11th April 2010 – Always be kind, helpful and beloved – not better knowing and degrading

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of UFO’s coming closer to Earth Dreaming of watching UFO’s closer to Earth than when I was in Kenya – and this evening for the first time in months I decided to watch UFO’s on the sky, they are still there showing VICTORY – and a dream where the Devil takes me to Norway – his old symbol – and furthermore I CENSURED the Devil. I don’t want communication with someone behaving badly!
The “most disgusting crime” almost bringing me down At Fitness and when finalising the work on editing the updates on my website I was again attacked by the Devil almost doing the “most disgusting crime” – and I had to do my utmost best to keep away this threat almost bringing me down by deciding to keep my strong attitude from yesterday but with KINDNESS and not with ANGER, which was the answer to keep him from attacking me more today and hopefully the rest of the week until I hear from the Commune, which this is linked to too.
Meshack showing himself as the “most kind, helpful and beloved person” Meshack sent me a FANTASTIC email where he compared my books with a seed needing water before it will start to grow and before the fruits can be reaped. Thank you Meshack for showing yourself as the “most kind, helpful and beloved person” which makes me think that this is what you can see the leading character in the movie Groundhog Day developing into – WHICH IS THE GOAL I SET FOR ALL PEOPLE OF THE WORLD.


Dreaming of UFO’s coming closer to Earth

An “almost alright” night where I had three dreams two from the Devil and one one-liner and I have CENSURED the Devil – I don’t want to write one of these dreams and I was almost about to leave out the other dream as well – his place is next to me, NOT doing this:

  • I am together with Niklas outside in the country side, where we notice several balloons flying, it is evening and at the sky I see an UFO almost like a shooting star and I ask Niklas if he saw the UFO and he says yes, I also notice that the UFO’s are now closer to earth compared to when I was in Kenya.
    • Because of this dream, at 21.30 this evening I decided for the first time in months – except from twice shortly in front of Fitness World Valby – to go outside to look for UFO’s and yes like I did in Kenya as you can read from my book no. 2 and yes they are still there and they are shown to me as moving objects and that is lights on the sky, and I did not count how many I saw during five minutes but maybe 20 or more and the first minutes they showed me a “W” several times followed by an “I” and I was given the word VICTORY all of the time but I also thought that you don’t spell Victory with a single V but here I am told that when you are both here and there as a double persona then you can spell it with a double V because it is victory from here and victory from there – this is why.
    • If you want to see UFO’s moving on the sky, you can if you do like I, to be patient and watch the sky – but you will only be shown UFO’s if you have total faith in me because it is God who decides which UFO’s and when they will be visible to people – like this one too: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2926995/Fighter-jets-chase-UFO-down-the-M5.html
  • I am working for a small company in Denmark. I am planning all the practical’s regarding a trip which the manager and I will do on tomorrow and we are going through the details. We will be away from Tuesday-Thursday and he says I can write it in my book and I tell him that I will not! We arrive in Norway, I have a sandwich with salmon with me in the morning when we walk outside and I offer the manager a bite and he takes the rest of it. We are going to the client and he says it is next to Ikea, he does not know how to get there and he says maybe by flying. We arrive there and I have not read about the company, what they do and how we co-operate and I meet a person called Anders, who will be my daily contact at this company.
    • No comments. I don’t speak to the Devil when he is like this – which is what I have told him!
  • I hear the song Amercian Pie and these lyrics: ”Do you believe in rock ‘n roll, Can music save your mortal soul”.

The “most disgusting crime” almost bringing me down

After these dreams I went to Yoga at Fitness World Gentofte and I was surprised of how much my aura needed to be cleaned because of the strength of all combined influences from people opposing me and yes of course with the Commune now on top of this with what is very important: Will they set me free or keep me as a “prisoner” – and all of this means that I was as dizzy today as in the beginning of February, which meant that I was not able to run even though I was motivated to do this when arriving – this is the strength of the Devil right now.

And when I arrived home I continue working until 17.00 to edit the details and considering every single word on my website – compared to the space available – and we know THERE IS NO PIGS IN SPACE J – which I am now even happier with. Under the technical limitations I am not able to do a better work – even though I would really have liked to include more information, but people will have to find this themselves when reading my books – I have included what I find is the most important.

At the same time I had to fight the Devil “almost” doing what I DISGUST – and I have tried to adjust my “strategy” because this really takes THE BEST STRATEGY based ON ALL OF MY LEARNINGS through the years of going “to school” and we know ALL OF WHAT I SAID YESTERDAY IS STILL APPLYING – however I SAY IT FROM NOW ON WITH KINDNESS and not showing my anger as I did yesterday when I was still surprised of the development and so far this approach seems like the right approach to make it through this week too, which could be FATAL FOR ALL in the worst case as I wrote yesterday.

Later I was told that the meaning of the dream of going to Norway on Tuesday was to carry out this threat if I did not find the solution before – and this is not easy when just the indication of the threat is completely destroying my life and we talk here as the Council said a pressure which is 10 times stronger than the family felt after publishing my book – and I was also told that POLLE IS BACK – and VIRGIN MARY IS HERE ALL OF THE TIME but it is really I and yes WHO WOULD BE SAD TOO IF YOU DID NOT FIND OUT and yes and yes and yes finally I was also told that if this threat was to be carried out it could also mean that some people at the Commune would start getting new ideas by the Devil which could jeopardise what IS THE MOST LIKELY SOLUTION: THE COMMUNE SETTING ME FREE.

