4th April 2010 – The most dangerous journey of history has ended, my war against the Devil is over

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of my future wife and child Dreaming of normal life sharing food with people of the world including my father, Fuggi understanding some but not all of my scripts, being together with my future child being photographed by country leaders, putting on my trousers as a symbol of getting the wife meant for me and a short dream where a spectacular earth quake is demonstrated for me.
The most dangerous journey of history has now ended – my war against the Devil is over Yesterday evening I watched the ending of the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy where the most dangerous journey ended by destroying the ring of evil in Mount Doom – this book and movie is created by GOD to announce my coming and to symbolise the MOST DANGEROUS JOURNEY OF HISTORY which now has ended. I will NOT fight the Devil myself directly anymore.
Running and feeling alone and not alone Today I did an IMPOSSIBLE run and it is now almost two weeks ago I have been speaking to another person (!). I am FROZEN out by all family and friends.


Dreaming of my future wife and child

After watching Lord of the Rings on television very late I slept with disturbances from 02.15 to 08.30 making me “almost tired” today.

Some dreams:

  • I am at the Danish “city of meat” (meat suppliers for professional businesses) and I see two different brands of smoked pork and a third brand is also possible, but they deliver only on order. The price per kilo varies from 43-70 DKK. Outside is an EXTREMELY LONG queue waiting to come in and I see my father at the end of it – this is how I meet people of the world.
    • An even stronger symbol of “normal life” coming to the world to cover a VERY GREAT need, and maybe my father does not have enough money to keep him going for the rest of your life father?
  • First I see Fuggi’s close friend Dennis coming to a desk and later Fuggi arrives at the same desk. I am taking a nap in a room close to the desk, I wake up and see Fuggi at the desk – he is on his way to Fitness and I tell him that I just had a dream where he came to collect me for us to go to Fitness together and I say that I would like to go. Before going I play some of my favourite music from Tears for Fears on the stereo, however I am a little bit disappointed when I see that it is not the greatest hits with their best songs playing, but their latest album, which is good but not of the same quality as their best songs. We depart but instead of going to Fitness we arrive at the pedestrian street of Strøget where there is an Communal employment project including 10-15 people restoring a car, however they have not started doing anything yet.
    • Just maybe Fuggi would still like to go with me to Fitness and yes Fuggi I would also like to see you but please let me know when you have read and start understanding me and my books then I will be very happy to see you again and playing some of my favourite music for Fuggi is a reference to this book, but since it is not the absolutely best songs playing it should mean that Fuggi is starting to understand some but not all and hearing the voice of Fuggi: My dear friend Stig and yes Dennis and yes both of them and yes not crazy but am I crazy and no Fuggi you are not crazy and is Stig crazy and no he is not and is Dennis crazy and no he is not but I kindly ask you to read and understand me instead of GUESSING will you please?
    • At Strøget we are visiting servants waiting to receive their “code of love” to get started using their new car as a symbol with our mission.
  • I am together with a very small child – maybe 1-2 years old – and we come to a high house directly in front of the water, the house has just grown five metres. I see many country leaders standing together watching the house and taking pictures of us. The child continues to walk and I follow it, the next place where the child comes to is at what looks like an unfinished foundation of a house where the child walks around the foundation and it gives me the idea that it wants to jump down what looks like 1-2 floors to meet my old colleague Jens H. from DFM/Willis and I have to lift the child up on my shoulders for me to jump down – which is not completely without danger – and when I stand there with the child on my shoulders Jack arrives and asks why I have changed the colour of the strap of what I believe hold both my trousers and the child at the same time.
    • This is not a very easy dream to tell what it means, but the house growing five metres above the sea level is to say that they are now more safe after my decision yesterday to stop my own war against the Devil. I believe the child has to be mine and yes yes yes the train flute is almost not working anymore and when country leaders take a picture, this shows me in the future on my mission WHERE I AM TOGETHER WITH MY CHILD which is STILL THE PLAN also for me – I feel and hear Caroline’s inner self support me here – and yes MY MOTHER TOO as she says but of course she does not know much of what you are doing because Denis what are you telling and what are you not telling Karen about my writings and yes so it is – and keeping my trousers up connected with the child shows the link between my coming wife – which the trousers is a symbol of – and child.
  • I am in a supermarket where I put on my trousers. I leave and come to a large building next to the sea, which I notice is rough. I am a project leader at “Carina Park” and at the large café of the building I meet a woman who is the manager of the ship division and we start running together and I do all of my best running and tricks – and I run very fast and cross impossible obstacles – and to my surprise she follows me without problems. We meet another leader telling us that he has developed five communication solutions for businesses; one has already been sold but is not used by the company buying it.
    • Putting trousers on is again the symbol of you and I Karen and you are the lady following me in this dream, and being the manager of ships means that your inner spiritual self is also controlling and using the power of the Devil and I don’t know what the last part of the dream means and IS THERE ANY HELP TO GET TODAY? And this is both a yes and a no and yes to help and no to not help and communication for businesses and what about you do you want to tell him and yes DENIS is also here and of course his spiritual self and yes yes yes HE IS THE THIRD LEADER OF THIS DREAM and Denis we are here there and everywhere and yes DENIS I WILL SAY THIS TO YOU ONLY ONCE YOU ARE NOT THE HERO YET BUT YOU WILL BE WHEN YOU DECIDE TO CONTINUE OR STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING and yes …. – this is what you did at book no. 1 talking for the sake of talking often without meaning as here so this is why I stopped you and only saying that THERE IS NO HELP TODAY and that I don’t know what the end of the dream means.
  • I am looking at a house and I am told that what I am going to see is spectacular and then I see that a part of the house is lifted up 14 metres because the ground is lifting because of an earth quake.
    • Another sign of the coming disaster.

