1st April 2010 – Don’t use FAITH as a “business” cheating people to make money

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of people using faith WRONGLY to make money Dreaming of people using faith WRONGLY to make money, Fuggi starting to understand my book, Søren Pind walking in Paradise as a coming servant, I was the target of my old best friend Lars for 15 years without knowing it and the way to a woman’s heart should not go through your wallet – it is a WRONG attitude of both men and women.
“CUTE” is not working anymore My CUTE PDF WRITER did not work anymore and I could not save new versions of my book from February and March. It was God doing it – as he has done with most of my electronically devices – and the symbol is to say that the Devil’s threat of my mother being “cute” is being removed. The power of the Devil was at the weakest point today since 2006.
Did I or God get the thought of wishing a song? God gave me an example of how it works when GOD gives thoughts to people. GOD IS ALL PEOPLE ON EARTH and GOD THINKS ALL THOUGHTS FOR ALL PEOPLE FITTING TO YOUR DECISIONS.


Dreaming of using faith WRONGLY to make money

Yesterday was one of the more difficult days and I was happy that I had a better sleep tonight even though my sleep is never normal – and today almost everything is closed and I have decided to take it easy today, which I am looking forward too.

Some dreams:

  • I am together with my mother at a Hotel where people of a church say that only when you are member of our church you will get in contact with Maria and Jesus and I distance myself from these people and I shout to my mother, who is standing at the reception that they only want to cheat her – and since I don’t hear from her, I decide to look for her and at one of the halls I meet a black gay man and I believe he is blocking the hall so I cannot continue but then I see that he is standing in front of one of the hotel rooms and he asks me how Steen – my old colleague from GEFI – is doing, which surprises me and I say that I haven’t seen him for 2-3 years – and somehow I also feel Vivian at the end of this dream but it is only a feeling.
    • Here I will say that I don’t like people using FAITH or RELIGION as you say as a way of doing business in order to make money and a good life – and I don’t like people cheating other people in order to fulfil their own egocentric desires. There is ONE GOD AND ONE PEOPLE, that is ONE PHILOSOPHY– manmade religions only separate people and this is why I distance myself from all churches etc.
    • When writing down this dream God plays the WONDERFUL song – and here we are at the level of TALK TALK the other day and this is the TOP LEAGUE we talk about – by Japan called “Visions of China” and it gave me the thought that China would have liked to kill us too, but they cannot kill us and God gave me instantly the song by Bifrost/Annisette/Sebastian/Poul Dissing “I kan ikke slå os ihjel” (“you cannot kill us”) just to underline this.
  • During the night I had some dreams of love and making love – for example a couple making love in a plane.
    • Just showing the biggest pain of my life and the plane, which is the symbol of the Devil – there was nothing I could do to change my sufferings of lack of love because of how the world is behaving when it comes to lust and cheating.
  • I am playing billiard together with Fuggi and the first four times I push the ball, it does not make any cones fall – I have not played for a long time, but the next three times the cones fall – and Fuggi says that he will look for the rules of the game at the Internet.
    • And we know ALL OF US are we here today helping you or are you on your own and yes STIG you believe that this dream is about FUGGI not understanding my book the first times he looked at it and when you start hitting the cones just maybe it means that Fuggi now is starting to pay attention and yes FUGGI you can best answer the question yourself and yes FUGGI YOUR OWN SPIRITUAL SELF IS FIELD MARSHAL ROMMEL – the man you were in your former life and – yes FUGGI THIS IS YOU YOURSELF AS A SPIRIT and we know DIFFICULT TO BELIEVE IN but you know Fuggi YOUR BEST FRIEND HAS NOT LOST HIS MIND and yes yes yes and not no no no and this is the way I tell you that THIS IS INDEED WHAT THE DREAM IS ABOUT and PLEASE CONTINUE READING TO UNDERSTAND MY FRIEND and yes FUGGI YOU ARE STILL ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS – even though we don’t see each other at the moment but the day when you are prepared to contact me saying that now you have started to read and when you truthfully can say that you believe in me I WILL BECOME VERY HAPPY because this is really what you and others could have decided to DO IMMEDIATELY when you received the book the 1st February and it would have taken you only a few days or a few weeks to give you much time TO UNDERSTAND ME if you decided to put away your own voice and simply to read and being open at the same time and NOT TO BE LAZY.
  • I see Søren Pind – a Danish liberal politician – walking in Tivoli but instead of going all around the park, he takes a shorter walk.
    • So this is Søren and yes WE LIKE HIM TOO and yes because he likes to show people that he is different than what people believes he is – and thinking of his participation in the tv show preparing a dinner and the other day when he had a nose on and sang the battle song of his political opponents because he supported a good course and I like BRAVE people and here he is walking in the PARADISE of God, which Tivoli is a symbol of and we know MY FUTURE KINGDOM and we know Søren is also coming home.
  • I am going to meet Lars – my very good old friend – at 18.30 at a restaurant and at 18.45 he is not there. He arrives and he tells me that he was here already at 18.30. I notice that it is becoming warmer – and even though it is still not very warm, I can sit with my shirt sleeves rolled up and in this dream I still smoke cigarettes. Lars tells me awkward that I was the goal for him during all of these years – which I had no idea of – and he says that he will give me the women of Thorkild Thyrring if I first do what he pleases, and he offers to pay my dinner and more, but I strongly resist this, I am not at all interested. I drive home in my car, I have moved to a new and much more modern apartment after staying in an old apartment only one month, I like the new apartment much more than the old and I must remember to give notice to quit the tenancy of the old.
    • Lars was my closest friend for approx. 15 years and I did not know that Lars was both for women and men – I knew he was for women but he never told me that he was for men too and no, I did not know or felt anything.
    • Lars WAS SIMPLY ALWAYS LATE – with regards from the Devil too – and it is becoming warmer – a good symbol meaning that the suffering is decreasing.
    • When Thorkild Thyrring – a Danish racing driver – is in this dream it is a referral to Michella because of the sir name and Michella was a temptation given to me by the Devil (!) and this is the explanation because Lars received this temptation of men from the Devil too and we know Stig because this is his way of suffering in order to grow spiritually and yes HE IS ALSO COMING HOME.
    • And finally here I would like to say that the way to a woman’s heart should not go through your wallet – it is a WRONG attitude of both men and women – and in the future when all people will be equal from a human, working and income point of view it should be very easy for the world to teach itself that you will share your expenses as man and woman the best way possible and I do like that men gives a woman flowers and we know if a man likes for example a good book maybe the woman will consider giving the man a book and ALSO IN THE BEGINNING OF A RELATIONSHIP and this is what I do mean TRUE EQUALITY IS ABOUT.
  • I hear the song Tripping by Robin Williams and the lyrics “there’s gonna be violence” – and I also notice the first lines of the song: “First they ignore you, Then laugh at you, and hate you, Then they fight you, Then you win.”
    • I connect the words of violence given by the Council with what is coming up when the Devil unleashes his power – and the lyrics from the song I added tell how I people reacted to me and my book in the beginning.
  • “CUTE” is not working anymore

