22th April 2010 – Giving the Devil the ULTIMATUM to set me FREE, which will help eliminating the Devil entirely

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of NO TAXES in the future My status: The “next level is death”. Dreaming of being the leader of the Danish political party FREMSKRIDTSPARTIET known for “NO TAXES”, Pia and Søren H. are examples of people being in my school making me TIRED and suffer without them knowing it, I receive new clothes as a symbol of becoming ready to meet the public and I always speak the truth – it is people around me feeding the Devil in this book.
Finalising and publishing my script of Monday with difficulties I succeeded finalising the script of Monday and the following letter to Helle from the Commune – however I continued to receive error messages when I tried to publish it onto my Blog until I found out that I needed to divide it into two posts because of the length of the script. I did it J. I celebrated with chocolate and COFFEE now without stomach pains!
My letter to Helle giving her an ultimatum to SET ME FREE – setting her checkmate And finally I handed over the letter to the Helle at the Commune and in this chapter I give the letter giving Helle an ULTIMATUM to set me FREE – this is LOGICALLY the only thing she can do – WILL SHE BE ABLE TO TAKE THIS DECISION? The letter is DELIEBRATELY written in a very direct and “not nice” language, which I only do to “cut through” knowing the effects it may have.
The Devil will be eliminated IF the Commune sets me FREE and I still reject his attacks The Devil gave me the need to smoke again and some more stomach pains, but he has now started to hand over items which he would use to continue tormenting me making it almost impossible to save all people of the world. IF I WIN THE FIGHT AGAINST THE COMMUNE AND STILL REJECT THE DEVIL PHYSICALLY, I WILL ELIMINATE THE DEVIL!


Dreaming of NO TAXES in the future

Another day where my sleep was not the best, however I was surprised that I was not woken up with a dream before 07.00 – this is not “normal” (!) – and I almost thought that YOU WERE TOO SOFT ON ME and yes just because I am FEELING LIKE A LIVING ZOMBIE – I am physically and mentally exhausted but you know not BEYOND my limit even though I had strong throw up feelings and anxiety this morning, which would probably be beyond the limit of most people – YOU DON’T NEED TO MAKE THIS GAME TOO EASY FOR ME and yes I WAS JUST TOLD THAT THE NEXT LEVEL IS REALLY TO BE “DEAD”, so this is as tough as GOD – myself – has allowed this game to be.

  • I am at a dinner with the Danish political party FREMSKRIDTSPARTIET (“the party of progress”), I am the political leader and I see my self at the dinner table first ordering lunch and later dinner – I have some kind of “device” to do this. From this point I have difficulties reading my notes (!) but it is something about Pia getting the “smell” and she asks for my help – and that my life cannot be better than it is today. There is a poll saying that our party is lying at the election threshold and something about that “Pia is to blame” and that she was also included in my school. I am told that FREMSKRIDTSPARTIET is a name not understood by the public.
  • Fremskridtspartiet was a party invented by the Danish politician Mogens Glistrup and the party STORMED into parliament in 1973 and he was “so special” so only God could make him this special! The marzipan bread is my symbol of NEVER GIVING UP and Danes will know why I think of Mogens every single time because he was well known to eat marzipan breads and yes THEREFORE. He became ALMOST WORLD FAMOUS when he advocated for a community with NO TAXES and how many people understood him and we know this is an old story from book 2 I believe – and let me here say that his ideas about how to treat “strangers” are not MY ideas.
  • Pia – from Hørsholm – did probably not support or understand me fully as I had hoped she would and we know one of the persons making my life suffer and of course without knowing she had this effect.
  • I don’t order bread – an expense of DKK 3,000 per month is too expensive to me.
  • I am told that Søren H. has done nothing at school, that last week all presentations were evaluated and that Søren is one of the persons “pushing” contributing to make me tired. At the school I see a man receiving new clothes – he has a strong coloured yellow shirt on, which I like very much. I notice that the clothes marks are still hanging on the clothes and we go back to the store to have them removed.
  • We know PEOPLE WILL FIRST KNOW WHEN IT IS TOO LATE WHAT EFFECT THEIR ACTIONS HAVE HAD ON MY SUFFERINGS and Søren – you may believe that you are the one suffering because I have told the truth about you but COULD YOU IMAGINE THAT YOU ARE SUFFERING ME EVEN MORE and yes FOR NOT TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT ME TO OTHERS – this is the name of the game too.
  • The man receiving new clothes is myself – A GOOD SYMBOL and yes to me NEW CLOTHES MEANS THAT I AM READY TO MEET PEOPLE IN PUBLIC – and the shirt is a shirt by the Danish brand SAND – which is a shirt I gave as a gift in Kenya – which is my favourite brand together with Kenzo and SAND means TRUE in English and yes THIS IS HOW WE HAVE MADE THE STORY OF THIS COMPANY AND YES YOUR TASTE TO LIKE IT because I AM ABOUT THE TRUTH AND NOTHING ELSE! – You may remember that it is the behaviour of people around me who has fed the Devil “telling lies” in this book – you may understand this by now?
  • I hear the song “Crazy” by Charles Barkley and the words “Does that make me crazy” and yes THIS SONG WAS A MAJOR HIT A FEW YEARS AGO and MAYBE PEOPLE CAN GUESS WHY?
  • Finalising and publishing my script of Monday with difficulties

