18th April 2010 – The IMPORTANCE of including companies in a world environment agreement

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of including companies in a world agreement on the environment Dreaming of Obama as responsible for politics including the ENVIRON-MENT, the difficulties to make a world agreement on greenhouse gasses and the environment if companies are not included in the agreement, the importance of including, my final application to (be approved by) God to be ready before Friday, creation is also about being nice to each other, servants of God have “sold out hotel rooms”, almost FREE TO ENTER the home of God, I am given an ITALIAN TRUCK registered in my name as a symbol of A WORLD IN JOY and symbols of me missing love very much.
A simply impossible exercise and greetings to Tobias with his birthday One of my best exercises for years despite of the Devil shutting down the running belt (!), my bicycle punctured again, how to spend the little money I have left for the month, sending birthday greetings to Tobias through Niklas without receiving an answer and my mobile phone may stop to work too.
The closure of air traffic in Europe Air traffic over Europe have now been stopped for days and the message is that if the world should decided not to follow the road of God, you will still see the Devil working like this stopping a modern community from working.


Dreaming of including companies in a world agreement on the environment

I was surprised that I slept somewhat better tonight making me fresher this morning.

Dreams from the night:

  • I am at a big meeting with leaders from all over the world, I say hello to Obama and one activist working for a better environment. I see that Obama is in the centre of the politics of the world and that this also includes the environment. I ask Obama what is the name of his policy and he says “yes what is it called” and he addresses people by asking “can we give you this name”. I am now at a meeting in Snekkersten with Obama and other people too, I would like to put my coffee pot somewhere but all other people here have already put their coffee pots so it is difficult for me to find a place not used. Obama shows me a map, I don’t understand all details, and I have full trust in Obama but not a full understanding. I speak to one from the meeting, we smile and laugh and afterwards another person says to the one I just spoke to: “Don’t you realise that it is the president you just spoke to”. I leave to PEE at the garbage can and the WASH. Later I hear that one member of Obama’s Government have secured no more sicknesses.
  • This dream tells JUST HOW IMPORTANT IT IS THAT THE WORLD AGREES ON A SOLUTION FOR THE ENVIRONMENT – otherwise the weather will continue to deteriorate until the world will melt down. Snekkersten is the symbol of the city of the Devil so this is where I am, this is also where Obama is being tormented – while he is doing this very important job of his (!). Coffee is love from all at the meeting to all present and the dream shows that as Stig, I don’t understand all of the politics of Obama today but that my inner self is the one who today is the President of the USA – together with Obama himself of course. The peeing is another symbol that I miss the love of my life very much and in my future Kingdom there will be no more sicknesses.
  • Later I see or I am told – I cannot remember – that the companies of USA are not supporting Obama making it more difficult for him to carry out his mission and first of all “it’s a shame” and I thought about what I did approx. year 2000 where I suggested the management of GEFI London to suggest to the highest management of General Electric who they were going to meet that General Electric as the biggest company of the world should follow the Kyoto Agreement and to make sure that all production of the company was carried out with consideration to and a responsible approach towards the environment – TO LEAD THE WORLD IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION – and I DID NOT EVEN GET AN ANSWER OR FEEDBACK from the management on this – and at the same time I could read stories on the Internet about General Electric POLUTING in the USA – and it just shows THE DIFFICULTIES OBAMA IS GOING THROUGH when it comes to the environment BECAUSE MOST PEOPLE AND COMPANIES REALLY DON’T LIVE UP TO PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT WHICH QUITE SIMPLY SHOULD BE NATURAL RESPONSIBILITIES FOR ALL TO DO and instead they focus on THEIR OWN PERSONAL ECONOMY and the economy of the company – AND IT IS THIS BEHAVIOR WE NEED TO TURN AROUND WITHIN A VERY SHORT PERIOD OF TIME and yes HOW CAN YOU MAKE AN INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENT ON GREENHOUSE GASSES AND THE ENVIRONMENT IF YOU DON’T INCLUDE THE COMPANIES OF THE WORLD – and you can just see the companies of China as one example WHO MORE OR LESS DON’T CARE ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT. PLEASE INCLUDE THE COMPANIES OF THE WORLD when you make an agreement NOT LATER THAN IN MEXICO (!) and to all company leaders: MAKE SURE THAT YOU FOLLOW THE AGREEMENT!
  • I am going to prepare an application which needs to be ready before Friday like Fuggi is and everybody else. I see myself working a place without having profit as our goal, but where all of us smile. Obama says something about “nice smells” and garlic which does not smell nice. I see a small testing group having good relations and I see that together we create the form of an egg.
    • As I remember the application is to God to receive his final approval to continue and just maybe this is connected with my work next week to keep publishing my scripts etc. – and the very nice work environment is in the future and the egg is about CREATION and yes Stig this must be what creation is about – TO BE NICE TO EACH OTHER.
  • I hear the song “daydream believer” by the Monkess and the lyrics “Daydream believer and a homecoming queen” and this is about MY MOTHER COMING HOME to God too.
  • I am together with my girlfriend – we would like to go on a charter holiday but all hotels are sold out, and therefore we are not going to fly.
    • This has to mean that servants of God are waiting at the Hotel and that there are no more places – and we are not going to fly as symbol that there will be no more suffering and yes also a dream about the present situation of course when planes don’t fly in most of Europe because of the volcano of Iceland.
  • I am at a bar, my mother is there too and I hear the FANTASTIC song “down home town” and the lyrics “since I was in the land of the Dixie” and someone asks who is playing this song and someone says that it is Bob Dylan and all people like the song.
    • The bartender is the symbol of God, so we are here together with God, the song is NOT by Bob Dylan, but by ELO.
  • In my notes I have written down: “Making me happy, I give my username and password for all to enter to see my applications” and yes MY APPLICATION TO GOD IS MY BOOK and yes MY SON YOU ARE FREE TO ENTER and yes yes yes this is what we are approaching.
  • I am shown an ITALIAN TRUCK, it is used but has only run 4,700 kilometres and it is registered in my name and I think that now I have many cars. I am given this truck by the landlord of Frederiksgade next to where DFM was located.
    • Italy is still a symbol of JOY and HAPINESS and the TRUCK is the symbol of the world and yes THIS IS WHAT I HAD PLANNED FOR YOU AND WHAT WE WILL GET IN MY FUTURE KINGDOM – and Kim S. the learning you gave me in DFM was the basics making it possible for me to write this book and yes TO GET THE WORLD REGISTERED IN MY NAME – this is what you did Kim J.
  • I wake up with the song “I miss you more than I can say” by Leo Sayer and my thought goes to Karen.
  • A simply impossible exercise and greetings to Tobias with his birthday