    Yesterday and today I added information to my website about the main stories of this book no. 3 from February and March 2010 for visitors to get an even better overview.

    I also did a few changes to the front pages of both February and March and I finalised the second edit of the last two days of March and then I just had to save the Word files in PDF format – which I have decided to use when publishing – and then what seemed as TECHNICAL problems occurred when using my small program CUTE PDF WRITER and I tried it several times but every single time the CUTE PROGRAM MESSED UP – which it has not done before – it removed half of the front page and half of page 5 (!) – and I knew that it was actually not the program but God and the Council standing just behind you also here Stig doing it and I had decided that I did not want to upload Word files if I could avoid it and therefore I decided that I needed to download the “official” PDF program called Adobe Acrobat 9.2 Pro Extended – inspired from seeing that Niklas had this on his computer some months ago – and first I downloaded from one place on the Internet, which was a “fake” not working and then I found what looked like a forum of people knowing all about IT – www.egydown.com – and I downloaded the program of 1.1 GB from here and I noticed that it was packed very “tight” first in two split files and then in RAR and ISO archives and I noticed that several users on this site could not find out how to join the files or unpack it – and I thought that it they did not know this, probably they would have even bigger problems following the fine instruction of how to install the program without Adobe checking the license online.

    So I joined the file, split first the RAR archive and hereafter the ISO archive and I installed the program, which took a LONG time doing – and there was only one small illogical instruction from the author – and everything worked out fine yes STIG THIS IS VERY DIFFICULT FOR MANY PEOPLE TO DO but when you know how to do it – as I do because of much experience downloading music, which can be packed in a similar way – it is truly not that difficult and yes when doing your best as you have also done when doing the work on your book and yes that is not to take shortcuts – and when I had the program up and running I could save the February and March documents as PDF files and the symbol here was that NOW THE “CUTE PROGRAM” DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE and yes we know you don’t even like to write it but you know the old threat from the Devil about your mother and yes SHE IS NOT EVEN CUTE TO HIM ANYMORE – and I can say here that the Devil has been on his lowest today for the last couple of months and that may be since 2006 actually and just to almost avoid hearing him speaking negatively and speculating about everything and everybody has been a relief.

    Finally I uploaded the February and March documents to my library at www.mediafire.com/stig, which should have taken minutes but took hours because of this little game today.

    Did I or God get the thought of wishing a song?

    During the afternoon when I was in the kitchen God said “Giro 413” to me, which is the oldest radio program in Denmark, where listeners can wish songs, and I did not really know why you said that to me but five minutes afterwards another of the MOST FANTASTIC U2 SONGS was playing on the radio and it was “You are the real thing” – TRULY AMAZING IT IS (!) – and then I thought that I am indeed the real thing and I said to God “can’t you play that song for me” like when he or the Council play songs to me as you know from reading this book and then I knew what it was about: He had “fooled” me because A THOUGHT LIKE THIS, which feels very personal and which you would say: NEVER – this thought cannot come from God, it is my own personal thought, which I thought myself just here and now and MY FRIENDS: PLEASE LISTEN TO ME: I AM GOD AND I AM ALL OF YOU ON EARTH and I THINK THE THOUGHTS FITTING TO YOUR LIFE DEPENDING ON YOUR DECISIONS. THIS IS TRULY HOW IT WORKS and this is just one example given to me today to give to you.


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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