    At 10.00 I continued my work at the library on the script of Monday and today I had only brought water and some food because of the “problem” drinking coffee.

    The Council had given me an idea that maybe I had saved the email I have prepared earlier to the media etc. about the coming disaster on my USB-key while I was working at A2B – meaning that it was not only on my laptop – and I checked the key and yes IT WAS THERE – I believe it must be the first version I prepared but it gave me RELIEF because I had expected that this would take me a long time do over again and you may know the feeling to do the same work as you have already done when a computer stop working? Yes, this does not give the best motivation to do your best doing the same work again, but this is what I had decided to do and yes we know despite of my stress and anxiety these days – so it made me happy that this work will not become as difficult as expected.

    After one hour of work at the library finally I had completed the script of Monday including the first edit (giving me a HURTING left little finger because of the very many times I use it to press the CTRL key!) – which always take a long time to do for a long script – and I had decided to hand it over to Helle in the Commune together with a following letter – which I knew I also had to do also making me feel the stress – and I wrote this letter too as you can see below under chapter 22.3 and I WAS HAPPY AND RELIEVED WHEN I HAD DONE IT AT APPROX. 13.00 – now I “only” needed to go to the Jobcentre to publish it on my Blog, to print it and yes TO HAND IT OVER and we know there should be plenty of time before the Jobcentre closed at 14.30.

    I arrived at the jobcentre, opened my website and the Windows Live Writer program without problems – but it “helps” to give me more anxiety because the computer REMEMBERS my password to my website which IT HAS NOT BEEN TOLD TO (!!!) meaning that all people opening Microsoft Live on the Internet can get access to my website and still the Windows Live Writer program does the same to my Blog but it is not likely that people will find this program at the computer – I DID NOT LIKE THIS SITUATION and yes AS THE WORLD IS TODAY.

    I started doing what I normally do for the script of each day – it always take me approx. 5-10 minutes to edit the layout of every script I post to my Blog (double work you know because I already have a nice design in Microsoft Word, which I cannot use online!) and this is what I did and I had had thought that the length of the script COULD be a problem but I was hoping that it would be accepted because I WAS REALLY NOT IN THE MOOD TO RUN INTO “TROUBLE” and guess what – yes I RAN INTO TROUBLE receiving an error message saying that my post could not be published because of a “schema violation” and again I could have decided to “give up” – which could have made the Devil carry out his dreams – but NO I WILL NEVER GIVE UP so I tried to change the table of my post, which I thought was the same as “schema” three different ways and yes taking time and every single time I continued to receive the same error message not making me happy.

    Then I searched the Internet to find out the meaning of the error message – and yes the error message could have been done better so it would be possible to understand it immediately NOT FOOLING ME TO DO UNNECESSARY CHANGES TO MY TABLE – and I found a page explaining that there could be problems with the access to my Blog, that the Blog could have been closed down and yes which made me NERVOUS again when reading it but at the end of this explanation, it said that IT COULD ALSO BE BECAUSE THE LENGTH OF THE BLOG EXCEED 65,000 CHARACTERS and yes THIS WAS REALLY THE INFORMATION I WAS LOOKING FOR, which the error message should have said!