This experience has been one of the worst and most challenging of all I have gone through – and this sentence is written at the end of the evening after I managed to keep the Devil away learning him sentences like “only be kind” and more because he has shown the behaviour as the negative character from the movie Groundhog Day mentioned in the chapter below – and the more times I teach him this, the easier it is for him to remember – and yes EVEN THOUGH THIS IS A PLAY IN MY SITUATION IT IS VERY REALISTIC!

Meshack showing himself as the “most kind, helpful and beloved person”

Dear Meshack,

This afternoon I started thinking when I heard from you the last time and later I found out that you had sent me an email probably at more or less the same time as I WAS GIVEN THE THOUGHT ABOUT YOU and yes this is why you have a saying “two souls, one thought”.

Thank you Meshack – I find it amazing that of all people in the world A MAN LIVING 7,000 KILOMETRES FROM ME AND A MAN STRUGGLING AS HARD AS EVER BEFORE IS THE MAN SHOWING ME THE GREATEST UNDERSTANDING, FAITH AND THE MOST SUPPORT OF ALL PEOPLE MAKING ME HAPPY – and I cannot help thinking about family, friends and ex-colleagues who normally should be closer to me, who are much better off financially and living only 1-50 kilometres from me WHO I HAVE NOT HEARD FROM AT ALL SINCE I PUBLISHED MY BOOKS THE 1ST FEBRUARY and yes many of them still thinking that I am crazy.

What you see here is HOW THE WORLD IS BEHAVING TODAY – and in my book you see this behaviour better than other places and yes Stig this is here you can input the scene from Groundhog Day which I gave you – and here I feel my father’s spiritual self – and do you remember how the reporter from this movie was negative, better knowing, degrading and making laugh of people in the beginning and yes THIS WAS DONE WITH THE INSPIRATION OF US and did you notice how this reporter later in the movie developed into becoming the most kind, helpful and beloved person of all because of his interest in other people and his motivation to help and this is really the GENERAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PEOPLE IN DENMARK AND KENYA – what you see through the words of Meshack as an example and you may not see Danes as a symbol of the rich world speak like the character in the movie but you may recognise his words in your thoughts, which thoughts given by the Devil (!) which is a strong component of your decision making – and you can see the result from the support I receive from an understanding Meshack as a representative of the LTO team in Kenya and you know what ZERO SUPPORT from family, friends or ex-colleagues in Denmark!

Read his words, see his understanding, see how he helps other people to develop and compare this to my recent experience with the Commune as the latest example and yes he is right, the Commune became disappointed because I did not understand just how much they could “help me” and yes yes yes NEED I SAY MORE and NO WE DON’T – “this is it”.

Thank you Meshack for being so KIND as you are and for bringing the parable of the seed growing into fruits to be harvested as a symbol that people later will come to understand my words and yes you are right. People will come to understand my writings like you do – and I can only encourage the world to do the same as you Meshack: To use my teachings positively to help other people J.

I am also happy to hear that you succeeded to help your brother and his wife and I am still sad about your continuing destiny and yes AS GOD HAS PREPARED FOR YOU and HE IS HAPPY WITH ALL OF US and yes ALSO WHEN I SAY – AND THIS IS GOD SPEAKING THROUGH ME BECAUSE WE ARE THE SAME EVEN THOUGH WE ARE TWO DIFFERENT “BEINGS” TODAY – THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING UP ON ELIJAH TOO and you are totally right: MAYBE YOU CAN MOTIVATE ELIJAH TO MEET AT THE INTERNET CAFÉ SO HE CAN SEND ME A POSITIVE OR AT LEAST OBJECTIVE EMAIL and yes he does not have to use more than five minutes. IT WOULD MAKE ME VERY HAPPY TO HEAR HOW HE AND HIS FAMILY IS DOING – HE HAS KEPT ME FROM INFORMATION FOR APPROX. 2 MONTHS NOW I BELIEVE and I really do not believe this is how to treat friends.

Please give my best Meshack to all of your big family and friends. WE ARE STILL WITH YOU EVERY SINGLE SECOND and help you the best way we can.

And here is his email:


It is said that in india this parable is commonly used to teach the people of importance of patience as it is said that, a sower plants the seed and waters it for a year without germinating , he does this for the second year and nothing happens but in the third year, it germinates and shoots to 60 feet above the ground and the sower starts reaping the fruits of his patience and hard work.
This is actually what we should learn and you are actually doing the same as you have by having people not understanding you like the follow up meeting you had with the commune where they want to be listened to and they dont want to listen to other views but we should learn to be like the Indian sowers because it is just a matter of time and the World will understand though it might take time but a little patient is required.
I hope you are doing okay and the same is with me and i can tell you that many have found a save place because the whole of last week i hosted my mother in law at my place and she had come to find how we are doing and she was very amazed but she came to accept the situation. My brother has reconciled with his wife after my intervention and i used you teachings to resolve this matter and they are back in their relationship and they have taken the children back.
The rest of the team members are okay and we have been trying to tell Elijah to communicate with you and he has been promising to do this but i cant understand why it has taken this long to do a simple matter of less than five minutes .
Our communication with you is very vital because i have learned alot from you and what i am doing in my ministry is derived from your teachings which i appriciate very much.
               God bless,

And at the end of the day I would like to say that for MONTHS God and the Council have given me strong visions and feelings of Niels and Peter – my old school mates and friends from Albertslund and we moved from there to Espergærde in 1976, when I was 10 years old so just a signal that already from my childhood I have met servants of God and yes looking forward to seeing you too.


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