30th April 2010 – Virgin Mary will use all of her power to enlighten up the whole world

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of Virgin Mary planning to use all of her power to enlighten the world Dreaming of flying again, my spiritual mother will enlighten up all of the world when she is directly connected with my physical mother, the landing of the plane of the Devil, returning for my own wedding as 100% God, Charlotte D. helping my mission too and the most beautiful of all Christmas songs I know of by a VERY SPECIAL SERVANT TOO.
Running the longest for years as a symbol that I WILL RETURN AS GOD On this bank holiday I was able to run outdoors for 40 minutes, which is the longest I have done for years and a symbol of me telling you that I WILL RETURN AS GOD without the company of the Devil. Two stories of the Devil where his plan of being born was intact until I started changing the name of the game from 2006 – and the Devil makes people fat in rich countries and the opposite in poor countries.


Dreaming of Virgin Mary planning to use all of her power to enlighten the world

Again this morning I had the feeling of being between “almost alright” and “tired” and these are the dreams I could read from my handwritten notes:

  • I am flying – something about Jeremy and a motor – and I am picked up by a sledge.
  • Flying is ALWAYS good and the sledge is saying that these days are not the easiest to come through.
  • I am at VOR FRUE CHURCH of Copenhagen – the Queen is planning a big ecclesiastical action.
    • I wonder what you are planning Virgin Mary or should I start calling you LONA which is my name in this life and yes STILL NOT REALISING IT MY MOTHER IS BECAUSE MY FAMILY DOES NOT UNDERSTAND ME YET and yes THEREFORE YOUR DEVELOPMENT HAVE NOT STARTED AS DIRECTLY AS IT COULD HAVE but the truth is that ALL Council members have had SPECIAL dreams and yes PHYSICAL SIGNS ON THEIR BODIES which are coming from me and yes THAT IS ME and NONE OF THEM HAVE CONNECTED THIS TO ME and yes THIS IS ALSO THE SAD TRUTH but to come back to the question and yes MARY you are allowed to speak to your own Son again and yes NOT NORMAL TO SPEAK TO YOU THIS WAY MY SON AFTER I HAVE TORMENTED YOU and yes MAKING ME AS SAD TOO AS I HAVE MADE YOU but here it is really ABOUT THE PLAN OF MY LIFE TO ENLIGHTEN UP ALL OF THE WORLD WITH ALL OF MY POWER and yes I HAVE MORE TO TELL WHEN MY PHYSICIAL SELF IS CONNECTED DIRECTLY WITH ME, MY SPIRITUAL SELF and yes SO IT IS.
  • A plane is on its way down over Serbia – it has been shut down – there is no light which is criticized by the passengers.
    • The plane of the Devil landing.
  • There are 500 people at a wedding in Jutland – something about “being dressed”, a present, a choir and that I will arrive as quickly as I can.
    • I am apparently coming to this wedding of mine ASAP and yes TO TELL THE TRUTH THAT I HAVE ENDURED THE DEVIL SO STRONGLY THAT I WILL RETURN 100% AS MY SELF AS GOD and yes THIS IS IT.
  • My old colleague Charlotte D. from DanskeBank-Pension talks about 500 Millions to be used for applications and I ask her if it says how many applications.
    • This is about GIVING NORMAL LIFE TO PEOPLE and yes Charlotte may have a new mission of her life coming too to help me.
  • I hear the song “Mary’s boy child” by Harry Belafonte and among others lyrics the words “a new King born today”.
    • Of all the beautiful Christmas Songs I know of, this may be the most beautiful of all of them and yes IN THIS VERSION WITH HARRY BELAFONTE, WHICH IS VERY CLOSE TO MY HEART and yes we know his sons wife is and you know me and names not very easy to remember but you know THE ONE FROM “CRAZY ABOUT DANCE” and yes JUST MAYBE A CONNECTION SOMEHOW HERE and we will have to see what happens WHEN THIS CONNECTION IS OPENED TO THE WORLD and yes Harry is NOT just s singer, he also has a passion deep inside of him to make this a better world and yes HARRY YOU WILL HAVE WORDS TO TEACH THE WORLD TOO.

    Running the longest for years as a symbol that I WILL RETURN AS GOD

    Today is a day off, where everything is closed because of the bank holiday, which means that I will not be able to work, which “stresses” me or maybe “annoys” me is a better word, which is the feeling I have and the feeling I try not to go deep into BUT TO AVOID, because this is not a good feeling. If I had a computer at home, I could have worked more hours and then I might have been done with all of my work by now.

    I decided to do Yoga this morning at home, which always help me to keep alive you know – and in my notes I have written as a matter of completion that my apartment, clothes, cleaning is and has been since moving to Kgs. Lyngby 100% perfect or that is as perfect that I have been satisfied myself.

    Today I felt that Polle is now on his way back as the most visible of the Council members to me and yes WE ARE ALL HERE BUT POLLE IS ME AND YES POLLE IN HIS REAL LIFE DOES NOT KNOW YET THAT HE IS ME AND THAT I AM HIM AS POLLE TELLS ME HERE.

    This afternoon I was allowed again to get “a little bit” of sleep when I decided to try to take a nap again because I thought that just maybe I have now worked as well, that I have removed the Devil giving me this pain – and the feeling I get is that the Devil is gradually removing himself now because of what I have achieved.

    During the afternoon I decided to run outdoors again, even though I was not very motivated to say the least, but you know I HAD TO KILL TIME so to say and when I came out in the nice weather I felt more motivated than for a long time and I had the feeling that I wanted to run for one hour without breaks, which would be no problem for me at all if the Devil did not torment me destroying my running too, which I have given you many examples of, and today I succeeded running a total of 40 minutes and even though it was impossible to keep on running also because I received very strong stings and that I had to have three breaks on the way, I still ran longer than what I have done for 14 years except from maybe 3-4 times when living in Hørsholm. This is my way of saying that I AM RETURNING AS MYSELF.

    Today the Devil told me several examples of periods of my life where his plan to be born again was intact and this was the case until “a few years” ago he said from where I decided to change the name of the game – WHEN I DECIDED TO FIGHT HIM DIRECTLY FROM 2006 – and when I WILL REMOVE THE DEVIL FROM MY SELF ENTIRELY which my spiritual self tells me I WILL BE REBORN AS GOD ON EARTH AS PEOPLE WILL EXPECT TO SEE GOD ONLY TELLING THE TRUTH WITHOUT HAVING THE COMPANY OF THE DEVIL “TELLING LIES” etc.

    And finally today I have written that I don’t believe I eat more in Denmark than I did in Kenya – maybe a little bit – but that THE DESEASE OF THE DEVIL IN RICH COUNTRIES HAVING PLENTY OF FOOD IS TO MAKE PEOPLE FAT (not all BUT AT LEAST MYSELF) AND THE OPPOSITE IN POOR COUNTRIES and yes YOU CAN LOOK AT THE PICTURES OF ME FROM KENYA AND AFTER COMING HOME AND YOU WILL SEE THE DIFFERENCE. It is not me who have changed, but the “climate” of how the Devil is working.


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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