    So I had to divide my post of this day into two parts and finally I succeeded publishing part I and afterwards also part II and yes THIS GAVE ME A BIG RELIEF and afterwards I sent it to Kenya through email as always and then I could print out my script and my letter to Helle on the NICE COLOUR LASER PRINTER they have at the Jobcentre and yes IT LOOKED NICE and I WAS SATISFIED WITH WHAT I SAW – and yes despite not having given the script my 2nd edit yet – and at closing time 14.30 I handed over the letter and script to the nice lady working at the reception and yes SHE STAMPED IT WITH TODAYS DATE and PROMISED TO DELIVER IT TO HELLE and yes MAKING ME EVEN MORE RELIEVED.

    THIS WAS THE GOAL I HAD WORKED ON – THIS IS WHAT IS NEEDED TO DEFEAT AN IGNORANT DEVIL and here represented by Helle and also her colleague Birgitte and yes HOW MANY HOURS HAVE I USED TO DO THIS WORK and maybe 15 hours and yes IF I WOULD HAVE LIKED TO AVOID DOING THIS UNNECESSARY WORK and YES OF COURSE and THIS IS BUREAUCRACY if you work like this – but here it is ok in my book because it has the purpose to teach you – you see?

    After doing this work I went to the supermarket Netto to celebrate buying four cream puffs on sale for 5 DKK and 100 grams of chocolate for 7 DKK and yes like I have also had a little bit of ice cream and cookies earlier this month and yes I HAVE NOT REALLY SUFFERED because of food – even though I miss a “normal life” – and yes still drinking wine four times per week I am. And now I have approx. 100 DKK left until next Friday.

    Earlier in the afternoon at the Jobcentre I had taken one cup of their POOR QUALITY of free coffee without thinking and I took two drinks before I felt the stomach pains again, which of course made me stop, and when I was home at approx. 15.00 I DECIDED AS A NATURAL THING FOR ME TO DO TO PREPARE COFFEE (!) because the rationale was that NOW I HAVE DRAWN MY CHECK PLAYER and I thought that this should remove the stomach pains and yes THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT IT DID – THE COFFEE STOPPED GIVING ME STOMACH PAINS. Thank you friends J.

    At 16.45 I went to the library again to continue writing the script of Tuesday. I have decided to catch up on all of my scripts before Saturday. This is still my plan.

    My letter to Helle giving her an ultimatum to SET ME FREE – setting her checkmate

    Below you can see the letter I handed over to be delivered to Helle today and YES EVERY SINGLE WORD IS THOUGHT OF and yes I HATE WRITING IN A LANGUAGE LIKE THIS and yes THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HOW I PREFER TO WRITE and yes LET ME SAY IT CLEARLY: I KNOW THAT THIS LANGUAGE IS NOT A “NICE LANGUAGE” but I have done it DELIBERATELY TO CUT THROUGH THE MINDSET OF HELLE AND PEOPLE IN ORDER FOR THEM TO UNDERSTAND – and I am totally aware what the consequences of this letter can be:

    I know that it can make Helle feel “hurt” and that I treat her “unreasonable” – and it can even “knock her out” and yes TWO MEANINGS OF THIS one is mentally where she needs strength to continue and the other is symbolic where I knock out the boxer – another symbol of the Devil I have been fighting for years now.

