1st May 2010 – God gives three weeks from now until the Devil will leave me

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of a deadline of three weeks before the Devil will cease to exist inside of me Dreaming of moving the rest of my old luggage, meeting Karen again, free from dreams of the Devil, A NEW DEADLINE OF THREE WEEKS FROM NOW UNTIL MY WORST NIGHTMARE WILL STOP – WHEN THE DEVIL WILL LEAVE MY “FOOTBALL GROUND” and when I FINALLY come home I will start to live a life too including making love.
My mobile phone working again, no work today and FREE OPENING HOURS FOR ALL SHOPS I bought a new plug for my mobile phone and it is now working again, John has been kind to offer me to return my old computer but it is still his fault that I don’t have a computer at home because he has not done what it takes to believe in me (!). The library is closed today because of the WORKER’S DAY (!) inspiring me to say that I believe in FREE OPENING HOURS FOR ALL SHOPS etc.
My mother and the other Council members have to use “the same solution” as I to reject the dark side I was shopping today and buying wine on sales, which the cashier had to key in using “the same solution” as the cashier next to her, which was a message that my mother – and ALL Council members – will have to use “the same solution” as I to become THEMSELVES in physical life, which is to REJECT the dark side and do what is right to do.
Fighting my natural desire of FREEDOM to keep down the Devil! The Devil is still very much with me – hopefully this is the final weeks – and when I have finished “milestones” my desire of FREEDOM is GREATER THAN EVER but I still have to make bonds on myself in order not to wake up the Devil to torment me even more.
The movie “the game” is NOTHING compared to the “game” of my life The movie “the game” puts Michael Douglas as the actor through IMMENSE suffering, which is still nothing compared to the “game” I have gone through with the same purpose: To become a better man.
Helle confirmed in a letter the removal of my cash help giving me until Monday to be “HEARD”! Today I received a letter from Helle confirming her decision to remove my cash help – and she gave me a deadline ALREADY on MONDAY to be HEARD – this is UNHEARD of!


Dreaming of a deadline of three weeks before the Devil will cease to exist inside of me

Again this morning I would say that I feel like in between tired and “almost alright” – and again some dreams:

  • I am moving all of my contents from my apartment, behind one of the kitchen gates there is access to Karen’s apartment and she is NOT happy with me, but I continue working hard until there is only little left. Karen comes to the apartment when only a few chairs and small pieces are left – I see three glasses lying there, which she picks up.
  • I don’t really know what the symbol of removing all of my OLD LUGGAGE IT IS STIG – this is what YOU HAVE ALMOST REMOVED and yes KAREN IS APPROACHING EVEN THOUGH SHE IS VERY UNHAPPY AT THE MOMENT BECAUSE OF A MISUNDERSTANDING of course – this is you know one of the main stories of my books – and THREE is the symbol of the Trinity and yes Stig YOU ARE I AND I AM YOU AND THEN WE ARE TWO AND WHAT MAKES US COMPLETE IS WHEN WE HAVE OUR TWIN BROTHER SO TO SAY WITH US AND YES THAT IS THE HOLY ONE YOU KNOW and yes THOUGH YOU DON’T BELIEVE YOU KNOW HIM I AM WITH YOU BECAUSE I AM THE ONE SPEAKING TO YOU TOO REMEMBER and yes SOMEWHERE IN MY BOOKS THERE IS AN EXPLANATION OF THIS, thank you very much and still thinking of you Michael Palin when saying this and I ENJOY VERY MUCH WATCHING THE BEST OF MONTY PYTHON ON TELEVISION AT THE MOMENT – the series made a few years ago where the members themselves have picked the best sketches and yes LET ME JUST SAY THAT YOU ARE/WERE “GIFTED” and yes MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE IN YOUR “GENRE” and Michael and John your sketch with the fish was BRILLIANT and yes I LOVED THE PARROT TOO and also this one, and that one …. J.
  • I can only read a few lines from this dream: A wife disappears into a big war ship, the ship has docked at the harbour, she disappeared into the city. Her husband and daughter find her at the city. And I have also CENSURED more lines from this dream because it is personal and I don’t want to be personal anymore with people unless I have to – as I have decided to be with the Commune at the moment ALSO in my email to the leading civil servants and politicians.
    • This is about Karen too.
  • I hear the song by Lis Sørensen “Fri for at drømme om dig” (“free from dreaming of you”) and this is indeed the feeling I have these days where some of the dreams are INDICATIONS OF THE DEVIL AND MY NIGHTMARE which I have excluded from the scripts.
    • The “Golden age” of Danish music was in the eighties if you ask me with all of the groups including Lis Sørensen did the most perfect and DANISH STYLED pop music in Danish – there has never been anything like this before or after – even though there is still good but different music.
  • Fuggi drives an ambulance, it is raining and he tells us to stop. I am told that there is three weeks left and that I have to drive the ambulance all the way in. I cannot read all of this dream but I also see Jeff Lynne and David Bowie on a poster and something about “I might as well have left alone”.
    • The ambulance is what you use when you need to SAVE people and here it is myself I am saving as the first and the deadline – given several times since March – RUNS out in three weeks from now so let us say the 22nd May and yes LOOKING FORWARD TO SEE WHAT YOU HAVE PLANNED FOR ME, US AND THE WORLD I AM – AND HOPEFULLY THIS MEANS THAT THE DEVIL WILL COMPLETELY LEAVE ME, WHICH HAS BEEN MY GOAL NOW FOR YEARS BECAUSE MOST OF THE TIME EVERY SINGLE SECOND IS UNBEARABLE.
  • I go to London to get scallops – later I come to Nyhavn in Copenhagen where there has been a party.
    • London is still the home of God, scallops is an old symbol not used for a VERY long time because what is signals is “making love” so nice to know that A LIFE IS WAITING FOR ME AS WELL – because what I am going through here would be a pity to call this a life.

