14th April 2010 – I developed from being “not approved” to “approved” by God – please follow my example

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of the judgment and developing from “not approved” to “approved” Dreaming of learning how to produce wine, which is to be shown God’s/my origin, how I was born, leading ministers of the Danish Government are servants of God, a symbol of bringing “ham” to Africa because of GREAT NEED, speaking with Preben of our favourite songs – his is “the theme from sufferville”, Karen is still rejecting me, I have now come so long that “I will survive” but I can still hurt because of the torments given to me, I would not myself have been accepted by God at the judgment if this happened one year ago – but today I would, a map showing the addresses and pictures of people with only few blanks as a symbol of how the judgment would be today and a message that ALL PEOPLE HAVE TIME TO CHANGE THEIR LIVES LIKE I DID SO YOU WILL BE APPROVED BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.
Visiting the Danish National Museum Today I visited the Danish National Museum in Copenhagen and was impressed of the size of the interesting collections. Museums like this telling the history since the beginning of the civilisation can also be brought to our new Kingdom.
A new meeting with the Commune next week! The Commune has now “thought” about our latest meeting and decided to INVITE ME FOR A NEW MEETING (!) Monday next week to discuss how I can participate in “current jobs” or “employment projects” – I AM NOT HAPPY WITH THIS DECISION.
Meshack: “The road to success is paved with hurdles" Meshack sent me a new email explaining that the team is DESPERATE and I speak of rich people not understanding how it feels to suffer like the LTO team or I do and therefore they don’t help – which they MUST do if they will survive the Judgment. Help is coming my friends and everyday you are one day closer – you shall overcome all of you J.


Dreaming of the judgment and developing from “not approved” to “approved”

Tonight I was at sleep first at 01.00, I watched a beautiful movie with Robert Redford, Morgan Freeman and Jennifer Lopez, which I liked much, and already at 06.00 this morning it was impossible for me to continue sleeping, a new variant of my sleep problems, which made me stand up and start writing the script of today including this special dream.