    It may also mean that she will decide to “never give up” because of “my attitude” and if this is the case I WONDER WHAT SHE CAN DO. First of all NEGATIVE EMOTIONS can make people take NEGATIVE DECISIONS and the first she will think of is probably to take away my cash help and yes WILL SHE HAVE THE COURAGE TO DO THIS and yes I KNOW THAT ANOTHER FEELING SHE MAY GET is the feeling that I am destroying her career at the Commune “threatening” to inform all leading politicians and Civil servants about her poor quality of work and yes THIS MIGHT LEAD HER NOT TO DO IT and yes IT MIGHT LEAD HER TO DO IT and I REALLY DON’T KNOW but THE ONLY LOGICAL THING SHE CAN DO IS TO GIVE ME BACK MY FREEDOM and yes THIS IS WHAT THE COMMUNE COULD HAVE DECIDED TO DO and we KNOW A LONG WAY BACK and I am thinking of Arnauld here and yes ARE YOU PROUD OF THE SYSTEM YOU HAVE PARTICIPATED BUILDING ARNAULD – this is the system I AM TEARING DOWN and yes I hear the words or Ronald Reagan: “TEAR DOWN THAT WALL” and yes this is about the old Berlin Wall: NEVER TAKE AWAY FREEDOM FROM PEOPLE and this of course applies when we talk about RESPONSIBLE people.

    And you might want to know that WITH MY PENCIL I wrote ”keep on smiling” and I drew a smiley directly on the letter I gave Helle – and yes I WISH SHE WOULD BE ABLE TO KEEP ON SMILING because this is TRULY the message, but here you see how the Devil is destroying people and yes I AM PLAYING A GAME TO DEFEAT THE DEVIL and I HAVE PUT IN MY LIFE (until recently) to do this and yes Helle but of course it is not “nice” for you to be met by such a “rude” person like me, is it?

    Or you may see things differently someday not far way from now.

    Here is the letter I wrote:


    Lyngby-Taarbæk Kommune

    Att.: Helle Grønborg 22. april 2010

    Kære Helle,

    I forlængelse af vores møde i mandags vedlægger jeg mit manuskript fra mandag, hvori er inkluderet mit fulde referat af mødet, som jeg anbefaler, at du læser, så du får en fuld forståelse af, hvilken betydning dine beslutninger medfører – dette handler om at forstå ”konsekvensen af sine egne beslutninger”. Dette manuskript er nu offentliggjort via min Blog og det vil blive læst af MANGE mennesker – og senere AF MANGE, MANGE FLERE.

    Siden du blev min ”rådgiver” har jeg oplevet, at du har truffet FORKERTE beslutninger på grund af manglende kvalitet i dit arbejde, manglende brug af SIMPEL LOGIK og fordi du ikke har evnet at forstå andre end dig selv, som følgende viser:

    1. Placering i match gruppe 4-5 selvom jeg har min FULDE arbejdsevne!

    Du placerede mig i match gruppe 4-5, selvom jeg er dén, der arbejder hårdest og mest disciplineret og selvom jeg har gode relationer med alle mennesker, som ikke misforstår mig. Spørg mennesker hos A2B og i Brede Park – også de ledige – og du vil få svar. Jeg har min FULDE arbejdsevne intakt, som du også kan se via min Blog, som er mit RIGTIGE arbejde, på http://stigdragholm.spaces.live.com.

    2. Fortsætte jobsøgningskursus, selvom jeg ikke skal søge jobs!

    Efter at være placeret i gruppe 4-5 besluttede du, at jeg skulle fortsætte et ”jobsøgningskursus” hos A2B, selvom jeg nu ikke længere skulle søge jobs efter at være placeret i gruppe 4-5 (!) og selvom jeg ikke lærte noget på dette kursus, hvilket var årsagen til, at lærerne på stedet gav mig frihed til at skrive min bog på fuld tid. Dette har kommunen betalt mange tusinder kroner for! Hovedrystende!

    3. Arbejde i Brede Park med ULOVLIG ordre om ikke at bruge min ytringsfrihed og fri bevægelighed

    Nu påstår du, at jeg ikke har ”sociale kompetencer” – som du via en lille smule kvalitet og indsats i arbejdet hurtigt ville kunne få afklaret er ÉN STOR MISFORSTÅELSE – og du vil sende mig til Brede Park for at teste mine sociale kompetencer! Men ikke alene begår du denne helt unødvendige fejl, du har også ULOVLIGT beordret mig til at acceptere ikke at bruge min ytringsfrihed ved at sige, at jeg ikke må fortælle Parken om mine skriverier (!) og at hvis jeg gør det, så vil du tage kontanthjælpen fra mig! Og ved min afvisning af denne opfordring til ulovlighed, besluttede du at isolere mig fra social kontakt i Parken (!) og hermed vil du ULOVLIGT fjerne min ret til fri bevægelighed og samtidig SKRIGER DET TIL HIMLEN, fordi hvordan kan du teste mine sociale kompetencer – som jo altså er en misforståelse – ved at isolere mig fra andre? Dette er tragikomisk – jeg ville grine, hvis ikke du mente det alvorligt!