    My mobile phone working again, no work today and FREE OPENING HOURS FOR ALL SHOPS

    Today I started to go to the ironmonger to buy a power plug adapter of 70 DKK to my mobile phone enabling me to use the Kenyan plug into a Danish socket (ONE STANDARD WOULD BE PREFERABLE!) and finally again MY MOBILE PHONE IS UP AND RUNNING and this has also been a part of the game TO KILL THE DEVIL because COMMUNICATION IS THE WORST HE KNOWS OF.

    I sent a SMS to my mother’s husband John to congratulate him with his birthday today and again I wrote that ALL I WISH FOR MYSELF IS TO BE UNDERSTOOD and I also noticed that he earlier sent me a SMS that my old computer was set up and that he offered to deliver it to me and of course THIS IS VERY TEMPTING TO DO but IN CONTINUATION OF WHEN I PUBLISHED MY SCRIPTS I DECIDED THAT I WILL NOT SPEAK TO PEOPLE NOT BELIEVING IN ME and this is still my attitude and yes NO MATTER WHO IT IS – so therefore I still don’t have a computer and yes JOHN EVEN THOUGH THIS MAY SOUND WRONG IN YOUR EYES BUT YOU ARE ACTUALLY THE ONE BEING GUILTY OF MY MOTHER AND YOU NOT BELIEVING IN ME AND BECAUSE OF THIS YOU HAVE MADE MY WORK MORE DIFFICULT DELAYING ME FOR SEVERAL DAYS. This is actually what this means.

    I had as usual today prepared to take coffee with me to continue my work at the library but when the time was 10.00 I met other people coming to the library being as surprised as I am because the library was closed today because of the WORKERS DAY and yes DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU THAT I LIKE FREEDOM FOR SHOPS TO DECIDE WHEN THEY WANT TO BE OPEN OR CLOSED and that this is not what a law should decide on behalf of people.

    I had not expected the library to be closed and now I have missed two working days this week and this might have the consequence that I will not finish all of my work before the 7th May as I have decided on earlier – and you might call this bad planning, but I can only do my best and learn from my mistakes. To be sure that I can finish the work I will give my self two more working days and to be conservative until the 14th of May as my new deadline.

    My mother and the other Council members have to use “the same solution” as I to reject the dark side

    Today I shopped some more and together with my shopping yesterday I have now bought most supplies for the month and this includes the cheapest beef I could find (“Cuvette”) of 69 DKK per kilo and yes I have been looking forward to this VERY much for a very LONG time indeed.

