19th April 2010 – The world can save banks and airliners – but not many people starving to death

Summary of the script today

The script of today is divided into two parts because of limitations of my blog. This is the first part.



Dreaming of having friends of the opposite gender Dreaming of having friends of the opposite gender, which will be no problem to have in a faithful future, I am going to play football – to fight the Devil directly – again even though I don’t feel I am playing football, Karen does not like the picture of her in my book, Paul is singing “no fish today” as a symbol of not believing in me and “when will I see Karen again”?
One ex-colleague was kind to write to me during days of “silence” – NOT ANY FAMILY OR FRIENDS I finished writing the script of Sunday at the library where I also read my emails and NO FRIENDS OR FAMILY had written to me to hear if everything is alright which is what they would have done NATURALLY if “hurt feelings” etc. did not prevent them. I could have suffered “beyond imagination”, but this was not enough for people to react.
My old landlord threatens to send me to debt collection I received a reply from my old landlord about the heating bill and they ask me to start repaying what I “owe” now – otherwise they will send me to debt collection.
Evening pressure from Devil This evening I first received an annoying PRESSURE from the Devil, which became better when I started writing notes of my meeting with the Commune – and later the Devil gave me some of the worst sufferings ever because HE WANTS TO BE BORN – but NO I WILL NOT ALLOW HIM!
The world can “save” banks and airliners immediately but not people starving to death EU politicians are ready to discuss how to support the airline industry “suffering” because of financial losses. When the economy of the rich world is threatened you see banks and now maybe airliners being “saved” immediately at the same time as people die of starvation etc. in front of the same people “saving” the economy.


Dreaming of having friends of the opposite gender

Today my sleep was somewhat poorer again – not surprisingly because I had to write my scripts, to find new energy to prepare mentally for the meeting with the Commune, to hold the meeting and again I knew I had to produce minutes of this meeting, where they probably would not believe in me so in short you can say I had to control my own feelings and to start doing work, which I would never normally do and of course to do it with the feeling of having no energy and a desire to go home and rest or sleep in stead – this is how life often has been and this is reality again today.

Dreams from the night:

  • I hear the song “When will I see you again” by the Three Degrees and the special lyrics here “will I make him suffer or is this the end” and I imagine this as one SPECIAL person from the Council asking and yes we hope you will make it until the end without the need for us to make you BLEED.
  • I am going for a walk with Karen as my friend – and my old friend and colleague Lisbeth is also there and in the dream I feel that Lisbeth may be a friend of Denis. Karen does not like the idea that Denis has female friends and she does not want to say hello to Lisbeth.
  • In the future when all people will become faithful (!) there should be no problems for anyone to have friends of both genders – and no jealousy.
  • I am going to find “Copenhagen Sport” which in this dream is also a football club, I find it and I am going to play football again – with the feeling of possibly next week again.
    • I can only say that playing football is playing directly against the Devil and I don’t believe that I do this anymore, see my earlier writings on this in April – it is possible that the Commune may think differently.
  • Karen is at my place a Friday evening. She wants to have her drawing returned. I say that I promise her that she will get a tour.
    • I don’t know what a “drawing” is but maybe it is the picture I have painted of her in this book and yes then this is saying that she is one, who does not like that I have told the truth – this is a conscious act as some people hopefully understand by now in order to teach the world.
  • Paul is in town and he is singing “no fish today” and I tell him that “I’m a wonderful thing” is a better song.
    • And of course songs by Kid Creole and no “fish” is “no Stig” because he does not believe in me and yes with the other song I ask him to believe in me.
  • I hear the song by the Three degrees again and now the lyrics are “When will I see her again” and now it is about when I will see Karen again.
  • One ex-colleague was kind to write to me during days of “silence”– NOT ANY FAMILY OR FRIENDS

    This morning I went to the library – opening at 10.00 – to finish my script of Saturday and also to write the script of Sunday before my meeting with the Commune at 13.00 today and I was also curious to see if any family, friends or ex-colleagues had send me an email because I have not published scripts for some days now and I checked my email and NO FAMILY and NO FRIENDS had written (!) but one ex-colleague who wanted to be anonymous (!) was very kind to say that she has followed my Blog and wanted to hear if I was alright because I have been “silent” for some days, which is “unusual” – and this made me happy, it is always nice to receive support especially when you are in position where all support will help like the position I am in now in fact (!) – and I replied by saying THANK YOU SO MUCH for being the ONLY person having the courage to do this WHICH SHOULD REALLY BE THE ONLY RIGHT THING FOR FAMILY AND FRIENDS TO DO NOT KNOWING “WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME” – AND IF I WAS NOT ABLE TO DO MY BEST WHICH HAS BEEN DIFFICULT, THE DEVIL WOULD HAVE STARTED MAKING ME SUFFER BEYOND IMAGINATION and this is WHAT YOU CAN READ FROM MY SCRIPTS and this is really WHY FAMILY AND FRIENDS SHOULD HAVE REACTED – God has designed this test to show that family and friends don’t do what they would do naturally and yes because of “hurt feelings”, because they don’t want to get involved, because they don’t want to get mentioned in my Blog or maybe because some people don’t like to speak to me knowing that they speak to God . This is sadly the behavior I expected to see and it also shows people of today.

