24th April 2010 – Should you decide to fight me, you will (still) see the Devil as on Iceland

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of the Devil about to kill himself Dreaming of my old school mate Tine, the founder of Tears for Fears as an example of rich people getting difficulties to decrease their life style to a “normal life”, at the harbour after catching a BIG FISH (“me”), I am about to be elected helping poor people of the world, I am still playing the game against the Devil ALONE, my formula one car has never been better (writing this with all of my strength), a warning from the Devil who however knows that he is about to kill himself.
I will be updated on my scripts and finish other work the 7th May I did the script of Friday today and I am almost update on my scripts of this week, because of the meeting at the Park on Tuesday my new plan is to be updated of all scripts before the end of next week and to finish all other work before the 7th May.
When you fight me, you will (still) see the Devil as on Iceland The volcano eruption on Iceland was a symbol to me that the planes of the Devil could not take off in relation to me – and it is a symbol to the world that if you should decide to fight me, you will still see the power of the Devil to teach you as on Iceland because of the Commune fighting me at the moment.
”WE MUST COME HOME” This is what I tell the Council hundreds of times every day – when needed – and this is the decision the Council follows even though they have also received orders from my inner self to play this game stronger than any game they have every played before because I HAVE RECEIVED NO SUPPORT FROM OTHER PEOPLE THAN FROM LTO KENYA. The speaker and motor chain of the Devil is being removed.


Dreaming of the Devil about to kill himself

Tonight I slept from 00.00 to 06.00 without dreaming (!) and from 06.00 I was kept constantly awake receiving both speech and visions and yes THIS IS THE IMPACT OF HELLE’S WORK AND DECISION, and if she knew the consequences to me, she would of course do better (!) – and this makes my work today VERY difficult today because I am feeling more tired again without the motivation to go to the library to write from 10.00 – 15.00 as planned hopefully ending all scripts of the week.

  • I see my old classmate Tine H. playing an album by Pet Shop Boys for me.
  • Tine, the reason why you won the Pet of the year competition in the eighties was because of your looks GIVEN BY GOD and the reason for your family to move to Espergærde in the seventies was for you to enter my class, for you to sit next to me and TINE FOR YOU TO GET “SPECIAL FEELINGS” about me too – and yes HOW MANY DID YOU TELL OF THIS TINE and yes this is right TO NO ONE – and Tine you were the first of beautiful women arranged by God to be around me to torment me for not experiencing love. I hope you and your family are doing fine and yes we will also be seeing each other again and of course as close friends because this is what we are on the other side.
  • I hear the beautiful song “closest thing to heaven” by Tears for Fears and later I meet Roland from the band and I tell him that I like the album including the song “secrets” very much and I ask him when a new album will be ready and he replies that next year he will publish an album called something with “hulk” and he asks me not to buy Danske Bank because of their “attitude”.
    • This is about rich people having difficulties to accept giving away their fortunes for ALL people to get a normal life which also means that rich people must decrease their living standards to “normal life” – and I am not impressed by a singer and song writer who has not made an album for six years, the last one is from 2004.
  • I am inside a GIANT building at Holmen in Copenhagen (a big area including a port of Copenhagen earlier housing the Danish Marine) – people are looking for me. I am told that we caught a salmon of 10-15 kilograms and I see that people are serving 250 grams of salmon per person and I tell them that normally you will only serve approx. 125 grams per person.
    • Here I am at the harbour – my safe haven – as the FISH which is the symbol of me SHARING with other people.
  • I am at the Bella Centre, Copenhagen, where they are about to prepare the election – and I am sorry but again I am not able to read approx. half of my notes of this dream – I don’t wear anything on the upper part of my body – I do a Kenya presentation – Canada is also there – we are representing Africa.
  • Canada symbolises “coldness”/suffering and the election will be for God finally to approve me and my work – to help the poor people of the world too.
  • When I don’t wear trousers it is symbolising that I don’t have a girlfriend and when my torso is naked I really don’t know what it means other than to freeze so let us just say that this is what it means and yes I see the ball being placed in the locker again, which is the toolbox of God and yes BECAUSE I WILL FINISH MY “NEW” fight with the Devil next week.
  • I am driving a Citroen Formula One car, which cannot be improved any further because it is already improved by 10%.
  • I am playing football and I am asked if it is possible to play football together with people who are not told to play. A majority of people are voting yes and I hear that “everything is passed”.
    • I am still fighting the fight against the Devil alone – the Council on earth have NOT been woken up to participate, this would have required that the Devil was able to defeat me and yes WHICH HE HAS NOT. So far I HAVE PASSED ALL TESTS I HAVE BEEN GIVEN and we know I DON’T PLAN TO FAIL NOW.
  • I get an ice cold feeling and see a car stopping its engine.
    • A warning from the Devil.
  • I hear the Devil say “kill, kill” as he has done to me many times earlier this year but now I also hear him saying “kill myself” with a question mark and afterwards “now my self”.
    • He knows what this is about.
  • I see a friend moving and I say “look she wants to get me started doing something else”.
    • The friend is a symbol of the Devil and the content is about what the Commune wants me to do.