    Every single time I shop, the Devil tempts me to buy much more than I can afford, and you can practically name all temptations of the world and the Devil temps me AS DIRECT as anyone has ever experienced (speech, feelings, taste), and this is a part of my everyday too to make sure that I plan for the whole month so I don’t run short on money or supplies otherwise WE WOULD ALSO HAVE STARTED YOUR NIGHTMARE.

    I noticed that the Supermarket SuperBrugsen had a very fine offer on wine from South Africa, where you could get 6 bottles including one Magnum of a total of 249 DKK and the normal price of all of this was approx. 600 DKK, so even though SuperBrugsen is not “just around the corner” – thank you my friend THIS IS ALSO ONE OF THOSE VERY SPECIAL MAYBE 10 SONGS FROM THE EIGHTIES which is on no list of mine but despite of this A SUPER FAVOURITE IT IS – I walked there because my bicycle is still not working and I used some time to put together the box of wine I wanted selecting from four grape varieties (Merlot, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc) and while I was doing this another customer arrived and he did not have the same knowledge of wine as me so I was happy to tell him about the different grapes and their characteristics to help him choose and when I came to the cashier AGAIN I witnessed this very typical error of many supermarkets, where the reduced price was not keyed into the system (!) and the cashier was new and inexperienced and did not know what to do but at exactly the same time the customer I helped selecting wine was standing at the other cashier of course having the same challenge and this INSPIRED me to say to my cashier that when they found the solution at the other cashier she should use the same solution and what this was really about was THE ROAD MY MOTHER HAS TO GO THROUGH BECAUSE STIG IT IS NOT ONLY YOU WHO HAS TO GO THROUGH PAIN LEAVING THE DARK SIDE, your mother has to do the same as you TO REJECT ALL OF THE DARK SIDE and yes TO DO RIGHT ACTIONS FOR HER TO BECOME HERSELF INCLUDING HER INNER SPIRITUAL SELF – VIRGIN MARY as she was in her past life you know – IN HER PHYSICAL LIFE and this also applies for all the other Council members as well.

    Fighting my natural desire of FREEDOM to keep down the Devil!

    This morning at bath the Devil was still working – as he is MOST of the time – and even when he is working at a lower level, every second is still so annoying that it would make other people kill themselves.

    After what I have done lately – especially when finishing “milestones” the temptation to start relaxing in my mind not controlling the Devil and to start “living” again is GREATER THAN EVER and this also includes looking NORMALLY AT ALL people – and not to look at the ground most of the time which is what I do to avoid looking at nice ladies by accident (!) but despite of this GREAT DESIRE OF FREEDOM I have decided to keep the same rules in order to come through without doing what would be WRONG to do to wake up the Devil here at the final end.

    One of the things the Devil is doing more and more is to try to make me “change the rules of the game” – my own rules – for him to find an opening TO KILL ME AND TO BE BORN HIMSELF and of course this happens “hundreds of times” per day where he puts the words directly into my mouth and if I am not focused and answer YES or NO the wrong way, this could have let him to start tormenting me but at the same time I have told the same PLAYERS OF THE DEVIL that IF I DO A MISTAKE BY ACCIDENT THAT THEIR JOB IS TO SAVE ME so this is what WE ARE ALSO BOUND TO DO – and yes this has happened sometimes that apparently the Devil received acceptance for a few seconds and then the same PLAYERS START TELLING ME WHAT I SHOULD SAY and yes WHICH I NORMALLY DO and one of them being that I have three rules for the Devil and ALL of his suggestions and that is NO NO AND NO – YOU WILL NEVER BE ALLOWED TO DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO TO KEEP ALIVE INSIDE OF ME!

    And MY RULES holds the Devil away from me EVEN THOUGH HE STILL TORMENTS ME ON DIFFERENT LEVELS and yes DEPENDING ON MY SURROUNDINGS STILL – and this still includes ALL PEOPLE KNOWING OF ME NOT BELIEVING IN ME and yes SPEAKING BEHIND MY BACK ETC. – and when this happens I can only say that then this is what my spiritual inner self has allowed you to do!


