13th April 2010 – The difficult way of landing the plane of the Devil as I have asked for

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of the difficult landing of the plane of the Devil Dreaming of being lifted up, MANY people will start their journey to reach the other side, I don’t have much clothes left, the Devil as the pyromaniac is ready to start “burning down the house”, I am giving a new phone as a signal of new communication with God, Acta as an example of an employer cheating and employees still showing me good feelings, I will get “a new apartment” in 2-3 days maybe as a symbol of a good decision coming from the Commune, Sanna would still like to erase my writings, symbols of my present sufferings, more people to help our mission, Paul is in the train to reach the other side, René, Dorte and my mother as symbols of people having money, it is VERY difficult to land the plane of the Devil the way I HAVE ASKED THE COUNCIL TO DO, my family leaving me except my mother and the explanation of WRONG deadlines given to the team of LTO and of the coming natural disaster BECAUSE PEOPLE HAVE FED THE DEVIL DIRECTLY BECAUSE OF THEIR OWN BEHAVIOR.


Dreaming of the difficult landing of the plane of the Devil

Again it was a night where I was woken up far too many times compared to what I would like and I would say that I am in between tired and “almost alright” today.

This morning the Devil started again to torment me again but today he sounded more like a pilot before takeoff – he asked me many questions of the kind I don’t want to write about here and every single time I needed to control NEGATIVE EMOTIONS, which this is the EXTREME test we are doing and yes together with the behaviour from the reporter from that movie you know – and you can add his continuing attempts to make me gloat over my own decisions to resist him and yes THIS IS NOT THE EASIEST JOB TO DO IN THE WORLD – TO BREAK THE POWER OF A VERY STRONG, CONSISTANT AND DEMANDING DEVIL and yes which would make most people break down.

The dreams:

  • I am in my apartment, where I throw out a sack of 100 kilos – not easy to do.
  • I am at the Central Station of Copenhagen and I ask what time the soup will be ready and I am told that it can be bought from this track at 16.30 and that we will meet at the clothes store. Karen arrives and she is in a very good mood and she asks me if I should not get a haircut and I tell her that the plan was to have it some days ago. Back at the track there are so many people that there is almost no more space. When dreaming the song “American Pie” is played in the background.
    • The soup is the same as tomatoes – to open up my library, to lift me up. A part of my everyday struggle is to have my remaining clothes last for one week until I do a new wash, because I don’t have much clothes left – shirts, shoes, underwear, socks etc. – after my travel to Kenya last year. The people at the train track shows that ALL PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD will go through the train journey to come through to the other side.
  • I see a pyromaniac who is about to set fire to different houses – I am standing together with a terrified lady hearing that her house is about to be lid. My house is safe.
    • The pyromaniac is the Devil and he will only lid your house if you don’t follow the road of God.
  • I hear the song “Mighty Quinn” by Manfred Mann and here I think of my old colleague from GEFI Klaus because you were a big fan of Manfred Mann and no REALLY NOTHING MORE TO SAY HERE.
  • I have received a new smart phone and it is so smart that I have not yet figured out all of the functions of the phone.
  • I am going to a Christmas Lunch with Acta – and I see Peter and Rene together with other employees I don’t know and the Christmas lunch is brought directly in television, I see Peter being interviewed. Rene asks me what I do today and I tell him that I am working with insurance again and he asks me if the company is Læsø Insurance and I say no, it is dahlberg. I see Paul – my good old friend from Fair – also here, all people are reading newspapers and Paul tells me that I am going to sit directly ON the middle of the table. Peter tells me that he has said to the management of Acta that I am unemployed and this is why they have decided to pay out salary in my name but instead of crediting the money on my account, they credit the money into their own account and Peter tells me that this is according to internal policies. I thank him for saying this and think that I am going to report this to the authorities. One of the employees shows me a ring binder including an insurance policy and I also noticed that it includes nice songs of Beatles and Kim Larsen.
    • Christmas is always a good symbol – it is about a BIRTH you know. The television and newspapers are symbol of the Devil. Læsø is a beautiful Danish Island – the symbol of the home of God. Peter’s story of Acta really only tells what I believe I have written earlier, that Acta is not always following the law. Some employees still have good feelings about me, which the nice music shows.
    • I have decided not to be as direct and personal anymore when it comes to person – and this is about a company and what I believe I have written about before. This is why I have decided to bring this dream of Acta cheating.
  • I am told that I will get a new apartment within the next 2-3 days of 40-50 square metres and I answer that I would like to get some more room.
    • Maybe a symbol about what the Commune will decide to do.
  • Sanna calls me, she sounds very monotonous and she asks me to erase all of my writings.
    • Apparently this is still what she would like to do and I could only wish that she would accept that she is helping the world being a part of these books, which will always be online.
  • I am walking and actually running in my normal shoes and clothes on the beach road in Espergærde. I am following a man in front of me. I am going to Danske Bank Freeport and I cannot afford to take the train. I notice Torben – Christian’s friend – bicycling on his racer.
    • Old symbols, the BEACH ROAD is the road of suffering and difficulties – and Danske Bank is one of the symbols of normal life.
  • I hear the children’s radio asking if they can write out a cheque and I am told that I can choose my own bank consultant and in this connection I am told the names of Connie Nielsen and Jannie Riecke and the sir name of Connie is changed to Pedersen. I see Paul smoking pipe in the train.
    • Connie was a very good friend of mine from Danske Bank – I still miss our drinks at D’angleterre (!) – and Jannie was helping me when she worked for PFA and I was an insurance broker and we know THERE IS PROBABLY MORE THAN THIS TO THIS STORY and yes YOU ARE ALSO ON MY LIST – and when you are bank consultants YOU ARE GOING TO HELP THE WORLD TO BRING NORMAL LIFE and yes THROUGH LTO.
    • And Paul is already on his train journey and yes Paul YOU WILL ALSO COME HOME and I HAVE A SPECIAL SURPRISE FOR YOU. HAVE YOU FIGURED OUT WHO YOU ARE YET? Let me tell you this: “I’m alive” and as you may have seen from my library Jesus was alive briefly in 1998 and I am still alive in heaven and Paul you are the proof that one soul can be alive as two persons at the same time on earth and “your other self” died five years ago and yes PAUL THIS IS REALLY THE MAN YOU ARE and yes I ALSO SPEAK WITH YOUR INNER SPIRITUAL SELF – your “soul” – through these scripts as I do with my mother and all of the members of the Council. Can you guess it now? YOUR LIFE WILL DRASTICALLY CHANGE – BUT ONLY TO THE BETTER and yes PAUL I KNOW YOUR SECRET TOO – it is as God has planned it to be.