The most dangerous journey of history has now ended – my war against the Devil is over

Very late yesterday evening I watched the BREATH TAKING last part of the trilogy of the movie Lord of the Rings INVENTED BY ME on television and this was about ending the most dangerous journey by destroying the ring of evil in Mount Doom and this symbol is used to END MY OWN TRAVEL, which WAS EXACTLY AS IN THE MOVIE: THE MOST DANGEROUS JOURNEY OF HISTORY WHICH HARDLY ANYONE HAS NOTICED YET but this is what you have witnessed my dear people and what you can read from my book. As mentioned several times before THIS JOURNEY OF MINE COULD HAVE COST THE EXISTENCE OF MANKIND and if you did not understand this when reading it the first time, I do hope the world will understand when you read it.

The Lord of the Rings was to stop all evil and to return the good King Aragorn to power – in the movie played by the DANISH actor Viggo Mortensen by the way and yes A DANISH KING – and this is the same as I am doing myself – TO STOP ALL EVIL – so this book and film was to announce my coming and my quest as well. Thank you Peter Jackson for carrying out YOUR MISSION OF LIFE to make this book into a movie WHICH WAS SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE TO DO, but you did it my friend.

By this I declare my own war against the Devil as over. I have showed you how the Devil looks like and how he behaves – and this is the book you will use my dear people in order to come through to meet God/me on the other side. I am not going to fight any more devils directly as I have done in this book – I will not challenge and tease people anymore to bring out the worst inside of them to demonstrate the face of the Devil.

This came to me strongly yesterday, the feeling and the understanding when watching the movie and God gave me the song “Bright eyes” by Art Garfunkel again with these special lyrics: “Is it a kind of freedom blowing through the mountains. Bright eyes shining like diamonds”.


Running and feeling alone and not alone

I felt very tired indeed after writing some of the script above and I had NO DESIRE AT ALL to exercise today, but I had a time at Fitness World, Østerbro and I had to bicycle to Budding Station in what was cold and raining weather and when I arrived I had absolutely no feeling that I would be able to run at all – this is how tired I was – but I decided to start and again thinking that I only need to get warmed up and then I can probably run the usual 30 minutes and this is indeed what I did and I HAVE THE RESERVE TO RUN MORE IF I SHOULD DECIDE TO DO IT – and often when I am running at the moment I think back to dreams and feelings I had as a child of DOING IMPOSSIBLE EXERCISES TO SAVE MY OWN LIFE and this is really what I am still doing and yes HELPING ME AND THE WORLD EVERY SINGLE TIME. It should not be possible to run today is my feeling, but I did it.

It is now almost two weeks ago I was thrown out from A2B and since then I have hardly said a word to anyone. No family or friends are calling me, coming for a visit or inviting me and I receive no private emails (except from Kenya) – I AM “FROZEN” OUT – and at the same time I have so little money that I cannot afford to get a haircut, to buy a cup of cappuccino or a cake from the baker – and on Thursday I will meet the system of Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune again believing that I am crazy and maybe they will have new ideas of how they think they can control my life. “This is my life” – FANTASTIC SONG KIM J – and it makes me sad but on the other hand my other feeling is that “it really doesn’t matter at all” – I will also come through this phase BUT I HAD HOPED IT WOULD BE DIFFERENT.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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