    The Devil has shown me VERY OFTEN FOR WEEKS and maybe for a couple of months – which I believe I have written once before – that ANOTHER PLANNED WAY TO TORMENT ME because of ALL OF THIS RESISTANCE FROM OTHER PEOPLE would be to start killing me by spiritually removing my limbs (hands, feet, arms, legs) even though my limbs would still be on me physically and to give me THE SAME PHYSICAL PAINS, which no one would be able to see but WOULD HURT EXACTLY AS MUCH AND HAVE THE SAME EFFECT OF KILLING ME GRADUALLY. THIS IS ALSO THE POWER OF THE DEVIL – IT WOULD HAVE BEEN AS REAL AS REALITY the same way as the worst nightmare of my life and yes IT IS NOT VERY EASY TO LIVE WITH SUCH A THREAT OVER YOUR HEAD WHEN YOU ARE EXHAUSTED NOW FOR THE FOURTH YEAR IN A ROW DOING WHAT NO LIVING MAN HAS EVER DONE BEFORE – but still carrying on we are.

    The movie “the game” is NOTHING compared to the “game” of my life

    I watched the movie “The Game” on television with Michael Douglas in the leading role. He was a BAD guy before this REALISTIC game started ALMOST KILLING HIM and going to the extreme – watch this BECAUSE THIS IS PLANTED BY US TOO and try to imagine how THE GAME OF MY LIFE HAS BEEN. What Michael went through in this movie TO MAKE HIM A BETTER MAN is NOTHING compared to what I have gone through but the PURPOSE HAS BEEN THE SAME: FOR ME TO BECOME A BETTER MAN using the power of the Devil. And this evening I was told that ALL OF TH E WRONG DOINGS OF MY LIFE HAS BEEN EQUALISED SINCE THE 1st May 2009 GIVING BACK WITH THE SAME COIN SO TO SAY – in other words all of what I have build up of wrong and negative things from 1966-2009 has been levelled out in one year on top of everything else you have read about.

    Helle confirmed in a letter the removal of my cash help giving me until Monday to be “HEARD”!

    Finally today I received a letter from Helle from the Commune confirming her decision to remove my cash help. The letter is dated the 28th April, I first received it today and as you can see below she (the system) gives me the opportunity to “be HEARD” – and yes amazing from a woman who does not LISTEN – BUT the deadline is already on Monday (!!!) – and yes if the library was not closed Friday and today or if I had a computer working at home, I would already been finished with my letter, but because of this my plans was to start writing this letter from Monday instead but you know because of Helle’s letter I decided today that I would go to an Internet café in Copenhagen tomorrow to start writing.

    Here is an abstract of the letter:

    ”Det er en betingelse for at modtage kontanthjælp, at modtageren tager imod et rimeligt tilbud efter lov om aktiv socialpolitik §13. Brede Park anses for at være et rimeligt beskæftigelsesrettet tilbud. I henhold til Lov om en aktiv socialpolitik §41 stk. 1 nr. 1 ophører kontanthjælpen, hvis en person uden rimelig grund afviser tilbud efter lov om en aktiv beskæftigelsesindsats.

    Forinden skal du dog partshøres og have mulighed for at udtale dig omkring ovenstående, såfremt du er uenig. Du kan rette henvendelse til nedenstående i Jobcentret på telefon … med yderligere oplysninger. Du har frist til at komme med udtalelse senest 3.5.2010”

    Other small stories of today:

    • Jimi wrote on Facebook “am near death” – and yes INSPIRED BY US and maybe you are not as near to dying as I am, Jimi?
    • The football team of AGF won 4-1 today after not having scored a goal for the previous four games! GOD IS WATCHING TOO.
    • My dear friend Kirsten’s daughter Victoria sent me an invitation to become friends on Facebook, which I accepted. She is still a small girl but I have decided that I have nothing to hide for children when posting my scripts on Facebook for all to see.

    Finally this evening I cut two small steaks from the Cuvette beef and I had TRUE LUXURY after I had bough a bottle of béarnaise sauce of 12 DKK as well and IF THIS TASTED NICE – IT TASTED FANTASTIC.


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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