    I went to Fitness World Gentofte this morning to continue doing Yoga, which I did and again God and the Council told me just how important it is that I do Yoga as I have mentioned earlier and again I became dizzy – so dizzy that I did not feel like running afterwards, which I had decided to do, but I stepped onto the running belt and set it to walking pace the first five minutes as I normally do but my mind kept on giving me doubts as whether or not I would be able to run because of the dizziness and this meant that the DEVIL shut down the running belt five times – and he also changed the pace up and down without me touching anything – and yes TRIED THAT BEFORE and yes KNOWING THAT HE DID THIS BECAUSE OF THE CONFLICT IN MY MIND but I decided to start running and despite of the difficulties I managed to run 30 minutes and yes NO BREAKS WHEN RUNNING INDOORS because it is easier than running outdoors and yes I increased the pace by 5% 6 minutes before time, 10 percent 2½ minutes before time and 20% the last minute and yes I DID IT and “I FEEL GOOD” was my feeling and this is how small the margin is between choosing the road of the Devil – if I had decided to stay at home – or God making one of the best exercises for years and yes which you know was simply impossible to do.

    When I bicycled home AGAIN the back tire of my bicycle punctured and this is not very nice when I only have 180 DKK left for the month, really cannot afford to have it repaired and when I need my bicycle to get around – and one of my challenges today was to decide how I want to use the rest of my little money until the end of the month: To buy some food, to repair the bicycle and also maybe to go to a cybercafé today – when the library is closed – to write and publish the script of today together with the script of yesterday and maybe to spend 20-40 DKK on this, but during the afternoon I decided that I will not use money on this today – people will have to wait until tomorrow to read the scripts – and I was also thinking that today is the birthday of Tobias and I really wanted to send him my congratulations through Facebook, but because I did not go to a cybercafé (the nearest is in Copenhagen) instead I sent a text message to Niklas – because I don’t have Tobias’ number on my phone – and I asked Niklas to give my best to Tobias and I also said that I hoped that he and the family is doing fine and that I look forward to seeing them again when this is possible – and yes BUT I DID NOT RECEIVE AN ANSWER FROM NIKLAS ON THIS which he would normally do so just showing that I AM STILL NOT VERY POPULAR with this part of my family and yes SORRY ABOUT THAT WE ALL ARE – and this does not really give me much motivation to contact the family again.

