour and communication

Tonight I did not sleep as good as the previous night and I stood up at 7.30 NOT feeling motivated at all, but I had a program to do – so today I would say that I am between tired and almost alright – and I will see if I can manage all of my program today, which is to write this script, to go to Copenhagen to get a haircut, to send money to Kenya, to visit 1-2 museums, to get back to Lyngby to shop in 2-3 supermarkets and finally to go to Valby to do Yoga and bicycling – and I am not sure that I will be able to do all, so I might postpone some of it and yes this is alright because what I have planned for is really only 1 museum visit, to send money to Kenya and to do exercise – the rest are “extras”, therefore.

Some dreams:

  • At a line at school I meet my old school mate Henrik H. – it is very rare to see him at this school – I say hello but I don’t believe he sees me. At the end of the line I see my old school mate and best friend from 5th-6th grade Allan together with his brother Gert, and I feel that Allan will not speak to me only because of my book, which makes me sad.
    • According to this Henrik H. is not a servant of mine – but you know ALLAN – GOD HAS A SPECIAL PLAN WITH YOU and yes you are one of my sceptics too.
  • I have got a job at an office in Denmark but I would really have liked to get the job for the company in Thailand working with foreign currencies. In Denmark I receive the new exchange rates of today from the woman who got the job in Thailand in front of me and when I look at it I believe it includes an error by not withdrawing a margin in the rates – and I tell this to our manager in Denmark and ask her of her recommendation, and the manager tells me that our colleague in Thailand makes errors every second time and today a company is going to trade currencies of 900,000 DKK. I look in a greater detail at the rates from Thailand and I discover that it is I who made the mistake, because there are two sets of rates, one for local companies in Thailand with no margins and one for all other companies where margins are withdrawn – and the colleagues has done this correctly – and I think of saying to the manager that it was my mistake, but I am not sure that I got to tell her.
    • This dream tells that when you have a hidden agenda you can hurt other people and sometimes you may hurt people where you are the one who really is to blame – and this example here where the RIGHT thing to do of course would be to contact the colleague in Thailand (or do your work with better quality) without saying anything to the manager is NOT rare in the world today, because PEOPLE WILL VERY OFTEN TALK BEHIND THE BACKS OF OTHER PEOPLE as I have given you proof of in this book and every single time I see this IT GIVES ME A THROW UP FEELING. PLEASE COMMUNICATE DIRECTLY, SORT THINGS OUT OBJECTIVELY/POSITIVELY without any hidden agendas AND DON’T EVER SPEAK NEGATIVELY BEHIND THE BACKS OF OTHERS – and if you in rare cases should not be able to agree then you should be able to agree that you cannot agree and that you will have a mentor to help you sort things out to the satisfaction and understanding of both persons. IT SHOULD NOT BE VERY DIFFICULT TO BEHAVE CORRECTLY and VERY FEW PEOPLE DO THIS TODAY!
  • I meet a soldier at a bus and he tells me to attack the enemy on his territory and to take this message with me, I see Obama together with many advisors and I can see that what should be very easy, to give 100% objective and correct advise, is not done correctly, the advisors give wrong advise because they fight to speech and are not objective.
    • This is why Obama was in Afghanistan the other day – to see and to listen to the Soldiers directly without getting information through the FILTERS of the military and his advisors. Bad communication is happening on ALL levels. The symbol of the soldier in the bus is that this war is fought on basis of love BECAUSE IT IS NEEDED when the Taliban is DEAF and AS EXTREME AS THEY ARE WITHOUT THE ABILITY TO LISTEN AND UNDERSTAND – and we do hope that they will wake up before the judgment.
  • I see myself at Dragsholm Castle inviting servants of God for the first time where I will tell them who I am.
    • I believe I have written before that employers should not pay dinners etc. and when I see examples in the newspapers here for example on Odense Commune the other day, I see people who have decided to cut down expenses for the Commune at a meeting of 1½ hours afterwards eating a very fine dinner and drinking far too many and far too expensive wine/drinks and my true view on this is really that you need to have a good balance where you will “do what you would normally do at home” – and what ODENSE COMMUNE IS DOING HERE IS NOT GOOD BEHAVIOUR, I LIKED MUCH MORE THE EXAMPLE OF FANØ COMMUNE having a sandwich only – and if you are going on a seminar or together for example – as I do believe can be worth full – I ask you to behave with this in mind and I really don’t believe that it is the responsibility of a company to get people drunk and drinking more expensive wine and spirits than what most people would drink in private and therefore I would say that if I was in charge of a company I would offer “a decent dinner” in this situation and maybe 1-2 glasses of wine to the dinner or 1-2 drinks later and then it should be the employees paying for their own consumption on top of this.
    • I do also believe that you can meet with your business associates without having an attitude that the company must pay as you have a CULTURE of today. I am thinking of keeping business as business and private as private – and if you would like to see your business partners in private for lunches or dinners, I do believe that you should pay yourself privately.
    • I do think that it is a good idea to have company parties and again I am thinking that it is a sound principle not to let the company pay for private expenses, because it can be difficult to control WHEN YOU CAN GET THINGS FOR FREE – and if you do want to meet in private, I would recommend you to pay yourself as private persons.
  • I hear the BEAUTIFUL song “Yellow brick road” by Elton John and the words “beyond the yellow brick road”.
    • We are going “back to the howling old owl in the woods” and again FREEDOM and GOD.
  • I hear the FANTASTIC song Mas Que Nada by Sergio Mendes.
    • Here it is the symbol of a PARTY COMING.
  • I had other small dreams including seeing Angela writing to me and I was told that the whole world is lying in my grave and this is why we are starting from the beginning.
    • Under normal circumstances Angela I would have sent you my congratulations on your birthday the other day, but because of the situation at the moment where I have no support from any old family or friends, I have cancelled this activity for the time being – but I AM STILL THINKING POSITIVELY ABOUT YOU MY DEAR OLD FRIEND.

