6th April 2010 – God does not approve of “bureaucratic” and “professional” NGO’s – HELP PEOPLE DIRECTLY

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of NGO’s as professional and bureaucratic companies Dreaming of preparing to start my mission meeting the world with love and warm feelings, God and the Council have ended their preparations, the importance for people to read and understand my book correctly in order to come through to the other side, about NGO’s working as professional companies with BUREAUCRACY and CAREERS built on the suffering of poor people, GOD DOES NOT LIKE NGO’s but as the only solution today he still appreciates the help, which is given, to come through to the other side you will share your wealth directly with poor people by communicating directly with people in need as I have written in my book no. 2.
The goal is still to get all people with me in my new kingdom

People have had all opportunities to read and understand me, but NO. FAMILY, FRIENDS and EX-COLLEAGUES WILL TEACH THE WORLD NOT TO MAKE THE MISTAKES THEY MADE when they were NOT open and willing to understand me. ‘Don’t do as we did because we thought we knew, but we did not”!



Dreaming of NGO’s as professional and bureaucratic companies

One of those “somewhat better” nights, which is not quite “almost alright” including these dreams:

  • I am at the hotel, Bev Bevan is playing a concert, I say hello to him and thank him for the music, but I receive no reply. I am now together with Jeff Lynne – I feel it is I – and I feel the problems between Jeff and Bev, but Mik was happy playing with Jeff and he asks Jeff/me if I will sing at the concert. We are approaching the stage, they recognise me and let me enter through the back stage, Bev is already playing on stage and I hope that he will give me access and I feel that Bev has a big ego and that he wants his name to appear with big letters.
    • I am waiting at the hotel to start my mission. I am preparing to play my favourite music to the world – to meet the world with love and warm feelings.
  • After writing down the dream above I am told: “Now the guitar and suspension for the bridge are there” and I always forget the meaning of the guitar but it is the strongest of all of the symbols of God and CREATION OF LIFE is what it ALSO IS and bridge is of course to bring people over to the other side – home to God.
    • God and the Council have ended their preparations.
  • I see the military arriving at the airport, a young man is asked to pay extra and something about “wrong equipment”.
  • I play indoor football together with two young people. I show them how to pass the ball from side to side and how they should shift places and one of the young men believe he understood, interrupts me and try to do the pass, but he does it wrong.
    • Again an example that you need to LISTEN and to UNDERSTAND and here to READ and UNDERSTAND my book for you to come over to the other side.
  • I am working for Danish Refugee Council (DRC), I am only working there because there is no place else than NGO’s to help people in need, Peter N. (from Aon/PFA) is also working there and I notice that people are NOT busy but relaxing – they could be much more efficient. I hear uncomfortable loud music from speakers made by Ole Klifoth. I try to turn down the volume, but it is impossible. I visit a business customer, who we also had as a customer at DFM – he is notoriously known to be a difficult customer, but I manage to get his signature on an agreement paying many thousands every year to support DRC. When I come back DRC almost celebrates this agreement like a private company would and Peter asks me if I did not have trouble with the customer and I said that it was without problems because I treated him correctly. I stand outside with the female leader of DRC, she works 65 hours per week and she is smoking. Later I see a facsimile from my old friend René, which has arrived with my name on it, he says that he would like to contribute with DKK 573,000 to DRC and that he would like to work voluntarily as a secretary. I go to the kitchen and I see an employee having delicious pancakes with jam and I am almost taking a bite of hers, but I decide not to and then I see a plate stacked what may be 100 of the most delicious pancakes I have ever seen and I cannot wait but immediately I eat one with my hands and I also prepare one more with jam.
    • This dream is in continuation of my writing on the Senegal monument yesterday and a world not caring and many of you will probably say that “we do a lot” through our governments and NGO’s and the truth is that YOU DO NOT DO NEARLY ENOUGH – look at the number of desperate people of the world still starving, dehydrating, humiliated and dying in front of your eyes, do you believe this is good enough (?) – THERE SHOULD BE NO PRIORITIES OF BIGGER IMPORTANCE THAN TO HELP ALL PEOPLE OF THE WOLRD TO GET A “NORMAL LIFE” and this is really why this is included in my rules for you to do in order for you to come through to the other side J – and you do things WRONGLY today because the idea to help people is not TO BUILD UP NGO’S WORKING LIKE PRIVATE BUSINESSES WITH HEAD OFFICES IN RICH CITIES HAVING MUCH BUREAUCRACY, PROFESIONAL CAREERS, GOOD SALARIES, “ENTERTAINMENT DINNERS” AND EXPENSE ACCOUNTS ON THE BACKS OF PEOPLE SUFFERING AND DYING.
    • I have written about my view on NGO’s in a greater detail in May 2009 after my experiences with Lutheran World Federation in Geneva – this is included in my stolen scripts for you to find.
    • The symbol of UNCOMFORTABLE LOUD MUSIC and the symbol of the Devil smoking is to say THAT I DON’T LIKE THE IDEA OF NGO’S and the speakers are made of the founder of the Danish high end loudspeaker company Audiovector so at the same time it is also saying that WHEN THE WORLD DOES NOT HAVE BETTER ALTERNATIVES TO HELP TODAY, WE DO AFTERALL APPRECIATE THE HELP GIVEN TODAY – and from my book 2 you will know that I ask the world to help from person to person by using communication through the Internet and sharing what you have, this is much better and more efficient.
    • The customer is a symbol of Uffe Conrad from FSR – the most difficult individual professional meeting I have ever had, which took place in 1996 I believe, but it was without problems because he trusted in my advice and communication and maybe UFFE YOU WILL TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR IMPRESSION OF THE PROFESIONAL ADVISE YOU RECEIVED FROM ME compared to Kim and others?
    • Working 65 hours per week for a NGO is BUREAUCRACY and completely unnecessary – a waste of time IF YOU ALREADY TODAY HAD PRIVATE PEOPLE HELPING PRIVATE PEOPLE DIRECTLY GIVING PEOPLE NORMAL LIVES. YOU NEED TO BE VERY OPEN IN YOUR ATTITUDE TO SEE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO TEAR DOWN THE WALLS OF NGO’S TO CREATE FREEDOM OF THE WORLD – because most NGO’s DON’T GIVE PEOPLE IN NEED FREEDOM, they decide what they believe people should have when it comes to food, shelter etc. instead of letting people decide themselves.
    • When it comes to the facsimile of René – my view is really this: Don’t send money to NGO’s. Send money directly to people in need – and don’t work voluntarily for NGO’s, use your time to communicate directly with people in need around the world USING THE COMPUTERS AND BROADBAND WHICH I IN MY BOOK NO. 2 ASKED PRESIDENT OBAMA AND THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY TO PRODUCE AND TO GIVE TO THE WORLD.
    • However, in my book no. 2 I encourage the world to use resources including NGO’s here and now to SAVE PEOPLE IN THE WORST DISASTERS OF THE WORLD – as a priority to HELP HERE AND NOW. This is included because of the resources available and the need to help here and now – BUT I DO PREFER PRIVATE PEOPLE HELPING and I do hope that NGO’s will only be used temporarily until private initiatives will take over. More on this is explained in book no. 2.
    • The pancakes are a symbol that I do also appreciate the NGO’s for what they do to help today as the only BUT NOT THE BEST solution – and the pancakes for me is symbolising my own missing love in life.