    I will be updated on my scripts and finish other work the 7th May

    Today I went to the library again from 10.00 until closing time at 15.00 and I concentrated on writing the script of yesterday and the start of today, which I did not finish as I had hoped to, but I decided to do quality instead of rushing to finish – so therefore I will continue doing this script on Monday at the library again together with the script of Sunday.

    At the library today suddenly I heard a little boy of maybe 3-4 years old crying behind me, I stood up and asked him why he was sad and he said that is was because he could not find his father which he was supposed to meet here – I asked him to follow me and I told him “we will find your father” and it only took a few seconds because the father was already coming in our direction and this is only a symbol MADE BY US about my own father and yes I HAVE BEEN SAD ALL OF MY LIFE FATHER BECAUSE OF YOUR ATTITUDE AND YOUR PRIORITIES and yes so it is and here saying that “we will meet again”.

    Because of the meeting at the Park on Tuesday now at 11.00 – in the middle of the WORKING day (!) – I have decided that my new goal is to be update with all script before the end of next week and to have finished all of my work – including the email to media, the second edit of April, to restore all of my book pf April first in Word and then in PDF format to be published at my library and possible also to listen to the remaining sound files.

    When you fight me, you will (still) see the Devil as on Iceland

    When the Devil is STRONG against me I HAVE APPROVED FOR SOMETHING SPECTACULAR to show to the world and I have told you about the volcano eruption on Iceland as a symbol to me that the planes of the Devil cannot take off – and this also has another meaning and this is to the world:



    Again this evening the Devil gave me CONSTANT negative feelings and thoughts and it is both UNCOMFORTABLE and TOUGH to control him every single second and I would be dead if I had not shown this strong attitude for a long time now. It demands my outmost strength to continue being STRONG with CONFIDENCE and the absolutely least doubt, weakness or a few seconds of relaxation in my thoughts is grabbed immediately by the Devil and hundreds of times every day – when needed – I tell him and the Council: “WE MUST COME HOME”, “WE MUST CONTINUE” and “WE MUST COME THROUGH” in order to make the Devil silent and IF THIS IS DEMANDING and YES THIS IS AS DEMANDING AS IT GETS but THIS IS THE ORDER THE COUNCIL FOLLOW – if I did not give this order, I would have been “lost” a long time ago. This is the road I have created for myself but of course with the help of the Council following my decision.

    I was also shown my white horse and I received the message “we can hardly wait to welcome you” – and in another vision – and you know I DON’T WRITE MUCH OF THESE – I was shown a GIANT DARK SPEAKER OVER, BEHIND AND INSIDE ME AND MY BOOK BEING REMOVED – and this is the speaker of the Devil because WHEN I HAVE KILLED THE DEVIL, HE WILL NOT SPEAK LIES THROUGH MY MOUTH WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE!

    I also saw the Devil removing his motor chain, which he would have used to cut off my legs and arms like the knight from Monty Python – this is the connection and therefore the INSPIRATION they received MANY YEARS AGO – and I was told that it would have included the same physical pain to me and yes BUT NO WE WILL NOT DO THIS – YOU ARE TOO STRONG FOR ALL OF US and I SEE MICHAEL PALIN CRYING yes BECAUSE HE WANTED TO DO THAT SKHETCH TOO and yes instead of John Cleese.

    Maybe people in Denmark have noticed the television commercial by Telenor – where a speaker “not only considers its employees as Gods or as guides” and yes THIS IS A DELIBERATE SPEAKING ERROR and you see GOD in this commercial because this is my symbol I WILL CALL PEOPLE and you know this means “TO WAKE UP PEOPLE SPIRITUALLY”.

    Maybe some people also saw the lead up on television to the boxing fight Kessler vs Froch – which was BIG IN DENMARK but maybe not that BIG IN JAPAN J – and Peter Schmeichel and his guests repeatedly said “THIS IS RAVING MAD” or similar words and we know JUST THINKING ABOUT THE COMMUNE and yes THEIR GUESS ABOUT MY MENTAL CONDITION because this is you know really what this was about and NOTHING ELSE. And of course KESSLER won.


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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