    Du siger, at baggrunden for din beslutning er ”ikke at forringe mine jobmuligheder” og hertil kan jeg kun sige, at dette har intet at gøre med at forringe mine jobmuligheder. For det første er ARBEJDET I BREDE PARK FULDSTÆNDIG SPILD AF TID OG I MIN SITUATION KVALIFICERER DET MIG PÅ INGEN MÅDE TIL JOB – læs mine beskrivelser fra 10 uger i Parken fra november 2009 i min bog 2 på www.mediafire.com/stig og du vil forstå.

    Dette er din egen opdigtede sandhed, som er helt uden hold i virkeligheden og baseret på din ulyst til at forstå sandheden bag min bevidste beslutning om at skrive min bog for at hjælpe alle med at få et bedre liv med bedre systemer og bedre menneskelig adfærd baseret på FEJL I NUVÆRENDE SYSTEMER OG MENNESKELIG ADFÆRD. Dette burde være ganske enkelt at forstå – læs og du vil forstå mere!

    Måske du vil synes, at det er INTERESANT, at jeg har skrevet så direkte og ærligt om mine oplevelser i Parken i de 10 uger, jeg var der, at der er risiko for, at personer i Parken kan få lyst til at overfalde mig, hvis jeg kommer på stedet igen. Som eksempel har én person direkte sagt, at han vil ”slå mig ihjel”, hvis jeg fortæller andre, hvad han fortalte mig – og dette kan man naturligvis læse om i min bog som eksempel på, hvordan mennesker skal forbedre sin adfærd i fremtiden!

    Helle, det burde stå dig meget klart, at man ikke skal begå ulovligheder i sin administration og at man skal behandle andre mennesker, som man gerne selv ønsker at blive behandlet. Foreløbig har du kun udstukket ordrer, truffet forkerte beslutninger og ikke udvist nogen vilje eller evne til at lytte og at forstå. Man skal aldrig forsøge at fjerne min ytringsfrihed eller fri bevægelighed. Det er nogle af de vigtigste menneskerettigheder overhovedet og jeg må DERFOR BLANKT AFVISE DIN ORDRE OM AT ”HOLDE KÆFT” OG OM AT ISOLERE MIG I PARKEN. DET VIL ALDRIG KOMME TIL AT SKE! Brug SIMPEL LOGIK ….!

    Enhver beslutning har en konsekvens. Det er som at spille et skakspil: Hvis man vælger at flytte én brik, vil modstanderen – som du desværre har gjort mig til på grund af din adfærd, selvom jeg holder af dig (!) – flytte en anden brik og i hvert eneste træk har man flere valgmuligheder, som kan få modstanderen til at vælge helt andre træk. Jeg har nu trukket min skakbrik via dette brev og mit OFFENTLIGE manuskript – jeg sætter dig hermed skakmat med følgende tre muligheder for dig at vælge imellem, hvor du i virkeligheden kun kan vælge én, hvis du bruger simpel logik:

    1. Giv op! Aflys mødet i Parken på tirsdag, accepter at jeg fastholder min kontanthjælp I EN PERIODE på ”nogle uger eller måneder”, indtil jeg begynder at få anden indkomst – for eksempel længst indtil den 1. januar 2011.