  • I am in London, where there is a patch with trees and a line of shops selling meat and producing wine. The grapes are coming to the shops and they are now going to produce wine and I see that they have started crushing the grapes. One of the shops asks if someone would like to have ham meatballs or meatballs and another says that he is asking of the same. I go to the bar, which is in Nyhavn (New Harbour) in Copenhagen and I also feel London there, there are many people inside the bar and I meet the Danish Foreign Minister Lene Espersen ordering a beer. Later I have a meeting with Lene and the Prime Minister Lars Løkke and others from the Government. It is Friday at 16.00. I have an invitation to go to the Danish Parliament Folketinget from what I believe is a German who is going to teach me how to produce wine – it will take three weeks, and when I have the meeting with Lars and Lene I am a little bit nervous if they have left the Parliament for the day because I need to go back and I don’t have the key. I therefore ask if someone is going back and Lars says that he is and he will take me. He also says with commitment that he likes ham meat balls better than ordinary meat balls and I tell him that I like that he says what he believes in and that he does it with commitment, and I tell him that this is exactly what the German preferred – to have ham meatballs instead of the ordinary. On our way out Lars asks me if I have the numbers and now it is Monday, Lars has just returned and I have forgotten that I every Monday are to give him numbers and I say that he will get them tomorrow – and I am surprised that he is so disciplined. I am now together with my master, I have a glass of crushed wine grapes and the master also have a glass and I notice that mine is not filtered meaning that it includes some of the left over from the grapes, which the glass of the master does not – and he is going to teach me how to filter the wine.
    • London is the old symbol of the home of God too – like the beautiful island – and here we have the ORIGIN OF GOD, this is what the wine symbolise, he will show me how he/I was born and the time is still ticking down (also thinking of the song FOUR MINUTES BY MADONNA), the meat balls are of course again to spread normal life to the world, the meat balls can be made by 100% ham or by a combination of ham and calf and I have myself always preferred 100% ham, I am told that the meat is going for “sale in Africa – the last sales date has been exceeded a long time ago”.
    • The symbol of the ham meatballs is also a referral to yesterday evening when the Danish Queen Margrethe was celebrating her 70th years birthday, which was on television. A nervous but fine magician Rune was GIVEN THE TASK BY ME TO go to the table of the Danish Prime Minister and the Queen with slices of HAM, he asked the Queen to choose one of the slices and to put her signature on a piece of paper, which she did and which he attached to the slice of ham – A VERY UNTRADITIONAL THING TO DO WITH THE QUEEN (!) – and on stage he conjured up with a piece of bread, which he opened and inside the bread he FOUND THE SLICE OF HAM WITH THE SIGNATURE OF THE QUEEN and this is to say that MY MOTHER – which the QUEEN SYMBOLISES – will also get the task to help me TO “FEED THE WORLD”. Furthermore I was impressed with Kim Larsen at this show, the three Danish comedians “De Nattergale”, whom the Queen had made a special request to see and it was the first time in 17 years they were together and of course they did their MARVELOUS CHRISTMAS CALENDAR figures speaking a combination of Danish and English, which became very popular here also at the Royal Palace (!), the other comedians “Ørkenens Sønner” is simply WORLD CLASS and finally I was truly impressed by Cliff Richard singing his old hit “Congratulations” – look how he is dressed, dancing and see his charisma on stage, he is above 70 now and have had a career of more than 50 years, he is TRULY OUTSTANDING also what I know of him as a persona including his faith – and the Queen liked him much.
    • Lene orders a beer FROM GOD – who is the bar tender – and later I am shown Lars covered in dough and these are symbols of the prime ministers of the Danish Government who are going to become servants of God too – and the message from February I believe about the leader of the Danish opposition Helle Thorning to take over from Lars Løkke may be one example of a message given by the Devil because of the resistance of people after I published my books.
  • I see myself inside the wood, leaves are blowing on the ground, I see a fan on the path and I am told that I am also coming through this fan now.
    • This is a symbol I don’t believe I have written about before but for many months I have seen this fan which is turning around, which I need to pass – an almost impossible job to do and I remember this fan from a movie but I cannot remember which movie.
  • I see myself playing table tennis and I smashes and screw the ball better than I have ever done before making it impossible for my opponent to return the ball.
  • Preben is visiting me, we agree that I will write about the best songs I know and the best he knows and he says that his favourite song is “the theme from sufferville”. I search the Internet to find it and I believe I have just visited a site to listen to this song, it is the theme from a western, but when I try to find it again it is impossible to find. When I use Google, I receive personalised search results the way I like it with categories “music”, “videos” and “pictures” – and I receive series of pictures for each search result from an add on program called Videosurf – and all of the results are presented to me in a “newsletter”. I am sitting only in my underwear.