Sending money to Kenya

After writing the script above I went to the bank to withdraw money after my cash help has been credited and because of my sister’s actions, the police calling me and scaring me the 12th February and because Maja did not accept A WRITTEN explanation as to why I had left A2B that day, the Commune has deducted 455 DKK in my cash help this month, so now Maja you have cost me more than 1,000 DKK also including my bicycle expenses as mentioned before.

I decided to send 4,200 DKK to Kenya this month leaving approx. 1,900 DKK to myself for everything this month and later David sent me the following email – and thank you David for doing this and thank you for mentioning the death of Jesus – somehow I believe this is connected to me I HEAR SOMEONE SAYING and yes STIG YOUR SOUL HAS MANY DIFFERENT NAMES and this is one of them HARD TO BELIEVE IN for some people maybe that you can speak to your own spiritual self and I feel also Obama here because this is the same channel as he is speaking too J.

Danke Stig,

I take this opportunity to thank you for the support. I received 51,200/= and was able to meet all the team members to administration it.I am grateful. All the team members are fine and expressed their appreciation as well.

I wish you happy Easter celebrations. Let us all remember what the death of Jesus means to humanity.

I shall keep in touch.


You can see from art that people have lost faith

Today I went to Copenhagen as I had planned to do – even though I was so tired that I did not feel I had energy to do it – and I had decided to visit the National Gallery of Denmark – and I do like that museums of the state in Denmark have FREE entrance but not ALL of the exhibitions here because the exhibition I really came to see “Nature strikes back” – which included paintings of Paradise and the Judgment etc. – was NOT free as expected and therefore I DID NOT SEE IT but I saw a book about it, which I leafed through and I noticed a very active painter called Albrecht Dürer from approx. year 1500 but no modern paintings of this except one WHICH HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH ART FOR ME – it simply had the word “HELL” written on it.

I saw the museum’s other exhibitions and most of them were paintings going back to the 13th century with an overweight I believe of Dutch painters from the 16th Century and I can see they are very good these paintings but to me they are not nearly as exciting and fresh as the paintings of Leif Sylvester Petersen from yesterday to take an example of modern art – and again I noticed that many of the old paintings up to the 16th-17th Century included motives of Paradise, the crucifixion, the judgment etc., which not many modern paintings do and THIS WAS REALLY MY TARGET TODAY as GOD TOLD ME AT THE MUSEUM when I noticed it – THAT BECAUSE PEOPLE HAVE LOST FAITH, ART TODAY IS NOT SHOWING FAITH AS IT DID BEFORE.