The goal is still to get all people with me in my new kingdom

Today I wrote the above, continued working a few hours on extracts of book no. 2 for my website, I bicycled a total of 16 kilometres to Fitness World Østerbro, did one hour of Yoga and bought wine on sale, which will give me four glasses of wine per week the rest of the month (!), which is really what I have decided to drink when I am home – and when this is written as often before – my back is scratching very much and you know A SIGN OF JESUS COMING BACK and so it is and yes Stig WE ARE IN A PHASE WHERE SUFFERING IS DECREASING and yes I FEEL IT – when it does not HURT DIRECTLY AS MUCH WATCHING ALSO LADIES (!) as God has done for a long time to me – and do you have anything you would like to say God – myself – or the Council AND YES AND NO, NO TO YES AND YES TO NO – so when this is not the case (!) then I REALLY DON’T HAVE MORE TO WRITE TODAY.

Later I thought I would say this:

An example of the communication I have during a day with God and the Council is today when I was told – as many times before – that people in Denmark generally don’t believe in me and yes my dear son as my mother as Virgin Mary and here as Lona and still her spiritual self says as people in Kenya GENERALLY BELIEVE IN and that people here have had all chances to read and to understand and I REALLY DO MEAN IT THAT IT SHOULD NOT BE VERY DIFFICULT TO READ AND UNDERSTAND and what this is about is really that MANY PEOPLE WILL SAY WHEN THEY FINALLY WILL UNDERSTAND: “BUT WE THOUGHT WE KNEW” and we know Stig THE MORE THESE PEOPLE DON’T BELIEVE IN ME TODAY, THE MORE THEY SHAKE THEIR HEAD IN DISBELIEF and yes THE MORE THEY SPEAK BEHIND MY BACK and yes until the day WHEN I AM NOT INTERESTING ANYMORE and ALL OF MY DEAR FAMILY, FRIENDS AND EX-COLLEAGUES: THIS IS MY GIFT FOR YOU – it is with this background that you will meet the world to say that “WE WERE EGOCENTRIC”, “WE DID NOT REALLY CARE” and “WE DID NOT REALLY WANT TO UNDERSTAND” BECAUSE “WE THOUGHT WE KNEW” and it is with this attitude that YOU WILL CHANGE THE BEHAVIOUR OF THE WORLD. THIS IS THE PLAN OF GOD – THIS IS HOW YOU WILL OVERCOME and yes WE WILL NOT SETTLE TO LOSE ONE SINGLE SOUL OF THE WORLD. THE GOAL IS STILL TO GET ALL PEOPLE WITH ME IN MY NEW KINGDOM.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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