    • I see favourite music as a symbol of a good friendship between Preben and I even though we have never seen each other much. His favourite song of “sufferville” must be what he is going through at the moment simply because of this book – the symbol of the Western is a symbol of the Devil – and Preben I don’t know what kind of servant to God you are – but a servant you are and I feel Yoda behind me and yes DO YOU REMEMBER THE OLD WRITTEN PRESENTATION FROM DFM PREBEN? IT WAS ALSO YODA – AS A SYMBOL OF GOD – STANDING BEHIND THIS WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE BACK THEN AND PREBEN, HE STANDS BEHIND YOU TOO AND YOUR DESTINY OF LIFE: TO HELP ME IMPLEMENTING THIS BOOK. MORE WILL COME TO YOU AND LONE ABOUT THIS AND I CAN ONLY SAY “IN MONTHS” FROM NOW.
    • I don’t have trousers on and Karen this is really because of you and your strong decision not to see me.
    • I like standard systems of the BEST quality with advanced options to personalise the use of it – like this dreams shows.
  • I hear the song “thank you for the music” by Abba and the lyrics Thank you for the music, the songs I’m singing, Thanks for all the joy they’re bringing” and I feel that the meaning is thank you for ALL MUSIC and here thank you for the music brought in my book.
  • I am at a farm and the farm owner tells me and a friend that we will get 60 seconds to leave before he will start shooting at us, he has a riffle – which means that we must be going very quickly. I don’t understand this aggressive behaviour, but we leave and I make sure to stand in between the owner and my friend in front of me, because the farm owner cannot hit me, but he can hit the man in front of me.
    • I am not quite sure on how to interpret this dream but if we start by saying that the owner of the farm is God and that I am both persons, then God cannot shoot a part of me which means that “I WILL SURVIVE” and that another part of me can still hurt because of the TORMENTS we are carrying out at the moment and yes yes and yes the meaning of this is because of MY CHOICES IN MY PAST LIFE when I was together with the Devil living a life like most people live here in Denmark only thinking of myself and not a life which is suitable for GOD and yes not keeping the rules I have written in my books. God and the Council have said to me many times for months that the sufferings I am going through now are also to “repay” all of my wrong choices in my past life, which would have meant that I would NOT be accepted myself at the judgment IF I HAD NOT CHANGED MY LIFE so I am now in a position where I would be accepted if I was a “normal human being”.
  • I am in Espergærde, I am going to help bring out newspapers on two routes, which a boy of a family is not able to do. I am now standing at Rolighedsvej in Espergærde, a very beautiful road and I notice that nobody in a diameter of one kilometre has a subscription on the newspaper Berlingske Tidende – only other papers are kept here. I also notice that every house is like a sculpture here including what looks like a patterned wall of Orange and in between these sculptures I meet Steffen Kretz – who is the tv-anchor of the Danish television news “TV-avisen” – and I ask him why Berlingske Tidende is not spread out here but I really don’t get an answer. He is standing right in the corner between Rolighedsvej and the small road leading up to the farm “Flynderupgård”. Later I come to the house of the family to start bringing out the newspapers, I receive a map of one of the routes from the wife and I see that it includes all names, addresses and pictures on people – with a few blanks though – and which newspaper they have subscriptions on. The wife leaves – she is about to bring out newspapers on a third route – and I think that I don’t know how the printer works to print out my second route, which is on the road “Grenen” (“the branch” – an invented name), and I hurry out to reach the wife before she has left. Outside I see the family car and inside of it, it is quite a mess, I find the table tennis bat of the boy of the family, and I see that it is of the brand “Butterfly”, the same brand as I had as a boy and it looks like the same case I had, but this one is brand new. When I leave the car, the daughter of the family ask me if I am not married and I tell her “no, not yet”.
    • The road Rolighedsvej on the way up to the farm is here used as another symbol of an area very close to God – like London or a beautiful island. In my mind Steffen Kretz is a reporter with a good reputation and a reporter which is the kind of reporter I look forward to seeing in the new world. The maps are about to be filled out, the newspapers are symbolising that people will receive the news on the judgment by God and that most people today already have received the judgment from God without knowing it BASED ON THEIR LIVES SO FAR and YOU CAN USE MY EXAMPLE WHERE IT HAS TAKEN ME ONE YEAR TO COMPLETELY CHANGE MY LIFE and this has made me go from a status of “not accepted’ to a status of “accepted” and this is ALSO why I have gone through this difficult route in my life to show people that YOU CAN DO THE SAME AS I. You can improve and ALL OF YOU CAN STILL BE ACCEPTED, WHICH IS WHAT I HOPE ALL WILL HELP ALL TO BE.
  • I hear the song “one moment in time” by Whitney Houston and my first thought when hearing it was that this is indeed “one moment in time” I am going through but NOT insignificant because IT WILL LARGELY DECIDE OUR FUTURE TOGETHER and I do like the chorus of the song: “Give me one moment in time, When I’m more than I thought I could be, When all of my dreams are a heartbeat away, And the answers are all up to me, Give me one moment in time, When I’m racing with destiny, Then in that one moment of time, I will feel, I will feel eternity”