After the museum I visited the Botanic Garden, where I have never been before – and it is easy to come to now also because it is FREE which I believe it has only been for some years AND I LIKE THAT VERY MUCH BECAUSE IT MAKES NATURE AND CULTURE ACCESIBLE FOR THE PEOPLE, just like what I show myself also today – and as I have joked about for years; what I like the most when visiting a museum is to sit at the café afterwards having great coffee (!) but NO COFFEE FOR ME TODAY because of my money situation and I was about to say NO FISH TODAY – you know by KID CREOLE still thinking about GETTING AN EVEN BETTER QUALITY OF YOUR MUSIC I AM – and this is the reason why WE HAVE DECIDED TO PROLONG YOUR SUFFERING: TO INCREASE THE QUALITY of what you are doing TO WAKE UP THE WORLD EVEN BETTER J.

Hereafter I went home and I took a nap of five quarters – but was hardly allowed to sleep – because I was indeed feeling very tired.

I woke up not feeling good at all but I had decided to shop because the shops are closed the next two days because of the Easter so this is what I did and this was the big shopping day of the month so I went two places and bought only the best offers I had prepared from the weekly sales advertisements they send out here.

So after using 1½ hours on this, I had to rush in order to get the train to Fitness World Valby – which I did not feel motivated to do at all (!) – and there was a new teacher for Yoga today, Lena, whom I liked very much because of her idea to work with people in a circle and combining at least some spiritual elements as well in her exercises.

Lena helped me correct some positions and even though I was lying on my back on my floor she could see that I have a crooked back – called scoliosis – and she could tell that my back looks like a opposite S, and she is right, I have ALWAYS had this “disease” but never had any problems with it at all – and how many of my readers have by now read the “Jesus in Nairobi 1988, Stig in Nairobi 2009” document INCLUDING MY FAMILY and I MEAN REALLY READ IT THOROUGLY and COMPARED THE PICTURES OF JESUS SENT BY GOD IN 1988 INCLUDING HIS BACK with yes my dear friends and also you Karen HE HAS THE SAME BACK AS I and THERE IS REALLY ONLY ONE ANSWER: LOOK AT THE CLUES and there is no other explanation as you would like there to be: THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE and you know IT HAS TO BE ONE and I AM THE “LUCKY” MAN HAVING THIS DESTINY like YOU ARE THE “LUCKY” PERSONS HAVING YOUR DESTINIES and also thinking of my mother here I am.

After Yoga I was completed FINISHED so I did not do bodybike today and I also postponed my haircut earlier today – this was how I succeeded to get through this day and yes NORMALLY SUCH A DAY SHOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE TO GO THROUGH and the Council told me at Yoga today that this was the most fantastic Yoga I have done so far, simply by coming and doing my best.

The Council fixing football results – THE DEVIL WILL NOT WIN THE GAME OF THE WORLD

YES STIG YOU DID NOT WANT TO WRITE THAT WE FIXED THE RESULT YESTERDAY in the football game between Bayern Munich and Manchester United when Bayern Munich was PRESENTED a goal in the absolutely last minute of the game and yes almost as a REVENGE of what happened in the game between the teams in 1999 – and today when writing the last part of the script watching Arsenal playing against Barcelona in the background we told you in the middle of the 1st half “PUYOL PUYOL PUYOL” and finally in the 84th minute PUYOL MADE A PENALTY AGAINST ARSENAL, which gave a goal and which made MICHAEL LAUDRUP the Danish ex-superstar and commentator say “the captain will leave his ship” – which is the symbol of the Devil leaving – and this was TO SAY THAT YOU HAVE SCORED A GOAL HERE AT THE END OF THE GAME MAKING SURE THAT THE DEVIL WILL NOT WIN THIS GAME – this is really what it is about and yes STIG THIS IS NOT FOR ME THIS TIME – THIS IS WHAT WE BELIEVE WILL HAPPEN TO THE WORLD BECAUSE OF YOUR ATTITUDE OF NEVER GIVING UP.

The commentators at the studio were after the game almost WILD saying that “THIS IS THE MOST WILD WE HAVE EVER SEEN” and that “this is not a football game, but ART” and just another example of how GOD AND THE COUNCIL WORK WITH PEOPLE and what they say and here simply because I have been seeing ART also today.

A long day, where I had dinner at 21.30 and finishing the script at 22.30. A long day, but I did it.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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