  • I have guests at home and I sit with my good friend Rene in the kitchen, I am clapping a dog and smoking even though it is not allowed and I ask him if he has ever met my mother and he says that he forgot to say hello to my mother, who is also in the kitchen – and Dorte is coming in there too.
    • I am in this kitchen – symbolising food and money – and the reason why I clap the dog is because I really don’t have a normal life today. The smoke is just the Devil.
  • I see two small planes very close to each other. They are going to land and I notice that because number two plane – which is the one I am on – is so close to the first, somehow it is much more difficult for this plane to land and when we come to the airport I jump off the plane with my parachute and from the plane in front of me two persons have done the same – but I am flying quicker than them and it makes me almost hit them, but I manage to fly through them very close, I land very quickly on the ground which is covered with snow – and later I see the two others landing. On the ground my old friend Henning W. comes running, he saw me landing, and he tells me that I am bankrupt and I say that nobody has told me that and I suspect that he knows because he may have checked internal information from the Information System of Danske Bank about me.
    • This dream tells how difficult it is to LAND THIS PLANE OF THE DEVIL the way I HAVE ASKED YOU TO LAND IT and I wonder if the word about me has reached my old friend Henning W. in REAL LIFE since you from time to time are in my dreams and that this dream says that you witness my “landing” – and yes it is now five months ago Danske Bank gave me break of six months before they want me to start repaying my debts and just maybe the bank has entered information in their Information System of me being bankrupt.
  • I am in a house in the country together with my family. I am writing my book. The family is moving. Niklas and Tobias have collected all of my tools, which they sell used for 460 DKK without my knowledge – and they keep the money without telling me. My mother’s husband is in the house and for a short time I am unsure if her husband is John or Ole and I think that of course it is John and then I see John moving some of the last things from the house into the truck. I am sitting in the kitchen writing and my mother is in the living room, she is not helping the family to move.
    • There are not many other words I can put on this dream than sadness – that this is what pride can do instead of getting the family back together again – which is what my mother still hopes and to this I can also say that WHEN THIS TEST IS OVER WE WILL GET BACK TOGETHER AGAIN and get an even better family life than ever before – as I wrote to you many months ago Sanna. This is still what is happening.
    • The tools are symbols of what has also been my goal – to “repair” our relations.
  • I see a telephone call where I speak to all members of the team of LTO in Kenya on the same line – and I am happy to hear that Elijah is also on the line.
    • Just maybe Elijah still have good feelings about me and this short dream is only to say that the story that GOD IS GOING TO SPEAK TO YOU DIRECTLY is true but THE DEADLINE WAS TRUE and yes BECAUSE OF ELIJAH’S DIFFICULTIES TO FOLLOW THE BASIC RULES. This is how the Devil has been fed in my situation and this is why the Devil through me gave wrong deadlines and you know I simply only write what I hear – nothing more or less!
  • Meshack, David and John: WILL YOU PLEASE MAKE ELIJAH UNDERSTAND THIS? I have tried before but he has apparently not understood yet and this may be the key to his resistance of me.
    • And this is EXACTLY THE SAME what happened when I told that the before mentioned natural disaster would happen in March 2010 because this is what I was told – in fact I was asked if I wanted to give the world a deadline of one, two or three months and I chose one month and you know it may be difficult for people today to understand what I have written before that this book is made both with the voice of Stig, God and the Devil and that people lying to and mistrusting me have fed the Devil directly and as a result of this the Devil gave me a wrong deadline here too – but you know WHEN YOU WILL SEE THE DISASTER – because this is still what will happen – you will understand this story too and that I WAS IN GOOD FAITH WHEN I TOLD YOU THIS DEADLINE AND THAT THE ONLY REASON WHY THERE ARE WRONG STORIES IN THIS BOOK TOO IS BECAUSE OF THE BEHAVIOUR OF OTHER PEOPLE – OTHERWISE YOU WOULD HAVE RECEIVED A BOOK 100% TRUTHFULL. This is REALLY the story – a story which will be understood not when I publish this script BUT later and yes AFTER THE DISASTER HAS BEEN CARRIED OUT.
  • During the afternoon I went to Fitness World Lyngbyvej on bicycle and I was happy to bicycle 16 kilometres, do one hour of yoga and also to rung 30 minutes and to increase the speed by 15% the last minute which feels like the right speed for me under “normal” circumstances, which my life has NEVER been, neither today.

    And some days ago I felt my spiritual father saying INDIA and yes THE SITAR hanging on his wall and yes I remember this SITAR from I was a boy and my dear friend and yes it may be Indian and it may be not and yes we really only wanted to say with this – are there any more steps on that ladder father (?) and he says NO and that is MYSELF and what this is about Stig is really only to say WELCOME HOME and yes INDIA IS THE NEXT PLACE TO GO. And we know YOU STILL HAVE AN AGREEMENT WITH THE LOCAL VILLAGE IN KENYA and yes WE KNOW SOME OF THE PEOPLE YOU MET ON THE STREETS OF NAIROBI and we will have to see all of us.



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