Visiting the Danish National Museum

Today I had the time but really not the energy – even though I slept 2-3 hours more later this morning – to go to Copenhagen to visit the Danish National Museum for the first time since I was a boy.

I was amazed of the size, the big and interesting collections going back in history almost since the beginning of the civilisation and up through times until today. It was interesting but impossible to go into detail with the many thousands of exhibited items and when I was walking in there I was told that it is also possible to bring museums with us to our new Kingdom if this is what people want.

I also felt so tired and so physically exhausted that I could hardly go straight on my feet and I was told that I did today what was impossible to do for most people, because trust me even though I am in control of the Devil he is still stronger than I can remember he has been before – the TOTAL experience of poor sleep, direct negative speech etc.

I did not have enough money to sit down and have a cup of Cappuccino at a nice café to read the newspaper. I have approx. 230 DKK left for the rest of the month to small things – and I should be able to manage without problems the rest of the month.

A new meeting with the Commune next week!

Maybe two months ago I remember a dream where I was given freedom from the Commune and this is what I have been thinking I would receive when I just did my best job – and we will still have to wait and see what happens – but today I received a new “invitation” to a meeting Monday next week, it is not really an invitation, it is compulsory otherwise they will remove the cash help – and the agenda this time is to discuss which “current jobs” of which “employment projects” I can participate in and it is truly INTERESTING to have a meeting like this with people not understanding my situation believing I have lost all or most of my working capacity and still they see that I function like a “normal” person when we speak and that I am very productive in doing the work I have decided to do.

And I was told that this decision from the Commune is part of the reason why I have received the very high degree of pain from the Devil for some days now.

I have been thinking that the only way out to follow this difficult road of God would be to be granted full freedom from the Commune – but I have also said almost hundreds of times EVERY SINGLE DAY to God and the Council: WE MUST CONTINUE NO MATTER WHAT – also meaning no matter what the Commune will decide to do – and I WILL NEVER ACCEPT A SITUATION WHERE THE DEVIL WILL WIN ONE SINGLE SET and THIS IS STILL MY DECISION and yes Stig I DON’T KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN THREE WEEKS FROM NOW when the deadline I have been given since March apparently runs out – we will have to wait and see.

Meshack: “The road to success is paved with hurdles"

Dear Meshack and all team members,

I understand your big difficulties and the reason why I understand you is because I am also going through big difficulties and when people here don’t know how the feeling of yours and mine difficulties feel, then it is difficult to get people here to care and help. I am sorry that this is the world today – this is what I am describing in these scripts, this is what I will teach the world to change based on you as examples too my friends, this is why you have been fighting together with me this THE BRAVEST FIGHT OF YOUR LIFE and the reason why you are still with me is as you say Meshack and I am very happy to have such a loyal and strong support in you and that you do your absolutely best to uplift people – which is what I asked all of the team members to do originally as a VITAL ingredient in order for you to come through to the other side in what is also for you the most difficult road and yes because I decided to go through this route, you have yourself been able to follow me. Thank you to all of you for what you are doing and I can only say again that I would wish that you as symbols of the world with MILLIONS AND MORE MILLIONS OF SUFFERING PEOPLE would not suffer every single day because of IGNORANT and SELFISH people in the rich world, which is what you see from my family, friends and ex-colleagues as examples – a group I belonged to myself until I started my mission one year ago.

To all of you I can only encourage to you KEEP ON BEING STRONG and YOU SHALL OVERCOME because even though we lost our energy and force a long time ago – both you and I – we can apparently still go on and yes THIS IS HOW MANY PEOPLE OF THE WORLD ARE STRUGGLING EVERY SINGLE DAY to keep on doing what is simply impossible to do – and yes while a rich world is entertaining themselves and not caring and we know THIS IS AN OUTCRY TO THE WORLD. PLEASE START TO REACT AND HELP because OTHERWISE YOU WILL SIMPLY NOT SURVIVE JUDGMENT DAY.

Thank you for what you are doing all of you – and MY BEST TO ALL OF YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES AND FRIENDS.

And here is his email:

Hi there, it is my hope that byou are doing well and the same is with us here.

I met john today and he is doing fine while david could not make it to town due to lack of fare. Elijah had sent his apologies because he was committed and he could not attend to our meeting which we have started holding every wednesday.

In the meeting, the empasis was on how to succeed and this has been my message to my team members that although one day we shall succeed, they should understand that the road to success is paved with hurdles and it is only strong and faithfull ones who will overcome this hurdles and reach their destinations. If it were not for your teachings and carefully reading your scripts, i dont think today i will have been able to uplift people who are desperate but i thank you for that.

My programme which i have named it compasionate programme is going on well although i have nothing much to offer this family except your teachings and moral guidance but these hurdles will be overcome trough faith.

              God bless,



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