    Since I came home from Kenya in September 2009 I have recharged my mobile phone when it has been connected to my laptop with a cable, but now when my laptop is not working I tried to see if I recharge the phone directly from the power outlet and what I found out was that this phone only has a plug which can be used in Kenya and I don’t have s special plug to make it work with Danish outlet standards – and again I am thinking about how important it is to have ONE STANDARD in the future and not many different – and I tried to switch on my laptop even though the screen is not working to see if I could still recharge the mobile phone through the laptop, but as far as I could see the phone did not receive power, so the phone might run out of battery soon and yes which may be a part of the game of the Devil TO KEEP ME FROM COMMUNICATING but you know AS LONG AS THERE ARE FREE COMPUTERS AT LIBRARIES and also the Jobcentre I WILL USE THESE COMPUTERS TO CONTINUE READING MY EMAILS which people can use if they want to get in contact with me AND TO CONTINUE PUBLISHING MY SCRIPTS and yes WHICH STILL IS THE WAY TO DEFEAT THE DEVIL.

    Finally I felt today that the name of the game is also to give me STRESS – which has been a vital part of the game for years now – because I need to continue writing and also to start publishing again even when all of my communication solutions and technical setups are taken away from me, which really makes me stressed because today I did not work and because I don’t know how I will be able to set up public computers to enable me to work at the same level as I did using my laptop and here I am thinking about Microsoft Live Writer – and it also gives me stress to think about how to get access to the files at my laptop INCLUDING THE EMAIL I HAVE PREPARED for my email publish list about the still coming disaster, and my strategy is first to start writing this script Monday, to have the meeting with the Commune Monday at 13.00, to catch up on the scripts, to find a technical solution to publish to my blog, to publish and then to start thinking about what to do with the files I need from my laptop and in this order – I WILL NOT THINK OF ALL THINGS AT THE SAME TIME, this will only confuse me, take away my focus and give me poorer quality.

    The closure of air traffic in Europe

    You have now seen how God and the Council for days have stopped air traffic over parts of or most of Europe and the message to the world is also this: This is how we can stop a modern community from working, this is also how businesses can go bankrupt and this is what you will continue to see if you don’t follow the road of God and yes Stig IT MIGHT BE EASIER FOR YOU TO DECIDE TO FOLLOW THE ROAD OF GOD – WHEN GOD HELPS YOU THINKING THE RIGHT THOUGHTS and yes SEE WHAT I HAVE WRITTEN ABOUT THIS EARLIER THIS MONTH and I WILL STILL SHOW YOU THE DEVIL IF YOU SHOULD DECIDE TO FOLLOW THE ROAD OF THE DEVIL.

    Finally a vision I received this evening – I don’t write much of these anymore, normally only the ones I receive during the night, which also includes visions when I am not sleeping: I see a Marzipan Ring Cake being formed around the earth and it is connected with UFO’s and this is about Marzipan as the symbol of “Never give up” and because of my attitude, this is also the attitude of the UFO’s. I don’t know more today, maybe someday the FULL PICTURE OF THIS WILL BE BROADCAST and yes JUST ME SAYING THAT I AM NOT HERE I AM NOT THERE NO I AM EVERWHERE and yes GOD MY SELF I SPEAKING.

    And finally today I thought of what I told Kim S. and Preben when meeting them that NOT MANY PEOPLE WILL BELIEVE IN ME IN THE BEGINNING – Do you remember? And if this is TRUE and yes LOOK AROUND AND SEE and yes what did I see and yes NOT MANY BELIEVING IN STIG but SOME DAY and yes ALL PEOPLE WILL BELIEVE IN HIM/ME.


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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