5th April 2010 – My destiny is to become God in this life without wanting to become God

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of becoming God without wanting to become God Dreaming of becoming God without any motivation to become God, planning projects, the Devil threatening to take me away from God, playing nice music to my mother, before going to Kenya last year we were about to go down with the ship of the Devil, we are still following the TIME PLAN OF GOD, Michelle Obama playing nice music to me – which is about WARM FEELINGS TOO.
An extravagant monument of Senegal as the symbol of negligence of the world The government of Senegal has used 27 million $ to raise a giant monument at the same time as its population is suffering. This is not only about poor governance of Senegal – it is about poor governance of the world. THIS IS HOW HEAVEN IS JUDGING YOU.


Dreaming of becoming God without wanting to become God

My night was somewhat better – and this morning I feel “happy” because I found the remastered album “Raoul and the Kings of Spain” by Tears for Fears in CD quality on the Internet, which I am listening to when this is written – on the computer because my CD is still not working (!) – and I do believe that this album despite it was not a commercial success is equally as good as “the Seeds of Love” and maybe even better – IT IS TRULY A FANTASTIC ALBUM, one of my favourites of all albums.

Some dreams:

  • I am managing a bar without wanting to do it. The bar is owned by a man who is also managing his own bar, and this man tells me that the way to do this work is to speak to all guests to hear if they want more to drink and I tell him that this is not the case – it is about motivation. I am told that someone will demand money from me, otherwise this “someone” will do “something” to me, I say “don’t do that” and I am told that he will get you down.
    • Through the years God has showed himself also as this symbol: As the waiter of the bar, and here I am in the role of becoming the waiter of the bar even though I am not motivated at all to become the waiter and that is to become God. Would you like to become God if you were asked? I don’t know what the rest of the dream is about, but I don’t like the threat.
  • I am working at a company and two people would like to receive new ideas and they ask me if I will start a project. My first thought is that the project should be planned and I ask them to send me a written description of the purpose of the project and to attach the solutions they have used so far. I think that we must plan all projects of the company and to prioritise them.
  • I see myself driving in a car away from Helsingør, it is difficult to get the car driving and when I speak in the mobile phone, the receiver cannot hear what I am saying.
    • Away from Helsingør is away from God and having difficulties driving is having difficulties being myself – and speaking on the phone is speaking with God and this dream only gives me one thought: THIS IS A TRICK – this is the work of the Devil and I can only say: I DON’T FALL FOR THIS TRICK OR THREAT – everything is going fine here.
  • Tom Jones and Robbie Williams are guests with my mother. I think that they were about to sink one year ago and I believe I have video tapes showing it, but when I look through my tapes I only find an older tape with Tom as younger and a short tape with Robbie, I cannot find the full tape. I look through my old luggage from this period and notice that there is almost nothing left, but I find a better quality arm watch that the one I am wearing now and I also find a strap – which in Danish is a “REM”.
    • This is nice music to my mother – she is still the most important person of my life. The symbol of sinking is to go down with the Devil and this was the situation for us one year ago before starting to write my book no. 2.
    • Here I am given a new watch and a new watch has something to do with TIME and PLAN HERE and we are still going forward – and I can just say that I understood that the before mentioned natural disaster would occur in March but obviously this deadline was given by the Devil – as so many times before a WRONG deadline because of people feeding the Devil in my situation – and here it is only saying that WE ARE IN CONTROL OF TIME. REM here is a symbol of sleep, which I “lost” and I do hope that this means that I will get back a normal sleep.
    • Tom Jones is ALSO one of the BEST ARTISTS ever if you ask me even though his music genre is not my favourite, but none the less I believe he is amazing too – and here I will only say that “green green grass of home” is my mother’s favourite song by Tom – which I remember from being a small boy.
  • Michelle Obama is in my apartment and she asks if she can use my balcony tomorrow and I say that she does not even have to ask. She asks me if I can remember Stevie Wonder being jazzy and I say yes even though I have never noticed this. Being together with Michelle I notice that she uses the same approach as I when she understands other people and I notice that she does not have the same level of power of penetration as I do. I tell her with a smile that I have now sent my application to brew my own beer – and the story is that a former application was not approved because of bureaucracy and I feel that it is totally unnecessary to prepare this new application. I see myself sitting in my office on the first floor smoking cigarettes – there are no more matches in the match box but the box can still create fire by putting tow surfaces of sulphur together.
    • Using the balcony indicates that the weather is still becoming better – less suffering. Nice music is coming from OBAMA TO ME, thank you my dear friends THE FEELING IS MUTUAL and I am thinking here don’t say you do understand if you don’t understand because of the example of Stevie Wonder.
    • Later in the day when I heard Linda Nielsen from the University on DR1 news at 18.30 twice saying “hop” (“humle”) I knew that God gave me a reminder to what he also said to me during the afternoon that the symbol of brewing my own beer is to get my own bar – to become God really so I will see if Gode Gamle Gud (“good old God”) as I call him, will accept me – and yes yes yes WE ARE ALL HERE and I still feel the STRENGTH OF THE DEVIL as they show me too.
    • Smoking cigarettes is a symbol of the Devil (!) – I found out in Kenya (!) – and producing fire is now more difficult than before for the Devil but this dream is saying the same as yesterday that this phase is not without danger.
  • I see myself walking through several united complexes of apartments and business offices, I enter one office and look around – this is not the right office for me – and I leave again without saying anything and a person from the office come to the door and I tell her that I should have said that I had entered their offices by mistake.
    • Apparently I am looking for a place to work in the future and yes Stig WE KNOW YOU DON’T TRUST US MUCH OR THAT IS YOU DO TRUST US MUCH but COMMUNICATION IS DIFFICULT because we are giving you different impressions in dreams, direct speech when writing which we have now sabotaged for quite some time and yes more trust in our direct speech when not writing and yes so it is and we only have one thing to say to you: PLEASE CARRY ON AND CARRY OUT THIS PHASE TOO WITHOUT BECOMING TEMPTED and yes WHICH IS VERY VERY EASY TO DO but NOT WHEN I HAVE DECIDED THAT THIS IS THE ROAD I WILL CONTINUE UNTIL THE HOLE IS BIG ENOUGH FOR ME TO ENTER IN ORDER TO BECOME GOD ON EARTH.
  • An extravagant monument of Senegal as the symbol of negligence of the world

    The other day I heard about Senegal’s new, giant monument "African Renaissance" and its price tag of 27 million $ and I thought that it is obviously more important for the government of this one of the world’s poorest countries to raise a monument of themselves to put Senegal on the map of the world to be noticed instead of prioritizing and feeding its people.

    This has led to protests in Senegal and an outcry of criticism from the International Community about poor governance and negligence by this country – but the sad truth is that this is not only the situation for the government of Senegal. This is the situation of the International Community because every time you decide to waste money and resources, when people of the world are still suffering and dying, you are neglecting your responsibility to take care of and show consideration to all people of the world.


    Today I had more energy to start doing what I have been thinking of doing for some time – to prepare an extract on some of the subjects included in my book no. 2 to bring on my website. I worked some hours on this today and I am not sure in which form it will be brought and when I am finished, but I do believe I will bring it and probably in 2-3 days from now EVEN THOUGH THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF WORK, WHICH I REALLY DON’T BELIEVE IS NECESSARY TO DO but which I do because it may help to improve the understanding of people in me and because I have time to do it.


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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