    2. Fjern min kontanthjælp, som i givet fald vil ske på et ulovligt grundlag og det vil tvinge mig til (i første omgang) at råbe ledende politikere og embedsmænd op i Lyngby-Taarbæk kommune ved AT SKRIVE TIL DEM ALLE – inklusive borgmester og kommunaldirektør – OG FORKLARE DE FEJL, DU HAR UDFØRT I DIT EMBEDE. Jeg er sikker på, at der vil være politikere, som vil værne om ytringsfriheden og den fri bevægelighed. Er det dette, du ønsker Helle – hvordan tror du, at din indsats vil se ud overfor kommunens ledelse og hvordan tror du din indsats vil se ud for hele verden via min Blog? Ønsker du at vise verden, at du gør mig hjemløs ved at tage pengene fra mig og udsætte mig for sult, forfrysninger og potentiel død som resultat?

    3. Gennemføre projektet i Brede Park under forudsætning af, at ALLE i Parken accepterer mine skriverier og at du SOM EN SELVFØLGE fuldt ud accepterer min ytringsfrihed og fri bevægelighed. Vil du sende mig i Parken med risiko for, at jeg bliver overfaldet?

    Helle, du burde være i stand til at forstå at DER ER KUN ÉN REEL MULIGHED FOR DIG – OG DET ER NATURLIGVIS MULIGHED 1, mulighed 2 og 3 burde slet ikke være muligheder for dig, hvis du tænker dig om (!) – og til din orientering kan jeg sige, at loven IKKE stiller krav om at sende mig ud til hjernedøde beskæftigelsesprojekter blot for ”at holde mig i gang” – det er JERES ELENDIGE POLITIIK i KOMMUNEN SOM GØR DETTE PER AUTOMATIK. Jeg er allerede fuldt beskæftiget, som jeg har fortalt dig nu flere gange: MIT ARBEJDE ER MIN BOG – OG JEG BEDER KOMMUNEN OM FRIHED TIL AT FORTSÆTTE DETTE ARBEJDE MED FORTSAT MIDLERTIDIG ØKONOMISK HJÆLP, indtil jeg begynder at få en indkomst igen.

    Jeg opfordrer dig derfor til at aflyse mødet på tirsdag med Brede Park. Der er ingen grund til at holde dette møde, når man via simpel logik IKKE kan forestille sig en anden situation end at Parken ikke vil acceptere mine skriverier på samme måde som A2B – og vil du risikere, at jeg risikerer at blive overfaldet?

    Jeg giver dig en frist til på ONSDAG DEN 29. APRIL 2010 KL. 12.00 til at svare via brev eller email – min telefon virker ikke p.t. Har jeg ikke hørt fra dig forinden, vil jeg skrive om dette i min Blog og jeg vil forberede min mail til alle ledende politikere og embedsmænd i kommunen, som i givet fald vil blive sendt inden udgangen af næste uge – og endelig: Dette er ikke en trussel, det er en nødvendighed på grund af de FORKERTE beslutninger, du har truffet. Du kunne have mødt mig med venlighed og forståelse – det gjorde du ikke. MAN KAN IKKE HJÆLPE MENNESKER, NÅR MAN IKKE FORSTÅR DEM. Husker du?

    Venlige hilsener fra

    Stig Dragholm

    The Devil will be eliminated IF the Commune sets me FREE and I still reject his attacks

    This afternoon during the “pressure” I felt the need to smoke again stronger than for months and THIS IS HOW THE DEVIL MAKES IT EVEN MORE DIFFICULT TO STOP YOUR ADDICTION and here just another example of how strong the Devil TRULY is at the moment working directly against me.

    For the last 1-2 weeks I have seen the Devil handing over different things WHICH HE WOULD HAVE USED TO CONTINUE TORMENTING ME (the old nightmare) MAKING MY FIGHT TO SAVE EVERY SINGLE SOUL ON THE PLANET ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO CARRY OUT – BUT THIS IS INDEED STILL MY GOAL – and today he handed over a piece made of messing, which I was told he would use as gold to present himself as God to me BUT NO – now this tool of the Devil has also been handed over.

    At 20.30 I started getting some stomach pains a little time again and yes now without drinking coffee and it only showed that the feelings from the Commune about me has not improved – but the pain soon disappeared and yes because I have decided not to have stomach pains after having done my work to eliminate the Devil – which is what will happen IF I AM GIVEN THE FREEDOM I EXPECT TO RECEIVE and yes STILL KEEPING THE DEVIL FROM ME “PHYSICALLY” AT HOME.


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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