    My old landlord threatens to send me to debt collection

    Today I received a reply from my landlord on my email from the other day and as you can see they would still like me to start repaying what they believe I owe – and people reading my book no. 2 on this and maybe even book no. 1 will know that I don’t agree with them that I owe this money – because who has earned money and who has paid an overprice living there for 13 years – this is also a TEST of how the system works today. I will send her a reply later in the week, when I am up to date with my scripts.

    Hej Stig

    Varmeregnskabet løber fra 1/1 – 31/12 og jeg modtog først årsafregningerne fra forsyningsselskabet d. 1/3 2010, derfor kunne jeg ikke udarbejde det før nu, desværre. Kan godt forstå, at du syntes det er længe efter du er flyttet, men sådan hænger det altså sammen.

    Vedr. din efterregning, jeg skal ikke kunne sige, præcist hvorfor du får en efterregning i år. Har du nogen spørgsmål, vil jeg bede dig tage kontakt til forsyningsselskabet hvis du er i tvivl om hvorfor du får en efterregning i år.

    Vi bliver nødt til at lave en aftale om dit udestående.

    Hvor meget vil du kunne afdrage med om måneden?

    Hvis ikke vi kan finde ud af at lave en afdragsordning må jeg sende sagen videre til incasso, men jeg håber at vi kan undgå dette da det vil medføre yderligere omkostninger for dig.

    Meld gerne tilbage hurtigst muligt så vi kan lave en fornuftig aftale og senest inden udgangen af denne uge.

    Venlig hilsen

    Dan-Ejendomme as

    Evening pressure from Devil

    After I came home from the meeting I started receiving a constant pressure from the Devil talking negatively to me and “being there” all of the time and yes meaning that I had to watch my thoughts and CONTROL HIM even more every single second because if I did not HE WOULD RUN AWAY WITH MY “DIRECT” THOUGHTS, WIN A SET, AND HURT ME LIKE I CAN ONLY IMAGINE IN MY WORST DREAMS – and I had to continuously fight him talking “sense” to him and this is literally how it is and yes sometimes for hours and sometimes “always” and I almost wish all people could try this for one hour so they would know the DISGUSTING feeling, which in itself is totally unbearable but you know when you are used to a life in torture and don’t know anything else, you can get used to much and thinking of Elisabeth and her children from Austria I am – their lives in the bunker made by her father, just the life WITHOUT ANY FREEDOM and the smell inside of the bunker not breathing or feeling fresh air and of course the worst crime ever made in history (!) and yes from book no. 1 you will understand that this is what was meant for me to go through but you know MY LIFE HAS NOT BEEN VERY EASY and yes ALWAYS AND WHEN YOU LOOK AT ALL I HAVE BEEN GOING THROUGH IN MY LIFE and yes including the last four years and yes THEN I HAVE MADE YOU and that is myself SUFFER MORE THAN ANYONE ON EARTH HAS EVER SUFFERED BEFORE. This is what you can read from my books too and of course YOU CANNOT READ ALL I HAVE EXPERIENCED – MY BOOK IS NOT PERFECT.

    Later the pressure lifted when I decided to write down ALL OF THE THOUGHTS and ideas about what happened at the meeting today enabling me to do full minutes of the meeting and yes BECAUSE DIRECT AND HONEST COMMUNICATION IS WHAT THE DEVIL HATES THE MOST.

    This feeling or relief lasted maybe a couple of hours and hereafter some of the worst pressure and suffering OF ALL I HAVE GONE THROUGH started, which I wrote earlier that I will not write about in detail because I SIMPLY HAVE DECIDED TO REJECT THE DEVIL ON A LEVEL WHICH SHOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE TO DO and all I will say is that THIS IS NOT THE EASIEST OR MOST PLEASANT EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE – no it is DISGUSTING BEYOND DESCRIPTION and people will never know or understand it fully. Please take my words for it.

    The world can “save” banks and airliners immediately but not people starving to death

    This evening I heard about airline companies “suffering” from big financial losses because of some days of closure of the air traffic and politicians from the European Union talking about the opportunity to support these companies which otherwise may risk bankruptcy.

    I could not help thinking that when the economy of the western world is threatened, politicians can find billions to SAVE banks and maybe now the Aviation Industry, but when MILLIONS OF PEOPLE OF THE WORLD STARVE, DEHYDRATE, ARE DESPERATE FOR YEARS and yes MAYBE FOR LIFE and yes DIE IN FRONT OF THE EYES OF THE SAME POLITICIANS, they don’t really care, they don’t give the same instant helps as banks etc. receive and at the same time the same people head to the next Michelin stared restaurant as politicians from EU is an example of what politicians of the rich world do MAKING ALL OF US IN HEAVEN SUFFER TOO.



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    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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